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Hello hello, it’s Mel again, former EHD designer and current Etsy docent back for another installment of Etsy Finds (part three!). I’ve spent some more time sifting through the doilies, the glitter and (best of all) the chicken-emblazoned throw pillows to source some gorgeous goods for your homes and bodies. We’ve talked about this before, but when you’ve got a thing for shopping like I do, it can’t hurt but to shop consciously. Any chance you get to buy really beautiful things direct from artisans, you should grab it. So, let’s start looking at some handmade pieces from small businesses, shall we?!

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1. Elevated Dog Feeder by Highland Design Co. Did you know ergonomics are important not only for your back when sitting at your desk all day but also for your pet when it’s feeding time? This simple wood stand is a perfect solution to ensure Fido can properly consume his food in the three seconds it takes for you to turn around after putting it down. (My dog loves hers almost as much as I do.)

2. Geometric Hoop Earrings by Airlab. Minimalism and edge are the perfect combination. So what better way to look super cool yet effortless than with handmade and unique earrings? This pair feels geometric without being stuck in the early 2010s.

3. Doorstop by Perchshop. This hand-knotted door stop is a perfect accessory for any home…assuming you don’t have cats! It’s simple enough that it’ll visually disappear on the daily but be a fun surprise for anyone who notices it.

4. Unisex Ivory Canvas Backpack by Bagy Bags. This backpack is insanely functional and incredibly universal. This bag is for everyone. With its clean design, it’s the perfect shareable bag that every member of your family or crew can look cool with.

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1. Colorblock Travel Case by The Made & Found. This toiletry case is so good. It’s simple, it has a pop of color (the inside is also a delightful mustard yellow – surprise!), and it’s durable. Triple yes! Thanks to our neighbors up north for this handmade goodie.

2. Brass Kitchen Rail by Calvill. Kitchen storage is often a challenge, especially for rentals (and small spaces, of course). Well, correction, making kitchen storage look good is a challenge. This brass rail is both functional and beautiful. It provides a new fun texture to patina in your space – which means it’ll just get better with time – and, most importantly, additional storage solutions for pots, pans, and even small sundries like wine openers, too. Oh, the wonders of hooks.

3. Weekender by Alex Bender. Vacations are fun, and you know what else is fun? Punchy colors. So it would only make sense that a bag (for vacation!) in a punchy color is plain and simple a good idea. This bag has a great minimal shape that’s familiar to us but it’s elevated with an unexpected dye. The straps also look really long and comfortable.

4. Linen Waffle Drying Cloths by We Are Caribou. We all know reusable towels are better for the environment than paper towels right? But, that means your kitchen towels hang around for a lot longer and need to look really good. Anything waffled is always a great choice (no need to iron or worry about wrinkles – the floppier the better), and when your purchase supports a family business, it’s a win win win (environment, your kitchen, their family!)

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1. Toilet Paper Holder by Petrified Design. One of the best perks of purchasing handmade goods is that they often come with an option to customize. This green color is a really fun unexpected pop for a bathroom, but it’s also available in a ton of other colors if your bathroom design dictates something a little different. This shop focuses on goods made from refurbished materials locally. We’ll leave the paper forward/backward debate for you to decide.

2. Abstract Necklace by One Happy Leaf. So, the bamboo of this necklace is sourced responsibly, but that’s not even the coolest part about this Etsy shop. For every order they received, they plant a tree in Australia on your behalf! The owner of the store has a background in environmental studies and an audacious goal, to plant 1 million trees by 2023. Come on EHD readers, let’s get that new forest planted!

3. Balance Board by Clover & Birch. The struggle can be real for toys that both entertain children but don’t distract from the design of your home. I know every toy can’t be a soft light wood, but we can try to find as many aesthetically pleasing toys as possible, right? This eco-friendly balance board is made of natural materials and is meant to inspire imaginative play.

4. Scandinavian Modern Stool by Mirror Cooperative. A handmade stool with a sleek design checks off a lot of boxes. What really sets this apart is its use of so many materials and textures and its ability to be both colorful and yet neutral at the same time. It’s pricey but feels like a timeless art piece.

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1. Hanging Planter by Crafted by Oitenta. This planter screams ‘spring’ to me! It’s also wonderfully minimal and a great way to add some life to your walls.

2. Greek Sandals by Grecian Sandals. I love the idea of helping a woman leave a job that wasn’t fulfilling her so she can follow her creative dreams. That’s exactly what you get to do when you purchases these Greek sandals, that are actually made in Greece.

3. Linen Jumpsuit by Off On. Cream linen jumpsuits are summer staples in my book. This gorgeous piece is created by a husband-and-wife team who played with the traditional shapes of a kimono. The neckline is so good, and it’s great (and I can assume super flattering) that the sleeves extend a bit longer than I’ve seen in pieces with similar shapes.

4. Brass Circle and Arc Earrings by Mineralogy Design. Minimal thin gold jewelry has been all the rage for a decade now and doesn’t seem to be slowing in trend. After all, when something is subtle and simple, it likely will never date itself. What makes these earrings stand out is their delicate balance of weight. You have the heavy full circles but a longer and more open arc to counteract with lightness.

