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How I Convinced My Friend To Paint Her Room Really Dark: A Kid/Dog-Friendly Basement Makeover With Article Furniture

Today, we have for you a makeover for a friend who likes to play it safe and ran out of design steam – both reactions I have felt in the past (that have spawned regret). Kaitlin Green is our photographer in Portland who I’ve become close with so when Article reached out for another makeover, we were brainstorming about empty room candidates on set and she raised her hand REALLY, REALLY HIGH. She and her family had recently remodeled but ran out of steam/resources on the basement so it was a fresh empty white box with old furniture and no design direction. I knew that they had good taste and would hand over some creative freedoms (mostly :)). Plus I could easily relate to their situation – two kids, busy jobs, needing a media room that was kid/dog-friendly that they would actually like to hang out in. I got you, Kaitlin. I got you.

Here it is before they remodeled and added the wood flooring. It has one east-facing window, but otherwise just a box with a foundation that came up half the wall.

Before I met them they put their old sofa downstairs and had this IKEA cabinetry put in.

They had installed the desk and shelf, and it’s where Kaitlin did all of her editing after the kids went down (she would also watch Love is Blind on a laptop next to her monitor where she edits). In other words, this room was used mostly for TV/movie watching with the kids and editing for her – AKA all dark room compatible activities.

On Handing Over The Reins

We had six weeks to do this project and the “before” was totally fine, obviously, but if given the opportunity to have a design brain and more resources on the room she was happy to hand over the reins. Well, kinda. Listen, it’s still their house and after a year of renovating while having a baby (and a 4-year-old), they were kinda done taking big design swings and generally liked to play it safe because they really really didn’t want to do something they would have to undo. They were scared. And of course, I can relate to that. But it’s a basement and you have a designer volunteering their experience to make it not just better, but potentially great! Let me do my thing! That was my spiel, anyway.

The Paneling

We knew we could just paint the drywall, but felt more confident that installing paneling would take it next level (and we were right). We reached out to Metrie to partner on the paneling – it’s a simple 1×6 V groove and it took two days to install (and cost around $3000 for installation, $900 to paint, plus $2k in traded materials). And yes, EHD covers these labor costs if it’s a sponsored makeover to make sure that we create beautiful backdrops for partnerships and not force people to pay for design elements they might not have done outside of a partnered makeover. Again, we had only about six weeks from beginning to reveal, which sounds fast (and it is) but y’all Article ships FAST. So it was actually totally doable.

I had a deal with Kaitlin that she would be my design assistant on this one and I tasked her with creating product boards of Article pieces that would physically fit in the basement and obviously be their preference (instead of me guessing). She sent through two boards for me to choose from:

Sectional | Grid Pillow | Geometric Pillow | Coffee Table | Pouf | Floor Lamp | Light Wood Side Table | Table Lamp | Accent Chair | Black Marble Side Table | Office Chair | File Cabinet | All Black Table Lamp

Sectional | Grid Pillow | Geometric Pillow | Black Marble Side Table | Table Lamp | Coffee Table | Rug | Pouf | Accent Chair | Wood Side Table | Floor Lamp | Office Chair | File Cabinet | All Black Table Lamp

They were both great, but I had a strong preference based on my personal experience. Last summer I myself got this Article sectional at the Mountain House right when it launched and couldn’t believe how comfortable, soft, cozy, and beautiful it was – all the things. I said to Kaitlin (and I quote), “As your friend I’m going to insist that you get the Beta in green, not the leather. I can’t let you not get this sectional”. We all love the look of leather and it of course wears well, but no, it’s just not as cozy as a velvety corduroy. I think she was initially bummed to not have the beauty of the leather but likely relieved to have someone with sofa experience literally INSIST on one thing over another. Let’s just say their whole family knows we made the right choice.


My friends, I am happy to report that my pushiness totally paid off and this room SINGS – in such a low, cozy, baritone kinda way. You walk down into the basement and with the sectional and the walls being monochromatic, the vibe is so strong, mellow, and extremely good.

