Emily Henderson
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Find Your Style: Mid-Century Modern

Welcome to another ‘Find Your Style’, where we take your results to our less-than-perfect quiz and help you figure out what being your style really means (if you haven’t, take that quiz!). This time we are talking to you ‘Mid-Century Modern’ folk (our first week was “Scandinavian“). When ‘Mid-Century’ came back into fashion, say 15… Read More …

Happy Birthday!

Charlie’s 3rd Birthday

Despite all protests, Charlie turned three in December. Even though he disobeyed us with his ‘aging’ we still threw him a little party with a few of his friends (and ours) in our new neighborhood. He LOVES dinosaurs (and cars, and dinosaur-cars, dinosaur trains, and dinosaur cars crashing into dinosaurs trains driven by dinosaurs). So… Read More …