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Refreshing Your Bathroom with Target’s Project62 Line

Welcome to the second post of the master suite refresh of my friends. On Friday we revealed the master bedroom and today we have a lovely large master bath for you. Let’s get into it.

Their house is a new build and one of the BEST things about it is that the contractor made some good choices and didn’t try to ‘design’ it too much. No weird finishes or bad backsplashes. Here is what it looked like before:

Emily Henderson Target Project 62 Threshold Master Bathroom Refresh Before

Heck, he didn’t even put hardware on the cabinetry because he assumed that the person who would buy this house would likely want to choose either some high end (like we did) or something different than himself. So again, it was a blank slate with super tasteful choices (well, we switched out the pendants …. and in a perfect world we would upgrade the sconces and mirrors but they are SO not bad, just could be a little more more special).

I knew that this was the perfect ‘set’ bathroom for a refresh, and so we did …

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 18

This refresh was really just about shopping and styling – seeing what was current in Target, in the Project62 brand and styling it all together. I chose from samples available but trust me that in the store and online there is a really large selection to choose from now if you want a different color palette or style.

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 27

We started with the same color palette as the bedroom as it’s a shared space, but added more hits of black and more of a terra-cotta tone with the lighter pinks (p.s. I’m loving this blush and blue debate happening in the comments – stay tuned for ONE more blush and blue combo and I SWEAR my friends choose it, not me!!).

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 29

Once we had the color palette chosen we basically bought ANYTHING bathroom related that could work in here and styled it all out. The rose gold vanity collection is simple and lovely and somehow worked PERFECTLY in here. I kept saying to myself over and over ‘man, we are selling this set’. It was the perfect environment for them.

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 2

That tray is mine and vintage, and by the way I don’t recommend wood trays on marble anyway (a different wood tray in our master left a big brown mark the shape of the tray on the marble). But for a little while it’s fine and it was a great scale (note to the world – we need more small but not tiny trays out there – think bedside table size).

The whole Project62 collection is modern, clean, but not boring and feels really fresh.

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 32

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 30

The vase is new and BEAUTIFUL. The towels are a new waffle weave that just came out that is lovely and really absorbent.

And yes, we propped it with ONLY blush, rose, mauve and terracotta products because the dad of the house (Nick Thune) LOVES these warm pink tones all over his face, body and bathroom (we returned virtually all of it after the shoot). For real people with real products my suggestion is to 1. purge a lot,  2. keep pretty towels and hand towels on open shelves, but 3. enclose virtually everything else – whether they are in bins or drawers. Real life product simply isn’t photogenic so we curated it a bit. 🙂

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 31

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 26

Over in the tub area, we gave it some much-needed attention and love.

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 22

The leaning ladder houses a new shower curtain (that fring-ey textile) but their bathroom had glass shower doors (not shown) but I wanted to feature that curtain because they are GREAT. Obviously, the bathroom doesn’t need two floor mats (the one on the floor and the one on the bath) but since my job is to show you guys my favorite product, I took some liberties.

We styled it out with a side table, that ladder that I love (Birdie has it in her room) and that beautiful painting (yes, that painting is from Target, it comes framed and is $70 – CRAZY – I have it in my living room as well).

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 23

I had dreams of a big round rose gold mirror back there, but this $70 solution that fit with our story sure did make us happy and looks gorgeous. We swapped the table to this side for that shot to to create a pretty composition. We can do things like this when we are styling for a shoot, rather than real life (for real life we put it back by the window).

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 24

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 25

There you have it – a styled out bathroom refresh with 100% product from Target’s modern Project62 line. Thanks to my friends for letting us use their house in exchange for LOTS of pretty product from our favorite store. To see what we used in this post go here, or check out the product board below for individual pieces.

Emily Henderson Target Master Bedroom Bathroom Makeover 14

Meanwhile I’m going to check ‘towel model’ off my bucket list. xx

Emily Henderson Target Bedroom And Bath Refresh Project 62 Threshold Master Bathroom Get The Look 01

1. Modern Wall Tapestry | 2. Vanity Organizer | 3. Coiled Rope Basket | 4. Rose Gold Glass Canister | 5. Rose Gold Soap Pump | 6. Rose Gold Soap Dish | 7. Chevron Area Rug | 8. Black Mini Mirror | 9. Performance Solid Towel | 10. Ultra Soft White Bath Towel | 11. Sandstone Soap Dish | 12. Rose Gold Toothbrush Holder | 13. Black Tumbler | 14. Live Edge Accent Table | 15. Framed Abstract Wall Canvas | 16. Earthenware Black Vase | 17. Color Block Shower Curtain | 18. Pink Tufted Bath Rug | 19. Wood Ladder | 20. Sculpted Wave Bath Rug | 21. White Accent Bath Towel | 22. Pink Accent Hand Towel | 23. Framed Knot Art | 24. Terracotta Pink Vase

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Clari Michele
6 years ago

I live in the UK right now, and these posts are making my heart ache for Target’s home isle! I might need to bring an empty suitcase home with me next time to bring some stuff back with me. All so good!

6 years ago

I loooooveeed what you did with the bedroom, and the bath side is great (love the greenery!), but I feel like the sink side seems a bit messy and random.

6 years ago

I completely second your thought on tiny trays. My current favorite is actually a black natural stone from Target! It’s $19.99, and it’s housing a stapler and tape dispenser on my husband’s desk right now. Perfect nightstand/bath vanity size, too:

Caroline @ The Hyphenated Home
6 years ago

Uggh, we have a nice but tiny rental bathroom, but you’re making me want to style it more! I also have cream linens, but the bathroom is all beige stone tile so it’s a room of blah. Must think about what I can do…

6 years ago

Thank you for continuing to vet all the Target products! I like high-end stuff as much as the next gal, but who doesn’t appreciate a gorgeous $70 framed painting? I bought it after you featured it a while ago. I also bought that shower curtain a few days ago for my daughter’s bathroom, and it is super cute in person, isn’t it?!

