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Design Emily’s House

  • Designing a house isn’t the fun part for me, what I love is the collaborative nature of creating a space with others. In other words… I really like to talk it out… I would ask the Fed Ex dude his opinion on paint colors if he was dropping off a package at that exact moment. I like feedback, I crave opinions, and lord knows I pull triggers fast so the more the merrier. Luckily you have been pretty into this process as well and our ‘Ask the Audience’ posts have been enormously successful. Lets amp it up even further.
  • For our new big blog project I want you to have an even larger role. You won’t just weigh in, you won’t answer any ‘ask the audiences’, and it’s not like you are my assistant. This time, you are the client.
  • I Design, You Decide.
  • I’ll present design options and you vote in the polls (each open for a week). Every time you share on social media platforms you earn a point that will be entered into the raffle to win a 4 day vacation at the cabin which sleeps 8 (including $1k towards travel).
  • See intro post here, and learn more about the giveaway vacay and the contest policies here.
  • xx
  • Emily