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Budget “Online Window Shopping”: 30 Vintage Finds Under $50

WHAT A WEEK. We revealed Jess’ incredible patio makeover, shared a few tips and tricks for keeping your home toasty and comfortable, reviewed 7 huge electrical planning mistakes, and broke down some of 2022s biggest decor trends. IT’S BEEN A LOT OF LEARNING.

So today, I wanted to give your noggin a break and ease you into the weekend with my all-time favorite internet pastime: vintage window shopping. I’m spilling the beans on 30 of my favorite small, wallet-friendly sellers on Chairish (yes, they exist!) and highlighting some incredible vintage steals under $50.

On the hunt for the perfect finishing piece? Maybe I linked it up below! Looking to support a small business? These folks are all great options! Just trying to figure out the best sellers to follow on Chairish so you never miss a slammin’ deal? You’ve hit the curated retailer list jackpot here, my friend. Let’s begin with a little something something from my hometown, yeah???

Item: 1960s Blown Glass Double Bud Vase
Price: $15
Shipping From: Excubist Designs in Wilmington, DE

WOW. 60 years old but she looks as good as new, right? This bud vase is so versatile – the shape is shockingly on-trend (hello, avant basic) but those sweet scalloped edges make it a perfect fit for those whose style falls a bit more in the “classic cottage in the countryside” category. Like, Ms. Honey from Matilda would have this in her house. SO CUTE. (Added bonus for my Gen Z-ers: it’s a fraction of the price of a Lex Pott candle.)

Item: Copper Pedestal Dish
Price: $50
Shipping FromJudy’s Junktion in Cartersville, GA

I grabbed a similar copper vessel when the team raided Em’s garage last year and it makes me smile every. dang. day. This piece would be a total showstopper on a dining table or mantel, don’t you think? (Also, Judy sells anything but junk. Her curation and prices are incredible – I’m eyeing this 1980s Lenox ceramic pear box, too.)

Item: Mid-Century Ceramic Horse Head Ashtray
Price: $50
Shipping From: The Vintage Advisor in Keasbey, NJ

If you also love Jonathan Adler but have a regular person budget, this ashtray may be just the right finishing touch that your coffee/console table needs. Alternatively, use it as a catchall in your entryway (no more lost keys!) or as a jewelry dish in the bathroom – either way, you’ll have a luxe-looking piece for way less. (PS. I know this breaks the $50 rule, but look at these $108 brass unicorn bookends that The Vintage Advisor has up for sale right now. Do I…need them???)

Item: 1930s Depression Glass Vessel
Price: $25
Shipping FromXavier S. in Vancouver, WA

I’m really revealing all my favorite sources: this Chairish shop contains the MOTHERLODE of cheap depression glass (and colored glass of all kinds, too). Do as you will!!! Anyway, I love how timeless this vessel’s shape is – it’s vintage and still playful! – and that saturated blue is SO freakin’ fresh, even 90 years later.

Item: Brass Lobster Bottle Opener
Price: $45
Shipping FromMayflower in New York, NY

Late last year, I bought this vintage Italian corkscrew and let me tell you that IT CREATED A MOSTER. I’ve since fallen in love with collecting quirky barware (a surprise to absolutely no one) and this brass lobster bottle opener is now square in my sights. It’s not just me who loves this stuff, though – if you’re ever stuck on what kind of gift to grab for a design-minded person, I’ve found that vintage bar tools like this one ALWAYS hit the mark. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Item: Decanters & Apothecary Bottles
Price: $42
Shipping FromLaineybean Home Decor in Sloughhouse, CA

Five vintage bottles in this condition for this price is a HIGHWAY. FREAKIN’. ROBBERY. I love Lainey’s idea to use these in the bathroom – can you imagine each jar filled with different bath salts or bubble bath? They also look even better in the listing, if you can believe it (the crop kind of distorts the coloring – they’re all totally clear, it’s just a tan background!).

Item: Cast Iron Rocking Horse Doorstop
Price: $38
Shipping From: Extraordinary Treasures in Phoenix, AZ

Excuse me. HOW FREAKING CUTE IS THIS? That posture! That expression! That tail! We don’t give doorstops enough credit, I think. The floor is such a fun place to play with decor in a new way, you know? In this case, maybe you’re interested in dipping a toe (or two!) in the styling-with-whimsy pool – just pop this in front of a door of your choice and see how it feels. I bet this little guy will make you smile!!!

