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Modern Victorian Style: Furniture + Our Favorites Roundup

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We are back today with another post in our series that is all about, “Modern Victorian”. If you are new here or missed our first post where we intro’ed the series and style be sure to head back HERE to read all about it. But in short “Modern Victorian” is a style that is a spin-off of a very classic vibe, done in a fresh, new, and relevant way. It’s all about excess, drama, and saturated jewel tones but done in a hip and fresh feeling way. It is definitely not for the faint of heart. Nay, in fact, it is for those of you that need and crave color, whimsy, and a bold look in your decor. It’s like someone wearing a bold lip color with blue eyeshadow and tassel earrings – all at the same time. When it is done well, then all you want to do is be that lady, but if something is just a little bit off then it quickly goes from ‘cool lady’ to ‘crazy aunt Carla’.

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Eclectic Boho Moody Velvet Tufted Fringe Detailed Dramatic Living Room Bedroom 6
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With that said, we’ve searched and searched for the perfect pictures to really nail the style for you all while illustrating this trend. But as we mentioned last time, the style is still a bit abstract as it is a little more “out there” and “risky” to pull off in your own home. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t think you can do it and definitely doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it. So let’s get into it. Today we’ve rounded up a collection of some of our favorite rooms that somewhat represent the style and then pulled together a collection of each of the furniture pieces integral to this style for your browsing and shopping pleasure.

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Eclectic Boho Moody Velvet Tufted Fringe Detailed Dramatic Living Room Bedroom 1
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First up on the list is sofas, chaise lounges, and settees. The furniture in this style all has very dramatic yet refined lines mixed with luxe and over the top fabrics. You’ll notice from most of the pics that when it comes to the larger pieces of furniture in this style the majority of them have some special element to them that really makes them stand out. Some have curved lines – whether that comes into play in the wings of the sofa, the arms of the sofa, the back of the sofa, or even the entire sofa itself, like the example above.

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Eclectic Boho Moody Velvet Tufted Fringe Detailed Dramatic Living Room Bedroom 9
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Some keep the more traditional lines but have mixed it up with an abstract pattern juxtaposing the classic lines of an old piece with the modern lines of the textile, like above and below.

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Eclectic Boho Moody Velvet Tufted Fringe Detailed Dramatic Living Room Bedroom 12
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You might not be able to live with a couch THAT bright on a daily basis but with this style, it is all about mixing the old with the new through graphic colors, patterns, and playful elements. You’ll notice fringing, tufting, pleating, ruffles and many “flourishes” that give the piece a playful, dramatic and almost theatrical feel. Here are a few of our favorites that can help you get the look – some budget-friendly, some vintage, and some too good to leave off the list although the price tag is a bit out there. But hey, if you have 13k and are looking for a marsala velvet couch with white fringing like #5 then we have you covered.

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Furniture Sofas Chaise Settee Roundup

1. Dusty Rose Chaise | 2. Hillam Sofa | 3. Vintage Yellow Mohair | 4. Lauren | 5. Gilda Fringe | 6. Pied-A-Terre | 7. Draper | 8. Velvet Astrid | 9. French Louis XVI Style | 10. Blue Floral | 11. Charcoal Gray Quentin Chesterfield | 12. Portsmouth | 13. Maxwell | 14. Adrian Pearsall | 15. Serena | 16. Welsey | 17. The Inside Chaise | 18. Piermont | 19. Baxter T-Arm | 20. Sloane | 21. Vintage Burgundy Red Velvet | 22. Gold Velvet | 23. Blue Velvet Chesterfield | 24. The Inside Lotus | 25. Emerson Club | 26. Jade Chesterfield | 27. Blue Ink Samara | 28. Sylvania Printed Willoughby | 29. Maroon Velvet | 30. Kettleby Tete-a-Tete | 31. Audrey | 32. Emerald Green Velvet | 33. Berry Velvet

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Eclectic Boho Moody Velvet Tufted Fringe Detailed Dramatic Living Room Bedroom 8
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Next up are accent and lounge chairs and in this style, these really do stand out as statement pieces. This style is all about a bit of excess, age, and playful detailing and the chairs that fit within that style have a little bit of all of those elements.

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Eclectic Boho Moody Velvet Tufted Fringe Detailed Dramatic Living Room Bedroom 14
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Much like the sofas, they will all have something that makes them feel unique and special whether that be a luxe velvet on a classic shape, a huge printed fabric that they are wrapped in, or fringe, tufting, or ruffles that further accentuate their shape. This chair above (which was styled out by my friend Victoria from SF Girl by Bay, for her online shop “Super Marche“) is a perfect example of a chair that would fit within this style. Sadly this one sold but she does have a few more in her online shop. The simple lines are enhanced by a beautiful fabric and the fringe detailing.

