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Etsy Finds: Volume I

Today on the blog we are introducing a new series from a very familiar old friend, Mel. You might remember her from her beautiful living room reveal or as one of the designers over here at EHD. Well, she is off in the design world doing wonderful things on her own, but we decided that it would be fun to start a new series where we ask her to highlight some of her favorite makers, artists, creatives and goods from Etsy and showcase them together here on the blog in a reoccurring “finds” series. Take it away Mel.

Hello again EHD world, it’s Mel! For those of you who may not remember me, I’m Melanie Burstin an interior designer and former member of the Emily Henderson Design Team. When Emily restructured I went off on my own, and though things are going really well with my private clients, when she asked me to be a contributing writer I said “Yes! Please! I miss everyone!”

Today I’m going to introduce you to a series where I dig and dig through Etsy, pull out my favorites and introduce you to some amazing artists and small brands. As a designer, it is my job to shop and source for clients and I attempt to balance this out by trying to shop smart, small and honest. I’m not perfect but I really strive for the majority of my things to be either vintage or handmade. So when Emily emailed me suggesting I use my online shopping skills to highlight unknown makers for you, I couldn’t believe how perfect that sounded. I LOVE Etsy, but I know the site can be really overwhelming to sift through. So with this series I hope to make it easier so we can all support some well deserved artists making some beautiful goods.

Shawl Ridged Vase Wooden Dowel Shelf Raw Diamond Ring

1. Cashmere Scarf from Sabrina Weigt – It’s been mildly brisk in Los Angeles these last few weeks and to say I’ve been living in cashmere is both true and embarrassing ( especially as a former east-coaster). I love the texture and color of this cashmere scarf. And while it’s a bit on the pricier side, I think it would make a lovely gift. I would know because I would love someone to send it to me.

2. Minimalist Geometric Vase from Minimum Design – This vase has all the things I love – A simple design, a pretty neutral color, and a grooved detail that keeps it interesting.

3. Floating Shelf from Loop Design Studio – This shelf makes me feel so many wonderful things. Again, it’s simple but it’s also fun. The blue tone is a nice pop of color and I can imagine it in a kitchen instead of upper cabinets or even in a kids room over the changing table or desk.

4. Herkimer Diamond Ring from Champagne and Glitter – I wear one thin gold ring every day and as you may already know, am a big believer in less is more. But I think this ring does a really nice job of spicing up the simple thin gold band into something more playful with a Herkimer diamond (which isn’t really a diamond at all, and much more affordable).

Sheer Briefs Wood Earrings Pattern Pillow Bath Board

1. Silk Chiffon Shorts from Sandmaiden Sleepwear – So delicate, so light, and so, so, so pretty. These give me serious ‘lazy-summer-mourning-lounging-in-the-sunroom’ vibes.

2. Hand-painted Wood Earrings from Kirralee and Co – Statement earrings are having a moment, are they not? These dangle earrings will make a perfect addition to your rapidly growing collection. They’re made out of reclaimed wood, hand painted, and they have polka dots on them. I repeat, they have polka dots on them.

3. Block Printed Pillow June Day Textiles- It’s really hard to create a pattern that will add a pop of contrast and also still be able to act like a neutral and disappear. I think this pillow does just that.

4. Wooden Bath Tray Peg and Awl – Full disclosure, I’m not a bath person. But this bath tray almost makes me want to take the plunge. (I am so, so sorry for this horrible pun. Please forgive me.) But this tray is something that just about any bath person would appreciate, and it can also be customized with a quote or engraving.

Whale Doll Midcentury Shelves Linen Picnic Blanket Minimal Modern Coffee Table

1. Whale Stuffed Animal Big Stuffed – Generic stuffed animals are just about everywhere so a unique one like this feels really special. I’ve had my eye on this stuffed animal maker for a few years now. How adorable and whimsical is this whale.

2. Hardwood Bookshelf from Masaya Trading Company – This bookshelf really does it for me. It’s makers describe the piece as ‘mid-century’, but it feels more unique than that. I get a slight Japanese feel from it, and if something is wood and feels Japanese, I have to have it. Beyond that it’s simple but the detailing still makes it feel unique and one of a kind.

3. Linen Picnic Blanket With Drawstring Bag from Life In A Day – It’s part bag and part picnic blanket. Inside of the linen drawstring bag is a large blanket that comes out for you to take to the beach, play with the kids on or maybe even do the “picnic” thing on. It comes in a handful of simple colors and is something that will only get better with age and many washings.

