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Mel’s Favorite Etsy Finds: Volume V

Hello, hello again, it’s Mel here to bring you another dose of Etsy goods for your home and body. This time it’s “Etsy Finds: Volume Five” which doesn’t quite rhyme but for some reason feels like it does, right? If you’ve missed the other posts in this series, just click right on here. If you’ve been keeping up, then there’s no need to click away, let’s jump in. I love that I get to share these unknown makers with you and hopefully inspire you to shop smaller and with some more intention! Without further ado…

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1. Linen Duvet Cover by Magic Linen | From $141. The small pom-pom details on this duvet are so adorable and since they’re really small scale, they read more mature/adult room, less kid. The washed linen is also an OEKO TEX-certified fabric, which promises that each stage of production is socially and environmentally friendly.

2. Cord Wrap Cable Organizer by Cord & Satchel | From $50. I’m obsessed with good travel accessories. This wrap is an answer to those annoying tangled cords and has a beautifully worn look.

3. Recycled Leather Photo Album by Under Cover UK | $37. These retro photo albums are really inspiring me to get back into the printed photo game. I think it’s because they’re so minimal and the colors feel nice and warm. They’re a great balance of old and new!

4. Measuring Spoon Set Brass by MLKANHNY | $96. These brass measuring spoons are hand-hammered, which adds a whimsy to your kitchen. Cooking definitely does not come naturally to me but the more pretty things I get to use in the process, the more I see myself doing it!

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1. Flower Wreath Earrings by Mignonne Handmade | $46. These girly-girly earrings are handmade in small batches in the countryside in the south of France. I suppose the only way to feel even more involved in the process would be to have to pick them up in person…

2. Mama Bird T-Shirt by The Beed & The Fox | $28. This T-shirt is so cute with an undeniable retro feel. This brand is all about “reconnecting to a simpler time, a time before cell phones and apps and all those things that interrupt family time.” I can definitely “get down with that” (that’s a ’70s saying right?).

3. Flat Organic Espadrilles by Lacourtrie | $49 (on sale). These handmade espadrilles are as Spanish as they look! They’re the perfect summer shoe as they’re comfortable and simple but can easily be made to feel more dressed up with the right outfit and accessories (perhaps the earrings from #1?).

4. Make-Your-Own Business Cards by Stationery Boutique | $45. The idea of sharing a business card instead of an Instagram handle is one I definitely subscribe to. This customized rubber stamp makes the tactical exchange feel more personal.

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1. Poster by Yokoo | From $20. Affordable, unique and beautiful artwork can be really hard to find. So I’m happy to introduce you to this Etsy shop. Each print is made individually so you can even request a different size if your space requires something a bit bigger.

2. Flatwoven Handmade Kilim Rug by Kiliim | From $65. You know what else is hard to find? Unique and affordable rugs! This Etsy seller has an amazingly fun selection. Each rug is handmade in a small village in Egypt. It was once a lively place but technology, unfortunately, took rug making away from their community. With each purchase, you’re helping to put Fowwa back on the map!

3. Cacia Earrings by MLKANHNY | $38. Here we have some more handmade jewelry for you. The texture of the wave of this earring is a stunning but simple feature. It adds a little bit of a pop without feeling too statement-y.

4. Canvas Tote by The Atlantic Ocean | From $98. Are you ready to hear some genius ingenuity? This beach bag has a burlap unlined bottom section so when sand gets in your bag, it sifts right out!

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1. Swedish Clogs by Sandgrens | $199. Yes, these are expensive clogs, but, when expensive means impeccable quality… I’m game. These clogs have been forged by hand by a family-owned company founded in the 19th century as a leather tannery. The attention to detail paid to this brand’s items is incredible, as “the word ‘ short-cut’ is not in their vocabulary,” according to their mission statement.

2. Tapered Vase with Oak Base by Blake Beaudette | $70. You all probably remember that I’m a huge fan of Blake Beaudette pottery. Well, he’s started adding wood bases to his pieces and they are insanely gorgeous. I’ve already taken home three, and I think Ginny has already nabbed one as well so I suggest getting in there before employees of EHD past claim them all!

3. The Callahan 5 Panel Cap by Green Cove Collective | $20. The speckled fabric on these hats adds a really unique feature to an otherwise standard accessory. I love the idea of sprucing up an outdoorsy outfit with a hat that’s a bit nicer than the cap we’re all wearing to support our local baseball teams.

4. Brown Bear Festival PJ’s by Blamo Toys | $239. Full Discloser: I’ve been coveting these onesies as a Halloween costume for years! I know I’m early and we’re peak summer, but…never too early to start planning, right?. For some, Halloween is an opportunity to show some skin and feel risque. I’ve always preferred to find a costume that feels as close to pajamas as possible!

Thanks for checking out my finds! Let me know in the comments below if you feel inspired by these small makers. And as always, I wish you an easy wait and a skilled UPS driver (to assure your packages arrive safely). Thanks again EHD readers.

