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The Data Is In! These Are The Top 25 Most Purchased Items Of 2022

I think my favorite comments on the blog are the ones that say something like, “Are y’all listening in my house? I just said that I needed (insert item here) and I came to the blog and you’ve found it for me.” And while we aren’t listening in your houses – we have neither the budget nor technology to make that happen – we are using a sweet bit of data to help figure out which categories/products/styles are trending in an attempt to bring you the best pieces at the best prices. So today, to conclude our weeklong 2022 wrap-up, I’m bringing you the creme de la creme – the top-selling items from the entire year. We linked them, you loved them. Wanna see if anything you clicked on made the list? (There are definitely some familiar faces here, I promise.)

25. Your Favorite Faux-Leather Lumbar

Ah, yes – the famous faux-leather lumbar. It made its blog debut in Em’s 2019 mountain house primary bedroom reveal, and it’s been a bestseller ever since. If you want your bed to look polished and finished without the hassle of juggling a ton of throw pillows every morning and night, this is a great choice. (But hurry if you want to grab one – it’s almost sold out again!)

24. Caitlin’s Rattan Floor Lamp Dupe

Tale as old as time: I fell in love with a $1,500 Anthropologie lamp, dug around the internet, and found the look for less. (90% less, if we’re being particular.) I loved the brass details, the woven shade, and the fun scalloped detail. (I also discovered that the TJ Maxx website is just as great as the store, too – it’s worth a bookmark if you also love a bargain!)

23. A Quick-Ship Pedestal Dining Table

It’s always exciting when we can flag a great deal for you, and this table was no exception. We highlighted this piece in one of our holiday sale roundups (I believe it was in our July 4th post!) because it was deeply discounted – we’re talking nearly 50% off here – with reasonable delivery times! A lot of work and research goes into bringing y’all the best deals, so I’m thrilled that this one worked out for so many readers.

22. An Organic-Meets-Luxe Bench

SWOON. I mean…it’s kinda dreamy, no? The woven frame, the cane backing, the brass feet, the customizable cushions – what else could you need? (I actually eyed this piece for my own home, but decided that my cat is not responsible enough to curb her clawing urges.) We often see this piece going on sale for up to 30% off, and we’ll continue to flag those steals for you in 2023 🙂

21. Ryann’s Festive Halloween Candle

It’s never too late to prep for Halloween (or for the spooky pal in your life), right? It’s often hard to find decor that blends functionality with fun – especially when you’re looking at seasonal items, which are so frequently just decorative – but this sweet little candle threads the needle perfectly.

20. Amber Lewis’ New Etsy Collection

When I first slacked this collection to the team in October, Em responded, “ooh that’s really good.” 15 minutes later, she followed up: “This is a really good collaboration. I’m putting like 6 things in my cart and it’s supporting a lot of makers. It’s really a win/win.” SHE’S RIGHT! The artisan pieces curated here are gorgeous, heirloom-quality…and, I mean, you know how we feel about furoshiki (spoiler: we LOVE it).

19. Em’s High-Rise Workout Shorts

Here’s what Em had to say: “These are my go-to’s that I wear many mornings for my morning routine. The waistband sits nicely and stays put (but zero cutting in as it sits higher). There is a little flair which I find flattering, has pockets for my beach card, and after I work out, I jump in the lake and swim around and they are GREAT swim bottoms. Oh, and it has built-in red underwear (sounds weird, but excellent for being active). Again, I feel like these shorts with a swim top or tank would look cool and sporty at the beach, and just feels less exposed for daytime swimming with the kids. I wear them with my red swimsuit, mesh pullovers, and Tevas, and not to sound like quite the dorky mom, but I do feel like it looks cool while secretly I’m VERY comfortable and confident.

18. Brian’s Holiday Sweater Recommendation

You may recognize this little number from Brian’s gift guide – he tried it on at the mall and especially appreciated the sleeve length (not too short, not too long). He went on to describe it as “super cozy” and mentioned that it may be at the top of his Christmas wishlist – do you think he found one under the tree last weekend?

17. Em’s New Family Room Sofa

LOVE. This was one of Em’s first furniture purchases for the farm, and it’s even better in person – huge, deep, timeless, and luxe. Here’s what she had to say: “The sectional is from Rejuvenation and it’s extremely comfortable and cozy. The fabric is a performance velvet and that last chaise seat is big enough for me and both kids.” (Check out the living room update to see it in real life – it looks like an ideal sofa for snuggling!)

