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The Complete EHD Outdoor Furniture Roundup (For Every Budget, For Any Size Space)


It really doesn’t matter how big or small our outdoor spaces are, they’ve likely been a lifeline these days, am I right? And now that the weather is really heatin’ up these streets, you might have thought that it’s A. Time to replace that old busted and rusted lounge chair or B. Your space has been too empty for too long and this is THE year you are going to make it the oasis of your dreams. Either way, if you are in the market for some new outdoor furniture I have spend hours looking up and down the internet to find the best (and most attractive) pieces on the market this year.

Last year, our contributor Lauren reminded anyone thinking about outfitting their outdoor space to really consider how they want to use it. Do you want a complete lounge area where only sunbathing (with ample sunscreen) and frozen margaritas are allowed? Do you want to add a dining space for alfresco dinners in those warm summer evenings? Do you want a lovely little reading nook so you can escape in more ways than one? Or a little bit of everything? There is no wrong answer because it’s yours!

Now before we get into this massive list check out these posts that are full of tips on how to create your oasis: How To Style Out Your Outdoor Space So You’ll Actually Use It (No Matter How Big Or Small It Is) | 5 Outdoor Ideas & Hacks That’ll Instantly Add Style (& Save You Money) | Two Reveals, One Post: The Portland Outdoor Living Spaces and A Lot of Styling Tips

Sofas and Sectionals

photo by zeke reulas | from: giving new life to our old wood deck

I want to start out by saying that outdoor furniture is an investment. You can, of course, take advantage of the sales (which there are a ton right now making a lot of this furniture cheaper than what these roundups say. We just always put the original price so when sales end no one is bummed). However, unless you can find a deal online or scour Craigslist, the bigger pieces are just not cheap. BUT these are pieces that are (ideally) going to last you many many years to come and withstand all kinds of weather:) So with that top of mind let’s get into the coziest of the outdoor furniture pieces…sofas (and sectionals).

1. Lunes White Outdoor Loveseat | 2. Emily Isabella Parker Sofa | 3. Mallorca Outdoor Sofa | 4. Callais Taupe Gray Sofa | 5. Monroe Wicker Patio Loveseat | 6. Grove Teak 3 Seat Sofa | 7. Berdine Wicker Outdoor Sofa | 8. Corvos Modular Sofa | 9. Havsten Outdoor Loveseat | 10. Latigo Patio Sectional | 11. Annalese Outdoor Teak Loveseat | 12. Tropez Stripe Sofa | 13. Bangor Patio Loveseat | 14. Fernhill 3 Piece Patio Sectional | 15. Pacifica Sofa | 16. Urba Slate Sofa | 17. Denver Indoor/Outdoor Sofa | 18. Wilshire Outdoor Sofa | 19. Sora Beach Sand Sofa | 20. Standish Patio Loveseat | 21. Slatted Teak XL Sofa | 22. Lubek Sectional | 23. Outdoor Patio Loveseat| 24. Cana Outdoor 3-Piece Sectional

There are a lot of great ones but I love #3 and #24 because they are neutral but have a ton of visual texture to them. Then #8 and #17 look not only super comfortable to sit in for lots of hours but they are also a bit more “fun” in terms of color and pattern. But I will always love that traditional beauty (#14) that Emily has on her patio. Also, this is a highly reviewed outdoor furniture protectant spray by both Amazon reviewers and CB2:)

Chaise Lounges and Day Beds

photo by sara liggoria-tramp | from: two reveals, one post: the portland outdoor living spaces and a lot of styling tips

Ah, the beauty of taking an afternoon nap on a lounge chair (added bonus if it’s poolside). I don’t think there is a better and yet more productive nap. You get rest AND a tan.