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Eclectic Boho Moody Velvet Tufted Fringe Detailed Dramatic Living Room Bedroom 4
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This style is all about mixing and matching in a consistent yet saturated and vibrant color palette. Don’t be afraid to pull in a few different colors of chairs into the same room as long as you are able to repeat those colors somewhere else in the room to help pepper around the tones and keep it feeling cohesive instead of chaotic. Here are a few of our favorites – including a few vintage ones we found.

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Furniture Accent Chairs Roundup1

1. Nouvelles Barrel | 2. Blue Fringe Lounge | 3. Valor Swivel| 4. Vintage Velvet Crapaud | 5. Mauve Button Back | 6. Smythe Velvet | 7. Amelia Accent | 8. Poppy Lounge | 9. Delphine Chair | 10. Marcelle Mid-Century Wing | 11. Wooden Barrel | 12. Boyd B | 13. Channeled Slipper | 14. Soriano Square Arm | 15. Floret Accent | 16. Remsta | 17. Green Velvet Fringe Set of 2 | 18. Swing Club | 19. Pink Velvet | 20. Bourne Swivel | 21. Strandmon | 22. Bridget | 23. Modern Curved Slipper | 24. Red Velvet Fringe Lounge | 25. Bloom Emerald | 26. Blush Swivel | 27. Remy | 28. Julienne | 29. Duralee Linen Blue White Floral Wing | 30. Marley Swivel

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Eclectic Boho Moody Velvet Tufted Fringe Detailed Dramatic Living Room Bedroom 3
image source

So, what do you pair with the sofas and chairs you ask? Well, this is where things get a little more tricky. You can go more modern with your choices like above where they used a sleek and modern coffee and side table to juxtapose the more Victorian and antique elements in the room. Or, you can bring in a more vintage looking piece like below. Both work and for different reasons – but the loose rule would be “if you have victorian styled chairs and a couch then pair it with a more modern side and coffee table”, and “if you have a more modern chair or sofa then pair it with a more antique and victorian style table.” Old with new, and new with old. See… it’s simple 😉

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Eclectic Boho Moody Velvet Tufted Fringe Detailed Dramatic Living Room Bedroom 11
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Once again it is about mixing the old with the new while keeping it from looking too chaotic or “thrifted”. Here are a few of our favorites that could work well with any of the chairs and sofas from the previous roundup.

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Furniture Tables Coffee Side Roundup

1. Pavo | 2. Tripolino L | 3. Marlton | 4. Ballam | 5. Fine Point | 6. Lorna | 7. Mismatched Roosevelt | 8. Shubrick | 9. Claudie | 10. Eden Round Skirted | 11. Maitland Smith Tray Style | 12. Cradle | 13. Oxford Marble | 14. Thaddeus Forged Iron Round | 15. Elda | 16. Miles Redd Faux Marble | 17. Spindle Square | 18. Lindved | 19. Aves | 20. Morgan | 21. Antique Brass Rana No. 1 | 22. Black Marble | 23. Heath | 24. Tazio Marble Top | 25. Brandy | 26. Nicholas Marble Round | 27. Bridging Ellipse

Moving into the bedroom, things don’t get any less boring than they were with the other furniture pieces. The beds in this style play a lot with tufting, the shape of the headboard, as well as saturated colors and tones. You’ll notice a few more modern beds below in the roundup as well, which we included because although they look more modern their lines take cues from more traditional pieces. #10, for example, is a very modern take on the timeless brass or wrought iron beds we saw pop up a lot in some Victorian and traditional homes, which when paired with an antique side table or chair would make for the perfect little “Modern Victorian” vignette.

