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The HIGHLY Anticipated…Farmhouse Living Room Reveal – Let’s Get Into It:) + LOOK! MOM! I’M ON YOUTUBE!

Welcome back for the big “reveal” day. Also, I’d like to officially rebrand the word “reveal” and instead use “my-current-iteration-that-I-love-but also-might-change-because-a-house-is-a-living-breathing-soulful-space-full-of-family-kids-and-dogs-and-might-never-be-truly-done”. More importantly, (and seriously) I have an announcement: Y’all!!! We Are Showing Off This House On YOUTUBE!! That’s right – we have started to produce long-form non-spon videos documenting each room process and reveal. We have years of footage that we are collating and editing to tell the story of this house. I haven’t enjoyed being in front of the camera this much in a long time. You see, unlike Tiktok, I like long-form storytelling where I can talk and talk and talk, especially when I can be super myself and transparent (it’s my own house, I’m paying for these videos so I’m in charge!!!). After looking for a long time, we found a great Portland-based video producer, Michael Raines, that got my vibe, brought creative direction and experience, and made it fun from the first second (that is VERY important to me as an Enneagram 7 like me). He also takes hilarious family and pet portraits in the Lloyd Center Mall (coming to you soon over Christmas). This one is our first official video and while we are of course learning a lot as we go, I really like it:

So before you look at this room “reveal” (or later if you are at work) don’t forget to watch the video – I had so much fun and I really think/hope you’ll enjoy it. We also did a shorter version (literally 1/30th of the length) that will be at the end of this post as well (and a reel, and stories, and pins and Mal is making TikToks, a Thread, a tweet, YouTube shorts, FB post, and potential IG lives – social media is super easy you guys!!!!). But seriously I’m very, very excited so please watch it if you are interested at all and if you do end up liking it go ahead and smash that “like” and “subscribe” button 🙂

As a reminder, we are in the living room – the huge room in the middle of the house that at times felt almost too big. If you are just catching up, either watch the YouTube video or read the recap. It was a long journey to get here so I’m excited to show you where we are at today.

It’s pretty darn inviting, comfortable, and cozy. All our favorite players are here – blue, green, wood, a ton of vintage that I’ve collected over the years, and a heavy dose of texture and velvet. It is not exactly the “minimalist shaker” living room that I had espoused years ago, but things change folks 🙂

Sofas | Chandelier | Vintage Articulating Sconce | Single Sconce | Throw Blanket

The two matching sofas (from Lulu and Georgia) are super comfortable and deep (but not too deep), a great scale for the room, and bridge that gap between traditional and modern. This angle shows the lighting so well – all locally assembled by Rejuvenation – the ceiling light really helped center/ground the conversation area (which seems odd since it’s on the ceiling but you get it). Then we combined a vintage articulating sconce over the dining nook with a more traditional fabric shade sconce for great light. In this shot, you can see how the living room interacts with the dining nook and kitchen – it all works pretty darn well!! And those scenic doors from Sierra Pacific – it’s such a dream (but we keep them closed on hot days obviously).

BTW – look how the Mantra wall color (that slight pale blue) changes so much! So often it looks light gray-blue, but here it looks green-blue (dare I say Robins Egg?). Sometimes I think it’s almost perfect and other times it feels a little too green. But see below! Perfect!

Wall Color | Trim Color | Double Wall Sconce | Tall White Planter (unavailable) | Sideboard (vintage) | Art (vintage) | Black and White Planter | Spindle Candles | Black Cone Candle (similar) | Chair (vintage + similar) | Roman Shade | Outlet Cover

Lots of dead people you recognize I’m sure (Sunroom reveal coming later). We have this oil portrait from 1740 (how have I not named her yet??) that I bought at an antique mall, the sideboard I bought at Round Top, my Cherner chairs that I’ll hoard forever, and a new plant that I’m shockingly keeping alive! Shout out to Drake’s 7 Dees on Scholls Ferry for having such a pretty indoor plant selection.

You’ll notice that I did the curtains and the Roman shade on that side in the same fabric – but two different styles in addition to the Japanese Boro shades. She is getting feisty in her 40s! (I love the combination very much – and Decorview does such an incredibly fantastic job).

Drapes | Chair and Ottoman (vintage + similar) | Ball Pillow | Magazine Rack (vintage) | Ceramic Scultpure (vintage) | Stool (vintage) | Ceramic Wall Art (from Sara) | Abstract Art

I think my favorite area of the room is this random little vignette or the dining nook – it just feels so much like me. I bought that Papa Bear chair online from a “vintage dealer” for way cheaper than most originals are (they run about $15k). I bought it for under $3k thinking it was a steal and then found it all over the internet for $1,500. SOOOO… But I still like this vintage dealer a lot (I don’t think they were trying to scam me) so at least I was supporting them and not a knockoff company (she tells herself to make herself feel better). The art on the left by the curtains are two pieces of small pottery framed by one of my former EHD favorites Sara Ligorria-Tramp – a gift that brings me a lot of happiness every time I look at it. I miss you, Sara:) And I found a place for that weird Victorian ball and stick magazine holder! The MaryAnn Puls piece of art is on the right and I LOVE it in this room – it marries all of the colors.

Sofa “Throw” (vintage)

If you’ve been following for a while (thank you) you’ll see so many things that I’ve collected over the years and it was so fun to finally style them in the house and make it feel like home. I have no idea which of these pieces I would buy again if I saw them with fresh eyes (I think all of them) – they are just kinda part of me at this point and I love them so much. The blanket on the back of the sofa is another vintage Japanese Boro quilt (I like how it pops off the green) and that blue velvet chair from Soho Home is excellent.

