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My Favorite Spot In The Farmhouse: Our Sunroom Reveal!

Today I have for you my favorite child/room in the house – not because it’s the BEST room (it sure might be) but because this room has brought me almost zero stress (comparatively). It was pretty darn easy to design/decorate, I had a clear vision, and has provided me years of happiness, working in here. She is just bright, happy, energetic, and comfortable. So with so much pride, I would love to introduce you to my favorite child – our sunroom/formal dining room/my writing studio.

P.S. If you are just landing here for the first time (welcome!) don’t forget to read about the process posts about how we designed the mosaic tile and border, the installation, and built this room from the ground up. While I say it was “easy,” it was still so much hard work by so many talented people and that’s more of a comparison than a fact. A huge thanks to the ARCIFORM team – Anne, Stephyn (that tile design/order was NOT easy to calculate), Adam Jamie (our building leads), and Level Plane Tile & Stone (our tile installers).

We, of course, made a really fun YouTube video so please go watch and subscribe!! I just love making them. Here’s a little teaser if you wanna get a taste (just wait for the short ad to run:)):

Dining Table | Dining Chair | Tile | Pendant | Windows | Skylight | Wall Paint

My design for this room was clear from day ONE – this room was for my own personal inspiration and daily JOY while working from home. I wanted to create an indoor room that had the same feeling, level of color, and pattern as our patio in LA that I loved so very, very much. And y’all, it does. It just SINGS. All my favorite friends came to play here – the blue and white Victorian tile (please note the border in the other shots), farmhouse table, contemporary chairs, vintage-inspired lighting, and just tons of blue, green, wood, gold, and all day long stunning natural light.

We decided to style it out for a dinner party (with dinnerware I already had) because you’ve seen snippets of this room enough that I wanted to show it off with a dress on it 🙂

The color palette works so well – the green of these incredible Athena Calderone for Crate and Barrel chairs worked so well with the blue of the Pratt + Larson tile (and somehow I found that perfect lampshade at a thrift store!). And while the wood of the chairs is technically different than the table they have similar undertones and are both matte (not shiny) and work perfectly. The second the chairs came in this room they were everything that I wanted them to be (and they are so comfortable).

Y’all these windows are INCREDIBLE. As I wrote about on Friday, we custom-designed and made them with Sierra Pacific to specifically marry the diamond pattern of the second-floor windows with the more traditional/modern grid of the first floor. They are just so beautiful (and yes, some open if we want). The Velux skylights in here create such soft light all day (they are north-facing which tends to be the best softest light). We didn’t have them in for a while and the living room and sunroom didn’t have the light we wanted. So once we put them in it solved this problem in both rooms immediately. These have light filtering shades and can open for venting, too. Even in the rain it’s such a dream to be in this happy room and hear it on the skylights 🙂

The tile has its own post (go here) but I want to make sure it feels properly worshipped on its big reveal post. We designed the color with Pratt + Larson, heavily inspired by so many Victorian mosaic patterns that I’ve been pinning for years. Again, a huge thanks to Stephyn from ARCIFORM for helping figure out how much of each tile we needed (I basically did the pattern with paper, but as you know I’m not good with “details” or “counting” and there was a LOT of details and counting – see below). Level Plane were our installers and they did an excellent job and really cared about it being perfect which matters with a pattern like this.

The lighting is the Rose City collection from Rejuvenation in an unlacquered brass that will patina with age. I love this fixture because (like all of Rejuvenations lights) you can really customize everything – the length of the cord, the finish, and of course the shade (I LOVE this deco shade and have forever). Also if you have a faulted ceiling the chain (versus a stem) makes it still fall correctly.

The table was custom-sized from a design by Elsie Green – a small furniture maker (with reclaimed material) in the Bay Area. It’s incredibly perfect for this space. We needed narrow (but not too narrow) and really long (120″), and I wanted curved ends and some round legs to offset all the squares from the tile and the windows. The chairs could not be more perfect with the table – the soft curve on the back was also what I wanted (to offset the squares) and the velvet feels so warm, comfortable, and earthy in a room with no other textiles. This room needed fabric (as most rooms do) and not just wood chairs with wood table and wood credenza.