Item: 1950s Pink Alabaster Trinket Jar
Price: $20
Shipping From: Shop Dinosaur Toes in Rustburg, VA

Confession: I maaaaay end up buying this before this post goes live. HOW COULD I NOT? (“Probably by developing better impulse control,” – you, right now.) But hear me out: It’s $20! It’s a squat little ginger jar! It’s bubblegum pink! It’s carved from solid stone! You know how much this would cost if it was being sold new? This little container is special, sweet, one-of-a-kind, and worth every single penny. LOVE.

Item: Small Bamboo Easel
Price: $32
Shipping From: Object Biographies in New Orleans, LA

First, I’d like to formally go on record and state that the tortoiseshell finish is about to have a BIG MOMENT. Second, can you imagine how chic this little mini-easel would look if it were displaying a little cocktail menu in a home bar setup? (“Chic” in the Palm Beach, Hollywood Regency, a little over-the-top way. Speaking of regency – how good is this pineapple-shaped marble and brass cheese tray from the same shop?)

Item: 1940s ‘No Admittance’ Sign
Price: $45
Shipping From: Genesse River in Volant, PA

If you’re in need of a cool vintage sign, Genesse River is basically a one-stop-shop. I love how silly and irreverent this one is – it’d make a fun, graphic statement in nearly any room of your house.

Item: Silver-Plated Duck Bank
Price: $50
Shipping FromHometown Furnishing Finds in Cookeville, TN

I’m normally a firm believer that food delivery gift cards are the best thing to gift in a baby shower – like, who has the bandwidth to worry about dinner when they’re busy worrying about how to keep a new person alive??? – but this little duck bank has me changing my tune. It’s such an elevated take on a classic motif and it’d look right at home in any A-Lister’s nursery, don’t you think?

Item: Belgian Milk Glass Apothecary Jar
Price: $25
Shipping From: Dearly Decluttered in Boise, ID

A few weeks ago, Mal walked us through a few great ways to make your vitamins look, well…not ugly. Today, I’m coming in hot with a vintage solution: this cheery milk glass apothecary jar. She’s airtight AND she’ll protect your vitamins from exposure to sunlight. The proportions are so fun, too!!! This is one of those “quiet” pieces that we talk about a lot on the blog – it’s interesting to look at without calling a ton of attention to itself.

Item: 1960s Iron and Brass Candle Holders
Price: $36
Shipping From: DSM Lamp Works in Windsor Heights, IA

ANOTHER QUIET WINNER. You can’t tell in this shot, but those X bases are lifted a little and it makes such a cool, modern shape. The patina is great, too. Go minimalist with your dinnerware, pop a pair of taper candles in these bad boys, and your tablescape is basically finished for ya! What else can a girl ask for???

Item: Burn Board Wall Art
Price: $45
Shipping From: Rara Avis Design in Bozeman, MT

You ever see something that makes you wish you had another house so you could experiment with a few different styles? That’s how I feel about this piece. I’d love to see it styled out in a space that really leans into some classic Americana – you know, Pemberton blankets, buffalo check rugs, warm tones, lots of brick and wood. IT’D BE SO COZY!

Item: Murano-Style Purse-Shaped Glass Vase
Price: $49
Shipping FromStudio Concu in Zachary, IL

My current flavor of the week: Murano chandeliers. Buuuuut seeing as I don’t really have the budget to drop $5,000 on Italian lighting for my apartment with 8′ ceilings, these little tiny vases are scratching the itch in the interim. How fun would this piece be on a vanity? (PS. Studio Concu is one of my all-time favorite MEGA-affordable Chairish sellers.)

Item: Spanish Silver-Plated Twisted Stem Goblets
Price: $50
Shipping FromSummer Porch Vintage Living in Sacramento, CA

Zoom in!!! Not only are those stems twisted – they’re engraved with bunches of grapes! The goblets also come with glass inserts (GENIUS!!!) that’ll make cleanup a total breeze. Can you imagine serving dessert in these? But if they’re a little too “castle chic” for you (fitting, based on yesterday’s post), I’m here to give up another one of my favorite retailers: Summer Porch’s table- and barware inventory is UNPRECEDENTED. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a budget-friendly piece there that you love, too.

