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The Best Places To Buy Vintage Furniture And Decor Online (You’re Going To Want To Bookmark This One)

And before I lose you, it’s NOT just like, “Facebook Marketplace” and “Etsy.” I mean, those are included here – it wouldn’t be a comprehensive list of where to buy vintage furniture online without them! – but today, I’m walking you through WAY more than that. Gang, we’re talking about the 23 best spots to source vintage without leaving your house. There are small business deep cuts. There are new little start-ups! There are stores I considered pulling from this list because I’m a little nervous that I’m creating competition for myself. The takeaway is this: THERE’S SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE. I’ve patronized pretty much every retailer here (I mean, other than the one with $80,000 flatware – you’ll know it when you see it) and I’m really hoping that you’ll discover your new favorite store, because I genuinely love each of these companies and I’m pretty blown away by all the inventory they’ve saved and shared. So…are you ready to do some treasure hunting? Eager to score a steal? (Because, like, I don’t know if it’s translating, but I’m REALLY excited for you.) I’m going to kick it off with one of my all-time favorites, so buckle up…


I’ve been shopping with AES of LA since 2019 – I grabbed my 1970s tubular lucite coffee table on their site for a freakin’ song – and it’s been my best-kept vintage resource (until now, I guess). AES specializes in auctions and estate sales in LA (who woulda thought?) and their inventory is incredible, high-quality, and always changing.

Shipping or delivery can be arranged with AES, but I’d also recommend searching for similar auction and estate sale operations in your own neighborhood. So many of these businesses have a lower public profile as their main clientele are pickers, store owners, and estate sale fanatics…but y’all, if you can find them, there are GREAT deals to be found. If you happen to find a comparable company in your own area who also shares their inventory online, please drop it in the comments – I’d love to check them out. 🙂

Amsterdam Modern

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: sara’s living and dining room reveal

A brick-and-mortar vintage store that ACTUALLY shoots and posts EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT in their inventory? IT’S A LITERAL DREAM. On Amsterdam Modern’s site, you’ll find pages upon pages of well-curated vintage lighting, furniture, and decor (seriously – there’s 23 pages of just seating) in great condition. (And if it’s not in great condition, you can work directly with Amsterdam Modern on refinishing or reupholstering – those pieces that need a little extra love are all clearly marked and fairly priced, too.)

Remember those dreamy mid-century dining chairs from Sara’s house? Sourced from the one-and-only Amsterdam Modern, baby!!!


The bad news: AptDeco currently only serves the Northeast US and the San Francisco Bay-area. The good news: lots of you live in those locations, so this may be a great choice for you! (The other good news: maybe if we send them a ton of traffic, they’ll grow faster and expand to more areas!)

AptDeco’s model is a dream, though – all sellers and buyers are vetted AND their team offers free white glove delivery and assembly on each order. They measure each item upon pickup, alert the buyer to any differences between the listing and the actual product (so if there’s an unmentioned scratch or if the piece is even an inch bigger, you’ll be able to back out painlessly). It’s the vintage buying solution we need right now and I CAN’T WAIT TIL THEY’RE IN LA.


I mean…you already know it. I already know it. We all already know it. But, like, how could I write a post about the best online vintage sites and not include Chairish? As they’ve scaled, their offerings have grown, too – you can now find a ton of SUPER affordable decor (I rounded up my under-$50 picks a few months back) along with one-of-a-kind pieces from dealers and regular folks worldwide. Their search can’t be beaten, either – being able to sort by dimensions is INCREDIBLY helpful.

Their shipping costs have come down a TON, too – Chairish’s special rates almost always beat the private shipping quotes I receive – and a bunch of sellers have set up their accounts to instantly accept offers that are 20-30% off the listed price (that’s a pro tip, straight from me to you!). If you’re on the hunt for the perfect finishing piece, poke around Chairish for a second – you may just find it 🙂 (Case in point: the red balloon chair from Em’s living room, which later found a second life in this teen bedroom. SO GOOD.)