16. This Classic And Affordable Vanity

Who knew a budget-friendly vanity could look so high-end? Priscilla Frost, the designer of this affordable basement bathroom makeover, did – she swapped in a new faucet, changed up the hardware, and made this piece look like a million bucks. (I mean, the bones were already beautiful, but Priscilla really made it sing!) The marble top, the open and closed storage, the deep navy finish…it’s a total steal for under $1,000.

15. Caitlin’s Favorite $4 T-Shirts

I LOVE THESE SHIRTS. The price is obviously awesome, but they’ve also held up beautifully over the past 18 months with near-weekly laundering (I know that’s not always the case with affordable clothing!). They’re not too tight, an ideal weight, and they’re the perfect base layer to mix with jeans or with bolder, more statement-making bottoms. J’ADORE. BIG TIME.

14. Ryann’s Slide Sandals (That Won’t Break The Bank)

Here’s what Ryann had to say about these chic slides: “Last year when I bought these sandals, I truthfully didn’t know they would become such a staple in my wardrobe. I think I bought them in-store for a last-minute event I was going to that day. Cut to today, I now wear them at least once a day because they are so easy to slide on and go. They are $20 but look so expensive and look good with any jeans, shorts, dresses, etc etc. The band is soft and not too tight so they are very comfortable to walk in too. 10/10!

13. Em’s Go-To Dinnerware

Boss says it best (mainly because these are, you know, her plates): “Once again I’m singing the praises of our crazy affordable and long-lasting glass plates and bowls. I only needed to buy one set (so we have 12 of each) because we had 8 already, but here’s my pitch if you haven’t heard it yet. These plates are extremely flat, lightweight, and durable which means that the kids can easily set the table, do their own dishes, and easily load them into the dishwasher (it’s so satisfying, I’ll be doing a reel about it soon). While I love handmade pottery plates, those are more like the modern-day “fine china” – great for special occasions. But for day-to-day, I will only use these – little bowls for cereal in the morning, side plates for lunches for them, and dinner plates for everything else.

12. Some Vintage-Inspired Denim

A straight leg with a bit of breathing room, a comfortable rise, and a great wash – it’s the trifecta of awesome jeans. If you’re looking to retire your skinnies in favor of something a bit more on-trend, these are a great choice.

11. The Swimsuit We Keep Coming Back To

Two years in a row for this sweet suit! It’s out of stock right now, but add it to your favorites and keep an eye on it as spring rolls around – it’s a winner. Em’s thoughts: “Navy and white stripes, cute cut-out, very supportive and thick enough to mask my extra tummy-warming layer (tummy dimples!). BIG FAN of this. I bought a 6 which fit great (but I haven’t gotten it wet yet). It also has a matching rashguard which I LOVE. This is a very ‘me’ suit that I know I’ll wear all summer and was PSYCHED to find it.” (Spoiler: she did, in fact, wear it in 2021…and it was still a favorite in 2022. A total score!)

10. Stylish Wear-Anywhere Sneakers

Double endorsements here from the EHD team! Both Em and Ryann recommended these sneakers – Em mentioned that she’d been living in them all summer, and Ryann supplemented with some personal testimony: “These are my favorite sneaker to wear when I am running errands, want to look cute and stylish, and also am living on a prayer that I’ll get myself to the gym at some point. They really are so versatile as they can be worn with so many outfits but are also supportive and comfortable to walk or even run in. I truly wear them constantly and cannot recommend them enough!

9. Mal’s Holiday-Friendly Dress Recommendation

This year, Mal shared three of her favorite holiday dresses with us, but this loose and gauze-y pick topped the list. Her criteria: “A festive dress to me must be 1. flowy (because there’s nothing worse than an outfit that’s too tight after a meal) 2. comfortable enough to cook in all day and 3. elevated enough to feel like you’re dressing up for the holiday. And 4. ideally, cute enough to wear for many more parties/events afterward.” This one checks all the boxes (and it’s also VERY affordable right now – only $35, down from $138!).

8. Comfortable Lug Sole Boots

Heeled boots aren’t always the easiest to wear for long stretches, but these seem to be the exception (according to Emily, at least!). “I’ve been wearing those boots NON-STOP. They feel so comfortable for having a little lift,” she wrote. They’re a little utilitarian twist (that lug sole!) on the classic Chelsea boot silhouette – fun, right?

