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Etsy Finds: Volume IV

Hi EHD world. It’s Mel and I’m back with more Etsy goodness. If you’ve been keeping up on my shopping posts (this is number 4!), you’ll know I’m digging through pages and pages of goods to find you the best stuff these small makers have to offer. I want to be conscious of where I shop and what I buy, so it makes me happy to share these gems with you because it means we’re supporting small businesses and makers who really care! Ready? Let’s go:

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1. Plug-in Sconce by Nino Shea Design | $245. First up we have a gorgeous sconce by one of my long-time favorite Etsy lighting designers. Lighting is the perfect way to add a pop of black to ground a space. What sets this sconce apart is its wooden block that softens the fixture and makes it feel really unique.

2. Plush Dog Hoodie by Bark & Go | $30. I would have to be classified as a crazy person to have stumbled upon this dog in a fluffy hoodie and not share it with the world. Please, if you have a small dog, purchase this hoody and send me pictures.

3. Large Woven Holdall by By Loom & Hyde | $448. This purse is more proof that mixing natural textures is a win-win in decor and in fashion. Doesn’t it also feel vintage? Well, the great news is it’s just as sustainable as if it had been vintage! It’s handmade in a chateau in France (so cool) and as its maker states, it’s sustainable and ethical because it’s no waste, recycled, natural and biodegradable. Slow fashion is the new fast fashion folks!

4. Blonde Tortoise Kate Hoops by Shop Machete Franco | $44. First off, these earrings are SO cute. Second, they taught me something I didn’t know before! Apparently, most earrings like this are made from a petroleum-based material and, unfortunately, refining oil into petroleum contributes to air pollution. This Etsy seller has the right idea and crafts these hoops out of cellulose acetate which is a natural and renewable material, providing an eco-friendly alternative to a petroleum-based material. Yet another reason to shop from an Etsy seller and not H&M.

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1. Walnut & Steel Magazine Rest by Host & Toast Studio | $88. This magazine rack is everything. It’s bold but simple and allows for the perfect contrast to a soft magazine cover. The makers behind it believe in minimalism as staying power to cut down on waste. With good design there’s no reason to throw it out for a trendier option next year.

2. Cardboard Cat House by CatHouseUA | $20. The thought of a cute furry kitten poking it’s head out of this minimalist home gives me such joy. As does the fact that this Etsy seller says they’re made in an eco friendly way! I hope they’re also shipped flat because a cardboard box in a cardboard box…?

3. Maple Kitchen Island by Herbs Furniture | $1,295. Many of us live as apartment dwellers destined to complain about our small rental kitchens. In comes this gorgeous handmade kitchen island to help beautify and provide more practical space. The piece’s higher price reflects the attention to detail taken to build it. Plus, it’s definitely more affordable than purchasing a house and renovating the kitchen from scratch!

4. Radish Gardening Gloves by My Little Bellevue | $28. Will radish fingers give us green thumbs? I hope so! These gloves will make great assistants for revamping your garden for summer. Imagine all the overhead Instagrams you could take!

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1. Tablecloth by Dreamzzzzz | $18. I love the idea of this tablecloth for Thanksgiving! Sure, I’m a BIT early here, but hey, tablescapes are important and worth preparing for. This tablecloth is handmade by a woman who gained the ability to quit her job and spend more time with her daughter through her Etsy shop. Etsy really does help makers create lifestyles we all dream of.

2. Cream Wool Bed Cover by Texturable Decor | $380. Texture, texture, texture! This throw is a perfect addition to a crisp white bed. It’s neutral and simple but adds depth and (shall I say it again…) texture!

3. Wave Hoop Earring by Rebecca Gladstone | $108. A twist on a classic is always a good thing (yes, pun intended!). Minimal and quirky are perfect qualities in earrings, and I’d say this pair definitely embodies both.

4. The Mini Duffle by Infusion | $35. Pouches are a girl’s best friend…wait, that’s how the saying goes, right? This little duffle is on the top of my wishlist as I always have some tiny grouping of things that needs organization and a new home. The tone and materials of this case are on point. It makes me want to start a petition for camel to be 2019’s Pantone Color of the Year.

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1. Recycled Leather Napkin Rings by Bliss Craft & Brazen | $28. The delicious combo of solid brass and leather can make anything look just a bit more special. These rings would be so gorgeous on softly wrinkled linen napkins, don’t you think? Bonus points: these are made from the scraps of three different types of leather leftover from manufacturing.

