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1 Bed 4 Ways: Cool Cabin Casual

In my quest to shove the importance of styling down all y’alls throats, we have done another very fun ‘1 _, 4 ways’ this time with the bed. We started with a VERY simple bed frame that we DIY’d from an ikea bed (stay tuned for the tutorial in Redbook that we’ll post here) and a white wall. So basic and potentially boring. But by changing out the accessories and bedding we have come up with four wildly different rooms, for your viewing (and copying) pleasure – starting with ‘Cool, Cabin, Casual’.

Click through for the inspiration, gif and the ‘get the look’.

This one is inspired by the ‘Country-chic’ movement that is sweeping America, and my brain. My Oregon roots are getting the best of me and all I really want is a warm cozy rustic cabin:

inspiration_blue green_lakehouse_cabin_casual_ grid

Those people in those photos are cool – so this is our attempt at being those people:

Blue and Green_Midcentury_Blue Green_Cabin_Rustic_Casual_Eclectic

Why it works:

1. The color palette was pulled from the plaid blanket – blues, greens, and blacks that are then peppered evenly in the side tables, bedding and art. We didn’t get OCD about making sure the colors matched perfectly, but just enough to tell a singular story.

2. We went a bit granny with the bedspread and the pom pom pillow, sure, but then kept it masculine and edgy with the trunks and the lamp. Just when you think its going to go ‘old lady’ it doesn’t.

3. We mixed a variety of scales of patterns and textures – the plaid, the half moon pattern, the small scale sheets, the nubby bedspread and the large scale abstract. All these mixed together give the room warmth and personality without making it too busy.

Watch it come to life:


Ignore the wrinkles under the final bedding – as you can suspect we only steam/iron what you see in the final shot. I’d say its laziness, but I think its more just smart and efficient.

Blue and Green_Midcentury_Blue Green_Cabin_Rustic_Casual_Eclectic_details 2

Blue and Green_Midcentury_Blue Green_Cabin_Rustic_Casual_Eclectic_details

What is crucial about styling is the combination of ‘new fresh and modern’ what with the bedding and the bed itself’ but then you must always have something ‘old and weird’ to give the room some soul. if you have everything ‘old and weird’ then guess what – you look old and weird (its possible for this to look cool, but VERY difficult to pull off).

The bedspread, suitcases and the art are the staring roles in this film – they stand out and instantly make the room more interesting and quirky. But if everything in the room did that then you’d basically have a room full of annoying actors, all wanting to be the star, vying for attention, competing for who is more ‘quirky’ and then you’d be smart to just take that pillow and cover your airways in it in hopes of losing consciousness even for one second. You need the pretty modern bedding, the simple bed, the classic-ness of the plaid to round out the room and make it still feel current, relevant and timeless.

So that’s the first look – ‘Cool, Cabin, Casual’. And i’m EXTREMELY into it. Stay tuned for the other three this week. Happy national bed week 🙂

Now go on and get the look:

Blue and Green Cabin Casual_get the look

1. White Quilt |2. Blue Crosshatch Sheets | 3. Pottery Vase: vintage | 4. Plaid Blanket (vintage) | 5. Accordion Task Lamp | 6. Indigo Blue Pillow | 7. Blue and White Throw Pillow | 8. Green Trunk (vintage) | 9. Raw Edge White Quilted Shams   10. Grey Pom Pom Pillow | 11. Green Velvet Pillow |

*This post was sourced/styled by Brady Tolbert, art directed/produced/written by me and shot by Jessica Isaac. 

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55 thoughts on “1 Bed 4 Ways: Cool Cabin Casual

  1. love it! Can’t wait to see them all. I just moved to Portland after being away from the Northwest for 10 years. I am loving it! I’ve wanted to add a Pendelton type plaid blanket to our bedroom and this is giving me great ideas. Thanks!

  2. This is so great. Where is that headboard from? Is it part of the IKEA DIY project? I’ve been looking for one just like it but am too lazy to make one myself. Thanks!

    1. It is part of the ikea HOW To. Basically we upholstered a simple ikea frame. I think it comes out next month – we’ll be sure to blog about it.

      1. AH! I hadn’t seen that but YES, its the same bed. We didn’t do the whole frame, but its basically the same 🙂

  3. I really like the painting above the bed (I assume it is an Emily vintage score!)

    What do you guys think of placing artwork above the bed in real life?

    My parents always warned me not to as it could fall on your head during an earthquake.

    Not that this has ever happened, but I’m still paranoid. Thoughts?

    1. I’ve had 2 VERY heavy frames over my bed for 5 years or so and have yet to have them come crashing down on me. But I live in Florida, far away from any Earthquakes. I feel like if you anchor them correctly you should be ok, right?

    2. Having been in two major earthquakes while living in CA this is a real threat. I’m always shocked when I see shelves over people’s bed. My husband refuses to ever let me hang art above our bed even though we are now in OR so I rely on tapestries or a simple eucalyptus wreath or just a print without a glass frame – things that are light and won’t hurt or break if they fall. I do wish I could hang something pretty over the bed like an amazing piece of art!