7. Em’s Oversized Car Coat

I think I whispered out loud ‘oh, hell yes,’ when I put this coat on,” Emily wrote. “It’s EXTREMELY GOOD. It’s fancy like a tweed wood coat, but long (extremely warm and cozy – maybe not New York in 15 degrees warm) and drapes in such a flattering way. It has pockets, a cute collar, is lined (which makes it easy to slip into), and is a great colorway and pattern. I wore it all day yesterday and got like 12 compliments on it. It’s not too hot for inside either (if you don’t layer underneath) so it’s not one of those that you have to take off when you get in the grocery store or on the subway.”

6. A Cozy U-Shaped Sectional

I’m including this sectional without a link and with a MASSIVE caveat – Interior Define is going through some major growing pains right now, and I can’t recommend placing a new order here until their supply chain is back in working order. That said, if you purchased a sofa after seeing this basement makeover and you’re unhappy with the extended lead times or communication you’ve received from the brand, please shoot me a note (you can find my email right here!) – I’d love to help flag your order for their team. We haven’t highlighted the brand or their products since we learned about their shipping delays (right now being the sole exception), and I’m sorry if you’ve been disappointed. Please let me know if I can help!

5. Our Favorite Style of Jean

Team EHD loves a demi-boot cut jean, y’all. I bought my first pair in 2019 after seeing Jess wearing them in the office (RIP to in-person work – saw so many cute and inspiring outfits every single day!), and they’re the only cut of jean I wear these days. They’re comfortable and easy to style and the little flared leg makes every outfit look a bit more special and considered. 10/10, you can’t go wrong here in any wash!!!

4. A Game-Changing Swimsuit

I have two of these – even the EHD team gets #emfluenced! – and can attest that they’re the best swimsuits I’ve ever purchased. Here’s the testimony that won me over: “Today, what you can see above is the new shapewear suit invented by a mom in Silverlake (where we lived in LA) and it’s GENIUS. Her whole thing is why have shapewear for under your clothes and not for swimsuits! I bought one because I was being heavily Facebook marketed by it and I’m glad I did. Now, one of my best friends tried it on who has a much longer torso and is very small-chested and it didn’t work for her. We decided it’s mostly for people who carry more weight in their midsection and need more boob support. I LOVE it and before this post, I ordered the high-waisted sapphire in “short” Medium just in case we sell it out. That’s how much I stand by these suits.” (Seriously, worth every penny – though I will add that I have a very long torso and still love it!)

3. Em’s Lightweight Linen Blouse

This linen top made its debut in a post called “Emily’s Easy, Throw On And Go Summer Outfits That Still Make Her Feel Put Together,” and…well, that kind of nails it, doesn’t it? You can’t beat a breezy, classic top in a timeless silhouette for comfort and style. (As always, some firsthand feedback from Em: “This linen shirt is EXCELLENT. It drapes so well, is extremely lightweight, so easy to wear and layer even on hot days. If I grab it straight out of the dryer it’s wrinkle-free. It’s a splurge but if you are looking to just buy one and wear it for work and on days off, I think it’s a solid buy.“)

2. The Famous Abstract Coffee Table

I’ve NEVER seen more clicks, guys. Thousands upon thousands of clicks within minutes – like, the kind of numbers it usually takes a week to accrue. (To no one’s surprise, the few pieces left in stock sold out almost immediately.) Let Em sing the praises one more time (Anthro, are you reading? We want more tables!): “It’s heavy. Solid. It’s not a casual hoard, but it’s an INCREDIBLE price for this wonder. And not to be a car salesman but it won’t be around for long. After I gave it away (to a friend) I lamented it daily, thinking I could find something similar. I couldn’t/didn’t. It does the job of a square, rectangle, and an oval at the same time. It visually fills more space than its dimensions. It’s just so good.

1. Em’s Sauna Blanket

I mean…I knew it was coming, but I’m still pretty freakin’ flabbergasted. It’s the behemoth product that cannot be stopped (but I guess that’s kind what happens when you have the top Google result for “sauna blanket review.” C’est la vie!). Em’s HigherDose blanket shot its way onto the 2021 edition of this list – seriously, we first posted about it in November of 2021 and it was a Top 25 item within 3 weeks – AND it was a bestselling item every month in 2022, so I’m not surprised that it’s here…but also like, DANG, who knew the market for sauna blankets was THIS huge? It’s extraordinary.