Credenza | Chair (vintage) | Lamp | Art (vintage) | Black Tray | Wrapped Stone | Bookend Sculpture | Radio | Outlet Cover

This piece by Crump & Kwash out of Baltimore is so beautiful and timeless, high quality with some extra details that take it next level. It was hard for me to find the exact piece in here – there are a million great credenzas out there, but I didn’t want it to go too “TV stand” and couldn’t be as high as a buffet would be. Plus it needed to be shallow – no more than 19″ deep. This holds our printer and all my samples for this house for easy access. Please note the legs!!! I love (and looked for) a darker wood tone so it pulled you over there, grounded that wall, and didn’t just match the table and chairs.

Wooden Bird (vintage)

My antique wooden bird came inside and I love it even more in here. It did alarm people on the front porch so maybe it needed a context that was more whimsical? It looks fun in here (sorry I don’t think we got another shot of it). The other plants all came from either Arium Botanicals or Drake’s 7 Dees on Scholls Ferry. Both have EXCELLENT indoor plant selection.

Bowl | App Plate | Dinner Plate | Napkin | Placemat | Flatware | Water Glasses | Coup Glasses (similar) | Small Candlestick Holder | Large Ring Candlestick Holder | Green Candlesticks | Vase Pitcher (similar)

I wanted to show you what it would look like if I was having a casual (but slightly elevated) dinner party. These are all things I already had (like those white, lightweight Target plates and placemats I love SO MUCH). It’s amazing with a few pops of color (navy, sage-y green, and mauve) and some fresh flowers (these are from my garden). Highly recommend using a candlestick color in your color palette to add just a little extra something special:)

Fluted Planter (no longer available) | Tall White Planter (locally sourced) | Terracotta Planter

It’s such a great room to spend time in and I’m endlessly grateful that we could and decided to add it onto the house. This room definitely makes a case for going for bold pattern in the right places:) xx

Oh and don’t forget to watch that YouTube video!

Sunroom Resources:

Tile: Pratt + Larson
Windows and Doors: Sierra Pacific
Skylights: Velux
Lighting: Rejuvenation
Wall Paint Color: SW 7006 Extra White by Sherwin-Williams
Dining Table: Elsie Green
Dining Chairs: Crate & Barrel
Credenza: Crump & Kwash

*Design by Emily Henderson and ARCIFORM
**Tile Installation by Level Plane Tile & Stone
***Photos by Kaitlin Green

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8 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous!

8 months ago
Reply to  Vera

Beautiful, unique, interesting, comfortable, lively! Love it. I am curious about one thing. You mentioned not wanting the credenza to be buffet height. What was the thinking behind this? I would have thought that buffet height would be a perfect option: more storage and could be used for family style platters during a dinner party.

8 months ago

I have no words! However, I do have a similar workspace, and would love to see it styled as a casual workspace sometime. Just in your spare time! 🙂

8 months ago
Reply to  Theresa

Agreed! I’m curious how this works as a writing space. Do you just write at the dining table?

8 months ago
Reply to  Theresa

This is literally what I was coming to comment: Could we see it styled as your workspace now?

8 months ago
Reply to  Mera

Hear, hear! I’m SO curious about this.

Is the printer wired behind the credenza so that you open it and can access whatever’s been printed? Or do you mean you just have it stowed in the credenza and need to take it out/put it somewhere/plug it in to print things? So many questions here! 🙂

Dee Beesock
8 months ago
Reply to  Terra

Same questions! And I’m curious how it works to look at a screen with so much natural light around. Is there a spot that is shaded enough?

Kate Chisholm
8 months ago

This room is perfection. Epic and magical but also simple and stylish and unpretentious. A room you’ll want to be in for years and years. A room that will be like another member of the family in that it’s just so comforting to come home to and be in. Well done! Such a beautiful balance of practicality and ‘wow.

