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My Infrared Sauna Blanket Review – One Year Later. Is It Actually A Weight Management And Mood Boosting Tool Or A Really, Really Hot Sleeping Bag?

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to sweat your pants off in a crazy heated plastic sleeping bag while watching bachelorette, then I’VE GOT A POST FOR YOU. So many of you have asked about my infrared sauna blanket, because it’s frankly totally weird so a few weeks ago when Mal was visiting she saw it, asked me all the normal questions and then INSISTED on seeing it in action, and of course shooting/documenting it for y’all (in a highly unproduced way as you can see). So today I’m going to answer all your questions. BY THE WAY I’m not a scientist or expert in any way – this is just my personal experience with the product. Like you, I was very curious and skeptical when I heard about this, wondering ‘is this just another expensive LA wellness gimmick that privileged women fall for then end up in a landfill and make us feel bad about our bodies when they don’t work?

My “sauna blanket journey” started 2 years ago, after reading about infrared saunas on lots of lifestyle blogs. Curious and open (but skeptical) I wanted to try without a big investment. I used to live near Shape House in Larchmont in LA and a friend of mine and I started going there for a healthy night out where we laid in their sauna blanket, sweating, while watching TV with headphones next to each other. As you do in LA! (If you want to have a true LA experience start at yogaworks down the street, then Shape house, then eat at Cafe Gratitude across the street after, it’s HILARIOUS and delicious – I can’t tell if restaurants like that are what made me want to leave LA or what I actually miss the most:)).

Anyway sweating feels and is REALLY GOOD for you, regardless of how you sweat. But it was also very expensive to do the shape house (like $60 a pop) and not really sustainable (I think you can get a membership). Around the same time (pre-pandemic) we were talking about infrared sauna blankets as a more long term option with one of our friends, Whitney (the one that knows everything about beauty and products) and she was like “I did the research, I have the best one, it’s amazing’ and then sent us the link. She was very convincing and talked a lot about EMFS and safety, so convinced, both of us “asked” and got it for Christmas. When I say I ‘asked’ I reached out to them to see if they did influencer marketing and they shipped it immediately with zero strings attached (after they vetted me of course). So while product was gifted, this is NOT a sponsored post (I do not work for them and there was no guaranteed trade for press) it’s been a year since I’ve been using it consistently and I have a very honest review for you today. I’ve gotten so many questions from friends/family and those who’ve seen me doing it on social so I thought it was about time. So today, with the help of Mal, you’ll see how its done, what you need to do it, the pros and cons (and warnings), and my review.

First off – WHY?? What is the point Of A Sauna Blanket?

For me, it’s to feel good – both mentally and physically. Sweating is good for you – we know this scientifically. It’s good for your skin, getting your heart rate up is good for your cardiovascular system (it stretches your veins making them more flexible which is good to avoid plaque build up) and it boosts your mood. They claim other things about it on their site that I’ll get to at the end, but after a lot of research those facts convinced me to try it and indeed it DID boost my mood. You feel SO GOOD afterwards. As someone who likes to have something fun to look forward to every night (I’m an enneagram 7, it’s annoying) this has become a great substitute to having a glass or more of wine. It was a ritual that I could do while watching bad TV by myself and then afterwards I take a shower, crawl into bed and I’m OUT. So while people have other reasons why they do this, I do it because it makes my brain and body feel really really good and it’s a healthy substitute to less healthy nighttime wind down habits.

So what do you do exactly in a sauna blanket?

You literally just lay in it, velcroed like a straight jacket for 50 minutes and it makes you sweat. A LOT. You will not look like one of the models on their website. Not even for a second. You can have one arm out to change channels, drink water, etc, or sometimes I’ll just do my bottom half if I want less of an effect, but to still feel super warm. Its very very very easy, although if you get claustrophobic it might not be your thing.

STEP ONE – Prepare your bed and get situated

You will be unable to get out or up so you HAVE to be prepped and dressed properly. You MUST cover your body with medium weight loose fitting clothes. No workout tights and not thin pajamas – I like thinner sweats or joggers (I’ve done it in lightweight pajamas but my body was red underneath – it was too hot). you have to wear socks (again, not too thin or thick). You get it – baggy and loose, long sleeve and never tight. Then you lay a towel inside to catch the sweat – make sure its under your neck where it will be the worst and you don’t want that sweat on floor/bed/sofa.

