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Everything We’ve Written About The Mountain House So Far (& My Thoughts About Them Now)

Well. Our deadline for the mountain house was Memorial Day weekend (of this year), then July Fourth, then August first, then Labor Day and now it’s mid-October, so around the 15th. Despite having experience and a design team, we are still behind. I didn’t have help at the beginning but as I realized how underwater I was, I started hiring and now have three wonderful design assistants. At a certain point, I had to prioritize the Portland project because that one involved other people whereas this is just for our family. So I shifted attention and thus this house suffered a bit, timewise, but we passed our plumbing, electrical and framing inspection last week and now it’s time to close up the walls. I just want to live in the fantasy HGTV world of lies where these things happen magically fast, but I don’t, and they don’t.

A year ago, we bought this house and we announced it in September.

Meet Our New Mountain Fixer Upper

Look at us, all innocent and happy, unknowing that we would spend more time debating over that ceiling, rocks and carpet than I thought possible. In case you didn’t read the 27,000 words about this project, this house is for our family but also a social media experiment where you guys choose between two design plans or elements that I present to you. If I could go back in time, would I do it the same way? I don’t know. Keep reading.

Mountain Fixer Upper: The 5 Styles We Didn’t Choose

My design process involved a lot of pinning and pinning until Brian started nixing and nixing. In this post, I wrote about the design styles that we didn’t choose.

Then we narrowed it down to two that we were equally happy having you choose between. Or so I thought…

I Design, You Decide The Mountain Fixer Overall Style…And a Vote!

Refined, Scandinavian Chalet won (over Rustic Scandinavian Cabin) and yet kinda lost because my seemingly easy-going husband realized that this was his chalet, too, and he wanted a rustic mountain cabin. The vote was almost tied anyway. So we ended up melding the styles and going for “Refined-Rustic Scandinavian-California-mountain-lake-mid-century-country-chalet-cabin.”

I Design, You Decide: Pebble Tile for the Mountain Fixer-Upper…A Poll!

Once the style was settled on, the first decision that needed a vote was whether or not to use pebble tile. Your vote said yes, yet there were SO MANY commenters saying “no” and I’m still scared.

I Design, You Decide: Mountain Fixer-Upper Fireplace

The fireplace was a debate between whether we work with the bubble rock or demo it out and replace it. Click through to see what won.

Color Inspiration for the Cabin

In between these massive I Design, You Decide posts, I wrote about what colors we are debating and you guys want us to go MOODY which I kinda forgot about. I am just starting to think about paint colors, more on that soon.

Mountain Fixer-upper: Demo Update

Demo began in February, with the hopes of being in by late May (I KNEW we wouldn’t but I generally like to live life with unrealistically high expectations and a sense of urgency so people feel rushed and panicked at all times. It works most of the time by the way, thus our ability to create great content so quickly). Our architectural plans were almost solidified, but the I Design, You Decides hadn’t even begun which meant that we had no idea what materials we would use, where the junction boxes for the sconces would go, etc. At first, we were choosing between wall-mount and deck-mount faucets which totally change the plumbing obviously. So yeah, we probably shouldn’t have demo’d when we did, but to be fair, we also had a lot of “exploratory” work to do to find out what was load bearing, what could be moved, what the ceiling would look like when demo’d out, etc. You don’t know what your possibilities are until you start demoing so we did it, which meant we had to stop coming up and spending time in my magical place.

Bathrooms I Pinned for the Mountain Fixer (and Why??)

The design process included a lot of pinning of rooms and styles that wouldn’t necessarily work, thus the above post about bathrooms. In that post, I show you how we pull unexpected elements out of inspiration. This is where I realized that the shower curb isn’t necessary and we should rethink the niche (more on that later).

Mountain Fixer Upper: Let’s Talk Vessel Sinks and Wall-Mount Faucets

Remember when I was scared to combine a wall-mount faucet with an under-mount sink because it wasn’t done too often? GEEZ. I mean, it’s just a no-brainer now. It’s such a beautiful, simple combo and while it’s not installed yet, I can’t recommend it enough.

