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Our All-Time Favorite Storage Furniture (And Some Products) For Every Room In Your Home

photo by sara ligorria tramp | from: sara’s living room & dining room reveal

I have written about storage an embarrassing amount of times because it happens to be one of my biggest design hurdles. I want a beautiful home and that starts with hiding my things that are not so beautiful. Nowadays I have been leaning into a more minimalist lifestyle as life has really had me considering what things are really essential, but I still have storage needs to be met (a small home with one closet for two adults will do that to you). I am sure a lot of you are in a similar boat and luckily we have years of EHD projects to guide us and internet shopping knowledge.

Hopefully, you are here because you are a person who loves reading about storage (because it’s riveting) or you are in need of some storage solutions. I mean who wants to look at clutter right now?? Well, whoever you are I hope you are ready for EHD’s favorite storage solutions and products. Guys, we are about to get organized as heck. Let’s get to it.


photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: target’s new threshold collection is hitting the “elevated prairie” trend hard and good

Might as well start at the beginning:) I know I am not alone in the general “stuff dump” once I walk into my front door after I’ve been out. Shoes, purse, random purchases all have a non-specific, haphazard spot right on the other side of my front door. So to alleviate this for myself and, of course, you all here are our picks for our favorite neutral but special entry storage benches.

1. Acorn Corban Upholstered Drawer Storage Bench | 2. Bernadette Storage Bench | 3. Mid-Century Entryway Bench

Now not all of us have the luxury of having a coat closet. O man, I cannot wait for that day. So until that sweet sweet day arrives, a very cute coat rack is a very cute way to store your jackets and coats. These are our picks. But first, can we all stop and applaud #1?? It’s a coat rack with a sneaky show bin. Genius.)

1. Omera Coat Rack | 2. Barker Vertical Wall-Mounted Coat Rack | 3. Devon Coat Rack

No one wants mud, snow or general wet grime all over their clean floors. So a boot tray is your answer to “controlling the situation” and letting those boots dry/still look organized. Emily is a big fan of her’s at the mountain house and felt that it was very important to include in those post. And since she is the boss we did:)

1. Boot Tray | 2. Hole Punched Galvanized Steel Rolling Boot Tray | 3. Household Boot Trays & Scraper

Let’s move to the bedroom next…


photo by sara ligorria-tamp | from: new reveal: this organic, punchy bedroom might be our new favorite makeover

I have a question. Why are shoes so hard to store in your bedroom?? I ask myself this as I glance around my living room and spot six pairs of shoes “neatly” lined up against a wall. But I really want at least most of my shoes to live in my bedroom. I think I just need a better and bigger storage option. In a small space, vertical shoe storage is a good option and an over the door shoe organizer is great. But if you don’t have the right kind of closet door or prefer something more classic take a look at our favorites below. (Ok, #4 isn’t very classic but is a killer option if you don’t have a lot of closet floor space and don’t want your shoes out for display in you bedroom.)

1. Aramis 9 Pair Shoe Rack | 2. Two Tier Wire Mesh Shoe Rack | 3. 2 Tier 8 Pair Shoe Rack | 4. Baxton Studio Carson 5-Shelf Shoe Cabinet in Walnut | 5. 3 Tier 12 Pair Shoe Rack | 6. Black Steel & Wood Six-Tier Shoe Rack

If you have the space, a storage bench placed at the foot of the bed is a great solution for storing blankets, linens, extra pillows, sewing kits, yarn, coloring books, paint, paint brushes or any other tools needed for whatever hobby you have picked up during quarantine…or you know just extra clothes:) How pretty is #1??

1. Mod Storage Bench | 2. Coddington Upholstered Storage Bench | 3. Ronquillo Upholstered Flip Top Storage Bench

If you have the space please get a wardrobe so I can live vicariously through you. I first fell in love with wardrobes when we published this post and haven’t been able to get them off my mind since. That Leanne Ford wardrobe is something from my actual dreams and if you end up buying one you are my hero and can we be best friends??