I like to do it while watching TV so not fully reclined, but you can lie flat and even put a pillow under your knees even. Just make sure you are comfortable.

STEP TWO “Pre-Heat” your blanket

  1. Choose heat setting with the dial. I started out doing level 8 and it was hot AF, but now I’m up to a 9. If you are a newbie I’d start at 6 or 7 – no matter what you’ll be hot. Read the manual, I’m just giving you advice from my personal experience but I’m NOT an expert or an ambassador for the brand.
  2. Turn it on – It’s like preheating an oven. You don’t really want to get in until its fully warmed up. You have 10 minutes to get situated while it warms up. It will go for 1 hour – 10 minutes warm up then 50 “active” minutes at the right temp, and then turn off on its own and you can’t extend it, so make sure you are ready to go at minute 9. I usually lay it down, get dressed, turn it on, gather my stuff, then get in.

STEP 3: Gather your ingredients

Make sure to have a side table that is easy to reach and near your right hand (as that is where the velcro opening is – sorry lefties!). On it you’ll need:

  1. Any and all devices you might want – TV remote, iPhone, kindle, music player, etc. (no books as you’ll only have one hand)
  2. Water in some sort of grown up sippy cup so you don’t have to sit up – and a lot of it.
  3. Heart monitor – OPTIONAL. I only just got my iWatch for my bday so I didn’t watch my heart rate the first 9 months of doing this, but it is satisfying (although now that I say that should apple watches be in such hot environments like a sweaty sleeping bag?). Y’all, I’m NOT a scientist nor am I an ambassador for the brand in any way, again, so read the warnings and use common sense.
  4. Make sure you can see the red light on the control panel from your position so you can see when the time is up. Trust me, in about 50 minutes you are going to be desperate to see that little red light turn off, indicating its over (there absolutely should be a timer on it – more on my product notes in the review at the end).

STEP 4: Just lay, sweat and watch TV

Some people really love to just listen to music or meditate but I like to watch gripping reality TV. I’ve found that it can’t be something I have to pay too closely attention to or a serious drama because you will be distracted by the heat/sweat and if you are bored you’ll be watching the clock and desperate for it to be over. I watch Bachelor or RHOBH, mostly (the kids are in bed, obviously).

If you’re wanting a video visual of this whole process, feel free to watch it here (after the ad)!

The First 10 minutes 7:30 PM

At first you are going to be so snuggly and warm and you might even think that this is easy. And yes, if you want to jump in just to get warm you can but getting out before the 50 minutes is up defeats a lot of the effects (more on that below).

7:50 – Heart Rate At 110 bpm

This is where it starts to get pretty hot and you realize that you have 30 minutes left. Again I’ve done this probably 40 times and while you mentally know what to expect it doesn’t actually get easier. I’ve gotten better at setting myself to be the most comfortable (thus the first 3 steps) but the heat is what it is – and it’s hot. Twenty minutes in though you feel hot and sweaty but good.

8:00PM – 30 Minutes In & It’s Really Hot. (still at 110 BPM)

8:10PM – The Last 10 Minutes Are The Hardest (128 BPM)

I don’t really have anything new to say except it gets hotter and hotter and your body is working harder and harder to keep you cool, thus the high heart rate. This is where I often take one arm out and fan my face, and start staring at my phone every two minutes, willing the time to go faster.

I’m laughing, but 45 minutes in you aren’t having “fun”. But, again the point of this is not FUN, it’s to get your heart rate up and sweat so that afterwards your body feels amazing. Like a lot of things that are physically good for you, there is a little bit of suffering or pain and that has to be worth it to you (it is to me).

8:20 PM – The Grand Finale (167 BPM) – DON’T GET OUT EARLY

I made it. Normally when the timer turns off I rip myself out of blanket, literally panting desperate for fresh air. Now from what they say it is very important to do the entire 50 minutes because the last 10 minutes are the most effective. So slipping out early can negate the last 40 minutes of work and you might not get the effect (again, this part has not been scientifically proven with evidence).


