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The “Decorative” Trend I’m Leaning Into And How I’m Going To Bring It The Kid’s Room – BRING ON THE CRAZY

design by lindsey lane design

I love it when you see something traditional – anything – in a new light and are able to find more love for it and then shove it into your home (even if it already looks like you are crazy). That’s how I am with “The Scallop”. I should have seen it coming what with our current obsession with circles and arches because scientifically the scallop is just a half circle and a low arch. But it wasn’t until I saw it in these inspiration photos that I realized the ways I could bring it into my home, in a modern yet totally EEG (Eccentric English Granny) way. But first – some convincing in case you haven’t seen it around as much as we have.

design by beata heuman interiors  | photo by simon brown photography
design by arent & pyke | photo by anson smart
design by nickey kehoe & doug levine| photo by amy neunsinger

It seems like this trend came first in the headboard (we have a purple scallop bed that we just built for a client that we haven’t shown you actually) but I love it on the bottom of that chaise above. It’s not like the scallop is new, it’s just that we are seeing it so much more or maybe my eyeballs are just more drawn to it.

design by beata heuman interiors  | photo by simon brown photography
design by harriet anstruther | photo by miguel flores-vianna

Then I started finding myself wanting it in bed skirts, blankets, pillows – WHAT? Decorative bed skirts? What in the actual heck is happening to me??

design by matilda goad

But obviously I knew I wasn’t alone when I saw it on this backsplash. OH the scallop, the half-circle pattern is happening and we love it.

My Vintage Chaise?

design by nickey kehoe & doug levine| photo by amy neunsinger

So how am I going to bring it into my life? Well, I had some fast and totally unthought through ideas. First my chaise lounge (below, not above). It’s highly inspired by the photo above by one of my favorite design firms, Nickey Kehoe. I love it so much I had to show you twice:)

You see my chaise, above, needs to be reupholstered and re-built because it is ripped and the innards are coming out. It’s 100 years old, she is FRONCH, and has such a pretty shape. So I found the most amazing fabric from House of Hackney to reupholster it in – after searching forever for modern English florals I went straight to the source. It’s a dark floral with all the colors of the room so it “matches”.

I used my patented “throw it on a random chair” method to ensure that I really wanted it in that corner. And I do. Currently, the chaise has fringe, and the plan was to find fringe the same color as the background of the floral fabric, but I, A. Haven’t found it yet and B. Fell in love with the idea of the scallop. I’m just not totally convinced that it will work as well with the shape of my chaise.

photo via lawson-fenning

Currently, my sofa (above) by Lawson Fenning is being made and recovered in a powder blue Crypton velvet, and now I’m like, should I put scallops on the bottom of that instead? Would it look great with the arms or just too much and I should just calm down? I think it would take it into “silly” territory which is a mistake because it took me 41 years to pull the trigger on that sofa. We are even customizing the depth and arm height to ensure it’s as comfortable as we need, so perhaps risking my dream sofa by adding unnecessary scallop trim on the bottom would be the most try-hard mistake I’ve made yet. GREAT let’s DO IT. jk.

Here’s the next place I am thinking of “scalloping”…

The Kid’s Shared Room

Here’s a better idea. I’m just loving this sweet detail that Bre Bertolini did, so I’m definitely leaning towards doing this in the kid’s room. After that controversial update post last week (GUYS I’M NOT DONE WITH THE ROOM YET) I need to either lean in or pull back.

design by emma på långagärdet

So I decided to do both – I’m going to both lean in AND pull it back. How is that even possible you weirdo?! Remember my house is my own laboratory where I get to take risks and fail and you guys get to watch the whole thing and laugh or cheer me on. So what does that even mean?

I’m going first try to reduce the red (take away red rug, quilt, and mirror), but make it more playful in the reduced color palette of mostly blues and greens. PLEASE REMEMBER THE CURTAINS ARE TURNING INTO WOVEN SHADES and the light fixture is changing – amongst other things. The canopy is a lot, I know, so I think that I can choose “crazy” or “colorful” but maybe combined is the problem. Or maybe I’m just reacting to some of your very visceral reactions (guys, no offense taken EVER, well not ever but not about design stuff).

That’s the latest decision (less color, more crazy) but like I said, I haven’t even seen it in person and I don’t know when I’m going to live there again full-time or be able to do it. So these are all just me fantasizing from afar. But meanwhile, imagine a scallop in there.

So if no red (boo) then I need to decide if I should do the scallop paint treatment in a light, medium or dark blue? Or green – except the bookshelf in the corner is green, but maybe that’s ok? Or a pretty pink and have it be blue, green and pink? And then do I paint white above the scallop or leave the gray because I LITERALLY JUST PAINTED IT 2 MONTHS AGO?