Velvet Chair | Sqaure Pillow | Drink Table | Rug | Wood Side Table (vintage) | Black Table Lamp | Coffee Table (custom) | Leather Wrapped Rock (similar) | Ruffled Tray | Rust Vase (vintage)

The most beautiful coffee table here is in full view (read this post if you want to see how we had it made). That tray is from Spartan Shop (a splurge for sure, but the most gorgeous ruffle tray on the planet by Dina No). The vintage vase is from one of my favorite PDX dealers, Shop Wilma (‘sup Annie), and what stack of books is complete without a leather-wrapped rock?

Floor Lamp | Log Holder (unavailable) | MCM Cabinet (vintage) | Tiny Drawer Storage Piece (vintage) | Black Vase

The Saturday before the shoot I was finalizing every single room when I decided to rearrange everything. I put the electric piano on the landing upstairs, put my primitive blue/gray sideboard where the piano was, and then this wall was empty. I didn’t want another surface to style or anything too open and busy. So I went on Facebook Marketplace and found this mid-century modern piece, asked the dealer if he could deliver and within two hours it was in my house. It wasn’t cheap ($600) but I actually really love it. As you might know, strong-lined Mid-century pieces are coming back and this teak wood tone looks soo good in here (especially with the island nearby). The top tiny drawer situation is separate – I just threw it on there to add more of a structured sculptural shape. I gifted myself that Noguchi lamp after wanting it for 10 years. It makes me very happy.

Throw Blanket

Here you can finally see how the living room, kitchen, and dining nook all work together (through that door is the family/TV room which will get revealed once the magazine is out!). The space works so well – I’m extremely pleased/relieved. It feels super cozy and connected, but having the two-facing sofas makes it feel separate in a really good way that I hadn’t predicted.

Scenic Doors

Y’all – we brought in the light and opening it up to the backyard is heaven.

Sling Chair | Lady Portrait (vintage) | Picture Light (unavailable ) | Plaid Bolster Pillows | Kava Bowl (vintage) | Popcisle Stick Planter (vintage + similar) | Small Art on Mantel | Large Art (vintage) | Abstract Wooden Sculpture (vintage) | Black Vase (vintage) | Wooden Scultpures (vintage)

I didn’t want a million pillows in here so I searched for very long bolsters – and y’all there are so many great ones on the market right now. These are from Schoolhouse and brought in some quirk and pattern. I had also bought two long faux leather ones from Target that actually looked really good, too, but these have so much more personality (and are a lot softer).

So how do I feel about this room? Y’all, I’m not about to sit here on a reveal day and pick apart my own design. I love everything in here, AND at the same time yes, I have some things that I don’t feel are working as well as I thought they would. Is that possible? To love everything and yet know that if tones were tweaked or depth was added it would be better? Sure! But that’s for another day. I truly love being in here and I really really really like it. I am really proud of what we’ve done and how this looks (I’ll tell you my thoughts soon I promise, but not today). Today, however, we celebrate these before and afters because I love and am grateful I’m living in this super comfortable, pretty, and cozy room for a while before I attempt any changes.

Oh and if you haven’t watched the full YouTube video yet (what are you waiting for??) here’s a little teaser to convince you:)

Outfit: Blouse | Jeans (old Levi’s) | Sandals

Living Room Resources:

Sofas: Lulu and Georgia
Lighting: Rejuvenation
Accent Chair: Soho Home
Custom Coffee Table: Purl Samoheyl and Billy O
Rug: Amber Lewis For Loloi
Wood Flooring: Oregon White Oak by Zena Flooring
Windows and Doors: White oak, Double Hung by Sierra Pacific Windows

Drapes and Roman Shade: Decorview
Wall Color: Mantra by Sherwin-Williams
Paneling Color: Extra White by Sherwin-Williams

Stairwell Color: Smoky Blue by Sherwin-Williams
Lighting and Outlets: Rejuvenation
Table: Dinihanian Design Build

Bench Seat: ARCIFORM
Stools: Schoolhouse
Upholstery: Raleigh Hills Upholstery

*Design by Emily Henderson and ARCIFORM
*Photos by Kaitlin Green


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133 thoughts on “The HIGHLY Anticipated…Farmhouse Living Room Reveal – Let’s Get Into It:) + LOOK! MOM! I’M ON YOUTUBE!

  1. Love how this space turned out! As a lover of vintage pieces and a long time fan of yours, it’s great to see objects that you’ve collected over the years, that I recognize from your previous homes, show up in here. It shows how decorating is a marathon not a sprint, and how layering objects over time yields the best results. Thanks for the inspiration as always.

      1. AHH, thanks KJ!!! and Colin. that means so much that you have been following so long and can spot my pieces 🙂

        1. Here I was feeling guilty for noticing the toilet paper resemblance 😂😂😂

    1. I call for a lady-portrait post!
      where’d you get her? who is the artist? Is there a title? Any significant history? Paintings like her on Etsy?

  2. Love your final sofa choice, they look so inviting. That Noguchi lamp has been on my mind for ages … maybe it will have to make its way to me in my next home. I’m jealous of that ceramic sculpture piece in the vignette area, but I’d be terrified my dog or kid would knock it over! Favorite piece might be the little stick and ball magazine rack. It’s just so charming.

    The one section I’d love to see changed up is the fireplace, it seems like it would benefit from more depth. I can’t remember if you explored removing the paint to bring it back to brick?

    1. Ah thank you 🙂 The toilet paper sculpture is SO HEAVY, that’s not to say the kids couldn’t knock it over but it feels way more solid than it looks. And yes, I want to lime wash the fireplace 🙂 it just needs something besides white on white 🙂

  3. The video really makes this space shine. Highly recommend watching it. Beautiful, Emily!

    1. thank you thank you. we had so much fun – and i’m not just saying that. I’m loving doing it. I used to think youtube had to be short and sweet and i’m longwinded with so much to say, so making it 15 – 20 minutes feels so freeing. xx

  4. Love it!! The two matching sofas facing each other were definitely the right call!! Also, I love the reframe from “reveal” to “is it ever done?” since this is such a central room and provides endless opportunities for styling!! Can’t wait to follow along to see how the various vignettes evolve (soooo excited to see this room decorated for Christmas!! I feel like it’ll shine even more!)