I Design, You Decide: The ‘Wood Inspired’ Tile…

OH DEAR. I forgot about this one. Here, I explored modern ways to bring “wood” into a bathroom without actually using wood. You guys. I learned so much about myself and even more about “design” by trying to design the perfect house in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

Who Is the Real Client of the Mountain House…

This post was strangely controversial with a lot of comments that bummed me out.

This is the post where I learned that more people than anticipated don’t actually want transparency from us internet folk. I learned that despite this “be real” plea, some of you with louder voices would like me to pretend that I’m just fixing up our family cabin in front of hundreds of thousands of people as a fun hobby. Some of you think that admitting to designing our homes to help create original, interesting, inspirational and educational content for you while working with sponsors, and increasing traffic somehow threatens my authenticity, when it’s actually the opposite. Every blogger or social media “influencer” creates content in hopes of traffic and likes so they can keep creating contentbecause despite it being “work,” it’s still what we love and want to be doing all day every day (it’s just better quality and with more frequency with more resources). I’ll continue to be transparent about my life and work, as I have nothing to hide because I only work with the best brands in the design world with full creative control. I also have 10 employees and two kids, so caring about traffic is not greedy, it’s survival. This blog implodes the second I stop telling you my rambling thoughts and subsequently listening to your reactions.

This is also the post where Brian and I laughed hysterically that people feel “bad” for him. Nobody should feel bad for that hot, bearded man. He’s my number 1 (together 18 years next month) and he knows that I’m incapable of steamrolling anyone, and besides, do you think he’d let himself be steamrolled? NO! I’ve asked his opinion more times than any designer/wife should, TBH, and he knows it and thinks its hilarious.

Moving on, to soft lighting…apparently.

Mountain Fixer-upper Lighting: the Softer Options

Oh jeez. I pinned so many lights you have no idea before I came up with the combo that I did. Stay tuned, but it was probably 50 hours of staring at lighting making sure it fit into our Refined-Rustic Scandinavian-California-mountain-lake-mid-century-country-chalet-cabin.

The Final, Final, Final!!!!! Mountain Fixer Floor Plan

This year is when I realized how many floorplan junkies there are out there. Floorplan porn, guys. It’s a real thing.

You guys helped SO MUCH on the floorplan front, I can’t even tell you. As someone who didn’t go to school for design, it’s not my strong suit, and while I’ve gotten better and we had an architect, there were a few genius solutions or great criticisms that you helped address and fix. THANK YOU.

Mountain Fixer-upper Lighting: The Modern and Traditional Options

This might have been when I started going a little nuts. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t making ANY mistakes or missing any opportunities. So instead of just choosing a lighting style and going with it, I decided to use my time to look at every sconce, pendant and chandelier that has ever graced the internet. Then I attempted to put my favorites together in a house of 30 fixtures. The result I think is going to be pretty darn beautiful once it’s installed, but the process taught me so much about choosing and combining lighting (obviously, I’ll be doing a post on that).

Okay. We FINALLY got into the first “I Design, You Decide” with real products and the master bathroom led first out of the gate…

I Design, You Decide: The Master Bathroom

Oh man. This seems like vintage EHD because we now have a design team that creates such amazing renderings and the editorial team has stepped up the branding.

I obsessed about that bathroom to a point. OBSESSED. Click in to see what you guys chose, but in case you forgot, it involves a black pebble floor and I’M STILL VERY SCARED.

The Mountain House: Master Bathroom Design Process

Here I thought it would be fun to walk you through the mind of a designer and show you all the options I had been considering for the master bathroom. You are welcome and encouraged to steal one of those design plans. Someone should benefit from them.

The Mountain House: Refinishing the Ceilings & Is Good Enough Good Enough?

GOOD NEWS. We no longer need a marriage therapist that specializes in “arguing over the tone of your wood ceilings?”  We are hoping to alter the ceiling, while keeping it wood. More, very exciting news soon.

