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Our 18 Favorite Things From The New Studio McGee X Target Collection (And That’s The Narrowed Down List)

When I first saw this new collection my first reaction was “o wow, it’s real good”. I mean Studio McGee has been never had a “bad” collection at Target (or anywhere else) but when you see our picks you are going to understand what I mean. They stepped it up. They know how to nail “neutral” in a really interesting and special way. What I also love so much about this collection is that these pieces are not overly trendy or headed “out” maybe ever (unless the whole world goes full-on Jetsons). It’s full of classic, clean, and beautiful pieces that I can’t imagine anyone getting sick of. This is also what we mean by broadening our idea of sustainability. If something is well made, you have an actual need for it, and you’ll keep it forever… that’s sustainable. Also, I am sorry to say that this is primarily a teaser post. The collection launches this Sunday, Jan 23rd, but with how fast their collabs sell out I wanted you to be prepared if any of these could solve a design woe. BUT some of the items ARE available right now so it’s not all bad:) So without further ado, let’s talk about this awesome collection!

Promontory Cabinet with Sliding Doors

When I first saw this cabinet, I was like where can I fit this in my apartment?! Of course that is exactly what you shouldn’t do when you actually don’t need something, but god is it a beauty. I love the sliding doors, the natural wood-toned shelves and paneling that contrasts the light exterior, the brass hardware. It’s truly special and looks so high-end. Granted this piece is on the pricier side for Target but so much cheaper than anything similar on the market.

Ogden Burled Wood Console Table | Burl Wood Cross Corner Decorative Wall Mirror

Burl wood furniture at Target?! Yes, please. I actually saw the burl wood side table and this mirror in store last weekend and I have to say I was impressed. Real burl wood is out of so many people’s budget that to have an actually great dupe is so nice. The mirror in person was a little bit darker than in this photo but still so pretty and has a vintage feel. I almost bought it but since I didn’t have a perfect place for it, I very sadly passed. Now I might buy that console because I do need one. My only reservation is that I was hoping for a console with a little bit of storage. I guess we’ll see what I choose on Sunday:)

Bountiful Wood and Glass 2 Door Cabinet

A classic Target piece, reimagined. Emily has forever raved about this larger cream version for years. But I love the two-tone design. It could work for so many different styles. It also comes in a variety of sizes if you like the look but need something bigger or longer.

Springdell Rounded Sherpa Bench | Tustin Wool Tufted Rug

Yes, these are both from Target. That bench. THAT BENCH. It’s cozy yet modern and oh-so chic. It would be so great for an extra-long living room where you don’t want to cut off the eye line with high-backed seating or could be great as an end of the bed bench. Lots of options with this kid.

And I just love that rug. It looks like it will only be available in 5×7 and 7×10 but it’s a great-looking rug, looks like it would hide some stains since it’s not bright white and is a great price. Win-win-win.

Thousand Oaks Wood Scalloped Desk | Thousand Oaks Wood Scalloped 3 Drawer

I love this part of the collection. That wood detail is SO GOOD. The hardware is also SO GOOD. These pieces will definitely stand the test of time and could always be painted down the road for a new look. How pretty would they also be in a dark moody blue? O and that wood detail is also on the back of the desk so it can happily float in a room and look stunning from every angle.

Scalloped Bowl | Checkered Resin Box

Now let’s talk smalls. The two pieces above were both also instant purchases for me. Well, actually I did purchase the bowl in-store:) It really reminded me of these bowls that I LOVE but are more than I want to spend. O and it’s BIG. Great for a large coffee table or a dining table centerpiece.

I’m hoping that the boxes will stay in stock because I just don’t know exactly where I would put them yet. But you know that check pattern is making my heart skip a beat.

Light Woven Vase | Large Soft Striped Basket

That vintage-inspired woven vase is so cute! But it’s also a decent size which I love. It would add such a nice amount of texture to a room.

If you know EHD you know we love a basket. For shoes, blankets, toys, you name it, we say but it in a basket. So naturally, we love this large one. The mustard-colored stripes make it a little more unique than your average traditional basket but is still nicely neutral.

Sunnyvale Woven Counter Height Barstool | Interlaken Rattan with Woven Seat and Back Dining Chair

We get asked A LOT about dining chairs and stools. So when I saw these two I was delighted, to say the least. I love love how high-end the woven design on the stool looks (the back is very pretty too). Also knowing that the seat is woven makes me pretty sure it’s pretty comfortable. Plus it’s very in line with Em’s “for stools to be actually comfortable they must have backs” rule. It also comes in black!