6 years ago
Reply to  Jana

I bought the shower curtain for my daughter’s bathroom, too! She’s only 3, but she has opinions about the decor in her bathroom. Luckily she is really excited about her new shower curtain.

6 years ago

A quick note about the wood tray. Have you tried putting felt dots on the bottom of the tray? It would lift it off the counter just enough that you won’t hurt the marble. Worth a try……

6 years ago
Reply to  Jen

Yes, I did this, but with clear rubber feet and it works like a charm!

6 years ago

Where did you get the hardware from? I am currently looking for some great hardware for my new house and need some suggestions!

6 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

Looks like Rejuvenation’s Perles series.

6 years ago

Well, that’s it. That bathroom and that view are nirvana. I officially have only one goal in life.

6 years ago

still team #blushandblueforever but I am digging the more black pops in the bathroom! . I am dying over that terra cotta colored pendant, can you share the source? I spotted it Friday in the quick preview and spent way too much time over the weekend trying to find it 😉

6 years ago
Reply to  Melody


6 years ago

I LOVE all of the pink accents. That vase is just incredible – it looks so high-end! I might have to pick one up for my bedroom this week.

6 years ago

Ughhh so pretty. Where is the toliet? I’m so jealous of this hidden toliet situation. Oh to take a bath and not have to look at a toliet and a toliet brush and all things that go along with a toliet.

6 years ago

I bought the $70 Target painting for our new home and we love it so much! At first I was wary of some mass produced art but after my third trip to Target and staring at it I brought it home and it’s SO perfect. Sometimes mass produced just means good. Examples, Subarus, Madewell, etc. 🙂 Loving the affordable posts as well! 🙂

6 years ago

God, I wish that Target hadn’t dropped the ball so badly in Canada. Still hurts.

6 years ago

Great article, nicely done, love the wood ladder as a towel rack

Suzane G Henderson
6 years ago

I want to live in that bathroom. Colors and textures are so calming and warm. Well done!

diane jones
6 years ago

The MBR looks great but more importantly,thank you for introducing me to Nick Thune. Like wut? How have I never heard of him? He is really funny (and a bit disarming – wompwomp).

6 years ago

Love this. Any chance we could get a source on the drawer pulls? Thanks as always for great content every day!!

Jen D
6 years ago

Looks awesome as per usual!!! Please please tell me that you know where those sconces are from???? Please…

6 years ago
Reply to  Jen D

I want to know, too!

Jennifer @ Chic Misfits
6 years ago

Loving the mini ladder and wall tapestry. I like the hardware too. Not normally drawn to black hardware, but it definitely works with this soft and crisp look.

6 years ago

Love the curated collection of towels, etc. Already a big fan of the Nate Berkus/ Threshold collections, such good bang for the buck. Why is there an Emily Henderson designed line yet?

Couple random questions – I’m in the process of replacing the floors in my place – are those laminate or engineered or what? Curious what material they are that they are durable enough for a bathroom? Sounds intriguing?

Also, I don’t think that blush tear dropped shape lamp is Target? Is it Rejuvenation? Schoolhouse? Any ideas?

6 years ago

You’re right about the mirrors and sconces. Would so love to see something different there!

6 years ago
Reply to  Erika

I agree! Those mirrors have no soul!?

Annie Robertson
6 years ago

I love how bright and clean this is!

Rebecca D.
6 years ago

Love the bathroom and love Nick Thune’s comedy. Win win!

6 years ago

Where is the white makeup organizer from?

6 years ago

What? I would kill to have the before bathroom. Pretty much perfect in my eyes. Please please please refresh real eyesores.

6 years ago

Good post !! I really loved reading your blog. It was very well authored and easy to understand.
Sifli black magic

6 years ago

Who makes the blush/pink hanging ceiling light by the shower please?

6 years ago

I 100% agree about the need for more small but not tiny trays! I have a little vintage telephone table in my entry that needs a tray but I can never find one the right size. There is a market here!

6 years ago

Very against the blush and blue haters and would 10/10 live in this bathroom. BUT if you’re really looking to switch things up, how about a post on how to decorate a bedroom when your landlord decides to paint it pea soup green and there’s nothing you can do about it. Sounds fun, right?!

6 years ago

I get that Target is accessible, and I am a fan of much of their design lines, but I miss your use of vintage items and original artwork..There are so many indie designers and artists out there to choose from, and many affordable art options as well. I love your style and hope that you will continue to create design-centered content that isn’t always energized by corporate sponsorship.

6 years ago

Would love to know what type of flooring that is. Vinyl plank maybe? – since it’s under a tub.

6 years ago

Love, love, love this bathroom. I recently fell in love with the pink accents myself – glad to see it will be sticking around for a bit! Can you tell me what the greenery is called? I continue to see the same branches in many of your rooms but not having much luck finding it local to me and would love to be able to search for it.

6 years ago

I am so loving rose gold right now and have been wanting to do a sink refresh with all dispensers and containers. But question…can I do rose gold accents when all my fixtures are still chrome? It gives me anxiety, but you did it in this bathroom and it looks gorgeous. Any tips for mixing metals like this?

6 years ago

Would you be willing to say where the white tray / organizer is from? (Tucked into the corner, with the black cup.) Thank you! Was crossing my fingers it was also Target, but doesn’t seem to be the case.

6 years ago

okay, I love all of this but can we talk about your top and jeans?