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DESIGN NEWS! 9 Product Launches That Will Make Your Heart, Eyes (And Home!) Very Happy

We wanted to start the week with happy and pretty news! I know I always feel a surge of inspiration when I see a new decor product line drop. It’s not because I need new and/or more things but because it’s a beautiful expression of someone’s (or a team’s) creativity. It feeds me! From there I might hit add to cart depending on whether something is a perfect fit for my home or maybe it just helps get me out of a design rut. Basically, it’s a positive regardless:) So here are 8 awesome and recent product launches our team has been pretty excited about. Ok, let’s get inspired, shall we?

West Elm x RHODE

I don’t think I need to even explain why I was so excited to see this collab. Look at those sweet patterns! I get feed a lot of RHODE ads on Instagram and even before I see that it’s them I think “Man, that’s a cute dress and I love that print.” So when I saw this collab pop up I knew it would be awesome before I even saw that full collection. Here are a handful of the pieces/some of my favorites.

Jawahar Duvet Cover & Shams | Thistle Shower Curtain | Toulon Stripe Pillow Cover

This duvet and sham set is perfect if you are looking for a slightly modernized floral pattern. It’s a little more graphic but still holds the inherent sweetness of this type of pattern. Then I don’t know if you read my decor trend prediction post I wrote a few months ago but statement shower curtains were on the list. So when I saw this shower curtain with its large ruffle and pattern mix I was VERY happy. How cute is it? It also comes in blue in case that works better for you. But if you just want a little pattern punch then no pillow is cuter than this one! That trim is SO GOOD and I love love those colors.

Salad Plate Sets + Dinner Plate Sets | Thistle Sheet Set | Wide Stripe Lacquer Tray

They even did some plates! That salad plate has my heart but the two stacked on top of each other would make maybe the sweetest place setting I’ve seen in a minute. So happy and fun. Then these are the sheets that are in the bedding photos above! The thistle print is both trendy and classic, the blue is a VERY EHD light denim blue (so we absolutely approve), and the little ruffle is such a cute detail. Finally, we love almost nothing more than a great tray. Top that with a graphic print and we are in heaven. This blue and white stripe tray is so versatile stylistically and would add the perfect design accent. Here’s a post I wrote to show you the power of a little pattern.

Lulu And Georgia x Carly Cushnie

Lulu and Georgia are at it again with another truly incredible furniture collab with designer Carly Cushnie! It’s soft, elegant, and very cool. She really leaned into beautiful shapes and very special details. We would expect nothing less from this collaboration:)

Leon Accent Chair | Yucca Sofa

Speaking of special details, get a load of this fringe! This chair is so fun and organic and will make a big design statement. Then this sofa looks soooo comfortable! And given that I have Ginny’s Belmont Sofa and think it’s very comfy and the Fabienne sofas in Em’s living room are also very comfy, I have no doubt that this sofa is also incredibly cozy to sit on.

Ceiba Bench | Kapok Dining Chair | Sabal Console Table

So not only are the softer goods awesome, but so are the wooden pieces! Look at these guys! That bench with the ball details and velvet bench top would look incredible in an entry or at the end of a bed. Then the rattan dining chair is so beautiful and versatile. Rattan is never a bad choice. And the stripes on that burl wood console table are very much me! The mix of the classic burl and a more graphic neutral pattern is just chef’s kiss.

Semihandmade x Leanne Ford

Our girl is back at it again with her first beautiful Semihandmade cabinet collection. Meaning these aren’t just fronts for IKEA cabinets anymore. They are the whole cabinet shebang!

This collection was meant to be small due to its very careful curation. There are three profiles – Shaker, Slab, and Frame (a brand-new design for SHM) that are offered in an aged White Oak front in a whitewash stain or a beautiful paper-white painted front (based on Leanne’s favorite shade of white — Shoji by Sherwin-Williams). Leanne and the Semihandmade team worked extremely hard to create the perfect white wash stain and sealant formula for their white oak cabinets and the results are clear in these stunning photos.

I also really love the hardware options as well! So if you are looking for custom cabinetry, we highly recommend checking out Leanne’s new collaboration.

New Mitchell Black Murals

Emily wanted me to make sure that I included these new awesome murals from Mitchell Black. Actually, she just ordered some samples for the river house which is VERY exciting. As you’ll see in a moment, the movement in these is just beautiful and they all pretty much look handpainted which I also adore.

Up The Wall Wallpaper Mural | Tangle Wallpaper Mural | Washed Wallpaper Mural

The first one on the left might be one of my favorites. I mean look at it in the sample photo above. It seems like it could be visually a bit over stimulating but the colors and pattern somehow are both exciting yet calming. Then if you are more of a neutral lover then the middle option is a great pick for you! It’s just cool and feels really versatile if you ever want to change up the decor in your space. The green paper on the right is also SO cool and beautiful. Man, that movement! It truly looks hand-drawn. Most of these if not all of these wallpapers come in other color options too!

Stacked Wallpaper Mural | Shagreen Waves Wallpaper Mural | Looping Current Wallpaper Mural

Ya, of course, I love the pattern on the far left. How could I not?! It really falls into Em’s quiet neutral wallpaper category perfectly. But for two more graphic options the blue paper and loop design paper are pretty awsome. They are a bolder statement but in the right space either would look SO cool!

Parachute x le FLEUR*

This might be the coolest collab on this list because it was designed with Tyler the Creator. Yes, THAT Tyler the Creator. His preppy fashion brand has now collaborated with one of our favorite bedding companies, Parachute, for the happiest pastel-infused bedding on the market.

