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The EHD Budget-Friendly Outdoor Decor Roundup – All The Rugs, Fire Pits and Planters We Love

Last week we did our annual HUGE outdoor furniture roundup and while I had SO much fun putting it together I was once again shocked by the general price points on the market. But I guess when furniture pieces need to withstand a variety of seasons and still look good year after year, it warrants a higher price tag. The truth can hurt…the wallet.

But before we move on, watch how Em DIY’ed her patio before that famous beautiful tile went in (just wait for the ad to run first):

Ok we’re back! SO because of that, I made it my mission this week to create an affordable accessories roundup post. Because while your outdoor furniture is built to last many many years, you just might want to switch up some throw pillows, add a rug or heck FINALLY get that fire pit you’ve always dreamed of. Doing those things should NOT have to break the bank. Plus accessories are what really bring the personality! I mean can you really call your outdoor space an oasis without some cute string lights? If your answer was also no, then my friends we are about to have a lot of fun diving into this post. Let’s dive straight in with pillows…

Outdoor Pillows

photo by tessa neustadt | from: the finished patio (with the tile!)

Like any sofa or chair (inside or out), pillows are the yin to their yang. Can they exists without each other? I guess. But together they are perfect. The key is to style them like you would your interior sofa or chair:

  1. Choose a color palette (3 – 4 colors is our go-to)
  2. Mix the scale of patterns (above Emily used a large/wide-scale striped pillow and a small/skinny striped pillow)
  3. Vary texture if using mainly neutrals colors
  4. Mix up the sizes and shapes (above Em used a large square, long lumbar and a circle)

See? Easy breezy! Let’s get into our favorites this year:

1. Tassel Trim Indoor/Outdoor Pillow | 2. Woven Playa Indoor/Outdoor Pillow | 3. Outdoor Black/White Throw Pillow | 4. Outdoor Lattice Pillow | 5. Woven Yellow Tasseled Outdoor Pillow | 6. Natural Basketweave Indoor/Outdoor Pillow | 7. Floral Outdoor Throw Pillow | 8. Outdoor Jungle Fronds Pillow | 9. Mohave Plaid Outdoor Pillow | 10. Outdoor Garment Washed Pillow | 11. Phaedra Outdoor Mustard Loop Pillow | 12. Black/White Stripe Lumbar Pillow | 13. Mid Century Modern Gold Throw Pillow | 14. Blue Cabana Bolster Outdoor Pillow | 15. Outdoor Garment Washed Pillow | 16. Clay Outdoor Pillow | 17. Global Dash Navy Outdoor Pillow | 18. Lumbar Outdoor Throw Pillow | 19. Blue/White/Red Outdoor Lumbar Pillow | 20. Buffalo Plaid Indoor/Outdoor Pillow Set |21. White/Brown Outdoor Throw Pillow | 22. Belinda Floral Indoor/Outdoor Pillow | 23. Macrame Outdoor Throw Pillow | 24. Outdoor Tufted Pillow

They are a ton of possible really great combos out of this group. However, I could really see #1, #9 and #11 being a very cool modern option and #7, #10 and #24 being a happy, colorful but still chic look. Since we are on the subject of cushions let’s move onto seat cushions.

Seat Cushions

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: how to style out your outdoor space so you’ll actually use it (no matter how big or small it is)

Now, if your new furniture doesn’t come with seat cushions or your old ones are just too tattered up to handle another summer, then let’s get into some of our favorite, budget-friendly options. BUT don’t forget to protect them from the sun or bugs. This one and this one come highly rated.

1. Gusseted Outdoor Chair Cushion | 2. Woven Outdoor Chaise Cushion | 3. Stripe Outdoor Seat Cushion | 4. Lylah Coconut Indoor/Outdoor Dining Chair Cushion | 5. Overstitched Canvas Outdoor Chair Cushion | 6. Black Villa Stripe Chair Cushion | 7. Spring Floral Outdoor Seat Cushion | 8. Blue And White Awning Stripe Adirondack Chair Cushion | 9. Outdoor Chair Cushion | 10. Indoor/Outdoor Chair Cushion | 11. Stagger Stripe Outdoor Deep Seat Cushion | 12. Glasgow Storm Grey Reversible Tufted Square Chair Cushion (Set of 2) | 13. Tweed Cadiz Outdoor Chair Cushion | 14. Chaise Lounge Cushion in Navy Woven Stripe | 15. Cabana Stripe Outdoor Seat Cushion

#1, #2, and #3 are really calling my name but if you want more color than #15 is on-trend and SO cute.

