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Power Couples: Beds and Nightstands

Every time I search for a bed/nightstand combination I think ‘this is annoying and I wonder if people wished that there was some sort of algorithm online that would just shoot them out in perfectly paired combos’. Making sure they look good, function and are in scale with each other takes hours of shopping. So obviously I decided that spending some time pulling together some of those combos for you might be helpful. If you are in the market for a bed and nightstand combo, then we have GUARANTEED TO LOOK GOOD options for you.


This bed above is good you guys! Scott used it for his master bedroom makeover and we have used it below as #3 in one of our combos. It is affordable, stylish, and works with so many different styles.


We loved this bed from our “Easiest Guest Room Makeover Ever” so much that we used it again below for combo #10, it is a very dark blue color but comes in a handful of different fabric options and has such a great shape and scale to it.


Another one of our favorites was this wood headboard that we used for “Ricky’s Bedroom”. It is such a great option and at only $150 you can’t really go wrong. We used it with a similar nightstand in option #20. Check out all the combos below and let us know which ones are your favorites.


1. Blue Velvet Tufted Bed + Brass Sling Nightstand | 2. Drommen Bed + Wood 2 Drawer Nightstand | 3. Charcoal Panel Bed + Holcombe Nightstand | 4. Pink Linen Bed + Brass Hex Nightstand | 5. Black & White Check Bed + Grey Leather Nightstand | 6. Rutherford Upholstered Bed + Nate Berkus Nightstand | 7. Mid-Century Bed + Bone Inlay Nightstand | 8. Green Tufted Velvet Headboard + Lacquered Regency Nightstand | 9. Hudson Upholstered Platform Bed + Shroom Nightstand | 10. Woven Upholstered Bed + Benson Nightstand | 11. Striped Slipcover Bed + Rae Nightstand | 12. Gilford Bed + Green 3 Drawer Chest | 13. Bralton Metal Bed + Kristen Nightstand | 14. Harbour Cane Bed + Curved Terrace Nightstand | 15. Geo Marquetry Bed + Campaign Nightstand | 16. Façade Snow Bed + Shadow Box Nightstand | 17. Campaign Canopy Bed + Champaign 3-Drawer-Nightstand | 18. Upholstered Pleated Bed + Harper Nightstand | 19. Arc Upholstered Headboard + Leaning Bookcase | 20. Millsboro Walnut Headboard + Mid-Century Nightstand | 21. Bentwood Leg Bed + Jupiter 2 Drawer Nightstand | 22. Mid-Century Leather Tufted Button Bed + Alene Double Nightstand | 23. French Seam BedAlma Side Table | 24. Riviera Headboard + Carved Wood Accent Table | 25. Alchemy Bronze Bed + Marble Mid-Century End Table | 26. Piumotto Upholstered Platform Bed + Dante Double Nightstand


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60 thoughts on “Power Couples: Beds and Nightstands

  1. Sylvia’s is my favorite, I think! (Or I might just be emotionally attached to the lovely story.). And there’s something magical about #6! The line of the headboard + the darkness of the nightstand…I don’t know what it is…but I love it.

  2. Hubba hubba, that buffalo check bed and leather nightstand combo. Man I would love to see you design a room around that. Perhaps in an english cottage?!?! 😉

  3. Whoa! What a post!
    I hope you use #19 and/or #24 soon. I love those and can’t wait to see it all Em hendo tricked out!

  4. # 2, # 3, # 10 and # 26 are all great ! These posts are so usefull and inspiring. I wish that we could find all of these options in Canada.

  5. I love this! I’ve been having a hard time finding nightstands for my new bed, so I like seeing what you paired with the most similar bed to my own.

    I’m wondering if you have any tips on ratio of bed size/height to nightstand size/height. Would that same ratio apply to size of nightstand lamps?

    1. Agree with you, Shannon.

      Also, would like to know about materials/finishes. My bedframe is hand made character Cheery in simple lines. Still looking for nightstand options that aren’t matchy.

  6. I have the hardest time with this with my bed. I have a Room and Board architecture bed, which is a super modern canopy bed. I still love it, but I think my tastes run lighter now and this is a modern but heavy bed. It can serve as a frame for our house post-apocalypse, so I will keep it forever.