1. Reeves Caned Armoire | 2. Wallace Cane and Oak Armoire | 3. Morrison Armoire | 4. Annie Natural Storage Cabinet | 5. Mid-Century Chifforobe | 6. Amelia Armoire

Let’s take a break from the grown-up stuff and dig into some fun kid’s storage…

Kids Room Storage

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: a refresh of the kid’s room in the mountain house

To all the parents out there who are staying home with small kids and are cleaning up toys 24/7 you are saints and I salute you. But unless you are really on top of it in the org department, you might be looking for some storage to make you life “look” not as hectic as it probably is right now. Emily cannot talk enough about the wonders of toy cubbies. They make it so her kids can actually see their toys and are able to easily help clean up. So if you are in the market, here are the toy cubbies that we love:

1. Babyletto Tally Storage | 2. 9 Cube Wooden Organizer | 3. Stackable Pillowfort Storage

If open storage for kids’ toys stresses you out, a chest is a cute and whimsical alternative.

1. Mid-Century Toy Chest | 2. XXL Dorm Trunk | 3. Navy Blue Tox Box

Bookcases have become somewhat of a passionate subject around here. Emily firmly believes in bookcases with sides because they make the most sense for storing books. Yes, you can use bookends to keep them in place, but if you have a ton of books to store, that isn’t the best option. Stay tuned for a post on the bookworm’s guide to storing books coming to a screen near you.

Bookcases are a great workhorse for a kid’s bedroom. Not only will they store all of their precious books but can also display special trinkets (on the higher self). But probably more importantly with the help of cute baskets, they can house extra diapers, clothes, really whatever you need (except on #4 because that one is made for just books). Emily is planning to use the green cabinet in her kid’s shared room in LA. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind snagging it for myself.

1. Ellwood Mid Century Modern Bookcase | 2. Bly Kids Bookshelf | 3. Hampshire Olive Green Bookcase | 4. Sloan Bookrack | 5. Windsor Farmhouse Kids Metal Bookshelf | 6. Mini Library Bookcase

Ok, back to us big kids…

Living Room Storage

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: a colorful, happy home makeover for an incredible deserving family

Living rooms are a great place to have some secret storage furniture weapons. Let’s start with ottomans. Ottomans aren’t just for kicking up your feet after a long day my friends. Nope, some of them have storage which makes them so much more lovable. I know, hard to believe that’s possible. Because of this, they can also store extra blankets, pillows, games, books, candy (kidding?) you name it.

1. Squad Storage Ottoman | 2. Alina Storage Ottoman | 3. Lemoor Mid Century Ottoman | 4. Duvet Storage Ottoman | 5. Quinn Striped Ottoman | 6. Upholstered Base Storage Ottoman

I am truly a fan of any piece of furniture that has secret storage, but you should never have to substitute style for practicality. One other easy place to get some extra space is a coffee table. Some can act like the ottomans above and some can serve as a secondary (or maybe primary:)) dinner table (looking at you #1, #4, #5) Here are some we love (including #4 pictured above).

1. Mid-Century Pop-Up Storage Coffee Table | 2. Drum Storage Coffee Table | 3. Wiley Coffee Table | 4. Lift-Top Lift Top Coffee Table | 5. Columbiana Lift Top Sled Coffee Table with Storage | 6. Turning Table

Shall we move to the dining room?? I think so.

Dining Room Storage

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: sara’s living room & dining room reveal

Console tables have sort of been kicked out by the bar cart, but I would like to see them make a comeback. I love a bar cart, but a console is nice when you require more drawer space, closed storage, or a thinner profile.

1. Industrial Storage Skinny Console | 2. Metalwork Console | 3. Wood & Cane Console Table

The best way to make up for insufficient kitchen cabinet storage is to invest in a bar cabinet. They are the stylish and dare I say the sophisticated cousin to the bar cart, and can free up your kitchen cabinets or just simply store liquor and cocktail glasses as nature intended. Sara has #2 in her dining room and guys it’s beautiful in person.