8 months ago

Hit it out of the ballpark on this one. I don’t know which item I covet more — those chairs or the credenza (OK, if I had to choose: it’s the credenza. Wow!). I can imagine that working in here is so restful, on sunny or rainy days. Gorgeous room.

8 months ago
Reply to  LouAnn

Your best work. Please you must do a HGTV SERIES with each episode a room/space. I could not sign Gmail account. Love the tile, windows!

8 months ago
Reply to  Jill

Jill, you don’t need a Gmail account to create a Google account. You can use any email account.

8 months ago

This space is pretty darn wonderful. I love the lamp! (everything else is just obviously so gorgeous)

8 months ago

It’s gorgeous! I’m soooo envious. Maybe envious enough to dream a little and put this on a wish list. Someday…… : )

8 months ago

Would love to see the blue Swedish “antique” hutch go on the credenza wall (or anywhere)!

8 months ago
Reply to  Claire

I was actually coming to ask the same thing!

8 months ago

I felt like I had seen this room often thru the blog. Not sad about this post and the long version video for this room though, it’s almost an in person visit to your space, oh, no need to fuss, I brought my own coffee. Thanks for the chat, the room is just so very lovely!

8 months ago
Reply to  Jen

Thanks for saying this, was about to post the same thing. Baltimore needs all the love it can get! Please correct this when you have a moment @EHD team.

8 months ago
Reply to  SG


8 months ago

Love the color palette you described! How are the acoustics in this room given the lack of curtains/rugs? I know you are sensitive to lots of noise so just wondering how an actual dinner party would sound with everyone talking and laughing?
On a separate note, how did the landing outside the kids rooms ever turn out? I think since the last reveal you mentioned it had changed again. Thanks!!

🥰 Rusty
8 months ago
Reply to  Amy

That is all I can say – drooling too much!🥰

8 months ago
Reply to  Amy

Oh good question about the acoustics!

8 months ago

Crump and Kwash is not out of DC! They’re out of Baltimore and a very proud Baltimore maker.

8 months ago
Reply to  Ilana

They are nowhere near DC! Glad it was corrected. Baltimore deserves the love. The sunroom is GORGEOUS!

Elise Thompson
8 months ago

Love this room and love how proud you are of it! I feel like you beat yourself up a bit sometimes, so it’s very nice to see your pride shine through especially regarding this bright and joyful room.

8 months ago

This is so gorgeous. And I love seeing your balloon drawing in there. 10/10 would demand to sleep in this room when I come visit.

8 months ago

So beautiful. You really did nail this space. The furniture looks perfect together. It must feel great to work in that space and to host dinner parties.

8 months ago

Love it!

8 months ago

Beautiful! Are the windows treated at all for UV and are you concerned about fabric/artwork fading?

8 months ago

There are so many incredible beautiful spaces, so incredibly amazing that they can still be topped by this gorgeous MULTIpurpose dreamy sun room! So many thoughtful perfect details!!! I was wondering also, did you notice the chairs backs look like cool stylized Hs for hendo? I kind of love that! I don’t know if you don’t like that, but the room for your eHd work so I feel like it’s such a chic, cool, subtle nod. Just like how there is the small nod to Henderson family in the kitchen! Ugh so great. And heck yeah Daylight is the bomb. Well done!!!!!

8 months ago

Love this room. I want to sit in it all day – especially in those chairs. Dreamy Emily, simply dreamy!

8 months ago

So beautiful and just love it! What size are the skylights in the sunroom? Also, are they the same size as are in your kitchen? We are looking at putting a Velux solar-powered, opening skylight in our kitchen and trying to visualize it. Thanks!

8 months ago

What a blissful, beautiful room, I LOVE it!

You, along with your design and construction team have created and built a beautiful, light filled space! It does remind me of your LA Tudor patio, which I loved, both had/have your marvelous wooden bird and share many other design touches, I can easily see how your patio inspired your sunroom!

Well Done Emily!

Roberta Davis
8 months ago

This is a fabulous space almost no matter what you put in it. Does it ever get too hot and sunny?

