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What You Bought Last Month: Soft Towels, Winter Essentials, And A $600 (!!!) Self-Care Splurge

WHO ARE YOU? (Seriously. I’m asking.) Every month, our sales data surprises me in some huge way and LET ME TELL YOU – January was no exception. Before we dive into the top ten sellers of the month, I want to share a few things that alllllllmost made the cut (and then maybe you, too, will echo that earlier sentiment).

Example A of befuddling sales: coming in at #16, we had A SWIMSUIT. And sure, it’s Em’s, and it’s super cute, and it looks great on anyone, but it’s also THE MIDDLE OF WINTER. Where are we going, guys??? (Seriously – I’m asking again. Send me an invite, please.) But wait, there’s more! #19 was a sweet scalloped rug that Ryann linked up nearly A YEAR AGO on a random Sunday. And admittedly, most of your top 10 sellers in January do make a lot of sense (seasonally appropriate clothing! Fresh linens! Quality furniture!), but there is one thing on here that has blown me away solely because of its price tag. Wanna see??? Let’s begin…

10. Black And White Bath Towels


CUTE. In late January, Mal made a very compelling case for the patterned towel. (Distilled, it was as follows: patterned towels often look a little less gunky than their solid counterparts. There’s a great discussion in the comments about towel maintenance, too.) Mal actually owns these very chic, very classic, very highly-rated patterned towels, and well, the photos in her post kind of speak for themself. They look great in her space and they’ve held up for years – I’m happy to see this one on the list.

9. Lodge Down Duffle Coat

Down Coat

Fun fact: about 90% of our items sold are linked in blog posts (mainly because we don’t share a ton of shoppable links on IG stories – we normally link back to the site instead). This parka is an exception, though! Em got this piece for Christmas and ended up shooting a real-time review after a month of wear. Her thoughts: it’s lightweight, fleece-lined up top (so she only has to wear a t-shirt underneath!), and super warm (great for brisk days – may be too hot for those almost-spring afternoons). She’s a size 4-6 and grabbed a small, but suggests sizing up if you plan on layering any weighty pieces underneath.

8. Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Towel

Hair Towel

Hello, dark horse. Em shared a link to this hair towel in her blowdrying dissertation and wrote, “This hair towel is great and apparently reduces drying time 50%.” This was confirmed(-ish) by Arlyn, who agreed that the towel did make her hair dry faster, though she estimated that it reduced time by 30%. A great product to look at if you, like me, have room for improvement in your hairstyling routine!

7. Houndstooth Check Coat


Returning to the office can feel kind of nightmarish, but a cute coat sure may make the transition a little easier! (Or, uh, at least it could brighten your spirits, which may help? Maybe?) Anyway – Mal Gal linked up this great option and shared some more details with me: “I love this coat so very much because it’s the perfect houndstooth pattern (some of them get weird IMHO) and it can literally MAKE an outfit. It has a fun looser fit and definitely runs on the bigger side. I LOVE how it looks with a mini skirt or with tall boots!! It’s big enough to layer sweaters under but also light enough where you can easily transition it into spring.”

6. Oversized Faux Shearling Jacket


Wanna grab a faux shearling jacket? Correction: want to grab a shearling jacket that won’t cost an entire paycheck? I hereby present to you an $18 option (yes, it’s currently on super sale!) discovered and vouched for by EHD’s finest (read: Jess Bunge. Yes, this is my new nickname for her. No, she doesn’t know about it). When I slacked her to ask about this jacket, she wrote back “I love how sporty and cool I feel in it,” which is really all that matters to me. SOLD.

5. Waterproof Knee High Platform Boot


DAMN, OK. The 90s have called and apparently, we have all answered the phone. Last month, Ryann walked us through the return of the tall boot, shared a ton of great outfit ideas, and rounded up some of the best and most comfortable options on the market right now. I’m usually more of a traditionalist when it comes to high boots – loyal to my 10-year -old Fryes over here! – but I could see myself coming around and learning to love a lug sole. Thoughts???

Update: Mal Gal previewed this post and she actually owns these bad boys! Here’s what she slacked me about them: “They’re waterproof, super comfortable, and have a slightly wider calf (but not too wide).” These are growing on me by the minute, pals!!!

4. Waffle Bath Towel


Ooooooh. Guys, these are GOOD – only $15, soft, quick-drying, and beautiful. I love the natural, graphic, organic texture that a waffle towel can bring to an otherwise cold or sterile space. Crawling into a dark shower at 5 AM on a cold winter morning isn’t so bad when you have something cozy to wrap yourself in afterward, you know?