Before starting at EHD, I spent about a year flipping rugs and furniture on Craigslist to pay the bills (really leaned into the whole #funemployed thing, you know? You can catch up on the whole saga here, if you want!). While the inventory has dropped off a little bit – Facebook Marketplace is kiiiiiinda eating Craigslist’s lunch when it comes to secondhand home goods – there are still a few steals to be found! I bet it’s been a minute since you last checked the furniture listings…who knows what could be sitting there, waiting for ya?


eBay: the final frontier. It’s the internet’s original auction site (launched in September 1995, can you believe?!) and if you’ve never given it a good look, you may be missing out. They’ve majorly upgraded the experience over the last few years and sellers are now able to offer exclusive deals to those who have favorited their items – like, I recently got an email from a seller offering me 60% off the price listed on eBay. INCREDIBLE. Start saving your favorite items and let the discounts roll in, baby! (And while you’re at it, you can also grab deeply discounted new items – remember when Sara decorated her entire home for Halloween with eBay finds? It’s a treasure trove right under our noses, guys!!!)


I mean…Etsy is pretty much the gold standard of vintage shopping on the internet, IMO. The search functionality is amazing AND there’s still some level of serendipity – like, is there anything better than stumbling upon an ambiguously-titled table or chair that’s priced WAY below market value?

If you need a jumping-off point, Ryann shared a few (or, like, 46 – that’s a few, right?) of our all-time favorite Etsy sellers right here.

Everything But the House

Yesterday actually marked my fifth anniversary of shopping with Everything But The House – this Navahand rug was my first purchase of many and while it’s not a fit for my current apartment (it’s chillin’ in my closet as we speak), I don’t think I’ll ever be able to part with it. (It doesn’t hurt that the rug appraised for about 6x the purchase price, either. :))

While the shipping costs can get a little high, the HUGE savings on furniture and decor more than make up for it (and if you’re in the market for a new-to-you vintage rug or piece of art, there’s no better site). I still remember how excited I was to grab this lithograph for $18 – the same piece is selling on eBay right now for, uh, WAY MORE. New auctions are launched daily and the stylistically diverse inventory is REALLY GOOD, guys. EBTH is one of my favorite apps to cruise every night before bed – can’t recommend it enough.

Facebook Marketplace

These days, this is where I have the most luck. I’ve written at great length (understatement of the century, probably) about the best tips/tricks/search terms to really maximize your FB Marketplace shopping experience, so go give that a lil’ look if you REALLY wanna immerse yourself in the ~vintage fan club~.


First: yeah, WE’RE ALL TIRED OF REELS. Second: OMG. The proliferation of Instagram reels has made my love of vintage-sourcing on Instagram an absolute NIGHTMARE. Third: to amp up your IG experience, go to Chairish, hit an arbitrary category (“furniture” is good), tighten up your search radius (I like 50-100 miles, but sometimes I go a little further than that), and see if any of the sellers whose inventory appeals to you happen to have an Instagram page. Check out who they’re following, too – I have a finsta (fake Instagram) that exclusively follows vintage dealers and it’s a really fun feed to scroll.

If that feels like too much work (because, uh, it kinda is), I’ve also collected a bunch of my favorite vintage IG accounts right here – maybe it’s time for an update to that post?

Jayson Home

BIG SWOON. Remember that gorgeous vintage chaise from Em’s living room? It was sourced by the fine folks from Jayson Home and y’all – THEY HAVE GREAT FINDS. The curation here is so impressive and there’s something for every style – vintage shearling sofas, mahogany cupboards, rattan settees, African stools, Suzani textiles, framed art…it’s all in here. (As a side note, Jayson Home’s huge summer sale ends on 8/1 – highly recommend giving it a scroll before it’s over! There’s tons of eye candy, even if you’re not in the market for anything in particular.)


photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: ryann’s moto reveal – a moody multi-functional living and dining room with a lot of soul

We’re huge fans of Kaiyo over here – it’s where Ryann sourced that incredible gingham wingback chair in her living room. They started out in New York, but they’ve recently expanded to LA and y’all – I’M EXCITED ABOUT IT, from a buying AND selling perspective. As a seller, you submit photos to Kaiyo and if your pieces are accepted, they’ll come and pick things up for you. (Anyone who has ever posted a furniture listing with a caveat like, “you must carry this out, please bring help to lift it” and then had a buyer show up like, “I don’t have any help, I thought you and I could lift this 300 lb credenza together,” – REJOICE. NO MORE TOMFOOLERY. Kaiyo will just handle it. Plus – and this is my favorite part – you can pick to get an instant cash offer after your pieces have been picked up OR you can wait and get paid out after your piece sells (like consignment for the 21st century).

