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by Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson Lake House I Design You Decide Style Poll Title Card 021
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**** UPDATE: The poll has now closed, and we have a winner of REFINED SCANDINAVIAN CHALET, with 55% choosing Refined Scandinavian Chalet and 45% choosing Rustic Scandinavian Cabin. Thank you to everyone who voted, entered, and shared your opinion. We love having you participate in this exciting project and we can’t wait for you to weigh in on the next design decision. In the meantime be sure to head here to see all the polls and progress of the fixer-upper project.

TODAY IS THE DAY. I’ve been waiting for this day since September when I came up with this big series idea, and bought this house. My thought was this: in many ways YOU helped us buy this house, so how can we make you part of this process? How do we give some of the decision making to YOU and furthermore let some of you even stay here when it’s done?  I haven’t been able to design the house really until today because your involvement effects how I design this sucker.

After pinning and debating for months on the overall art direction of our mountain/lake house, we have narrowed it down to two different styles and YOU ARE DECIDING TODAY (the polls are open for a week, technically).

The ‘I Design, You Decide’ series will not be an ‘Ask the Audience’ situation. While I do love those posts, there is an element that feels like I don’t really know what I’m doing and while often I don’t (because every design job is unique, and your input is invaluable) I want this to be different. Instead, I’ll treat you like a client – I’m your designer. I’ll show you two different overall style directions (today’s post) then once that is chosen I’ll design each room TWICE, digitally of course. I’ll show you mood boards and renderings and you will choose what gets executed. Is this twice the work? YES. Will it be so fun?? YES.

All the rooms will be under that overall style direction (so it doesn’t look like a crazy house) and it’s my job to create design plans that are different enough, but I have to love them both. The polling technology that we implemented won’t be rigged. You will vote and after a week the polls will close and the design plan will get executed. Of course, there are a lot of moving pieces and many partners involved. I’ll be totally transparent about those partnerships and you’ll know what pieces can’t change or can only slightly change due to those (for instance I’ve already chosen all the plumbing with Kohler, but all the tile, flooring, lighting and surrounds will be different).

It’s an experiment in design, marketing, and digital strategy. It’s the wild west over here and every day our goal is to up the traffic and engagement all while creating interesting, beautiful and educational posts for you.

There is one more component to this – after you vote you have the option to share your vote on your channels and every time you do you will get entered into a contest. You can share on all your platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email, Pinterest and yes, comments will count, too). The more times you share your vote, the better chance you have of winning. How will we track? Well, you’ll put in your email when the box pops up and my IT guy at the end will tally and track (I was very curious how this would work as well, and he said that he’ll outsource to a company that does this). That’s all to say, this is LEGIT. Every time you share, you have that much more of a chance to win (so if I were you I would have all your friends do it as well so that even if you don’t win, they can and you can go).

For Instagram use the hashtag #EHDmountainfixer so we can track that (the rest can be tracked through email).

What will you win?

A five night stay at the cabin this summer (with some black out dates, of course because our family uses it) with $1,000 towards travel expenses (if you live driving distance then it’s just fun money, or if you live internationally then we will cover up to $1,000 of your expenses. So, all the international readers please feel free to participate and enter as well). The house sleeps up to 8, so yes, bring your well-behaved friends. I’ll meet you, show you around and end with a happy hour on the boat. I’ll give you the keys to the golf cart (vintage, from the 80’s with fringe on top and the previous owner painted it red and put Ferrari stickers all over it – it’s LITERALLY BRIAN’S MOST LOVED POSSESSION). In that golf cart you can drive 5 minutes down to the beach club or do what I do all the time – run through the forest down to the lake. At the lake there is a beach with lounge chairs and beach toys, a cafe (that serves fairly disgusting but wonderful nachos) and total serenity. It’s magical for kids because it is shallow for 20 feet.

We’ll have a cocktail cruise on our used 1984 party barge (pontoon) and if you have boating experience and a license you can have the keys for your stay (if not then we’ll have kayaks by then that you can use). We’ll take some pictures together and I can help answer any questions you might have about your weeks stay. Obviously, I’ll be vetting the winner to make sure that you don’t have say, robberies or arson on your record. 🙂

I’m working with sponsors to give 10 runner-up prizes for additional winners. I never enter contests online mostly because I’m like ‘does anyone actually win?’, so I’m trying to put myself in your shoes. What would I need to want to enter and share this contest? I would want my chances of winning higher than just one entry and I would want the possibility of more prizes in case I don’t win the main prize. I would want my enthusiasm and sheer desire for the prize to be counted towards my chance to win. But you can’t profile winners and choose based on that – it does need to be random, for legal reasons. So hopefully allowing multiple entries will help those of you who really want to win it, to win. I don’t want some random person who voted once and gave no cares about this project to stay at my house. I want a true reader, follower and someone that feels engaged in this process. I want someone who participated in the design the whole way through to be able to come and see it, live in it, and sit on the sofa you helped me choose. I want to be able to celebrate with these readers and say THANK YOU for helping me buy and renovate this house for my family. This house is ours, but it’s because of you so THANK YOU.



I know what you are thinking – you are letting strangers choose the design of your house?? Yes. But the reason it has taken so long is that we needed to find two styles that we both loved enough to let you choose between. Neither Brian nor I could be bummed with the results and that was a real challenge. It’s a poll, it can’t be rigged (well it probably can, pretty sure anything can be rigged these days but I wouldn’t). Obviously, it would be more fun to let you choose between 4 totally different styles (which was my original idea) but ultimately we (Brian and I) really wanted it to be a certain style and I don’t think my heart would have been in it if my favorite hadn’t been chosen.

The two styles we are down to aren’t wildly different, but they are still different enough that a vote is in order. I’m happy with either but yes I’m leaning towards one and so is Brian (not the same, and it’s pretty easy to predict).

Here goes …

Emily Henderson Home Lake House Remodel I Design You Decide Poll Style Collage Refined New Graphic
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Oh yes. This fantasy house would be so gorgeous. It’s different than anything I’ve done and while it will have a midcentury bent because innately it’s minimal and modern, it’s going to be fresh and forward.

Both versions that you will choose between have Scandinavian in them and here’s why:

Our house was built in 1964, therefore it’s midcentury and the midcentury that I love most was birthed in Northern Europe – Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

The light in this house is so beautiful. It wants simplicity and for the nature that surrounds it to be more of the focus (as is Scandinavian). For our lives as well we also want simplicity and less ‘stuff”. But we also don’t want it to feel cold or too minimal, so this style brings in more color and textures than the more minimal/contemporary options I wrote about on Friday.

Scandinavian design lends itself so well to a house that has two extreme seasons – it feels cozy in the winter, and really airy and bright in the summer. And by incorporating a lot of woods we’ll make sure that it feels warm, year-round.

But this version wouldn’t be rustic woods, it would be more refined. Not SLEEK necessarily, but newer woods, more modern tile, with no age necessarily but I can’t stress this enough – STILL A LOT OF WARMTH (if you can’t tell Brian is still really paranoid about me making a stark, cold house).

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper Style Refined 011

Simplicity in every way, except in the architectural finishes (no concrete for us, though).

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper Style Refined 08

We will repeat design elements over and over instead of mixing up a lot of different finishes. Do I think I’m going to put the same wood on the floor as the walls? Maybe – but likely you’d help decide.

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper Style Refined 07

There will be a LOT of wood at this house, but whether it’s painted, raw or stained is still in question. And in this version the furniture low, deep and refined (no worn leathers, but lots of fresh linens).

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper Style Refined 06

There will be a big focus on the windows and views like in the photo above. The house is surrounded by trees, and yet the light is still really great. We will invest in making the light better in more rooms by making windows bigger or adding more (and yes, we still need a window sponsor – I’m terrified about the cost).

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper Style Refined 05

That photo, above, is the REAL inspiration to me for this house. I love how fresh and yet warm it feels. It feels happy and inviting, and yet still so clean and simple. We will use a lot of symmetry in this version and matching furniture – nothing too eclectic and no big patterns.

Scott And Scott Architects: North Vancouver House

The kitchen could be simple flat panels with no hardware and very little detailing so that the wood really shines (p.s. where do I buy STUNNING wood?).

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper Style Refined 021
Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper Style Refined 03

The walls will likely be clad in wood, and any opportunity for coziness will be taken (like that window seat). I think that actually goes for both versions.

For this version, I would probably have to invest more in the finishes but it will be faster to design and source than the second version… This version will have elements of minimal and contemporary but it will have a midcentury bent and so many soft textiles everywhere.

I want to design that house so badly.

BUT WE HAVE ANOTHER STYLE THAT I LOVE SO MUCH AS WELL. Which brings us to its competitor.


Emily Henderson Home Lake House Remodel I Design You Decide Poll Style Collage Rustic New Graphic 01
source 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

This version is still fresh, airy and neutral without a lot of pattern or accessories BUT the finishes might be more worn or at least more organic. The furniture might have some more age to it and the tile might be more handmade. It won’t necessarily mean reclaimed wood everywhere (or anywhere) but just more rustic and raw.

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper Style Rustic 01

That kitchen, for instance, has that beautiful painted white brick, the raw wood on the ceiling, a bead board detailing on the cabinetry and of course a rustic dining room table. It’s still modern and fresh but it’s so warm.

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper Style Rustic 02

This one goes even more country than I was thinking but you can see how we might bring in some more rustic-y elements in the decor.

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper Style Rustic 09

That room above is obviously stunning. I love that the raw finish of the wood, that vintage style fireplace, and very lived-in furniture. I don’t think we’d go super aged on many of the finishes, but who knows – if I found some AMAZING reclaimed wood that could work on all the ceilings we’d probably go for it (during the winter it would be really nice to have those ceilings be a real stained wood, I just don’t love the finish of it as-is).

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper Style Rustic 042

It’s strange how some of these photos look less warm than the refined version but I think that they would be equally as warm. We’d likely use unpainted wood somewhere, we wouldn’t do all white like the one above. But I LOVE that vibe. The stark black chairs, the big blue piece of art (See? Simple, but still high impact).

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper Style Rustic 05

This kitchen also feels slightly more ‘country cabin’ than the ones in the refined version. While I don’t want to repeat my kitchen in our current house, if the rustic version is chosen we’d do something more towards this.

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper Style Rustic 06

It was actually super hard to find imagery that felt ‘rustic’ but airy and minimal. So while I don’t know what I would do from that shot above, I love that it has that combo.

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper Style Rustic 07

Same with that – I’m unsure if I’d ever use aged brick, but that wall is so pretty and warm especially with the white wood panels and the aged floor ….

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Upper Style Rustic 08

And that bedroom that I love so much from the Anvil Hotel would feel more at home in the more rustic version. That house is a bit more traditional than we’d go, but I also love that big shock of blue and white – feels fresh, happy and yet not too busy.

So there you have it.

You vote. I’ll vote. Hell, I’ve already voted.

If you don’t care about the contest you can still vote in the poll. No biggie. If you want to be entered in the contest then you have to follow the prompt and give your email but if you don’t, you don’t. No spam, I promise. It just enables us to track for the winner. We have created a landing page for all of the posts and polls related to this series as well which you can navigate to here.

I hope you like this series. My overall hope in life is that you, my very trusted and loyal audience, will want to be involved in this design process. My favorite thing to do is design houses, but I’m a collaborator and I don’t like to do it alone. This way, we do it together.

I can’t wait to meet the winner of this contest. I just hope we all love the house as much as I do in my imagination. Because in my brain – THIS HOUSE IS AMAZING.

Let the voting begin. 🙂 And let us know in the comments if you have any issues with voting or the process as we are still tweaking and trying to get out all the digital kinks.

Update: Check out all of The Mountain House REVEALS here: The Kids’ BedroomThe Kitchen | The Kitchen Organization | The Kitchen Appliances | The Powder Bath | The Living Room | The Downstairs Guest Suite | The Loft | The Hall Bath | The Upstairs Guest Bath | The Dining Room | The Family Room

I Design, You Decide

The Overall Style

Option 1

Refined Scandinavian Chalet

55 %

Option 2

Rustic Scandinavian Cabin

45 %
(Vote by Monday, Jan 29th to have your voice heard.)
You did it!

Thank you for voting!
Your vote has my vote 🙂


Now enter to win

A five-night stay at the cabin this summer (with some blackout dates, of course, because our family uses it) with $1,000 towards travel expenses (if you live driving distance then it’s just fun money, or if you live internationally then we will cover up to $1,000 of your expenses. So, all the international readers please feel free to participate and enter as well). We’ll make it a dream trip! Including cocktails out on the lake with me.

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  1. This. Is. So. Fun!!!
    When you find out where to get stunning wood, fill us in!

  2. Ok so definitely the Refined Scandi Chalet. Simone Haag’s house has been a major inspiration for me and I love everything about her whole house and not just that inspo picture!!

  3. GAHH!! LOVE THIS IDEA! It reminds me of the the ‘Win This House’ Facebook Live/video series that Candice and Andy from Old Home Love did a few months ago. SO EXCITED!

  4. I can’t wait to see what comes next! So excited!

  5. I agree…this is going to be sooooo much fun!

  6. This series is totally out.of.the.box! I’m excited about participating in the design of the mountain house and a chance to see it in person. I love the textural elements happening in the rustic design. #teamRUSTIC

  7. Yikes – this is so tough! I love both styles.

    I think the rustic style is probably more in your comfort zone (and perhaps a bit more liveable with two small children).

    But I’d love to see what you do with the “refined” look.

  8. Refined scandy for me (first option). Either way, it will be lovely, but I like the fresh clean look of the first option warmed up with wood. Gorgeous!

  9. This is all so exciting!!!! I can’t wait to see this all come to life! And the prize is awesome….I’m one of the rare people that has hardly any social media presence-just Pinterest! But for this I may have to get on Instagram! Thanks Emily!

  10. I LOVE the rustic version — rustic can often feel so hard and rough, I would love to see if softened and done in a way that doesn’t just evoke feelings of cold camping nights. Can’t wait to see it all come together, this is so fun!

