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What’s New On The Flea

We are adding more every week (probably) and learning from you guys a lot about what you want, what you don’t want and how you think it could be better which I wrote about it at the end of the post. Meanwhile, here is what went up this morning.

1. Blue French Perfume Box : One of those things you buy but don’t know why and then you think how cute it would be to give as a box to a gift? Or to house some unmentionables in a shelf? It doesn’t matter, its blue and French, therefore I buy.

2. Blue Horseshoe: I debated pulling this because it’s one of those things that is more of a fun prop – but then everybody in the office reminded me how cute it would be on a boy’s shelf or framed in a boys/kids room. Ironically it would probably work well in Charlie’s new room as I have secret fantasies of it being equestrian themed (cue Brian’s eye roll now).

3. Cascading Waves Painting: If you are into seascapes, stay tuned. I’ll be releasing them as slowly as my heart lets me, but snatch this one up before I change my mind.

4. Modern Ceramic Gilded Figure: It’s a gold glazed porcelain sculpture and it donned the cover of Styled. He’s pretty much famous now in Russia and China (who strangely just bought the rights to the book and will be published soon).

5. Brass Twig Stem Lamp: This isn’t vintage but I love it and have hoarded it for years. It’s a great lamp at a much discounted price.

6. Faceted Glass Decanter: I LOVE this beautiful decanter and have had it in my home for years. I’m only departing with it because we brought it to the studio to shoot and since our new house has wildly less decorative or functional storage, I’m pairing back.

7. Hand Painted Enamel Vase: This is so sweet and pretty and definitely large for the price. Think a pretty big maiden hair fern in this lady. She is old and worn but has a lot of beauty in her.

8. White Ruler with Case: Great gift for a design student who maybe reads the blog? I have so many vintage rules and while sure, we usually use tape measures, I love whipping one of these out on occasion.

9. Linder Keups Candle Holders: I love these. So modern and simple but with a bit of glam in them.

10. Mid-Century Plant Stands: If I could keep a plant alive I would keep these. But if you can and like the mid-century style, then these might be for you.

11. Decorative Copper Bowl: It is little, it is affordable, and it is the perfect little bowl to place on your nightstand to throw your change or on your shelf to add a little pop of metallic.

12. Tall Blue Textured Vase: This lady has been in and around my house for a couple years. I guess it was her time to be in the studio and accidentally got thrown into the flea pile. My loss is your gain.

13. Bridge in a Forest Landscape Painting: This is by a Pasadena artist who’s work I have bought a lot of from the flea market. I will probably regret selling it once we get into the new house, but for now it is up on the flea and up for grabs.


1. Leather Covered Decanter: I LOVE THIS. Please buy it (or don’t). It’s perfectly worn and is perfect for a branch or single fern stem in it. I used it in Ian’s house and am still very into it.

2. Oblong Planter: I love this pretty lady. This could be a drink holder, but we styled it as a planter. It’s ceramic with pretty applied polka dots, and just oh so pretty.

3. Blue Pinstripe Pillow Cover: I had a bunch of vintage blue stripe deadstock fabric laying around so we had these pillows made. Note to all those who want to sell pillows- having them made is about twice the price as buying a pillow at Target. Ha. Which is why the pillows are so expensive even though I’ve already reduced the price by 30% because I didn’t want to be one of those people who sold pillows online for $245 ….

4. Denim with White Dots Pillow Cover: Speaking of. This lady is special. One of a kind fabric, sourced at the flea by me, and handmade in Los Angeles. She ain’t cheap, but she is absolutely worth it.

5. Green Napkins: With green becoming this years blue, I thought these olive napkins were a lovely buy. They are linen with the perfect fringe.

6. Mid Century Brass Legs: Remember my old coffee table? Well I forget what happened to the top, but these are her legs. You can buy new ones online but if you want original and with patina, we got them for you.

7. Wood Tissue Box Cover: To chic-ify your bathroom. I don’t deserve to write this blog if I’m going to use language like that.

8. Ceramic Chip and Dip: Click through to this item because it’s so much prettier than that photo makes it out to look. Perfect for your boho/global themed parties or just if you are into having handmade things around you, and your chips, all the time.

9. Raised Bowl with Dipped Legs: This isn’t vintage, but I love it. After collecting so much studio pottery this doesn’t seem to work with them (Its so bright white compared to them) but it’s a great bowl that can be on your dining table, as a serving dish or be a fancy catchall.


1. Small Basket: For the sweetest of plants

2. Metal Planter: I want to keep these (there are two) for our new house. So whoever buys them is lucky that we haven’t moved in yet and that they don’t have their perfect home. I priced them accordingly.

3. Windmill Embroidery: So sweet. I bought this during my ‘collect anything that will remind you of the country’ phase, and we recently used it in a little vignette we styled in our studio. It is too cute in person!

4. Etched Brass Vase: Simple, pretty and with the perfect mouth to hold your pretty flowers and branches.

5. Plaid Wood Blanket: I love this blanket and it has been used quite a few times in shoots because of how good it is. It was in the book when we styled 1 sofa 4 ways, then in this bedroom shoot Brady styled, and then finally been on the back of my sofa for a while, but I found a new plaid blanket to take its place – so now it can be yours.