Last questions – left or right. The left has different shaped scallops (looking a bit more like bubbles or the ocean) and more of a hand painterly look (and more playful?). But the right is obviously so sweet and cute too and might compete less with the broken stripes. So many decisions that likely warrant a full photoshopped post showing you all the options so we can all make this decision as a nation, together/apart. We need to have some fun things to debate while in the big Q. So if you have more suggestions let me know and we’ll add it to the list for Julie to photoshop because I literally have no actual computer design skills. 🙂


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118 thoughts on “The “Decorative” Trend I’m Leaning Into And How I’m Going To Bring It The Kid’s Room – BRING ON THE CRAZY

  1. Voting for regularly spaced/shaped scallops on the kids wall and not scalloping your modernist sofa. I love seeing working in progress / hearing your thought process!

    1. 100%. No to scallops on the extremely-cool-as-is sofa, but a huge YES to painted scallops in the kids’ room. Because the scallop shape is repeated in the headboards, I think it would actually help to pull the room together and feel more cohesive. I personally prefer the more uniform scallops in the context of the room (the more free-form ones either reference water or clouds to me, both of which are a bit random with the EEG direction, in my mind), and in a blue shade to tie into the headboard. Ideally, I’d go white with the upper walls, but I know that’s a bummer. Alternatively, you could do the scallop in white, and keep the upper walls gray… less work and a super clean graphic, which might tie in well (while not competing with) the clean, graphic nature of the Zak & Fox fabric. Just a thought. 🙂

      1. Yes, I like the idea of keeping the gray and painting the scalloped part white. More subtle. I like the uniform scallops better, although at first preferred the random ones, but the comments changed my mind. All fun. And yes to scallops on the chaise.

      2. Yes! I agree in everything with Julie and Bettee, please don’t do that to that sofa! I like a lot the idea to scallop in white and keep the gary on top. Also agree that it will look amazing with the shape of the headboards. Also I would love if you replace the green (?) textured fabric on top of the canopy, I really don’t understand that combination, maybe a plain blue, green or gray fabric? I think it’s too much going on there.

  2. Keep the graphic red quilt and the red mirror but get rid of the reddish rug. Do the painterly scallops in the medium blue from the reference photo and then do something about the “valance” of the canopy. Maybe it looks different in person, but the fabric and trim on the valance, if that’s what is is called, seem so disconnected from the energetic black and white curtain. Then throw in some more quirky, unexpected, playfulness like only YOU can do!

    1. Yes I agree, the valance does seem super “disconnected” from the rest of the canopy. And yes, do the scallop trim!

    2. I agree! The light green seems a bit fussy And disconnected, would be better in a rich high contrast. Overall love the look though

    3. I hate to agree about the valance on the canopy. I know that fringe was a hard fought find. But, I kinda think THAT part of the room, the canopy valance, should have the scallop.

      I love the fresh walls so much that it’s hard for me to agree to paint the scallop on the wall, but I know you can make it look good.

      1. Ooh, I think I agree with J on the scalloped valance idea! Perhaps it’s just the lighting in the photos, but the light green fabric and lightish blue tassels do seem a little disconnected from the graphic stripes. I think a fabric scallop on the valance in a new fun fabric could really look excellent!

        1. I love the scalloped valance idea! And wonder if you might consider a solid color, maybe navy, for the valance?It would show off the scallop…and speak to the modern broken line while passing as traditional.

          I also like the idea of adding scallops in white to the current light gray wall, over painting the walls a different color (you didn’t like blue on Charlie’s walls before, and I have a feeling that pink would make it feel too Pottery Barn Nursery 2010 with all the navy.

      2. Ooo! I like the idea of scallops on the valance of the canopy, maybe something in red to tie into that fabulous mirror.

        1. I was looking at this again, and while I like the fringe, if you do decide to follow the suggestion of this comment thread and add scallops on the canopy, I think a red piping would be great. I really love the red in that room with the muted blues and greens.

      3. No, don’t change the canopy! Make the rest of the room work with it, not the other way around. A scalloped canopy will look like a circus tent. While that’s a perfectly reasonable theme for a kids’ room, I love seeing you try to take the room in a more traditional yet eccentric direction. It’s something we’ve never seen you do before.

  3. I’m loving the idea of scallops mural in the kids room ! Fringe will be SOOOO pretty on your chair ! It’ll be its own jewelry. Ok but what if you made the scallops mural with – wait for it – removable wallpaper ? in like a pretty subdued pattern. Because I mean, we’re talking about crazy cool British grandma living there so… + when you’re tired of it, away it goes and the pretty gray is still underneath. No ? And it wouldn’t compete color wise with the cool bookcase. I’m sad the red mirror has to go. It felt quite wes Anderson to me..

