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FLEA Holiday Blowout SALE

We are firm believers in mixing new with old and that goes with gifting as well. Instead of releasing The Flea pieces slowly over the next few weeks or months we decided to just go for it and sell everything – which couldn’t be more perfect timing before the holidays, and for my sanity. As you know there are two Emily’s – ‘Hoarding Emily’ and ‘Purging Emily’. I started The Flea to give hoarding Emily an outlet, but right now purging Emily has taken over my body and The Flea. Although temporarily ‘Annoying Emily’ is writing and speaks in third person and should stop.

The thing is, even though i’m selling 150 new pieces which brings the flea total to about 300 total pieces, I still have so much more that we will be selling soon with move to our new house. But, I wanted to get these out there in time for the holidays so you guys can pick some of them up for gifts and we can clear out room for more inventory. I know that as we entertain a lot, we want our houses to look pretty/interesting and of course we are shopping for gifts. I’m assuming you guys are on the more receiving end of this situation, so if you are into anything here, just send a link to your gift giver and we will take care of the rest 🙂

I really reduced the pricing based on your feedback, while still trying to cover our costs. Some of the super special pieces are a bit of a splurge, but hopefully you’ll find more that are snaggable (and giftable).


To make it even more giftable we have added the option of adding on a personalized card that you can have written out (by yours truly) to the receiver. We tried to figure out gift wrapping but since we use Shyp, and they carefully package everything for us, we logistically didn’t really have the bandwidth to get things wrapped and out in time before the holidays. So, we decided that a personalized card from me is more doable, and just as special. You can add it into your cart when you go to check out by just selecting the little checkbox and it will prompt you for your name (as the gifter) and who you would like it personalized to (the giftee) and then we will include that in your package for just $5. Then you can wrap the box that it comes in and you have one less thing to do on your list.

Here you are, a vintage gift roundup, shopped for and curated by me (many of these things have donned so many shoots and certainly in my house). There is lots more for sale on the flea but we have rounded up a handful of them below by price. I hope you like them 🙂


1. Beach Painting: My addiction to small sweet paintings persists. This is no exception. I borrowed it to style in our shelves recently and it’s just so quiet and pretty.

2. Vintage Brass Boss Clip: Be their favorite employee. Done.

3. Linen-Bound Matisse & Klee Books, Pair: I should have priced these higher because they are going to look so good in our new house. Vintage books, linen bound with a simple font is a good thing to own if you are into such things or like art.

4. Hand-Carved Studio Wood Lightbulb: I bought this at an art show a couple years ago and I had it under a dome on my shelf for so long. It’s neutral, but special. I know it’s weird, but having something so utilitarian as a sculpture struck me as special – so it just might do the same for you.

5. Hand-Made Ceramic Jar w/ Candlestick Lid: Are you a vase or a candlestick or a jar? I love it as a vase on a everyday basis but with a candle in it it would be so special.

6. Vintage Classroom Flashcards: I bought these to frame in Charlie’s room and I never did because I put crazy animal wallpaper on all of the walls. In our new house they would actually be awesome, but I’ve already listed them so have at it (or if not, I will).

7. Solid Brass #1 Paperweight/Sculpture: I hoarded this for 10 months waiting for Elliot to turn 1. Then she did and I got a mediocre photograph of her holding it and gabbed on and on about how fast she was growing up.

8. Vintage French Cafe Large Shot Glasses, Set of 4: Remember when I did this post? I love these and I actually bought them for our new house but I’m trying to go for larger sets (8+) so i’m purging and you win.

9. Wicker Mirror: A sweet little mirror for one million different places – in a shelf, on the back of a door, above a side table. It’s tapping into the nordic bohemian thing that is going no where, fast.

10. German Porcelain Fossil Vase: I have a huge thing for white relief pottery and if I wasn’t downsizing my stuff (our new house has so many less bookshelves) I would absolutely keep this.

11. Pink Marbled Serving Plate by Sascha Brastoff: Still my favorite. There are only 2 left. I love them so much.

12. Brass Football: A paperweight for you football fan husband, brother or dad? You know at their office they would be psyched. It’s solid and graphic (with just a bit of bling).

13. Hand Painted Folk Art Eggs On Stands, Set of 3: I think these are for a specific person with a specific house. I LOVE THESE. When I saw them at the antique mall I immediately bought them. They are for people like me or Scott that want just beautiful objects that don’t necessarily have sentimental value but clearly tell an interesting story as they are handmade.

14. Brass Heart Box: SUCH a cute gift. I would be so happy to get this (especially from a boy or mom) even though I already have it.