Mountain Fixer-upper: Our Stone Fireplace Makeover

Yeah. Remember when we put plaster all over our fireplace but called it a German Schmear because the internet convinced us that it was somehow a different material or technique? HA. We like the schmear, though.

Mountain Fixer Upper: the Final Kitchen Layout & Cabinet Function

The kitchen has always been a beast and it’s just been obsessed over to the point of insanity by myself and the design team. Lucky for us, I really think it’s going to be amazing.

If you can’t tell, this is when we started upping our content game. Arlyn joined our team as the Editorial Director and she and Jess really stepped up the game, meanwhile, Velinda and Grace joined Julie and me on the design team and they know how to do awesome renderings with Sketchup and Podium. I think it slowed down the process because I liked to tweak things all the time, but it upped the visual content game for all of us. Having their help was invaluable to designing and actually starting to blog about the project with better pacing.

Things have since changed in that kitchen and will change again, but if you are renovating or designing your kitchen, please read up as there is a lot of info (and your comments are certainly helpful, too).

Up next, I gave you two designs for the guest bathroom and I loved them both, truly…

I Design, You Decide: Guest Bath Materials Edition

You all made me make a bold choice and I’m still scared by it, but excited.

At this point, we started rapidly putting out the I Design, You Decides because well, we needed to actually design these bathrooms so we could place orders for materials.

I Design, You Decide: The Kids Bath Materials Vote

You made me choose an emerald green quartzite for the bathroom. Brian may never forgive you (he’s kinda excited, too, I promise).


I’ll regret forever not being able to see both of our kitchen designs in real life. Maybe we need an art installation called I Design, You Decide: The Rejects and do a whole house as the rejected design…this could be a thing…

It’s Happening: The Big I Design, You Decide Mountain Fixer Kitchen Plan Reveal

They were both so pretty, despite the fact that we ultimately changed the cabinet profile (AND MAY AGAIN).

With the Portland project almost wrapped, we were able to hunker down and really design the mountain house and my team stepped it up…

The Mountain Fixer Upper: an Update on the Kids Bunk Room

Our fantasy bunk room was designed and boy are we excited about it.

The Mountain Fixer Upper: Bunk Room Reading Nook

The reading nook has secret magnetic treasure drawers if that is interesting to you at all.

Mountain Fixer Upper: The Family Room Fireplace Design Process

Our family room fireplace plan had more suggestions than I would have predicted. We thought we were done with this, but so many of your comments and notes were right so, we went for a “Round Two”…

Mountain Fixer: Family Room Fireplace Update Notes From Readers

We took your notes, comments, suggestions and questions and either implemented and answered them or explained why we didn’t.

By this point, we present you with tons of materials that you voted on, so it was time to start showing you the actual plan for each room.

The Mountain Fixer: The Final Kids Bath Design

Brian is still scared but he says that since its not his bathroom that he’s curious what it will turn out to look like. It would be like if he wanted to create a vintage pinball-themed room…I’d be scared but I’d want to see the result. I don’t think it’s actually like that at all, because I’d get excited and offer to lead the execution. But I am a 7 on the Enneagram, which means “enthusiast”, so there’s that.

Mountain Fixer: The Kitchen Cabinet Evolution

Then I realized that those grooves were going to collect dust all day and become disgusting and chip. So after months and month of pursuing something more custom, we documented how we got back to shaker. Wake up. I know it’s boring. It’s not over yet…we may have the perfect wood partner for wood fronts.

Our Dream (& Kinda Genius) Master Closet

Then last week, Velinda revealed my dream master closet that gives meaning to the hashtag #closetdreams.

So that’s where we are, friends. I can’t even TELL you how much I’ve learned about renovation through this process. Renovating publicly and opening yourself to criticism and opinions isn’t normal and, of course, can cause some adverse effects. I think the worst of them all is second-guessing followed closely by placing too much value on “design regret.” I don’t know why I’d strive to be perfect when I have never been nor will I be in the future.