  11. Yes, this is amazing! I cannot wait to see the whole process!

  12. Can you share your polling technology with the US govt (but not Russia)? cool, thx.

    1. @Bubgourmand – Thanks, this comment gave me a good, hardy laugh!

    2. I was thinking the same thing:)

      1. @bubgourmand.com for president!

        1. I second that!!!

  13. What’s weird is that I totally thought I’d be pro the more rustic look, but from those images I’m totally in love with the sense of airiness in the more refined version. It just feels like it would be so soothing to step into, and would showcase the outdoors more.

    1. I agree. A few elements rustic but overall refined.

  14. You had me at Scandinavian, but I choose chalet all the way! SO SO fun. #scandichaletfortheW

  15. I voted for the first one because it’s really unlike anything we’ve seen you do before. It’s an opportunity for us all to grow in design and I can’t wait to see how you push the envelope. I like option 2 as well, but felt it was actually a little too close to your LA house. The bedroom photo above with the blue beadboard looks so much like your master bathroom. Having said that, I think it would be cool if you could infuse some of the old, colorful Emily into option 1 because you do color so well. Thanks for involving us in this process!

    1. I agree with Régine! Especially on the color: I could really get excited about all the lines and fabrics and textures and airiness of the first option with even more warmth an energy through some muted, rich colorblocking in the textiles… and I know you’d do it so well! Some well-placed deep reds or mustards, earthy greens or rich deep blues would be right in line with the 60’s Skandi style but would feel so very daring and outside-the-box these days! Thanks, this was a really fun set of posts!

    2. yes!! i totally agree too. Infuse some of that Jonatan Adler meets Emily Henderson -ness into Option 1!!

    3. NAILED IT, Régine! There seems to be more possibility for your design-growth with the refined chalet option, and I am so looking forward to gaining inspiration for my own home 🙂 … let the remodeling games begin!!

  16. Great idea!! So excited to follow the progress. Clever, clever, clever!

  17. Number two! You can’t really go wrong with either, but number two seems more like you can lounge around in your bathing suit or slippers and play checkers.

    I once Facebook- April fooled that I won the HGTV dream home, and my friends were STOKED until they realized I was kidding. If I won this trip, I’m not sure anyone would believe me. Ha!

  18. Rustic for the win.

  19. Ok I am generally a bit sceptical about “let the audience decide!” thingies because what if people vote for the style you secretly hate??? But the way you have planned things does sound more reasonable + exciting! I love both styles, refined Scandi looks a little airier and easier to pull off, but oh my when done right rustic scandi looks amazing and so so comfortable… I am hoping for a 50/50 tie so that you’ll have to do both 😀

    1. thank you!! that’s been the biggest challenge – and will continue to be so for each room. I have to design TWO versions that I HAVE to love. SO HARD!!!

    2. I would also love to see a combination of both -Rustic Scandinavian Chalet and/or Refined Scandinavian Cabin.!? If it isn’t a tie and we must choose just one option, I’m more drawn to option #1 Refined Scandinavian Chalet. Such a fun idea but also a process we can all learn from (has elements of both your style diagnostics and combining-of-styles Magic you used to perform on SFAS). Looking forward to watching it all unfold : )

    3. Normally, I am anti rustic. A lot of times I feel like it can be a little cheesy looking. And it’s a fine line between looking forced and authentic. But from the photos you posted of your take on rustic, I’m all about it! One vote for RUSTIC! Super cozy, and wonderfully homey. There’s nothing like designing a home that looks… well, homey!

      1. I couldn’t have said it better. Totally agree!!

  20. Fun, unique idea! A genuine and authentic way to include your followers, thank you! Slightly conflicted as I love REFINED SCANDINAVIAN CHALET but more so the images that feature warmer/natural wood versus white (normally I gravitate to painted wood 99% of the time) as those read more “mountain chalet” to me and really draw the outdoors and location into the rooms in a refined way, making the views part of the design.

  21. So excited to watch this design process (and I totally entered in all possible ways). Both styles are beautiful, but I love the refined look best.

  22. Definitely the more refined look, love it and can’t wait to see how you interpret it in your new place. Would also loooove to win the stay but the $1000 spending money wouldn’t go anywhere near my travel expenses from Australia! I’m also a fan of Simone Haag whose home you’ve chosen to illustrate the refined Scandinavian chalet, she designs beautiful spaces.

  23. Love them both and this reader participation idea. Excited to see how it all turns out!

  24. So fun to see what you’ve put together! I think the rustic version would be A LOT of work to pull off and I personally don’t like it as much as the refined. I agree the refined version seemed cozier to me from the two options presented. Can’t wait to see what style wins!

  25. This is so exciting!! I can’t wait to see what we create! 😀

  26. Either of these would be wonderful! But I would want the rustic if it were mine. Either way how awesome for your family. This is going to be fun to follow! Thanks for including us. (I was curious if it was in Big Bear or Arrowhead – now I know).

  27. Oh boy, this is going to be STUNNING! And what a prize!

    I just wanted to say, as someone who works in digital marketing and social media strategy, I just so appreciate how you are pushing the industry forward and keeping authentic connections a part of it. It’s not easy and I love watching that as much as the amazing design!

  28. I personally like the refined better, BUT I voted rustic because I think it will be easier with renters. And the vibe will be so completely different than what you’ve done before. Excited either way!

  29. I’m so excited! Thanks Emily for making this so interactive – it’s going to be fun! Dinesen is an incredible source for quality wood and great customer service (full disclosure – it was too expensive for us and we ultimately used a local guy – depends on your budget)

  30. Scandi Chalet Scandi Chalet Scandi Chalet!!! I was hesitant when I read it as the first option…but once I saw the second option I knew scandi was the winner. The “cabin” version feels like something I’ve seen before.

  31. This is fun! I wanted to also note that I would be one of those people who only enter once, and doesn’t share the contest, but I don’t think that should necessarily be seen as a reflection of how much I care about the blog or the project. I just don’t like it when my friends on social media do this kind of thing (share something just to have a better chance of winning). Just wanted to point that out, in case one of the single entry folks like me does win. (I’m wondering, can you look through comment history using the entrants’ email address? That might give you a better idea of who is a loyal reader and who is a potential vandal/furniture thief.)

    I’m excited to watch this develop!

    1. LOL, I was thinking the same thing and hoping that would be the case! I pinned it, because that’s less obnoxious, but I definitely hate instagram shares for promos (or tag a billion friends in this post to be entered!).

    2. AGREE 100%!!! Around our house, my husband knows who “Emily” is when speaking conversationally about something you’ve done. “Emily selected this same light fixture!” and he doesn’t give me a blank stare… So, I too hope that one level of entry isn’t considered a ding against enthusiasm because I’m just not big on other levels of social media, but your blog is the first I read every single day when I get into the office… and has been for years!
      p.s. I went to Denmark a few years back with Carl Hansen & Son and Scandinavian design has since consumed my LIFE so this entire experiment makes me very, very happy. udos to your process, it’s already fun for all of us!

      1. Same, including references to “Emily” when speaking to my husband about twinning design choices!

    3. Same!

    4. I’m in the same boat. Long time Emily fan (Design Star, Secrets of a Stylist- I still miss it), but not a big social media person. 🙂

    5. I’m in agreement as well. Makes sense to give people credit for sharing, but it’s just not something I am comfortable doing. I read this blog every single day and comment from time to time. My enthusiasm is real but just can’t be calculated based on this! In any case, I vote for the refined style. I think it looks way more like YOU than the rustic style.

      1. I also agree with the above! I’m just not into social media these days, but I’ve been a huge fan of Emily’s since 2010.

        1. Same here.

    6. Same here!

      1. I’m the same! A daily faithful reader, who just isn’t into other social media platforms.
        I vote refined!!!

    7. I agree!

  32. I really love both of them! I am also sooooo excited for this idea. It will be so fun to be part of the process. I like option 1 more just because I think this is what my house leans towards, so I would love to see you do it! But number 2 would be good as well!

  33. #teamrustic, baby!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Refined Scandinavian Chalet all the way! I am designing a house at the moment and this would be MAJOR inspo for me!

  35. #teamREFINED

  36. Voting technology question: I use a different email address for blogs, Facebook, and Pinterest (I have three email addresses). If I vote using one, and then post on FB which is linked to a different one, do y’all know how to keep that straight?

  37. Love this idea! Thank you!
    I voted for refined Scandinavian. It’s beautiful!

  38. Refined!

  39. I thought I would go for the rustic, but I’m actually really into the refined. Thanks for including us in the process! I’m excited to see where this goes.

  40. This is a hard choice! I love the refined version, but rustic seems more true to the house’s innate style and its location. It also seems like a better compromise with Brian’s initial vision for the house. Looking forward to seeing what you do with either option.

  41. I love the inspiration for both of these. I’d be wary of trying to add in ‘rustic cabin’ details to a gut renovation. I think the character that is appealing in these images isn’t necessarily something you can just throw on in a couple of months. The details ‘feel’ right when they’re organic to the structure and function of the house. Beadboard, old bricks etc. may look kind of off if they don’t make sense in your space. I do think overall the midcentury scandi vibe is a great direction for this house.

  42. Love this new series!

  43. Hi EHD team – hoping I can enter from CANADA? I didn’t read any rules against having to be from US?

    Been reading the blog daily for nearly two years now:) would be THRILLED to win but just want to make sure the effort won’t be for naught!!

    1. yes, she said it’s open internationally. good luck.

  44. Love the concept, Emily. I’ve got loads of respect for both your communication as you start the process and your vision to do this with your audience. I’m #teamrustic by a nose, but will be so happy to follow along with whatever is chosen! All the best from Portland.

  45. Love both, but I like the idea of the rustic look just a bit more for a cabin by the lake. Just seems like a better fit. Can’t wait to watch how this all unfolds.

  46. This is so exciting I cannot stand it. Waited all weekend to see what you came up with and was so not disappointed. I absolutely LOVE the Refined Scandinavian Chalet. I love how modern and yet soft and warm it is., especially with the plans for wood walls and big windows to capture the beautiful light!!

  47. Hard choice. I think the first looks like it fits your house better, but the 2nd seems more like what Brian wants? Both are lovely.

  48. Oh boy!! I love them both but since it’s a mountain house, #2 feels more suited to the dwelling and area. On a side note, having recently moved I’ve just realized that my own style is what I will call ‘Scandinavian beach house’. It’s now a thing 🙂

  49. These are both great options, but I chose the refined Scandinavian mostly b/c I miss all the midcentury genius of your old home. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what you have done with the English Tudor, I just wish there was some alternate universe where we could live in two fantastic houses at the same time!! It was a tough call though, I hope you end up blending in a little bit of the one you don’t choose. Can’t wait to see this project come together 🙂

  50. Refined Scandinavian chalet! I love the simplicity and the warmth.

  51. Allllllll the heart eyes for the rustic version!!! I hope it wins!!

  52. Thank you thank you! This was a complete surprise and a GREAT way to start my Monday. What fun to have access to your sponsorship connections, design brain, & mountain cabin….right from the comfort of my laptop! Can’t wait to see how this evolves 😛

  53. This is awesome Emily! You always have the best ideas and visions for impeccable design. Thank you for including us in the process. So much fun!

  54. I pick Style #1, because it is so light and airy, but think you should add some rustic to it. I love rustic, but the pics you showed of the rustic was just too dark. Excited to see how this progresses. Either way, you’ll do a fabulous job!

  55. WOOD REC: I live in the epicenter of what was a devastating pine beetle epidemic that is, thankfully, on the way out. That being said, pine beetle blue pine planks can be some of the most gorgeous wood to use for in-home projects. And it’s plentiful from places here in South Dakota and down through Colorado. I think what’s nice about it is that it can go from very subtle/light to more variegated/darker depending on your finishing (ie, whitewash, varnish, stain). I spy something v. similar in the photo above from norsewhite.blogspot.com??

  56. Oh Emily! Super exciting. I love/can’t believe the level of interactivity here. Also the large number of runner up prizes, especially given how huge your following is and the number of entries there will be… I rarely enter online contests either. I would share but I quit FB, IG etc because it gave me a low level sense of frazzled fragmentation. Now the internet is a servant instead of a master 🙂

    Honestly I wasn’t 100% sold on the Refined Scandi Chalet as it seemed just a little bit plastic with all the smooth surfaces (though I loved the kitchens), but then I looked at Rustic Scandi Cabin and it felt too worn, too Modern Farmhouse, plus I dislike beadboard.

    And then I remembered that even though it is deep January right now (I wonder how much that will skew voting??), 9-10 months of the year, it still feels like SoCal here. I’m in the mountains so I know of what I speak 😉 A cool, smooth chalet retreat sounds just the ticket. Add furs and textural throws for the two months of winter. Vote cast!

    1. Great comment on the weather. I concur, do the Refined for most of the year and then pull out sheepskins and furs in December and January. A win-win!

      1. Oh that’s a great idea!!! Hygge and hot chocolate. Gettin’ hygge with it.

  57. Long time reader (since 2010….every single post :), first time commenter. Both styles are stunning, but for me, the first option all the way. I know exactly how you feel because I have a 4 yr old as well. Although been almost a maximalist all my life, since my boy was born I want less stuff in my house, and a more calm ambience. Also, this house calls for quiteness in order to let the surroundings be the protagonist. I think that the best way to achieve both purposes is with the scandi one. Either way I’m sure is gonna be beautiful. I wanted to be an interior designer since I was a kid, and you have been a major inspiration for me. I haven’t pull the trigger because in Puerto Rico there’s no much opportunities for interior design, but hopefully I will one day! Love your work! (Please pardon my grammar, since Spanish is my main language).

  58. I am so excited for this whole project! I can’t wait to see the finished product, but am so happy about all the quality content we will get along the way. I’ll vote, but I don’t think you can go wrong with either option! This is my favorite blog and I appreciate all of the hard work you put in to create a site we all want to visit every day.

  59. I agree with everyone else, this is going to be so much fun! To feel like we are a part of the decision-making process is certainly something new and exciting!

