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Our Extra Long Lumbar Pillow Roundup


In case you haven’t noticed there is a pillow trend happening right now in the bedroom and we are very into it over here at EHD. Although we covered it a few years back on the blog here, it still remains just as relevant, functional, and stylish which is why we wanted to introduce it to any new readers or any of you out there that are still trying to perfect the “how do I style 12 decorative throw pillows on my bed every single morning” routine, which may or may not be working for you. Plus there are a lot more out there now (perhaps they read the blog?).


Bed styling is tough, and something that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. And although the pinterest worthy beds floating around on the internet may seem like they have simply tossed the duvet perfectly across the bed and draped a blanket casually on top in one swift easy go, said process can sometimes take rounds and rounds of revisions to get that “effortless casual” look that we all want for our beds. And because no one has the time or the mental capacity to spend more than a few minutes making their bed every morning, for you we introduce the “extra long lumbar pillow” to help simplify the process.


Forget the three, six, nine, twelve…. decorative pillows and just throw on one of these long decorative rectangular pillows IF you want a decorative pillow at all. You may lean more simple and not even want to add a decorative pillow at all to your current bed setup, but if you are looking to add something decorative without the complications of all those extra pillows, then the pillows that we have pulled together for you below can help you out. We have one currently on our bed and lay it in front of our two sleeping pillows when we make the bed in the morning, and at the end of the night we can just grab it off and throw it on the end of the bed bench. Which is much easier to deal with then a handful of decorative pillows on the floor.

Our friend Amber Lewis, is also a fan of the trend and although we both added a small accent pillow in front of the larger lumbar, it is definitely not necessary and your bed will still look pulled together with just one large pillow.


And in case you still aren’t convinced that and need some additional visual proof that this pillow styling trick works, here are a few others that we are into from the web to give you a bit more inspiration.


The Vintage Round Top, which is where we stayed as a team during our Round Top shopping trip even pulled it off with a JUMBO sized lumbar pillow in the Master Bedroom (which I obviously didn’t mind calling mine during our stay).


All of the pillows we’ve pulled together below are at least 30″ long which means that they are large enough to use for either a queen or king sized bed, and although we can’t promise a better nights sleep with them, we can promise a far easier bed making routine in the morning. So, here are a few of our favorites divided up by price.


1. Coral Plaid Kilim Pillow | 2. Diamond Sweater Knit Pillow | 3. Yellow Silk Dot Pillow | 4. Multi Color Stripe Kilim Pillow | 5. Gray and Tan Striped Pillow | 6. Cream Pompom Pillow | 7. Needle Embroidery Motifs Kilim Pillow | 8. Tan Striped Pillow | 9. Orange, Black and Tan Kilim Pillow | 10. Light Gray Pillow | 11. Yellow Floral Pillow | 12. Yellow Striped Pillow | 13. Blue Plaid Pillow | 14. Navy and Cream Striped Kilim Pillow | 15. Charcoal Gray Pillow | 16. Gray Uneven Chevron Pillow

For the price I love A LOT of these guys, but would definitely add: #2 and #6 to my collection and the inner granny in me is really wanting to find a place for #11. Some of these are one of a kind, so if you like them snag them up quick, but we did try and pull from retailers and vendors that have quite a large selection just in case one of these does sell out. Next up is the $50-$150 category.


1. Orange Mexican Pillow | 2. Gray Striped Pillow | 3. Mauve Velvet Pillow | 4. Indigo Boho Pillow | 5. Black Lined Linen Pillow | 6. Shag Puff Pillow | 7. Hermosa Pillow | 8. Indigo Rope Pillow | 9. Camille Mosaic Pillow | 10. Brown, Red and Gold Kilim Pillow | 11. Raffia Ikat Pillow | 12. Blue Velvet Pillow | 13. Open Market Pillow | 14. Etoie Pillow | 15. Alexey Eyelash Pillow | 16. Navy Tassel Pillow | 17. Green Boho Pillow | 18. Light Blue Striped Pillow | 19. Antigua Linen Pillow | 20. Capitola Stripe Pillow | 21. Navy Colorblock Pillow | 22. Crochet Ivory Pillow | 23. Herringbone Pillow | 24. Dark Gray Pillow | 25. Grey French Striped Pillow | 26. White Lined Pillow

Fringe and pleating are having a major moment for me right now so I obviously love #16 and #26 but I also love #18, #5, and #25. Next up is our last category at over $150. And while some of these may seem a bit expensive keep in mind you will only need one of these pillows to use on your bed rather than a handful of smaller decorative pillows.


1. White Geometric Pillow | 2. Dasi Pillow | 3. Madera Pillow | 4. John Robshaw Primrose Pillow | 5. White Waffle Ruffle Pillow | 6. Indigo Herringbone Pillow | 7. Dil Pillow | 8. Newport Pillow | 9. Laguna Pillow | 10. Nizado Pillow | 11. Leela Pillow | 12. Charlie Pillow | 13. Blue Plaid Pillow | 14. Rouge Pillow | 15. Suelo Pillow | 16. Montauk Pillow | 17. Black and Gray Boho Pillow | 18. Gladstone Pillow

We used #3 in the above picture in a recent 1 bed, 4 ways post we did and I also of course am gravitating once again towards the ruffles and fringe of #5 and #12.