THAT’S IT. What say you? Did you fall in love with anything from the blog (or from this list) this year? Let’s talk about it, yeah? xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Sarah Zachary | Styling by Emily Bowser | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: A Historic Mid-Century Modern Home That Was Completely Brought Back To Life (Hope You’re Ready For Some COOL Original Details)

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1 year ago

I got this Promontory cabinet from Threshold with Studio McGee on your recommendation last winter when I moved from a home with a lot of built-ins to none. It is great in our new living room!

Jen A
1 year ago
Reply to  Colleen

OOOH this is the cabinet I didn’t even know I needed! Love this

Roberta Davis
1 year ago

I’ll take the sweater and the boy! lol

1 year ago

Love this round-up! So fascinating to see the best sellers from the year.

Regarding Interior Define, please stay far far away!! We ordered a couch in July, canceled the order to update the fabric, and placed the order again. Come November, we realized we never received our $2,000 refund and reached out to ID. They confirmed that it was an error and promised to expedite the refund. Well, it’s 12/30 and still no refund. Our two account reps stopped responding weeks ago (one employee’s email is now “invalid”). We cannot get hold of anyone from ID, despite numerous emails and voicemails (plus their online chat is constantly “offline”). We also canceled the order altogether weeks ago via a provided Google Form; we have yet to hear from them regarding that refund either. All in all, they owe us about $4,000 and we don’t expect to ever see it.

We ended up disputing the charges with our credit card company. Save yourself the massive headache and thousands of dollars — AVOID INTERIOR DEFINE!

1 year ago
Reply to  Nina

I called my credit card company and they gave me the money back and are investigating ID. I live in DC and they have closed the DC store (there was a sign a lawsuit complaint on the door for not paying rent) and the Tysons store is “closed for maintenance.” No one has responded to my email for months and they don’t pick up phones.

1 year ago

This is so interesting to read, and I so appreciate the offer to help with Interior Define, Caitlin.
For anyone still considering ordering fro ID, here is another cautionary Interior Define tale. We ordered in March, have since requested a full refund due to delays and never seeing the 10% refund we were promised for the delays. We have no couch and no refund. Please don’t order from them!

1 year ago

I purchased 8 of these 😬😬 #emfluenced

Jen A
1 year ago
Reply to  Mer

ha ha ha! But their recommendations are always worth it. I’ve never regretted anything I bought from this blog. Especially my amazing, and comfortable, Target Project 62 Esters wood armchairs which make me so, so happy. Really get the feeling they are sincere in sharing things they love and use. I’m sure some of it starts as a straight up promo/gift, but I don’t think they will share unless it’s a good item.

1 year ago

Omg these interior define nightmares are terrible! We ordered a couch fall 2021 and it arrived in February, a little earlier than the estimate we were given (I think it was 18 weeks, which sounded ridiculous at the time, but I guess would be considered good now!). We love the couch and we must have lucked out and gotten it just before things started falling apart over there.

Anne Davis
1 year ago

I ordered 2 small ottomans from Interior Define for a client. 25 weeks later they still didn’t have it in their warehouse. I moved recently and planned to purchase a sofa from them but after such a big disappointment with the client order I told them I am going elsewhere. They need to find a domestic workroom to make their furniture.

1 year ago

The pillow I actually found in store (ended up being perfect for our bed), and the swim suit (striped blue and white) was a happy purchase! Thanks EHD. Curious though, are you actually able to see “purchases” or just “clicks” on the link? I’m pretty sure I’ve also clicked on some of these links to check price/brand/in stock etc, but not actually purchased. Thanks again for these round ups!

Lynn W
1 year ago

I purchased 12 and 15. The jeans are my new favorite!! This was a fun post to read and very interesting 😊.
Looking forward to more in 2023🍾

1 year ago

Where is that beautiful room/photo from at the top of the entry? Please provide link. I think it’s beautiful.
(Also, friend ordered from Interior Define earlier this year and after months and months or no deliveries she canceled only to have to fight to get refunds. She thinks it’s going out of business.)

1 year ago

I just sent a pretty sad-but-begging email to you, Caitlin, about Interior Define. I sure hope you still have a rep who responds because I don’t. Our sectional that was ordered (and 100% paid for!) at the end of April is still “on the water” and I’m so afraid they’re out of business. They’re still promising “early January” but I have no hope at this point.

1 year ago

I’m one of the many many who immediately ordered the Anthro coffee table after lusting after it for years. Despite ordering on the day the post came up, I’ve yet to get my coffee table and just get updates that it’s delayed…curious if anyone has actually received their coffee table???