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Maker Series Collaboration: Jane Denton

I’m so excited to show you this.  Last summer I decided that I wanted to start collaborating with some of my favorite makers to create one of a kind pieces of art or decorative objects and sell on the flea. Often their work is more expensive or one-offs, so this is a way that you get something unique (as they are limited edition) but aren’t quite as expensive as usual. My first maker collaboration is with New Zealand embroidery artist, Jane Denton, whose work I love so much and I am very excited about this limited run piece we created with her!

You may remember her beautiful work from, oh just about any room in my house:


Her X and O are in my bedroom.

The double was in the living room (now in Charlie’s room)


Originally we had the X and O in Elliot’s room but then I stole them for our room:


Forever ago we used them on the Scandinavian mantel for the Target videos:


It was in the Domino spread. Remember when I thought I could pull off cullottes?



And we used it in the Matchbook magazine spread when I used to be a covergirl 😉


Here is what I love so much about her work: her pieces work anywhere. They are so simple and graphic and yet full of texture and feel special. I’m always seeking after this combination of simple but not basic, and her work is exactly that. You can mix it with busier things certainly and it helps calm other things down.


So I reached out to her and said, “hey what if I gave you a color palette that I think works in most people’s homes and we create a piece that we both love, to sell to my readers”. She was down and got right to work. We went through a few different pattern options and color ways but I love this “Spot” design because it feels truly universal, graphic and minimal, yet, I think that it can absolutely work in an older home, too. We went for a neutral color palette but with enough contrast to create energy in a room.

So here are the details: It’s called “Spot” (rightfully so) and it is a limited edition collection with 150 total pieces – FRAMED. Once the 150 are gone – they are gone and will not be made again, so grab them while you can. Each piece is individually numbered and signed by Jane (the initials she has hand stitched into each piece is her signature). The price is $225 plus shipping (shipping is $30). Each piece is hand stitched onto fabric in wool with three different colors then mounted onto a 14″x14″ board using a stitch-pin technique. The overall size is 18″ x 18″, which is slightly smaller than most of her other works I have used in the pictures above but big enough to stand on its own in such a beautiful way. It’s navy, gray and white – the most universally loved color palette ever.

We reached out to our friends at Framebridge who worked their magic and framed these in the most beautiful way. Each piece is mounted onto a mat board and float-framed in a simple white gallery frame with acrylic glazing and matting. Coordinating how to get it from New Zealand, to here, to Framebridge, and then finally into your hands has proven to be QUITE the logistical challenge, but we have handled all the details and each piece will come fully assembled and ready for hanging directly from Framebridge.

Here it is in all it’s glory:



I challenged Brady and Ginny (who have slightly different styles than I do to style it in their own spaces – a sort of a Sisterhood of The Traveling Embroidery Art.

Brady put it in his Dining Room, amongst his super dramatic/emotional gallery wall art. (Don’t worry the big reveal of that floor to ceiling curation and his updated kitchen is coming soon. Remember how he swapped out his floors for under $50?!)


Ginny put it a few places in her living room to shoot, but it’s actually going to live in her bedroom (which she is shooting on Monday – so stay tuned for the big reveal of that) We have a lot of good makeover takeover content coming to you very soon.



I seriously LOVE the piece and love how easy it is to work into a room and style. But because I love to explain my process here is why you should you buy it?

1. Because it’s a simple, beautiful, handmade piece of art and while furniture space in a home is always tricky to find, one always has empty walls that need filling.

2. The price is absolutely reasonable. $225 to get something handmade and framed is a GREAT deal if we do say so ourselves.

3. It will be a collectors item as there are only 150 of them in the whole world.

4. It’s a GREAT gift. Sure it’s on the pricier side for a gift, but if you know someone who loves what we do over here, then they will SURELY love this piece and loving having a little piece of EHD/Jane Denton in their home.