    I’m also wondering if the competition is open for non-US people? I would be happy to make up the rest of the traveling cost, but wondering how that works from a legal T&Cs point of view?

  60. Very excited for this series…I think it will be fun!

  61. Both styles are gorg! But given that it’s gling to be hot there in the summer, the first more refined and airy Scandi Chalet style feels like it would work better year round.

  62. The second kitchen in the Refined pics is one of my favorites and has been saved to my inspiration board forever!! I love it!! The Refined also gets my vote overall – there’s something peaceful and serene about the look that just feels “right” for a retreat.

  63. Love this whole idea & series! Thanks EHD! Rustic!

  64. Wow, you have out done yourself! Both options are so pretty it hurts. Either way it’ll be amazing!

  65. Omg omg OOOMMMMMGGGG

    This is VERY exciting. Refined Scandinavian has my vote 100%. And I think you could appease Brian while staying true to the aesthetic by including just like ONE worn leather chair?

    Thanks for having this genius idea! It will be a lot of work for you so I feel like you’re giving us a real gift. I can’t wait to see this come together!!

  66. So hard to choose! While I love both, it seems like the rustic option is more kid friendly and that ultimately informed my vote. I can’t wait to see the whole process!!

  67. Refined Scandinavian hands down!! I just love the feeling of the simple, warm and stylish design. Also seems very timeless. Can’t wait to follow this process!

  68. This was harder than I thought it would be to decide. But I did and I’m really excited about this project! I’m guessing one’s instagram has to be public for those posts to count?

  69. I am psyched about this new series!

  70. I LOVE THIS. I’d like to think we are kindred design spirits – we’ve been toying with the idea of going head first into a B&B business in upstate NY – we found an amazingly unique property – and pretty much every image you’ve shown here is what I would like to do in this property….if we actually purchase it! I was leaning towards refined in the bedrooms, and rustic in the shared spaces. Not sure if that is crazy or not, but I think that is what people want in a boutique hotel setting. Calm and clean where they sleep, a rustic reminder they are in the mountains while they are getting ready for day of adventure or lounging after being out all day! I was so excited last week when I saw the 5 passed on designs because I just KNEW what direction you guys were heading in. Whether its rustic or refined, it will be amazing!!! And now I feel I need to win this trip and I can call it due diligence 🙂
    Side note – any advice on how to get sponsors when you don’t yet have a following?? (Half serious, half kidding question).

  71. Refined FTW!! Also, this is my first comment on a blog ever because a) I love this idea, and b) I want to stay in this house VERY, VERY BADLY 🙂

  72. I’m so excited to follow along on your project! I’m dying for you to do the Refined Chalet style, so i’m glad it’s ahead in the polls so far!

  73. So excited to see how this turns out. Refined Scandi all the way!

  74. While I really love the refined look, I’m voting RUSTIC because I think it will better suit the use of the mountain/lake house, whether for your family or for renters. Both looks are beautiful, so I am excited to see it evolve as the project progresses!

  75. I love the idea for this series!! And I so want to win this trip!!!

  76. Hands down Refined Scandinavian Chalet! It’s clean and modern looking with hints towards mid century without feeling too cheesy themed cabin.

  77. This is genius–what a creative way to approach this project! Thanks Emily. It was a tough choice, but I voted “Refined” because as another commenter said, it’s truly different than the styles you’ve done before, and I would love to see how it pushes you in new directions and how you achieve the blend of warmth with more modern/simple elements. I have no doubt you can pull it off and I think you would have so much fun experimenting with this more pared back, sophisticated, stunning style. (Plus it’s the one your heart is calling to.) I know you’d find the right balance for Brian’s woodsy leanings too. 🙂 So excited to follow along!

  78. I literally gasped when I red the intro to your post! Such a great idea! I’ve been reading your blog everyday since Secrets, and it’s so nice to interact more closely with you! Yay!

  79. Definitely voted ‘REFINED SCANDINAVIAN CHALET’. But love the warm minimalism of the first option. It’s almost spa/retreat-like. I feel like that’s what you would want in a home that isn’t your primary home. Less noise, less clutter and relaxing.

  80. Emily! I am so excited for this new process and to see this new house! I can’t imagine you ever designing a “cold” house. I picked the refined Scandinavian option because I can’t WAIT to see how you turn the current darker/heavy design into this look. Especially with your warm and slightly quirky design style, it’s going to be BEAUTIFUL!!!

  81. This is so fun! I’m loving the more rustic cabin look but so far my vote is losing 😭 I need more people to vote who love that style!

  82. So excited to see what it’d be turned into! I love the #1 Refined Scandi Chalet.

  83. The examples of the refined look are amazing, but I feel like going a little rustic might be a bit more family/kid-friendly and may fit the area/use of the house if it’s both a lake and mountain getaway.

  84. LOve the Chalet inspiration, more refined and timeless! Not a minute of hesitation. Gorgeous

  85. Either look will be wonderful, and there may even be a place where the two styles could converge somewhat. It was a hard choice but I chose the option that I think will be an easier fit for a family with young children, ie, the rustic. Seems like the stray crayon marks and dings will not be as stressful in a setting which already has some age and worn furniture. But I will enjoy watching the progress of EITHER pick. So fun.

  86. Oh, what fun! They are both lovely but Option 1 just goes better with the design of the house. Option 2 wants an older house; otherwise you’d have to add faux “character” finishes and we all know how you feel about that… Wait a minute, did you rig this deck?

  87. Refined Scandi for the win! I’m really hoping that style wins – not just becuz I love it – but becuz I’ve never seen it done with an American twist. All the sources that I’ve ever seen have been European, if not actual Scandinavian. And now I am feeling really lazy for not checking out all the sources you linked because there’s probably an American one!

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see the project unfold no matter which style ‘wins’ becuz I know it will be beautiful. 🙂

  88. I hope you get only good things from this, what an awesome and generous idea!!! Thank you so much and kudos to you!

  89. ergh, i was so torn! i have to say that i so love the A-frame white and blue kitchen in the rustic design, but was really drawn to the overall serene simplicity of the scandi design.

  90. So fun! No question– my vote goes to the Rustic Scandinavian Cabin. Want to be there now. Actually, I want to decorate my country home exactly this way so that I can enjoy it every weekend. Stunning!

  91. exciting! I saw someone do #teamrustic. Love that and I am using it too !

  92. I loved the rustic but I voted for the refined Scandinavian because I liked it as well and wanted to see what you did with the style.

  93. Both beautiful options – I prefer the one with the blue accents – blue kitchen, brick wall, white paint. It’s a little bolder and maybe a little cozier and fun. It’s probably so much harder choosing for yourself 🙂

  94. I think the space is calling for Scandi chalet!

    Although I literally just watched the Homes by the Sea episode the other day that featured the home in the #3 image under the Cabin option – and totally fell in love! It’s an amazing old building in a seaside village in Cornwall, England.

    1. I love that show! The Brits do such a great job with their architecture and blending the old with the new.

      1. I just started watching! The homes were all incredible. I instantly recognized that interior!

  95. I vote refined! Partly because I have little kids too, and calm serene surroundings look soooo appealing! But also because we have a second home too, primarily furnished in a more rustic style. And I have to say that keeping that place clean and tidy when we’re always winging in and out for weekends, and running in and outside with all our beach gear or fishing gear or snow gear, is a major pain! So I feel like if you started with a super simple and clean slate in your furnishings, it might be easier to keep it feeling clean and tidy overall. #firstworldproblems, i know!

  96. I have to say that I voted for the second option, even though the first option was my preference. I grew up in CA and lived for 10 years in Seattle. I think the second option has more of a timelessness feel that incorporates some PNW cabin vibes that your family will enjoy for many years to come.

  97. This is almost impossible because I would prefer the Refined Chalet for myself, but for a cabin retreat that might be rented out, I think the Rustic would feel more “vacay” and also not look too bad if the furniture got nicks and scrapes. So I have to say I voted Refined Chalet, but I think for the purposes of this home, I might have gotten it wrong!!
    Ugh – can’t wait to see!

  98. I’d definitely go rustic. When I think lake house/cabin, I think sandy feet, dirt, playing outside and the last thing I’d want to worry about is scratching or ruining more refined furniture. Rustic and lived in seems more forgiving. (Could also be the ‘mom of boys’ in me coming out!)

  99. Love this!

    I voted the first one — refined scandinavian chalet — because ahhh, bring back mid-century Scandinavian Emily! I’ve missed her so. These are the vibes that drew me to your blog initially, and they’ve been missing a bit since you moved.

  100. Such a fun idea! I’m not usually a fan of light wood (hard to shake the IKEA rep), but if anyone can win me over, you can. Refined Chateau Chalet for the win! (Sorry Brian!)

  101. Very, very cool series. I really really love the Scandinavian chalet, but I can see the rustic being perfect as well. How fun to get to pick between two great design schemes.

    I’m looking forward to seeing it come together!

    1. My vote is Scandinavian chalet all the way…. it is nice to see a departure from the popular styles and it would be exciting and informative to see someone as talented as you take us through the process. I also think it will be a timeless long term design choice. Incidentally rustic features will most likely make their way in to your home through hours of treasure hunting in the nearby woods and beach with rocks, shells and sticks. Finally, as a mother of two boys, I find the calming effects of clean design a soothing necessity.

  102. I vote Refined Scandi Chalet! So excited to see what ends up winning!

  103. OH MY GOD. I couldn’t hardly choose. But I went traditional/rustic. I’ve had you pinned as a “modern” designer for so long but have absolutely loved watching you stretch your design muscles in so many directions lately and I. want. more. So, being the selfish being I am, I really want to see you design that rustic Scandinavian cabin. Although, I will be extremely happy if the first look wins, too, because man, would you nail that.

    Can’t wait to come stay in your beautiful Scandinavian cabin! 😉

    1. I keep thinking about this and maybe I actually change my mind. No. 1! ha.

  104. I voted refined Scandinavian chalet for the sheer fact that those inspiration images look a lot like my own Pinterest boards. It also feels a little more luxe and sophisticated but still accessible and appropriate for a mountain/lake cabin in the woods. I cannot wait to go through this process with you. Thank you for the opportunity for such a fun interaction!!!

  105. I was so excited for this post! You did not disappoint!

    I voted! I love them both but #1 won me over because it felt cozier and warmer. Although your woods are more rustic (i.e. splinters) in option 2, it felt colder to me (despite it literally having a picture of a fire) and not gelling with the bones of the house. Option 2 seems like you’d have to do more work and shell out more money to achieve some of that rustic vibe in the architecture. I suppose with the rock feature in the living area, you’re not too far off. Could you marry the two styles even further? Put some of that worn in rustic furniture into option 1? For example, the counter table from the FlashHome is beautiful and would add just the perfect amount of grit to your home without going full bore rustic. It would still achieve that modern, minimalist showpiece you wanted originally.

    Also, I’d love to win the contest for my gigantic family and have a dream come true vacation there, but I’m already preparing to not win. It’s stressing me out just thinking about it. (I could really use a nice mountain home to calm me down…). 🙂

  106. How fun!!! I love the idea, Emily. And both styles are beautiful–you can’t go wrong!

  107. When you were describing the prize I was foaming at the mouth…kinda. I want to win!! Refined Scandi all the way!
    If it were my house, I’d go with a “Scandi Pop” style. I’d have to have some royal blue, kelly green, tangerine, and yellow. But that’s just me.

  108. LOVE LOVE LOVE the rustic version! I come from NC, and there are so many beautiful mountain homes but they tend to all look the same (log cabins, taxidermy, quilts, raw wood furniture, buffalo check and paid everywhere). My husband and I have talked about getting a mountain home but I’d love some out-of-the-box inspiration!

  109. LOVE! I’m sad to see what I voted for isn’t winning…YET 🙂

  110. Love love love both styles! Can’t wait to follow along on this.

  111. Refined Scandinavian Chalet, but with slightly darker, warmer wood tones, especially on the floor, or everything will look too bleached out and beigy bland. Try to stay true to the original wood tones of the home. Look to Scandinavian MCM designs from the 60s and 70s to best complement the home.

  112. FUN!
    I like the contrast in texture and color in the RUSTIC SCANDINAVIAN CABIN Option #2

    1. Me too! Exactly why I like it.

  113. Option 1 all the way. This will be a fun series to follow.

  114. I am very excited about this not only because you can do no wrong (fan girl over here) but because as a Swede I am SUPER into this aesthetic. While I love both design directions I am 100% in favor of the Refined Scandinavian Chalet direction. In my experience the rustic Scandinavian look is best accomplished when the building you’re dealing with is actually hundreds of years old. The history over there is insane! I’ve opened 300 year old barn doors with the original key. Giant, iron, and gritty to perfection. I think that trying to recreate the aesthetic without the authenticity of experience/architecture, etc. might end up missing the mark. On the other hand I think you get so much of the good Scandinavian stuff with the refined plan. And I have no doubt that the house lends itself to that vision and would be the most perfect place to step away from the hustle of LA.

  115. Rustic feels yummy to me. But as someone else commented it can’t be too forced into the existing architecture of your place. But you know what you’re doing & I always love what you do for you.

  116. Love the rustic and think its great because rustic wears a little better with kids!

  117. This is so fun! I voted #1. But both are great.

    The voting was super slick. I loved the infomercial-like, “But wait! There’s more!”

  118. Oh gosh, Emily, this is so fun. Both styles y’all landed on are gorgeous and I can see either working seamlessly with the house. I chose Refined Scandi Chalet because it felt more like a stretch for you, especially considering Brian’s concerns about steering clear of a cold feel…I KNOW you can create so much warmth and comfort within this design plan! I think I also just gravitated a bit more towards it with my own tastes right now. Thank you so much for letting us in on this project, and for giving us just the absolute peachiest opportunity to stay at the completed house. I’m actually feeling giddy at the thought!

  119. Rustic Scandi for me. I get nervous with rustic in general, but I know you wont get too cray, and you will stick with clean lines overall. I think for a cabin, the “rustic” will add the cozy feel everyone would love.