4. Oak Coffee Table from Mat Hibbert Designs – Okay, you’re probably catching on that a recurring theme with me is ‘simple’ right? Simple without being boring is not an easy feat but this coffee table does just that. The slight details in the top create interest without making it fussy. It would be a great compliment to a chunkier sofa.

Wood And Canvas Chair Floral Temporary Tattoo Rustic Vase Brass Wall Hook

1. Modern Lounge Chair from Year Of None – Is this chair is a little weird? Yes. But weird is cool. It feels like a slightly different take on a handful of chairs I’m seeing in a lot of projects lately. It would look great in a corner of your home for a geometric pop that still feels organic and neutral.

2. Temporary Floral Tattoos from Pepper Ink – A lot of us go through a phase where we want something inked on our bodies permanently. But for many of us, it’s just that – a phase. These temporary flower tattoos are the perfect answer to your indecision.

3. Vase from Takashi Sogo – Can you believe that this vase is handmade in 2018 and not in fact stolen out of Cleopatras tomb? I have no idea if that reference is even remotely accurate but I do know that I love how vintage this vase feels. The shape is also so soft and playful and finding a vase that feels special and timeless is harder than it sounds, which is why this one is such a good option. The ceramicist also takes commissions so you could order one for everyone in your family if you feel so obliged.

4. Brass Wall Hook from Golden Biscotti – I’ve been seeing a lot of gorgeous wood hooks lately, but not many other types. These brass hooks would add a nice splash of metallic to any entrance area or inside the closet storage situation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first Etsy roundup and are excited to see more! Let me know in the comments what you might purchase and if any of you have tried any of these products before let me know below. I wish you an easy wait and a skilled UPS driver to assure your packages arrive safely.

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5 years ago

omg, this is such a good series and welcome back Mel!

5 years ago

Love this series, can’t wait to see all of the fun finds.

Beth B.
5 years ago

I need those “lounge shorts”. They look so cozy.

5 years ago

I’m so excited about this series! As an Etsy seller myself, it is always exciting to see small shops gaining deserved attention. I especially love the vase and brass hook. Beautiful roundup, Mel!

5 years ago
Reply to  Courtney

I totally agree! Yahoo for the small little Etsy sellers!!! It is TOUGH to get noticed in such a big forum. Love that you’re showcasing great pieces!

5 years ago

Love etsy AND the idea of someone else doing the endless shifting. Thanks Mel. Great choices…keep it coming.

Nicole L.
5 years ago

Those tattoos are SO tempting. She has so many fun designs as well. Looking forward to this series, I love all the roundups here and this etsy series looks like it is going to be fun!

5 years ago

Fun post! I love the chair, but it’s quite pricey with shipping! $380 for chair and $310 for shipping. Shipping is the main reason I don’t look for furniture on etsy. It’s expensive to get big things across the country!

5 years ago

Good tip! I’ll try that!

5 years ago

Perhaps you could provide alternatives for east/west/north/south not to overwhelm you but just do the Californians don’t get all the fun!

5 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Was going to comment something similar – that chair looks great but is $310 to ship to me (I live on the east coast). I’m most tempted by it and the temporary tattoos (how fun for summer, right?). I missed you, Mel! Welcome back!!

5 years ago

Love this as a series! And as a “simple but not boring” gal myself, I really loved all of the finds. It would be cool to see themed posts in the future, like all hardware or lighting from etsy.

5 years ago

love the concept of the roundup…just not the items.

5 years ago

Ugh, I love spending hours scrolling through Etsy and finding all sorts of pretty things that I don’t need but DO NEED. You know what I mean? Some of my favorite jewelry has been found on Etsy.

5 years ago

Welcome back, Mel! It’s lovely to see you on here. Adore your selections (I’ve always been a huge fan of the Big Stuffed animals too; they make me want to be/have a kid) and as an Etsy seller (and customer of course) I love to see people scouring the site for handmade and unique finds.

Should you choose to do an Etsy art-focused roundup for one of the next posts, and want to include any watercolor animals, feel free to check out my Etsy shop!

5 years ago
Reply to  Lauren

Your stuff is very cute!!

5 years ago
Reply to  Erica

Thanks Erica!

5 years ago

love this (and Mel’s style!)

5 years ago

That vase from Japan is blowing my mind right now. It’s so insanely beautiful. I can’t afford the vase, but it looks like that artist also has some really beautiful mugs and small bowls that are much more ‘my’ price range.

5 years ago

Ooohhh…those flower tattoos are beautiful!

5 years ago

So excited about this series! I personally find etsy extremely tiresome to sift through. Love this! Thanks Mel!

Lisa Hamel
5 years ago
Reply to  Laura

The animal alphabet posters are so cute, and I love the giraffe and llamas, too!