5. Here is the link to BUY NOW – no explanation needed on this one!

In my mind I was going to launch 10 of these maker collabs before the holidays to be for gifts, but I bit off a bit more than I could chew this year so we will be launching more next year. But to celebrate the start of this new collaboration series we’re giving away 1 piece of art. Yep, you heard right, we are giving away one of these signed pieces. So, here’s what you have to do to enter:

1. Pick out your favorite picture from this post

2. Regram that photo on your Instagram

3. Tag me (@em_henderson) and @janedenton_art in the copy and tell us where you’d put your piece

4. Use the hashtag #ehdcollab so we can find all the entries and randomly select a winner. GOOD LUCK!

We will close the giveaway next Friday so be sure to get your entry in by midnight (PST) next Thursday and we will select a winner and announce it on Friday. Meanwhile while you all enter that giveaway, let us know what would you like from future maker collaborations? Pottery? Furniture? Photography? Textiles? And is there anyone you would love for me to reach out to or any artists that we need to know about and work with? I have all my go-to’s (artists, ceramicists, etc) that I plan on working with but I’d love any ideas you guys have.

Last but not least, happy Friday folks, it’s been the longest week for all of us Americans, but we survived. Somehow. Now, head on over and check the piece out HERE.

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7 years ago

Jane’s work is so unique and absolutely beautiful!

7 years ago

You totally pulled off those culottes, don’t play.

7 years ago
Reply to  Elizabeth

I was gonna comment saying the same thing. 😉

7 years ago

Love this idea! Can’t wait to see all your future collaborations. Jane’s work is amazing, sending link to my hubby now, perfect christmas gift for me!

7 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

also, any wallpaper in process for a future collaboration?

7 years ago

Wow, what a great idea and beautiful piece! I love this post for showing how versatile it is, too, in different spaces. While it may have been onerous to organize, I love that Jane is in New Zealand and it’s such an international collaboration. Plus, gotta love that NZ wool.

PS – I paint watercolors and would love to have the honor of collaborating with EHD anytime! 😉

Jordan G
7 years ago
Reply to  Lauren

I LOVE your sugar skull bulldog. So cuddly but also weird. I’m into it.

7 years ago
Reply to  Jordan G

Jordan thank you so much!! I totally know what you mean about the sugar skull pups (probably my most popular paintings) – they’re bright and happy, but also, you know, sugar skulls 😉 it’s a quirky combo.

7 years ago

hi em!
just entered the giveaway – love this! i have been crushing on jane’s work since you featured the X’s and O’s in elliot’s nursery. just wanted to let you know, i think you have the wrong instagram handle for jane – i believe she’s @janedenton_art.

could be wrong, but seemed right when i tagged her! can’t wait to see more from this series. keep up the amazing work and inspiration,

a dedicated reader from NYC

PS: those culottes were FAB.

7 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

Hi Sarah, thanks so much for catching that! We’ve corrected her handle. Good luck!

7 years ago

I love this collaboration!! The spot is fantastic. Keep them coming. Thanks Emily!

7 years ago

This piece is really pretty, and I totally agree with the “simple but not basic” theory. That being said, it’s also one of those times when I see it and think, “I could/should make that” (over paying $225). If only I had the time and patience!

7 years ago

What an excellent idea! And well-executed, obviously. I love the texture of the wool.

Lizabeth Sanchez
7 years ago

I have been following you for a long time and thoroughly enjoy your posts and I would love to participate in the giveaway, this time. However, I am not very savvy when it comes to social media. Would you kindly be a little more specific as to the steps in the selection of my favorite photo etc., and how to post it on Instagram. I know it probably sounds crazy, but I sure would appreciate it if you would give me a little help on this.
Thank You!!

Lizabeth Sanchez
7 years ago

I have been following you for a very long time and thoroughly enjoy your posts and I would love to participate this time in the giveaway. Unfortunately, I have to admit, I am not social media savvy, still. Would you kindly be a little more specific as to how I choose my favorite photo, and how to put it on Instagram with the tag, etc. I know it sounds crazy but, I sure would appreciate a little
help. Thanks so much!!!

Lizabeth Sanchez
7 years ago

Ooops, thought I had deleted my first comment.

7 years ago

Love this! Can it be shipped to Canada?

7 years ago

LOVE this!! Will you ship to Australia??

7 years ago

Hi. I am looking for a piece exactly like the vintage dresser in the first photo of this post. Can you tell me where that was found? And maybe what you would call it exactly? Is it a dresser, accent cabinet? So difficult to find a narrow piece for my entryway. Thank you!

7 years ago

Hi Emily
LOVE LOVE LOVE your work. Was wondering where the beautiful art work is ffrom to the left of your old fireplace – the blue one that’s under the piece by Jane Denton ( I am a NZer btw too!)