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The 3 New 2024 Decor Trends That The EHD Team Are Betting On

I know it can seem a little mysterious how people, designers, and publications “call trends”. HOW DO THEY KNOW?? Well, first off these “calls” are mostly just educated guesses and the education part is because we are filling our eyeballs with design content every day. So naturally we can see things start to pop up and patterns start. It’s pretty fun and always interesting because sometimes I’m really excited and onboard and other times I’m less on-board and more, um, intrigued. So today, I’m going to talk about three trends that I’ve recently clocked that the team and I think are on their way to full trend status. Now this doesn’t mean any of you have to jump on the bandwagon! This post is just meant to let you in on the ground floor of what we think are going to be bigger trends this year! Let’s begin.

Trend #1: Statement Shower Curtains

A fun and very approachable trend! Within the same week, I saw these two posts pop up on my Instagram. I was swooning and they quickly made me rethink my shower curtain for my bathroom design.

I love how Dabito decided to use two patterned curtain panels up to the ceiling of this bathroom instead of one to the side. The height of the ceilings definitely adds some beautiful drama but the fringe at the top also really brings your eye up. But more than anything the double panel look really frames the tub area perfectly and just elevates the whole space.

design by orlando soria | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: dreams do come true! the londo lodge is now a vacation rental (see all of the fun new updates + tips on renovating with a small budget…)

Orlando did the same thing at the Londo Lodge and it also makes the whole bathroom look so much cooler! What a fun trend that nearly any of us with this kind of shower/tub setup can do. As long as you have a shower liner, you can use nearly any curtain panel. Go for it:)

Now this one isn’t the double panel look but it is an INSANELY cool shower curtain. The stripes, the ruffles, it’s such an easy pattern statement to make. This will likely be where I am headed since I don’t have the setup for the other look.

So all this to say, we think you can expect people to start playing more with their shower curtains because why not? It’s a low-risk, high-reward statement that can easily be changed if you want to change up style. 10.10

Trend #2: 3-D Wall Art Installations

Now this was another one that all of a sudden I saw like three posts in different styles pop up on my feed. Historically, when I thought of 3-D wall art I would think of my dad putting up iron swallows on his brick wall in his old NYC apartment. You know like the swallows were just flying by on their way back to good ole San Juan Capistrano:) Did I love them? No. But he did so that’s all that mattered. But then Heidi Caillier did this…

Ok Heidi, you have my attention. This is pretty darn whimsical and I am here for it. I think the sheer number of flowers really helps make this as astounding as it is. Plus, while I’ll never not love a gallery wall or a beautifully framed piece of art, mixing it up with a beautiful installation like this is pretty great.

For this one, I think you’ll need to scroll to the second photo. See all those butterflies! A totally different style of home but the same sort of idea all within a week or so of each other. It felt wild to see them come up so close together which is why I had to mention it. It’s the chicest version of 3D art out there. Then as I was writing this post, I realized I’m planning on doing a version of this in my bedroom so I guess it really is in the design zeitgiest! Only time will tell.

Trend #3: Light Blue??

This one Caitlin yelled “YES!” when I proposed it as a trend which made me even more confident.

As you likely know, Emily is no stranger to light blue…well all blues. She’s used it a bunch but maybe most notably in the Portland Project Laundry Room and her farmhouse mudroom. She loves that pale blue soooo much! But the light blue that we think is going to hit is a bit more saturated. Let me show you.

This home tour has been one of my favorites so far this year. It’s romantic and old yet fresh. That bright light blue they used throughout has a lot to do with that fact, don’t you think?? This would have never been a color I would have been drawn to in fear of it looking too “young” (?) but the way they contrasted it with their antique furnishing makes my eyes very happy.

