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What You Bought Last Month: Practical Summer Essentials And One Product That’s Been A Best Seller For SEVEN Months Straight

HOWDY, PARTNER. Coming in hot with an easy-breezy read for your Thursday enjoyment: EHD’s internal sales data from June is here and I’m chomping at the bit (horse puns – I crack myself up) because I’m SO ready to share the nitty-gritty details with you. Practicality was a HUGE common thread in June – our top 10 bestselling items include durable rugs, summer-appropriate attire, long-lasting furniture, and timeless fixtures – but naturally, you all landed one surprise item on the list (it shouldn’t really surprise me at this point, but…well, you’ll know it when you see it). Are you ready to see what EHD readers nationwide added to their carts in June? LET’S GO…

WAIT. A quick P.S. before you scroll, from one impulsive shopper to another: do you need any of these things? Probably not! Is it just fun to look? Big yes! Will I continue to add disclaimers to every post where I share products because I don’t want you to feel like you need to constantly be consuming? Also yes! (It’s just fun to lift the curtain to show you what’s going on behind the scenes, you know?). OKAY NOW LET’S GO, but like, FOR REAL. Kicking things off with number 10 on the list…

10. Delphina Delft Blue Rug

In 2021, we were obsessed with hand-painted delft tile. In 2022, we’re (speaking collectively, here) taking that trend to the floor with this quiet, porcelain-inspired, washable rug. Blue and white is such a great and timeless combination – this rug would look just right in a room with your chinoiserie ginger jars, but it’d also be at home in a farmhouse or in a collected, eclectic space. If you’re on the hunt for an affordable alternative to a go-anywhere Persian rug, a print like this is a great option.

9. Ember Mug² Temperature Control Smart Mug

Back in May, we asked the audience for Mother’s Day gift ideas (and spoiler: y’all DELIVERED. Peruse those comments and make a note for next year!). But there waaaaaas one item that came up over and over again – this Ember temperature-controlled smart mug, which we went on to include in our Father’s Day gift idea roundup. I know that tech like this can get a little tricky – like, is it actually high quality? Is it going to be used frequently? Or, like, will it end up getting used twice before landing itself in a box going to Goodwill? (Case in point: my hot dog toaster, which I now know is a kitchen utensil that literally no one has ever or will ever need, no matter how many hot dogs they eat.) This mug, though – it’s the real deal. It’s been tried, tested, and loved by you, a group whom I’d consider the most discerning audience in the blogosphere. I can’t think of a better endorsement, can you?

8. Culinary Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

SWOOOOOON. Who brought this home in June? (Don’t be shy, I’m excited for you!!!). This faucet has it all – a pull-down nozzle! (“Duh,” said you, after reading the product name and seeing the product photo, which prominently features a pull-down nozzle. Let’s continue…) Multiple spray modes! A rotating spout! But wait: it comes in a variety of finishes, too! Y’all loved the satin brass the most – I can’t blame you, it’s a showstopper – but I’m also very interested in the matte black (so clean, so minimal, so good) and in the brushed nickel (it has a nice warmth, don’t you think?).

7. The Perfect Vintage Flare Jean

I LOVE THESE PANTS. They were on our bestseller list in 2020 – yeah, I’ve been harping about these for a WHILE – and I was SO sad when Madewell removed them from the site last year. They’re back and better than ever, though – these flares come in a variety of washes (I have a lighter pair, but this darker one is my favorite) and in a TON of different sizes (also in plus, tall, petite – something for everyone). If you’re also in the midst of phasing skinny jeans out of your wardrobe, these are the BEST potential additions. The rise is SUPER high, which I absolutely love – like, yeah, I want to zip my pants over my belly button, THANK YOU – and the length is perfect, even on my weirdly-proportioned gams. I usually wear my flares with a blouse-y top tucked in and with a pair of clogs (really leaning into the 70s over here) but they look just as cute with a white t-shirt and some sandals. I really, really, really love them.

6. Lulu Slide Sandals

Speaking of sandals – pals, we’ve hit the trifecta here: cheap, classic, and durable. Ryann shared these with us, writing: “Last year when I bought these sandals, I truthfully didn’t know they would become such a staple in my wardrobe. I think I bought them in-store for a last-minute event I was going to that day. Cut to today, I now wear them at least once a day because they are so easy to slide on and go. They are $20 but look so expensive and look good with any jeans, shorts, dresses, etc etc. The band is soft and not too tight so they are very comfortable to walk in too. 10/10!

PS. If black isn’t your thing, these sandals also come in coral orange, cream, lavender, sage green (love this one!), and tan. There are also wide sizes available if you need them!

