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Power Couples: 22 Dresser & Nightstand Combos + A Few Rules

Photo by Tessa Neustadt for EHD

Once upon a time, if you wanted to furnish a bedroom, you bought a Bedroom Set (with a capital “B” and “S” because…so formal). The bedroom furniture set came with everything you needed: headboard, dresser, nightstands, the works. In the bedroom set days, it was easy to be sure that your dresser and nightstand paired well together because they were basically mirror images of each other with the exception of function and size. Same finish, same silhouette, some hardware. But all that matchy-matchiness could also wind up looking a bit…bland and straight of the box (or straight out of the big box…store).

Here at EHD, we prefer a more eclectic look. There’s a special magic that happens when you bring together two pieces that weren’t born together but somehow make a perfect pair. Like any good Power Couple, these nightstand/dresser combos have a lot in common (whether it’s a similar silhouette, hardware finish, design era), but they also balance one another out in a beautiful, harmonious way that doesn’t feel super expected. 

Before we get to the shopping portion of this post, let’s take a look at some examples of dresser and nightstand pairs in situ that work…and why:

How to Pair Nightstand and Dresser
Photo by Melissa Oholendt

First, anyone remember this bedroom from five years ago? It’s in the home of Bruno and Alicia from Curbly. Here, this dresser/nightstand combo features similar shapes (in that they are both quite boxy) but in different colors and metallic finishes, which sets up a pleasing contrast between the two. It’s okay for your nightstand and dresser not to overtly match (here, the dresser is mid-century and the nightstand is campaign-style)—try pairing contrasting finishes, like white and birch or black and walnut. As long as the pieces have some common element (like their shape, or style, or maybe the color of the hardware), they’ll still make a lovely pair.

How to Pair Nightstand and Dresser
Photo by Tessa Neustadt for EHD

The dressers and nightstands in this master bedroom (you don’t see both dressers in this shot, but there is a wider dresser in front of the vintage theater seats that’s a big metal industrial piece) are both working an antiqued, textured vibe, but the nightstands, sitting delicately on tall legs, create a lovely contrast with the more solid form of the dresser. Both feel “period piece-y” and Old World. The lighter finish on the nightstands tones down the heavier darker tones of the larger highboy and dresser. 

How to Pair Nightstand and Dresser
Photos by Tessa Neustadt for EHD

This dresser and nightstand from last year’s Griffith Park bedroom reveal (designed by Ginny, assisted by Mel) might feel a bit unexpected together at first glance, but turns out, both are rooted in the ’30s. The vintage burlwood dresser is Hollywood Regency inspired (which saw its heyday in the ’30s) and the nightstand (which was purchased new from Made Goods) has a “machine-age” look, also popular in that decade. Now, if you’re not a design scholar, you might not know this information, but there are some other takeaways here. The leather and wood both have a medium tan/camel color, so they work together tonally. The bright lacquered brass kickplate of the dresser is tempered by the antiqued brass of the hardware and legs of the nightstand, while still speaking to each other. 

How to Pair Nightstand and Dresser
Photos by Sara Tramp for EHD

Earlier this year, we did a bedroom refresh with Target and this room is a great example of what to look for when buying furniture that is cohesive without it feeling like you’re having a #twinning moment. This dresser and nightstand both have a very traditional vibe and matching darker metal hardware but the contrasting finishes add a little interest and texture to the space—and avoid giving off that dreaded furniture-store vibe. 

How to Pair Nightstand and Dresser
Photos by Sara Tramp for EHD

Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. These two pieces have very little in common, but together, somehow, they’re just perfect. The green dresser is 100% the standout statement piece of the room, and while the nightstand doesn’t “match” it, it does pick up on the warm wood tones of the other pieces in the room (Cherner chair, mirror, bed). 

How to Pair Nightstand and Dresser
Photo by Tessa Neustadt for EHD

The dresser and nightstand in this bedroom are a perfect example. The styles and shapes are similar, but the finishes are different, so they complement one another nicely without being too matchy-matchy.

Okay, now that we’ve established some visual cues, let’s dig a little deeper into some actual guidelines for buying both dressers and nightstands, shall we?