3. Upholstered Swivel Chair


Three weeks ago, Jess Bunge walked us through the 18 best pieces from Studio McGee’s Target collection and this chair was a total standout – it’s shockingly affordable, super refined, and very versatile. Also, it swivels! If you’re craving the look of a Sixpenny chair but you’re working within a smaller budget, this is a great option.

2. Cabinet With Sliding Doors


Another Studio McGee x Target pick from our uber-stylish, always-ahead-of-trends editorial director! Jess said it best: “I love the sliding doors, the natural wood-toned shelves and paneling that contrasts the light exterior, the brass hardware. It’s truly special and looks so high-end. Granted, this piece is on the pricier side for Target but so much cheaper than anything similar on the market.”

1. Infrared Sauna Blanket

Infrared Sauna Blanket

COLOR ME SHOCKED. (Like, seriously.) This high-tech, splurge-worthy invention was our second-best selling item of 2021 and at this rate, I think it may end up topping the 2022 list, too. In case you missed it, catch up with Em’s sauna blanket review (spoiler: she’s a big fan) and then meet me in the comments to discuss – would you drop that much on a personal sauna? I’m starting to consider it…

As always, I love putting these posts together because it’s fun to lift the curtain a little bit – I like when you can see the information that we can see, especially when it’s this surprising and interesting! Sharing kind of makes it feel like you’re also part of our team, you know? (I know it’s mushy and earnest, but it’s also honest!!!) ANYWAY. Have a great weekend, OK? We’ll see ya back here tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Jess Bunge | Styled by Emily Bowser | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: The Feel-Good Modern Romantic Bedroom Makeover Jess Did For Her Dear Friend (All Thanks To The Company Store)

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Colleen K
1 year ago

I am one of the people who got the Target cabinet. We love it!

1 year ago

I find these posts really interesting, but this one has me debating Mal’s black and white towels again. I also had the other towels on this list in my literal cart but put them back before I reached the register (a rarity at Target for me) because I realized I wanted something multicolor and ended up with these – which I really thought would be too nuts and go back but I LOVE – and kept – them (and the blue terry on the back is really pretty).

Dd tiz
1 year ago

Aww the jacket is sold out of all sizes already, fyi.

1 year ago
Reply to  Dd tiz

Well its fast fashion anyways.. I thought EH was stepping away from fast fashion ?

1 year ago
Reply to  mouseface

Please, EH gets flack when they link to clothing that’s too expensive because it’s out-of-reach, then they get heat for linking to cheap items, too? Use your own judgement and buy what you wish.

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago


Erika Matheson
1 year ago

I randomly bought a giant set of checked towels just like those featured… but from HomeGoods and made by Ugg (?!?!?). They’re super soft and a fraction of the price of CB2, for any bargain hunters who may be reading.

1 year ago

The sauna blanket is really intriguing but I am dying to know how you clean it. Like does the inside get sweaty and gross??? I noticed y’all been listening to my request for less Amazon links-THANK YOU for hearing my voice. love yous guys and the reveals this week were so good!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Erin

I’ve had the same sauna blanket since early 2020 and LOVE it. I use it near daily and simply spray it down and wipe it off afterwards with a homemade concoction of water, tea tree, vinegar. You could also use yoga mat spray. Super easy. Takes less than a minute to clean.

1 year ago
Reply to  Erin

That was my thought too!!! I actually came here to post that, then saw your comment.

1 year ago

Curious – Are these really sales or is it just that people clicked through the links? I know I clicked on the sauna blanket just to see the price on it and didn’t actually purchase it.

1 year ago
Reply to  Kaitlyn

Affiliate programs provide periodic reports with details re: actual sales.

1 year ago

If you’re willing to share, that would also be interesting. Y’all are my daily read (thanks for being an awesome group of people!) and I do feel connected to the other regular readers (hi!) so this info is fascinating 🙂

1 year ago

Now I have to know… are we comparing dollar amounts, rather than units sold? So a few purchases of the sauna would surpass like 50 coats, right?

1 year ago

I know some people buy their swimsuits months early so they can display it somewhere as they try to exercise or diet during winter/spring to for into it. I’m not sure that’s a healthy way of engaging fitness goals, but it is done.

1 year ago

I didn’t buy a new suit this winter but right before winter vacation is when I typically buy. February is a great time of winter for a break from the snow.