  5. This looks great – such an awesome job and sooo much brighter inside! I think my favorite part is the sofas because they look so inviting and their color is perfect.

  6. Ooooh yay!!! Highly and RIGHTLY anticipated I’d say!!! It turned out soooo good, Emily!!! I think the best thing is how genuinely happy with it you are and how genuinely cozy and livable it seems! That conversation area “feels” SO COZY in the pictures!!! I know that is something you struggled with for a long time an d I think you absolutely cracked the formula here – it looks really comfy and fun, very grounded in the space and like it should always have been so – perfection! The Teddy Bear Chair is a delight however much it may have cost, and your Boro fabrics absolutely shine on those windows – they make the whole room for me! I also LOVE that you’re branching out into longform videos (again) – getting that YT-video on Sunday was such a treat and it turned out so well! I loved the documentary-y and narrative feel 🙂 If you are taking any notes, the one thing that would have made it even better in my eyes would have been to have more filmed ‘reveal’ footage of your living room – either interspersed with the dialogue or at the end. I would have loved a more extended video tour of the space, since it gives you a very different insight than photographs can, but other than that delightful!! 🙂

      1. I’m thinking maybe they needed to keep the reveal footage minimal because the formal “reveal” hadn’t happened yet.

        1. We totally agree re more reveal footage 🙂 its something we are fixing internally. Next time we are going to make sure that the reveals of it really pop from all angles and give way more eye candy for you guys.

  7. I love this space!! The Boro curtains are fabulous and I love the two couches and the blue velvet chair. The vintage and art pieces all work so well, too. I’m excited to see the space decorated for different holidays and for the space to be rearranged and tweaked throughout the years.

  8. Lots of stuff in there but nice things. The vintage magazine rack reminds me of an elderly butler carrying a heavy tray. I think too much on it. The link to the rug doesn’t work for me. Not sure if it’s me or on ur end.

  9. Congratulations. The “after” photos say it all. Just a stunning transformation.

  10. Love it! And also looking forward to all the iterations in the future! Posts with changes and tweaks to your rooms are some of my favorites, because it’s where I feel like I learn the most!

  11. EMILY!! Those side by side before and afters – wow, what a difference. This room has come a long way, and after so many different furniture rearrangements, I love this one the most! The green sofas facing each other with that beautiful coffee table – I just love it, especially with all of your personal touches added. It is 100% you. Well done – it’s a lovely room.

  12. Getting to see the video reveal one day early was such a treat. I love the space and how you defined a little reading zone with the chair near the sunroom. When I saw the piano was gone I thought, “hey, it would be a pain to get upstairs but maybe she could put it on the landing up there” so it is fun to hear that is what you did! The living room is such a nice mix of cozy, refined, and collected. I actually didn’t realize you had scooched the two sofas closer together but when you mentioned that on the video it all made sense for why the sitting area looks so good – what a great tip in terms of how to furnish a large space! Thanks for all the design inspiration. This was definitely worth the wait and really appreciate how you took us through the process over time – so much more satisfying than “just” a before and after.

  13. You’ve knocked it out of the park, Emily. The couches and Boro fabric and mix of tones in here are so cozy, and I’m so impressed you got everything on scale for such a large
    room! As a fellow owner of the identical piano, I thought I’d miss it here, but design-wise, your new vignette is better. But do you still play it on the landing? Also, do you think the gorgeous fabric will fade in the windows? Thanks so much for that awesome YouTube video. I want more!

    1. I’m curious about the piano too! We’ve been thinking of replacing our current digital with a similar cabinet style one. Since it will be in our living room, we’d like it be a good musical upgrade from what we have, while also fitting in like a “living room worthy” piece of furniture. So silly, but I was looking forward to seeing how yours worked with the new design! Definitely interested in more piano content, lol!! Love the new design though!!

  14. I love everything about this room. It’s all true EHD — albeit a more grown up and sophisticated version of OG Emily but still with such great personality and character. Bravo.

  15. Love how it turned out. And I enjoyed the video too. The video shows depth so much better. You created a beautiful house.

  16. Gorgeous! The couches are simply perfect, every time you link them in a post I contemplate them in my home for the millionth time. I have a post request that you reminded me of. I would LOVE to know the ins and outs of organizing what spaces are shared here versus in the magazine feature. I have a few spaces I think you have reserved (the TV room you confirmed here!) but I wondered if the kitchen will also appear in the magazine. It’s such a gorgeous space it seems like a shoe-in so wondered how that all is arranged. 🙂

  17. Looks so cozy and homey! And looks truly Emily, if that makes sense. 🙂

    I have a logistical question because I have agonized over this for our own house: for your huge doors that open onto the back yard, what do you do for screens to keep bugs out? Some magic solution? Just not bother? Please spill all the secrets.

    1. So after living in the Seattle area for 6 years, I realized it was as very strange for many houses to have screens on the windows. We would leave the doors open and hardly anything would be “bugging” us. It’s a very different story where I live now in the Midwest.

      1. That is so fascinating! It’s a different story in the eastern US too — anytime I leave a window or door open without a screen, I regret it lol.

      2. Yes. It’s just not a big issue in the PNW. I leave my back French doors open every summer evening 🤷‍♀️

    2. Another secret of the magical PNW outed! I have lived in my Seattle home for 31 years and I don’t have any screens. My back door is propped open from morning to post-dinner and we sleep with the windows flung open (though usually it’s too cool for this).

      1. it is really great. our house in LA was so overridden with mosquitos by the last year that we lived there (it was like on the news it was so bad) that we could hardly be outside without deet. I also am a MAGNET – just one of those people who they go after. Anyway, nothing up here. its just so wonderful 🙂

    3. Bugs aren’t a real thing here, but yes these can come with screens, too. but then yah, you have to deal with screens which are less pretty. I might say that if you aren’t going to use them a lot in the summer because of bugs then it might not be the right product (french doors are also lovely). For us we also think about losing our precious AC that we put in so when its crazy hot we don’t like to leave them open either. So its more of a spring/fall weekend or morning in the summer situation. Its definitely specific. This is our first summer with them and we just got back from being away for a couple weeks so we’ll see how much we use them and if the bugs bother us!