8 months ago

It’s just so happy!

8 months ago

Hi! It’s been amazing to see your spaces – will you remind us when the magazine with the entire house is available? After that, do we get a full house tour?

8 months ago
Reply to  LR
8 months ago

I adore that lamp with the pleated green shade on the credenza, but it’s not linked up 🙁 Please share the source!

Zerka NZ
8 months ago
Reply to  KL

My reading is that she thrifted it.

8 months ago

this space is way too beautiful!! as someone whos not an interior designer I wouldn’t have thought of pairing green furniture with navy floors, but I now see that it absolutely works here! all the wood tones in combo with the green, navy, and brass is *chefs kiss*

8 months ago

That bird in the corner is A+ quirky Victorian conservatory vibes and I’m super here for it. Lovely and fun!

8 months ago

I love the floor, the windows, and the credenza.

But where does the table go when you’re not using it for a dinner party? It essentially fills the floorspace, so it’s seems like it’s awfully big for a workspace. And where do the work materials go when it’s time for a dinner party again?

I’m just a little confused about how this space will be used.

8 months ago
Reply to  Paula

Dining table is perfect “desk” for designer, so we have room to spread out architectural plans, samples etc.

8 months ago

I love how multi-use this space is! I think it would be a wonderful spot to spend the day working, but I can also envision how magical an evening dinner party would be in here – picture it – dark skies, maybe some rain, twinkling, yet dimmed lights, yummy food and great friends and family… I can’t imagine anything better!!!!!! Sigh!!!!!

8 months ago

I think I love this room best too, although the kitchen is divine and we haven’t seen the master suite in it’s glory yet. But this room is so so great. My only question was about the challenge in finding fiurniture to fit. Since you built the room from scratch I’m wondering what drove the dimensions? Scale to the house? Cost? Windows? Just curious but it would also help my day dreams of building a replica seem more real.

Pamela T
8 months ago

This is just so beautiful. It exudes style, joy and whimsy. So, it seems perfect for you!

8 months ago

This room is just beautiful! I’d want to spend every moment there basking in the natural light! Those window are so lovely!

8 months ago

Lovely space – those windows are the star and the tile floor will be great for outdoor parties with folks streaming in that room for a hot/cold buffet.

Just curious if the lights are sufficient for the space? I don’t think I saw recessed ones. Of course candles are always a lovely dinner option!

8 months ago

It’s so smart to really USE a space, especially one that’s ever so pretty — and every day, not just on special occasions. So kudos for combining a work space and a dining space, heaven knows, our “formal” dining rooms get little to no use anymore, even before the pandemic. I am curious how you contain/corral the “work stuff” … pens, active project folders, etc. … and would ditto others’ interest in seeing how this works in real life. I’ve always had the luxury of a personal workspace at home but that doesn’t mean I will forever …

Eliza Alkire
8 months ago

I love the space, but I find it very interesting that you used pendants that are not meant for a sloped ceiling? Did anyone else notice this, or just me?

8 months ago

Hi, what kind of plant is the standing plant in the corner (not the fiddle leaf fern)? Also, would you mind sharing the paint color used on the walls? Thank you!

8 months ago
Reply to  E

The paint color is linked at the very end of the post. The plant is Audrey Indian Banyon Fig Tree – Ficus benghalensis ‘Audrey’

8 months ago

I thought I had seen this space on the blog a lot. I’m not upset about this post or the extended video for this room, though; it’s almost like I was there in person. Oh, and don’t worry; I had my own coffee. Thank you for the conversation; the space is just stunning!

8 months ago

The bones of this space were (literally) completely custom-made for you and they make a great addition to the home. The tile, windows, lighting and furnishings are the epitome of classic-eclectic Emily (the bird is needed to bring in the vintage quirk) with current Emily style (the new table and chairs etc) and it really, wonderfully works! The windows and tile customization are standouts here and I love seeing the blimp on the wall again!

8 months ago

Just absolutely gorgeous. I hope you have many years of enjoyment and work product coming out.

8 months ago

I love this