15. Custom Indigo & Cream Striped Pillow: Yea, I know that many people make these, but these are hand selected by me at the flea market, made in LA and add a ton of personality if you are into boho or the California Modern look.

16. Formal Gold-tone Serving Set: Such a great gift for the hostess in your life.They are so pretty and classic.

17. Blue-Lidded Pottery Jar: A small, handmade piece of pottery that can go pretty much anywhere.

18. Dapper Bottle Stopper: My inner whimsical lady can’t pass up things like this. It’s an adorable gift.classic.


1. Antique Staffordshire Trellis Platter: This was the old me, then I went mid-century for a few years (but never stopped loving this) and now this is the new me again. I’m unburying all my old ironstone ceramics for the new house, this one included (but it was already inventoried so I’m going to let this play out).

2. Unique Studio Pottery Vessel: I LOVE this vessel. It is special enough to live on its own, and I think it’s even chicer without anything in it.

3. Large Footed Brass Bowl: The perfect modern, chic, vintage fruit bowl.

4. Ceramic and Copper Canisters, Set of 3: If they weren’t already inventoried I would keep them for our new house (which was the plan but then it ended up on the shelf and low and behold its for sale). I had them in my current kitchen for a brief moment and then they moved to the flea shelves but they would be so good with Flour, Pasta, Coffee … ugh, you could be so chic.

5. Danish Blue Glass Bowl: Another great hostess gift or a gift for someone who loves salad as much as I do. Also it can just sit on a dining table or in a shelf and adds a quiet, graphic shape.

6. Vintage Primitive Cutting Board/Platter: This is probably more of a unique prop than a functional kitchen piece, but when I found it at an estate sale I had to have it. I think it would be a beautiful tray on a coffee table or styled out on an island in an older style home (like my future home – my loss is your gain).

7. Bright Vintage Pom Throw: If you can handle this color, then I want you to be me friend. It’s bright and exciting and can’t necessarily work with any style but will absolutely make the room.

8. Green Onion Still-Life Painting: This is currently being shot in my kitchen and I might keep it unless someone buys it before I can decide. I just love vegetable or fruit still life oil paintings, and this one is so well done.

9. Roku Crackle Vase: If you are into neutrals that have texture and feel unique, then this vase is for you.

10. Tensor Pop-Up Light: It’s a weird quirky light that can go anywhere (especially a bookcase or desk).

11. Nubby Fringe Cotton Pillows, Pair: Are you a hippie that wants to live the California lifestyle? Here you go.

12. Neon Paper Cutout Original Collage Art: It’s weird and cool so it’s perfect for your niece who is weird and cool.

13. Etched Ceramic Bud Vase: Another mid-century piece that is so easy to work in with any modern aesthetic.

14. Mid-Century Handmade Paper Organizer: Know anyone with a big desk and lots of papers? A REALLY important person who would seriously benefit from a pretty desk paper organizer? Well, here you go, we styled it out at Scott’s a while back for a shoot and it was so beautiful.

15. Mid-Century Collector’s Plate: This is such a great piece for your coffee table or even to lean in the back of a shelf. It’s awesome.

16. Slate Blue Ceramic Bud Vase: Because it can go anywhere, with anyone, and look good.

17. Green Ceramic Vessel: It’s so good. I love this piece. It would look so good in our current shelving. Put a plant in it and it’s literally a no-fail gift.

18. Leather Decanter: I’ve had this for years and used it in Ian’s house during the shoot. I love it. Snag it.



1. Hot Pink Wool Pom Pom Blanket: So beautiful and impactful. If you want your bedroom to photograph well, I highly suggest this blanket.

2. Wegner-Style Chair: After 4 years of hoarding I decided it was time to sell. I love this chair, but can’t seem to find a place for it. Maybe you can.

3. Antique White Ceramic Ice Bucket: Could be a planter, ice bucket or champagne bucket. It’s aged and beautiful.

4. Framed Blueprint: I bought four of these years ago and finally framed (via our friends at Framebridge – who made them look beautiful and ready to hang). We’ve been storing them for that perfect project, but it’s time to release them into the wild. They are a STEAL. Each is different but we only photographed one (the others are very similar). They are huge and would be so great behind a sofa, above a bed or where you need to fill some empty wall space. They are a statement piece for sure and so pretty in person.

5. Hand-Thrown Tall Vase: Such a beautiful piece of pottery. It feels handmade but with such artistry, not studio art (which I love). It’s the real deal.

6. Patchwork Flat Weave Throw: We used this in the book and it’s gorgeous (and was such a splurge when we bought it). It could be a throw, a tapestry or if you have a really thick rugpad in a low traffic area it could be a rug.