Now, to answer the question that I posed at the beginning…what would I do differently thus far? I wish that the Portland and Mountain projects hadn’t been such huge projects at the same time…and for the record, they weren’t supposed to be. So if I could go back in time, I would have pushed off the demo and renovation of the mountain house until next winter. I would have still planned and designed it with each I Design, You Decide being totally flushed out months before posting because even if the floorplan did change, the materials could have been dialed in and that is what really affected so much of the design. Blogging about it could have had a better cadence, and we could have prepped in the background while we focused on execution of the Portland house and the blogging about that important project. They weren’t meant to be executed at the same time, it was just kinda tricky timing. But like giving birth, you kinda forget it all when its done.

The silver lining? The learning curve I suffered by renovating two huge projects at the same time did lead to my second book deal. After years of my publisher asking for another book and me replying “not until I have more time or a new idea” I finally have a new idea AND I’M VERY EXCITED.

Coming at you starting in January. If you are planning on updating your house in any way, I suggest you wait until September of 2020.

Remember when I was going to write some “fluff” posts for the week when I’m out of town? HAHAHAHAHA. xx

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Denis Bill
5 years ago

Thanks for the information you brought to us. They are very interesting and new. Look forward to reading more useful and new articles from you

5 years ago

New book!!! Squeeeeee!!!

5 years ago
Reply to  Jacqui

I Know. and even though i’m on vacation its all i can think about. I’m so excited. xx

5 years ago

Just have to say, I live the tone of your looking back on yourself posts. I like you can both be self critical, but also defend yourself based on what you knew at the time even if you now see it differently.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

thank you 🙂

5 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

AGREED! These are my favorite posts.

5 years ago

I love your posts about dealing with sponsors and designing for your family versus designing for an audience! Generally you come across as very transparent and someone who cares a great deal about her personal integrity, and those posts only solidify that idea for me. I guess you can never please everyone…

Also way to go, leaving an important announcement at the end of a post :p congratulations on the book deal!

5 years ago
Reply to  Nina

thank you. I feel like I would want to know how it all works, too. Thanks for helping confirm that 🙂

5 years ago

The timing of the new book is perfect for me because my youngest graduates college in 2020 so I’ll actually have money for a remodel!

5 years ago
Reply to  Helga

Oh awesome. Yah, we are BREAKING IT DOWN. xx

5 years ago

I loved reading the part that you are a 7 on the Enneagram. That makes so much sense — the life you lead being in pursuit of joy and happiness and beauty and wonder. Love following along on this mountain house adventure!

5 years ago
Reply to  Evane

We are going to be blogging about it next year – in fact for “homework” I asked my whole team to take the test because it really helps us understand each other. I actually everybody else just needed to try to have more enthusiasm in life, now I know its just my number and how I am made. 🙂

5 years ago

LOL. You are the bomb. You work so hard, Lady. Thank you and your team for bringing so much joy and inspiration on the daily. Now go have an amazing week without the bleeping internet.

5 years ago
Reply to  Erin

AH, thank you so much. xx

5 years ago

I think I totally understand how you wanted to write this post on your week “off.” When you’ve been putting stuff out and putting stuff out, and then you take a break, before you can find peace you have to review everything that just happened. It’s as though you have to have the reaction you didn’t have while it was happening, and sort it a bit. Enjoy the rest of your time, if not “off,” “away.”

It was awesome to see this all together, and to see how the votes turned out that I didn’t follow up on because, well, so much was happening:). Would love one page with all the Option 1 and Options 2s and then the vote tallies visible below.

5 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

I second this. A page with visible vote tallies all in one place would be helpful.

Julie S
5 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

Yes, I would totally need to process all this before I could truly rest too! (Now go rest!)

5 years ago

You changed my mind about the transparency issue. I had definitely felt a bit taken aback by all of the discussion of designing-for-views, even though I appreciate that this is an essential part of the business. Thank you for reminding me that transparency means, y’know, *actual* transparency–which is a massive part of what keeps me coming back every day (for two years now?). Thank you for being so brave!