The Beta Sectional

Sectional | Sconces | Coffee Table | Rug | Side Table | Floor Lamp

There are days when I’m jealous this isn’t the sectional in our living room and I wonder if I’m going to regret my choice – that’s how much I love this sectional. Is Article paying for this post and makeover? Yes, but if I didn’t love it so much I would tell you my thoughts and show you the pretty photos. The reason that I’m harping on this so much is that buying what looks like comfortable and good-looking sofas online is so scary because you truly can’t trust the quality/look and comfort without experiencing your own butt on the cushions. So I will hereby swear on my children that this is one of if not the best cozy sectionals I have ever owned and sat on. The cushions are filled with some magic powder/foam that has give but remains in shape with the right amount of bounceback. Granted that we’ve only had ours for less than a year (and Kaitlin less than a month), so I can’t speak to longevity here. But having owned other Article furniture (remember this from the Glendale house?) for years, I have enough experience in the quality they bring to their offerings that I can extend that confidence to this sectional, too. Oh and the comfort is at 100%.

The shape/style is great for a low 70s-style sectional, for sure, and might not work in every living room should you want it more formal or sculptural (that was my conundrum). But what makes it more special than other 70s-style sofas IMHO is the wide whale corduroy fabric that reflects the light so beautifully (same as in the mountain house – it looks ethereal when the natural light hits it). It’s far prettier and more high-end than what a linen would look like. So with the corduroy, you get a slight pattern (tiny tonal stripe), texture (varying heights of velvet), a fabric that reflects the light, AND the softness of mother-loving velvet!!!!! I’ve been trying to find a good corduroy for other pieces of furniture ever since we got this sofa (in blue) at the mountain house. It’s obviously going to make a comeback.

Another feature of this sectional is that it’s completely modular. The set up here is comprised of a few different pieces from the Beta collection to create the perfect configuration for this corner. I love that you can order pre-built options or go a la carte and order pieces individually to make your ideal lounge-worthy piece. 

I want to get to the rest of the Article elements but first the other star of the room…

The Dark Green Moody Paint Color

On Convincing My Friend (And Myself) To Trust Me Despite Having Made Paint Mistakes This Year…

After a year of paint fumbles in my own home, and subsequent repainting of those rooms, I was nervous, not fully trusting my own eye as I tried to pick the right color. Kaitlin has been along this paint mistake journey with me, shooting the house weekly, and has watched my extreme frustration as we have repainted many rooms. So I think neither of us 100% trusted me, which is why we really belabored this “not as safe” darker color choice.

We knew that the color we picked needed to work effortlessly with the sofa color, so we basically brought a sofa cushion to the paint store and held it up against as many different greens as possible. We were open to other colors as long as it looked good with our star piece of furniture. That was non-negotiable. This is, AGAIN, why I believe in choosing the paint color last (should you be able to which often you can’t in a renovation) – there aren’t a million fabrics but there are so many paint colors that work with fabrics. So I tend to choose the furniture/decor first and then hone in on the exact shade of paint after. And so we did.

On Finding The Right Color/Tone

We came home with 3-4 that we felt OK about. But the fluorescent lights of the store, next to the extreme natural lights of the store windows was just not going to be accurate. You have to, I repeat HAVE TO try the color in your own room.

A quick anecdote about that – the Still Water dark blue/green that I chose for the family room looks rather bright teal in a brightly lit room. Even with the lights on it looks different. So we practically chose it in the dark with a lamp on because that’s when/how we were going to be in that room.

We loved the tone of Mountain Road with the sofa and in the space but they were SO NERVOUS, and so was I. Because of their hesitation, I made the safe call – let’s just paint the paneling white. The room looked fine in white, the green sectional would pop. White it would be!!!

Just as I was texting Kaitlin to confirm our safe color choice, she texted, “Corey and want to go dark. We promise. Let’s do dark”. I pushed back with a lot of, ‘”Are you sures?? Are you going to hate me if I’m wrong and it doesn’t look good? There are no guarantees with any paint color that once you get it on all four walls that you’ll love it”. They assured me that they knew the risk they were taking and that they agreed that this room would be a missed opportunity going white. I can’t wait to show you the rest of their house – they have great taste and a distinct Scandi + PWN vibe. We all felt as good about it as we could. We ordered the paint and I went on vacation.

So that’s the chapter of my memoir titled “The Journey to Get Myself and a Friend to Trust My Risky Paint Suggestion After a Year of Paint Missteps and Self-Doubt,” with the subtitle, “Why Making Mistakes, Analyzing the Hell Out of Them and Honing Your Eye Can Make You So Much Better at Your Job”. Alt title could be, “How Emily Got Her Paint Groove Back”.