If you want more of Mel’s Etsy Finds, check out: Volume I,  Volume II, Volume III and Volume IV.


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5 years ago

Regarding yesterday’s Orlando post:
More, more, more Orlando please?!?!?

5 years ago

I just wanted to say that I have the linen pillow shams from that same duvet set and I LOVE THEM. They’re so beautiful and well made and the little pom poms add a little flair without being over the top. I got the aquamarine color. I’d recommend Linen Magic to anyone!

Madeline Polton
5 years ago

Thanks for these posts, I like getting pointed in the right direction. Any chance you can feature “hang on your wall” art?

5 years ago

It may be just me, but I’m not feeling these Etsy posts. No shade on Mel; I love your writing and design aesthetic!! I’m just not feeling the shopping vibe. Would actually love to have Mel do more posts on design, wall color, art, different furniture and lighting options, etc.

5 years ago

I can’t relate to the Etsy posts. It feels like a big departure from the history of EHD with the Craigslist finds. On Craigslist I could furnish an entire room for the cost of one of those duvets ? lol. Emily and Mel, I love you guys, just letting you know my reaction to these posts. ❤️

5 years ago
Reply to  Esther

Totally agree, these posts are cool but not a lot of body…. would love to see more posts on actual styling and tips. But Mel, I LOVE the way you write, no shade on you! Just think these posts don’t have a lot of meat, ya know?

5 years ago

Love those linen duvets! Thanks for the links!

5 years ago

The Green Cove hat is backwards.

5 years ago

Hello! I’m actually really enjoying these Etsy posts. I looove buying gifts for people on Etsy but often find it overwhelming to scroll through hundreds (upon hundreds) of the same sort of thing to find something just right.

Anyway what I really want to ask here is – the armchair in that photo with that green upholstery! Where can I learn more about it?!

5 years ago

Oh dear – I just tried to post this and it disappeared? Going to try again.

First, really enjoying the etsy posts. Often a go-to for special gifts for loved ones and helpful to have a bit of a curated guide to some good stuff.

Second, that green armchair in the cover photo! Where can I learn more about it?!

5 years ago
Reply to  Emma

Eeesh I’m sorry I posted twice!!!

5 years ago

You find great stuff. It’s not always (or often) the stuff I need right now, but I always try to figure out to weasel some of your finds into my life. How do you do it? Seriously, do you just cruise the site for hours on end, clicking past hundreds of “no” and “meh” to get to the YESses? Do you have an awesomeness filter that weeds out the rest? I suppose part of the “trick” is not looking for anything but cool. That’s probably easier than looking for a cool bottle opener, desk accessory, or hat rack. Are you also good at coming up with the best version of what you’re looking for, and do you have any tips for the plebes who otherwise slog through page after page?

5 years ago

Love the ETSY posts and second the question about info on the green armchair in the photo….!

Tile mate
5 years ago

Thanks for you excellent blog. So useful and practical for me. Thanks so much for sharing

Pam F
5 years ago

Love this set!

5 years ago

Love this series. Etsy is such an amazing way to buy mindfully as you say Mel, but great that you’ve taken out the hard work of sorting it for us.

5 years ago

Maybe I messed up when I originally tried to post…. but I think these posts are super exploitive of the artisans making the items. Yeah you’re driving traffic, but you’re driving it to stay without naming any of the actual makers. Etsy does nothing but exploit their makers. Why do you think they just upped their cut from 3 to 5 percent without a warning. Makers on etsy should leave them. You should ID the makers.

Former etsy seller.

5 years ago

Eh. Not feeling the Etsy posts. Everything always seems very well made but also more expensive than what I would ever spend. Plus, no shade on Mel here, but my design aesthetic is very eclectic-boho with a lot of color. It feels like I have yet to see a single item that isn’t neutral California Casual. Maybe some variety is in order?

5 years ago

Please please don’t stop with the Etsy posts! I love being able to shop handmade items, but Etsy has the worst search ability. There is so much undesirable stuff to weed through, so I really love that Mel has taken the time to sort through and post some really great things.
A suggestion: Maybe do a themed round-up of products so that more people can get something out of it. Like a bunch of colorful, opulent boho things (tapestries, fringey lamps, gold accents) and then maybe bold graphic minimalist…etc etc….?
Also, to all the readers commenting that “all this stuff is too expensive” – these are items made by hand. Not some mass produced foreign made factory product. If it’s out of your price range, that’s totally understandable, but please realize that handmade items will never be as cheap as Ikea or Target.

5 years ago

ccording to the Quiz, I’m Bohemian w/ Minimalist. This was very helpful as the ideas I’ve had for changes in my home fit right in with these two styles. Thank you Emily. This is very helpful.

5 years ago

Loved this roundup and I’m keeping several ideas. I agree about paying more for handmade.

5 years ago

Loving these posts! I always spend a while going through and favoriting new items and shops. Thanks, Mel!