SO GOOD. As you can see I’m CRAZY sweaty, dripping. And you keep sweating for a while. At the Shape House they would tell you NOT to shower for a while – hours even, to let your body cool itself down naturally and that if shower you aren’t getting the benefits of that work. The Shape House claims that you continue to burn a lot of calories as you cool down, which I didn’t find any scientific evidence on and Higher Dose (the blanket) doesn’t say that so who knows. I usually watch TV for another 15 – 30 minutes or longer just in case, then I take a quick shower. This is not my favorite part – because I usually sauna blanket after kids are down and by the time I’m done it’s at least 8:45 or 9 and I just want to get into bed, so waiting for my body to cool itself down is sometimes annoying. But trust me, you can’t get into bed without showering it off (and annoyingly I can’t go to bed with wet hair so then I’m drying my hair at 9:30 when I really just want to be in bed).

I really appreciated the flattering photos, Mal. So as you can see my ending BPM was 167, which is VERY high. Mal did it after me (clean towel, I promise) and her plug accidentally came out of the wall so after we plugged it back in we think she accidentally stayed in for 55 minutes and her heart rate at the end was 184 – which is CRAZY. It’s also VERY not safe to be in more than 50 minutes, which is why it automatically turns off.

My official review

I mean, as you can see I love it. On a good week I’ll do it 3-4 times, but rarely less than once a week. So I must really like it to commit that kind of time. Like I said above, it gives me something to look forward to, I love the dumb TV ritual, and my body feels so good afterwards. I feel like I’m doing something good for me while I’m literally just laying down.

Yes, it’s a massive mood booster

What I feel confident in telling you is that everybody I’ve ever talked to about infrared or normal saunas love how they feel afterwards, so I think it’s very safe to say its a guaranteed mood booster. It’s like doing a cold plunge (which I started doing in the lake in winter) – it’s really effing cold, but the feeling afterwards is unbeatable. Pushing your body to do something hard (as long as its healthy) gives a release afterwards that gives you a hit of dopamine, which makes you feel happy.

Pro: #2 – You’ll probably sleep better

Now while sleep science has a lot of factors like diet, excercise and mental health common sense tells me that when your body is THIS relaxed, and has worked hard for 50 minutes, not to mention warm you are more likely to sleep better, harder and longer. I sure do.

Do you really burn more calories? Is it really like a workout while lying down?

Well, like a lot of these new wellness tools there really isn’t any evidence because in order to get ‘evidence’ backed by scientists and the FDA you need years of research, control groups, etc. and this stuff is too new. Like I wrote at the top science supports that sweating is good for your skin and that getting your heart rate up is good for your cardiogascular system. Some scientists say sweat releases toxins, but that is not a consensus yet (I’ve read that it’s nominal as most toxins are released through our bodies natural biological processes).

BUT what I did a deep dive on is if your heart rate is as high as a cardio workout are you actually burning a ton more calories? Can you call this a “workout”? And there really isn’t any evidence for it, but it honestly doesn’t seem like they know. So I’m going to give you my common sense perspective. Let’s compare hot yoga to normal yoga (same class just one in a heated room) – while I coudln’t find a study on this either its my belief that if you sweat a TON MORE that yes, your body is working harder to cool itself in addition to the muscular work. But how much to make it actually worth it? Who knows.

My common sense perspective

So without scientific evidence yet we can rely on our common sense. Do I think that I’m burning more calories watching TV in the sauna blanket than I am when I’m just watching TV not sweating in a sauna blanket – YES. My body is working MUCH harder, struggling to keep me cool and there is no way that doesn’t translate into some calories. Do I believe 50 minutes laying in a sauna blanket is the same as 50 minutes doing physical cardio? Not really. because you aren’t moving your body or activating any actual muscles. So I feel like there are some weight management benefits if you are into that or seeking that, but I do NOT think it’s a guaranteed way to lose weight. During Souptember I lost my “hazy IPA weight” and I was doing it 3-4 times a week, but I was combining it with other healthier lifestyle choices – no sugar/alcohol, mostly plant-based and doing a lot of real cardio so of course the scale moved. But I want to be clear that without evidence I think it’s hard to believe that you are burning the proclaimed 600 calories by just laying there. If i’m wrong and there is evidence out there then WHOOPIE (and please send article in the comments!). I also don’t think we or the companies should highlight that as the biggest benefit, when there are other benefits of the sauna that feel more substantial, important and healthier.

