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The Results Are In! These Were The Top 10 Reveals Of 2023 (Were They All From The Farmhouse??)

We had so many reveals this year – or I should say that I had so many reveals. 2020 – 2022 were light on the reveals for me personally (lockdown, no projects, moving, and mostly construction) so we had more EHD contributor posts during those years. But 2023 was a HEAVY farmhouse reveal year. And yet a few of the outside reveals actually made it in the top ten (bumping out a farmhouse room, which is rude, but telling). Some of these have been around longer (therefore have higher traffic) so it’s understandable that a couple of my more recent favorite reveals didn’t make the list (YET). If the year was so busy that you missed some of these room reveals we’ll link them below (and all the rooms that didn’t make it on the list). Drumroll, please…

10. Family Room Reveal – By Far The Coziest Room In The House And Here’s Why

I will never ever be able to predict what reveals will hit or not. I mean, it’s top 10 and the traffic/engagement was still high, but this room is so high on my favorites list that I’m shocked it didn’t make it further down. I love being in this room EVERY SINGLE DAY/NIGHT and if you haven’t seen all four corners of the room go check it out here.

9. Primary Closet Reveal! Our Functional And Beautiful Scandinavian Farmhouse DREAM Closet

People love seeing inside other people’s closets (me, too) and this closet, while never actually looking this clean, is incredible. Shout out to California Closets for this one, but the styling didn’t hurt. Spoiler – watering the plant up there lasted maybe 6 weeks before it almost died and I moved it to a different room. I think we all knew how that one was going to end. But check out this full tour of the closet if you haven’t yet.

8. Our Back Patio Reveal! (+ How Everything’s Held Up To 6 Months Of Portland Weather)

This feels like FOREVER ago, but it was only this past spring. The rest of the landscaping was still mud, but we had finished this patio in time to meet some partnership deadlines and publish it during patio season. Also shooting outdoor content in Portland has proved to be MUCH more difficult than in LA as our window is so much shorter, starts so much later and ends so much earlier. So we are planning way in advance this year for any outdoor projects to give us some rain days to work around.

7. The OFFICIAL First Farmhouse Christmas! (+ A Great Ribbon Hack And My Dream Color Palette)

Ah, I’m glad our holiday decorations made it in the top 10. I really love how our holiday decor turned out this year. It’s just really cozy and layered. That entry is my absolute favorite shot this year.

6. Our Soake Pool Review (And Reveal)

Turns out everyone is curious about a tiny pool-turned-hot-tub. And I can’t stress this enough – WE USE THIS IN THE FALL AND WINTER TOO. We can heat it up in hours and the kids and their friends get in like a pool, but it’s hot. There were times when we wondered if we were going to use it enough to be worth it and even after 6 months I can absolutely YES. And yes, it’s a splurge, but it’s one that we use and love so much.

5. How I Convinced My Friend To Paint Her Room Really Dark: A Kid/Dog-Friendly Basement Makeover With Article Furniture

YAY! I’m so glad this was so popular. This is a real win/win for the PNW EHD team. Kaitlin needed a new basement (had almost nothing) and we needed a room to makeover with one of our favorite furniture companies. Within 6 weeks we transformed this room and y’all it’s just as dreamy to be in as it is to look at. And lord knows so many people need help in their basements (we are working on a couple now, actually).

4. The Prettiest Green And Pink Kitchen Remodel That We Completed In 7 WEEKS

design by emily henderson and sarah weldon | styled by emily henderson and emily bowser | photo by steven mcdonald

This kitchen partnership with Crate & Barrel was incredible. Their product is top-notch, the room turned out so pretty, and it was all under 7 weeks. Shout out to Sarah Weldon who helped project manage and co-design this kitchen in West Linn (and yay to the best antique dealer turned client ever, Julie).

3. Our Mudroom Reveal: A Dog + Storage-Focused Space That Is Possibly My Favorite Room In Our House

NUMBER 3!!!!!! I think unless you really NEED a mudroom you might not fully geek out on this like I do. I’m happy to say that now that we have farm animals, this room truly is the mud room (the shit-filled boots stay right outside). Every now and again I wonder if I should add wallpaper in here, but it NEVER looks this clean (obviously) and the idea of adding anything on those messy days seems ludicrous. I do wish I had styled it with more “stuff” though, to add more life. But as the owner of this mudroom, I’m so happy when it is this clean/empty.

2. The Reveal We’ve All Been Waiting For! Caitlin’s Mostly Thrifted, Postmodern Regency Deco Living Room

design by caitlin higgins | styled by emily bowser | photo by sara ligorria-tramp

CAITLIN’S LIVING ROOM!!! I’m SO SO SO happy that this room made it in the top 3. It really resonated with so many of you (and me). Caitlin has such a talent for curating vintage and the unexpected (kinda makes me miss my former self). What a treat of a room that is full of so much excitement.

1. The HIGHLY Anticipated…Farmhouse Living Room Reveal – Let’s Get Into It:) + LOOK! MOM! I’M ON YOUTUBE

Our living room really hit (which was lovely). Come January 2nd you are going to find out what I want to add/tweak in this room because it’s actually one of the only rooms that I’m still trying to figure out. It would be weird to say that I’m unhappy with it, but there are other rooms that I walk in and I’m like DONE NOT CHANGING A THING, and for this room that’s not the case.