Item: 1970s Mottahedeh Trinket Dish
Price: $45
Shipping From: Maey in Winnetka, IL

Remember the old “there’s an app for that” Apple campaign? Well, here’s a 2022 take: THERE’S A MOTTAHEDEH DISH FOR THAT. I’ve given this one as an engagement present and this one as a going-away gift and let me tell you…folks who are into grand millennial decor LOVE THIS STUFF. If you’re interested, there are a ton of different phrases and colorways out there that are perfect for every occasion.

Item: Burl Wood Bookends
Price: $42
Shipping FromThe Distillery in Austin, TX

My initial reaction to these went as follows: “uhh, are those maracas? Are they attached to slabs of wood? What is going on?” True to form, though, after staring at these bookends for longer and longer, they’ve endeared themselves to me. The shapes are fascinating and I think they could bring a lot of organic warmth to a more sterile, minimal space. (Remember when Bowser styled Jay-Z’s office? Like, these bookends feel like they could have held their own in that shoot.)

Item: Handcut Danish Decanter
Price: $35
Shipping From: Sarah E. in Tuscon, AZ

SO SIMPLE. So pretty. Decanters can get so expensive – this is a sturdy, keep-forever pick at a price that won’t break the bank. I would decant my mouthwash into this piece in a heartbeat.

Item: Brass Flamingo Statue
Price: $46
Shipping FromRELIC in Grand Haven, MI

If you also spend 30 minutes at flea market poking around the tent of whichever vendor has covered an entire table with brass figurines, I’m sure you also know that statues like this can get expensive. A foot tall piece for under $50? INCREDIBLE. Add it to your bar cart! Put it on your entryway console table so you’re always greeted by a shining, friendly face! The possibilities are endless!

Item: Porcelain Faux Bamboo Toast Rack
Price: $35
Shipping FromTheCreativeWe in Van Nuys, CA

I LOVE A TOAST RACK. I mean, sure, you could use this for napkins or mail and bills. But can you imagine using it for actual toast?! I DREAM of being the type of person who, uh, invites people over for breakfast (I guess? Since I live alone?) and then has their life together enough to carry out 4 pieces of perfectly-toasted bread WITH A PRODUCT designed specifically for carrying out 4 pieces of perfectly-toasted bread. One day I’ll get there. Maybe.

Item: Geometric Granite Paperweight
Price: $40
Shipping FromEarth and Images in Scottsdale, AZ

I don’t really love calling decor “masculine,” but that’s exactly how I feel about this bold cut of granite. It’d look SO GOOD on a bookshelf, or on top of stack of coffee table books, or in some other vignette that I don’t have the brainpower or creativity to imagine. If I were a little further along in my living room process, I’d buy for final styling without hesitation.

Item: Mid-Century Mushroom Salt & Pepper Shakers
Price: $28
Shipping FromPast Prezence in Laconia, NH

If you aren’t ready to dive head-first into the whole mushroom trend, these salt & pepper shakers would be a great jumping off point. They’re happy and playful (and since they’re in need of a little bit of polish and elbow grease, they’re also deeply discounted). Why go for an ordinary salt shaker when you can have one that’ll be fun to use every day?

Item: Nymolle Art Faience Danish Demitasse Cup
Price: $29
Shipping FromAllie’s Antiques in Bella Vista, AR

The illustration on this cup is just SO GREAT – it’s that perfect mix of youthful and mature that I really love. I wish it came in a wallpaper!!! I’d love to see this holding toothbrushes in a bathroom or holding pens in an office. (Also, Allie has pages and pages of well-priced pieces for all kinds of styles. Highly recommend favoriting her shop.)

Item: 1970s Italian Millefiori Dish
Price: $35
Shipping FromCorner House Collections in Metairie, LA

So, um, I also may buy this one before the post goes up – I’ve been feeling really inspired by this color palette lately. It started with these Kutani Geese, which I missed out on because I didn’t want to spend $250 on goose figurines (hooray for impulse control, sometimes!), and ever since then, I just can’t stop thinking about this melon/peach/turquoise/cobalt/chartreuse combo. Too weird, or do you also see the appeal???

Item: 1990s Bubble Glass Bowl
Price: $38
Shipping FromKitty Curated in Riverside, IL

If you put this bowl in a sparse, high-end, super-modern store on La Cienega in LA and told me it was $600, I would absolutely believe you. While I don’t think this could work in my house (I’m a little too 1930s-meets-1970s over here), I could absolutely see this bowl looking uber-luxe in a more cool-toned, industrial space.

