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House Tour: A Mid-Century Modern Inspired Home + Get The Look

Last week on the blog, we introduced you to Samantha Gluck—an EHD alum who helped on a handful of projects a few years back (Joy’s studio and Joanna Goddard’s apartment)—by giving you a tour of her fantastic home. Everyone was so pumped by her work (and just seeing a house tour in general, I think), so we’ve got another one for you.

This project, in particular, is pretty fun in that the client reached out to me years ago but I was too busy (and they were in Orange County). Luckily, I had just worked with Sam and basically told them they would be crazy to not hire her. Four years later, this is the home…the house Em Henderson COULD have built (well, designed), but didn’t. I think she (and Amy Oppedisano, who Samantha brought in to work on the project with her…more on that below) did such a great job: it’s inviting, polished, yet eclectic in a way that isn’t overwhelming. It has a ton of moments that feel artisanal, yet totally approachable. Okay, enough of me, I’m going to let Samantha walk you through this one. If you’re as into the home as we are, please give her and Amy tons of love in the comments, because I fully support the uplifting and smothering of compliments to people/former staff/designers I like very much.

Take it away, Samantha:

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Palm Springs Modern Living Room1

This is a project that came to me through Emily. The clients initially reached out to her about designing their home, but they are located in Orange County, which was difficult for Emily at that point in time (for anyone not in SoCal, Orange County is about 2+ hours away from LA depending on traffic). So she referred them to me, knowing that I live and work here. At that point, I was seven months pregnant with my second child, so I knew I was going to need some help on the project, especially after the new baby came. So I brought my good friend and fellow designer Amy Oppedisano of Salt Coastal Interiors on board. She and I met about 13 years ago when we were working as design assistants at another design firm and we’ve stayed friends and sometimes-business-partners ever since.

The client was Nora Desruisseaux and her family. Their home was basically a standard ’80s tract house when we started. The overall layout and flow was great, with a few obvious exceptions: A raised entry area that was a tripping hazard for their toddler and made furniture arrangement awkward in the living room, a bulky wall/wet bar combo that cut the kitchen off from the dining nook, and a family room that made that whole end of the house feel really tight and choppy. 

To fix these issues, we removed the raised entry and made it level with the rest of the ground floor. The kitchen wall was removed, giving them so much more floor space and making the spaces flow more seamlessly, and we retained some overhead beams which helped to maintain some visual separation of the spaces so it wouldn’t feel like an enormous bowling alley.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Stairway Gallery Wall1

Nora is an art consultant, and all the artworks in the home were pieces she’d purchased over the years. We started by establishing where her art would go throughout the home. She also purchased additional pieces throughout the course of the project, so we had to make some adjustments as we went along. 

We kept the home mostly white, giving it a sort of gallery feel so her art could really shine, and also so artworks could be moved and swapped out over time if she wants. They had some existing furnishings—a couple sofas, coffee table, some accessories—they wanted to keep. They were pretty simple pieces, so we added to them, and layered in some more pattern, texture, and some color (though most of the color comes in through the artwork) to add interest.

Ultimately, we were aiming for a space that felt modern, casual, family-friendly and happy.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Bright Traditional Kitchen1

In the kitchen, we removed the wall and wet bar that separated the kitchen from the dining nook and family room. It was the biggest change made to this space. It added floor space, gave them about four more feet of counter space and allowed for an island in the middle of the kitchen. We included a small appliance “garage” in the upper cabinets that sit on the counter (next to the fridge) so that counters could remain as clutter-free as possible.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Open Floor Plan Kitchen1

Initially, we were only going to run the backsplash tile up to the bottom of the range hood, but when we checked in on the work site the day it was being installed, we loved the subtle texture and dimension it added to the space so much that we decided it would be better to run it all the way to the ceiling. The edges of each tile have the slightest gray/blue tinge that’s really subtle but interesting and so pretty. The clients were on board so we ordered more!