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Eclectic Boho Moody Velvet Tufted Fringe Detailed Dramatic Living Room Bedroom 5
image source

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Furniture Beds Headboards Roundup

1. Campaign Canopy | 2. Meriden Sleigh | 3. Velvet Elsie Upholstered | 4. Floral Chinois Daybed | 5. Bedford Slipcovered | 6. Emily and Merritt Lilac | 7. Cardiff Scallop | 8. Plum Bran Channel Back Upholstered | 9. Candid Moment Elsie Upholstered Headboard | 10. Ackles Slat Metal | 11. Regina Headboard | 12. Charlotte Velvet Tufted Wingback | 13. Gwendoline Spindle | 14. Kopardal | 15. Antique French Embossed Headboard  | 16. Ainsworth Bed | 17. Antonia Canopy | 18. Bohemian Platform | 19. Rowan | 20. Canopy Stripe Loran Headboard | 21. Claremont Headboard | 22. Vintage Upholstered Louis XVI- Headboard | 23.  Leigh Bed | 24. Alsop Upholstered Panel Headboard

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Eclectic Boho Moody Velvet Tufted Fringe Detailed Dramatic Living Room Bedroom 2
image source

This style wouldn’t be complete without a roundup of ottomans and stools. Use them in just about any room, and a collection of a few of them together sprinkled around the room is a sure way to get the “Modern Victorian” look. Just make sure that they either have some detailing that makes them feel special or a bright color or pattern to make them stand out. Remember, if the shape is simple then it should be done in a bright color or pattern whereas if the shape is intricate or detailed you can pair it with a more neutral or muted fabric or color.

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Furniture Ottomans Roundup

1. Diamond | 2. Agras | 3. Brighton Round | 4. Port Tufted Velvet | 5. Opehlia | 6. Malvern | 7. Clarice | 8. Jeryll | 9. Oreland | 10. Modern Olive | 11. Cheri | 12. Floral Silk Carpet | 13. Piper | 14. Avalon | 15. Marvel | 16. Runi Black Cowhide | 17. Savannah Skirted Ottoman | 18. Caroline | 19. Aubin | 20. Large Button Tufted Mohair | 21. Dani

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Eclectic Boho Moody Velvet Tufted Fringe Detailed Dramatic Living Room Bedroom 10
image source

Up last are the dining chairs and tables – we love the example below that repeated the same chair shape over and over but changed the color on each of the chairs allowing it to feel like a collection that was accumulated over time versus something that was just purchased. The chairs and tables in this style follow the same rules as the other furniture pieces however with dining tables most lean more modern (with some detailing) and the chairs lean more victorian feeling, creating the perfect combo once they are paired up together.

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Eclectic Boho Moody Velvet Tufted Fringe Detailed Dramatic Living Room Bedroom 7
image source
Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Eclectic Boho Moody Velvet Tufted Fringe Detailed Dramatic Living Room Bedroom 15
image source

Here are some of our favorite dining tables, and chairs:

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Furniture Tables Dining Tables Roundup

1. Silhouette | 2. Rodolfo Washed Walnut | 3. Quartz Nagas Blue Stone | 4. Scallop Ivory | 5. Aero Marble Oval | 6. Handcarved Menagerie | 7. Manolo | 8. Annaway | 9. Strata | 10. Gold Base Silhouette | 11. Ekedalen | 12. Geo-Marquetry | 13. Mabel | 14. Seaford Pedestal | 15. Margar

Emily Henderson Modern Victorian Trend Furniture Tables Dining Chairs Roundup

1. Lennox | 2. Harlow Mink Velvet | 3. Aragon Velvet Sienna | 4. Velvet Elowen | 5. Dusty Blush Velvet | 6. Lacquered Haverhill | 7. Caddell | 8. Nailhead White | 9. Rider Blue | 10. Green Velvet (set of 2) | 11. Abner | 12. Valencia Ave (set of 2) | 13. Performance Wool Clemence | 14. Gazsi (set of 2) | 15. Blue Velvet

So, is this a look that you would be into bringing into your home or does it feel too chaotic, abstract, and “funky” for everyday living? All things considered, it is a style that we are loving even if it is a little bit out there and abstract and we plan to break it down even further. We would love to know if there are any spaces you’ve seen that truly embody this style or showcase it well. Link them up below for everyone to use as a resource.

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6 years ago

Looooove this style! Gorgeous and comprehensive round up. Brava!

6 years ago

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series. Will be using this for inspiration in my own home 🙂

6 years ago

I dont really love this style for my home, but man, mad props for the work that went into this post. If you love this style, you have just given them “push play” design. Meaning tons of designer curated options at every price point at a push of a button. And the photos are gorgeous.
Thank you.

6 years ago

I love this style so much! (And I think I always have. In the 90’s I used to wear a blue velvet button down shirt with a blue velvet mini skirt and Mary Jane Doc Martens; but I may have been in the crazy Aunt Carla camp.) But what I came here to comment on is that blue feather tree with the gold bark. I LOVE that!