And from a buyer’s perspective, every piece is inspected and cleaned, and delivered with white glove service. Huge, huge, huge fan of this business model. We’re pretty spoiled with these amazing businesses out on the coasts – hope that they can make their way inland soon!


WELCOME TO THE RABBIT HOLE. I have a crippling LiveAuctioneers addiction and I’m not sorry!!! Their tagline is “let’s go treasure-hunting” and WOW, THAT COPY IS SPOT ON. I suggest doing a good amount of preparation before jumping into any auctions – like, you have to register for each one, plan your max bid, calculate the amount you’re willing to spend on buyer’s premiums (that’s the auction house’s cut), put out feelers for shipping costs, etc. – but the work is worth the reward. Over time, you’ll discover your favorite auctioneers and auction houses (Billings‘ quarterly auctions are my personal favorite!) and it’s just REALLY FUN. (Should we do a bigger post on auctions? Asking for myself, because like…I kinda wanna write more about this whole process.)


This is LA’s best-kept secret and I can name at least one VERY expensive vintage store who used to source A LOT OF INVENTORY from Loveseat. Like, A LOT OF INVENTORY. (I won’t name names, but like…if you want to take a guess, maybe you’ll be right?) Loveseat started out in LA, expanded to San Diego, and their auctions are now available down in San Antonio and Austin, too.

Loveseat’s grown to offer primarily dead stock or returned items (so like, if you’re in the mood for a new $80 sofa or $40 refrigerator, this is absolutely the site for you – you’re welcome for the tip) but they do still occasionally have some awesome vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces up on consignment. Check-in once a week and see what’s listed. There are some really impressive deals to be had, you know?


I gotta be honest: I am reluctantly posting about OfferUp. The app is kind of a nightmare, the ads are weird, the spam listings can get out of control, and the user experience is kind of…bad? But man, there are some steals buried on there – I’m talking $19 campaign nightstands, $10 wrought iron chairs, $100 dining sets, and more. Proceed at your own risk. (I usually have fun searching for about, uh, 10 minutes, before rage quitting after seeing local furniture stores spamming sofas everywhere. Sometimes I find something great; other times, I force close the app and consider chucking my phone across the room. Am I doing a great job of selling OfferUp? Are you excited to try it???)

One King’s Lane

So, uh, One King’s Lane vintage selection isn’t cheap. It’s stocked full of products from vendors who know what they have and who have priced those objects accordingly…so if you’re on the hunt for a deal, this may not be the best site for you.

It’s like Em’s classic advice: you can’t have cheap, fast, AND good. You’ll be able to grab beautiful, ready-to-ship pieces here – but you will need a bit of flexibility in your budget (that’s my nice, euphemistic way of being like “yo, stuff here costs like, $7,000“). If you are one of the folks who’s been blessed with a flexible budget, though, GO WILD. It’s really fun to buy a piece from a knowledgeable seller who can teach you something about where your furniture resided previously, you know?


Pamono, pre-August 2021: Europe’s version of Chairish. Pamono, post-August 2021: acquired by Chairish. You may have noticed a proliferation of European dealers on Chairish over the past few months, and this is why. That said, the OG Pamono site is a real treat – it’s SO educational (the content on the front page is beautiful AND informative!), the layout is easy to use, customs fees are included in the prices, and shipping fees are clearly stated upfront (it averages out to about $900 bucks to get furniture from Europe to LA, which is actually a pretty impressive deal – my uShip account could never compete!!!).