7. Hand-Blown Cobalt Glasses, Set of 12: These are impressive in their impact. They are BEAUTIFUL. If you have open cabinets or a bar that gets some attention, these are for you. They are hand-blown (uh, mouth-blown?) and each is different and unique.

8. German-Style Vintage White Vase: Another relief piece that i’m obsessed with. So great. So easy to mix in with any style. This vase is practically a staple in my life.

9. Large Italian Hand-Painted Face Planter: This piece is amazing. It could be a planter, or a champagne bucket or ice bucket or object in a shelf. It’s hand-painted in Italy and from the 60’s. It’s UNIQUE AS HELL.

10. One of a Kind Indigo Pillow Cover: I found this indigo at the flea market and bought it because I love the color variance and the texture so much. It’s a very good pillow (I have 2 made from the same fabric).

11. Aztec-Style Wall Hanging: Such impact without even needing to frame it. Put it behind a bed, above your sofa, or above any vignette. I love this piece.

12. Delicate Amber Glass Champagne Coupes, Set of 6: These are currently in my kitchen. But if you buy them before I decide to keep them then they are yours. Otherwise they are mine.

13. Antique Wedgwood Wash Bowl: Do you have a big surface that needs the most perfect succulent or herb garden as a centerpiece? THIS IS IT. I love this piece but haven’t found a place for it. It’s so old and delicate and pretty. If plants aren’t your think then fill it with fruit and call it a centerpiece.

14. Wooden Train Set: I bought this for Charlie but then he met Thomas the train which means that a plain wood train is no longer interesting to him. But, it’s so beautiful and would look amazing on a shelf or in a playroom.

15. Vintage Moody Oil Painting, Boats at Dock: This is a new acquisition I bought for the house, but it ended up on the shelf and therefore here. We have SOOO much art for our house so if this sells I’ll be relieved that it’s not another piece I have to decide where to hang. But for the record I just bought this for me because it’s so beautiful, dramatic, calming but edgy.

16. Portrait of a Woman in a Red Dress: Does your bathroom need some personality. She is willing to bring it.

17. Urchin Vase: I can’t believe this hasn’t sold. It’s so special and weird and a total art piece. If it doesn’t sell i’ll be happy (which is why it’s priced the way it is).

18. Lemon Yellow Goblet Glasses: So graphic and simple, and photogenic. Perfect for those of you who have open shelving, glass cabinets or a public bar cart. These ladies need to be shown off.

19. Dirilyte Dinner Set, Service for 4: Vintage brass flatware, service for four that is special but easy to mix with any style.

20. Midcentury Danish Serving Plate: If you are into mid-century statement plates, then this is for you. I love this guy.


Just as a reminder, next Sunday (12/11 at midnight) is the cutoff to place your order for the custom maker collaboration piece that we did with Jane Denton in order to get it shipped to you before Christmas. In case you missed our introduction to this limited edition run of pieces that Jane handmade, here is the original post, and here is a closeup of it in all its beauty.



I promise you that you’ll love this piece forever. It will work with any style, in any room because it’s simple but unique. And an original piece of art is certainly a good gift for anyone. I would be very excited.

There are many, many, many more pieces for sale, click through HERE to see everything – but those were just my highlights. Happy Holidays Folks!

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7 years ago

Dear Hoarding / Purging Emily,
I completely understand your dilemma. I too, am a hoarder of cool stuff but am purging like a crazy woman, getting ready for moving from a two story house with full basement to a two bedroom condo with a very tiny storage locker. The mother of all estate sales will be happening here after we pack and move.
I want our next home to look “curated”, not crammed full. So I’m following your house project with great interest.

7 years ago

I’m not sure if the personalized gift card is going through? I entered my info and hit submit but the total didn’t increase by $5

Thank you

7 years ago
Reply to  Brady

Thank you!

7 years ago

Ooooh…”dear Jess—”

Have you been taking with my mother?

7 years ago

Great gift ideas, love that wicker mirror!

7 years ago

The ceramics are called ‘raku’ not ‘roku’ and be advised ceramics fired by the raku technique cannot hold water.

7 years ago

Hi, this is a random side note… but would you consider doing a post on Christmas stockings/mantle combos? Perhaps something similar to what you did for entry ways? For example, if I’m a “California Cool” kind of person, what stockings should I buy? I want to upgrade from my old, cheap drugstore stockings, but I’m feeling paralyzed by all the choices out there!

6 years ago

Can you tell me where you found that charming garland? I love it!

6 years ago

I had to comment to say that the lead off GIF is so awesome. Mesmerizing. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into creating it and it was worth it! 🙂

Ranveer singh’s electricity and kapil sharma’s comic expertise makes for one befikre episode of the the kapil sharma show.