When I do the sauna blanket I do feel like I’m taking care of myself more than if I were just watching TV, and when I’m kind to to my body/mind and prioritizing my health I feel less guilt, shame and anxiety. In conclusion, for me its one of the easiest ways to feel proud of myself, like I’ve checked a ‘good for me’ box, while just watching TV 🙂 xx

*This post was not sponsored by anyone. I’m not an ambassador to the brand nor a scientist. Just a privileged lady who has enough time and resources to review controversial wellness tools. EHD uses affiliate codes throughout the site which can lead to commission on any potential sales, but we do that with anything we love and genuinely want to recommend.


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79 thoughts on “My Infrared Sauna Blanket Review – One Year Later. Is It Actually A Weight Management And Mood Boosting Tool Or A Really, Really Hot Sleeping Bag?

  1. At my age, I would have to check with my doctor before getting my heart rate up that much.

    1. Yeah, I’m sure it says it on the product manual, but this is definitely a “talk to your doctor first” situation. With exercise you at least have the option to sit down and rest. If you’re in a confined, heated wrap and end up feeling faint or dizzy you might have a harder time removing yourself from the heat.

    1. Is Mal a runner? A heart rate below 60 bpm for adults is a condition called bradycardia and is usually abnormal.

      1. lt’s just the resting heart rate for that day, not an average over time. It may also include the hours she was sleeping. No need to jump to conclusions over one photo lol

      2. My resting heart rate is regularly below 60, and my doctor doesn’t seem concerned. I think as long as Mal’s going for regular physicals and talking to her doctor, it is okay. I’m also not a runner.

  2. This is the most random and fascinating post ever. This is *not* a thing in Texas (but I do like to sweat in my car sometimes). I’m so glad to know it exists and go along for the ride with you.

    1. I lived in Arizona for 25 years and I could NEVER see myself purposely that made me that hot! I’m happy to be living somewhere cold now, and there are plenty of scientific studies that show that COLD boosts production of something called “brown fat,” which burns fat to create body heat ( I MUCH prefer shoveling snow (actual exercise plus the benefits of cold air on my brown fat!) to sitting in my own sweat – ew! But different people have different preferences! No matter what I think, I dig the photojournalism and commentary. 🙂

      1. My mom genuinely loved shoveling snow. Besides family, it’s what she misses the most from living in Michigan!

  3. Cool! I have questions: How much does it cost in electricity? How do you feel is it different from for example, taking a very hot bath? How do you clean it inside? Do you feel super tired afterwards – like do you have to do it before bed or could you do it in afternoon/ morning? How is it wearing after use? Do you feel decreased inflammation/ aches and pains? Can you offer a discount code to readers you refer?

  4. We bought the Higher Dose sauna blanket at this time last year. My son and I are the heavy users here (he is 18.) We love it. My favorite part is definitely the mood boost. My husband cannot do it-he’s just too big. 6’2” and just a big build doesn’t work with this. But I would buy it again-totally worth the investment…especially if you live where there is a cold season. We’re in Michigan. So pulling this out for the 9 months of chilly is something to definitely look forward to each fall.

    1. Hot baths have some of the same benefits as a sauna! I love a hot bath while drinking a lot of cold water. I always sleep like a rock after. Maybe the bath water can’t sustain the heat as long as the blanket can? Or it might be nice for people who don’t have tubs, although I’m guessing most people who have $500 to blow on a sauna blanket probably live in a place decent enough to have a bath tub lol

        1. Lmao what? I am speaking as a person who neither has a bath tub nor $500 to spend on a sauna blanket!

          1. Also, if any companies would like to sponsor a bath tub for me that’d be great so I can have them more often than just when I visit my family 😂

  5. How do you clean the inside. I would imagine the smell would be bad after awhile. We really like the idea, but have concerns about this part.