Y’all, We NAILED This Paint Color

Paint Color

It’s just so pretty and with all that furniture??!!!!! It’s so good! You walk down into the basement and my goodness it’s so cozy and inviting. If I didn’t get grossed out by words like “delicious” I would use that word. It’s such a vibe. We brought in 100% Article furniture (they even had some pieces already) and with the help of some accessorizing, we pulled this room together. Remember one of the best things about Article is their speedy delivery – often within just a week or two and that was the only way we were going to get this done in time.

Throw Blanket | Far Right Pillows: Jaipur Floral Block Pillow + Gray and Ivory Patchwork Lumbar Pillow | Middle Pillows: Velvet Throw Pillow + Black/White Grid Pillow + Oversized Textural Woven Throw Pillow | Left Pillows: Oblong Boucle Color Blocked Throw Pillow + Sheepskin Pillow

Little almost 2-year-old Mara showing us the scale on the sectional 🙂 We went with a new favorite color palette of mine: Mostly green + some brown/earthy tones. It’s like a forest! And my goodness it works – especially for a cozy PNW basement.

I bought all the vintage art at Urbanite and at the Rose City Flea last year. They work pretty darn well in here, especially in combination with those Schoolhouse sconces. Also, Remi is doing a great job of showing how deep the sofa is – she is a decent-sized dog 🙂

The coffee table is a lovely and chunky one that is perfectly in scale with the sectional (should you just want to replicate it). Also, that wood tone perfectly warms up the space so it doesn’t go too dark. Plus it brings in the Scandi part of their aesthetic. Not to mention, rounded sturdy coffee tables are my preference with young kids:) We also hired our painter to paint the credenza fronts, and Kaitlin/Corey took off the sides and top because they were essentially empty. Wow, what a difference it made to have it just be a credenza and not a full “media unit”.

Faux Aloe Plant | Ceramic Candlestick Holder

I’m not big in the faux plant world (but understand the desire to not kill real plants), but that faux aloe is so good (we have the same one on top of our closet that looks VERY real).

Sconce | Side Table | Table Lamp

The black side table and lamp are also from Article – don’t sleep on their decor pieces because these are so good. Perfect accents to help keep the space feeling modern and fresh. Since there wasn’t room for a lamp on the far side of the sectional we added these sconces from Schoolhouse which you can also aim upwards or diagonally (and with a low wattage bulb they wash the walls in a very lovely way).

Faux Succulent | Candle | Chair | Pillow | Throw Blanket | Pouf

Lastly, Kaitlin got her leather wish in the form of a chair – the Denman chair and pouf from Article. Wonderfully proportioned, perfectly ergonomic (the back has the perfect support for a casual but not too loungey lean) and that caramel leather is extremely buttery.

I even matched my spray tan to the color palette 🙂 The rug is nubby and super soft (and might take a while to stop shedding, FYI like most looped wool rugs). That texture really brings the cozy vibe home in a big way. I also love that while the rug and ottoman are similar in texture, the pattern scales are different so the contrast is minimal (easy on the eyes) but not boring at all. While Article does sell some pretty pillows we supplemented with pillows from Target and World Market to give an extra cozy eclectic feel.

The Office/Editing Zone

File Cabinet | Office Chair | Planter | Sconce

On this side of the room we styled out the desk and shelves a bit, but mostly just added a few Article pieces that Kaitlin needed – the chair, lamp, and filing cabinet all served their purposes beautifully. Pretty, functional, and reasonably priced office furniture isn’t easy to come by so I was so excited to see these awesome pieces as options. The striped pot is from a local maker named A Handbuilt Ceramics and the painting was a $35 score from Stars (the local wonderful antique mall).

Table Lamp | Candle | Match Cloche

I had the Rejuvenation sconce in my storage awaiting its debut in our home, but it looked so good that I brought it over (I might need to snag it back) and hung it on the wall. I love it because it can also be aimed to wash the wall in a way that provides a lovely ambiance.

And there we have it! I was honestly super nervous about getting this done in time, with all the stuff we have going on at the farm, but with the help of Kaitlin and my PNW team (Gretchen and Emily M), it turned out soooo wonderfully.

I’m also extremely happy to report that Corey, Kaitlin’s husband who also couldn’t be happier with this room, so I’m a total hero over there. They have promised delicious lattes forever. I’m so glad/grateful that it turned out well, not just for the partnership or for the photos, but when you are in there it’s genuinely a lovely, cozy, pulled-together basement family room that any family would feel lucky to have.