5 years ago
Reply to  Shana

THANK YOU. Its so tricky, I know. Pretending that we aren’t intentional about the content we create, is just not the truth. I just want to keep enjoying this job forever 🙂

5 years ago

Love this post! Thank you always for being so transparent. I am learning so much (also from your book suggestions last week – our public library has a surprisingly robust collection of design books). What you have taught me the most though over the years is that perfection is boring and it will never stay perfect long, especially with three little ones and crayons. So much crayon everywhere. Thank you for helping me make my home more beautiful with the lifestyle I actually lead, not the one I aspire to and likely won’t achieve until my husband retires, the kids are grown, and I inherit a fortune King Ralph style.

5 years ago

You are a gem, internet and otherwise. Personally, I’ve loved everything. And the mountain house has been my favorite (other than your and the teams personal homes – so cool to read through the decision making process from an internal perspective – I also love that you all have different styles). I have even, on more than one occasion, sent MH posts to my Dad. And he is into it. 🙂

Also, Fall 2020 – it’s like you read our minds! I’m ready to vault these ceilings! Can we get some insight on that?!

5 years ago

A friend who had built a home about 5 years before I did comforted me with this comment: “You will, after about 6 months, wish you had done things differently. After two years, there will be many more things you wish were different. Five years brings even more dreamed about change. But remember, you built this home for your family and life at that moment. Relax…no pressure to make it perfect.” I’m grateful for her advice and she was right on. The good thing about you and your business is that, in a year, in 3 years and in 5 years, you can and should implement the changes you desire bc it is content and builds your business! (I love spending your money vicariously! :-))

Karen T.
5 years ago

I love the transparency. And I think part of the reason people feel free to comment so negatively is because you are so transparent and accessible (and they’re hiding behind a screen name on their laptop.) Kind of a catch 22 but I couldn’t love this blog more and will come back forever and ever. You make decorating accessible and I’ve become so much better at making design choices in my own house because you’ve shown me that it’s okay to make mistakes and of course, ROUNDUPS!!

5 years ago

I can’t wait for your new book!!!!!!

5 years ago

I think the issue with transparency about how you are trying to maximize page views is that it can come at the expense of authenticity–who is the client when you’re positioning your designs and blog posts around their internet potential? The “ID;YD” posts have been an interesting exercise in this, especially with Brian rejecting the refined Scandi thing. Ultimately, you’re designing a house for you and your family to enjoy, not for the internet to live in, and I think the complaints strike up when your posts seem to emphasize the viral potential of a decision over how well suited it is to your family. The other thing is that, as readers, we’re conditioned to expect a certain type of authenticity from a blog that is different from a magazine–like, we have different expectations for a blog post about a party than we do for a magazine photo shoot about a party, even though both may be ultimately staged to create content. I don’t intend this to come off negatively (I actually think the “ID;YD” posts and ongoing discussion of “what does Brian think” have been a useful way to navigate the challenges of family vs internet as client), but… Read more »

5 years ago

I love your transparency, in no small part because I’m a professional (in a very different industry) and so I’m so interested to see how your business works and the decisions you make to keep it all going!

I hate to say that sometimes the comments feel a bit like it’s hard for people to accept you’re a real full grown Bizness Lady making Bizness decisions because women are supposed to just make everything beautiful for the joy of it and for other’s enjoyment?

Anyways, I’m always in awe of your energy and creativity and enthusiasm! Wish i’d had all your insights (and my own hard earned wisdom) for many earlier rehab and design experiences in my life! Looking forward to all your next things…

5 years ago
Reply to  Kelly

Kelly, Yes you have identified a significant issue… for professional interior architects, designers, decorators, stylists and stagers.