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Built In Dining Nook1

[drawattention ID=158982]

1. Wall Tile | 2. Faucet | 3. Gray Cashmere by Benjamin Moore | 4. Short Scone | 5. Wood Cutting Board (similar) | 6. Pendant | 7. Large Ceramic Canister | 8. Medium Ceramic Canister | 9. Stool | 10. Wood Bowl (similar) | 11. Ceramic Pitcher (similar) | 12. Swing Arm Sconce | 13. Long Wood Trough (similar) | 14. Cabinet Knob | 15. Drawer Pull | 16. Black and White Pillow | 17. Leather Pillow (similar) | 18. Dining Table | 19. Blue Chair (similar)

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Hidden Tv Living Room1

The family room is where the family watches TV. They also needed some storage in here for Nora’s many art books, as well as storage for toys. There are only three walls in the room—one has a big sliding door, one needed to be the sofa wall, so this meant the last wall with the fireplace and existing window needed to also incorporate the storage we needed in there. The cabinetry on the left of the fireplace allows for some closed storage for toys, blankets and such, while the open shelving above is a nice spot for a lot of the accessories Nora’s collected. The window seat built around the existing window provides visual balance on that wall (and more storage!). The black shiplap in the center helps to disguise the TV mounted above the fireplace and ties in with some of the shiplap detail elsewhere in the house; plus it really makes the pretty spines of those art books pop.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Living Room Corner1

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Built In Reading Window1

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Family Friendly Room1

[drawattention ID=158987]

1. Table Lamp | 2. White Side Table | 3. Sofa | 4. Floor Lamp (similar) | 5. Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams | 6. Coffee Table (similar) | 7. Metal Accent Chair | 8. Rug | 9. Scone | 10. Kid’s Tool Workbench | 11. Turquoise Vase (similar) | 12. Fabric Accent Chair (similar) | 13. Sheepskin Rug (similar) | 14. Wood Side Table | 15. Blue Pillow | 16. Lumbar Pillow | 17. Pepper Pillow | 18. Wire Basket | 19. Planter with Brass Stand

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Modern Entry Bench1

The clients really wanted to paint the front door a bright, fun color and landed on a peppy blue. It’s a nice tie-in for the blue tones used in these spaces that are right through the front door.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Modern Entry Way1

The entry isn’t huge, so rather than sourcing some sort of foyer table or casegood (which they previously had), we had the contractor build this floating credenza which doesn’t take up any additional floor space but is still a functional place to drop keys and mail.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Palm Springs Modern Living Room1

The clients really liked the idea of keeping the existing brick fireplace in the living room but updating it by painting the brick and changing the mantle to a cool reclaimed wood beam. They chose this particular beam themselves that has all these interesting cuts and grooves in it (you can even see an old nail through one of the rectangular cuts in the top).

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Raw Wood Mantle1

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Moden Eclectic Living Room1

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Record Table1

[drawattention ID=158992]

1. Floor Lamp | 2. Half Moon Pillow | 3. Sofa | 4. Cream Round Pom Pillow | 5. Green Pillow (similar) | 6. Floating Shelf | 7. Square Vase | 8. Record Player (similar) | 9. Rattan Magazine Rack (similar) | 10. Rug | 11. Coffee Table | 12. Bar Cart | 13. Light Turquoise Vase | 14. Cream Vase | 15. Sea Glass Beads (similar) | 16. Tall Turquoise Vase | 17. Vintage Art (similar) | 18. Blue Pillow | 19. Accent Chair | 20. Balancing Blocks | 21. Stool | 22. Wood Candlestick Holders (similar) | 23. White Bench | 24. Basket (similar)

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Mid Century Master Bedroom1

The master bedroom changed the most from concept to completion. Initially, the client had sourced a different piece of art for above the dresser but wound up finding this huge, vintage Tony DeLap painting and I don’t blame her for pulling the trigger on that piece one bit! The wave painting is a contemporary piece by Sally Deng.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Modern Four Poster Bedroom1

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Mod Master Bedroom Side Table1

Some background on how Nora works: She pulls from a variety of sources including auctions, galleries and secondhand resources like EBTH (Everything But The House) to find interesting and exciting artworks. Her company is California Art Advisory. She got her start in an auction house and has now been working in the art world for over 10 years as an art consultant and appraiser.