1. Reni | 2. Eldridge Wicker Patio Chaise Lounge | 3. Bryant Patio Chaise Lounge | 4. Springwood Hanging Daybed | 5. Teak Brown Wood Outdoor Chaise Lounge | 6. Risley Oversized Rope Patio Chaise Lounge | 7. Sun Chaise Lounge | 8. Carlee Outdoor Lounge Chair | 9. Walter Lamb Chaise | 10. ÄPPLARÖ | 11. Capistrano Outdoor Daybed | 12. Belvedere Daybed | 13. Spencer Outdoor Lounger | 14. Eoin Bamboo Patio Daybed | 15. Lodi Sun Lounge | 16. Terassi Chaise | 17. Neptune Daybed | 18. Idle II Sun Lounger | 19. Sol | 20. Sommer Adjustable Chaise | 21. Indio Metal Chaise Lounge

Again a hard choice but for the price, I love #5, #7, #10. But if I had a big budget then #12, #16, #17 would be in my cart so fast.

Lounge Chairs

photo by sara liggoria-tramp | from: 5 outdoor ideas & hacks that’ll instantly add style (& save you money)

If you don’t have space for a sofa or you have lots of room and need to fill it up, accent chair(s) are your answer. They are a great way to bring in more seating and mixing up the matchy-matchy look of a set. Just remember if you think you are going to spend a lot of time in them make sure it’s comfortable enough (hint hint go for some cushions).

1. Laika Teak Outdoor Chair | 2. Manhattan Lounge Chair | 3. Embras Stacking Dining Chair | 4. Kloven Deck Chair | 5. Imani Patio Chair | 6. Penelope Lounge Chair | 7. Havsten Outdoor Chair | 8. Outdoor Basket Chair | 9. Set of 2 Patio Chairs with Cushions | 10. Modern Wire Chair | 11. Corvos Armless Chair Module | 12. Patio Papasan Chair & Ottoman Set | 13. Novara Lounge Chair | 14. Brommo Outdoor Chaise | 15. Hogsten Outdoor Armchair | 16. Arcadia Adirondack Chair | 17. Montauk Outdoor Nest | 18. Acapulco Outdoor Chair | 19. Polywood Adirondack Chair | 20. Set of 2 Patio Chairs | 21. Capistrano Outdoor Dining Chair

I honestly can’t believe that #1 is an outdoor chair! If you buy it please know I am there in spirit. But speaking of cool, cushy outdoor chairs I also love #7 and #11.

Coffee Tables

photo by david stay for ehd

Well now that we have covered sofas and chairs, it’s now time to talk about coffee tables. A coffee table is an easy way to bring in some fun style and serious function (and likely a second dinner table).

1. Halden | 2. Elaina Solid Wood Coffee Table | 3. Teak Root Coffee Table | 4. Fisher 2pk Coffee Table Set | 5. KROKHOLMEN | 6. Monroe Wicker Patio Coffee | 7. Colorfade Indoor/Outdoor Coffee Table | 8. Industrial Coffee Table | 9. Market Coffee Table | 10. Wexler Patio Coffee Table | 11. Jelly Bean Coffe Table | 12. Jasper Teak Coffee Table | 13. Round TerraFab Outdoor Patio Coffee Table | 14. Round Black Metal Zeke Outdoor Coffee Table | 15. White Steel And Acacia Ravello Outdoor Coffee Table | 16. Terrazzo Round Coffee Table | 17. All Weather Wicker And Metal Stavros Outdoor Coffee Table | 18. Concrete Patio Coffee Table | 19. Tambor Concrete Outdoor Drum Coffee Table | 20. Britanna Patio Coffee Table | 21. Slim Outdoor Coffee Table

Now a live edge table will also be a go-to for the EHD team so #3 is a no brainer favorite. But I also really love #5, #9, #10, #13 and #21. Honestly, this section is the hardest to pick my favorites.

Side and Accent Tables

photo by melissa oholendt | from: a foolproof way to create an outdoor room

Ok, actually all accent tables (whether it’s coffee or side) provide an opportunity to have some style fun. You can usually find them at a good price and since they are smaller in size they aren’t going to be as “loud” and take over the style of the space. Get crazy people:)