Linen Venice Set | Alpaca Fringe Throw | Camo Linen Pillowcase Set

These are the three colors offered and although it’s subtle, the sheets have what they call a Digi Leopard print. They even have what looks to be a VERY cozy alpaca fringe throw, sphere pillow, and cute slippers amongst the bedding. I just think this is such a cool collab in colors that we typically don’t get together.

Backdrop’s New Murals

I nearly passed out when I saw this new line of wall murals by Xavier Donnell for Backdrop. I know they aren’t necessarily perfect for every home (trust me, I already tried to find a place in mine) but regardless they are true pieces of art.

Appian Way – Daylight

Take this mural which was inspired “the legendary road to Rome”. It’s just stunning. I’m in love with the colors of this version (it also comes in a more neutral colorway). It’s warm but calling and has so much dimension. I’m actually having a hard time describing why I love it so much! It really just makes my heart happy.

Ascendance – Dusk | Painted Sky – Air

But also GET OUT OF HERE with these too!! They just evoke so much emotion, don’t they?! The Ascendance has a chokehold on me. The way that Xavier paints is just so rich and layered. What an honor it would be to have this in your home. Then if you are looking for clouds, I’m not sure there is a prettier option than this one on the right. They are perfect.

New Article Furniture

If you’ve been paying attention even a little bit then you know Article is a go-to brand of ours. They have beautiful, high-quality pieces that are priced great and get to you fast. They are the best. Take a look at Kaitlin’s basement, Gretchen’s bedroom, and Emily’s back porch for the most recent evidence of all this. So when I saw they came out with some new pieces I was extremely excited! Come see.

Muhly White Oak Sideboard | Torme Smoked Oak Media Unit

Look at these awesome cabinets! Both Scandi-inspired and both come in the other finish so you’ve got options, baby. I love the detail of the inset pulls (looks so custom) of the sideboard but then I am so drawn to the clean and slightly chunky lines of the media unit. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Muhly White Oak Dining Table For 6 | Markham Large Brass Table Lamp

How good are those legs on that new dining table!? This table is both organic and postmodern and really is the perfect style chameleon. It would work with so many different homes. Plus it’s the perfect “not too big” but “not too small” dining table size. 10/10. Then do not sleep on Article’s lighting. I know they are mostly known for their furniture but their decor and especially lighting is great! I mean look at that cute new lamp!

Spoonflower’s Metallic Wallpaper Line

In case you didn’t know Spoonflower makes some pretty awesome metallic wallpapers! I too was more on the curious side but after looking through them and also having Emily really love them in person (there might be a special project with said wallpaper) I was convinced. There are truly so many options in so many different styles but here are 9 that I really liked.

Blackthorn | Scenic Trees Landscape Tapestry | Hunt Scene In Muted Red on Tan

William Morris is a classic brand and their patterns are iconic so getting to see some of them (like the one on the far left) in a metallic wallpaper is pretty cool. Another beloved motif at EHD is trees:) So this middle one, in that gold metallic, is a great way to spice up a classic look. I also love that silver metallics are an option at Spoonflower and how cute is the one on the right?? The pop of red is so good.

The Wild Swans | Cranes | Flower Tiger

These three are in the “Wild Glamour” category which is a fitting name. Those bird papers look so elegant and I think could work in a lot of different types of rooms. But for an even bigger statement, these tigers are so beautiful and were made to be in gold, don’t you think??

Art Deco Shell Black & White | Abstract Geometric Circle Black and White Print | Art Deco Sunset And Leaves

Lastly, we have the Art Decor category. I was really drawn to these three options. That shell paper screams “ART DECO” to me and definitely belongs in a gold metallic. The other two also feel so good in gold and would bring so much fun style to a room. There are honestly so many options that you will have a hard time choosing a favorite too.

Minna’s First Fabric And Wallpaper Collection

Lastly, we have Minna’s new fabric and wallpaper collection! I am a big fan of Minna and all of their textiles. So I was so happy to see these hand-painted, sustainably printed fabrics and wallpapers all designed by the founder herself! Let’s have a look.

Terrace Fabric Earth | Painted Grid Fabric Moonlight | Tower Fabric Sand

This first one really spoke to me when I saw it. I love a cool set of shapes and this color palette is highly varied but works so cohesively together. Then the delicate lines of the second is so good but not at all boring. Do you see the colors?! And for our warm-toned color lovers, how beautiful is the last one on the right? I love the tone variation and the soft modernness it has. Go check all of them out!

Pretty awesome, right?! Well, I hope this little boost of visual serotonin made your Monday a little brighter and maybe your home a little more complete:)

Love you, mean it.

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1 month ago

Hi Emily! This definitely made my Monday a little brighter. I love your work!

Donna J
1 month ago
Reply to  Elizabeth

Love these, and spent the last week seeking some cool wallpaper but they are SO expensive …. I’d love a look for less feature …

1 month ago
Reply to  Donna J

I had luck finding the wallpaper I liked at an online store that had a great sale, and also online at Home Depot. Home Depot price matches so I was able to order it from them with a big discount and great return policy for my leftover rolls!

1 month ago

New Studio McGee at Target collection out too.

1 month ago

Carla Cushnie has her first furniture line at Lulu and Georgia.

1 month ago

I love that Ascedance, too!
But I’m not a Leeanne Ford fan. She puts me into a coma.

1 month ago
Reply to  Paula

I don’t care for most of her tones, but I like these pickled oak cabinets. I think you could do it in a Gustavian/historic application with more saturated colors around. Less prone to marks than straight white cabinets with a little more texture, but still neutral enough to let the other elements shine.