But you don’t need to contrast the way that the previous couple did. This kitchen is calm, happy, and a touch outside of neutral. The blue cabinets are a little unexpected but so perfect. It’s a nice change from sage green (although I still love green as a cabinet color choice:))

If you stroll over a few photos you’ll see a slightly more dusty light blue on the ceiling. I am obsessed and have actally been thinking of doing this in my bathroom! Carmen Smith of Aquilo Interiors recently designed producer, director, and showrunner, Prentice Penny, and his wife’s home. It’s a beautiful explosion of color and pattern but that blue ceiling might be my favorite.

Last but not least is Bryce Howard’s newly finished New York home. Light blue is a main feature! It clearly adds the cozy sweetness Bryce was after. She wanted a ” Wes Anderson directs a Jane Austen film” style and I can’t image a better way to describe this home:)

I also love that when used well, light blue is always going to look awesome. It might be more in style than it has been but it’s also never going anywhere. 10/10!

So what do you think?? Have you been noticing these trends popping up too? I have a few more that I have my eye on so if you like this post I can do another one when I feel more confident.

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: Farmhouse Mudroom Reveal

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1 month ago

With the 3-D wall art, all I can think about is what a magnet that would be for dust and cobwebs – and how difficult it would be to clean. Hard pass for me. (Also, random side note but why does Bryce Howard look like she was photoshopped into that photo lol? Gorgeous house though!)

Loveley of @lovelyloveley
1 month ago
  1. the first picture, the dabito bathroom with shower curtain. LOVE. also, that wall sconce!!!!!!! so cool!
  2. i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the heidi callier flower installation!
  3. yes to the light blue cabinets. love love love. that color makes me so happy.
  4. and that saturated blue! whew! that’s reads as tropical. like a vacation. looooove.
  5. also, that archdigest kitchen. i. am. obsessed. i think if i ever have any money to redo my kitchen, that’s how i want mine. le sigh! that pendant light too.
  6. that light blue ceiling from aquilointeriors. yes. love. i’ve been doing pink ceilings in my house, but i’m thinking that blue would be good in my son’s room!
  7. bryce howard’s house is one big YES!
emily jane
1 month ago

Sooooo, my bathroom is currently dressed up in floor-to-ceiling Sanela curtains from Ikea in a luminous watermelon red (I have paint by the same name that I can’t wait to put on the walls, trim and ceiling -that room is going to GLOW in the afternoon light) aaaaaaand the ceiling in my dining nook and kitchen is impatiently waiting to be painted a cheerful light blue (I have a loose ocean/beach house theme going on in the nook but also I imagine it will play nicely with the enormous fireplace in the adjacent room that is a deep navy). I’m intrigued by the 3-D trend but other than a vintage decoupaged metal box on the wall (that houses our remotes) I have yet to participate -though I did “put a bird on it” so maybe that counts..?). 2 out of 3 -I’m feeling hip.
PS. I LOVE that striped and ruffled cutie (Oh! it might also want to be a charming lamp shade ; ).

1 month ago

This trend spotting is a fun post. No pressure from this reader if your ‘calls’ don’t become the next big thing, it’s still interesting and inspiring. And the ease of a shower curtain swap? So relatable…. perhaps a round up?

1 month ago
Reply to  Jen
1 month ago
Reply to  Hope

Nice! Thanks Hope!

1 month ago

I spy another trend from these photos: the randomly spaced, small flush mounts (hope I’m using the right term). SO many fun ones out there these days that I wishes I had when I was in the lighting mode process of decorating our home. I see them on walls too, sprinkled around bathroom mirrors, hallways. They look like decorative touches of functional whimsy. I love the asymmetrical placements the best. . And re: the 3d art, makes me recall Gossip Girl bedroom with the black butterflies. Photo posted. I recall liking it at the time. Feels like ages ago this show was popular.

1 month ago
Reply to  lauren


1 month ago

That light blue of the first blue photos has been the color of my grandma’s bedroom for as long as I can remember.. with wood nightstands, a painted dresser, and painted wood floors. Romantic and old yet fresh is the perfect way to describe it! I loved the feeling of going into her bedroom with the sun shining through the windows.
She’s been gone for a couple years now, thanks for the unexpected walk down memory lane!

