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My Favorite Chairish Hostess Gifts

I’ve come to the point in my life that I think about hostess gifts. Honestly I never really got it before. I’ve always been a “small, tight group of friends” kind of person and I think it’s personally weird to bring your best friend a hostess gift when she invites you over for dinner. Borderline offensive, actually. And I don’t really have co-workers so bringing a gift to a party at Brady’s house also felt weird. We are casual people who like a bottle of wine. But recently I have wanted more hostess gift ideas because i’ve found myself last minute floundering for one. You see as your kids get into pre-school you’ll find yourself needing to expand your friends to include parents of their friends. Maybe these parents invite you to a dinner party at their house and while bringing a bottle of wine will never go unthanked, as a stylist bringing something more unique certainly would be nice, especially around the holidays. So, when Chairish asked me to curate my favorite hostess gifts from their site I had quite a bit of fun with it. I for one, don’t believe that a hostess gift has to be (or should be) expensive, but I love the idea of it being unique or vintage. So I found some sets of things that I thought would be so pretty to divide up and make great little individual gifts (with flowers).

First I found these awesome vintage large shot glasses (about twice the size of regular ones and they could easily be used as small wine glasses).


Not just any glasses are special enough to stand alone, but if there is something unique about them (the shape, color or like this writing) then think about breaking them up and giving them as individual gifts with flowers.



Showing up to a party with this as a hostess gift is pretty darn adorable if you ask me and if I were the host I would be PSYCHED.

I did the same with vintage ceramic pots:


Individually they are pretty, certainly but maybe not gift worthy. But add flowers or a plant in them and you have yourself such a pretty little unique gift.


Of course, like any gift you would give, think about the recipient and cater the gift to them. Many people might be like, ‘uh, cool, thanks for the jug’ but if you showed up at my house with a vintage english jug then YES, I would be so grateful and you’d be on my ‘nice’ list really fast.  chairish-176

And P.S. how cute is my Craigslist find new dresser? I’m not sure whose room it’s going to go in but I LOVE it, what with its curved sides and all.

Now, if you want to talk about really making your hostess feel special (or if they have a more personal relationship to you – IE boss, best friend, sibling) then here are a few more that are stand alone gifts that are so beautiful in their own right that I think they would make any hostess happy this holiday season.

From their site I chose this beautiful green decanter:


Tie a bow around it and skip the gift wrap. Might feel random, but if it aligns with the taste of the recipient then it’s such a great gift.

Or maybe this AMAZING BLANKET is something you want to splurge on for someone special.


This person could be say, me, or your best friend or mom… it’s so beautiful and whimsical and generally lovely.




I also found these adorable copper and ceramic canisters on the site that could be cute with a gift inside, individually, or you could be like me, and keep them for yourself to deck out your new kitchen (which we have a huge update coming soon). Just a thought! Remember, whilst shopping for others you should also be secretly shopping for yourself.  That is a true secret from a stylist.  Also in the new house I am vowing to be someone who decants – i’m talking to you pasta, quinoa, soap and rice. No more ugly packages in my life, instead sweet little canisters and soap dispensers making me look like I have my life pulled together.

So I’ve gone ahead and roundup some of my favorite gifts below – be it hostess or just a lovely gift for anyone – these are sure to be winners. Feel free to bring over any or all of these to our housewarming party at the new house later this year, I would be one happy and grateful recipient 🙂


1. Hand Blown Glass Decanter | 2. Gold Base Cocktail Glasses | 3. Danish Ice Bucket | 4. Danish Wooden Candlesticks | 5. Indigo Table Runner | 6. Brass Ginger Jar Set | 7. French Tea Towel Set | 8. Michael Lax Salt and Pepper Set | 9. Studio Pottery Tableware | 10. Walter Sullivan Ceramic Cups | 11. Italian Brass Corkscrew | 12. Charcoal and Linen Table Runner


1. Danish Salt and Pepper Shakers | 2. Ceramic Blue Pitcher | 3. Set of Whiskey Jugs | 4. Brass Matches Tin | 5. Hand Blown Glass Decanter and Pitcher | 6. Gold Crest Medallion Glasses | 7. French Liqueur Decanter Set | 8. Painted Terra Cotta Rocks Glasses | 9. Italian Salt and Pepper Grinders | 10. Beer Barrel Shot Glasses | 11. Studio Pottery Candlestick Set | 12. Set of 1950’s Shot Glasses

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7 years ago

Those glasses with the flowers in them are a great idea! Can you tell me more about the blanket? I’m in love with it. It looks huge! Any idea where I can find one?

7 years ago
Reply to  Julia

I was wondering about that blanket too!

7 years ago
Reply to  Julia

Me too! I want that blanket!

7 years ago
Reply to  Julia

Everything that we photographed in the post is from Chairish! There are a lot of similar items still available so head on over and check it out. I included some in the roundup as well. xx

7 years ago

Such fantastic finds, Ill have to check out chairish this holiday season!

7 years ago

50/50 keen and creepy here: though this is decidedly your tone, Emily (frank, funny, endearing), there are a few British anachronisms that make me wonder if Ginny had a look at things too. Either way, it’s neat to read a blog so devotedly that quirks like this would even occur to me! I guess this is a bizarre way of saying that I’m a big fan of your work and the way you guys write about it. Thank you!

7 years ago

I love your tip about dressing up seemingly plain glasses/jars/vases with some flowers: such a lovely little gift to give or receive 🙂

Here’s a small tip about eliminating ugly packaging from your house: try shopping in bulk 🙂 Cloth bags work well to get the goods home. Some stores can even tare your container for you so you can fill up honey or peanut butter in your own jar. I have a local food co-op that sells all sorts of oils, sauces, and liquid soaps/shampoos as well! Shopping package-free is a beautiful thing 🙂

7 years ago

Off topic, but where is your red dress with the white stripes from? Adorable!

Ellie B
7 years ago
Reply to  shannon

Yes! I love your red/white dress! Where is it from?

7 years ago

Love this idea, I never would have thought of buying sets of things and then breaking them up to create multiple gifts. Can’t wait to start browsing their site to see what would work!

7 years ago
Reply to  Jane

Agreed! Such a good idea for the holiday season.

7 years ago

Love Chairish so much! Always good stuff and so easy to navigate and purchase. Would love to receive any of these gifts as a hostess – (a girl can dream)

7 years ago

I like to bring over something the host can enjoy the next day. For example, if I’m invited to dinner or a party, I’ll bring fresh fruit or maybe some breakfast bread. My thought is after an event with a houseful of people and the clean up that goes along with it, it’s a nice gesture to make the next morning a little easier.

7 years ago

Hi Emily,

Nice to discover you and your blog. I recently learned that we are neighbors from a friend of mine (I live in a spanish style down the street). Just a heads up – I run in the neighborhood most evenings and there are some very aggressive coyotes that congregate on your property from dusk on. They’ve scared me a few times, but I would be especially careful if you have young children or small dogs. As a native Angeleno I’ve lived near coyotes all my life, but these ones seem unusually hostile.

7 years ago

Super cute ideas!

7 years ago

Valuable information! Looking forward to seeing your notes posted.
Thank you for bringing more information to this topic for me. I’m truly grateful and really impressed. Really appreciate for your amazing article.

7 years ago

Really Awesome Post. Thanks for sharing with us…

7 years ago
Reply to  Mantra

Nice Post.. Thanks for sharing with us..

7 years ago
Reply to  Mantra

Emily, Really Nice post… Awesome..

7 years ago

those vintage glasses with a flower arrangement are my favorite!
also, where is your cute striped top from 🙂

xx j

7 years ago