5 years ago

Really, really enjoyable post. Loved the review and hearing your updated thoughts on each topic. I had never read the comments on the post about who is the client. Wow, that got really harsh. I did have an insight while reading them that I will share. I think when you wrote a post at some point that acknowledged doing this whole blog thing for pins or likes or whatever, well I wonder if some people just didn’t fully realize that. Its like you showed us that there is a marketing machine behind what feels like a fun, friendly blog, and some may have been surprised by that and felt like they lost their “friend”. I certainly didn’t ever think through that sort of thing. For me, my reaction was like “how dumb of me” not to realize that. But if others had the sense that they’d been “had” or even worse, manipulated, then maybe that’s where the vitriol came from. You’ve always been really transparent, but I think you upped the transparency as of late in talking through the whole “quick, post a pic of the back patio… we need more pins!”. I just wonder if it all came as… Read more »

5 years ago

This post was such an interesting way to consolidate all your mountain house posts and provide some extra thoughts in retrospect. Thank you! So good.


Omg omg omg

5 years ago

We are planning to remodel in 6-10 months so hurry up and get that book done sooner! 😉

5 years ago

Emily, you are the coolest. I love everything you do and the fact that you are designing this with the opinions of so.many.people. is just rad. But I still feel bad for Brian (KIDDING – I loved that paragraph in this post, lol)

5 years ago

I for one appreciate your honesty about the realities of bloging. I hope the negative comments don’t discourage you form continuing to be just as transparent in the future. Also, congratulations on your new book deal! It will have a place of pride on my bookshelf next to Styled whenever it is published.

Starr Wilson
5 years ago

I’ve been watching this project as it’s grown has been very interesting. It’s very beautiful and you have put a lot of thought, sweat and tears into the project. As you know, in the end it’s your decision and your family’s decisions that will decide how you live and grow in the space.

5 years ago

I am so excited to see the Mountain Fixer come to life! (As I’m sure you are! 😉 ) How can people be critical of your transparency? I love it!! You’re a real mom/wife who just happens to be an amazing designer! I think I speak for many when I say ‘THANK YOU!’ for allowing us to tag along on these design journeys <3

5 years ago

Thank you for all the information in your posts. I just love reading them. I’m curious if you’ve ever thought about posting tips how to understand renovations costs, evaluating quotes or benchmarking costs? or working with General contractor tips. Thanks!

KP Miller
5 years ago

You are just fantastic! I’m so excited to see it all come together- and a new book! Hooray!!!!
The only thing negative that tI would ever say to you is don’t do the pebble floor. We lived in Asia for a long time & they are very big there. Imagine being on your feet all day, said feet are tired and grumpy and just want to relax, but NO. They will be required to bend and flex all of the time you are walking back and forth getting ready, washing your face, brushing your teeth… Seriously, they’re almost painful and I would really caution anyone to not do it. Plus, if you ever hurt yourself, crutches do not work very well on them. Good luck!

kanchipuram sarees
5 years ago
Reply to  KP Miller
Paige Cassandra Flamm
5 years ago

I love everything about this space! It’s been fun to watch you make plans and make it your own!


5 years ago

I love this series and I love the designs you’ve been doing and I LOVE that you have help and especially have been able to hire designers who can model and render because they’re SO FUN to see.

Shannon Palmer
5 years ago

I love you.

5 years ago

Congrats on book 2!

You/this blog were are huge help as this first time reno family took on 2 full baths and some beautiful Marvin windows.

Maybe I’ll be able to wait till 2020 before tackling the rest of our rowhouse renovation. But the book will need to feature not only the big stuff, like you do in your incredibly helpful “what I would have done differently posts” but stuff that no one addresses comprehensively… like Design Possibilities with HVAC Vents and How to think about electrical outlets: where to put them, when to cover them…in kitchens, bathrooms, all over the house, etc… Seemingly boring stuff but small details that can make or break a room’s functionality and loveliness. Also: can’t wait to see your post on all the lighting features in the Mountain House. xx

5 years ago

Congrats on book 2!

You/this blog were are huge help as this first time reno family took on 2 full baths and some beautiful Marvin windows.