    1. Not sure about this specific one but some can be “unwrapped” and laid flat, at which point I assume you can wipe them down to disinfect them.

  6. I’m disappointed to see this kind of content here, to be honest. I appreciate that you tried to point out that claims around weight loss and toxins are bogus fake science, though!

    1. Come on. 99.99999% of us aren’t going to buy it and the pictures are hilarious. I think she realizes it’s ridiculous and that’s exactly why she posted it.

    1. There is a link in the first sentence of the post and again in the last paragraph, above the disclaimer comment, that will answer your questions.

  7. I adore saunas. I really feel an actual high afterwards. I’d love to have a home set up. My question is about ventilation. Does the room get all steamed up? I live in an old house that is prone to damp issues so couldn’t use anything that would add to that.
    Also curious how you clean the blanket.

  8. I personally don’t feel well during or after bejng in a sauna… just not fir me.
    I sweat a lottttt when I’m doing mountains of gardening and yard work, but not in a confined space … claustrophobic….Yijes!
    I did cold water plunges fir numerous months a while back when I had a pool. Obv in winter. It was fah-reezing! I stayed in for 15 mins up to the bain stem and you actually get beyond shaking, kinda convulsively.
    But, man! I felt great afterwards. Every. Time.
    So, I get the vibe.

    Emily, you look kinda cute in a top knot bun! 🙂

  9. I’ve got a jacuzzi set about 103. I do that every morning. I should switch to evenings and take a cold water bottle with me. I haven’t noticed any weight loss.

    1. The “weight loss” from a sauna is water you shed through sweating. That’s why it’s important to drink water throughout the process so you don’t get dehydrated.

  10. Yes to saunas! I got my HigherDOSE bag at the start of lockdown in 2020, after hot yoga closed. I LOVE it and use it most days. However…I burrow all the way inside (even my head). After years of very, very hot yoga, I crave a similar level of intense heat and sweating. I listen to podcasts while in there, and it’s a huge reset in all ways.

  11. Love the blanket and the candid photos, but the real question is how do you get your kids down so early?! Post about that!!!

      1. Nup. I agree with JP. SO much discussion on this blog lately about the absolute deluge of non-design posts and this is what gets published? I’m so disappointed — I can’t believe that this is a team that actually cares about what its audience is asking for. Also, jeez, “hey I want a $500 personal sauna blanket so I’ll just ask for one and they’ll send it for free?” How out of touch this team has become. (And yes, I know how this world works, no need to tell me that this is the way things are.) I think I’m done.

  12. I had no idea anything like this existed. Not sure it’s for me, but loved the post and reading all the questions/comments.

    1. Me, too! On both counts. So, so, random, but why not for a weekend post. The photos made me laugh out loud. And my favorite line: “Just a privileged lady who has enough time and resources to review controversial wellness tools” LOL. (As a side note: Why are others taking these non-design posts so seriously? Relax, people! Life is short! Read fun posts! Who cares? Or if you care, just don’t… read it…?) Thanks Em and Mal for making me smile today! I hope Mal’s review is next…

      1. Ditto! I mean my gosh did we not just have a huge post about the farmhouse? give it a rest or go somewhere else.

  13. Ahhhh, I had been eying the sauna blanket but went with HigherDOSE’s Infrared Mat instead. I bought it last week on a cyber Monday sale and am eager to try it out. Has anyone had experience with the mat as opposed to the sauna?

  14. I actually just got this exact sauna blanket for Christmas and can’t wait to try it, so I ate up every word of this post and comments. Pre-covid, I used to go to a local spa that had an infrared sauna (not blanket, but actual small room/pod). I would sit in there for 30 minutes (about 3 times per week) and absolutely loved the results. The sweat and euphoric happiness is real, as is the better sleep. I did find that I lost a few pounds, but nothing crazy and that wasn’t my goal anyway. My real takeaway is that my joints felt better. I feel that it’s just a good anti-inflammatory/good-for-your-health thing. I’m hoping the blanket gives me the same effect (or better) that I experienced with the spa.