      1. In California i’m a little hesitant. I think that a tapestry or macrame are good ideas, but a heavy glass piece of art seems kinda scary. But yes, you can definitely anchor it in the wall perfectly AND you can buy these hooks that make it so that it can’t fall off.

      2. I have always opted for hanging artwork on the opposite wall so that I get to enjoy seeing it in the mornings and evenings (and don’t run the risk of bumping it with my head when watching Netflix on the laptop in bed).

  4. An idea:
    When you open your online shop (can’t wait!) you could offer full package of “get the look” lots.
    Two cents

  5. Very timely. Was in Portland Easter weekend and picked up a Pendleton throw (can we say no sales tax?). Love the granny on the rustic/industrial edge vibe.

  6. Emily, what’s the little yellow flower you used in this room? I remember it from your living room as well. It’s so round and strange–I love it! It’s like a Dr. Seuss flower.

  7. I love the bedding and painting. Old suitcases for furniture feels a little cutesy to me, but it does achieve a cabin vibe. Personally, I live in a somewhat busted Victorian house, so I’m not really looking for any more old crumbly stuff.

    1. HA. yeah, i wouldn’t have a suitcase as my side table in my master bedroom, but I think for a cabin or more of a hipster loft vibe its pretty fun. Also I just wanted to show off my new blue/brass suitcase 🙂

  8. Maybe next time put the numbers to correspond with the item links? The look is definitely a good vibe that is so NOT matchy, matchy, and is not so “old”. Very approachable. Good job!

  9. That treehouse is stuff dreams are made of! I also love that granny quilt and from UO… what a score.

  10. You mentioned steaming/ironing… I would love your recommendation for a good steamer!!

  11. I am not seeing the ‘cabin’ in this at all. What do old trunks have to do with cabins? The bed is modern cottage, the blanket looks totally out of place and the trunk just doesn’t match the other decor, or the concept itself. Lamp is industrial. You describe it as ‘granny, masculine and edgy’ in the Why it Works section. Masculine and edgy? Really? The beautiful vase and billy balls are the only conceptually relevant piece here.

      1. Hey guys. The blanket is plaid and vintage (might be Pendleton, might not be). But we linked to a Pendleton plaid blanket. I think that ‘Cabin’ is open to interpretation and without prop closet and some local LA shopping I think its a super fun country look. 🙂 Glad you liked the billy balls!

    1. I totally agree with Maya’s comment. Everyone is allowed their own opinions, but you don’t have to be rude about it. And Beth, I’m curious as to what authority you have to tell someone what is and isn’t “conceptually relevant.”

      1. Beth isn’t wrong, she’s just cranky.
        What kind of authority would be acceptable to you? If she said that she loved the design would you demand credentials?

  12. That is so texture rich! I love it. I have a house full of boys so I am always looking for masculine looking design elements to inspire me. Love the vintage suitcases! I just picked up two great ones for less than $50 for them both! Bargain.

  13. Beth, I have to disagree. This feels like the perfect bright and modern room for an updated cabin. I think the greens and blues really bring the colors of forest in, while avoiding the dark and overdone “cabin” style that’s heavy on dark woods and red plaids.

    I’d also like to add that this is just one designers interpretation of ‘cabin style’, and there’s no need to be rude or sarcastic.

    1. Well said Maya.
      Plus inspiration is just that…a starting point to move forward from.
      Exact coping ≠ inspired interpretation.

  14. Greetings from Portland! Wondering what your recommendation would be for end tables that are not stacked suitcase/trunks. What else would work in this lodge-y scenario?

  15. Love the four ways styling series, glad to see them back! I do like this one, although I also wouldn’t say it was masculine and edgy, it has far too many pompoms to be masculine, but it feels more masculine because of the blue, the trunks and the industrial lamp. If the background walls were rough timber, it would definitely be country cabin! Can’t wait to see 2,3 and 4!

  16. Hi Emily,
    I love this whole look, esp the bedding. Where did you get the quilt? It’s exactly what I have been looking for. However, the link for it from UO doesn’t quite look the same and does not come in king size. Thanks!

    1. Yes, I also love the bedding but the UO bedspread is a little less refined than the one in the post. Is it vintage?

  17. Looking forward to seeing what comes next, although I agree that this look is neither masculine or edgy. It’s more ‘guest room at grandmas’ and cute, very cute, but edgy and masculine cabin it is not.
    It got me thinking though, how would you do a feminine inspired cabin?

  18. This is so cool and refreshing and cozy and restful at the same time! Love what you and Brady came up with. I love me some cabins, but the dusty/stale/mildew-y/dark/yellowy woods of rental cabins could really use a change!

  19. Emily, this is the exact look I am going for in my living room–cool cabin casual. Do you have ideas how to translate this look to style a leather couch? I would be so grateful!!!

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