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Etsy Finds: Volume II

Hi again, it’s Mel! AKA Interior Designer Melanie Burstin, aka your new Etsy guru and former member of the EHD team. If you recall, a few weeks ago Emily and I introduced you to a new series where I scour Etsy and show you all my new favorite items I’m finding. I’m all about highlighting new makers, shopping small, and trying to shop ethically. Sounds good right? Let’s get started…

Earring Handle House Vase

1. Swinging Hoop Earring by Gem Blue.These earrings are a gorgeous simple twist on a classic. We all know a thin gold hoop is a sure-fire win for your lobes, but these babies spice that up a bit. By dropping the hoop a little lower, these earrings feel unique while creating the illusion that your neck is one million miles long (that’s a good thing, ask Modigliani).

2. Leather Handle by Lamborn Studio. As EHD fans we can all agree a quick and easy way to save a vintage piece of furniture is to switch out the hardware. This handle is a great way to add texture to an otherwise teak + brass only situation.

3. Pencil Holder from Vsocks.  ‘More quirky sculptural objects for the surfaces of furniture please’ is definitely something I learned from my time at Emily Henderson Design. This ceramic house is so cute I want to move in, plus it’s advertised as a great teacher appreciation gift which I think is a nice idea.

4. Leather Vase from Good Medicine Store. Glass, leather and plants are a winning combination. This vase has a simple sleek shape and a gorgeous soft leather tone. It’s feminine but because of the leather, it visually has weight and would be a great touch to any styled corner.

Hair Lamp Bunny Bag

1. Circle Hair Clip by APSEadorn. This brand is what we’re all here for folks. Not only are their products gorgeous and modeled after French simplicity but they’re focused on being Ethical and Charitable. 10% of every purchase is donated to non-profit organizations who are doing amazing things to end sex slavery and violence against women. When you make your purchase you get to decide which of their chosen charities is most deserving of your help! Let’s give back while looking beautiful, shall we?

2. Desk Lamp from CreaReDesign. Here we have another wonderful company that’s conscious of their part in the world. This lamp is cute and spunky as well as Eco-Friendly. The shade is paper mache and made from paper pulp. The pop of color makes them extra special.

3. Faux Bunny Taxidermy from Atelier Caroline. Repeat after me, “CORDUROY”! Yes, we’ve all seen stuffed animal heads but I’ve yet to see one as cute and made out of such a fun material. This bunny’s head is also handmade, which means it’s completely customizable and can be made to be as unique as you are.

4. Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag from WAAM Industries. So we all know bringing your own lunch to work or school is best for your wallets, but what’s best for the environment? Reusable lunch bags made out of canvas and beeswax! I remember taking a paper bag to school everyday when I was little, but now we a very chic reusable option (looking at you striped guy).

Purse Mug Clock Pillow1

1. Camel Leather Bag from LadyBirdesign. This bag is a perfect Marry Poppins bag because it’s slouchy and yet maintains it’s shape while holding anything you could ever want to carry around.

2. Mug Cup from Takashi Sogo. I truly can’t believe that this mug is handmade. To me it’s perfect. It’s the ideal shape as it nails a traditional mug form and yet it’s softer. These mugs have a long lead time but I think they’re worth the wait.

3. Planter from Minimum Design. I love this planter not only because of the simple yet very modern texture but also because it’s wood! Well a wood blend that makes it 100% biodegradable. Basically, it’s good for your home and good for the earth. What’s better than that?

4. Linen Pillow Cover from Secrets and Things. Washed soft linen is always cozy and gorgeous, so when you add sweet details like buttons you get a really cute pillows. This rust color is also a must; more rust please.

Table Pouch Stand Sweatshrit

1. Coffee Table from Antonin Plus Margaux. When a brands motto is “Less is more” you know I’m going to love them. The simple form of this table is really beautiful, plus the effect you get by adding levels (one lower compartment and one higher surface) adds a lot of visual interest.

2. Flower Pocket with Stitches by OVO Ceramics. We all know plants add life to a space, but can’t we only have so many vessels? This pocket is a new way to explore having flowers in your home. It’s made without a mould which adds to it’s ability to be soft and look like fabric.

3. Desk Organizer by Chocolate Creative. Good Design is functional design, and that’s exactly what this desk organizer is. It’s streamlined so it should visually go away while also highlighting those easy to misplace items.

4. Oversized Sweatshirt by RIYKA. The color blocking and drawstring on this sweatshirt feel so retro they’re almost of the moment. That’s a ridiculous thing to say. But it’s true!

Okay, Okay! This concludes our Etsy Finds: Volume II edition. I tried to include a lot of sellers that are conscious of their footprint and are making things with their hands. I hope you find some goods you like, and let me know in the comments what you’re digging.

As always I wish you an easy wait and a skilled UPS driver to assure your packages arrive safely. (Should this be my official sign off, like on the evening news? I agree, it definitely should.) Thanks EHD readers!

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6 years ago

As an Etsy shop owner, it makes me so happy to see the Emily Henderson dream team putting out the good word! There are so many talented artists and designers on the Etsy platform, but yes, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the search. Thank you Mel, love love your picks!! Ordering that gold hair clip immediately (drool).
-Erin (if you’d like to see, at

6 years ago
Reply to  Erin

yay! that makes me so happy. xx

6 years ago

Love your picks. Gorgeous mix of home decor and personal items. If you ever decide to do an Etsy vintage selection, please keep my little shop in mind:

Julie P
6 years ago

THANK YOU MEL!!! OMG I bought the gold hair clip. So so so so gorgeous. Everything from the shop is totally amazing.

6 years ago

Ooooh I love so many of these. The hoop earrings, leather handle, hair clip (omg!), and lunch bags are at the top of my list (and the wood planter is not far behind). I can’t wait to scour these Etsy shops and see what other treasures they have!

Amy KS
6 years ago

I love your picks Mel. I have bookmarked so many of these shops for later purchases and gift giving ideas.
They are very fun and so many different ideas.

6 years ago

Love this new feature as Mel has impeccable taste and etsy is what makes this country great. From your inaugural segment, I immediately purchased Grandma and Grandpa whales from BIG STUFFED and they have already arrived FROM PARIS. They are the most magnificent, enchanting mammals I have ever laid eyes on and my grandchildren are going to go crazy when they find them lolling on one of the guest beds. Looking forward to lots of bookmarking and supporting etsy artists world-wide!

6 years ago

I will never understand the faux taxidermy animal head trend and it seems like people must not even think about it? Why would I model killing animals and sticking their heads as trophies on my wall as a cute decor option for my toddlers room. I don’t get it. Please let this trend die already.

6 years ago
Reply to  JB

Love this column though! Thanks for supporting the makers.

Lauren Mc
6 years ago

Could you put together a column on Etsy made wall hangings? I loved the multi-colored string hanging in Em’s old house and the beaded one at her bestie’s house. I would love to see more options from true crafts people!

Sarah D.
6 years ago

I really like your style, Mel! I would love to see Etsy options for social justice t-shirts (kid & adult) that support a cause, fun pillowcases for adults and kids’ rooms, more pottery ?, kid-friendly crafts and simple handcrafted jewelry. Looking forward to your next post!

6 years ago

I love this! I love giving money to small business and makers.

6 years ago

Great taste, and beautiful picks, but … so much beige?

6 years ago

Those lunch bags are so cute! I already take my lunch to work in a reusable shopping bag, but those lunch bags look better!