    Side note: HigherDose also has a machine-washable sauna blanket insert (kind of like a big towel blanket sleeping bag) so you don’t have to use towels or even wear clothes if you don’t want to.

  15. I’m really disappointed to see weight loss content here. This kind of content is painful for so many people, including folks like me who have struggled with disordered eating and unhealthy weight loss behaviors. This kind of “weight management” rhetoric also contributes to diet culture and fat-phobia. It just makes me feel bad about myself and my body and I’m sure I’m not alone. I would really think hard about posting anything like this in the future.

    1. What is interesting per your comment is that the whole post basically is NOT about weight loss, which Emily stated a number of times. My take away in capital letters was the “feel good” and healthy aspect of it.
      And not that it matters I guess, but for what it is worth, I have been overweight most of my 82 years, no doubt have disordered eating and certainly agree with the skewed diet culture/fat phobia in the world. For whatever struggles those of us go through that are in that camp, the fact is, however we handle it…or not, it is not a healthy life style. Nevermind focusing on how we look. My 2 cents.

      1. With all due respect, Vicki, “weight loss” is headlined in the title of this post…so let’s all be real & not pretend it hasn’t been used as a talking (and selling) point in this post.
        It’s frustrating that Emily says “I don’t think we or the company should highlight that (weight loss) as the biggest benefit….”
        yet it’s what is being used to garner clicks.

        1. You know, you are right, I didn’t focus on that so I guess I’m the one who didn’t “read” the same article. My apologies for my rant. Thanks for the response. I guess you could be correct in thinking that those words brought people in, that didn’t occur to me cuz I was just curious about the heat, health, mood aspect. Still love the diversity of Emily’s posts. I personally slide through fashion or take time for the things that may not apply to me. I still check in with Em every day because of her transparency and for sure, her design content.

    1. I have done hot yoga for 15 years and I miss it SO MUCH! But I really I dont feel safe going to hot yoga during COVID.

      1. Unlikely you’ll ever feel ‘safe’. Perhaps you should avoid it for the foreseable future, until all known human disease is eradicated. Alternatively, you could check the IFR and whether you fit into the category of succumbing (which will be the same as all the people who are at risk of a lot of things all the time in perpetuity) and carry on with your life. It’s been two years now and the population stats speak for themselves.

    2. I did hot yoga once (and never again) because I spent the whole time staring at the door dreaming of getting TF out of there, it was so hot! This hot sleeping bag thing is something I would not enjoy, but I was entertained reading about it nevertheless. I can’t imagine wanting to do this!

  16. I come to this blog for design content, so a bit weirded out by this post. Is this a lifestyle blog now? No shade, just wondering. Emily you are very fun and engaging but this feels like a dumbing down of content.

  17. Can you please post about your polar bear swims? I would love to learn more about those kinds of totally free mood boosters!

    1. Oh gosh there is a really great lady on YouTube – Diane from Denmark who includes daily cold swims with her “Blue Tit Group” of women. Highly entertaining!!! Plus she is a minimalist/life coach with lots of interesting takes on life.

  18. Wow! I’m shocked at how either uneducated or Instagram illiterate people are. EMF ( electromagnetic free) saunas have been around for quite a few years. I purchased one around 1 1/2 years ago. I’m 56 years old. When I was a child my parents had one in our house. They are excellent. They open your drainage pathways and perform miracles when it comes to many aspects of one’s health. I purchased mine primarily for parasites and constipation. I use it 3-4 Times per week and it has literally changed my life. For 15 years I took prescription meds to help me poop along with MiraLAX. I don’t need any of that anymore. Mine is a portable Sauna by Therasage and it cost me only $1200. It was the best $1200 I ever spent. It’s EMF free which some of the cheap ones on Amazon are not. No thank you to microwaving myself. I love it my sister-in-law bought one and she convinced her sister-in-law to buy one on Black Friday. I have no idea who this woman is who posted this article but I believe everything she said because I am living proof. I guess everyone suits themselves and does what they want. Some people spend their money on booze or other vices and some people spend their money on their health. I choose the latter. To your health!