Outdoor Rugs

photo by sara liggoria-tramp | from: two reveals, one post: the portland outdoor living spaces and a lot of styling tips

Outdoor rugs have probably been our most requested product roundup in the past two weeks and we get it. First, shopping for any rug can be daunting, and second, a rug is basically the go-to to make a large visual impact (both inside and out). A rug helps to create a zone in your backyard and just ultimately makes it feel more inviting. We are clearly big fans since we ALWAYS use outdoor rugs.

So our “outdoor” rug rules are the same as our “indoor” rug rules:

  1. For a lounge area: Your area rug should be large enough for at least the front legs of the sofa and all chairs to rest on top of it.
  2. For a dining area: Make sure the rug you pick is big enough to ground the space and allow for the table and chairs to sit comfortably on the majority of the rug. If it’s too small it will catch on the feet every time you try to move the chairs in and out. A good general rug is to keep the 2′ wider and longer than the dining table.

1. Blue/Ivory Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug | 2. Indoor/Outdoor Textured Stripe Rug | 3. Dart Terracotta Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Dhurrie | 4. Arroyo Light Gray Rug | 5. Round Black Woven Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Rug | 6. Mitre Stripe Outdoor Rug | 7. Dash and Dot Outdoor Blue Rug | 8. Ivory Adara Indoor/Outdoor Rug | 9. Indigo Demenia Indoor/Outdoor Rug | 10. Geometric Beige/Black Indoor/Outdoor Rug | 11. Jungle Brush Outdoor Rug | 12. Beige/Black Indoor/Outdoor Rug |13. Half Moon Outdoor Rug | 14. Worn Stripe Outdoor Rug | 15. Allison Indoor/Outdoor Flatweave Rug | 16. Joey Synthetic Indoor/Outdoor Rug | 17. Desert Hatch Gray Outdoor Rug | 18. Indoor/Outdoor Indigo Trellis Rug | 19. Striped Indoor/Outdoor Rug with Fringe | 20. Black/Cream Plaid Indoor/Outdoor Rug | 21. Natica Dark Gray Rug | 22. Indigo Dhalilah Indoor/Outdoor Rug | 23. Hand-Loomed Dark Blue Indoor/Outdoor Rug | 24. Prairie Stripe Orange Outdoor Rug

If you want to go modern/graphic I love #3 and #6. If you want something more earthy/neutral I am very into #17 and #24. But I am a sucker for a round rug and you can’t go wrong with #5.

Ok now let’s take a break from those bigger purchases and focus on some smaller, fun decor…


photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: how to style out your outdoor space so you’ll actually use it (no matter how big or small it is)

Having as many plants as possible is usually the goal in any outdoor space (at least it is for me). So with any plant that isn’t growing out of the ground, you are going to need a planter to properly display your other beauties.

Hot Tip

Don't forget to keep your planter colors cohesive and vary the height, widths, and shapes. This will keep your outdoor space looking interesting and collected.

Here are our picks:

1. 2-Piece Ceramic Planter Set | 2. Indoor/Outdoor Gray Planters | 3. Footed Charcoal Planter | 4. Ceramic Sevilla Outdoor Planter | 5. Hexagon Stoneware Terracotta Planter |6. Sievers Round Ceramic Planter | 7. Ceramic Pot Planter | 8. Cream Terra Cotta Porch Planter | 9. Clara Ivory Planters | 10. Mojave Stripe Baskets | 11. Salvador Brown Hanging Planters | 12. Rio Planters |13. Raya Cylinder Planter | 14. Ribbed Polypropylene Floor Planter | 15. Evie Planters with Stands | 16. Seminyak Taupe Planters | 17. Resin Pot Planter (Set of 2) | 18. Ceramic Ochre Footed Planter | 19. Weaved Concrete Tan Planter |20. Cement Pot Planter | 21. Self-Watering Planter | 22. Kian Rattan Planter | 23. Dot and Stripe Ceramic Planter | 24. Iron Planter With Black Stand

I know that some of these don’t seem 100% affordable but there are a bunch of different sizes so the larger ones are unfortunately going to be a bit more expensive. So with that in mind, I am really eying #2, #7, #8 and #14.