1 month ago

Another trend that I haven’t seen called out are the kitchen countertop lamps. They’re cute, but funny how everyone has pretty much the same one 🙂

30 days ago
Reply to  JJ

I think they called that trend a couple years ago. And it has just picked up so that it’s everywhere now.

1 month ago

Enjoyed this post’s topic and accompanying photos but what REALLY got my attention was the Dwell article about the woman who designed her home so beautifully to age in place (see the instagram story that features the butterfly wall.)
Please, please, please EHD — start highlighting beautiful universal design features and products. Yes, you are a young design crew but surely you have family members and friends who can benefit from the info as well as a huge internet audience!

1 month ago
Reply to  caroline

Yes to this! We look dealing with this for elder relatives and ourselves who want to age in place. It has been so hard to find materials for this that is stylish and functional.

1 month ago
Reply to  caroline

Oh, I should have written “young and temporarily able-bodied design crew” because Universal design isn’t all about granny (although she will appreciate it). It can improve quality of life at ANY age (just break an ankle or become pregnant or take a peek at toddlers trying to use bathrooms independently to understand why.) The challenge is to create beautiful designs that work for EVERYBODY.

Roberta Davis
1 month ago

I don’t look at as much design every day as you do,, and I didn’t spot these trends. I really like the shower curtain creativity!

1 month ago

I’ve had a light blue (with a touch of green) and kitchen for about 20 years. Yeah, it’s time to paint again (maybe a little over due!) but I love the colors so much that I’m just switching wall and cabinet colors, cream where there was blue and blue where there was cream.
My dining room is right there next to the kitchen so, while I tweaked the cream to lean a tad more yellow, I painted the ceiling with the light blue from the kitchen. It was no big design intention, I merely ran out of the cream and had plenty of blue. It’s subtle, but so pretty when you notice it.
Blue ceilings rule!

Pamela T
1 month ago

I really love the shower curtains you featured. I like the added softness and interest. Also, I despise (DESPISE!) cleaning glass shower doors and want to immediately yank out out and hang shower curtains panels. Also love the light blue / blue paint trend. The 3D art may take me a minute to come round. Fun post and great eye candy.

1 month ago

Interesting. I don’t know ANYONE who has a shower curtain in their bathroom. All I can think is – why? Memories of student rentals (many years ago!) where the curtain sticks to you while you’re having your shower and the base gets mouldy and yucky. Re light blue – best examples are Velinda’s beautiful beautiful basement kitchen and Lucy Williams’ lovely London kitchen. Both just gorgeous!! PS not all the insta pictures could come through to me.

Pamela T
1 month ago
Reply to  Sally

I remember the icky mold experience, too. So gross. FWIW, I learned you can wash liners and most shower curtains in the washing machine. In the long ago past I had good success doing so.

1 month ago

Fix It Friday – Window Coverings edition

30 days ago

I used a light blue paint (Behr Urban Raincoat) to update a gray kitchen and it worked amazingly well to update a house that had gotten the mid-2015 era “all gray all day” interior trend. It freshened up the gray tint flooring too. Here is an iphone pic – the backsplash gray tile, the tile floors, the brown/black granite… the light blue cabinet paint really freshened up this tired space.

26 days ago

I’m loving the insights from the EHD team! It’s always exciting to see what’s on the horizon in the world of interior design. I’m particularly intrigued by the emphasis on sustainability and natural materials—what a refreshing shift towards more eco-conscious living! The idea of incorporating vintage and second-hand pieces into our spaces is not only budget-friendly but also adds a unique charm and character to our homes. And I couldn’t agree more with the trend towards creating cosy, comforting spaces that prioritize our well-being. Thanks for sharing these exciting trends—I can’t wait to incorporate them into my own décor!