  120. Argh….i clicked on the Rustic option when I voted but meant to choose Refined. If the voting is super close, please remember that! 🙂 This is such a great experience you’re sharing with everyone. Thank you for putting in all of this work.

  121. Oh, wow! I love this series. I think the last post detailing all of the design themes you considered was so interesting. And I agree that the two you picked are gorgeous! I love both of them, too, but I voted for the second one because I just had an instinctual reaction to it. It is so warm and charming, especially the kitchen shot with the white painted brick and wood planned pitched ceiling. I’m so excited to see what you end up doing!

  122. While the refined images are beautiful, I voted rustic for a number of reasons:
    1. Its more practical. If your goal is to spend time outdoors, your indoors needs to be handle dirt, sand, wet bathing suits etc. As a mom of 3 boys, I love simple, minimal, and rustic.
    2. The style is more accessible to your readers. Personally, I can apply rustic to my own home much more.
    3. You couldnt find the right images so clearly there is a need for good design in this area.
    4. Both will be excellent, so just make Brian happy:)

  123. Love the rustic! I think this is a great way to involve your followers whom you graciously acknowledge. Also, Rustic will be so much easier to keep clean with kids who love to be outside-giving you more time to enjoy the whole reason for having a cabin. Relaxation and fresh air

  124. Emily Henderson Design – what a fantastic idea to involve your audience (both near and far, far, away…like me!). I’d love a combination of both options, but since that’s not an option, I choose Option #1! #switzerlandisclosertonorway

  125. Ahhh my two favorite styles!! So hard to choose… as a PNW resident and someone who has lived in Norway, I am in love with Scandinavian design. While I’d personally choose the chalet for my everyday house, the rustic is more ‘you’ and cabin-y/perfect for your “”Hytte,” and what I would pick for a cabin feel. However, the chalet might be more challenging. Very though decision but I know you’ll kill it with whatever wins! xx

  126. Please oh please be option 1! This is the vibe I want for my house and I so want to see how it could be done.

  127. Overall, I think I prefer the Scandi Chalet but I prefer the Rustic Scandinavian picture in the first photo with the raw wood ceiling to the Scandi Chalet kitchens. Maybe just do the Rustic Scandinavian for the kitchen and Chalet for the rest of the house. So for the record I vote for Scandi Chalet but am hoping you’ll do what I mentioned above. Lol

  128. While your new home is beautiful, I’ve missed your last home and seeing the bright mid-century style. It will be exciting to see what direction this house goes in, but the Scandinavian chalet style just looks so calm and relaxing!

  129. Emily, both are GORGEOUS! I vote REFINED to really go for something different! As someone previously mentioned, the other looked a little too much like your LA house. Though I will miss that blue and white bedroom in the rustic version if refined wins. BUT PLEASE—don’t get furniture that is too low. It’s just not comfortable to get in and out of all day. Or at least don’t make it all low. 😉

    1. Thank you thank you for letting me redesign YOUR mountain home since I don’t have ine to get creative with. While I do like the rustic, it’s starting to feel over-done to me. And the refined is just. So. Beautiful. So go refined, just make sire the furniture is lounge-worthy!

  130. I voted for the refined scandinavian chalet!!!! Love, love, love, it!! Can’t wait to see the progress and watch you bring this amazing home back to life.

  131. I voted for the refined scandinavian chalet!!!! Love, love, love, it!! Can’t wait to see the progress and watch you bring this amazing home back to life.

  132. Wheee this is going to be fun! Both styles are gorgeous. I tend to prefer a more minimal and refined look, but it might be intimidating to family fun since it needs to stay clean and pure. The rustic version makes more sense with small kids and lots of guests and casual cabin fun. I’m sure you’ll make it fabulous.

  133. Would love to see the refined Scandinavian!! My own design taste has been leaning this way and would love to see how you tackle it and the resources you would use!

  134. Option #2 but Option #1 kitchen.

  135. Rustic! It’s all so beautiful!

  136. Fuuuuun. Rustic is losing but I hope it wins. It looks so inviting and relaxed and cozy.

  137. #TeamRustic #becausecozy

    with love from Texas

  138. I really thought I’d go for the Rustic Cabin look, but I was just floored by all of the inspiration pictures of the Refined Scandinavian Chalet — so gorgeous and warm. And it occurred to me — though this may horrify the stylist in you — but, with two small children, it might slide on into Rustic Scandinavian Cottage with wear. *I’m* saying that in the best way: the natural progression of beautiful things that are well-loved and well-used; so I hope that’s the way you take it. And then you both get your win. 🙂

  139. This is such a fun giveaway! I’d love to win it!

  140. Definitely #1 – Refined Scandinavian. You have never done this style. The other is too close to your style.

  141. I’m very excited about this series. We just purchased a vacation home in Colorado that has a lot of Rustic Scandinavian elements, so that got my vote. I’m excited to see where you go with this either way, though, as I have a feeling that Refined is going to win the day.

  142. You can’t go wrong with either style! Love the giveaway, too. Yay!

  143. Refined Scandinavian Chalet has my vote!! 1. Because it’s my favorite, 2. Because I’m pretty sure I remember the other one being Brian’s idea and we all know that “happy wife, happy life”, so yours needs to win :-)))
    Would absolutely be honored to meet you and stay at a space you design. Thank you for making us a part of this project!

  144. I’m so excited to see the next steps! I’m personally a fan of the ‘Rustic Scandinavian Cabin’ style. It feels warm and cozy (perfect for the mountains) and it looks more ‘Emily’ to me.

  145. I like them both, but I think the refined Scandinavian chalet better fits the inherent architecture of the house. The rustic scandinavian style would be too much adding in of history and worn pieces, whereas the refined version works well with the vaulted beamed, midcentury modern style that the house already has. I think it’ll look amazing! And yes, allow yourself to bring in subtle touches of color like the image with the modern art in the dining room. I think that’ll warm the space up a ton.

  146. We are in the process of updating a beach house and I have been inspired by your comment about thinking about how you want it to feel. I polled the family and everyone had a different idea on the feel (of course). Now how to combine it all into one cozy retreat! I’ll be following the mountain retreat update closely.

  147. Oh my gosh! What I fun idea. I loved both the styles it was such a hard choice.

  148. Great Idea, I am IN!! Looking forward to seeing all the great posts and imagining an amazing trip to see it all in person is a wonderful bonus.

  149. Can’t wait to see what you do with either of these styles! I’m so excited for this blog series!!

  150. LOVE this. And hands down Refined Scan. I so want to win. Mostly to meet you!!! Family vacation is a good second reason!!

  151. Such a fun idea!! Can’t wait to see how it turns out. Side note- there’s no pre-populated text in the Pinterest share. I wrote something for mine but it’s definitely not fine-tuned for SEO and you might want provide some content for your IT team to pop into that field!

  152. I KNEW it was going to be Scandinavian design……..Yeahhhhh! I love both but the only one I want to live in is the Refined Cabin. Soooo excited.

  153. This is so fun, but I can’t figure out how to vote haha. Can someone help a sister out?

    1. i had trouble with this too – the voting buttons did not load on my browser but already showed the percentages like i had already voted. i looked on my phone and both voting buttons were visible at the bottom of the post. hope that helps!

  154. The REFINED SCANDINAVIAN CHALET feels more authentic to your space. Rustic can be great when the space has been loved into it, otherwise it feels a little disneyish. That said, I trust you would make it lovely either way.

  155. The Refined Scandivanian Chalet is very beautiful BUT so much easier to predict and design. The Rustic style would push you creatively so much more. And in the house’s setting(mountains) I believe it would feel more like a mountain get-away instead of a chic renovated home. My two cents, but if you do go with the votes it definitely going to be Refined Scandinavian…which is gorgeous and would be what I chose if it wasn’t a vacation house in the mountains 🙂 Can’t wait to see the process!

  156. Emily, this is great! I voted, too. But just wanted to let you know that on an iPhone, when you’re scrolling down and it says VOTE under the first style, it looks as if that’s the button that will lead to the voting. I ended up scrolling down a bit more then I saw another button under the second style. Wondering if anyone else got confused!?
    (Maybe just me 🙂

  157. This is so exciting! We live on a farm in the Midwest, but my style is much more minimal than country. We’ve lived here a year and I’ve hardly done anything because I couldn’t decide on anything. The rustic Scandinavian is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I so hope it wins so I can see what you guys do!!!

  158. Refined Scandinavian was the easy pick. No doubt you’d make either one beautiful but it seems so much more rare in vacation (lake or mountain) homes to see that kind of restraint and palette.

    It seems restful and soothing and modern… and a little more of a departure from your everyday home. The rustic version just feels more familiar and typical. I’d love to look forward to weekends there.

    Thanks for asking us! So fun.

  159. Oh my goodness. That was just mean. I was SOOOOO torn. It truly was a toss up. Went with the more rustic just bc it looked a tad comfyer.
    Such a fun giveaway/ vote! Thanks for including us!

  160. Refined Scandi – pleaseplease win out!

  161. I can’t wait to see what you do with the house and to participate in the design process. Thank you for including your readers!
    I voted for the refined version because the rustic seemed more similar to what you’ve done. It also happens to be stunning although I love them both : )

  162. Definitely going with the rustic!

  163. It was a tough decision because I love elements of both , but in the end I went with the refined chalet , although I’m confident you’ll find a way to make everyone happy 😊

  164. Fingers crossed! Both styles are lovely, so this is really a win-win.

  165. So awesome that we get to help! I love your style and your IG stories crack me up, especially how fast you talk! 🙂


  167. How much fun is this?
    Can’t wait for the project to start!
    Absolutely my favourite blog IN THE WORLD.

  168. Definitely Rustic Scandinavian. Just looks kid friendlier and a very comfy space to escape to from the hustle and bustle of L.A..

  169. This was really hard actually… I personally am drawn to the second look more myself. However, I think the house wants to be the first option…:) it would be so fun to stay there! So excited for you emily!

  170. This isn’t working correctly on blog readers FYI. I’d attach a picture to show you but I can’t. Before I voted it was showing that I had voted rustic and said “your vote had my vote” but when I came to the website directly it was working

  171. Okay, I confess that I waffled back on forth because both styles are exquisite. In the end, I chose the one that I would prefer to be curled up by the fireplace in. Looking forward to seeing how this goes!

  172. To be honest, I would also have the hardest time deciding between the two because they’re both so amazing!

  173. I love the blue kitchen/beadboard in the more Rustic design but overall the aesthetic of the Scandinavian chalet wins.


  174. I like both designs but rustic is my current favorite. Also, please only use real brick, we have brick veneer that looks like brick veneer. It if fabulous for a back splash & under the counter height bar as far as cleaning & scrapes but it still looks fake.

  175. I like both designs but rustic is my current favorite. Also, please if you decide on brick only use real brick, we have brick veneer that looks like brick veneer. It if fabulous for a back splash & under the counter height bar as far as cleaning & scrapes but it still looks fake.

  176. I’m 100% the 2nd option, but I think the refined option is going to win. Either way, this is so fun! Question (maybe you answered it above…I’m sorry – I am 8 months pregnant and I swear I have dementia right now): how long will this renovation take? I’m just curious if you guys have a timeline? It will be interesting to see how much one can accomplish in ‘x’ amount of time, if that makes sense?

  177. Bummer…#2 is losing badly and I love it so much!

  178. I definitely chose the #1 lighter airier version, but I would love to see some of the rustic decor details from the rustic version. Something similar to the collection of vintage cutting boards. Something to give it some soul and a bit more warmth – just touches here and there. They’re both wonderful, though, and I’m happy for you guys to have this retreat!

  179. This would be a dream come true!!!! Mostly the part about getting to meet you in real life! haha
    I’m definitely on team Refined Scandi. Sleek and new, but cozy and warm at the same time.

  180. How to we go about sharing through instagram? I love this and I have shared via all the other outlets but with instagram I am stumped as to what to do to earn an entry.
    P.S. I love both styles but count me in for #TeamRustic

  181. I goof around a lot but, seriously. Emily, I’ve been a huge fan since 2010 and I’m really not an overtly emotional/sentimental person outside of bad jokes and sarcasm. But, if I won and was able to fly out and meet you (everything else is just icing on the cake), I would melt into a puddle of embarrassingly emotional tears. Or I would spontaneously combust. I’m in a glass case of emotion just THINKING about the possibility.

    Either way, I’m beyond stoked about this series and the new approach!!!!! Just watching this house come together and getting to have a voice in its direction is HUGE! Thank you for always being so considerate of your audience and creating innovative ways to keep us engaged!

  182. What an creative way to redo the cabin and grow you online presence!
    FYI – I choose Style #1: The refined scandinavian chalet in a heartbeat. It is so much more elegant and livable. That being said, everyone could have a different opinion on what is livable to them. I also like that it will push you creatively. My dad always said trying something new is good!

  183. Scandi chalet all the way! What a fun concept! Can’t wait to see the results!

  184. Rustic Scandinavian Cabin for sure! Seems more timeless and quintessential cabinesque. Very homey and comfortable!

    Also, go ducks!!

  185. These are both gorgeous. The refined Scandi chalet is perfect inspiration for the 1980’s “architectural” woodland house we’re slowly working on!

  186. Lovely choices but I like the clean and finished look of the refined cabin.

  187. My kids are about a year younger than yours. My day started with a magnificent diaper leak on the “dry-clean only” couch. 😧 You have made my day with this post. Leak be gone — let’s talk scrumptious design. I’m Finnish, a Portlander, and I adore your work. Scandinavian Chalet all the way! You’re right in that the chalet evokes a greater warmth than the rustic images. Not to mention it feels lower maintenance and cleaner.

  188. This is such a great idea! How far are you willing to source gorgeous wood?

  189. The Inspo pic for Refined Scandi had me at hello 😍. I do really like some of the worn-in & rustic wood elements of the Rustic option, but some of the furniture and wall treatments feel too much like your current house. I love the idea of some vintage textile or reclaimed wood finishing touches in your Refined Scandinavian mountain home!