5 years ago

Love this! I don’t shop on Etsy because I can’t ever find what I’m looking for.

5 years ago

Can you list the shop names next to the item being featured? (i.e. Minimalistic Geometric Vase from MinimumDesign). I think that will go far in giving these independent makers a bit more love 🙂

5 years ago

Love this! I would love to know your tips on scouring etsy. I do quite a bit of shopping there and when I have something specific in mind can find unique items but if I’m looking for something more vague (watercolor art, ceramics, flower pot, etc) I always get frustrated and give up. I would love to know your thoughts!!

5 years ago

Love the idea! I was thinking of looking for hand-crafted alternatives to the table-top post from earlier this week. Perhaps something curated with a central theme like that could be workable? Also, the shipping fees might be more manageable for things like table-top items, bedroom-items (linens, clocks, etc.) I would absolutely buy those, as I keep going to etsy to look for them but get frustrated by the non-finding!

5 years ago

What a great idea. Love this series – keep them coming!

5 years ago

Eeehhhhhhh! This is a dream post! I can’t wait for more em hendo approved discoveries!

5 years ago

That whale! ?

5 years ago

Thanks for the roundup. This is so great. I might get those floating shelves for my daughter’s room! Can’t wait to see the rest of your finds.

5 years ago

LOVE!!! Excited for future installments. Thank you!!!

angelica m fernande
5 years ago

I love this! Takes me back to Emily’s Craigslist posts which i miss dearly 🙂

5 years ago

I’m only dropping a line to make it known that I dig this new serie, and will be looking out for next installments :). (usually I’m a lurker but I liked both the selection of items… and the description that goes with them haha)

Mary Bouquet
5 years ago

Etsy has its Swag on. All things beautiful

5 years ago

So many unique finds! Love this series already!

5 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

5 years ago

Yes! Yes! Yes! I LOVE this! Great finds Mel, keep going! xo

Christina toth
5 years ago

Welcome back Mel? What a gallery of Etsy delights! Love this series & all the new shops to visit. Hope you’ll drop Into visit the vintage vendors! Lots of amaze-oh accents and attitudes!
Love all your shares?
PatinaVille on Etsy

5 years ago

More from Mel! More from Mel!

5 years ago

Love the pillow! Great roundup. I love Etsy, but it is so overwhelming. This is a great series. Do you have any tips when searching? Thanks!

5 years ago

following! love this series. great timing b/c I was just looking for a special gift and I found one. thank you!

5 years ago

This is such a fantastic idea for a series! Thanks for this great round up, Mel. I can’t wait to see more down the line!

5 years ago

Yay!!!! So so excited for this. I love you Emily, but have been missing the reveals that Mel and others on the team worked on- including exactly these types of interesting finds- and the more modern, clean: organic look. This is gold! 100% behind this column. Welcome back Mel. You were missed!

5 years ago

Wonderful series! I really like Etsy already-it’s like a treasure hunt. I’ve found some wonderful items on there and I really like supporting the individual makers/creators/finders! 🙂 I really like the ceramics by that artist, the ring is beautiful (and SUPER tempting!), that vase is cool (fully biodegradable recycled material-who knew?), and I love the lines of that bookcase (although alas out of my budget). Thumbs up for this series Mel! 🙂

5 years ago

So excited for this series! I love Etsy but it can be hard to find the real good stuff. Yay!

5 years ago

I love the floating shelf

Leigh H
5 years ago

Love this, LOVE the whale 🙂

5 years ago

Great series. There are so many things we want to purchase! We live our lives with purpose so our household furniture and items should too.

5 years ago

SO happy to see you back, Mel! You were missed 🙂 The round-up is fab (reminds me a bit of ye olde Craigslist-find posts Emily used to do) and I LOVE that whale…..

5 years ago

Yayyy! I love discovering new shops/items on Etsy, so naturally I love this roundup with EHD-approved style. Thanks Mel, and I’m excited for the next one!

My favorites are the pottery, ring (hello birthday wish-list!), wood earrings, pillow, and wall hook.

I had already favorited loopdesignstudio (maker of the floating shelf), but for their awesome felt storage baskets.

5 years ago

I love this new series! Etsy can sometimes feel overwhelming sifting through some things I don’t like as much. Thanks for doing the leg work! A friend of mine makes gorgeous ceramic dishes, vases, mugs, etc. that so fit your aesthetic if you want to see:

Yay for Etsy and small makers!

5 years ago

Love this round up! So many beautiful, and simple, things to ogle!

4 years ago

This is great!

4 years ago

Such an awesome series I especially love that cute whale!!!

PS. If you ever do an Etsy textile or pillow round up check out

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