Item: Mid-Century Magazine Rack
Price: $47
Shipping FromWOOZ Style in Hastings, NE

If this rings a bell for you, it maaaay be because Sara included the fairly-similar Target version in her living room reveal (it’s just to the left of the sofa). These Umanoff-style magazine racks are totally classic for a good reason, though – this shape and construction feels just as fresh today as it did 70 years ago. Well done, vintage!!!

Item: 1980s Brass Dolphins with Ball
Price: $20
Shipping FromDichamp Designs in Clermont, FL

WHERE IS A BEACH HOUSE WHEN I NEED ONE? This statue may need a little polish, but it’s such a good deal. What a fun way to spice up a boring bookshelf!!! (A few more winners from this shop: this $65 hobnail compote, this $50 brass crane, this $50 brass frog.)

Item: Mid-Century Marble Eggs
Price: $23
Shipping FromSerenity Antiques in Garrison, TX

I am the world’s biggest proponent of marble eggs and these are a STEAL (seriously, comparable ones sell for like, $30-40 each on Etsy; don’t even get me started on how much they cost at crystal shops!!!). I display mine on top of a little stand in my window frame (scroll way down to get to the window shot) and I love that it spices up a spot that’s normally pretty boring. Big fan of the egg as decor!!!

Item: 1960s Anna Hutte Crystal Candy Bowl
Price: $30
Shipping From: Antique & Chic in Lincoln, CA

Last but not least, I’ll always be a sucker for a vintage cut-crystal candy bowl. These are always SO beautiful and I cannot believe that they are affordable, too. This one, in particular, makes me wish that I lived in like, a gilded age mansion with a big library and a huge leather-topped desk with a fancy candy budget. It’s fun how just looking at stuff can spark your imagination, you know??

And, well, I guess that’s it for the first-ever edition of Budget Window Shopping. I had a blast pulling this together but WHAT SAY YOU??? Hit me with some feedback, please – maybe we can publish a round 2 next month. LET’S CHAT. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Michael Keck | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: 7 Tips For Creating A Unique Home You REALLY Love

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Ellen Feeney
2 years ago

I absolutely love this post- totally sparks my imagination and gives me something to think about in my own home. Very well done , Caitlin!
I love seeing how vintage finds can be used in a new and interesting way..
you have a great sense of creativity.
please do a round 2!!

okay, i LOVE this kind of post. like, for real for real. AND, now you’ve inspired me to get on Chairish. as a seller. uggggg. love your style and your posts. and i hope you got that 1970s Italian Millefiori Dish. it is definitely awesome. the colors are so good. even that almost like cheetah printish one in there. oh, and that Vintage Nymolle Art Faience Danish Demitasse Cup. eek.

omg. and the jay-z office?! bowser did that? soooooooo good! love that painting in the lead picture!

2 years ago

This was very fun. Do more of these for sure!

2 years ago

Did anyone else go into this post thinking it was about vintage windows on a budget? Wasn’t til I got to the bud vase that I understood what was happening. 😀 The lead picture even has a *vintage* window! Thankful I was wrong,since I’m not in the market for windows but can definitely use a fancy decanter!

2 years ago
Reply to  K

Lol. I did. And I was so hopeful! I am in the market to learn how to find vintage windows and get them installed!
Still a nice post though =)

Erin Dae
2 years ago

Um, can we do a post like this once a month? Or maybe it could be a “5th Friday” type thing? SO fun and just the right amount of creativity sparking to head into the weekend.

2 years ago
Reply to  Erin Dae

Yes! Last Friday of the month vintage finds post. And readers can share finds in comments.

2 years ago

Great article! I love it when good online vintage dealers are featured. It can be hard to get exposure when you are the little guy. Making me wonder if I should sell on chairish instead of Etsy, lots of great things listed here. And vintage really does add so much needed character to a space. Shameless plug, check out EPOCA for more affordable goodies.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lauren Hanson

you do have great stuff at great prices!! For those of you wanting to take a look click on Lauren’s name at the top of her comment and it will take you to her Esty shop. Seriously love the Howard Pierce speckled swerve dish!

2 years ago

I honestly didn’t know chairish sold anything reasonably priced. I haven’t been on their site for years because last time I visited it was all really expensive and not really much variety. I guess I should give it another shot. I’m mainly on Etsy vintage. Great list, thanks!