  190. Am I the only one that can’t choose?

  191. I love this concept so much! Very excited to vote and follow along, and in the spirit of trying to drive engagement it’s gotten me to leave a first ever comment 🙂

  192. love both and both would work beautifully in your home. I lean towards the refined, however, b/c if you are looking fore EASY in this home, the raw woods are anything but. Beautiful, yes. Dust Bunny/cob web haven, YES! Also, your rustic has more nooks and crannys – in the cabinets and everywhere and those are a pain to keep clean with little fingers and casual living. Lastly, regardless, don’t panic on your windows. We discovered while building our home two years ago that ginormous windows are not expensive…just the moving parts. So choose huge windows that don’t open and they are really very inexpensive (until you decide to put on window treatments!) Smaller opening parts still allows for airflow without the expense. Good luck!

  193. I truly love them both! It was so hard to decide. Can’t wait to see it all unfold!

  194. Hard to pick! I was ready to choose option one but then fell in love with option two.
    I was lucky to have cottages in Michigan on a lake- each owned by my two sets of grandparents. As much as i loved the beauty of the “fancy log cabin” me and my friends always preferred the “casual rustic cottage.” There is something to be said about not worrying about wet bathing suits on the furniture or picking up all the time. You get that with option two.

  195. The ‘Refined Scandinavian Chalet’ reminds me of where I stayed with my family over last Christmas. It was a stunning chalet in Grimentz, Switzerland. I can attest to the fact that it feels warm and welcoming, but also fresh and clean. We loved it (and didn’t want to leave).

  196. I absolutely love both styles! I like the idea of going a touch more rustic for a vacation cabin, though. I’m excited to see which design it will be…

  197. I’m all in for the first version. It looks a lot like my Pinterest board titled “cabin.” Ha! For me it is still a pipe dream. Anyway, I love the simplicity in this style for a getaway home. The second option looks like a more rustic take on your current house, which is certainly nice, but I’d really like to see you tackle the first one.

  198. Can’t wait to watch this unfold! I love the refined Scandinavian style – just spent some time in Iceland and Sweden and the homes there are so effortless yet put together (and also very calming). I also think it’s the most different from your existing home’s design – would be fun to see you do something distinct from that!

  199. Both are so beautiful it was difficult to choose.

  200. OK, you are now my official favorite blogger ever. It’s so nice of you to recognize your readers’ support. Tell Brian that he rocks too! Can’t wait to see your new beautiful space – you deserve it!

  201. Love the rooms and airy feel of the first but would like to see it combined with the more comfortable furniture of the rustic. So voting for a combo

  202. Love the rooms and airy feel of the first but would like to see it combined with the more comfortable furniture of the rustic. So voting for a combo

  203. I voted through the link on IG but went to tweet It out and email It to friends but It wasn’t “remembering” me so I went to your website from google not through the IG link and had to vote again to get to the other section so I could share it through the other social media platforms.

    Hope that’s ok that I voted twice! Very excited to see all the posts on how you incorporate whichever style wins!!

  204. I chose the rustic style because I didn’t think there was enough contrast or color in the refined pictures and I love the all blue kitchen. Having said that I think commenters who suggest that refined will work best with the architecture are making a good point. Is it still refined if the wood has deeper colors?

  205. Tough decision but Refined Scandi gets my vote

  206. Refined!! Works seamlessly any time of year…seems airy during the hot summer months, yet has innate warmth during the winter (and would be decorated so cute for Christmas!)

  207. Putting in one request that would apply to both styles. Could we possibly move on from cadet blue? Is that heresy?

  208. Tough choice. I see the ‘rustic’ one as more alive. I look at the refined choice and I see rugs, chairs and shelves. The rustic choice is whole. Either will be gorgeous!

  209. Love this! Love that we’re hearing Brian’s opinions too as it’s always hard to compromise style as a couple.

  210. Love the Refined Scandi Chalet! Perfect mix of Modern. Alpine. Hygge. Thanks for letting us in on the fun! Packing my bags now lol!

  211. Ahh such a tough choice but I went with rustic. Feels mire cozy to me.

  212. omg. refined chalet ALL THE WAY. that’s my dream home.

  213. Refined Scandinavian, for sure! I have a mid-century-ish bungalow, and descendent of Vikings, so I am all about it! Your favorite photo from the set is MY favorite photo from the set as well. Love it, thank you for the contest!

  214. Refined – with a dash of rustic, if possible. Both are beautiful but I really love the lightness of the refined version.

  215. This is so much fun! I’ve been a long time fan, since back in the Design Star days, and am V excited to see all this come together 😁

  216. What a fun project! I personally prefer the refined option, however I think rustic fits the house better.

  217. Oooh, also, there’s some weird stuff going on with the poll, combating with your post footer – looks like just happening in Safari. I’ve just sent a screen shot to your email!

  218. Love this! We’re remodeling our house, which is also a lake house surrounded by trees. So I am so looking forward to ideas, inspiration and sources. Thank you for doing this.

  219. This is an amazing idea! Both designs are beautiful, but I absolutely love the rustic cabin.
    Anna From Italy

  220. I love the refined but I hope the wood won’t all be painted. Those inspiration photos with all the raw wood are my dream

  221. Definitely vote for #1. Stunning, elegant, soothing, calm and yet still refined and cozy. The voting buttons didn’t seem to work, so am sending in my vote through a comment!

  222. Both design plans are beautiful!!! I voted for the Refined Scandinavian Chalet….so good!

  223. So much breath and life in both options. Not gonna lie though if you are able to keep white linens that clean you might be my new life hero!

  224. Oh it is my favorite style! I have a whole Pinterest board with my dream home….all Scandinavian designs!

  225. #TeamRustic I think it is closer to you – with all the worn leathers and mixed textures, while remaining very warm and cozy, which I think gets at Brian’s concerns. Either way, I can’t wait to see what happens!

  226. This is so fun, thank you for including all of us in your decision process! Can’t wait to see the progression and the final product!

  227. I know you want the Refined Scandinavian Chalet, but I’m voting for Rustic Scandinavian Cabin!

    I may be alone in this, but it weirdly stresses me out to think about living full-time in the tonal, textured (but beautiful!) neutrals-heavy style that’s everywhere now. I need more more color and contrast to feel comfy, not sure why. BUT, either way is going to be beautiful, and I am totally jazzed about following along.

    And my well-behaved family and I would love to spend five nights there, no matter how it turns out! 😉

  228. Long-time reader, first-time commenter: writing in the dead of night from a silent Dublin, Ireland as I feed my newborn boy. Thank you for all the wonderful content which keeps me entertained in these wee hours. Congratulations on the new house. Looking forward to following this journey.


    Obvs, it will be great either way. I voted the more mountain-y version because I am so curious what you would do with it.

    Thanks for hosting this contest!

  230. Oh man. I really want #2. I love #1 but it seems like it will be really expensive to do well and then would be hard for non-rich readers to translate to our homes. But if you could share budget get the look versions …

  231. Can’t decide
    Can’t decide ok Rustic. I think I’ll be in the minority though. Great idea!

  232. It is almost impossible to choose one! They both are gorgeous!

  233. I’m definitively option 1 — NOT that I think you would go there, but option 2 veers a little too holly hobby to me, although I suspect that’s the camp Brian is in.

    Ok regarding option 2, I like that rich blue kitchen color (which is vaguely like your bathroom) but other than that, just not into it, it also seems like it could also head towards cluttered hippie house very quickly (this might be a bias due to my Berkeley upbringing) so I’m just not feeling it.

    I mean MAYBE if the place was super streamlined modern with like a table or two from somewhere like Big Daddy Antiques – that’s as rustic as I go 🙂

  234. As a relatively new college graduate breaking into the design world this is such a fun journey to not only get to follow along with but feel like you’re really helping on! I voted for 1, being drawn to the cleaner more polished look of the two. But I really do see the allure in both of them. Can’t wait to vote on more!


  235. It was not easy to decide but I went with Refined Scandinavian because I love the clean lines combined with the warm textures and incredible light. I prefer the softer finishes like the pickled wood, cozy linens, and soft colors. This process will be fun!

  236. To me, that house leans more towards rustic.

  237. Eeeek, I love love love love this series and I’m just so excited about how you’re doing it, from the contest to the treat-readers-as-clients aspect to the marketing approach – everything!

    I voted for the rustic scan cabin because I think it is a lovely blend of the two design styles I associate with you most – the happy, homey, colorful mid-mod style of your last place and the style you’ve now created in your current place. I think the rustic scan cabin looks cozier and a place I’d imagine a family drinking hot cocoa together and I also think there’s more room for interpretation and your own personal stamp. BUT I certainly don’t think you can go wrong with refined scan chalet. Either way I’m excited for the next post!

  238. All of these images are so swoon worthy! Can’t wait to see what you do.

  239. Rustic!!!!

  240. Love this concept! Both styles are gorgeous, but I voted for the rustic one because I think it will be more of a challenge that I know you can pull off. I would love to see how you make rustic look not TOO rustic.

  241. The refined is prettier in pictures, but when I’m ready for kicking my shoes off at a cabin I want to be surrounded by everything going on in those rustic pictures! SO AMAZING and somehow much comfortably/effortlessly cool… which is nice at a cabin 🙂

  242. Yay I want to win!!! What a fun idea!

  243. Refined all the way! Love your stuff so much Emily!

  244. The Rustic Scandanavian Cabin is so cozy, warm and inviting 🔥 I can just imagine curling up in the family room, gathering around with others. I love you’re style and personal touch on everything! 😍

  245. I voted rustic all the way, but I feel a bit guilty because I know refined is your fave. It will be gorgeous anyway you do it!

  246. This is fun!!❤️

  247. So hard to choose, but refined just draws me innnnnn

  248. What fun! Thanks!

  249. I’ve hir d Russian Bots to influence this election.
    Make America Rustic Again.
    MARA Comrades!

    1. Make America *Refined* Again! Build the Wall (out of light blonde scandinavian wood)! #refinedscandi #neverrustic #goldenshower?

  250. I think Refined Scandinavian Chalet would be gorgeous in your setting and this home, especially with lots of raw wood touches, but make sure that you make it practical and comfortable enough for REAL relaxation and realistic kid life.

  251. While both styles are similar, the refined option is cleaner and more refreshing. We live in Very Northern Minnesota and most of the style is rustic, but our home is more modern and refined. Clean, airy and bright will look amazing.

  252. This cabin is going to be gorgeous. What a dream! I so want to stay here this summer with my family! My brood of (tidy, well-behaved, respectful of other’s property) boys would have the best time at the lake…as would my husband and I.

  253. This is a REALLY cool, creative idea. I actually love that the two concepts aren’t wildly different because it feels like we’re a real world client. In real life, you’d be working off a creative brief based on your client’s style, so i can’t imagine you would present radically different ideas like “Here’s Option 1: sleek modern loft, and here’s Option 2: country cottage!” It also doesn’t hurt that I’m super into this style so it’s easy for me to get invested in the outcome of this! It’s pretty impressive how you’ve made the two concepts distinct, despite how related they are — they really do feel different to me. But I’m team Refined Scandi all the way!

  254. Well, that was super fun! #2 is my favorite!

  255. I definitely gravitate more towards the refined Scandinavian chalet, but can you incorporate that fireplace from the rustic somehow? Because, Wow. I know this will be beautiful no matter which design because it’s you. I am so excited to be included in this as a reader and fan! & Can’t wait to see more!

  256. So, my personal fave is refined but I’ve gotta day rustic feels a bit more like your esthetic. I know it will look amazing either way!!

  257. I am praying (hard) that everyone loves option 1 as much as I do!! It’s the style I love for my own space, but it’s been hard to source and create on my own. Watching you tackle this style would be so helpful! Fingers crossed!

  258. Both!! Mesh them together!!!

  259. Both!! Mesh them together!!! Refined Rustic Scandinavian Design

  260. Thank you for involving us, the readers, in this process! What a great idea! Love it! and voted for Refined Scandinavian Chalet.

  261. So hard but I feel I had to choose I’d go with refined. Both are so good.

  262. Really interesting approach – looking forward to seeing the whole process. Also, refined all the way!

  263. I’m completely team rustic! Fingers crossed it wins.

  264. Thank you for welcoming all of us into one of your heart’s passions -to dream and create with you!
    What an exciting journey 👏

  265. Was equally in love until I hit the double bedroom picture.. sold! But most of all looking forward to the beautiful open windows and forest views.

  266. Refined!!!

  267. Honestly, either will be spectacular. I voted rustic. Eek! So torn. Anyway, I’m a HUGE fan of yours. YES, I’d love to bring my family for a vacay in you’re amazing cabin, but I’d COMPLETELY nerd out if we also got to meet. 🤓
    Ahhh, wish me luck! 🤞

  268. Rustic, just no blue kitchen, I feel we are seeing blue/dark green everywhere!! So passé!😂

  269. Team Rustic! I just feel like there’s so much space in that house, why WOULDNT you err on the side of cozy and plush? I know that’s not the only factor, but I could never decide otherwise and I live in a 1000sq foot bungalow with 2 adults, 2 kids and 2 100lb dogs so please just give me this fantasy. 🙏

  270. No joke- love both designs 😍 both are amazing. You can’t go wrong. I strongly feel that both are perfect!! #nohelpwhatsoever

  271. I voted for the refined version because I’m not that into rustic, I live somewhere where rustic is always in style but it’s not my scene. I do hope that the refined will involve some colors, that’s what I like about the rustic photos, a little more color and contract. I think the refined photos are a bit too monochromatic.

  272. I accidentally voted once for the wrong one. Was doing it on my phone and didn’t scroll far enough. Thought the first one was a link. 🙁 oops! Team rustic all the way!

  273. I’m having trouble voting. Not sure if I’m missing something, are you just supposed to click the photo of the one you like?

    1. Oh wait just kidding! Got it!

  274. Open 2!!!!

    1. Sorry…meant Option 2 (rustic)!

  275. This is so much fun! I am excited to see Emily do more Scandinavian style.

  276. I love the rustic because of the more warm cabin feel but still sleek. That rustic kitchen example is to die for. Staying at your (surely) beautiful cabin would be a dream!