Thank you Article for partnering on this. They really are such a great resource if you’re in the market for quality furniture at great prices that ships quickly. Which is basically everyone, right? Shopping with them is always so easy and a delight. All designs and words are our own. Please ask any questions about them in the comments. xx

*Design and Styled by Emily Henderson
**Photos by Kaitlin Green
***Contractor: Don Lunan Construction


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60 thoughts on “How I Convinced My Friend To Paint Her Room Really Dark: A Kid/Dog-Friendly Basement Makeover With Article Furniture

  1. Beautiful room. Fantastic job. I enjoyed everything about this (story plus finished product). Also I can tell Kaitlin has great style just from the before. Can’t wait to see the rest of her home.

  2. It looks awesome. I thought the before looked good but the after Also, love that Remi clearly understood the assignment: couch comfort tester AND she matches!!!

  3. Ha! I vote for the title How Emily Got Her Paint Groove Back! 🙂 And what a beautiful room.

  4. Lovely room.
    I’m very curious though about basements as they don’t exist in Australia. It seems on lots of makeover shows that people go to lots of effort to decorate their houses, but then spend all their leisure time underground or semi-underground in dark basements. Why wouldn’t you just watch tv, use your computer etc in light airy living rooms? The idea of a ‘good’ room for show is a quite dated one here (we had a lounge room in our house when we were kids which we were rarely allowed to enter lol) but basement living seems to be such a thing in the US. Why not use the actual house?

    1. Basements get fixed up for an overflow room. Especially in smaller houses where there may only be one main living space, it’s nice to have the basement fixed up as a second living space. This keeps the primary room upstairs a space that is not devoted to TV. It gets used for reading, visiting, entertaining, talking, thinking without a screen being the main focal point. The basement becomes the TV space, a place where you can let the kids go wild with toys, but then walk upstairs to your still clean home. A space for teenagers to hang out away from parents for a little independence. A place to sneak away and wrap christmas presents at night in front of an old movie while everyone sleeps upstairs. Usually the basement also has a closed off section for other storage and in older homes usually the laundry is also downstairs. Just as Emily has the main living room and then the tv room/den adjacent, in smaller homes this is the same function just on a smaller footprint.

    2. Same, Sally.
      My sister’s basement in the US, became a safe place for young women at risk of homelessness, so gaving a basement is a really valuable resource for sooo many purposes.

    3. I have a small house (1200 square feet) but fortunately have a finished area of the basement – it is where my boys and their friends hang out and play video games and sleepovers.   It has saved me from having to have Call of Duty or other annoying stuff that I don’t want to see in my open living dining kitchen area, where I spend all of my own time (work from home, TV watching, cooking, visiting with friends).  My basement space is lovely with a great big comfy couch and TV  and weight lifting and other athletic equipment etc –  and the boys LOVE it, but I never spend any time down there for the reasons you have stated. I too am often confused when people choose to have an office or other adult space underground, given that they all also have a living space upstairs. 

    4. I think some of it is cultural – unless you live in a small apartment in a big city, most Americans have SPACE. Most homes built here in the last 20-30 years have multiple spaces for living, lounging, etc., and if you have it, you use it. Dark spaces are nicer for looking at screens – less glare and eye strain, so watching in a basement room like this is often a more comfortable experience than watching in a light-filled living room. For my family – we live in an old house (built in 1912), so obviously not designed for TV-watching. It is lovely and bright, but also has no space to put a TV. Too many doors/windows. We keep that space for lounging and reading, and talking with people when they come over. We have another, smaller room upstairs that is tucked in, with fewer windows, that works better for watching TV.

    5. A lot of the houses in my US neighborhood are 1200 sq ft above ground. If the house has a basement, renovating the basement is a (relatively) inexpensive way to double your living space. Also, basements stay nice and cool in the summer if you do not have air conditioning. I wish my home had a basement (we just have a crawl space!)

    6. Personally, we don’t like having TV in the main living area of the house, so we have a projector in our basement, which is set up really similarly to this one. My house was built in 1955 and it seems to be common in mid-century houses (in the Northwest U.S. at least) to have a basement “rec room” type space. We’re pretty sure our house was actual built around the pool table in the basement, because it’s made of a single giant slab that is not possible to get up the stairs or out the window! Sadly we had the pool table demolished in order to get rid of it because we wanted to actually be able to use the space and we have no idea how to play pool. We put in cushy carpet and use it as a play room by day (nice to have a toy zone that isn’t our small main floor living room) and for TV watching by night. Our house is about 900 sq ft on each level so for a family of five it’s not huge, and the basement really expands our living space.