🥰 Rusty
2 years ago

Ooooh! Some goodies, some whackos, some possibly junk?, some treasures!
What a round up, Caitlin!

That toast rack doesn’t look like “faux bamboo”, it looks like finger bones to me!!! Bahahaha🤣🤣🤣

I’m a sucker for vessels, namely glass and ceramic.
I could buy almost all of those varietal vessels!💌

Mary B.
2 years ago
Reply to  🥰 Rusty

I thought the toast holder was a skeleton as well!

Mary B.
2 years ago

To whomever snatched up that brass flamingo: I hate you and also I’m so happy for you!
What a perfect Friday post – loved this roundup!

2 years ago
Reply to  Mary B.

It was me!!! I live in Boston and my dog woke me up at 5 am so I got the jump on everyone else- I’d feel guilty about the uneven playing field if I wasn’t so psyched about my new feathered friend. Thank you Caitlin for doing the legwork on finding all these dope vintage goodies! I’ll send a pic once my guy arrives in his new home.

2 years ago
Reply to  Alex

Lol, congrats!

Emily (not Henderson)
2 years ago

Great callout to Matilda – one of the best kids books ever! (I still enjoy reading it and I’m almost 38. All that beautiful glassware and the marble eggs remind me so much of my Italian grandma’s house – pretty sure she had that exact millefiore dish in her living room, holding those little strawberry candies wrapped up in red and green foil wrappers. If you’re near an old Italian-American neighborhood, I bet you could find those dishes or some classic mutant glass at an estate sale or in a vintage shop. Pretty much all the Depression-era Italian immigrants had them. Also marble grapes, if you are into some fruit kitsch.

Emily (not Henderson)
2 years ago

How about classic Murano glass … although depending on your decorating style maybe also mutant glass, too?

2 years ago

What a fun Friday post! I almost fell for the $20 brass dolphins but the $39 shipping brought me back to my senses. Still fun to check out these sellers.

2 years ago

What a fun way to start the day! PLEASE do this again. And Caitlin, I never tire of your enthusiasm and witty, joyful voice!

2 years ago

I … I bought the lobster bottle opener. We vacation in Maine, it’s my favorite place, my dad has a house that we stay in every year … I sent the link to my husband to ask if I should buy it and he just said “Treat. Yo. Self.” So I did!

2 years ago

So fun! Yes, please do turn this into a regular series for sites like Chairish or Etsy (like Emily used to do for Craigslist). Here’s to a wonderful weekend!

2 years ago

Loved this fun post, thanks Caitlin! I clicked on the pink alabaster jar (sold!) but now I’ll be on the look out for something similar! I also clicked on the Millefiori dish (sold) you are right, the colors are SO Good! Those geese were a joy too, more to keep an eye out for when thrifting! : )

I really enjoyed how you featured each piece with ideas of how and where to style it, I learned a lot! I hope you’ll do a feature like this every month, and maybe the other contributors could do it as well, because everyone’s “eye” is different and it could be a fun bi monthly feature. : )

Thrift shopping is a favorite activity of mine, and yesterday I picked up a pretty silver plate creamer, to use as a vase, and a little vanity covered jar to keep a rich hand cream in. I love the thrill of the hunt!

2 years ago

Amazing post – please do more of these! Weekly?

2 years ago

This was great! I also didn’t know there were more affordable items on Chairish! Please keep these coming. Love Etsy as well. And I agree, sometimes it’s the shipping! Fun finds though. 🙂

2 years ago!
And just to add to the plethora of requests to please make this type of post a regular on the blog…could be a monthly post, rotating amongst all the EHD team?! Would you do a European haul too? is Chairish’s euro cousin!

2 years ago

Can you do this every week pretty please. I LOVE THIS, and I want that silver-plated duck bank obvs hahaha

2 years ago
Reply to  Arlyn

Hi, Arlyn! The silver-plated duck bank would be great in your nursery!

2 years ago

So much fun – please make this a regular thing!

2 years ago

Please do more of these posts! Loved it.

2 years ago

OMG! Seller of the faux bamboo, aka finger bone toast rack here! My jaw is on the floor!! Thank you so much for this!! I am a looooonnnnggg time reader and fan, and I am just so thankful and amazed to be included in this great round of sellers/small businesses! I love you all there and keep up the fabulous goodness! XOXO!

2 years ago

Hi! Absolutely love this post. Please make it a recurring feature! Xo

2 years ago

Lovely finds.