5. Infrared Sauna Blanket

This sauna blanket is kind of like the retail equivalent of having the number 1 song in America for a LONG time – like, how long can it possibly stay on top? Em first reviewed it in December of 2021 (!!!) after a year of use and it shot to the top of our bestsellers list immediately (not surprising), where it’s since maintained top 10 status for SEVEN FREAKIN’ MONTHS IN A ROW. (Very surprising – but, to be fair, the overwhelming bulk of sales are coming from Googlers and new readers. Is that kind of info as interesting to you as it is to me?). If you’re looking to scoop one for yourself, be sure to grab the newly-released insert – it’s washable and safe to use in the nude, which means you no longer need to wear and/or sweat through your clothes when you’re all tucked inside the blanket. Progress!

4. Winslow Corner Sectional

You may recognize this comfortable, cozy U-shaped sectional from the 1970s basement makeover that we shared back in May. The sofa has great proportions (deep enough to lounge, not too deep to sit upright), it’s easy to maintain, and it can fit SO many people (the whole family can lay down and relax). If you’re interested in learning more about how we landed on this configuration – along with details on the fabric, legs, cushion fill, cushion shape (we opted for a bench-style seating over individual cushions), and total cost – you can check out our entire overview of the Interior Define design process.

3. Plungey Swimsuit

Y’ALL, LET ME TELL YOU. I ordered two of these “shaping” suits – the Plungey, which Em is modeling above, and the Lacey, which has a more modest tank-style cut – after reading Em’s glowing recommendation and OH MY GOSH, THE HYPE IS REAL. I wore both over the holiday weekend and felt SO comfortable – they’re the kind of suits that you can wear in front of your family AND in front of your boyfriend, you know? (They also hold up well to hours of swimming, boogie boarding, shoving cheese puffs down your gullet, etc.) The brand also just launched a bunch of new colors in early July, so you’re guaranteed to find something you love.

Here’s Em’s original review, too: “Today, what you can see above is the new shapewear suit invented by a mom in Silverlake (where we lived in LA) and it’s GENIUS. Her whole thing is why have shapewear for under your clothes and not for swimsuits! I bought one because I was being heavily Facebook marketed by it and I’m glad I did. Now, one of my best friends tried it on who has a much longer torso and is very small-chested and it didn’t work for her. We decided it’s mostly for people who carry more weight in their midsection and need more boob support. I LOVE it and before this post, I ordered the high-waisted sapphire in “short” Medium just in case we sell it out. That’s how much I stand by these suits.”

2. Charli Stripe Linen Blend Blouse

Another one from the big boss! Em shared this chic, breezy linen button-up that she can’t stop wearing and had this to say: “This is my new favorite shirt that I’ve been wearing A TON. It’s a little splurgy but it drapes great, is lightweight linen, and is super breathable. Plus you know I love a good stripe. So it’s great for summer but also a great piece for all seasons because it’s really layer-able. Highly recommend!” Speaking of lightweight and breathable lemme introduce you to our number one seller of June…

1. New Seaside Pant

IT’S AN HONOR. (Kind of. I’m technically just the messenger, but I’ll pat myself on the back anyway). I linked these gauzy linen pants up after spotting them on a friend – she looked SO effortless and cool, like, she had the energy of a young Diane Keaton in a Nancy Meyers kitchen – and it turns out that we ALL fell in love with the super-soft construction (softer than a baby’s blanket, according to one of the reviews!) and the relaxed, timeless straight-leg shape. They looked like a million bucks in person – I thought they were going to be from The Great, or some other place that sells very high quality, very $$$ pieces – and I’m still STOKED that pieces like this exist in a price range that I can afford, too. (Under $90, in case you’re wondering!)

Annnnnnnd THAT’S A WRAP, FOLKS. Did anyone else bring home any of these pieces this month? (More specifically: anyone wanna geek out about their swimsuits or flare jeans or linen pants with me?) Any thoughts or questions or feedback? LET’S GAB, YEAH? xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: It’s Finally Here: The Reveal of the Mountain House Kitchen


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  1. Caitlin I love these posts, your voice is so effervescent! Fun fact though, horses champ at the bit and cows chomp. Now to go buy some of those cute slides.

  2. I find these posts fascinating…and proof that Caitlin can make anything entertaining! It’s interesting to see over the last couple of years that what people mostly buy through EHD links are big box or medium size brands and not necessarily in volume from the smaller makers or companies that the team has tried to highlight. Thanks for continuing to bring up again and again to minimize impulse purchases, look local, used ,vintage and to buy mindfully. You clearly help edit the overwhelming options down for what people are looking to buy new and that is a real service to help readers not waste money and to buy what will be used and enjoyed. So, thank you!

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