1. Berkley Bar Cabinet | 2. Dark Gray Bauer Bar Cabinet | 3. IDÅSEN | 4. Warwick Wood & Rattan Cabinet | 5. Cantina Bar Cabinet | 6. West Natural Cane Bar Cabinet

Let’s start to clean up…

Bathroom Storage

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: refreshing your bathroom with target’s project62 line

Extra cabinet storage in a bathroom is never a bad idea. I personally do not have a lot of square footage in my bathroom, so a over the toilet cabinet is a great solution. I am actually. considering buy #2, but am holding off because I am trying to focus on my living room at the moment. But writing these posts make this impulse buyer go nuts let me tell ya.

1. Wesley Over-The-Toilet Storage Shelf | 2. Over-the-Toilet Storage | 3. Free-Standing Over-the-Toilet Storage

You will see baskets are great for truly any room in your home (and feel free to use any of these baskets in them. They are not restricted to the bathroom). They are simply a great solution for adding more pretty storage in a room. Here are the ones we love:

1. Black Braided Basket| 2. Large Curved Basket | 3. Wire Bin | 4. Large Banana Delilah Tote Basket | 5. Tyler Square Basket With Rope Handle Low | 6. Decorative Coiled Rope Basket | 7. Gold Storage Basket | 8. Round Woven Basket | 9. Seagrass Basket with Leather Handle

In case you missed it, I sung my high praises for the towel hook in this post. I really do have a weird obsession, but that is mainly because hooks are a great small space solution. And okay fine, it is also due to my hatred of folding anything.

1. Triva Wall Mounted Robe Hook | 2. Massey Double Hook | 3. Trinsic Wall Mounted Robe Hook | 4.Latitude 2 Wall Mounted Single Robe Hook | 5. Townsend Wall Mounted Double Robe Hook | 6. West Slope Knurled Hook

Kitchen Storage

photo by sara liggoria-tramp | from: 8 steps to building a smart, organized pantry & mudroom

I never really realized that decanting dry foods frees up so much space until I saw what Emily did in the mountain house kitchen. It is so simple and probably the safest way to avoid touching boxes and bags that who knows how many other hands have touched. And bonus, your pantry will look a lot prettier.

1. Plastic Food Storage Container Clear | 2. 10-Piece POP Container Set | 3. Montana Glass Jar with Silver Lid 

Are you sick of hearing about how much I love hooks?? I get it, but look! They are so versatile and can be used in so many ways. So for my next trick, watch as I convince you that you need hooks in the kitchen, too. Think of the open counter space and freed up cabinets.

1. Enclume ® Steel and Wood Bookshelf Wall Pot Rack | 2. J.K. Adams Grey Wall Mounted Pot Rack | 3. Wall Mounted Pot Rack | 4. InterDesign 6-Peg Wood Storage Rack  | 5. Tosca Magnet Hook | 6. Under the Shelf Wire Mug Holder with 10 Hooks in White

Don’t think we forget about the VERY important office storage…

Office Storage

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: a home office makeover with threshold removable wallpaper

Is it even an office if it doesn’t have a bookcase? Ok yes, it can still be an office but we promise that if you have the space you won’t regret getting a bookcase. BUT, we think the trick is getting one some with drawer storage. It keeps those extra office supplies out of sight but still a chance to show off your fancy books. These are our favorites…

1. Industrial Modular Open & Closed Storage | 2. Carson 5 Shelf Bookcase | 3. Helix Walnut Bookcase | 4. Dunkelberger Ladder Bookcase | 5. Siegel Bookcase | 6. BILLY

You probably have important documents that need proper filing (at least I know I do) so I made it my goal to find the most attractive options out there. You are welcome.

1. Graham 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet | 2. Dahle 2-Drawer File Cabinet | 3. Inline Brass Filing Cabinet | 4. Penn Brass Clad Narrow File Cabinet | 5. Kendall Cream File Cabinet | 6. Vertical Filing Cabinet Overcast Hardwood 1 Drawer

And last but definitely not least, the laundry room.