  277. Refined Sandinavian Chalet. Both are amazing and I am sure whichever design wins will be beautiful. Can’t wait to see which one wins. This will be fun!

  278. I like the rustic cabin but I’m not able to vote!!! How can I vote?

  279. Option #2 Scandinavian Rustic

  280. Loooooove the refined scandinavian chalet. Cant wait to follow along and see where it goes !!

    1. oh also, I would love to win but more than the stay, for me meeting you is the big prize ! #fangirling #notinacreepyway

  281. Refined Scandi!! Gorgeous even looking at the inspo pics. Can’t wait to see…

  282. Can’t vote on mobile!

  283. I am paralyzed with indecision. I like the refinement of chalet…but prefer the colors of the cabin. It’s just that so much pale/raw wood is depressing. Also the furniture…a weekend house just wants cozy/comfy and not wood arms. Just me? I can’t vote yet. But this is VERY VERY EXCITIIIIIIING!!!

  284. I vote for rustic Scandinavian cabin. If it were your everyday house I’d say refined but since it’s a getaway house you’re not at everyday and in the mountains, in nature, go rustic. Your rustic will still be beautiful and sophisticated and clean looking… just with a little more warmth all the while holding up well with the wear and tear of a mountain lifestyle/activities. Ideally it will be low maintenance since it’s a second home. How fun!

  285. Option one all the way! How exciting to do a style you haven’t done before.

  286. I’ll go with refined scandinavian 🙂 living in a very clean looking and minimilist style is perfect. Not complicated.

  287. This is fun! Both are gorgeous, but Refined Scandi wins my vote.

  288. My goodness, both styles are so warm, inviting, and stunning! It’s very tough to choose between the two, but I’m gong to go with the refined style. Good luck with the demo and designing — can’t wait to see the finished home!!

  289. I must be missing something (or tired!), but for the life of me I can’t see where to vote. Help! Love the refined!

  290. Refined all the way! Is this where we vote?

  291. Um, so how do you vote? What am I missing?

  292. Definitely Refined Scandinavian Chalet! Feels like a minimalist retreat focused on nature, while feeling a whole lot of cozy!

  293. Love this idea! Refined Chalet for sure. I feel like its counter-intuitive to make a house that isn’t old/historic on its own look rustic? Like it would be cheating or something?! haha just my thoughts!!

  294. Emily. I have to tell you that I’ve sourced my project for my recent renovation from your blog! You’re truly my fave and I’m so excited to be a part of this! I love the Refined Scandinavian!!! I love some of the beautiful elements of the Rustic Scandinavian, but you could NEVER go wrong with a Refined Scandinavian design! The calming factor that this design has is like a dream. So beautiful!

  295. Wooooh… man I love the first version .. refined scandinavian chalet but it really feels like something you’ve done already. Not that it’s bad, but I feel like you could really create something modern out of the “rustic scandinavian” one… We’ll see !

  296. I thought for sure I was going to go rustic but after going back over the pics (way too many times) and reading what you wrote, I’m going refined chalet!! Definitely!!

  297. Option #1 the Chalet is my favorite.

  298. Refined scandi has my heart!!!

  299. refined scandi ALL the way!

  300. I LOVE this idea and can’t wait to see which direction prevails! AND I have an incredible wood resource for you…another Oregon girl. You have to check out Zena Forest Products (www.zenaforest.com). It’s an incredible family-run company….the family’s been using sustainable management practices to manage the forest for 30 years and also produce hardwood flooring as well as lumber for furniture, cabinets, etc. out of Oregon White Oak, Western Bigleaf Maple and other native hardwoods.

    We just installed the white oak floors in our house and they’re SPECTACULAR. AND you get to feel really, really good knowing that the way these beautiful forests are being managed will preserve them for generations to come.

  301. I LOVE this idea and can’t wait to see which direction prevails! AND I have an incredible wood resource for you…another Oregon forest-loving girl. Check out Zena Forest Products (www.zenaforest.com). It’s an incredible family-run company….the family’s been using sustainable management practices to manage the forest for 30 years and also produce hardwood flooring as well as lumber for furniture, cabinets, etc. out of Oregon White Oak, Western Bigleaf Maple and other native hardwoods.

    We just installed the white oak floors in our house and they’re SPECTACULAR. AND you get to feel really, really good knowing that the way these beautiful forests are being managed will preserve them for generations to come.

  302. Go Rustic!

  303. Super awesome post!! Thanks for sharing with us. Keep sharing. I appreciate your work.
    Happy Birthday In Marathi

  304. This is amazing! Can’t wait to see the process, either design will be lovely I’m sure.

  305. Love the idea! This will be so much fun!

  306. I’d go with the Rustic Scandinavian.
    I love it!!

  307. ❤️ Option 1 … being a lover of mid century & Scandinavian design … organic clean lines just makes me happy😊. Interior design has always been my passion & I have loved you since Design Star. I love the process of taking a space & transforming it – thank you for sharing! 🌺.
    Ps- although a week stay would be amazing – I would love to just hang with you & play design = dream come true 🙏

  308. Greetings from Scandinavia–haha, these are wonderful options! I have to say that after Friday’s post, I was really hoping your thought/design process would lead in a more nordic-inspired direction. All the elements and the mix of the different styles you were discussing had me thinking “all signs point north”!

    What I hope your readers (and you, of course) have already picked up on is that the “rustic” style here mainly applies to (much) older construction that has been redesigned and reimagined for modern living. Exposed brick, beams, wiring, etc. might look a bit out of place in an American remodel of a 1960s house when here it is often a practical (rather than design-driven) choice.

    Is it too much to hope for a research trip to Scandinavia for Emily? What about securing Scandi sponsors like Electrolux, IKEA, Volvo…? At the very least, can I mail you stacks of Swedish, Danish and Norwegian design magazines??? 😉

    1. You read my mind! Take the whole bunch on a research trip to Scandinavia, let everyone pick something they love and that you integrate. It‘d be great to get up close to Scandi design, beyond Pinterest…

  309. I just loved the overall refined style of Option 1. A design you definitely wont get tired of looking at and it makes the space looks very bright and relaxing.
    Im so excited for your family 🙂 and that you are letting one of us live in your space for 5 days is super duper exciting 🙂

  310. I watched you won season 5 of HGTV Design Star. I find your designs very similar to what I liked 🙂 Followed u on FB and Instagram. Would always check you FB page for new posts 🙂

    I always have a passion for interior design and to have a chance to spend some time with you and get design tips from you would be really really awesome 🙂

    I personally liked option 1.. it is something I would do on my rest house. Clean and bright . Wont get tired of looking at it .

    So excited for your family 🙂
    And for the lucky winner 🙂

    Whatever you have decided between the two would turn out great!!! Cant wait for your big reveal 🙂

  311. I’m so excited because I LOVE both styles. I have to say I was kinda meh thinking it’d go all California casual or super drab/minimal. Not that it wouldn’t turn out beautiful, just not attainable for my home and I need inspiration. So I’m stoked. Scandinavian anything.

  312. What a fun idea! You will make it lovely either way!

  313. Oooo this is a hard choice I love both BUT thinking about what for this home is for I went for the rustic! I think it is more homely and as this is your family retreat is should be cosy and a little rustic would help with this!

  314. love both styles, but going to vote for rustic, as think the fundamental difference in the styles (at least here in Norway & Denmark) is that the refined style has been created in new builds and the rustic style has evolved in renovations of older houses – the painted out white brick and working with the existing cladding etc. So feel this is more appropriate for your mountain cabin ….. really looking forward to seeing what you do – thanks for the wonderful inspiration.

  315. Can’t wait to see the result!

  316. I like both, but that final inspo pic of the bedroom with the navy beadboard and the beds with the wool blankets gets all the heart eyes! What a fun project, can’t wait to follow along!

  317. Thank you! Brilliant idea and very inspiring project! Good luck Em xx

  318. Great job! I am from Finland and I chose the Rustic version. Can’t stand the cold, sleek modern feel of the other option. 🙂

  319. It is truly fantastic what you have created for this project, dear Emily. I just voted: Although I personally feel more attracted to the refined style and I would love to see you executing that, the rustic version seems to be more appropriate and realistic for a weekend and vacation house. More relaxed, less serious. So, I voted rustic. The good thing about this contest is, that I guess all participants will be happy with either winning option. Looking forward to seeing it done! Thanks for sharing this.

  320. Living in Estonia (Finland’s neighbor country) in the middle of snowy woods and river flowing by the house, in a rustic cabin of whites and woods, my heart belongs to Rustic Scandinavian Cabin style. White painted wood in our house makes the living space open and airy, yet cozy, wood burning stoves and lot of textiles create extra warmth (styling advice learnt from you, Emily:)) So this style can work! 🙂

  321. I voted for the Refined Chalet because it felt more like what was right for your starting point and the house, if that makes sense. So cool to have two options you really like, either would be amazing!

  322. Love love love the rustic scandinavian style! So excited to see your designs! I am such a fan!

  323. Such a fun idea to do these types of posts! Rustic Scandinavian Cabin ALL THE WAY! I just feel there’s more options here, more texture, layering, material, color, fun art work, etc. There can still be that simple and fresh look with this style like you said, it just depends how layered certain rooms get. PEOPLE PLEASE VOTE FOR RUSTIC! You’ll still get the Scandinavian look we all love so much, but with more texture and collected pieces!

  324. I think refined goes so much better with the house even though I like both styles! Wasn’t able to vote, by the way…

  325. I usually want to bang my head against the wall the minute I hear the word “rustic” (I watched a shitton of HGTV over my 9 week maternity break and I think I’m permanently damaged with the overuse of that word) BUT that was the one I liked best. Color me shocked.

  326. Rustic cabin. More kid friendly. Cozier in the winter.

  327. I love this and can’t wait to see what you do! We bought a house this year with very similar elements so I’m interested to see where you take it.

  328. This is such a fun idea! Thanks for sharing the process with us all!! I like both looks but I chose #teamRustic because I’m so intrigued as to how you’d pull all those characteristics together. Either way, it will be a fun journey.

  329. #1 for the win!

  330. Just voted. I love the refined scandi chalet style and would love, love, love to spend some time there!!! I love your blog and read it religiously. Love your style and can’t wait to see the progress of this project.

  331. Uh, I need Rustic Scandi to win, but it’s 10 percentage points behind, and I’m devastated.

  332. Omg I’m equally excited for this, I love both of them, but definitely team glam, thank you for including us in this ❤️

  333. I love both a lot, but as soon as I see the rustic one, the charm just brings up all sorts of feels in me, especially with that kitchen. I always lean towards things that feel like they have slightly more personality than clean clean clean even though I really adore scandinavian design.

    Question about the stay. . . dogs allowed? Sorry to be that crazy dog person, but our idea of relaxing getaways involves enjoying them with our dogs especially in nature.

  334. Love this. Both options are just gorgeous!

  335. Help @em_hendersen decide

  336. Me and the husband both loved the Rustic Scandinavian 💜💜☺️

  337. Refined. But both are gorgeous!

  338. Both of these are truly such wonderful options which I bet was difficult since it does need to be both mountain cabin and lake house, but as always you nailed it!

    I am actually surprised by the vote results so far, not what I expected. Can’t wait to see how this all comes together!!

  339. Refined Scandinavian all the way! When I’m on vacation, I want the more luxurious, escapist feeling. The rustic feels too much like camping to me.

  340. I’m so excited to watch this process! I’m crossing my fingers Refined is the way you go… Then I can just copy everything for my house 😂😳😉

  341. Refined all the way. 1964 house why put fake old finishes in?
    Well chosen, suitable modern finishes will soon show the wear and tear from family life. Best wishes for this exciting project and thanks for the insight into the technical difficulties that your IT guy is resolving for you.

  342. Both are fantastic choices but a like the refined just a little better. Having grown up in Colorado I’ve spent a lot of time in mountain houses and what I like about this choice is it beautiful and has longevity. Thank you for creating such a great contest!

  343. Obviously love them both, but the rustic one is just a tad more cozy and family-friendly (you’ll be up there w/ your kids after all)! Can’t wait to win and hang out up there! 😉

  344. What a FUN project and what a brilliant idea to include your readers in the process of making this house AMAZING! After 8 yrs reading your blog posts and seeing you inspire and shine, I think ” Rustic Scandinavian” will be a better fit for YOUR cabin. I can’t wait to embark in the process of transforming this house into your haven in the woods. Thanks for sharing!

  345. Ouu this is hard!! I feel like the cabin look would better suit it. ☺️ Either way I’d trust anything you design.

  346. I was leaning towards the rustic Scandinavian after seeing Friday’s post but I voted for the refined chalet because I would love to see you have the opportunity to design it and it really captures the simplicity and beauty you are aiming for.
    This is going to be a fabulous project whichever style is chosen!

  347. Both options are stunning!! Can’t wait to see how it turns out 🙂

    1. Also, while not local to CA, Hearne Hardwoods (located about 45 minutes from Philadelphia, PA) has an amazing collection of beautiful wood. They travel the world in search of gorgeous wood! Down to earth, local folks who will work with you to make the right selection. Check them out! http://www.hearnehardwoods.com/

  348. REFINED times a bazillion trillion, I love it so much!

  349. One of the photos that you reference is from Paul Massey’s house in Mousehole, Cornwall, England.
    It was featured in a TV show called “Homes by the Sea” season 2 episode 1, at about 25 minutes in. You can see it on Netflix. As far as I can tell it is a real house that Paul and his wife live in full time. It might be worth it to check out all the rooms to see how they carried their weathered style throughout.

  350. My choice is losing but that is OK 🙂 Can’t wait to see this all the way through!

  351. A few things:
    1). You should do an open pinterest board that any of us can pin on with ideas/images.
    2). the word for “cabin” in Swedish and Norwegian is “stuga” if you want to use that in any of your searches.
    3). Look to Finnish cabins–they have a lot more birch, so they’re brighter and newer than the old, dark Norwegian cabins.
    4). Also consider using the word “country” (as in landscape) when searching; so do “swedish country interiors” for example

    1. (and mökki in Finnish!)