6 years ago
Reply to  Patricia

That tree may be my very favorite thing on this post. I like bits and pieces of this style like the jewel tones, the use of intense wall colors and lots of florals, but I think all of it together would be too much for me in my home. It’s definitely fun to look at though.

However, that feather tree speaks to me. It wants to come live in my house. My husband would block it at the door, but I love it so much.

6 years ago
Reply to  Patricia

That “feather tree” is a floor lamp! It’s been on my wish list.

6 years ago

I really, really love this. I’m not sure I could pull it off, but I love it!!! Finally some color! I hope this trend takes off.

6 years ago

Thank you (again) for such a great round up. The jewel tones are EVERYTHING!

6 years ago

This is so bye stiffly thought out. Thank you

May I please request more of Corvett’s home look? Maybe including paint colors?

6 years ago
Reply to  S

Yikes! Autocorrect be damned.
“This is so beautifully thought out”

Cris S.
6 years ago

I am loving this series. I’m also hoping that when you move on to a new style, you’ll delve deeply into “Modern Georgian” for us!!!!

6 years ago
Reply to  Cris S.

That sounds like it could be a fun one to dive into. Thanks for the suggestion. xx

6 years ago

Sooo appreciate this style and love gulping it in. Just not for my everyday.

The Makerista does it well:

Amy Madeline
6 years ago

That dark grey living room with the olive green chairs, I keep scrolling back to look at it. The small chartreuse painting, the simple small pendant lights, the orange rust dining chairs in the library adjacent. Speaks to my mid-century furnishings and rich and earthy color tendencies in my home. I have more than a little (mid-century) Modern Victorian in me it seems! And I love the velvet upholstery.

6 years ago

I love this look! I’m wondering if you could go a little more into how you would style a bedroom in this Modern Victorian style? I know white bedding is kind of the go-to on the internet these days, but I’d love to see some interpretations of this style in a bedroom!

Nicole Wasson
6 years ago

You guys did an amazing job with this style! I’d love to see a little more about how you’d do “Modern Victorian” in the bedroom! For me that’s where I’m always stumped, especially because a lot of the bedrooms I see on the internet tend to be simple/calm. But something colorful and kind of funky but still luxe in a bedroom would be so fun!

6 years ago

I hope there is a round up of Modern Victorian artwork/wall decor coming soon! I love this style so much!

6 years ago
Reply to  Rachel

YES!!! I second that! The moody dutch florals…..(swoon)

Julie S
6 years ago

It seems like this style is a careful balance of ornate and modern, and one of the things I also noticed that makes it what it is, would be the lack of clutter/minimalism. Otherwise I really think it tips over into the thrifted eclectic look! My home’s style is modern organic, but I’m drawn to something different in my girls’ room (ages 2 and 5) which I am in the process of designing. It’s a fairly dark room and I want to make it cozy with layered patterned bedding, ornate headboards, overscaled florals, but plenty of clean lined elements mixed in to keep it feeling like an antique shop- basically modern Victorian. So this is good!

6 years ago

I LOVE this series. This is what my house looks like and what I’m most drawn to, and I never really knew how to categorize it! All the heart eyes for the lush velvets and details!
Phenomenal job on curating EVERYTHING, EHD team 🙂

6 years ago

I love the velvet ottomans with piping in that first inspo image – exactly what I’ve been hunting for! if you have any idea who makes them I would be eternally grateful!

Kiley Brodeur
6 years ago

Here’s one I’ve always loved, but didn’t know there was a name for it!

Thanks for this post. It’s fun and refreshing and makes me want to buy all the fringe and velvet. Thanks, Emily.

6 years ago

I love the drama that these pieces give!

Branco Vid
6 years ago

Thanks so much ! Honestly this blog was of great help to me.

6 years ago

I love this style!! Thank you so much for the roundup. I’ve been trying to make an overall house decor plan and this hits the nail on the head for me. I usually look at Parisian modern apartments for inspiration. One question- would you do super modern nightstands and dresser with a Victorian bed? Or do all Victorian with modern lights? Thanks again for the inspiration!

6 years ago

Gasping with each scroll of the mouse. I want it ALL! The perfect blend of his & hers…

6 years ago

I just bought a home and this is EXACTLY the look I was going for without knowing what to call it. Can’t wait to catch up on this whole blog series.

My only concern is committing to this and then it feeling outdated in a year…… but love it too much to not incorporate it to some extent!!!

Thank you so much, this is PERFECT help and inspo!

6 years ago

I love this so much! I hope rugs, decorations, wall art and light fixtures can be next in this Modern Victorian series! It is so refreshing to see colors and textures featured!