Here are a few things to consider when picking out a nightstand:

  • A nightstand should be anywhere from 24 inches to 27 inches tall, or within 5 inches above or below the top of your mattress. (You don’t want to be reaching too far when grabbing for your phone, or a glass of water, in the middle of the night.)
  • Consider the size of your bed. The average size for a nightstand is about 20 inches wide, but it all depends on the bed it’s paired up with. A big bed could dwarf a really small nightstand, and an oversized nightstand might look a little silly next to say, a twin-sized bed, so plan accordingly. Keep it in scale with your bed.
  • When deciding between nightstands with open and closed storage, ask yourself: how much stuff do you keep in your nightstand? This is a very personal question, and there’s no right answer. If you tend to wind up with a lot of stuff stashed in that spot, you’ll probably want at least one drawer to keep your bedside clutter-free. If you’re more of a minimalist and only need a lamp and a book or two, then feel free to choose from open or closed options.

What should you think about when picking out a dresser?

  • The most important thing is: What’s going to go in there? Think about how you like to organize your clothes. Do you need a separate drawer for shirts and pants? A smaller one for jewelry? Are there other non-clothes items that you’ll want to make room for in the dresser?
  • Once you have an idea of how many drawers you need, you can start thinking about size. A dresser should fit comfortably into the space available, ideally with at least a few inches on either side. If the space you have is narrow, this may mean a taller dresser (like a highboy) to maximize storage.
  • If you’re planning on placing a television on top of your dresser, make sure the dresser is the right height for you to comfortably see the TV from wherever you’re thinking of watching (probably the bed?).

Feeling inspired? We’ve rounded up 22 dresser/nightstand combos that have that certain something. Which is your favorite?

[drawattention ID=”159509″]

1. Bjorksnas / Vito Stacking Stool / Striped Basket | 2. Loring Dresser / Hensely Nightstand | 3. Metalwork Dresser / Lempi Nightstand | 4. Reclaimed Wood + Lacquer Dresser / Vikhammer | 5. Kambino Dresser / Aalto Wall Drawer | 6. Peek DresserFlatiron Wrought Industrial Nightstand | 7. Rosanna Ceravolo DresserCurved Terrace Nightstand / Burl Wood Large Storage Box | 8. Renwick DresserGeo-Marquetry Side Table / Large Gold Storage Dome | 9. Amelia Dresser / Juliette End TableFaux Leather Storage Bin | 10. Industrial Storage Dresser / Morris Nightstand / Woven Lidded Basket | 11. Nash Dresser / Metal Nightstand | 12. Bethany Chest / Torsion Side Table | 13. Laminate Dresser / Nati Tati Nightstand / Gale Geometric Box | 14. Clad Dresser / Aubrey Nightstand | 15. Ikat Inlay DresserTannehill Display Side Table / Storage Box | 16. Broadridge Double Dresser / Alves Nightstand | 17. Siegel Chest / Knarrevik / Fabric Bin | 18. Audrey Dresser / Olivia Nightstand White Marble Box | 19. Walnut Dresser / Tux Marble Top Nightstand | 20. Mid-Century Dresser / Sayer End Table | 21. Kinton DresserHafley Table | 22. Morris DresserMin Bedside Table With Shelf

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5 years ago

The format of this post is great – so much easier to click directly on the image to get to the product.. thanks!!

Rachel Alexander
5 years ago

This is so great. I love the unique combinations. For the next post, could you add beds to the 22 options??? Maybe beds and benches so we can see the rules in practice? Thank you!

5 years ago

Yes! Second this request. For example, we have the dresser in No. 11. We got the bed first, and I didn’t want a matching set, BUT it was hard to find nightstands to work with the bed because it has drawers (so needs the clearance on the sides), and then once the nightstands matched the bed, it looked weird when I mocked it up to have totally different dressers. Also, I see how all of these work with upholstered beds, but what about mixing different wood tones in the room?

Heather Knight- Willcock
5 years ago

Another fantastic post & loving the new hover and click option!!!

5 years ago

Glad to hear you like it! You’ll see that feature on most (if not all) round ups!

5 years ago

Now I want a super-small bedroom in a tiny house so I have excuse to get the wall-mounted drawer 😉

5 years ago

Hi Emily,
Do you know if any of these dresser lines have full extension drawers? I have looked at West Elm and know they do not. I love the look of their furniture though. Thanks!