Moving along:)

Fire Pits

photo by sara liggoria-tramp | from: 5 outdoor ideas & hacks that’ll instantly add style (& save you money)

I think this is the first time we are rounding up fire pits which is oddly very exciting to me. And honestly, I can’t recommend them enough. There is something just so peaceful about sitting by a fire (and peace is something we could all use a little more these days). Now some of these require either a gas tank or line so keep that in mind when you are browsing:)

1. Pipestone Large Round LP Firepit | 2. Pipestone LP Gas 42″ long Rectangle Firepit | 3. Outdoor Metal Chimnea Black | 4. Delshire Polyresin Wood Burning Fire Pit | 5. Pipestone LP Gas 42″ long Rectangle Firepit | 6. Astra 23″ Fire Pit White | 7. Black Iron Wood-Burning Fire Pit | 8. Adio Outdoor Modern Square Fire Pit by Christopher Knight Home | 9. Asher Ceramic Wood Burning Fire Pit | 10. Berkley 30″ Square Outdoor Propane Fire Table | 11. Standish Patio Fire Pit | 12. Copper Dish Fire Pit | 13. Flat Pack Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit | 14. Santos Outdoor Circular Propane Fire Pit Table with Tank Holder  | 15. Asti Adirondack Wood Burning Patio Fire Pit | 16. Bedford Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit | 17. Pipestone Tabletop LP Firepit | 18. Round Metal Fire Column

Now based purely off of looks I really love #3, #6, #7, and #16. Mmmmm I can feel that cozy heat already.

Let’s keep setting the cozy mood…

String Lights

photo by melissa oholendt | from: a foolproof way to create an outdoor room

If you have an outdoor space and you DON’T have string lights please immediately consider one of these options below. Why? Because string lights are true magic. I don’t know what sorcery they possess but as soon as they turn on at night you are instantly in a better mood. Plus they look super cute. Here are our favorites (plus a few non-string options):

1. Natural Woven Open Hood String Lights | 2. Pre-Lit Frosted Stones | 3. Indoor/Outdoor Vintage Bulb String Light | 4. Globe Patio Lights | 5. LED Outdoor Solar Pendant | 6. Incandescent Woven String Lights | 7. Incandescent Tan String Lights | 8. Solar-Powered Edison Bulbs | 9. Incandescent Outdoor Lantern String Lights | 10. Incandescent Brass String Lights | 11. Gold Globe Plastic String Lights | 12. Bulb Shaded String Light | 13. Incandescent String Light | 14. LED Battery Operated String Lights | 15. Frosted String Lights with Collar

For a modern look, I love #15, and for a more boho vibe how cute are #7?! But if you are looking for a pendant #5 is awesome because guys, it’s SOLAR. My dad has it in his backyard so I can confirm it’s great:)

Lanterns and Candles

photo by sara liggoria-tramp | from: two reveals, one post: the portland outdoor living spaces and a lot of styling tips

Now let’s keep on this topic of light, shall we? Sure! We love to use lanterns and candles to add texture to an outdoor space. Like everything else we think it’s important to vary the sizes of your lanterns and candles (especially if you are going to cluster them together). I think it’s clear that we will add any possible light source to a backyard. Mood lighting helps your mood and Citronella with bugs:) Here are our picks:

1. Archer Wall Mounted Lantern Hook | 2. Hammered Metal Citronella Candles Set Of 2 | 3. Metal Lantern Black | 4. Outdoor Lantern Wood & Woven | 5. Clear Glass Cheyenne Lantern | 6. Glass/Rattan Tea Light Holder | 7. Glass and Metal Candle Lantern | 8. Rattan & Glass Hurricane | 9. Huntington Metal Outdoor Lantern | 10. Mason Handcrafted Ceramic Lantern | 11. Wood Citronella Candle | 12. Bamboo Lantern | 13. 36 Hour Citronella Coil | 14. Constellation Hurricane | 15. Medium Terracotta Citronella Candle

I would gladly style with any of these but #5, #8 and #13 are probably my favorites.

But when it’s daytime we need to protect ourselves from the light (aka the sun) so let’s talk about umbrellas…


photo by melissa oholendt | from: a foolproof way to create an outdoor room

Umbrellas are both super practical but also can add SO MUCH personality to your outdoor space. I mean there is nothing wrong with a classic, solid umbrella (Emily used one in her homes). Buuut adding in either cabana strips, some fringe, or even a full tiki look says, “Hey, we are here to have a sun protected, good time.” What more could you want?