    7. we retreat to the basement in the dead of winter (cozy) and in the heat of summer (cool)

      and it is mostly extra rec room space for us – but in our area it can even have full bedrooms (South Dakota)

  5. I love the wall color! There’s a weird repetitive section in the paragraph below “The Beta Sectional” that caused me to re-read several times, wondering if driving the kids to see Deathgrrips in Denver last night and getting caught in hailstorm Armageddon on the interstate on the way home finally did me brain in.

    Also, nice furniture, Article!

  6. The sofa/paint color are perfect. But it’s two other details that make the room for me. Yes to credenza vs. full media console that edges out over the window. And yes a thousand times yes to those cognac-colored sconces over the sofa!!!

  7. I love a hood corduroy sofa!!!
    The texture of tge soda, pouf, rug, etc. add something special to the mix, too.
    The room looks like you can sink into it and relaaaaaaxxxxx.

  8. So lovely! I especially appreciate how calming it is, while still having texture and layers. My usual inclination is to pare rooms back to extra-minimalist foundations, because I love the clarity and serenity that I feel in such spaces. This makeover shows how to have that same feeling with more grounding and “interest.” Love!

  9. How did you get the outlet covers and outlets to match perfectly? Is possible to paint actual outlets?!

    1. Good question! I was always told that the actual sockets shouldn’t be painted but the photos here certainly show a perfect match!

      1. You can paint the cover, but take it off to do so, and not the actual sockets.

      1. Oh my gosh, thank you for showing me these existed! That’s the perfect solution for my old almond colored outlets and so cheap and easy!

  10. Wow you nailed this one!! Looove the color and the whole vibe. Beautiful room and furniture!

  11. I have to disagree on choosing the paint color last and decor first.

    When redoing a room, I don’t think a lot of people get the option to completely redo everything. Most large pieces (couches, beds, etc.) have to stay and you have to work with the limitations as such. How can you have a cohesive home paint scheme without choosing the colors first?

    I think if you know what you like and how you want your home to feel, you go and get some paint samples, paint swatches on every wall, make sure it works with the ROOM first (lighting and vibes) and then match the decor to the room you are designing. Choosing paint last just doesn’t make sense to me.

    1. The point is to have a color scheme in mind and then bring it to life FIRST via the most expensive pieces, such as the sofa and the rug. Paint is cheap; furniture isn’t. So you choose the specific paint/color/tone last, to match those long-lasting, high-priced items like the sofa, rather than pick a paint color and THEN go shopping for a sofa. Makes perfect sense to me.

      1. Also, paint comes in literally thousands of shades and can even be custom-mixed (for free!). Not true with furniture, curtains, etc.

  12. Omg absolutely perfect. I’m loving this color palette lately, too – earthy organic modern!

  13. Oooh I love this! What a wonderful choice to lean into the moody greens. How do you think the rug will hold up to dog nails? We’re hunting for a new rug (for a green living room) but have two dogs. Looking for cozy but durable!

    1. Unfortunately I had to return this rug – I loved how it looked and felt when it was new, but it wore terribly. After a couple months it was all matted and looked really bad. We have a small dog, but I think just walking on caused the matting. Such a bummer because it’s a beautiful rug! Article was great about returning it even though it was past the 30 day mark.

  14. Would Kaitlyn mind sharing what the wood flooring she installed was? Thanks so much!

  15. Can anyone advise on how this sectional or corduroy in general holds up to dogs? I love this look, and Emily makes great points about how corduroy reflects light in a beautiful way. I have to wash my current fabric covers often to keep living room fresh thanks to my large dog. Is corduroy machine washable and/or does it hold up to being trampled/pull by doggie claws? Also does dog hair stick to it more or less easily than other fabric materials?

  16. I love this! Please do more basement makeovers, I need inspiration for mine 😉 I would especially love to see what you do with that unique basement dilemma, the tiny half-window (quarter-window?) sitting right next to the ceiling, when the basement is located pretty far below-ground. I’m not trying to pretend that my basement media/TV room will ever have natural light, but what do I do with the window? Cover it with a Roman shade and really lean into the zero-light aesthetic? Just ignore it and do something cool with art and sconces on the big blank wall behind my sectional? Searching Google for basement design ideas give a lot of… not pretty…. examples.