If you are into this, then your life and bed just got easier/better. Which ones are your favorites?

Fin Mark


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So you’ve convinced me that I need to buy a lumbar pillow, but my biggest question/conundrum still remains…. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THESE DECORATIVE PILLOWS WHILE YOU ARE IN BED??? Chuck them on the floor? Pile them on a chair? Get some kind of giant basket to put them in that takes up prime space? It all seems so messy… and even a single lumbar pillow is bulky and takes up room… As much as I want to have a nicely styled bed, I also don’t want to wake up each morning to see my bedroom floor cluttered with discarded decorative pillows…. Please share some solutions!!


Agreed. We pile ours up on a chair. A big mess.

Also, I bought the same pillows that are in the Curbly bedroom. The fabric is so wonderful and expensive that I feel like I can’t actually use them.

Bedroom pillows are a design conundrum.

also Lucy

I’m with you, other Lucy. I just have no interest in dealing with extra pillows. I actually like the look of a simple bed with a normal number of pillows. If someone ever plans to photograph my bedroom maybe I’ll consider buying my bed a special outfit.


For us, we put the pillow between the headboard and the mattress, which actually makes it really nice for sitting up in bed and gets rid of that weird space/gap. The only downside is that you have to fluff the pillow every morning to get it back to its original shape.


That’s why everyone has benches at the foot of their beds; just put the pillows on the bench.


We have a cedar trunk at the end of the bed and stack our pillows on that. The trunk is not my favorite thing in the bedroom but it’s been so useful.


I definitely just fling them on the floor, ha! It’s definitely not the greatest look, but we make the bed right away in the morning so I don’t have to actually stare at them on the floor. We also only have 2 that are decor only, so it’s not out of control or anything. A bench would definitely solve the problem if we had room.


I actually keep mine on the bed while I sleep! I either hold it through the night which helps me sleep or I just keep it in between my boyfriend and I because its summer so the pillow acts as a sort of buffer for our body heat. When I nap I usually just nap on the pillow as well. Mine was from a marshalls/tj maxx store and it has held up really well to daily use!

Katy DeBardelaben

Love this post! This is one of those design tricks I wouldn’t have picked up on my own but is so simple and easy to implement that of course I’m going to implement it. Who would have thought one long pillow would be so effective?


Oh that blue bed though… always loved that one.


I know that’s an old photo up top, but I’d love to know where those sheets are from (the flowered one)- they are gorgeous!


Me too please!!


I seem to remember Emily saying something about vintage fabric at one time????


she made them


Pretty sure that was some Vintage fabric that Emily made into pillow covers.


The last two days have been awesome- I have been debating painting our entryway console and buying an oversized lumbar pillow for our bed. These are things I think about and no one else seems to care about- and yet EH addresses them AND makes me want to follow my trivial décor dreams. 🙂 love the examples.


Styling the bed is always so tricky for me. Especially because I bought the opposite of what I see everywhere: My duvet is coral, my sheets are blue/teal… so nothing similar to the lovely neutrals I see in your blog and all my pins! (At one point in my life I’ll stop been driven to all bright and colored… being 35, I hope that’s soon!) And then I always see that the bed is open, but I prefer to cover EVERYTHING with the duvet (I do feel it protects the sheets more from dust), plus the pillows we use for sleeping are the memory foam ones, that while I find so comfortable, they are a styling horror… So I’m always struggling with the view of my bedroom… A perfect example of how random and not driven decisions affect the look of a room! 😉

And sorry, I realize that my comment is not really about the lumbar pillow…


I hear you! I’m drawn to bright colors too, while pinning neutrals. Ha. At least my house is moving toward blues and grays instead of completely wackadoodle, but it’s a process! I just bought the most boring white plates so my dining room table will look a bit less chaotic.


Okay, not to hijack the thread, but can we talk about these memory foam pillows? I found this page because I was looking for styling tips to help hide them. My husband has one and his only dictate for styling the bed is that I absolutely under no circumstances can even touch that pillow. I don’t have one, so the bed ends up looking a little lopsided because our pillows are so different. It’s such a dumb problem to worry about, but it does bother me when I walk into the bedroom.


This is exactly what I needed! Amazed you found so many etsy sources–i was having no luck. This is why you guys are the besttttt


I like to use one long lumbar pillow on a sofa also. Instead of all the square ones. I think it makes your space less cluttered.


I love this styling trick. I went out and bought these pillows after you posted about it the last time. One additional tip for others searching for the perfect pillow: If you find one you love on Etsy, but they don’t make it in the right size, you can sometimes contact the seller for a custom order. I did this for the pillow currently in my master bedroom, found here: . It looks like she has an actual listing for one in 14 X 36 now though!


Good post! Could you please do a post on bedroom dressers? I’ve been looking for one online for a year and I’m stumped.