If you’re someone who loves trends, I can’t recommend Pamono highly enough – it’s a nice little vintage microcosm where you can get a real feel for what’s coming up next. There are so many listings on Chairish that these little Euro-centric pieces can get lost, so it’s really nice that they have their own place to shine. (And if you’re trying to nail your designer vocab, there’s truly no better place to learn. Big fan!)


photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: portland project – the living room reveal

HELLO, FRIEND. Rejuvenation relaunched their Antiques and Vintage category earlier this year and I couldn’t be more excited – could you imagine the impact it’d have if more major retailers dedicated time and manpower to preservation? Like, Rejuvenation’s restoration studio (a team!!! For vintage!!!) restores over 3,000 antique and vintage pieces a year – it’s a pretty gargantuan undertaking and IT’S SO COOL.

There’s something for everyone here – rugs, lighting, furniture, and more – and if you’ve been staying up-to-date with Em’s Instagram stories, you may have noticed that she’s been digging around the Rejuvenation warehouse. She’s sourced a few SUPER special pieces from the antiques and vintage section and I can’t wait for y’all to see how she styles them in the Farmhouse…we’re all in for a treat. 🙂

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is kind of like Chairish with a twist – while you can’t make an offer on a piece directly on their site, but you can send a note to the vendor directly to negotiate a deal. As an added bonus, several retailers also offer free shipping (they’ll note this in the item description) and layaway plans (the amount of time on these varies, but it’s a nice option!).

Items on Ruby Lane are generally pretty fairly priced (so you’re probably not going to have one of those “holy crap, I just found a $4,000 table for $60 bucks!” moments) and the UI can feel a little dated, but it’s still a great resource to explore. (And again, if you’re one of those folks with a flexible budget…well, Ruby Lane’s your oyster, pal. Enjoy!)

Scout Design Studio

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: caitlin’s first moto reveal – a vintage bathroom gets a modern update

SIGH. This is another one of my secret sources and I’m 50% excited to share it and 50% sad that I’m increasing competition for myself. C’EST LA VIE. I’ve long loved Scout Design Studio for their new furniture and decor pieces (like, that absolutely wiiiild Greek bust in my bathroom was a Scout purchase!) but their vintage section is something else.

We’ve got burl case goods (that are more affordable than their modern counterparts!), brightly-lacquered credenzas and sideboards, classic marble commodes, consoles, art, and SO MUCH MORE. Everything can be customized, too – I highly recommend shooting them a follow on Instagram to see their finds as they arrive. Scout does a great job of toeing the line between affordable and out of reach, too – nothing here is cheap, but pieces do feel really fairly priced. I’m saving up for a few things as we speak!!

Sotheby’s Home

photo by tessa neustadt | from: staging my dream hotel suite with sotheby’s

I mean…it’s Sotheby’s, guys. $17,000 tapestries, $8,000 candlesticks, $150,000 rugs, $87,000 water pitchers…you get it, right? Pour yourself a nice (or, uh, average) glass of wine (I’ll have the $11 Sauv Blanc from the Walgreens next to my house, thank you #Nobilo4ever), snuggle up on the couch with an iPad, and enjoy a fun little escapist scroll.

Urban Americana

THE BEST ANTIQUE MALL ON THE INTERNET. (Unless you know a better one, in which case – I’m all ears, baby!!! Lay it on me!!) We’ve actually visited Urban Americana as a team – it was one of our last outings before Em headed up to Oregon – and it’s one of my favorite spots in the LA area.

Urban Americana does a REALLY impressive job of documenting all the inventory in its facility. It’s a pretty gargantuan undertaking (especially when you have that many little shops, filled with constantly shifting pieces!) and I just can’t think of another mall that puts this much care and effort into supporting its vendors. Also, they have delivery available within a 100-mile radius AND they are lightning fast at pulling up shipping quotes! Well-priced pieces sold by really nice and thoughtful people? Done. I AM A HUGE FAN. 1 MILLION STARS FROM ME.


Last but not least: our sweet, reliable, high-end friend. You’ve seen Em’s latest 1stDibs find – that sweet, patinated Swedish blue cabinet – and there’s WAY more where that came from. I’ve recently become obsessed with their Auction section as there are some awesome deals to be found (who knew?!) but my real favorite page is their iconic designs section, which is a veritable treasure trove of famous products – I treat it like the random article section on Wikipedia, where I arbitrarily click on a product name and then get to learn all about its history (and its pricing). It’s fun! It’s free! I like it!