      1. Thank you for all the deets! Wow, I am jealous of a world with no bugs. Might have to move to the PNW 🙂

  18. What a wonderful space! I love how it looks overall and so many specific aspects of this room. The two green sofas with the blue rug and coffee table are just so right together and the check bolster pillows just make the whole scene come alive in the best possible way. And of course both the sofa blanket and throw blanket work so well here, too. I have to mention the low round wood receptacle under the coffee table – it’s so charming but also so functional there.

    The vignette by the sun room is a joy to behold. I love the armchair, the amazing magazine rack, the packed-with- significance boro fabric curtains and that incredible sculpture that so intrigued me when I watched the video. What a great opportunity to show off so many pieces you’ve treasured for years!

    I look forward to endless updates about this room. The space distills years of years of immersion in art and design and careful attention to sources of joy!

    P.S. I have been looking pictures of rooms in Bunny Mellon’s homes and no, the gazillionnaire’s spaces are not exactly relatable but I noticed that many had lots of architectural features that had been covered in white or very subtle pale colors. Seeing these references gave me a new appreciation for the walls in this room!

  19. So beautiful, Emily! It’s hard to pick favorites. As others have said, those sofas were meant to be there. The green color makes my heart sing. Also, I wondered where you were going to put the script art and I spy it in your dining area, so good. The Papa Chair is a sculpture all on its own. You’ve really hit your goal of making this a modern, bright farmhouse.

  20. So beautiful, unique and so you. Congratulations!!! I get the sense that the labor pain was well worth it for you, at least I hope so! One random question that I always have when I see an indoor/outdoor situation with large (beautiful) doors like this and no screens: are bugs an issue?

  21. This is lovely. The way the couches are arranged really helps make the room feel more cozy and inviting. Looks very comfortable. And I really like the dining nook!

  22. Ahhhh Emily it looks so good!

    I have been looking forward to this! I was stressed about this room haha – so big and tricky – but you pulled it together beautifully. The two matching sofas are perfect. 

    Also – I meant to say earlier – I think the reason you weren’t liking the wall panelling is because they are horizontal lines – making an already big wide space feel even wider. 

    BUT now that you’ve added vertical lines (art, curtains, floor lamp, tall furniture) and layers of varying heights, the horizontal panels are balanced and provide lovely texture.

    Off to pin! 🙂 

  23. You did it! Like your first LA house took that floral upholstered chaise longue’s vibe and ran with with it! Winding up at a real farmhouse experience, IMO. This looks like it’s been done over generations, in a well-lived life. And the two sofas are so perfect with that chair and coffee table. That little grouping alone, chef’s kiss.

  24. You have the greatest individual pieces, from the Humphrey chair, vintage counter swing lighting, influenced papa bear chair and ottoman and Serge Mouille iconic lights, Noguchi smiling lamp …….
    I kept asking myself, why isn’t this place singing more? It has all the pieces, great details from the brass switches to vintage accessories ….I knew going in with that really tough challenge of low ceilings, exaggerated by the size of the room it would be tough. High ceilings give so much wow to a room plus forgiveness of space for all that breathing room and volume to balance all those great pieces.
    ‘I get it when you love a piece of fabric, that busy Japanese patched patchwork, and that it is handmade and different, at the same time it is not helping that space, would you consider looking at the room without it,? the photos without that extra busyness of it look an easier space to be in and let the rest survive/thrive.
    I am being direct because I don’t imagine you bringing up the low ceilings as the reason, you are not in love with it. When you factor in the volume of space you had to work with I think it is tremendous result and that you maxed the opportunity and I believe it will be great to live in which is the most important thing. I think tough to get those awe jaw dropping rooms without the high ceilings. It may be too close to personal with me, I won’t buy low ceiling again, I did it once, the same furniture in that compared to my next homes with 11 ft, 12ft and 14ft ceilings., incomparable. To finish low ceilings may be better for actual living, rather then photo covers, so I know you will be happy in the space. Just like some people in real life add that extra ft of model height.

  25. I love that it feels like a home and like your home. YES. Just got back from a long trip to Europe, where things are much older, so all of the weird commercialism is feeling extra strange to me right now. This feels like a real place where you can live joyfully with your family and fidget visually over time because that process makes you happy. In other words, perfect.

  26. Gorgeous, cozy, and personal! What a coup! And hooray for giving yourself space to just celebrate your hard work, full stop.

  27. I could look at these pictures and video forever – there are so many wonderful details and ideas that you keep seeing the more you look. I love the Papa Bear chair and I know the Boro fabrics are controversial, but I LOVE them. And having them pop up again on the couch is such a nice touch. My grandmother has made so many quilts like those from old Indian fabrics and saris, and now I think I have the perfect use for them on the many windows of our sun room – or at least a couple to make a statement. I love seeing that fun side table next to the couch again, and the fun wood accents and sculptures around, like on the mantle. I love the lady up there on the landing and how you switched the sconce out up there. I love the sconce in the dining nook too. It’s so clear that each section can be it’s own favorite spot. I hope you love this labor of love you’ve created!

  28. Just wanted to chime in and say well done!!! It looks fabulous. You totally stuck the landing on this “problem child” . I love seeing all the art & vintage you’ve lovingly collected.