Pillow envy. I already have a long pillow I like, but now I’ve seen several I love..


I obviously have an inner granny too cause I LOVE me the florals!!! I’m really, really liking this lumbar pillow trend.


Somewhat unrelated, but on our wedding night my husband and I stayed in a hotel where there was a bed-width pillow behind the other pillows. It was lovely! I have been searching for one like it ever since, but no luck so far. Does anyone know what these would be called or where to find one? It was just like a regular pillow but extra wide so it took up the width of the bed.


dearest emily henderson,
im doing my best version of the latest budget bedroom (modern traditional)design posted here. the pink pillow is no longer available. is there one of these (or another) that could replace it and the two green pillows pictured in the design?

thank you!!!!!

i’m almosr done


ohh i dont thinki can buy one for more than $150 i’m in the budget bedroom catagory

It looks like the pink pillow is still available through this retailer: and they have 20% off going on right now as well. And you could use these green pillows which are also on sale:
Hope that helps, and be sure to send through pics once you have it all finished up, we would love to see it. xx


it’s my birthday, i’m ganna buy pillows like its my birthday!
yesssss! they’re mine now! thank you!


Question- can you just use a body pillow? Ikea has cheap body pillow inserts and I could probably throw a pillowcase together…


You can totally do this – I did the same thing, with an old Ralph Lauren floral sheet. I did put a zipper in the back, so I can take it out and wash the cover, because we fling it on the floor at night,, though I am going to try shoving it behind the bed pillows as recommended above.


Love this post. Practical AND pretty, hooray! Now… which one do I want… hmm.


I’m obsessed with finding the right lumbar pillow! I love the Serena and Lily one, just don’t get why it looks so tiny on their website!


#12 of the $50-$150 category and and #11 of the under $50. I love this trend! These are cheaper then I would expect too!


I heart extra long pillows! Two things. (1) I think they work on a sofa too. And (2) buy table runners and sew backs on them and stuff them for a DIY version. You can find some cute embroidered ones at Home Goods regularly that are cute and cheap. And they’re EXTRA long then.


I never thought to use table runners. Thanks for the tip!


Any excuse to see your blue velvet headboard and I’m in! You used to have the most amazing pieces of vintage furniture. I really miss reading/seeing your vintage finds, craigslist posts, flea, reupholstered pieces you used to write about.


Very beautiful.
I made my own lumbar pillow for 2 €
sewing an Ikea Signe rug !


Yes, my mind is racing thinking of all the vintage fabric/linens I have and inspired by this
and number 7 in the under $ 50’s above to make my own and embellish it!


I’ve ordered a long pillow with vendor #9 – ZDKilim and I highly recommend them. The hardest part was finding an insert, but 2 – 12 x 21″ inserts worked fine for on the bed. It may not look right in high traffic areas like a couch/bench though.


my beloved body pillow that got me through three pregnancies was repurposed years ago for this purpose. it’s the perfect length for my full size bed, I use it to lean against when I read (along with a euro size pillow behind. I sewed a cover from some vintage blue and white linen and a sweet trim. It’s a nice touch, to a crisp white bed, in my opinion.


where is the side table/ night stand from on the 4th picture from the top??? PLEASE???


One more reason I am so glad that I sew.

I dig the unipillow, I just push it back a bit and leave it there, with my regular pillows in front of it. If I were taller, that might not work, but I’m totes average, so my feet don’t hang off the end of the bed.


I have been on the lookout for one of these ever since I read that pervious blog post about them. I scored a beautiful navy/cream one with light pink fringe (seriously its so adorable, yet sophisticated!) I got it at a Marshalls/TJ Maxx store for less than $30!!! They make my bed look so amazing AND I love sleeping with it. Its very comforting to sleep with. Also you+your team called this trend waaay before it ever became a thing so good job on that!

On another note, I know there has been alot of discussion on whether this blog is still accessible to the average reader and I just wanna say that posts like these with reasonably priced and useful decor items are something that make this blog worth it to me.


Like, WHOA. I just spent all weekend hunting down the pillows from the older lumbar pillow round-up!!!

I can’t thank you enough for this, The time it takes hunting down so many awesome options is beyond appreciated.


I’ve been doing this for years. I can’t believe no one was?

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Where did you find that gorgeous pink and blue aztec style area rug under the bed in picture #4? I absolutely love it!


I’ve loved the uni pillow ever since I saw Jenny Komenda make one from Josef frank fabric for Joanna Goddards bedroom years ago! I actually found a cute one from land of nod last year that’s on my bed now!

I’m with you, other Lucy. I just have no interest in dealing with extra pillows. I actually like the look of a simple bed with a normal number of pillows. If someone ever plans to photograph my bedroom maybe I’ll consider buying my bed a special outfit



I make these for my summer bed by sewing a tube, then finishing both ends with full length strips of Velcro. Then I fold my feather duvet into a sausage and stuff the resulting lumbar pillow with it. The Velcro gives the pillow a pleasing structure.

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