1. Faux Wood Patio Side Table | 2. Sunmor Patio Accent Table | 3. Cabrillo Side Table | 4. Cap Cement Side Table | 5. Zuri Outdoor Stool | 6. Diego Olivero Mexa Outdoor Woven Side Table | 7. Faux Wood Center Cut Patio Accent Table | 8. Tracerlino Concrete Stool | 9. Gold Wire Outdoor Side Table | 10. Trieste Side Table | 11. Beveled Indoor/Outdoor Accent Table Gold | 12. Wicker Hourglass End Table | 13. Wexler Stacking Patio Side Table | 14. Gera | 15. Faux Wood Stump Indoor/Outdoor Table | 16. Geometric Faux Wood Patio Accent Table | 17. Sydney Natural Resin Wicker Patio Side Table | 18. Wedge Drop Indoor/Outdoor Accent Table | 19. Tulip Gold Wire Outdoor Side Table | 20. Solina | 21. Teak Root Plant Stand

Dining Tables

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: how to style out your outdoor space so you’ll actually use it (no matter how big or small it is)

Eating outside when it’s warm (ok, not too warm) is THE BEST. Fresh salads and spritzes are the only things I want to be ingesting in the heat…well ok I also want some quality BBQ because duh. So please if you can, take advantage of your outdoor space and create an eating area.

1. Adoxa Solid Wood Dining Table | 2. Terrace Dining Table | 3. Rainier Outdoor Bistro Table | 4. Latta | 5. Terrazzo Outdoor Dining Table | 6. Teak Garden Table | 7. Brittney Extendable Plastic Dining Table | 8. Matera Dining Table | 9. Sonali Cement Dining Table | 10. Sarno Outdoor Table | 11. Morie Farmhouse Wood Dining Table | 12. Eucalyptus Outdoor Dining Table | 13. Atra | 14. Roped Bistro Table | 15. Henning Patio Dining Table | 16. Watermark Bistro Table | 17. Bardwell Steel Dining Table | 18. Beacon Hill Slat Top Dining Table | 19. Avalon Rectangle Patio Dining Table | 20. Marino Folding Solid Wood Dining Table | 21. Antique White Avignon Outdoor Dining Table | 22. Rio Teak Outdoor Table | 23. Pedestal Outdoor Bistro Table | 24. Ballo

When it comes to bistro tables I really love #23. It’s modern but still looks like it belongs outside. But if you have the room for a larger table then #6, #10, and #19 are great options.

Dining Chairs and Benches

photo by melissa oholendt | from: a foolproof way to create an outdoor room

Can’t have a table without chairs, right? Remember you can mix and match whether that’s the chairs themselves or the type of chairs (we do it all the time). I mean you can have captain chairs, side chairs, and a bench all at one table if you want. Just think again about comfort and how much time you want to sit on them. The more comfortable, the longer those summer nights can be:)

1. French Café Wicker Stack Patio Chair | 2. Fernhill Patio Dining Chair | 3. Ronnie Dining Chair | 4. Shape Black Molded Chair | 5. Manila Dining Chair | 6. Embras Stacking Dining Chair | 7. Catawissa Stacking Patio Dining Chair | 8. Santa Monica Bench | 9. Plat Chair | 10. Oval Back Dining Chair | 11. Sundial Outdoor Side Chair | 12. Mantega Faux Wood Folding Patio Bench | 13. Lucinda Dusty Pink Stacking Chair | 14. Cooper Outdoor Bench | 15. Windsor 4pk Patio Dining Chair | 16. Natural Acacia Scandi Salema Dining Armchair Set Of 2 | 17. Patio Dining Chair | 18. Matera Dining Bench | 19. Kaufmann Wood Patio Bench | 20. Svelti | 21. Lampman Outdoor Patio Dining Chair (Set of 2) | 22. Rosamund Patio Dining Chair (Set of 2) | 23. Rallius | 24. Boomerang Dining Rattan Tub Chair

When it comes to dining chairs nothing has my heart like #5. Especially after I saw how Leanne Ford painted her’s a beautiful burgundy. But #21 is a great and much more affordable rattan option. Otherwise, I have a real soft spot for #1, #15, #16 and #21.

Bar Carts

photo by sara liggoria-tramp | from: 5 outdoor ideas & hacks that’ll instantly add style (& save you money)

Nearly every EHD outdoor space has included a bar cart. Why? Because they are the unsung hero of outdoor entertaining. They are perfect for holding drinks, plates, finger food, you name it.