  29. I love the addition of green. It makes the space look bright and fresh. Sofas are fantastic and so is the new blanket. However, I do think that the space is over-styled – there too many disjointed objects and patterns + small objects that are out of scale with the room. Removing half of the ‘objects’ would make the space calmer and more cohesive. I also find the styling choices confusing – is this a country home? is it Swedish, is is British? Is it mid-century? I think mixing midcentury pieces in a modern country home setting could be effective if it is executed with restraint – but here I feel it is overdone. I know you won’t publish this comment because all critical comments have been eliminated (which is a pity). Keep in mind I have been a huge fan and follower of EH (since the original HDTV show) so I don’t intend to be mean or spiteful. I wash hoping that EH would break away from mid-century style that was appropriate for her LA home . But I can see her love of mid-century and her large collection of objects (like the wooden hand, the chair on the landing or wooden pieces) is too strong and she can’t resist incorporating them with great density.

    1. I agree. I love so many individual aspects of the room, but as a whole it’s a LOT. The photo that shows the view of the sofa table with the all the books was too much. There’s so many objects that are beautiful on their own but I had the urge to eliminate them. There definitely needs a bit of breathing room in this space for my eyes to rest. Right now I’m just jumping from one vignette to another.

    2. completely agree with you. Also shocked to see your comment made it through moderation. The room to me feels like a series of vignettes with pieces that are moved around from one photo to the next. I can see doing that for a magazine shoot, but it seems odd to do in a reveal of “here’s what our living room looks like.” It strikes me as a collection of (too?) many things not yet fully grounded as a room.

    3. Agree. It probably looks better in person but in photos, for me there is just too much going on. I do like the sofas, and the MCM piece on the fireplace wall is lovely. Would be inclined to take out every single smaller item, throws, pillows etc., take a breath, and then slowly add back one bit at a time. Sometimes when I’m cleaning house or or changing out a rug, I’ll clear the odds & ends from a room (all of which I thought needed to be there) and just have this “AHHH” feeling at the fresh and uncluttered view that’s left.
      That might actually make a great post sometime, if you took out everything that’s not nailed down, leaving the larger furniture pieces of course, and photographed that, and then showed your readers the adding-back process in stages…

    4. Lol. Emily has always been a stylist who mixes lots of styles. But you’re mad she styled the space? What’s wrong with a love of mid-century (btw there aren’t even that many mid-century pieces here) or collection of objects? Despite your claim of not being mean this is definitely a mean comment (calling her unrestrained, “she can’t resist,” “a pity,” maligning things she loves)

    5. Another designer I follow commented recently that rooms seem more cluttered in photos. Now when I look at interior photos I’m really noticing this to be true. When you are in a space, your eyes (and brain) don’t process the objects all at once, but you see everything in a pulled back photo. That’s a long way of saying that I suspect the “stuff” looks good in real life.

    6. Alie, I think there’s a difference between a well thought out, well articulated, constructive point of view that maybe isn’t gushing but also isn’t, as you said, mean or spiteful. I suspect that’s why your comment has been published.

      Like Emily, I’ve been collecting furniture/objects for over a decade, but I find myself now having to curate my spaces a little more succinctly, simply because sometimes it’s just ‘too much’. Would I remove the books under the sofa table, yeah I probably would. Would I place the Noguchi lamp beside a sconce, I don’t think so.

      But overall I don’t see any confusion in the space…does it have to be defined as “swedish” or “british”? I don’t think so (I think it’s neither). I think the dining nook is pure genius, likewise the vintage sideboard vignette. The charm is that the living room reflects Emily and her family, not a contrived aesthetic. And I love that Emily can’t resist being wholeheartedly herself!

    7. I’m inclined to agree with Alie, but I also know that without all these styled items, commenters would be jumping on this room for being too “boring” and “sparse” and “blah.” Can’t win. I think it’s fun to peek around this space and visually explore all the interesting objects/books/furniture, even though it’s not to my personal taste! I don’t have to live in this room, after all, so I am not worried about the “clutter.” Isn’t that what reading design blog is all about, seeing how others style their home and getting inspiration, not carbon copying a room item-for-item?

    8. I agree completely. Love some aspects, including the couches, coffee table, and chair by the window. I am very confused by much of the styling, like the curtains and the lamp by the sconce. I also do not think the hand chair in the dining nook makes any sense for this house, but that’s just me. While I love the white fireplace, I keep thinking it needs some color.

    9. I agree 100%! To me, visually it looks so disjointed from too many objects. I think eliminating half – and making sure the scale is correct – would transform this room. And there’s SO many styles going on in here, which makes the space confusing. I think honoring the traditional/updated farmhouse look while incorporating some of her favorite “eclectic” pieces would be the right call. It can still have that EHD personality we expect, without feeling overbearing on the eyes. Also – the light blue paint color just isn’t working. Something warmer and more complementary to the other pieces would really help the room shine!

      Likes: LOVE the green velvet sofas and the arrangement, the windows and floors, the curtains, the rug, and the FB Marketplace piece. I’m also a longtime EHD reader and fan, and I honestly feel bad about even posting this. But as this is a public page and generates money from sponsorships, I think respectful commentary is good. It’s a GREAT space. IMO, it could be even better with a few changes.

  30. So beautiful!! Outside the window in the photo of the vignette with the Cherner chair I think you can see Emily’s large wooden bird and I LOVE it 🙂 It looks like you’re getting a peak at a big dino wandering through the yard 🙂

  31. I’m loving a lot of pieces in this room, but at least in pictures, the coaches and rug seem to clash? Or perhaps they’re too close together in tones that they don’t vibe well together? I think trading out the rug for a lovely one with gray tones, or perhaps a Persian, would help make the sofas and that awesome chair pop more.

  32. Looks good! A lot worked well, I really love the couches, lighting over top, and that you kept the ceiling and fireplace. I wish the kitchen and dining nook were separate I know the concern for light but there are. A lot of windows and having those as separate would make it feel less busy. Overall tho really like the space!