THAT’S ALL SHE WROTE. (“Thank God,” – you, probably, after making your way through this whole novel. We’re way over 3,000 words, which is, uh, a LOT.) Anyone have any thoughts? Feelings? Good Etsy shops to recommend? A favorite estate sale business, perhaps? A vintage-selling Instagram account you love to follow? I’M ALL EARS, CUTIES. Happy Friday – see ya down there, yeah?? xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: A Quick Update: The Changes I’ve Made to My LA Living Room

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🥰 Rusty
9 months ago

Facebook Marketplace, Etsy and Ebay are THE ONLY non-USA-centric offers.
Disappointing, coz you have such a huge global following, as you know.

Great for those readers in the USA though!
Loads of options.

🥰 Rusty
9 months ago
Reply to  🥰 Rusty


9 months ago
Reply to  🥰 Rusty

Well, these resources being shared are ones Caitlin has used and of course she’s in the USA. Caitlin has invited everyone to share their favorite sites for vintage shopping (a few have) and Rusty are welcome to share your favorite Australian vintage shopping sites! 🙂 No reason for anyone to be disappointed when we all can share what we know! 🙂

9 months ago

My thoughts and feelings are that I will read any post you write in it’s entirety Caitlin! I love your voice! I of course love all the voices on this site but I always want more Caitlin posts. 🙂
This was a super useful post with great tips. As an East Coaster I’m excited to explore these options. Thank you!!!

Erin Dae
9 months ago
  1. Caitlin, you are my favorite writer on this blog – so fun, so expressive, SO knowledgeable, and your design style stretches me in a good way!
  2. Budget sauv blanc? Sign me up! If you are ever in MI, let’s bond over a glass of Kirkland sauv blanc (from Costco – $7!)
  3. I’ve been wanting to incorporate a few more vintage/eclectic pieces in my home – looks like I have some major browsing to do this weekend. Yay!
9 months ago

I love Marketplace and have used the rules in your MP post with success, but recently found a really cool / quality coffee table, simply listed as “coffee table” (for over a month) on Craigslist for $150! This thing would’ve been snatched up in minutes on Marketplace. It turns out the man selling it was older and just not familiar with the internet, he’d actually paid someone $25 to list it online for him. Don’t sleep on Craigslist!

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 8.48.51 AM.png
9 months ago
Reply to  Amanda

You have a gorgeous interior, Amanda! Love love love the colours, the placement of the two large paintings and the patterned rug!

9 months ago
9 months ago

Does everybody’s craigslist have “fake” listings that actually take you to a link to buy furniture on Amazon? So annoying!

🥰 Rusty
9 months ago
Reply to  Kj

I’ve encountered a similar thing on Gumtree in Australia. Annoying.

9 months ago

Recommending online auctions from Still Goode in Houston (I believe you have to arrange your own shipping) and, for smaller items,, where shipping is provided. You can also bid on larger items for free local pickup from a variety of Goodwill sites across the country.

9 months ago

Caitlin I’m excited but also kind of horrified to see Scout listed here because their inventory is so awesome! I scored an acacia and brass inlay sideboard from them a few years ago during a black Friday sale and it’s absolutely beautiful, by far my favourite piece of furniture. In fact they’re having a warehouse sale this weekend and since they’re local to me, I’m going to check it out and hopefully find a new dining table!

9 months ago

So much fun, as always Caitlin!
Also, every time I type your name I hear Joey’s Gramma: “CAIT-LIN.”

9 months ago

Please, please, please do a post on auctions! I have always wanted to jump in but it all feels overwhelming. I would really appreciate some thoughts/guidance.

9 months ago
Reply to  Michelle

Yes please, I second that!! 🙂
Love to read about auctions ad learn your tips! Also, I’d really love to read a story about a real auction that results in your winning the bid and bringing it home, kind of like when you and Jess went to the Pasadena Flea Market to look for things for your patio competition. 🙂

Cris S.
9 months ago

Love this! And I’ve said it before and will say it again, it’s a bit of a pain, but so worth it to check some of ebay’s international sites. Yes, you gotta run things through translation and shipping (if they will do it) is expensive and slow, but I’ve gotten things that way that I never would have gotten in the US (and even with shipping, often cheaper than the few pieces I’ve found in the US).