Maybe I’ll be able to wait till 2020 before tackling the rest of our rowhouse renovation. But the book will need to feature not only the big stuff, like you do in your incredibly helpful “what I would have done differently posts” but stuff that no one addresses comprehensively… like Design Possibilities with HVAC Vents and How to think about electrical outlets: where to put them, when to cover them…in kitchens, bathrooms, all over the house, etc… Seemingly boring stuff but small details that can make or break a room’s functionality and loveliness. Also: can’t wait to see your post on the mix of lighting fixtures in the Mountain House. xx

Dotty Lee
5 years ago

Your honesty, integrity and sense of humor make your blog one of my favorites to read. (and your sense of design)

5 years ago

You are incredibly inspirational. I love your voice when you write. Keep on keeping on!

5 years ago

1. Congrats on the More Book!!!! Cannot wait to read it!!!

2. For what it’s worth, you are the only blogger I follow where I actually read every post , BECAUSE of how real and transparent you are. I love that you don’t sugar-coat parenthood, marriage, demo, the business of blogging, the struggles of entrepreneurship, or anything. You call it like it is, and you’re a breath of fresh air in the very, very fake world of social media. DONT STOP the transparency, please!!

5 years ago

Inspirational post which authentic info. Such a nice post you have shared on your website. Your work is really nice one. Keep sharing such type of worthy and valuable stuff in future.

5 years ago

you are just THE best!!!! you are nuts!!! but I’m glad there is someone like you out there!!!! :-))) If your doctor lets you, keep doing what you do, you light up my world!!!

5 years ago

I love all of your posts and your total transparency and authenticity in your writing style! Thank you! BUT, I am remodeling/redesigning my kitchen in 2019 and I cannot wait until September of 2020! Kitchen advice and sneak peeks would be SO appreciated! (P.S. The Mountain Fixer Upper kitchen posts have been amazing and so helpful!)

5 years ago

Hooray! Not only am I excited for you and your new book, I’m excited for me because it lines up with when we’ll be renovating our house! Also have tons of respect for your vulnerability through this series. You handle it all with a ton of grace.

5 years ago

Emily I heartily agree with posters who like your look back posts. This is one of the most special things about your blogging style. What is it like to live with these decisions later? Which decisions hold up? Which ones would do you wish you could change? Which ones could maybe be better but are utterly defensible based on what you knew. Opening up about what it’s like to live with your designs is the cornerstone of your brand, IMO.


5 years ago

I’m really looking forward to the final reveal. I wish this iteration of the blog was around when I did my house some years ago. I went very BASIC but there are so many lovely things around now that weren’t around even 10 years ago – those details hardware, tapware, lighting, tiling… Lucky I’m not an interior designer as I would agonise about it even more than I do. I can’t just redo everything because it is soooo expensive! I just have to live vicariously through your renovation and other design sites.

Joy Cho
5 years ago

YAY!! Can’t wait for your new book!!

5 years ago

Love this project so much. Enjoying the whole process. Dreaming of a finished house myself, one day! And congrats on the book deal, that’s big news!!

5 years ago

I’ve read every post about the mountain fixer, but I still enjoyed reading this and learned new things. I just love this site! My boyfriend and I are moving in together next month and he has been very surprised to learn about all the design-y opinions I have! I’m always like “I saw this on EHD…”! Probably good it’s a rental so I can ease him into things before trying to tear down walls. Enjoy your week off!

5 years ago

I have a love hate relationship with your blog. There are so many things about the designs, and the lifestyle you live that I just don’t relate to, yet I keep checking back. This blog post nails why I come back again and again. It’s not me, it’s you. Your honesty, and your style of writing, your ability to learn and then convey what you’ve learned from both your mistakes and your successes, your willingness to show us every side of each situation rather than just the shiny pretty parts….. it all just draws me back in again and again. Thanks for being real, it really is refreshing, and I think, what brings so many different people to your blog over and over again.

Uta Nagel
5 years ago

Hi Emily
I just stumbled upon your site a few days ago – great content, great concept, its a lot of work to show your process – but you are doing a great job and keep evolving.
the only thing I would change is images that flip back and forth like the floor plan for instance be still, just show both side by side. We can not actually see anything if it toggles like that.
thank you for all your work it’s beautiful!!
Uta Nagel Victoria, Canada