  33. Crikey, yessss!!! I watched the vid yesterday (yippee! re: YouTube), but these photos are great, too.
    The paint tones are very good! I love the subtle hues of green and blue.
    Did you notice that the previous owners also had velvet furniture??? In a variety of volours no less, including green! I’d soooo lurve a green velvet sofa, turquoise even.
    I genuinely wouldn’t change a thing, with the exception of the mantel – it is crying out to be w.o.o.d. to ground that side of the room and so it can ‘chat’ with the windows and doors.
    Something that surprised me in these photos, is that I wasn’t much of a fan of the rug…until now! The rug speaks to the Boro curtain panels!! I think it’s the ‘stitching’ vibe of the pattern in the rug. It finally looks right in the room. EMILY, YOU DID IT!!! YAAAAAY!!! 🥳

    1. Great point about the connection between the rug and the boro fabrics! And yes, a wooden mantle would create a similar dialogue between the fireplace and the door/window frames. So much to love in this space, and looking forward to seeing it evolve as a truly living room. (So much better than a ‘one and done’ approach).

    2. I agree- this is the first time I have liked the rug but here it looks really good.

  34. It’s just SO.GOOD. As an avid decorating enthusiast and long time reader, your home is by far my favorite out of anything I’m seeing anywhere right now. Again, this house knows who it is and is quietly and confidently bridging the gap between class and quirk (must be the lady decorating it). Finally a space that has personality and doesn’t look like a bot designed it but also isn’t a maximalist nightmare. I just love it. I could live there for years and not get tired of it. Thanks for doing you! And yay for YouTube!!!

  35. I love the coziness of the matching sofas, and all the fabulous funky sculptural treasures, vintage textiles, and quirky art! I had to zoom in frequently to admire all the details. The highlights of boro cloth and Noguchi add such an interesting touch, like an intriguing spice in a dish. It all makes me want to head out today to look for more unique finds. (Or wiser option for me, dig through my collected stash of special objects, art, and textiles, and play re-design!) I would love to hang out there.

  36. I bet you’re so happy it’s done and that you love it! It is really a great room, and I know it was not an easy one to figure out. All the light from those doors and windows is great. And I love that the huge fireplace is still there. And that it flows so nicely into the kitchen, with the dining nook there.

    1. Agree! Way beck when the layout was being debated, I was on the team “keep the kitchen in the middle of this great room.” But this layout is SO much better. I love how the kitchen is open, yet separate.

  37. Overall, it feels like you’ve nailed it. I adore how all the colors and textures flow. Those two green sofas MAKE the room. The symmetry is amazing in a space where you have so many things going on architecturally (windows, doorways to other rooms and staircases, etc.). And I love how low-backed they are so that your eye doesn’t get stuck on them and can slide ito the kitchen or sunroom. I also really like how you’ve “casual-ed” them down with the black-and-white bolsters so that the green velvet isn’t too fussy.

    The following two comments are only personal preference: Visually I don’t want a chair or seating arrangement in the opening to the sunroom. I suspect that you really just want to spot for that beautiful Cherner chair, and this was the only one you had. 😉 It’s not that it *doesn’t* work there, but my eyes just want a break. So that little area feels unnecessary and overly designed.

    Also, I just have the urge to pull back all the decor (knick knacks, art, plants) by something like 15%, to give my brain more of a rest. But I realize that’s a wholly subjective preference.
    Following your Instagram as closely as I do, I realize how much work you put into making this space feel good to you. And so those two “nits” on my part are likely totally irrelevant to your experience. Which is the only one that matters! Thank you for giving this armchair designer (and real-life therapist) an opportunity to engage in a little healthy countertransference. 🥰

    1. I agree it’s lovely overall, and I have the same two “nits” that you do. It could just be the angles we are seeing, but is the Papa Bear chair an obstacle if you are walking to the sunroom from the kitchen?

  38. Love the couches! Overall it feels nice, but a bit cluttered. Not always necessary to have ALL of you favorite stuff in sight. Pleas, do me a favor and on a day when you are hanging around listening to a podcast try the following:
    Declutter the mantel and just have the two paintings, the plant and the darker abstract vase. Remove everything ese. 
    Take away the chair from the landing- who would ever sit there?
    Take away the entire chair/lamp/magazine holder thing for the entryway to the dining room/sunporch. As well as that stool with the odd white sculpture. These all jsut block the walkway and entry to the sunroom and add visual chaos.
    Take everything off the coffee table.
    Get rid of little useless side table between couch near kitchen and the fireplace. There is a coffee table for use. Sometimes it is near the chair. Not needed.
    Take away the pile of books on the floor under the table behind the couch. Clutterish looking.
    Take away the random wooden container on the floor near the coffee table.
    Take away the banana light. There is sconce 2 feet away from it and it looks odd and crowed there with all the stuff piled on the MCM piece and the wood pile.
    Take away throw from couch near kitchen.
    Pull couches even closer together.
    No café curtains  – there is no need for curtains on these windows and they are an odd choice given everything else in the room.
    Just try these things- can’t hurt and it is free to try!!!!!

    1. Did you read back what you wrote before posting this comment? It essentially tells Emily to take away all her loved items that she is so pleased and joyful to share today after what was a challenging design process. Why is a comment with this tone necessary? You clearly have a different perspective and that is fine but listing out every item with an instructive to “take away” just reads as rude. I rarely comment but this really put me off.
      Emily ~ enjoy your lovely living room and everything that makes it “you.” Thank you for sharing it with us.

  39. This room is spectacular! One of my favorite things to do is to go back and forth between the images to see how some of the small pieces move depending on the angle of the shot. This tells me a few things: First, accessories/small tables are meant to be mobile. And second, while something may look great in person, things are altered for print to make the “shot.” Thanks for keeping this process real and amazing. Love it. And I want those couches now!