Caitlin – I think in the Instagram last paragraph you meant to have a link to a post with your favorite shops there, but it’s missing now. I would love to have the link please! Thank you for the great post.

9 months ago

Ooooooo so many great resources Caitlin!
I looked a bit around, and found some things already! BUT, not buying right now as I need to “thin the current herd” of things and see what I really need!
Everything But The House – wow – I only did a quick peek at rugs and WOW!
Argh, I need some serious time to check these places out, thank you so much Caitlin! 🙂

PS, yes please to an auction post! 🙂

Corinne M
9 months ago

One somewhat local resource to you with hundreds of vendors is the Coburg antique fair just outside of Eugene. Only held once a year but has so much to choose from.

Karyn Meadows
9 months ago

I’d love to see an auction post! Also would love to see a real (and faux) houseplant roundup! No idea where to buy a great faux olive tree!!

9 months ago
Reply to  Karyn Meadows

IKEA has a new FEJKA olive tree! Also search Nearly Natural brand on Amazon.

9 months ago

FYI to the Midwesterners, you can pick up items from Everything But The House in Cincinnati or Columbus, depending on which warehouse it’s at and skip shipping 👌🏼

Susan from FOAS
9 months ago

Great post! Thank you for so many great resources.

We have a local community website, Next Door . Com, on which people list things to see or give away. I found some great things for good prices, most recently two large (3′ high) antique olive pots that are beautiful in their own rustic/elegant way. They are very sculptural, which I love.

🥰 Rusty
9 months ago

Hey, Susan.😊

Susan from FOAS
9 months ago
Reply to  🥰 Rusty

Hi Rusty! It’s good to see you! Do you have on line sites that you like? I’ve looked at Ebay Australia, for Helen Kaminski hats, but most of the hats were also listed on Ebay USA, so no luck finding a score.

🥰 Rusty
9 months ago

I actually prefer in-person shopping, because I like to touch, feel andsee it with my eyeballs.
I look at Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace… only been tempted by these. Nearly bought a dream turquoise velvet sofa, missed it by 2 hours! 🤣

9 months ago

Caitlin, you are right that Chairish may accept offers below asking price. Earlier this week I purchased a vintage Merimekko melamine tray on Chairish. I put in an offer for $75, the original price was $95 and it was immediately accepted. I’m thrilled and can’t wait to get it delivered.

9 months ago

Anyone else use noihsaf? It’s my favorite!

9 months ago is a great site to notify you of sales anywhere. You can put in a radius from your home, or see nationally publicized estate sales and auctions.

9 months ago 💙🧡💛

9 months ago

I was also very excited when I first discovered EBTH and ordered a few items in quick succession. However, I then had an experience with an item that arrived missing parts and discovered that their customer service was terrible. I did some scouting about online and found that my experience was far from isolated, so I have avoided them since then! They may have improved but it was a sobering experience and with so many other good options out there I decided to steer clear.

9 months ago

Thanks for this interesting article!

9 months ago

Ugh, i had two very bad experiences in a row with EBTH (and then my mom had a third) – all jewelry, but their CS was NOT helpful at all and the vintage piece i never got (still SO sad over it) was totally their fault. They told me they were changing their shipping policies for signature required (for all the good that did me) so what they did was… double their already outrageously overpriced shipping costs. After being burned twice, I can’t shop on there anymore in good conscience, and would urge everyone to think twice, because if something goes wrong, they’re so unhelpful.

9 months ago

The RealReal has an amazing home category for authenticated vintage pieces too!

9 months ago

Post idea: I am traveling to LA in the next few weeks (a three hour drive for me) and I would love a post of flea markets! Where they are and when they are happening. I know there has to be a market happening on the weekend I’m there I just don’t know how to find it! It’s also strangely difficult to find out what Sunday some are. I would also love input from the audience so we can create a global data base 😀

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