    Right now I have woven basket natural/beachy drum things (this is the correct scientific name) that barely function as nightstands. I need something that has a level surface (apparently important for keeping water glasses upright) and a drawer to hide things in but I also need it to be PERFECT. I just saved a ton of these suggestions, so thx!

  7. Can we talk about the new no box spring trend? Half these bed frames seem to work with only the mattress. That’s all totally great actually but is this a new thing with updates in mattress construction? Are box springs a scam?!
    Thanks for the round up, these are gorgeous, what great combos!

    1. i have the same comment. I have an adjustable base for my mattress which I love. Now I have to find a bed that will work with that. Tricky indeed.

    2. Box springs provide a foundation for the mattress, but are not necessary if the bed was designed to provide that same support. I believe the mattress-only beds are normally called platform beds (to signify that they can support the mattress). You can still use a box spring with many platform beds if you wish, but it’s not required.

    3. Yes, it’s a thing, evidently.
      We bought a bed from Room & Board 4 years ago and could not find a single one that accommodated a box spring so we ditched it (but kept our Simmons Beautyrest mattress).
      More recently, I went mattress shopping for my daughter’s new twin bed (also no box spring) and was told that some mattress companies make beds that require the support of a box spring but many are moving in the direction of no box spring needed (and you never flip those mattresses). I don’t think our Simmons is one of those, as it happens, but so far so good. It’s all so confusing. 🙂

    4. I prefer the newer platform beds. It’s cheaper and I don’t want to use a bed skirt to hide an unsightly box spring. Plus by the time I stacked the box spring, thick mattress and 3″ memory foam pad I like to use, I’d need a ladder to get up there.

  8. These posts are such great resources! Thanks for doing all the grunt work for us – I return to these posts time and time again! xoxo

  9. I bought the Target wooden headboard after seeing it on your blog! The only trouble is that I’m having a hard time finding a good base for the bed. Any suggestions?

  10. Genius idea for a post. I’m glad you included something like #23-most nightstands to me might be good for a guest room or hotel but they are too small!! Doesn’t everyone else have phones and lamps and books and a magazine and a water glass etc on their nightstand?? I have been looking for good airy tall nightstands with storage that are as tall as a box/mattress combo and it’s not easy.

  11. Am I right if I say that the only rule for best use of the nightstand (arm distance and movement to grab a glass of water etc) is that it has to be the same height as the bed including mattress?

    I’m in the process of buying and wouldn’t want to regret it 🙂

  12. Love these combos… especially #3 and #16. Do you think there could be a future post about what makes a good combo, for example, height of the nightstand vs. height of mattress/headboard, distance from nightstand to bed/wall, similar vs. contrasting shapes, colors, etc? Thanks, as always, for the beautiful inspiration!

    1. I second this suggestion! We bought night stands just last weekend, and I would have loved an intensive guide.

  13. I have the #10 “Benson” nightstand but in oak (not walnut) and it’s great. Totally love it. Plus it frees up floor space and always looks neat and tidy. Nice post.

  14. I have the bed in #13 and ended up using an Ikea nightstand in white with a verrry similar scale/design. I was glad to see my instincts were good! 😉

  15. Love this post, after our remodel the first thing I want to purchase is a new bed and nightstands! Thanks for the great inspo!

  16. Just signed up for an alert to know when #6 comes back in stock. We are going from a queen to a king soon (!!) and this is exactly what I didn’t know I wanted.

  17. This is a good post. I definitely don’t feel that my bed and nightstand are a power couple and I haven’t felt that they were for some time now. I love my bed very much and I don’t know what nightstand would complement it.

  18. What a great idea. I was just looking for bed/nightstand combo inspiration. But, my bedroom is fairly wide and these nightstands (and most of the nightstands I can find) are too narrow. There would be an awkward gap between the walls and bed. I also need as much drawer storage as possible.

    What do you think about using small-scale dressers as nightstands? Would that overpower a queen with an antique iron headboard? I second the comment which suggested information on scale of bed/nightstand/lamps along with wall-to-nightstand spacing.