  40. Please, please paint the room BM gray owl. It’s an OG EH color (Ian Brennan, anyone?!!). I learned that color from you, painted two rooms in our home that color, and even though we’ve outgrown it in one of the rooms and are repainting it I feel like you should circle back to it here. It’s just slightly more sophisticated than the pop of mint that you’re dealing with. Especially when the gold light comes in. Plus it will play well with the couches, your kitchen tiles, your blue jeans, all your lovely greyed out green-blues. Also, want to add to the chorus of people saying that the room is chaotic, but lovely. It’s you! I think you’ve brought in so many different eras, and cultures, that it feels super american, in this weird way. Like, the style is AMERICAN, lol. Love it.

    1. Ohhh that’s an interesting call! I learned about gray owl from here too and have used it many times and agree it could look lovely here

    2. i feel strongly that another gray room is NOT what the world, or Emily needs. It’s been done to death and Emily has mentioned wanting to avoid it in the already-gray PNW. I think the Mantra is very sophisticated actually, reminds me of an English country home.

      1. I agree. Gray has had its day and I’m glad the world is moving on – it’s almost as if gray is chosen when people don’t know which colour to choose.

  41. I can’t imagine this room without the last-minute Marketplace find! It’s so perfect next to the large fireplace. I’m a bit younger than you and have a significantly smaller budget, but this room is such an inspiration to keep slowly collecting things I love.

  42. It looks nice. Maybe edit it a bit. It looks like a really well designed vintage store with a lot of stuff, and a lot going on. I am not sure I love the velvet on velvet on velvet. There is not much juxtaposition or variety there. I know you love the blue chair, but I would choose something different there, maybe leather. And I am not a fan of the blue patchwork curtain. Otherwise many of the little details are really appealing and the layout is good.

  43. The green sofas and the beautiful one-of-a-kind coffee table are my favourites items in the room. If it was me, I would bring back the piano. Your problem room turned out well!

  44. I would name the lady in the oil portrait from 1740 “Artemis,” for the dumb reason that it’s art and she’s a “Miss” and that Artemis, the Greek god, was a god of multitudes and seeming contradictions, like your design style :).

  45. What I think is remarkable about this living room is that a highly talented interior designer has skillfully pulled together a room that is sophisticated and eye-catching yet SO livable. The whole vibe says settle into one of those posh sofas, tall drink in hand, throw open the doors to the backyard, take in the view and breathe a deep sigh of contentment! Who could resist?

  46. In my opinion it looks fabulous!! I have read through the comments and some make me shake my head – especially the one that basically requests that all personality is removed from the room…. (I was surprised to see that the comment made it through) It’s a lovely inviting room and works for you and your family – that’s what matters. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  47. LOVE this reveal. It is so refreshing to see such a personal and unique style. Reading this blog is always a highlight of my day!

    Just a small idea for a later version of this room – I would love to see the paint color change. I think it’s too light of a color to get the contrast you were looking for from the white. It also appears too saturated, since the beautiful white trim looks dulled next to it. What about a color that is the same hue as the kitchen tiles, but a lighter tint of it? Still keeping darker than the current paint color. OR I actually loved the original white on white as well, as a clean backdrop for everything else. Just an idea.

  48. I think this is really lovely! I love the mix of eras of furniture and accessories, and I think the green of the sofas makes it — really warms up the coolness of everything else. Boo to the naysayers telling you to edit — i LOVE all the stuff! — but I do think the wall paint color is too stark and cold and that’s what’s making the room overall feel a little jarringly busy. I would change the walls to be deeper and warmer: either paint in a warm neutral — something from edward bulmer — or maybe a soft farmhouse vertical stripe wallpaper (I mocked up cole & son Eden Stripe in parchment) or an oatmeal-y grasscloth. If all your stuff in here were set against that more medium tone and provided that softer, warmer backdrop, it would feel cozier and softer and more finished, I think.

    1. I LOVE this look, great job Georgina with the mock up! The various blues and greens actually work instead of compete when the walls are a richer, warmer neutral. It’s wild how much a wall color can shift an entire room.

    2. Realistically though wallpaper will be a headache with all the things she has on the walls, lighting and art, and how tricky it is to hang things, change things up, etc.. That’s why she had to do the entryway with the hanging rod. But I agree, a neutral tone works so much better!

    3. I disagree. This color looks slightly dated and familiar. The Mantra is fresh and lovely.

  49. Hi Emily, k here,
    So your living room ticks all the boxes for me. Approachable, cohesive in that the rooms flow together nicely, pops of color which it sorely needed, some unexpected elements specifically the boro fabric curtains which makes it unique to you and overall a young happy vibe and a great place to be with your darling family!!! Enjoy Emily you nailed it!!!!

  50. Loveeee that you are doing longer YouTube videos! I wish there wasn’t the stock music under the whole thing. I found it very distracting and it made me want to click away from the video. Just a note for future videos.

    1. For what it’s worth, the music didn’t bother me at all. I barely noticed it but it gives the video a very polished vibe.

  51. Very nice. My only comment is that the window patchwork blue half curtains/shades seem totally out of place.

  52. Love everything especially the couches!! I’ve been afraid to use velvet because of our dogs. Do you find that dog hair is tougher with velvet vs fabric or leather? I’m thinking velvet might be more static electric. Sometimes even my leather couch has hair sticking to it. Oye vey!

  53. I love the color scheme, matching sofas, and all the windows. Well done! You nailed the main layout with the sofas and armchair. I’d be perfectly happy spending time in this room, but think I’d lose that sense of calm with my gaze competing amongst all the decor, vignettes, and tchotchkes. But I tend to prefer my rooms less busy and with some negative space. The paint color still seems off; it’s too cool and pastel, washing out that hard-earned natural light and doesn’t lend a cozy feeling to the space.

  54. Can you share where the new art in the dining nook is from? I checked the dining nook post and looks like it is different! 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Its mentioned in a post earlier this week about the some of the new living room art.