[drawattention ID=159000]

1. Bed | 2. Bedding | 3. Wall Hanging (similar) | 4. Sconce | 5. Rug (similar) | 6. Nightstand | 7. Table Lamp | 8. Vintage Art (similar) | 9. Throw Blanket | 10. Lumbar Pillow | 11. Woven Baskets (similar) | 12. Wood Tray (similar) | 13. Totem Candles | 14. Dresser (similar)

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Black Floor Tile Master Bathroom1

The cement floor tile in the master bath was the jumping off point for the bathroom design. We knew the rest of the space would be predominately white because we landed on the large white ceramic tiles for the walls in the entire shower/ tub area that have a pretty, slightly rippled handmade appearance in person.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Dark Stone Counters Master Bathroom1

We also wanted the remaining walls to be painted white to soften some of the strong angles in this long, narrow and very tall room. But with all this white, we wanted the floors to offer a contrast and we opted for a matte walnut vanity and soapstone countertop, brass lighting and hardware to offer some contrast and warmth, as well.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Free Standing Tub1

[drawattention ID=159004]

1. Sconce | 2. Vase | 3. Floor Tile | 4. Towel Ring | 5. Ceramic Tray | 6. Cabinet Knob | 7. Drawer Pull | 8. Faucet | 9. Basket | 10. Towel 

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Playroom Office Combination1

This room had to do double duty as an office for two and a playroom. So we wanted the room to feel playful, but not overly juvenile for the sake of the office. We had the contractor build a really long desk with banks of drawers on the ends and in between to create two workstations in an existing nook below the windows.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Family Playroom Gallery Wall1

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Modern Minimal Playroom1

We then brought in plenty of toy storage throughout the room between the metal shelving flanking the sofa, the low wood shelving and white toy bins. The green color block is a fun pop of color but still serves as an almost-neutral. It looks good with pretty much any color you put with it, so it will still allow them to add or change art and accessories over time.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Playroom Storage1

[drawattention ID=”159007″]

1. Bookshelf | 2. Arrow Bookends | 3. ‘Every Day Beautiful’ Print (similar) | 4. Louisburg Green by Benjamin Moore | 5. Race Car Carrier Truck | 6. X Black and White Pillow | 7. Tassel Pillow | 8. Sofa (similar) | 9. Indigo Vintage Pillow (similar) | 10. Lidded Basket (similar) | 11. Felt Basket (similar) | 12. Tray | 13. Coffee Table (similar) | 14. Black and White Pillow | 15. Woven Pouf | 16. Rug | 17. Parking Garage Toy | 18. Throw Blanket (similar) | 19. Corduroy Fox | 20. Blue Chair (similar) | 21. Recycle Truck Toy | 22. Toy Storage Bin | 23. Kid’s Dining Set

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Modern Bright Kids Room1

Her son’s room didn’t get a major overhaul. We just updated a few finishes, added Roman shades to windows and helped style up the space. (BTW we shot this room at the very end of the day and the room was basically pitch dark when we were shooting. We were literally doing 30-second exposures in here! The wrinkles on that blanket over the headboard didn’t seem too noticeable but in the picture, they drive me craaaaazzzy. Haha)

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Playfull Kids Corner1

We went with carpeting in this room for comfort on little toddler feet and added shiplap to the window wall to highlight the cute little window seat nook next to the bed. The client already had art and really cute toys/accessories for the space so we didn’t need to add more than a couple of pillows and some new bedding.

Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Kids Bathroom1

For the kids’ bath, we chose finishes that were modern, clean, and gender neutral. None of the finishes in here were budget busters, but by layering in the art and accessories (most of which the client already had or chose herself) the room still has impact, and can easily evolve as their son grows.

***Interior Design by Samantha Gluck Interiors and Salt Coastal Interiors

***Art Selection by Nora Desruisseaux, California Art Advisory

***Photography by Alison Bernier


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77 thoughts on “House Tour: A Mid-Century Modern Inspired Home + Get The Look

  1. Wow! Very alluring designs. Fabulous. Designs are really very appropriate for the kid’s bath which you chose finishes that were modern, clean, and gender neutral.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Roy Tuccillo

  2. So beautiful! The black shiplap wall is such a great idea for hiding/Not hiding the TV. Quick question: I noticed that the rug in the living room is different than the source. The original one is phenomenal. Any ideas about where it’s from?

    1. Hi! Nora here. I’m glad you like the rug! We byuought it from Living Spaces actually but I’m not sure whether they still carry it.

    2. Hi! Nora here. I’m not sure if they still carry it, but the rug came from Living Spaces, actually. Glad you like it!

  3. Great tour. I LOVE the little Pixar-ish table lamp in the playroom! Where is it from? It wasn’t in the source list.

    1. I was also wondering this! I’m also very inspired by the lights drilled through the mirror in the bathroom. The whole house is beautiful, and look like real people with real things could live in it beautifully.

    2. Thanks! It’s such a fun lamp – it looks 3D from most angles and then almost disappears from others – it’s laser-etched acrylic and the LED light makes the lines illuminate! We bought it from Rejuvenation but it looks like they don’t sell it anymore – here’s a link:

  4. What a gorgeous home! I’m curious about the wood flooring. The color and width are just perfect!

  5. I LOVE this space. Gorgeous home tour, and thanks for the product suggestions and wall colors. More like this, please!!

  6. What a gorgeous home! I’m curious about the wood flooring – the color and width is perfect!

    1. I was thinking the same thing! I’d love more details or a source. It really makes the house for me.

  7. Love this feature! Thanks for bringing us so much exciting content. In the master bath, 1. Can you recommend the bathroom vanity? (or similar styles). and 2. Did you cut holes in the mirror to install those rad lights?

  8. Really beautiful work Samantha. My favorite moment is the kitchen island: the light blue paint with blue stone. Really unique and lovely. Great work!

  9. this is how i imagine my house to look when we start renovating it. I have a 1963 split level in salt lake city and all of these finishes would work so well in it. amazing job and I need to show this post to my husband!!!!

  10. This is freakin’ fresh Samantha! That master bedroom / bathroom is dreamy, you have a great eye.

  11. NORA – I am very curious how the soapstone countertop in your bathroom is faring? I’ve heard it can be a finicky finish???

    Obsessed with the soapstone/wood pairing in the ensuite (heart eyes!!!!!!)

    1. Hi Diana! I have to say that we’re not too meticulous of a family, so when things get a little worn in, it doesn’t really bother us. The soapstone in the bathroom has been great (we were lucky we had enough left over from the kitchen island to use it in the bathroom too!) – around the faucets you can see some watermarks, but if I really worked at it, I think I could get rid of those. We used it on the ledge in our shower too, and that’s been great. In the kitchen, it’s gotten a little scratched, but I hear that can be sanded out if it becomes bothersome – we like the lived-in feel though, and love the color of the stone and how it feels to the touch. Also you don’t have to use any special cleaning products. I highly recommend!

  12. GORGEOUS! I loved everything. Question: I’m actually contemplating that exact sofa from Article. How has it held up in the client’s home? I have 2 big dogs and am afraid of them scratching and damaging it.