  352. im so excited for this and NEED to see you do Scandinavian Chalet!

  353. THIS IS SO FUN AND EXCITING!!!!!! Of course, now I’m super emotionally invested so if it isn’t the Refined Chalet I might be a bit bummed, but I’m sure whatever you do will be amazing. I can’t wait to follow along on this process with you! Thanks for including us!

  354. aaaaaah! it was so hard to choose! i love them both so much. AND, the chance to win a stay?! incredible.

  355. I’m all in on rustic!! Lake houses have to feel like they won’t break, like you’re getting away from it all and into the most relaxed you can be!! Hygge here we come!

  356. I voted for refined Scandinavian much as I loved the rustic images. The reasons are twofold: the house is mid-century so trying to turn it into a rustic retreat doesn’t seem to be true to the house (although in its current iteration is does have that weird stone fireplace – which doesn’t look quite right I might add); secondly with the refined it has smoother surfaces which are better for cleaning and hygiene especially if letting the house out to short term holiday rentals. Make life easier for guests and your cleaners! Whatever you do it will be beautiful.

  357. Can’t wait to see the process and finished product! I like both styles but REFINED SCANDINAVIAN CHALET is my vote

  358. Thank you for inviting us into this process. Such fun. I love the Refined Scandinavian Chalet look. It’s so soothing, yet warm. I’m ready to curl up with a cup of tea and enjoy the views. Seems perfect (and needed) for a very, busy family!

  359. I like them both, but the Refined SC is twisting my arm.

  360. Emily. You had me at Rustic Scandanavian. Hello. Cozy! Yes. Here’s why: A) It’s a mountain cabin. B) Kids C) It’s a mountain cabin (again). Loving this. Enjoy.

  361. I love everything about this.

  362. #teamRustic!

  363. I am a fan of the mountains, anything blue, high contrast and warm natural wood, so I prefer the rustic cabin version. But both versions are beautiful!

  364. I vote for the refined chalet. I went back and looked at the photos of the place and all those windows sealed the deal. I was also afraid the rustic style might feel a little too staged, like a movie set.

  365. I thought you had a design deal with Target. My local Target does not seem to have any of your brand. Maybe I have just missed them. I’m in Medford, Oregon

  366. What a fun idea, Emily! I am a huge fan of yours, but admittedly have not read the blog in awhile due to one very active toddler …but i came across the ad for this while mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and instantly thought “what is that genius up to now!?” I seriously love this idea. My vote was for the refined one. It looked so serene and relaxing and warm and beautiful. What a dream vacation! Looking forward to the final result and more about your process along the way. Thanks for inviting us in!

  367. Wow! What a TOUGH decision!! Before scrolling through the inspiration photos and reading descriptions of the two choices, I was certain my vote would be Rustic Scandinavian Cabin. But I actually voted for the Refined Scandinavian Chalet! It just seems to be a better fit for this house and location (based on photos you’ve previously shared). But I’m positive that whichever one “wins”, you will make it perfectly beautiful. Can’t wait to follow this makeover and see the final reveal in a few months! (And I’m super jealous of your mountain escape!)

  368. I had such a hard time deciding, I probably went through all the photos 5 times. But, on day 2, decision made!

  369. I love this idea! I surprised myself and voted for option 1. I love how light and airy it is.

  370. So I love LOOKING at the refined Scandi style but I think that I would enjoy LIVING more in the rustic style. Love the worn in and cozy look of it. It has soul and a sense of place. So my vote is rustic!

  371. So excited for this giveaway!!! And for the Reno reveal!!!

  372. This is really fun, thanks for doing this Emily!

  373. Emily! This is hard. I want to STAY in the Scandi Chalet, but I want to have the ease of the rustic one. Going rustic because it will be easier to maintain with kids (who will be reckless teens!) and guests staying in the house. Either way, I know you will do it right. So in.

  374. I cant really decide either!!! Hoping to win- the trip sounds amazing!

  375. Yay! Love this. Option A!

  376. Am I missing a poll that I am supposed to use? Or am I just voting in the comments?

    I had to think on this over night! Hahah! I think I would like to see the refined Scandinavian. I feel like rustic had it’s moment in rustic industrial stuff and I would like to see some restraint in a cabin. I think it’s great to do it that way than it’s not the obvious choice: we are in the woods so we are rustic! A chalet sounds so fun. Please do this. Pretty please…it will be hard because then you can’t scavenge flea markets as much in decorating, but I imagine the round ups that come out of the refined would be great and easily purchasable.

    But, truly I will enjoy anything that comes out of the cabin. Please continue to showcase Target. The high/low mix is the best thing about this blog.

  377. So much fun! Love both styles, I see how you would be thrilled with either one.

  378. It’s a close one for me but I’m going to have to go with #1, Refined Scandi Chalet! So excited to follow along!

  379. This is so exciting! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you do once the style is chosen!

  380. It’s so hard to choose! After scrolling up and down and up and down… I voted. Can’t wait to see the result!

  381. Refined Scandinavian – the sort of look we get more and more in the mountains here in Switzerland

  382. OMG that raw wood wall in the refined design is amazeballs!

  383. Refined Scandinavian gets my vote! Can’t wait to work through all the choices!

  384. Refined Scandinavian Chalet please!

  385. This is super fun, I love both styles so either will be beautiful. Cant wait to see what you do with you mountain home.

  386. I love the entire concept of this series! Thank you for bringing us along for the ride.
    When I first read this post, my knee jerk reaction was “refined chalet”. After reading through the post a second time and really thinking through how I would want it to feel vs. how it would look in pictures, my heart landed on “rustic cabin”. Honestly though, both are a win, and I cannot wait to see the final result (in person). 😉

  387. Refined Scandinavian is my choice!

  388. I’m very impressed how you’ve detected nuances between these two styles. Very hard decision and I can’t wait to join in the fun!

  389. The Scandinavian Chalet design honestly took my breath away! I love how calming, light, and airy it felt. Perfect place to unwind and unplug.

  390. Love both of these styles. I’m more drawn to Refined but Rustic seems more mountain cabin appropriate!

  391. Both are OBVIOUSLY lovely. I will always jump on that REFINED look, but for livability purposes, and the fact that Ace Hotels has made me fall in love with that style… I’m voting for RUSTIC. And that choice is SO different for ME! 🙂

  392. How do we share our vote more than once? #teamrefinedscandi

  393. I am coming in on this a little late. I have a question regarding Bedroom 1 where you are changing a bath into a closet from the baths that are back to back. What is the intended use of that bedroom…..guest room or child’s room?

  394. THIS IS SO FUN! I’m obsessed with that fireplace and the brick wall in the kitchen in Option 2. Can’t wait to see what wins!!

  395. I’m voting for Refined Scandinavian Chalet! Seems like more of a departure from your normal style that I would love to see you tackle. I like the idea of a vacation home offering a minimalistic retreat from reality.

  396. This was a much harder decision than I thought it would be — there are elements of both that I LOVE!

  397. Love the lighting in both, but the refined chalet has my vote!

  398. I am so excited about this! Honestly, so much of blogging (not you blogs in general) these days is kind of snoozy, and this is such a fresh and fun idea.

  399. It will be nothing less than beautiful! So excited!

  400. Two factors that may influence your choice:
    i) is this for your family’s use only or are you intending to rent it out? If you’re renting it out, go for the more ‘forgiving’ which to my mind is the Rustic.
    ii) what is more flexible in terms of changes down the road – because if we know anything about you, you are going to change it up! 🙂
    Having survived 3 boys and rental tenants, I’d go rustic

  401. Ahh it’s so close! Really, both would be so great and I’ve actually changed my mind multiple times when I vote! I love it when you add a mid century flair to spaces so that’s why I’m leaning towards #1! But ideally I think #1 would be ideal for summer and #2 is more cozy for winter…you can just make a button that switches the design for the seasons right?😘

  402. How exciting! You really can’t go wrong with either design!

  403. I’ve tried two browsers and can’t find how to vote. There’s no link option for me. (Is voting closed, even though it’s not Monday yet?).

  404. oh my goodness im so excited to watch this unfold! thank you for including us in the process. you are one of my faves!!

  405. Both beautiful. #2.

  406. Love this! I think Refined Scandi Chalet wins for me because it feels more like a get-away, to me. Either way, it’ll be gorgeous!

  407. “Refined” feels too prescribed, less challenging, and more spa-like. I vote RUSTIC! It would be amazing to see how to infuse rustic into something that’s minimal and clean. How far will you go with metals, wood, color… until it’s just enough? How is it balanced to achieve a bright Scandinavian look?

  408. GAH. People at work actually make fun of me for how much I talk about your blog, your Instagram, your work, and YOU. Embarassing but maybe worth getting a trip to the best designed cabin in all the land. xo

  409. Definitely the refined Scandinavian chalet 🙂

    EmiIy I love your taste and everything!!! Kisess!!!

  411. Both options are lovely! So hard to choose!

  412. My vote is Rustic. Although both styles are gorgeous! And I am looking forward to seeing the decorating and design decisions of either!

  413. That’s awesome that you are including your readers in the process! I chose the first option “Refined Scandinavian Chalet” because it differs from a typical cabin feel and it highlights the surroundings you’re in through the minimal design inside. Both beautiful choices though! Can’t go wrong with either. 🙂

  414. Tough decision! Both are beautiful. Rustic for me!

  415. I love how you are engaged my your followers in this design!

  416. I chose number one because it seems more like where you are now, and not the past. Such fun to include us in your decision, thanks.

  417. So excited to see which one wins! I voted for Scandi chic but love both styles. I’m going to love this series- it couldn’t have come at a better time. We are remodeling our A-frame cabin and the inspired design is Scandinavian/modern-rustic (follow our journey over at http://www.valleyviewaframe.blogspot.com).

  418. I have to say, I was all for the refined approach before, but seeing your instastories from the house the other day made me think it needed some rustic touch. That incredibly steep ceiling in the living room definitely looks more “alpine chalet” and that makes me think of a rustic cabin. The fireplace also ties in with that. Hmmmm, this is hard!

  419. This house is going to be so beautiful when finished! Happy designing Emily!

  420. Both gorgeous! I loved the Refined pics but as soon as I got to Rustic… that was it. Boom. Done! #TeamRustic

  421. Refined chalet seems so … elegant.
    In my head I’m totally ‘collaborating with Emily Henderson!’
    Dreams DO come true.
    This is going to be so fun!

  422. I was sure I’d be going with Rustic before checking out the photo inspirations, so I surprised myself when I voted Refined :-). What a lovely idea to let a reader enjoy the fruit of your labors.

  423. Down in Louisiana they’re salvaging old cypress that would work so well in the rustic cabin. It’s either reclaimed from old buildings and barns, or the huge old ancient fallen trees that have been submerged for decades are being located and salvaged, and made into useable planks. Try searching for RIVER RECLAIMED SINKER CYPRESS, or reclaimed salvaged cypress louisiana.

  424. I like both the choices, and agree with many others that perhaps some melding of the two would work. I just have to ask, no beg that perhaps you might consider leaving the stained beams in the main room with the high ceilings. From the photos they really look to be in beautiful condition and they can add such warmth to a high ceilinged room, especially in winter. just a thought. Exciting project for you and the family and I hope that you will enjoy creating many happy memories in this vacation home.

  425. what an amazing idea & house!
    your expertise in design is beyond unique!

    just love to live!!!

  426. oh i’d live my mom to win this
    she’s loves your design style!

  427. I did a Colorado Ski chalet. Found some old reclaimed chestnut Wood. If you can find some it is an amazing look

  428. Love the rustic. Just seems to blend in with the outside.
    I recently went searching for exotic woods and found a site called http://www.brazosfp.com
    Brazos Forest Products has more than one location and they can order anything you want. I personally love the aged wood look. Whatever you choose, your cabin will be unique and beautiful!


    It’s so unexpected for a mountain house (I always think rustic) and I’m really excited to see how you would execute it. It’s also a style I would have never categorized as “warm” but your inspiration images have completely opened my mind to the possibilities.

    And as always, thank you for producing such thoughtful content and engagement with your readers. Yours, is still one of the few blogs I read, and I’m consistently impressed with the work you and your team do (both inside and outside the internet space). Thank you thank you thank you!

  430. Looking forward to being a part of this project!
    My husband and I just purchased a cabin on a lake that was built in 1971. Only one owner and has never been touched other than (old) carpet or vinyl flooring. Total gut job but, we are up for the challenge. I might get some ideas while taking this journey with you!

  431. From your descriptions, it sounds like Lake Gregory. My dad’s old army buddy had a small, rustic cabin there when I was in my teens. We were invited up several times. LOVED it. My dad’s sister’s husband’s parents had a larger, nicer house at Lake Arrowhead, and we stayed there a few times when I was a younger kid. Not as much fun as Gregory.

  432. As always, stunning ideas! I voted for the Refined Scandinavian Chalet, though I totally get that Brian loves the masculine warmth of the rustic cabin. Throw a few flannels around and everyone wins! xoxo. Hoping for the win!

  433. I just love the airy-ness of the refined chalet! So fun and looks totally relaxing.

  434. Though both designs are fabulous, my choice would be Refined Scandinavian Style. The “rustic” is a smidgen too rustic for my OCD. 😉 Whatever the design is, you will do a phenomenal job!

  435. Love this idea! And love the refined Scandinavian chalet!! Can’t wait to see what you do with the house.

  436. Although I chose my favorite….either one will be beautiful Emily!
    GOOD to see you again….miss seeing you on TV!

  437. Both are beautiful, but I like the refined look more. Looking forward to following your progress Emily and welcome to the PNW! Wouldn’t a store in Portland area be fun?

  438. You guys had contacted me in the past re my curated rustic vintage home decor accents on Chairish! Let me know if you like anything as I’m a local 🙂 https://www.chairish.com/shop/laineybean
    Lainey aka Laineybean Home Decor on Chairish.com

  439. E M I L Y! So FUN!! I voted for Refined. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I have been following you since your HGTV win. So happy and thrilled for your continued success!!