    1. Lol. I am definitely instagram illiterate but I can 100% guarantee that anything claimed to be “electromagnetic free” is bogus science. Sunlight is electromagetic radiation. You and I constantly emit electromagnetic radiation. Literally everything with a temperature emits electromagnetic radiation. By the way my source of information is my PhD in thermal radiation, not instagram.

      1. Mel wins with the best comment on the whole page (my partner builds instruments to measure all that naturally emitted radiation)

  19. It is hard to see this sort of content. Emily is honest about her body image and the societal pressures women live with, but then she peddles this sort of stuff!
    Emily you try to distance yourself by making jokes but you are buying into (and promoting!) the very system that makes women think they need to spend so much time energy and money on their body. That being thin and conventionally attractive is their pass to acceptance and success in society. I would rather you just be honest about it instead of make all of these excuses for why you are cooking yourself and limiting yourself to soup. (That you have convinced yourself that only eating soup is NOT disordered eating is a real feat)

    1. OMGosh are we reading the same article? Emily repeatedly said that is not why she enjoys the sauna and uses it. She loves soup and I’ve been following for years and that is not all she eats and has even posted that she is not “limiting” herself (or her family) to soup. this blog is her blog and it has always contained many ideas, posts etc besides her design . It is HER blog for Pete’s sake.
      this post has really brought out my defensive rants I guess!

    2. @Bridget I agree, I cringe whenever I read about “souping” as if it’s not a restrictive crash diet for weight loss. This blog’s rhetoric about how Emily basically discovered this miracle method of “weight maintenance” only highlights the diet culture of it all, and insisting that’s it’s only for “health and wellness” moralizes the food choices that people are making. A loved one was recently diagnosed with an ED, which has completely opened my eyes to the harmful messages about our bodies that are everywhere in our culture. I feel that EHD has a responsibility to their audience to educate themselves on these issues before sharing the next Goop product or endorsing a month of eating mostly water with some vegetables in it for the sake of conforming to dangerous standards of beauty.

      1. Also, I know Emily has the paragraph about how she doesn’t completely buy the claim that this blanket makes you burn 600 calories in and hour (but she also doesn’t not buy it?), but the assumption that I would obviously desire to burn 600 calories while resting is exactly the problem here. There is no room in this post for being content with your body as it is and not secretly wishing that it were smaller.

  20. I suggest following the recommendation to consult your doc. Heart rates are not to be taken lightly. AFIB is life threatening, and it’s likely you don’t know you have it until you have symptoms that you can’t ignore. Please be cautious about messing with heat and heart rates.

  21. I enjoyed reading this post, but getting into that blanket is what nightmares are made of for me. Sweating and trapped, not for me!

  22. Are you thinking of adding a sauna to the farmhouse? I wanted one outside, but it may have to end up in the basement as the local planning authority may not allow it outside. I hope to gain some of the same benefits that you mention in this post–elevate the heart rate, possible weight management benefits, deep emotional and physical relaxation.

  23. haha yes there is something with mood and sweating for me too. I used to love hot yoga before covid. My friend used to go to shape house in LA and she really liked it! she could never explain why she was doing it. she would said “toxins?” jokingly with a shrug. maybe it was just a mood booster.

  24. As someone who recently had a baby, and had multiple miscarriages before, I would just say that please do not use this product if you may end up pregnant (whether on purpose or accidentally). There is a reason why pregnant women are not meant to go in hot tubs and shouldn’t run a fever. Given that I imagine most of the clientele for this are women trying to lose weight, this should be stated in big bold letters on the packaging.

  25. Completely agree with the comments – I love the random, honest post, and the PICTURES. OMG I’ve missed normal pictures that aren’t perfect.

  26. This was my pandemic birthday present August 2020. It is soooo relaxing. I have arthritis and it is so soothing to my joints. I also find it helps with recovery from muscle soreness when I’m lifting or running. It just feels so dang good afterwards. And yes, the last ten minutes or so never get easier.

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