1. Britanna Patio Bar Cart | 2. Barbie Bar Serving Cart | 3. Boden | 4. Rolling Cooler Ice Chest Cart | 5. Skagerak Fuori Bar Cart | 6. Rattan Bar Cart | 7. Playa Outdoor Bar Cart | 8. Regatta Natural Console-Bar-Work Station | 9. Wells Outdoor Bar Cart

It’s hard to deny the beauty of #5 although it’s not at the most affordable price point. We have used #1 and can vouch for its cuteness and quality. BUT if you want some serious function then #4 and #8 are the way to go.


photo by melissa oholendt | from: a foolproof way to create an outdoor room

This may be a bit controversial for EHD because our love for mixing and matching is strong but there is no shame in buying a set. If you are someone who just wants to click add to cart once and have most of your setup all set then please do that!

But if we do go for a set it’s usually for a small space or lounge area. When decorating a small space, having some pieces match can be a good thing. This way it won’t look too chaotic. On the other hand for large spaces, too much matchy-matchy can easily look one-note and won’t give you the visual interest you are probably looking for.

1. 3 Piece Wood Patio Bistro Set | 2. 2 Piece Outdoor Bistro Set | 3. Tarno Dining Set | 4. Eldridge Patio Chat Set | 5. 4 Piece Patio Conversation Set | 6. Trella Sofa Set | 7. 4 Piece Conversation Set | 8. 3 Piece Patio Chat Set | 9. 3 Piece Patio Chat Set | 10. 4 Seater Chat Set

I actually really like them all! We did just use #9 (well the chairs at least) in our Target shoot this year and boy are they cute. I also think #2 is SUCH a good option for a small patio. Plus the table can fold up and tucked away so that the bench can act more as a sofa. What a dream!

Well if you can believe it we are done. I know this was a lot to digest but hopefully, now you are A LOT closer to creating your outdoor oasis. Oh and don’t forget about our online plant post because plants are such an important part of outdoor spaces (duh). Also if you are wondering where all of the accessories like rugs, fire pits, pillows, etc are, don’t worry! We are creating another massive post that will just be for accessories for you to spend lots of time digging through. Happy Monday and happy outdoor planning!

Love you, meant it.

Opening Photo Credits: Photo by Tessa Neustadt | From: The Finished Patio (with the tile!)

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Thanks for reading my mind. I’ve been looking at patio furniture for the last week. It’s so tricky right now in Canada though with COVID, normally I’d drive an hour and pop into Target over the border and drive back with my finds. Now I’m left to debate expensive shipping and duties for cute patio accessories. Hoping for a return to normal soon!

Article is based in Vancouver! May be worth poking around their site and seeing if anything else strikes your fancy — they come out with a few outdoor lines this year 🙂


Yay! I love you all.

After I mentioned this post to him, my spouse and I realized that we can totally buy outdoor furniture and spend time on our new roof deck before we actually move in, because we’re only a 7 minute walk away and the workers won’t be doing repairs on the roof!

The only bummer is that we can’t go try anything out in the stores right now, and returning furniture sounds like a pain 😛 But UGH I can’t wait!!


Great round-up, but I would love to see links to similar styles of the beautiful umbrellas in all your pictures!

Jess is pulling this together as we speak! Full accessory roundup coming soon 🙂


Great options.

Does anyone have a good solution to prevent birds from pooping on everything or to easily remove stains when they do? Unfortunately, many of these beautiful patio pieces like wouldn’t survive my yard.

We’re working on a post about this!

Lauren Tarullo

This post is stellar and cemented my decision to pull the trigger on that giant beanbag sectional from Article. Would love to see you guys do a follow up on outdoor textiles sometime in the next few weeks while sales are still going on: a roundup of indoor/outdoor rugs, pillows, blankets, seat cushions, and ottomans would be an awesome accompaniment to this.

It’s coming soon!!!


Talk about giving the people what they want, I was contemplating sending you guys a request for help finding outdoor side tables (surprisingly slim options in the under $200 category in Canada) and then woke up to this post 🙂 Hit purchase this morning on the Gera from Article this morning!