1. Natural Umbrella Canopy with Fringe | 2. Kinslee Bamboo Beach Umbrella | 3. Wacker Market Umbrella | 4. Lambeth Market Umbrella | 5. Yellow and White Striped Umbrella| 6. Hawaiian Market Umbrella | 7. Freeport Park Outdoor Umbrella | 8. Blue and White Umbrella | 9. Umbrella Canopy Replacement | 10. Connie Stripes Umbrella | 11. Ink Blue Umbrella | 12. Sunbrella Cabana Stripe Umbrella | 13. East Rolstone Market Umbrella | 14. Tilting Umbrella Frame and Pole| 15. Black and White Tilting Scallop Umbrella | 16. Concrete Umbrella Base | 17. Metal Outdoor Umbrella Stand | 18. White Concrete Umbrella Base

I have a feeling that Emily would be really feeling #4 due to her newfound love of scallops, but I am leaning towards #1, #3, and #5. Ok, I know that #6 is pretty nuts but in the right yard, it could be awesome.

Ooooook that is all she (I mean me) wrote on outdoor accessories today. I hope this brought you one step closer to making that outdoor space of yours even more beautiful and a place where you are happy to escape to (and have your favorite beverage:)).

Love you, mean it.

Here’s a reminder of our other outdoor styling posts for some further inspiration: How To Style Out Your Outdoor Space So You’ll Actually Use It (No Matter How Big Or Small It Is) | 5 Outdoor Ideas & Hacks That’ll Instantly Add Style (& Save You Money) | Two Reveals, One Post: The Portland Outdoor Living Spaces and A Lot of Styling Tips | The Complete EHD Outdoor Furniture Roundup (For Every Budget, For Any Size Space)

Opening Photo Credits: Photo by Tessa Neustadt | From: How to Decorate Your Outdoor Space With Target

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4 years ago

Thanks Emily! I’m just starting to put my backyard together and these options at all different price points is really awesome.

4 years ago

Sorry, just saw this was by Jess! Thank you Jess

4 years ago

FYI, the link for 1. under lanterns is just for the hook, and doesn’t include the lantern

4 years ago

Beautiful round up! Oh how I wish so many of these options were available in Canada! Come on retailers! Get in on our market!

4 years ago

Ooh … Bearcat! In the video (which has been working very nicey without any stalking lately! Yaaay!)🌼

Jess, great round up! I’m amazed at the price variance of outdoor furniture and it isn’t all about being wild weather proof. Some of the best gear can be bought for a 1/3 of the price from standard retailers and jazzed up for very little so that it looks high end or simply unique.

I’d love to see a post about some bog-standard basic furniture/accessories that are hacked, cheaply, into unique pieces. Yes???

Annie K
4 years ago

I come here to share two thoughts:
1. Shade sails work amazingly well (if you have tall trees or posts you can fasten them to). They are $35 from the evil empire (Amazon) instead of hundreds it costs for umbrellas, and are hearty and don’t tip over (though need to be fastened securely for wind). They have changed our lives.
2. I love the look and also think outdoor rugs are meant mostly for designers, God bless you. There were so many comments at the last outdoor furniture round-up asking how they actually work for everyday people (because rain! Dirt! Leaves! Sun! Kids! Birds! Tree sap!) and I just want to throw out there that I think the whole thing is a farce thought up by Target/West Elm/Crate and Barrel and perpetuated by photo shoots. I love how they look and understand if someone might make the sacrifice of storing and hauling it out and setting it up and sweeping it off and doing all the things to care for it; but for the rest of us, I just want to say it’s a goddamn conspiracy.

4 years ago
Reply to  Annie K

HAHA. We still have a post about keeping your outdoor goods fresh and clean on the docket!!! We all deserve an outdoor rug!!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Annie K

I’ve been thinking of getting shade sails for our fire pit area, because it’s in the sun during the day. I want something that can go away, so I’ll have to take a look on Amazon. I have an idea of what I want, but who knows if it exists.

I completely agree about outdoor rugs. I had one on a second story wood balcony, and it disintegrated from sun and rain exposure. I probably should have taken it in during the rain, but the sun would have done it in on its own. It was a pricey one from Crate&Barrel. I will not be lured in again.

I do wish there more suggested pillow groupings. I always go too matchy-matchy with my pillows. I really love the blue and white lumbar with the red tassels. I just need a couple others to mix in.