2. Summer Handbag by Nuage Home | $95. I think I’ve found the perfect beach bag for this summer! It’s really large for lugging all your sunscreen and it also feels really organic and natural, which is the perfect look for a beach day.

3. Spice Container by Hitonari Works | $68. These wooden spice containers are a great addition to any kitchen as they’re practical and gorgeous. When they’re in use, I think they’ll stand out as really special pieces, and then when you’re done using them, they’ll easily melt into the background of your kitchen in a way that won’t add clutter.

4. iPhone Sleeve Case by Zenok Leather | $44. With a slot for your debit card, this vegetable-tanned leather case is perfect for when you need to downsize your purse contents for a night out. Plus, “veg-tanning is chromium-free, a natural and eco-friendly process that produces durable, exquisite leathers.” It’s good for your late nights and the environment.

Thanks so much for joining me and checking out my monthly Etsy picks! Comment below on what you’ll be putting in your carts and taking home. And as my (now totally official) tagline says, I wish you an easy wait and a skilled UPS driver (to assure your packages arrive safely). Thanks again EHD readers.

If you want more of Mel’s Etsy Finds, check out: Volume I,  Volume II, and Volume III.

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5 years ago

this has become my favorite series on the blog! such unique and beautiful gems from etsy ??

5 years ago

Love this round up. Thanks Mel.

5 years ago

You find the best stuff! Love this series!!

Heather Lins
5 years ago

I could pin this entire page (and buy it later). I really love this series. It’s well-curated, a pleasure to look at and great gift ideas. Thanks so much.

5 years ago

IV, not VI.

5 years ago

In LOVE with those napkin rings. Must have them, even though I don’t entertain much.

Stacy Hyatt
5 years ago

I’m obsessed with this series! I am on the ethical fashion bandwagon, and I have recently started diving deeper into the ethical, handmade, local, small business world of accessories and home decor. It can get expensive, certainly, but it’s worth it to know my money is going towards supporting small business owners, artists, and makers who aren’t contributing to fast fashion consumption or the abuse of our environment and natural resources.

Thanks for doing all this research, Mel!

5 years ago

The walnut shelf and summer handbag are really quite beautiful. If it’s allowed, a little shameless promotion: I just opened up my own Etsy store and am selling sewing patterns. This has been a long time goal of mine. Check out my 3d oversized seashell pattern–perfect for surrealistic coastal inspired decor (which is totally a thing in my bedroom).

5 years ago

Just bought a pair of tortoiseshell earrings OOPS they’re too pretty to pass up. THX MEL!

5 years ago

I love this series and I love Etsy; but at this point when I see a new post in this series come up, I think to myself, “oh, more brown things…””

— a little variation?

5 years ago
Reply to  Kristin

I would disagree, that actually never even crossed my mind.

Also, I think of more of these items rounded up as a jumping point into a new-to-me Etsy shop, not just a singular item. Then you can start looking at the seller’s favorite items/favorite shops (if you dig their style), and it’s a black hole from there… 🙂

5 years ago
Reply to  Kristin

Hey Kristin!

If you are looking for some color check out my Etsy shop Judy’s Junktion. I have vintage home décor and collectibles….

5 years ago
Reply to  Kristin

That made me give a little surprise laugh, so I went back and looked. I only got as far as the second batch on this page. Then I wondered if the tablecloth was appliqué, clicked, and tell down that rabbit hole. So many different patterns and colors, in varying sizes! I still do not know if they are appliqué, but I do think I I agree with Christina.

5 years ago

Some of these are great! I’d still love to see a post from you on how to budget for a project using unconventional sources like Etsy & studio6, vintage stores and flea markets. I don’t mean “how much should a coffee pot/bed/storage crate cost”? I mean trying to plan for the whole kit & caboodle. Ordinarily, you’d know that if you were sourcing from Target and IKEA, you could expect around x budget, and if you were sourcing from high end designers, you’d expect to budget ten times that or whatever. One problem with budgeting for second hand is that prices are so uneven. Half the money might need to go for one item, but how do you know when that’s the one?

5 years ago

You seem to have an affinity for the international Etsy sellers! Damn my need for instant gratification!

5 years ago
Reply to  shannon

Love both of those purses they are soooo cute!

5 years ago

Could you give the source of the room photo .. I’m looking for those black chairs .. thank u

Molly Gulati
5 years ago
Reply to  Sharon

I would love to know where I can buy the light fixture too. Thanks!

5 years ago
Reply to  Sharon

I would love to know where I can purchase the light fixture too.

5 years ago

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john richard
5 years ago

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