    1. Hi Steph! We really love the sofa – it’s comfy and the leather feels great. Our three year old loves it too, especially one spot, and loves to sit there and run his toy cars on the arm of the sofa. He also loves to stand on one end of the sofa and do a sort of cannonball-type jump onto the other end of the sofa. Let’s just say we’ve given it a good stress test! The stuffing in the cushions has all held up extremely well (even in the bolster pillows, which are often used as battering rams!), and although you can definitely see marks on the arms where the cars go, the leather has also held up well – it hasn’t scratched (more like a scuff mark) or torn at all. I think of it as part of the patina, and if it gets out of control, my backup plan is to tell people it’s vintage!

    2. Just had to chime in here – we have the same sofa and a sweet black and white dog who sheds a great deal and loves to sit on sofas when we’re at work. The dog hair is a breeze to get off of the leather, BUT the back of the sofa (directly behind the cushions) is a sort of synthetic felt-like material that attracts dog hair like a magnet. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get the dog hair off of that material and so part of the couch is permanently covered in dog hair. The cushions tend to sag a bit over time, so that dog hair covered fabric is now exposed to the world. I cannot recommend this sofa to anyone with a dog that sheds and likes to sit on sofas. If your dog doesn’t shed and is better trained then mine, then feel free to get this sofa 🙂

      In terms of scratches to the leather and wear and tear, we use our sofa very frequently and sometimes eat dinner on it in front of the tv. It does scratch and wear over time, but I think it creates a sort of nice look. If there are other care tips for this sofa, I’d love to hear them.

      1. I have heard you can use a pumice stone to remove dog hair from stubborn fabrics where it almost weaves itself in, maybe this inexpensive item can help you with the back of the cushions. I have yet to try it but was planning to get a pumice stone to help remove dog hair from the seats of our truck. We have hairy Labradors who shed a lot!!

        A design question for the homeowner: Are there window treatments in the living room/TV room? If so, please elaborate! The house looks fantastic – would have liked to see a before pic or two of the entry and kitchen to see how it really changed with the opening of the wall. Love it all!

        1. Hi Amy! We used the Shade Store for our window treatments – we have oatmeal-colored Sunbrella curtains on the slider in the family room and white roller shades with matching simple valances that sort of disappear in the windows in the living room, dining room and family room. Hope that helps!

  13. How kind of Nora to share her home with us. Samantha and her partner did an outstanding job of creating a family-friendly environment that showcases all the beautiful art! This home seems very livable…not too much stuff with purposeful places to put things away to keep it tidy and calm. Maybe that’s the chief takeaway: if everything in one’s home has a designated home of its own, clean-up is quick and it really is possible to have the parents share their office with the kids’ playroom! Thank you Samantha for walking us through!

  14. GORGEOUS!!!!! I can’t even get enough of this house. It’s so refreshing to see a space that looks collected, but not cluttered. Art and books are the soul of a home in my opinion, and it’s so wonderful to see both displayed with such intention and presence. Great work!!

  15. I love this home! So pretty – light but warm. What is the little cupboard-door looking thing in the dining nook wall? Also, I see at least two article couches here. Does anyone have experience with them over time – do they hold up well? I’ve been couch hunting, and seen mixed reviews on Article couches on how they hold up, but they are so so beautiful!

    1. Hi Beth – the dining nook has two little cabinets there that are actually pretty deep where we store our china, extra glassware, etc. – there’s also storage in the buffet benches. I mentioned this above, but we love our Article leather couch and it’s wearing really well for us!

  16. Beautiful work, Samantha Gluck and Amy Oppedisano. Thanks for explaining the thought behind your selections. You helped me appreciate the remodel even more. This is my first time reading Emily Henderson’s blog and I’m hooked (it was specially nice to see that Emily shares her stage with people she respects.) Bravo all around!