Then I just think that dining chair is SO SWEET. That slight sweetheart back is too cute. But that all aside, the weave design is beautiful, this puppy is overflowing with texture, and I think it would add so character to any dining table look. It could easily work with coastal, boho, and vintage room styles.

Rattan Wall Sconce

Oh baby I gasped when I saw this. It’s the way more affordable version of what we’ve seen on the market and that double arm and brass tone are so pretty.

Midway Metal Patio Club Chairs (Set of 2) | Folding Patio Ottoman

I kinda can’t believe it’s time to start thinking about outdoor furniture but with lead times what they still are it’s really not a bad idea if you are wanting to freshen up your outdoor space. The whole collection that goes with that black chair is incredible. I love the simple lines and stop with those gold knobs. So sophisticated and feels very European which I am embarrassingly a sucker for:)

But also that cute stool is awesome. It almost gives me a little BDDW vibe which is an absolute EHD favorite. It’s perfect for extra seating, a footrest, or a nice little table if you stuck a cute tray on top.

Vivian Park Upholstered Swivel Chair | Arbon Wood Dowel Accent Chair

Then last but most certainly not least are these beautiful chairs. Emily loves a good Target chair (she’s had these for 5 years) and so do I. The simplicity and elegance of that slipcovered chair are beyond. Plus it swivels which makes me love it even more.

But then in the same collection, you have the “traditional with a twist’ chair that feels like Anthropologie would be selling it. The cushion-wrapped arm is cool and modern and makes you take a second look. It’s those special details that make something fine to awesome. I wish I had a place for it in my apartment:/

So there’s that. We’ll remind you of the launch in The Link Up on Sunday but if you see something you really want I would bookmark it because I know this collection is going to sell out. Congrats to Studio McGee and Target! So tell me…what’s your favorite piece?

Love you, mean it.

*Photos via Target

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2 years ago

Wow! You did not exaggerate one tiny bit. BYW, that scalloped dresser would make a great console with tons of storage. Made my heart go pitty pat.

2 years ago

It appears you can’t make up your mind between “O” which isn’t a word and “Oh” which is. You did make up your mind on several great Studio McGee pieces! Thank for sharing.

2 years ago
Reply to  Teri

The wry irony of a typo in a comment on typos 😆

2 years ago
Reply to  Teri

“O” actually is a word.

2 years ago
Reply to  Soliterra

I know what you mean though…

2 years ago

I love studio Mcgee! Unfortunately, their Target furniture and rugs usually get bad reviews. They look beautiful in the (well Photoshoped) website, but kind of cheap IRL. I hope this line is different. Would love to check it out.
Thank you for this post!

2 years ago
Reply to  Alma

Yeah, we had a horrible experience with some stools we ordered from them last year. There just literally weren’t any holes for the screws to go into, so we couldn’t put them together at all. Hopefully they’ve improved their QC, but I’ll just stick to their decor items going forward.

2 years ago
Reply to  Alma

I bought two end tables maybe a year ago, they are pretty in a picture but the reality is they are cheaply made :-(.

🥰 Rusty
2 years ago

I am perpetually jealous of thd dsbu,ous US Target!
Aussie Target is vastly, vastly inferior!
Same name. NOT the same.
Our Kmart is fabulous and has a bit if a cult following /fan club! 🤣

2 years ago

Will have to check out some of these pieces. Thanks for sharing!
Also, if you’re looking for round-up ideas–I would love an affordable round-up of lamps! All kinds–table lamps, reading lamps, floor lamps, etc.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jess Bunge

Since you’re taking requests, I would love one on plant stands, plant holders/outer pots, or pot/basins that actually account for drainage. Thanks!

2 years ago
Reply to  bubu

Yes! They need drainage and are hard to come by!

2 years ago
Reply to  bubu

I have some trees that I just had repotted so did a lot of research into find pots with drainage holes. I bought the Tuva terrazzo planter from Article, a gray Cecelia pot and a gray cityscape pot from West Elm and a Trendspot white matte pot from Home depot. all of them large enough for my trees to grow. Then had to search for attractive saucers and came up with a brand called Pottery Pots and purchased thru Overstock; they come in round and square designs. All, in all, an investment but they all look great and the trees are doing well.

2 years ago

@Jess, you referenced a burl wood side table but I’m not seeing it on the website. Any chance you have a link that I’m just not finding? Thank you!

2 years ago

Fast furniture. Will we ever learn? Every season another collection of STUFF. No thank you.

Jeffrey C
2 years ago

Target reviewers seem to have some mixed opinions about how comfortable those beautiful chairs are. I wonder if replacing/upgrading the cushion inserts will be necessary.

2 years ago

What does BDDW stand for?
Furniture wise I’m full except good storage for my art studio!

2 years ago
Reply to  Lisa