Of course, we are missing:

So that’s it for 2023! Can’t wait to see in next year for a whole new batch of awesome reveals. xx

Unless Otherwise Noted: Photos by Kaitlin Green

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3 months ago

I could not believe my eyes that the farmhouse kitchen wasn’t on this list then I realized the reveal was late 2022 – phewwwww!

3 months ago
Reply to  Amy

Came here to say this, too, Amy!! I can’t believe it’s been that long already. Feels like she just revealed it. I’m SHOCKED the sun room didn’t make the top 10! That’s one of my favorite rooms of all time!

3 months ago
Reply to  Stephanie

I came to say the same! I absolutely love the sunroom, Birdie’s room (all the rooms really) but sunroom missing from the top 10 is truly surprising. So glad Caitlin’s living room ranked so highly as that’s a favorite too.

3 months ago
Reply to  Amy

Same!! I was like where is the kitchen?? Then I was like…must have been in 2022. I still look back at it as a reference.

3 months ago

We had custom cabinets put in our closet, fairly similar to yours, years ago. They used to be a really dark wood that I loved at the time but the past few years it felt like it made the closet suffocating, so we scheduled a cabinet painting to make them a lighter color, and it made a world of a difference. I wish mine was as clean as yours haha, maybe I’d be able to put plants in it. I do love that big leafy plant, it’s a shame you had to move it, what kind is it?

3 months ago
Reply to  Cheryle

Monstera deliciosa or split-leaf philodendron

3 months ago

I’m pretty surprised the pantry didn’t make this list! That and the kitchen were my favorite reveals (plus all things Aryln), and I’ve actually seen the pantry pics on other sites recently. A banner year, EHD! Cheers!

3 months ago
Reply to  Rachel
3 months ago

Whatever happened to the blue painted antique hutch you had shipped to the USA? I keep hoping to see it in the farmhouse…. Inquiring minds want to know!!

3 months ago
Reply to  Amy

I forgot about that! ESPECIALLY for that price, it should be front and center.

3 months ago
Reply to  Amy

Same! That blue antique hutch lives rent free in my mind. I hope they reveal what happened to it in 2024.

Erin Dae
3 months ago

Love Caitlin’s room – Can we get an update on what it looks like now, as I recall she mentioned changing out the sofa? The farmhouse reveals have all been amazing and I have loved each one. Excited to see all you have planned for 2024!

Roberta Davis
3 months ago

A productive year! Did you reveal the kitchen this year or last? That’s probably my favorite. But there are so many good ones!

3 months ago
Reply to  Roberta Davis

That was November 2022:
The Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal And All My Thoughts And Feelings About It

3 months ago

I feel like this list is missing so much of this year’s fabulous design content! Our Farmhouse Pantry Reveal – Moody, Practical And Extremely Well-Used Step Inside Artist Ben Medansky’s Colorful, Modern-Industrial Home How Megan Hopp Stretched Her Design Budget To TRANSFORM Her Three-Story Townhouse (You HAVE To See The Before & Afters) With A View This Good, Why Not Put Your Kitchen On The Second Floor?? (+ Dive Into One Of Our Favorite 2023 Trends) You’ll Never Guess Where The Bathroom Is In This 325 Square Foot Studio Apartment A Kitchen Makeover That Focused On Small Changes For A BIG Impact (Julie And Velinda Did It Again!) This “Happy Moody” Craftsman Home Is A Vintage Lover’s Dream (We Can’t Stopping Staring At This Kitchen) 3 Years In The Making Then An Unexpected Move: Arlyn’s Bedroom Reveal Is A Lesson In The Beauty Of “Unfinished” Design 5 Design Tips To Keep In Mind When Designing For A Kid (Or Adult) With ADD/ADHD…From A Designer/Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist Let Sara Show You How She Refreshed Her Parent’s Bedroom And Bath (With Almost NO BUDGET) Wait Until You See the… Read more »

3 months ago
Reply to  UT

Sorry about formatting. Click through and it’s in list format:

3 months ago

Caitlin’s living room may be one of my favorite and most inspirational posts EVER on your blog, and I’ve been here a long time! I love the colorful, vintage (semi-budget) rooms the best!

3 months ago

I’d imagine Arlyn’s kitchen came too late in the year to really have a chance, but that’s for sure my #1. So smart and affordable and showcasing SUCH talent!

3 months ago

I’m also amazed that the Family Room wasn’t higher in the ratings! It’s number one in my book! Every time I see it (which is frequently) it just makes me all warm and fuzzy. I just wanna close the door, pour a glass of red and stare at that stunning gallery wall!

3 months ago

So is this calculated by page views or something like that (that I don’t really understand)? I think you should do a reveal roundup and have us vote! I, for one, might adore a particular reveal and reference it in my head forever, but never go back and actually pull up the post again. Or maybe I’ll pin certain pics and visit them on Pinterest, but not the website. If popularity is determined by page views, it might not be representative of the actual favorites. Plus, like quizzes, it’s really fun to vote on stuff.

3 months ago

I was sooo here for #4, 5 and 6! I love their relaxed and comfortable vibe. They say effortlessly cool to me. I somehow missed the #2 reveal in real time – great job, Caitlin!!!!

Monique Wright Interior Design
3 months ago

Very well deserved for Caitlin! When I met her at your event at the Mountain House in 2019 (which truly seems like a lifetime ago – it’s insane 😳), I thought “this chick is it. She’s amazing!” I’m so happy to see that she’s still with you and killin’ it.

Also love that C&B kitchen reno so much! The tones and colors are dreamy. And that basement! Holy cow.