  440. wow! how fun! the choices being “amazing” and ” amazing still!!” gotta go with my first instincts!

  441. The rustic option is a lot warmer and has far more character.
    I love your taste btw…
    Love from Israel

  442. So excited to be involved in this process. I love seeing how you work through all your decisions and looking forward to being a part of it. Yay!

  443. You’re brave & extremely talented so your cabin will of course be amazing! Can’t wait to see what you dream up! Thank you for letting us participate!

  444. Hands down option one. Love the living room. Something is amiss with bathroom, don’t love it.

  445. How fun!!

  446. Hi Emily
    It looks like a beautiful home and property. I love that you are letting your fans help you with the process. I think it is such a fun idea. I voted for the refined Scandinavian Chalet. However, I hope you will add some of the color from the Rustic Scandinavian Cabin. I think that will take the Chalet to the next level.

    Looking forward to the updates and seeing the finished product.
    I think this is so fun.

  447. So difficult to choose. Two EH approved designs each time, of course they’ll both be desirable. I’m excited to see the outcome.

  448. I’m all in for Team Scandi Chalet, refined chalet that is. Such a great house, fun project and honestly a pretty revolutionary foray into uncharted social media territory. Here’s my idea for one of the “constellation” prizes, as we call them in our home. I would totally dream to spend a week in this soon to be gorgeous refined chalet with my two little munchkins (2 & 5). You had me at pontoon party boat. But that also sounds abbit stressful…worrying they may spill milk on a custom upholstered sofa or swing from some calico curtains, that no less than a gazillion readers voted for. So instead I would really like to win a back-up prize which I envision to be a room in my own little home designed by Emily. I read this blog b/c I really like Emily’s style (and honesty/humor) and a little piece of me wishes I could capture it in my space. If I were to be a contest enterer, that would definitely be my draw!

  449. I love both styles but I think the Refined one would fit the house’s architectural midcentury vibe more. Plus, with that style if it ends up feeling too cold you can always bring in more organic and warm textures with the furniture, art and accessories. It will be a stunning place in that style, whereas the Rustic style could go fake-rustic fast on the midcentury bones of the house.

    1. My thoughts exactly.

  450. Great options!

  451. Rustic!!! I know whatever you do with rustic cabin style will be amazeballs!!!! Plus, it’s a cabin, in the mountains, let’s be rustic in style and breathe some fresh mountain air!

  452. Girl! That chalet has “Spa” written all over it.
    For the record, I love the light wooden pull cabinets in the kitchen (my dream kitchen)- go for those!

  453. I LOVE anything Midcentury/SCANDI!!! Just went to Copenhagen and Rorvik Sweden this past Summer and FELL IN LOVE> I must figure out how to live abroad with my family somehow! The BIKE city capitol Copenhagen was amazing!!!!!! Loved seeing all the bikers and castles. ANd one day I will own a home thats all Scandi influenced!! Love your design and webpage Emily been a HUGE fan since you were on Design Star ages ago 🙂 I want to be YOU for a day :)>.

  454. Emily,
    Thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of your amazing design adventure. I can’t wait to see how things unfold. #excited

  455. Just a small comment from a scandinavian (I live in Norway, have danish, finnish and swedish ancestors and have practically been brought up on design and interior design interests, also my brother is an architect in Norway, which sparks a lot of family discussions): the rustic version is cozy, but way to ordinary, especially for you and your reputation. I really hope that you end up with the refined direction! I cross my fingers for the refined style 🙂

  456. This is a dream opportunity. I love the idea of decorating this great house.

  457. Thank you for sharing your thought process and ideaing.
    Scandi Refined fir the W!

  458. We bought a fixer upper lake house and love every minute, so great for gatherings with family and friends. Great idea, so cool that we get to be on the journey with you. Thanks and enjoy!

  459. Never thought I’d go Scandinavian, but reading your process post and learning more about the personality of this house led me to believe that it makes the most sense for this space. It was so interesting to learn how you winnowed down all the ideas to these two. Like being inside your head!

  460. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Love being a part of the process!

  461. Great job keeping it both fresh and warm! Very hard decision. Thanks for the inspiration/dose of beauty in my day!

  462. Thai is such a fun idea!

  463. I’m agreeing with other commentors that the rustic might feel more family friendly, but the refined scandi. Oh my! Hits. All. The. Buttons. #love

  464. Just cast my final vote! Cannot wait to see the progress of the cabin (and the Portland fixer too)! No doubt they will be golden! Hey, remember that one time you made string art in your ‘white box challenge’…you’ve come a long way baby! 😘

  465. I vote Rustic, it’s just more TIMELESS and you can instill more personal character into the interiors. Refined reads as a more formal. As a designer with a finger on the pulse, you will probably end up with a hybrid of the 2 styles as you work into it, adding modern elements to a rustic theme. A Rustic interior will actually end up being more of a design challenge once the space is renovated and the architecture is updated. Having had a lakefront Big Bear cabin, and experienced the seasonal use of the house, believe me, Rustic is the way to go! Family cabin: personal, timeless, welcoming, comfortable. #teamRUSTIC

  466. I would say that my typical lending would be toward rustic, but I voted sleek! There is just something so simply warm and beautiful about that palette against large, gorgeous windows with nature as your backdrop. I love the idea of the outside coming in with that design. Not focusing so much on the interior, allows the natural elements outside to really shine. I would LOVE to stay here with friends or family for a summer vacation! Can’t wait to see how this journey progresses. Thanks for including us!

    P.S. My family builds houses in Montana. They just designed a modern house for their family, with the mountains as a backdrop. Large windows, to sit and gaze, drink coffee, read. Where they are is a little microcosm of flipping the old log cabin idea on its head. Simple and stunning!

  467. Emily, I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited about a project of yours!

    I’m lucky enough to live in a beautiful Victorian house full of character in the UK, but having grown up in Finland, your two designs are what my heart truly desires.

    My vote went to the refined Scandinavian chalet, as I believe the design lends itself to the architecture of your house more. I’m sure you’d do a beautiful job of the rustic cabin, but it might be more difficult to replicate some of the charm and authenticity if you’re starting from scratch.

    One of the highlights of my year is visiting the Asuntomessut (housing fair) in Finland – essentially a whole village of new houses to showcase trends at the forefront of architecture and interior design, where everything is open to the public to view for a short time. Each of the homes is designed for a family, and once the fair is over they move right in. The houses are BEAUTIFUL and could be a potential source of inspo for your mountain house project?

    Here’s my favourite from last year (thought I’d died and gone to heaven!): http://cocolapinedesign.com/2017/06/07/new-home-warm-interior/

    Can’t wait to see the process get underway, and I’m especially excited for those big windows so that you can feel among your beloved trees.

  468. Love them both! But love the warmth of the rustic! Its so cozy!!!! Good luck, Emily! I hope you get the one you really want!!! This is so fun!!!!! Thank you for including us, it’s wonderful!!!! 🙂

  469. I’m torn because I think the Scandinavian chalet looks better, it’s what I’d want to stay in (thinking optimistically), but I think that the rustic style looks more like what you’d want, based on your current home. Either way, I’m psyched to see the process!

  470. I am digging both these styles but siding towards the refined, it just looks warmer. And I’m noodling over a refresh of my own house and definitely heading in this direction. Can’t wait to see the transformation!!! 💯💯

  471. I loved your refined mid century cabin …. until I saw the rustic. The texture, the depth, the warmth; rustic has it all. And the “rustic” you showed is also pretty refined. Please everybody, vote rustic. It will stand up better to all the hard use that kids and renters can provide; heck it already has some dings and scrapes.
    Go Team Rustic!

  472. Both soooooo pretty! But I vote for the refined scandi!

  473. Love the redefined version!

  474. Love the rustic touches!

  475. Love this! Hope I win!

  476. I love this! The refined Scandinavian look is a popular style where I’m from (New Zealand) so I’m so curious to see what you would do with this.

  477. Refined. All. The. Way!!!

  478. Love Refined scandinavian Chalet! What a beautiful house!

  479. I adore the rustic version! Somehow not as stark as the refined.

  480. I vote rustic!!

  481. Sooooo exciting!! Love the Refined Scandinavian approach!!! I can’t wait to see it coming to life!!

  482. My vote is for style #1
    I can’t wait to see your results❤️

  483. Refined Scandinavian (option 1)

  484. Wasn’t sure how to submit a vote unfortunately! But I’m definitely team Refined Scandinavian Chalet! Such beautiful options can’t wait to follow this process.

  485. Style # 1
    Refined Scandinavian Chalet All the way!!!

  486. I vote rfined, and ready to unwind!

  487. Loved it when you were on T.V. — I truly appreciated your quirky touches.

  488. Refined chalet 🤗

  489. It was tough to decide, but I’m leaning towards refined – hut including lots of animal furs to bring in the warmth.

  490. Love both, but Refined Scandi Chalet gets my vote

  491. I don’t see how to vote 🙁 I keep clicking on the choice option photos at the very bottom but I’m not seeing a “vote here” button or anything. What am I missing?

    Anyway, I want Refined Scandi for sure! So excited!

  492. So hard to choose they are both lovely I’m going with Rustic! Can’t wait to see the progress!!

  493. No brainerGoing for the #refined. The juxtaposition of this option and cabin architecture is 💯👊🏾!

    Also, I had morning sickness while on vacation in Gatlinburg, TN and the rustic option takes me back there🤢

  494. Rustic Scandinavian all the way!

  495. Either one will be great, of course. You can do anything! But, for me? Refined Scandinavian. Fabulous!

  496. They’re both fantastic. Leaning toward rustic, but either would be amazing

  497. Refined Scandinavian chalet is a dream!!! Can not wait to see the whole process!

  498. I BLEW IT! I misread “vote”-believe it or not. I thought that meant another screen would come up with a box to check. RUSTIC is the way. Add a vote to RUSTIC. and subtract a vote for the other

  499. Love this! Can’t wait to vote!!! 😍

  500. Well I stink at decisions and they are both so beautiful…but I’m gonna have to go with Scandinavian refined.

  501. Love this! So much fun.

  502. Refined Scandinavian chalet! I love it. It’s similar to what I’m trying to accomplish in my home renovation that we’re planning now b

  503. Though I love the Scandi Chalet, I feel like in all the years that I’ve followed you I haven’t seen you do a lot of rustic looks (well, except the barge… and your current kitchen does have the same vibe as that blue kitchen under the Rustic section above, but nvm that for now). Because Scandi chalet has that midcentury bent to it, I know you’ll nail it for sure, but I think it’d be interesting to see your take on the rustic style!

    I obviously voted for Rustic Scandi Cabin, but if the other one wins (which is soo gorgeous!!) I’d be just as excited!

  504. i love both designs and I am so excited to see the transformation and what ideas I can take for my own house.

  505. Refined Scandinavian has my heart!!

  506. LOVE the idea of the rustic style!! Gorgeous!

  507. Tough decision! Either style will be amazing. I’m loving the rustic fireplace, but I also love the modern living rooms…

  508. Rustic…can’t go wrong either way obviously but I love the worn in accents making it more casual for you.

  509. Totally love that you bought a vaca home so we can relive the design process with you again! I thought I’d choose rustic over refined, but based on the photos you’ve posted I say refined all the way. Can’t wait to see your renovation and design shares!

  510. The first for sure! It’s so beautiful and timeless. Thank you for allowing us to be a part💕

  511. I think the refined version will stand the test of time.

  512. Love both options and even the ones that didn’t make the cut! : ) Thank you for offering this contest! I placed my vote in the hopes this is also offered to Canadian residents? Please let me know if possible. Cheers!

  513. Wow. Either of these is FABULOUS! I just feel the rustic path is a bit more “humble”…and in a good way. Thus, I voted for that option. I especially love the shape of the stucco/plaster fireplace (and have a similar one in my kitchen/sunroom area but did it a bit smoother…on my Instagram recently). I also implore you NOT to do too much open shelving. I love the look, and have been sitting on my hands to avoid doing it. However, the area where I suspect your mountain home sits is VERY dry, and windy with a fine dust that somehow permeates every inch of interiors (window are frequently left open, but gritty dust perseveres even through screens). We are constantly dusting! Although we have a small vacation home in the area (living full time in Texas), having the opportunity to stay in your place would mean the whole (very well behaved adult kids only) family could visit at the same time!

  514. Ok so jealous- our “second house” was a camper. Ok, I’m always sad when the entire ceiling goes completely white. Can the planks go white and the beams go rustic (like on the fireplace opt 2) ? Budget providing- add wooden curved -hand scrapped and stained details on the transition at wall to match beams.

    1. Not sure why my phone autocorrect added Ok to everything. Further proof that typing before I’ve had coffee is a bad idea. 😉

  515. Love love love! What a fab idea. And yes, both versions would be stunning but that raw oak wall/floor combo had me sold on refined!

  516. I loved both designs, I basically felt that I had to pick a favorite child. I went for the Chalet one. Have a nice day, Emily!

  517. #2!! Love it!

  518. I’m shocked I liked the rustic more, bc normally the words rustic and cabin make me run screaming. But I love that the rustic design uses more color and more soft curves on the furniture. I’m not even a little bit minimalist (the Modern Victorian post NAILED my style) and while both of these styles are simpler than I prefer, the rustic one seems a little looser, less focused on sleek to the exclusion of homey. I’m sure you’ll do a great job either way though! And if by some crazy miracle I win the contest, please know that I read every day and will vote in the future room polls – I just really don’t like doing stuff on social media, hence no shares. Thanks for doing this fun participatory design process!

  519. Refined please! And, while on Instagram, I found a maybe solution for the heavy wood – Romabiopaint. They specialize in lime wash, and have several examples from a artist site that has lime washed wood – and not your eighties pink stuff. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  520. TWO – all the way

    Strangely the first one feels more trendy. Bc it’s so close to the California 70s Modern that is so big now (and was prob originally inspired by all those Nordic countries).

    Also – it will live better. Kids, guests, visitors beating it up won’t take away from the beauty. Feels more timeless.

  521. Love the Rustic Scandinavian for a cabin!

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