    1. not having seen your space or knowing your aesthetic, I think it could be cool to do a full-height, full-width wall of drapery. it would soften the space and make it feel very cozy! a little Roman would work too (and probably be more affordable, haha)

  17. I really LOVE this! The colour scheme, the sofa, the rug, the lighting – all so cosy and restful, stylish and gorgeous. Great job!

  18. Beautiful!! I’m about a year into owning the ubiquitous Article leather sectional that every blogger owns. It is gorgeous, aging well, unbelievably comfortable, and I am not kidding arrived in LITERALLY 48 HOURS. My husband and I were like, what is even happening??? I just ordered a bunch of counter stools and am hoping I have the same reaction to those. If I do, I’ll be buying a lot of furniture from Article…

  19. I love how the dog is central to the design! This room is gorgeous and so relaxing, love that gorgeous green.

    Now will someone please explain to me how this is a basement? My definition of basement is a space that is below grade, and therefore does not have windows/doors to the exterior, unless the windows are very short and up near the ceiling, and the door is an access door like in the Wizard of Oz.

    1. I’m guessing it’s a split-level home – it looks similar to the splits in my area at least – where there is a main level, half a flight up to the bedrooms/upper level, and half a flight down to this lower level/basement. When you have the three levels, the lowest often gets called the basement.

    2. Most basements where I live in Georgia are built on a hill and have one side that is on ground level. You have a door to the exterior at ground level and that side will have normal sized windows. Our house has one whole side that is ground level and then around the corner on the back of the house is the exterior door. The rest of the back of the house is on a slope that goes up to the ground level of the front door and garage, one floor up. Does this make sense?

      1. Yes, but we always call that a ground floor where I lived most of my life (California). Basements were purely the ‘stairs down to the scary storage/maybe the laundry’ – I guess it’s regional. Thanks for the answer!

  20. Emily, I never thought you lost your paint groove but this is paint perfection!! I LOVE so so much about this room. It looks so warm and cozy and love the tone on tone green. So glad Kaitlyn decided to be brave bc this room is such a win.

  21. Fabulous space!! Loved all the links for everything .We have basement very similar with the split wall/ foundation . Unfortunately ours is L shaped , awkward but we are trying to figure it out. Anyhow, would love to know what the flooring is beneath that gorgeous rug? .

  22. Beautiful! I love this room! But do those white cords on the sconces bother anybody else? I would get those switched out for darker cords. You should be able to do it at a lamp shop. Or, if you’re handy, you can do it yourself.

  23. You really did nail the paint color! It is a delicious space! I wish my basement had a window that large.

  24. I love it! Love seeing peachy orangey terra cotta tones coming back around alongside earthy greens. Totally my vibe, especially somewhere meant to be cozy not airy. More than ever I need to figure out a better TV watching setup for my family! Going to check out other article sofas – they do have a good reputation and not just from EDH.

  25. I love how this beautiful basement turned out. Being from the PNW, and living in Europe for over 20 years, I feel this room is a perfect blend of PNW with a scandinavian feel!

  26. Brava for a wonderful makeover and truly lovely result. Imma say something about dark-painted rooms. It’s not a criticism. It’s my experience, and I can’t be the only one. Okay: I can admire dark rooms but cannot live in them. I get physically uncomfortable, then emotionally uncomfortable, then just angry. It’s something to do with my eyes. I’m a person who cannot / does not drive at night except on streets I know by heart and in case of compelling reason. Why? Because oncoming headlights blind me in a big, big way. Same thing in dark rooms during daylight: the windows blind me, and feel like interrogation lamps boring into my pupils. Uber-uncomfortable. Anyhow: is this something acknowledged in the design world? It looks good but some percentage of people simply can’t tolerate it? Or am I, for the first time ever, truly the only one? Ha, doubt it. I’ll end as I began: the room is gorgeous and I’m glad the owners love it.

  27. Beautiful room! And this paint color is perfection?

    where are the window treatments from? They look great with the paint color

  28. Beautiful and definitely inspiration for my basement! If I’m reading things right, I should share that I’d like the Lenia Media unit to be entered into the giveaway!

  29. I’m so ready to pull the trigger on this green corduroy sectional with ottoman but I’ve read reviews that say the corduroy rubs flat where you sit after a short while? Anyone experienced this?

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