  55. 2 matching couches is perfect!! I’d lose that velvet chair….. if you need seating for more people, bring a chair from somewhere else temporarily. Otherwise, it looks cluttered & takes away from the feeling the 2 couches create

  56. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I’m so amazed how you made the paint color, rug, and fireplace all work together — and with the flow to the other rooms! But then again, it’s your super talent! Well done, Emily. This is going in my inspiration folder as greens and blues with wood tones are my absolute fave. 🥰

  57. LOVE this room! It is so comfortable looking, and hip and inviting. And very you. Well done. 🙂

  58. I love this room so much, Emily. The Boro curtains are the icing on the cake. They are so perfect. I would take this room in a heartbeat.

  59. Lovely. I was NOT sold on the Boro fabrics used as cafe curtains when you first posted about this. But now seeing it in the entire room and the interplay with the items, it is wonderful!

  60. Ok, I haven’t been commenting a lot lately just because life, too many open tabs, etc. But I have to jump in and say this. Was this “reveal“ what I thought it was going to be or expected? No. Does that mean that there was anything wrong with it? No. I feel like some people are probably swaying negatively because maybe it’s not the expected and usual perfect completely aspirational EH look. I honestly feel like this is a very lived in, semi-realistic, beautifully collected, eclectic look. It doesn’t look perfectly photo-shopped and styled out for a magazine shoot. I think that’s what the people that are commenting positively are drawn to. It seems just very welcoming and cozy. I feel like EH’s style has evolved and this is her forever home, so it’s a great collection of things we have seen over the years, which creates the collected nostalgic feeling, with a lot of new mixed in. Is it semi-cluttery? Yes. In a bad way? No. It’s real. Real homes feel like this. Personally, I love the collected look and feel. It’s warm. This is a family home. Full of insanely beautiful things.

  61. Beautiful!! As always. Well done. Loved the YouTube as well!

    (Not sure if this has been discussed before but I’m curious if you were pursued by Magnolia Network!)

  62. Stunning at every angle and so fun to take it all in. A room worth waiting for. I would want to live in that room!

  63. This room is SO GOOD. So EHD. You really had me worried there (for a long time!) but boy did you pull off this admittedly tough room. I think it’s your best living room yet. I’ve seen those sofas in so many places but they SING in your living room. Congrats! I know this room took a toll.

  64. Congratulations, it is beau-ti-ful! It looks so much “Emily”!!! I love it 🙂 Would really love to walk here, and seat in these sofas … really really love it!

  65. Hey, I watched the youtube video the day you posted and it was really enjoyable! I love hearing the process thoughts so much – it’s always way more interesting than a mere “this is the final look” kind of reveal. We live in our homes, not styled showrooms, and if we are design oriented and not hiring a pro, we are probably going through various iterations figuring out what function and pieces really suit our lives and the space. So I love hearing about design from a similar perspective.

  66. This really came together! I hadn’t been able to understand why you were determined to use the blue rug in the living room because it seemed like a colorful oriental rug would have worked better. With the cafe curtains though, it suddenly makes sense, and it occurs to me that the pattern of the rug is kind of reminiscent of boro fabric!

  67. Thanks for sharing! I’m wondering what material is used for the fireplace hearth? I currently have an ugly tile that I want to replace and debating white versus black marble. Have you burned a fire yet? How dirty does that white get when you do?

  68. I love how the room turned out AND as someone slowly searching for a historic home with unpainted woodwork, I’m sad to see all the woodwork that your removed when I look at the before shots. I didn’t realize you had an original built in until seeing the before video clips. I’d love to hear you speak to this decision making. Was the woodwork not to your tastes, or was there some structural reason to remove it?

  69. Love it, love it! It’s so personal and reflective of a collected story. Only question I have is the distance between the sofas and the coffee table. I feel like if a designer saw me do that in MY home there would be an issue. How does one put their wine glass down without standing up and taking it over?

  70. For rugs! Checkout or their insta @richclassdecor Unlike Big box brands & Loloi their rugs are handmade using pure wool. Loloi & other companies are leveraging influeners offering them big amounts of money to push a $50 fabric sold as a rug. I checked this with a chinese manufacturer. Loloi also imports from China & polyester is not eco-friendly you guys! Don’t be fooled with big names! I bought a loloi machine washable rug & i’m regretting it. I’m just a customer & i’m not getting any commission but wanted to share what goes on in rug industry. I love my rug because I have sen the videos of artisans daily weaving the rugs the way these are supposed to be made. Xoxo Jessica

  71. Really enjoyed the long-format you tube video. Please make some more. You’ve always had a personality for video/tv.

  72. This is gorgeous. Cozy, and clearly filled with things you love collected over time. I disagree with comments about removing multiple items. Not every 2023 design photo has to be so pared back and minimalist. It doesn’t have to be labeled or “define-able”, as clearly this is YOUR home, you love it, you live it. And I liked your intro statement of “reveal”. After all, all our homes are always changing! Congrats on a beautiful living room!

  73. love the paint color- it is a fresh look, light, but adds more warmth than white. I would never get bored as it changes- and good for the soul. Love when it changes tone to the pale green blue! Subtle but different than what I see everywhere else- need a visual break from either minimalism or saturated colors. This is a great space, so lovely, so livable and cozy, elegant and warm- but I must admit that I would weary of all the artsy organic shapes in the pottery, beautiful, but too many of the the same forms on repeat.

  74. While I love and appreciate the inspiration and thought-process about interior design on this blog, I really wish it would be more transparent when it comes to sponsorship and what products have been gifted in exchange for promotion. Do I care what one person pays for an item, No; but what does matter to me whether something is being promoted because it’s gifted rather than it’s promoted because it’s a great product and is worth buying. I love the green sofas and will likely be looking for a new one soon, but $4000 is an extremely high price for me. There are no reviews on it on the website, so it would be helpful if Emily wrote about the products, as in- Yes, I did buy this and it’s a great product, or this was gifted to me. And I understand that everyone has a different budget (there’s a $795 throw in the room) so $4K in comparison isn’t high – but for people with more realistic budgets I think it would be helpful to know why a certain product is being showcased on the blog.

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