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    Samantha and Amy have created such a beautiful home. My favorite details are the soapstone counters, reclaimed mantel, bright blue door, and green color block walls. Not to mention all the wonderful art and accessories Nora has collected. I must also say that the pillow combinations throughout are not obvious pairings (to me, anyway), but look beautiful and effortless – Taking notes over here! Wonderful job all around 🙂

    1. Agreed, that round cushion with the big pom-poms is like a cartoon sunflower to me, love it! Really enjoyed this post

  20. Beautiful home! I absolutely LOVE house tour posts, especially where sources are listed. Thank you!

  21. Beautiful work, Samantha Gluck and Amy Oppedisano. Thanks for explaining the thought behind your selections. You made me appreciate the remodel even more. This is my first time reading Emily Henderson’s blog and I’m hooked (it was specially nice to see that Emily shares her stage with people she respects.) Bravo all around!

  22. Thanks for showing us this beautiful home. I was interested in the fabric sofa in the living and it looks different than the link to the article sofa. Do I have recs on oatmeal fabric sofa that has clean lines that are similar to the one pictured? I had tried the leather sofa from article but felt that quality could be better.

    1. Hi Cynthia – actually the sofa in the living room was an oldie from Room and Board that they don’t sell anymore, but it’s similar to the Jasper. We ordered it with one of their boucle fabrics, and really like it – you might check them out.

  23. I LOVE this house! Such great taste.

    Question – I’m totally intrigued by the appliance garage next to the fridge. Is there one on the right side (facing) the fridge as well? What do they look like inside?


    1. Hi Sally, there’s only one (the other side of the fridge is a little hall that leads to our laundry room). It’s really great – we have a pull out shelf on the bottom with our coffee stuff on it and an outlet, a shelf above with our microwave and an outlet (the microwave is not built-in, just an inexpensive countertop model), and then a top shelf where we store appliances we don’t use as much, like our blender, etc.). Hope that helps!

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  26. What a charming home! I love every single room and the house appears to be very comfortable and welcoming for a real family.

    I have sorely missed this type of house tour and especially a house that seems more approachable size wise.

    Bravo to both the designers and the home owners!

  27. serene, minimal, yet full of delights for the eye
    please, what is the kitchen flooring?

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  29. I LOVE THIS HOME TOUR. This reminds me of a lot of features of my home, but so much better! Way to go Sam! Now please come to Colorado and do my whole house.

  30. Like everyone, I enjoy seeing this home very much…it’s nice to see a home that looks lived in AND lovely.
    Can you share where the nightstand in the toddler room came from?
    Thanks for it all!

    1. Hi Annie! It’s from Target, but from last year and I bought it on clearance – yay for me, but I think that’s because it was the end of its season and they’re not selling it anymore. Sorry!

  31. The rug in the family room (with the TV) looks like it has blue accents in the picture with the chair and shelf, but the linked World Market rug is a beige/brown/black. Am I crazy, or were different rugs photographed? Is it a trick of the eye? I absolutely love the style and if it came with blue accents it would be perfect for my living room!

    Absolutely gorgeous home! I’m going to keep referencing it again and again.

    1. Thanks Veronica! It is the same World Market rug – it’s actually amazing, so soft, but it’s indoor/outdoor and you can apparently hose it down to clean it, which I have not yet tried but sounds exciting 🙂 There’s no blue in it though. Mostly in the room it just feels like cream and charcoal gray.

  32. A beautiful and fun home! Each room is more wonderful than the next. The master bath is particularly stunning, as is the office/playroom. Thanks much for sharing your designer/client results!

  33. Gorgeous job! Every space is beautiful! Would love to see more of your tours here. Source for wooden lamp on toy bin??

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    May I ask – who is the artist of the small painting in the photo where the caption is about the blue door?

    1. Hi Emmy! Good eye 🙂 That small painting is a 1982 oil by Helen Lundeberg – it was an eBay find that I’m still pumped about! I’m not sure if you’re familiar with her, but she began her career as more of a Surrealist artist, and was a key figure in developing the California Hard Edge style. She was married to another Hard Edge painter, Lorser Feitelson. I find her work so inspiring – her large-scale paintings are really amazing!

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