6. Brass Swan: She needs jewelry, a plant or flowers in it to fully realize her potential.

7. Rainbow Embroidered Pillow: Such fun, vintage, goodness. It’s hand embroidered, straight from the 60’s and I’m very into it.

8. Turquoise Bud Vase: The amount of shoots she has been in is insane. She needs a beautiful flower to properly shine, but she is a great addition to a pottery collection.

9. Bumblebee Box: So sweet. I bought this at an estate sale of someone who looked to be like the most interesting person in the world. It’s so sweet and lovely.


1. Enamel Dish: Handmade ceramic art, straight from the 60’s. A perfect jewelry dish or coin catch – or put it on a mini-easel for your bookshelf to really let her shine.

2. Tabletop Nutcracker: FIVE YEARS i’ve had this guy. Maybe more. It’s kinda part of my family. I used to have it on my coffee table with nuts in it til I had toddlers who apparently can’t swallow walnuts whole.

3. Pink Cocktail Shaker: Obviously. Holiday bar cart styling fans out there? I’ve got one for you.

4. Teak Wood Abacus: I don’t know why these didn’t sell before, maybe because they are only decorative and not terribly functional anymore, but i’m telling you that Charlie LOVES to play with his. He is learning his numbers fast and it’s so pretty on his shelf. I reduced the price but one of you should snag it.

5. Slate Blue Bud Vase: A pretty little deco number for your guest room nightstand. She’s been mixed in with my collection for a while, but now can be mixed in with yours.

6. British Jewelry Weights: If you are into putting glass domes on special very small things, then this is a tiny beautiful collection for you. They are super heavy, original jewelry weights and while no, I don’t know why you’d ned them, I think they are so lovely.

7. Crashing Waves Seascape Painting: My obsession for seascapes comes in waves, and we are riding a high one right now. (I would understand if you unsubscribed to the blog now for such lameness… although before you do please know that my father has a penchant for puns, and this was unfortunately inherited and therefore not my fault).

8. Round Faceted Glass Decanter: Another beautiful one. Seriously. It’s so simple with large facets instead of the usual small cuts, and I’ve even used it many times as a vase for a single branch.

9. Atomic Iron Sculpture: This was buy a maker and I bought it at a gallery in LA, never knowing its real use just into the guys work and sure that I needed it it somewhere. Could be an awesome ring holder or even the base for a pillar candle or planted pot. Or hell, just put it on your shelf with your other useless, beautiful objects and don’t be so defensive about it.

I’m listening to your feedback and adjusting things as we go! Some things will always remain high if they are worth it, but we are trying to figure out this whole ‘how do you profit when the process of shopping/sourcing/styling/listing/measuring/uploading is so time consuming’.  But I think I know what we’ll do – save the best stuff for the flea, and then if something isn’t quite up to par and isn’t worth say at least $40, we’ll have annual garage sale to help clear out inventory. We’ve already inventoried a couple hundred more, so these changes may not be immediate, but that’s where my brain is going and if things don’t sell the first time around, then yes, expect sales. But heck, I’m always open to more suggestions and my mind could drastically change tomorrow 😉 I’m getting a sense of what you are into so we’ll adjust and hopefully fill those vintage gaps that you guys need.

Happy shopping and Happy Halloween weekend!!

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7 years ago

I can’t believe I missed out on the footed metal bowl…….

So glad you’re filling up the flea again! The things that always catch my eye are paintings and cool pottery/bowls. I’d love to see more vintage lamp bases… preferably ceramic? 🙂

7 years ago

That blanket looks like the flower of scotland tartan. You can order a new one in wool, or cashmere, or even silk, from any online Scottish tartan retailer.

7 years ago

I can’t tell u how much I appreciate your words describing how’d you’d use the pieces.

7 years ago

I’ve noticed the Irish Setter painting since your “Secrets of a Stylist” days. If ever you decide to part with that………..

7 years ago

No1 is not a parfum box. It probably contained some kind of perfumed soap powder. But it’s definitely french 🙂

7 years ago

Wow! I was scrolling and scrolling and amazed by everything! Amazing pieces!

7 years ago

great post admin thanks for sharing this .

7 years ago

My friend bought a ceramic piece from the Flea a couple weeks ago. She loved the piece and was thrilled to get it, even though it cost over $100. The description stated that it wasn’t in perfect condition but that the flaws “added to the charm.” When it arrived, she was shocked to see that a big chunk of this item had broken off and was glued back on! I’ve seen it and the total integrity of this piece is compromised! Think twice about buying breakables from this site without questioning their condition…especially if paying top dollar. The fact that this would have been tossed in the trash if it had been mine and had broken this bad makes me suspicious about the condition of other items. Hey, I guess I should give Emily props for making a killing on broken goods, but I think it would be more honorable to list a flaw as big as this one with a photo of the damage before charging such a hefty price. My friend didn’t flinch and just did her best to hide the damage on her prized purchase and she has it proudly displayed in her home. She is a… Read more »