  19. Hi, EHD team! I love the combos in #19 and #20, but could you link me to the actual bedframe you used there? Thanks so much for that, and for this whole amazing post — so many FANTASTIC ideas! =) Can’t stop swooning over that arc headboard in #19.

  20. I am usually a blog stalker and not a log poster, but I have a question! Can you recommend any beds that come in California King? I love a simple upholstered bed, but have a difficult time finding one to fit my room and mattress. Thank you!

  21. ahh, we so need to figure out our bed frame situation. I especially love the beds in #2, #10 and #22, but living in NYC (and thus sans actual storage space), under bed storage is something I cannot give up! How do you reconcile that with platform beds? I sort of hate the look of bed skirts, but hate looking at stacked boxes under my bed even more. I’ve been dreaming up an upholstered head board/ bed skirt-board situation that can be attached by hinges to an existing frame and lifted up for under bed access while looking like a platform bed, but alas, I am not crafty enough to figure that out…..I digress. Great roundup, as per usual!

  22. For folks who have iron or metal beds like in combo #25 (which I love the look of) or even #13, are they any good for sitting up and reading in bed? Because of room layout, I have to put my king-sized bed in front of a window. The room is not particularly bright, so I’m thinking that my dream of having a tall, tufted, velvet bed (hubba, hubba #8!) is not happening. A metal bed would let the light in, but they seem so . . . not comfy.

    Also, I’m a little scared of frames that are mattress only. Are they sturdy? Creaky? Do the slats holding the mattress eventually break? And what in the world do I do with my boxspring???

    1. I have a (nice) futon. It’s queen-sized, so we never tilt it up. We flip the mattress occasionally & recently I bought a memory foam topper–that thing is incredible! No problems with the slats: the frame is quite sturdy (but we don’t have a headboard).

  23. Love this post! What are your thoughts on boxsprings? We have one and run into the issue of the bed being too high for the nightstand. Any tips?

  24. I love this post. We have a medium toned wood four poster and I would love to have some options for that. It was my grandparents bed so it has sentimental value. I’ve been searching endlessly but can’t find anything that goes that isn’t too traditional.

  25. Hey, you could do the style quiz based on these! I like 1, 3, 4, and 23. And 22, too. What does that make me? (JK).

  26. My faves are #12, #11, and #19. #19 is kinda wacky 70’s, but I like it. #12 is the aspirational one and #11 is probably the one that’s closest to my own style.

  27. Hi Emily,

    What are your recommendations for a nightstand for a monster king bed? Somehow, we have a princess + the pea situation, so normal height nightstands aren’t cutting it. Any ideas for some height? Thanks!

  28. More recently, I went mattress shopping for my daughter’s new twin bed (also no box spring) and was told that some mattress companies make beds that require the support of a box spring but many are moving in the direction of no box spring needed (and you never flip those mattresses). I don’t think our Simmons is one of those, as it happens, but so far so good. It’s all so confusing. 🙂

  29. Ugh I was so excited for this! I am having the HARDEST time finding decent nightstands for my master bedroom; its the largest bedroom I’ve ever had which is EXCELLENT but also incredibly frustrating. I finally found a great bed that I absolutely love, but all nightstands look puny next to it, and nightstands made for larger beds are very “grand” looking, very formal, which is not my vibe in the least.

    I like the ladder option but I adore the leather double nightstand – until I saw the price! Woof. Maybe I need to become a carpenter and build my own.

  30. This is so helpful!
    Where is that gorgeous black and white rug from in the first photo?? Thanks!

  31. Hi! I love your blog and design style. I am looking to update my bedroom. I currently have a silver metal bed frame and dark hemmnes dressers from ikea. I cannot figure out what kind of nightstands would go with this bedroom. It is driving me nuts? I haven’t seen anything on your blog that has this kind of bed with a dark dresser. Any ideas? Thank you!

  32. Hi! I love your blog and design style. We are getting ready to buy our first home and I think I am in crazy nesting mode. My latest obsession is my bedroom. I would have a silver metal bed and dark hemmnes dressers from ikea. I can’t figure out what night stands go with these elements. It is driving me CrAZy! Please help…any suggestion would be much appreciated.

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