4 years ago
Reply to  Annie K

1. We bought the same navy blue umbrella that Emily shared years ago on her deck, and with one gust of wind the base broke and we’ve never gotten it replaced (I believe it’s the number 16 base in this post actually). Which makes me SO sad bc I love how the umbrella looks and it seems pretty high quality. But I’ve never been able to find a base with positive reviews. I’ll definitely look into a shade sail and maybe give my beloved umbrella to a friend in a wind free climate (does that exist?) Thanks for the recommendation!

2. Your outdoor rug comment made me laugh out loud and yell “YES!”. I have had many an outdoor rug in my online shopping cart and have to remind myself that it is not conducive to my lifestyle. Le sigh.

4 years ago
Reply to  Annie K

As a designer I fully admit to buying plenty of things based purely on aesthetics but I still don’t see the point of an outdoor rug. Unless the ground is literally too gross to walk on (in which case, DIY repaving/reseeding time) or you are sitting on a pouf at ground level there isn’t really any reason. Even if it’s washable (and you’d still have to sweep it off and move all the furniture to pick it up) what is the point? Rugs are insanely expensive too – I get all kinds of trade discounts and I’ve still never bought a full size rug anywhere other than Craigslist.

4 years ago

What about the Midwest urban backyard where your driveway and garage are behind the house? Half of my yard is driveway!! How do I utilize this?

4 years ago
Reply to  Sam

We (and none of my neighbors actually) park in the garage. Most park in the front so we never drive into the garage or to the back of the house. Weird, I know!

4 years ago
Reply to  Sam

I have a detached garage, too. Because our garage is over a hundred years old, it’s not meant for modern size cars (it’s really a carriage house), so we park in the driveway in front of the garage, next to our garden/patio space. We have plants and seating there, but when we entertain, we utilize the driveway. We park out on the street, pull out high end collapsing canopies, folding tables, chairs, tablecloths, and accessories, all stored in our carriage house. It’s not ideal, but it really transforms beautifully.

4 years ago
Reply to  Sam

I wish I could remember where I saw it, but not too long ago I read a profile of a family who had a place to store their table and chairs and whatnot, and then pulled it out to use their covered parking spot as an outdoor space. So maybe if you had easy-to-move furniture you could have some “permanent” yard features and some that you pull out for, say, barbecues or larger gatherings? If you had a cute lightweight rug it might help it feel less like a driveway…

janet majors
4 years ago

This is an amazing collection of resources. Thank you for sharing!

4 years ago

Would LOVE a round up of outside fountains???

Melody A Masoud
4 years ago

Where do you purchase the ties you used for hanging the copper lights on the deck rail? Thank you! Love your video!!!

4 years ago

YAY thank you! I’m so stoked to take full advantage of my new outdoor space.

Y’all should consider cross-linking to your color palette post, it’s super good and folks like me are kinda lazy 😉

4 years ago

The comment about outdoor rugs made me LOL because yes true but I do think they’re worth having! We have a power washer and we give ours a good wash whenever we see it getting really gross lol I actually also love using outdoor rugs inside because with small kids they’re so much easier to clean (see power washing comment haha or even spot treating with carpet cleaner works great.) they’re less precious that indoor rugs and so much cheaper usually so I don’t feel as bad when they get dirty. Thanks for the roundup Emily and team! I actually still have a sofa, outdoor rug and pillows from a previous post a few years ago 🙂

4 years ago

Thank you very much for this awesome roundup! In a future post about outdoor pillows/cushions, would you consider labeling which ones have removable covers? I’ve sadly learned nonremovable doesn’t work well for me outdoors (like the rug issue others mentioned).

4 years ago

I want to put in a plug for Fab Habitat rugs, which are made out of (I think) recycled plastic. They are THE BEST outdoor rugs and the only kind I will buy. We had one for years and loved it and then decided last year we’d try something else. We got an outdoor rug form Target and loathed it. Maybe it’s because our patio (in MN) is completely exposed to the elements. but we hated how when it rained the rug stayed soaked for hours. (We did have an outdoor rug pad under it.) And it faded SO FAST. We gave it away this spring and just bought another Fab Habitat rug because we knew it would be awesome and it is. Dries quickly, doesn’t get dirty, doesn’t fade quickly (though after a few years I know it will a bit). Recommend!

4 years ago

You should check out the Solo Stove – it does not throw flames and smoke all over like some pits do (great for kids) and you can safely use it on a deck. Plus you get to support a small business!