Hope everyone is doing well and thank you for being a bright spot in my day!



Thank you! A question for you and/or other readers, we have a small multi-use backyard in DC. Meaning, the parking pad has to act as a patio, parking spot, bike riding area, etc. We are looking to buy tables and chairs that could be easily folded up and/or hung from the fence in case we need to park the car. #20 under dining tables above could work! Was curious if anyone else had tackled this issue before and had recommendations? Thanks!


I have this folding bistro table from Target along with the folding chairs suggested to “complete the look”. The chairs are described as wicker, but the woven material is actually polyethylene resin, so it is soft. They have held up really well, are easy to clean, and fold easily. They are also heavy enough that I don’t feel like the metal is going to bend when I sit on them, a problem I encountered when trying out lots of folding chairs. Probably not something that would actually happen, but anyway, this set feels sturdy and substantial.


In love with chair #9, but the link sends you to a different chair! Very helpful roundup!

Ah that was my bad linking (sorry Jess!!!!) — just fixed 🙂


I love so many of these options, but I’m always so curious how you keep rattan and wood clean-ish and spider-free. I live in LA, like you all, and our outdoor set gets so dusty and full of spiders — we had a wood set and I couldn’t keep up with cleaning and de-spidering it, so it never got used. Now we have a spartan metal set, which is less pretty, but easier to clean. How do you do it??

We’re working on a post about this RIGHT NOW 🙂

Emily J

It’s “chaise longue” not “chaise lounge.” It literally means “long chair,” not lounge chair.


We bought the Fernhill loveseat, two chairs, and the coffee table based on Emily’s recommendation back in … 2016? And they have held up beautifully. They’re super comfy and they still look so nice. It’s a little matchy but we mixed it up with throw pillows and some vintage knick knacks and I love it. I’m sitting out here right now on a work call actually … 🙂

For people asking about cleaning–we power wash them every spring (just did it this past weekend!). For stubborn stains, I pre-treat with Bac-Out Biokleen and it works like a charm.


Thanks so much for this great post! I’ve been shopping for a gas fire pit table to replace ours that is on the fritz, but they all seem to be kind of ugly. Do you have any recommendations for nice looking fire pits or patio warmers?


2nd for fire pit requests!

Fire pits and chimineas coming on the next post with all accessories!


Any good recommendations for buying just the outdoor cushions? We have L-shaped seating sort of built into our deck but it is in dire need of proper cushions for a comfy outdoor meal. I’m thinking less throw cushions and more just classic, slim, rectangles (?) that I’m sure anyone else in their right mind would just sew (I have no talent – i can’t even describe what I need). It is our second summer in this place and last year I was kind of surprised at how expensive outdoor patio cushions were (winners/home sense mainly). Right now we are using little sit-upons from the dollar store and while very inexpensive, leave a bit to be desired for lounge-y comfort. Anyway any tips v. welcome and thank you!


Cushions from Target are so thick, great color options and such an amazing price point. TheY also have the accompanying pillows, and rugs. Catch a sale and you can do so much for great prices. Need I say chic!


Yes, Target is great. Also check At Home, they have tons of deep cushions.


Thanks for including sets in this roundup! Sometimes I get overwhelmed trying to make a bespoke set where the table heights and chair heights all work together- the stylish set options are really helpful.

Amy Burt

Any thoughts on Outdoor rugs? Thanks!

Shannon Petty

This is so appreciated! I’ve been needing guidance to spruce up my small backyard and this helped narrow down my options.


Outdoor umbrellas? I need to buy one for the first time to block the late afternoon sun. What makes a good one? Help…


We had an itch and you scratched it! Thanks for this awesome round up! Do you have suggestions for bar stools?


We had an itch and you scratched it! Thank you for this amazing round up!!

Do you happen to have any recommendations for comfy bar stools?

These are Very interesting and highly modern designs.

Very nice and modern designs

These are the most futuristic designs I have ever seen.


Please do a round up of swinging seats – chairs, hammocks, benches, gliders! We are desperately trying to find some!


Aaaahhrhrhhghh the Lubek Sectional has been “retired” – that look is fantastic and will be impossible to find elsewhere

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