5 years ago

These are great but they are all quite streamlined/simple shapes. What if the furniture is more “traditional” and ornate; not as embellished as, say, French Provincial but curved fronts, bit of carving on the edges, etc.? What sort of night stand could you pair with that style to get away from the matched set look? I’ve considered painting the nightstand (to the absolute horror of my husband) but the shape will still be the same so I’m thinking it would just look like a matched set with one painted piece :(.

5 years ago
Reply to  Suzanne

My thoughts exactly. You only featured one traditional dresser/table option. The rest are pretty simple/midcentury skinny legs. I live in a 100 year old house with a black spool bed. I need to update my dresser/nightstand combo (and sconces, but that’s a whole other story) and was excited to see this post, but a little disappointed that none of the combos work with my classic eclectic vibe. Would love to see more styles represented in another post.

5 years ago
Reply to  Stephanie

Yes, I would love more tradition/antique style incorportated into these options. I have a number of pieces throughout my house passed down from grandparents. Emily juxtaposes old/new styles so well in her LA home—I’d love to see this where the “old” is older than midcentury.

Stacy Hyatt
5 years ago

I WAS SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS POST, and then realized that it didn’t include BEDS. I’ve been clamoring here and on Emily’s Instagram for a dresser-nightstand-bed combo roundup for what feels like two years now out of sheer desperation for help with my own furniture predicament.

I have a black wood four-poster bed (the Tabitha from West Elm 4 years ago) and boy has it been difficult to find inspiration on nightstands and dressers that could work, so I literally don’t even have a dresser and we’re living with cheap IKEA nightstands as a temporary solution. I know I could just pick basically anything and make it work (this post really does help me feel more brave), but it’s challenging when nearly all the beds featured in these photos are colorful upholstered ones, and I’m really struggling with finding furniture that all works together seamlessly. Would love to see suggestions on beds to go with these combos, as well as less modern/mid-century options.

5 years ago
Reply to  Stacy Hyatt

Yes! As far as rules go, I wonder if in the world of bed/nightstand/dresser combos should two relate closely and the third can contrast? A lot of the inspiration photos seem to have three very different styles. Any tips for making that work?

5 years ago

Great post and furniture combinations!

5 years ago

I would love to get your all’s opinion/advice on whether nightstands themselves should match each other? Right now, we have two different ones in our bedroom, but I so often see two of the same. Is that generally the better way to go?
Thank you!

5 years ago

I would love to get your all’s pro opinion/advice about whether nightstands themselves should match each other. My husband and I have two different ones in our bedroom at the moment, but I so often see rooms where nightstands are the same. Is that the generally-advised smarter style choice? Thanks so much!

5 years ago

I would love to see more examples of vintage-looking nightstands. All of these are so modern and new. The leather Made Goods nightstands and the Louis-style nightstands are my favorites of the bunch!

5 years ago

lovely bedroom products.

Thanks for sharing with us.
Dusk (

golu dolls
5 years ago

nice post

kanchipuram silk sarees
5 years ago

These are great but they are all quite streamlined/simple shapes. What if the furniture is more “traditional” and ornate; not as embellished as, say, French Provincial but curved fronts, bit of carving on the edges

kanchipuram sarees
5 years ago

Do you know if any of these dresser lines have full extension drawers? I have looked at West Elm and know they do not. I love the look of their furniture though. Thanks!

5 years ago

I like this post. I need serious help in my master bedroom! We currently have 5 pieces that dont match. We love our headboard and 1 dresser. The other dresser is ikea and Id like it to just fade into the background. I have no idea what to dp for the nightstands. Right now we just have 2 that dont match and are leftovers from previous sets.

5 years ago

I love these types of posts, I have literally all your lighting power couple posts open in seperate tabs right now while shopping for pendant lights. How about a chandelier + pendant power couple post? When you have that open kitchen/dining room thing going on.

5 years ago

Absolutely LOVE your blog! Is there a good rule of thumb for how high you should hang a mirror above a dresser (I have high ceilings upstairs – almost 9 ft)? I have an antique oval mirror that’s 31″ x 42″ and a dresser that’s 56″ wide below it. Trying to determine where to mount the mirror and how much space to have in between the two pieces.