Thanks again for reading along and let me know in the comments if you plan on purchasing anything!

As always, I wish you an easy wait and a skilled UPS driver to assure your packages arrive safely. (Three times means a tagline is official right? How cool!) Thanks EHD readers!


If you want more of Mel’s Etsy Finds check out: Volume I and Volume II.


*** Photo by Tessa Neustadt

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5 years ago

Etsy docent. Love. That knot doorstop is perfect for my summer place. Going to check it out.

5 years ago

keep these Etsy posts coming – love them.

5 years ago

I love these posts. My Mom found her bathroom sconces in one of the shops linked last time and if I wasn’t doing a 3 month online shopping ban (Petersik’s fault) I’d be thinking really hard about the backpack and the earrings.

5 years ago

Love, love, love that Weekender bag by Alex Bender! It is such a gorgeous colour and the size looks perfect. Wouldn’t mind that hanging planter either! Such gorgeous picks, thanks so much for sharing I can’t wait to get shopping!

Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

Cris S.
5 years ago

Orlando shows how to make a doorstop like that in his book, so Get It Together and make your own!

5 years ago
Reply to  Cris S.

Thank you for the heads up Cris S. I really enjoy crafting so I am definitely going to check it out.

5 years ago

Hi Mel! love your picks from Etsy. Do you have a link to the artwork in the opening photo?


5 years ago

Thanks I was wondering the same thing – was hoping they’d be available on Etsy. Ah well…

5 years ago

Curiously, Emily stated in a post (late last year, maybe), that triptychs were a no-go for artwork!?! Is this true? Incorrect?
Are they “in” again, or what?

5 years ago

Hi Mel, love your aesthetic and happy to ever see you on EHD. I would love to see more emphasis on Etsy sources for home design, rather than dog food bowls or balance boards. Since this is mostly a design blog, it would be so helpful to see Etsy finds for home decor, or even better, Etsy sources for say, bedding, certain furniture that is not Hedgehog, or even Etsy fabric sources. Thank you for doing all of the hunting to find special things and keep up the good work!

5 years ago

i just ordered those sandals! and was tempted by others in her shop, but decided i’d wait until the first pair arrives before doubling down!

5 years ago

Can you share where the paintings and bench in the top picture are from? I don’t see them listed in the article, but its the highlighted top shot.

Katie Stephenson
5 years ago

Love this post! Etsy is still a great place to find so much great stuff!

I just started opened up shop, too!

5 years ago

Beautiful selections once again. The geometric earrings and canvas backpack (although pretty pricey) are particularly calling to me.

Jane Wilder
5 years ago

Great finds! Would love if you took a look at my print shop. Prints range from the desert to the ocean of California and can be custom sized and framed for any space.

5 years ago

So in about 1500 days plus this guy is gonna plant a million trees. That sounds so nice, but that’s about 600 trees planted per day. I’m skeptical.

5 years ago

Great finds, but I was hoping the 3 beautiful pastel pictures (top photo) would be among the Etsy selections. Can you say where they are from? Thanks!

5 years ago

Would it be possible to list some good artists on etsy whom we could buy original art from, or commission for our own work? I don’t know where to start from because there are so many.

5 years ago

Love this series! I so enjoy buying from Etsy and not having to weed through everything.

5 years ago

Love Etsy! Thanks for all these great finds 🙂
Off-topic, but would you guys ever consider doing a post on exterior/curb appeal styling? I adore this blog and I get so many great ideas for styling the inside of my home, but when it comes to the front exterior I’m at a loss. I’m curious what kinds of paint colors, plants or porch accessories you would choose to punch up the curb appeal of a home to add some EHD-approved personality. Perhaps you could do a series on different achitecure styles–craftsman, mid century, colonial, etc.? Or perhaps that’s outside of the scope of this blog. Would love to hear your thoughts 🙂
5 years ago

Vaooov. I really like this. Thanks

5 years ago

Hey Mel, I’m a budget so…you’re killing me. Good talk.

Sonja B
5 years ago

I am sure you just made some of these artisan’s (fiscal) year! And I am sure you made some mom’s happy via better Mother’s Day gifts. Want to highlight a friend and female small biz owner who makes gorgeous and super cozy throws: Her throws feature great geometric patterns (that photograph well for stylists!) and are eco-friendly.

5 years ago

Oh Mel, I’d love it if you could source some good ceramists on Etsy! I love this series so much! Thanks for your professional sleuthing!

5 years ago

I have 2 jumpsuits from Off On! They are WONDERFUL people – their clothes cost around $100, so an investment for most, but they are handmade exactly for your body and so, so special. If have the linen kimono with the 3/4 sleeves and it’s my favorite article of clothing!

5 years ago

I’m getting the dog bowl, sandals, and door stop. Love!

5 years ago

Adding in some Etsy shops for Vintage Home Decor would be great!
My Etsy shop specializes in Vintage home decor! I have vintage collectibles and I also stock items that are vintage, but that are on trend and can be mixed with today’s home decor. Judy’s Junktion

5 years ago

You should check out this amazing art! I thought of it because I used to find her stuff on Etsy, but I couldn’t find it recently, then I found her website! Abstract, cute, happy art!