Laundry Storage

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: how we designed a family-friendly laundry room in the portland project

In an editorial meeting earlier this week, Emily announced she might be anti-hamper, and I since then it has been weighing heavy on my heart and I must confess I think I am too. Why have a heavy, stiff hamper when there are so many other more stylish options out there?? Like a cute basket or a chic bag. Plus, I love the ease of a basket on wheels like #2.

1. White Ash Basket | 2. Steel Canvas Laundry Bin | 3. Cotton Twill Laundry Bag 

Okay, that is all I have for you today. I hope that our current storage woes will help to solve yours. BUT as always we want to chat and hear from you. Do you have any storage products that you can’t live without? Do tell. x

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Sara’s Living Room & Dining Room Reveal

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3 years ago

OK, I admit, I’m drooling over all of these storage options. Clearly I have a storage addiction.

My favorite solution: I bought 2 of Ikea’s tall Alex drawer units to store my shoes. I have them in my office and they look crisp and white — they’re made for papers but they store shoes really well and look modern and neat instead of those messy open shelving systems.

Anne Hutton
3 years ago
Reply to  LouAnn

Brillant use for these!!! We have a beautiful walk in closet, but I dislike looking at my shoes! And, they collect so much dust. I’ve tried using the Ikea little Velcro shoe boxes, but they are a nuisance to open and close…which leads me into just throwing shoes in pile on the floor. Thank you for the perfect solution!!!

3 years ago
Reply to  LouAnn

If they only had clear drawer fronts so you could see what was inside without opening the drawer it would be so perfect!

Amanda McCullough
3 years ago
Reply to  Teri

maybe a diy plexi front?

3 years ago
Reply to  Teri

the Brimnes drawers by Ikea have a semi-clear front, at least the older models. Maybe try those!

3 years ago

I love the look of bar cabinets, but……how to they work in practice? Do you leave the doors open when having a party? Where do you pour/mix drinks, since there isn’t really an available open surface?
I love the Target option, but it’s not actually deep enough to store bottles of wine or hang stemware.
#2 is beautiful, but where do you put tall liquor bottles? I’m really considering this option, so I would love to see how Sara has it set up!

Erin Perkins
3 years ago

I’ve been obsessed about having pieces of furniture do double, or even triple duty! we have these pair of ottomans from West Elm that we must’ve got like 10 years ago.. and they are phenomenal! then we got The Avery bed from Room & Board that had a drawer at the foot of the bed! it’s the BEST! And no one ever knows it’s a drawer until we show them!!

We have the storage ottoman (Lounge) from C&B, and as much as we love the storage & table option, the quality kinda sucks. It really bums me out cuz I spent 2 years saving up for that.

The CB2 file cabinet is spot on! I am also a fan of the poppy filing cabinet from Container store. And I second the Alex drawers! we popped them in the closet for craft storage. It’s perfect!

Roberta Davis
3 years ago

So many fun things! Thanks!

3 years ago

this was so fun to go through !! also: i am obsessed over shoe storage mirrors – you can get these cabinets that look like full-length mirrors but they open up to store like 10 pairs of shoes !!!!

Anne Hutton
3 years ago

Hi again! I was lucky enough to find this CB2 acrylic storage locker on my local Craig’s List. It was brand new and so cheap, I don’t even remember how much I paid. This chest was already in my CB2 wish list at the time. I like this particular chest for storing beautiful coffee table art books. I leave the top empty of clutter so at any moment I, or a guest can grab a book to view. It sits near to our primary sofa. I also have my 2 volume wedding book inside!

3 years ago

Loving the modern design of some of these storage options! Thanks for the inspiration

3 years ago

Ah my wooden coffee bin. It’s an antique piece we use as our hamper. Holds a whole week’s worth of laundry. It sits in the bedroom, has a lid, and no one would be the wiser. I love it.

3 years ago

I used to think I could get organized if I had the right furniture, but recently I drank a sip of the minimalism coolaid. I have been purging off and on and finally I’m getting down to reasonable piles stowed. I was so tired of moving my sons toys back in accessible homes that I changed tactics. Most of his things are now out of reach. He has some books, legos, and a few vehicles. I rotate in toys and we pick them up before he can change tasks. I’m trying to make myself do the same!