  4. I vote for mid blue irregular scallops. It’s just paint!
    And I think scallops would work beautifully with the curves of your chaise, and dial up the EEG look magnificently.

  5. I love the uniform scallop and the idea of using a warm color like pink! Photoshop it!

    1. I like the pink idea too. It’s less contrasty than the red, but it will keep the room more in the grandma vibe. I think if the room is just green and blue it will be too quiet — look less intentionally kooky.

  6. While I love the whimsical scallops on the left, I think the neat orderly ones work better with the EEG style you’re into at the moment.

  7. I like the regular scallop treatment but feel like in blue in looks very oceany. I would do a non-blue color.

  8. I vote for the different shaped scallops in a medium blue. I think the whimsy of the differing sizes is perfect for a kids’ room! I would also keep the fringe on the chaise and find someplace else to use scallops. Very excited to see the end products!

  9. Keep the fringe! Keep the red! Red rug, red mirror, different quilt!

    Love the scallop idea and I know you’ll make it look fabulous!

  10. I think you should keep the red in the kids’ room, just maybe rework it a little bit. I love the idea of the painted scallops and think a dark blue would work really well to tie everything else in the room together – maybe it’s not working right now b/c the walls are so light?

  11. What if you did a blush on the ceiling that came down on to the walls 1/3 of the way & that ended in scallops? We just did a blush ceiling in my daughter’s room & it gave it such a nice subtle glow.
    Id say keep fringe on the chaise & no scallop on the sofa- it’s a solid piece on its own don’t fuss it up. You can find other ways to incorporate scallops into the room- I bet in some special quirky Emily way!

    1. I think that sounds magical, like you’re under a big umbrella – would you wanna share the blush paint name/brand?

  12. Oh my goodness, made my morning seeing my daughter’s room on here as your inspo! Can’t wait to see how you incorporate it into your kiddos’ room! Thank you for sharing!!

  13. Definitely do not scallop that modern sofa! I personally liked the kids room with the green/grey, so a scallop in there would be cute.

  14. The larger irregular painted scallops are definitely more playful. Somehow they also look more integrated into the design of the room. The small regular ones are sort of jarring. I’m really excited to see this room come together. It has the potential to look really cool. Don’t mute the colors too much!

    1. I agree, the irregular scallops are more whimsical. Part of that look is the art. I’m thinking a blue green scallop wall and bring in clean playful art (like the blimp). Air/cloud color palette might lend to soft sunset colored accents with some dark accents to tie in the canopy. (Which I still think needs help)
      Some artwork or posters featuring birds could have a technical graphic aspect to tie into the libraryesque corner.

  15. Also, what if you painted trim? You reference Reath Design a lot, she uses mustards, purples with green and red, colors that are generally less used. Maybe don’t do pink or blue this time.

    1. Do the irregular scallop on the walls in a blue. Take away existing rug and move the black and white rug from the wall to the floor. Do something with the ugly canopy. Keep red in the room but not green or green but not red. Maybe the kiddos have an opinion here.

  16. I think the reason the scallops work so well in the inspiration photos is that there isn’t a lot of other patterns competing with them. The blue bubbly one is my favorite but the one on the right I think would work well with your architecture. I’m looking forward to seeing it all come together!

  17. Why was everyone hating on the red in the room? Maybe just take the red rug out but leave the mirror and quilt! I love those.

  18. I really hope you keep some of the red in the kids’ room! I actually really loved the red mirror where it was. Just not the quilt and rug together. One or the other. Also, my vote is not to scallop the couch bc that’s a piece that a good to build upon. But if you can’t find fringe and the scallop works in the chaise…oh, by all means!!

    I also like the even scalloping for their room but I couldn’t imagine repainting again. Could the canopy and/or bookshelf be scalloped instead?

    Am I the only one that LOVED seeing ur work in progress posts of the kids bedroom, ur make do work space, and the church? I would love to see some rejigging or styling that Velinda or Jess or Sara have done to their spaces too since their reveal. Any restyling you’ve done. As someone who felt compelled to rearrange shelves in their living room during this quarantine, I can’t imagine you guys havent re styled something. Or any update on any of the projects we saw in the post of your at home projects?

    Also, more kid activities ideas always fun/welcome!

  19. How about you “lean in” to painted scallops on the wall and scalloped bed spreads and “pull back” on anything upholstered. Maybe a scalloped throw or pillow?
    That way when you’re totally over it, it’s easy to change and not a giant Emily mistake.

  20. YESSS to scallops! I love that I’m seeing so many of my favorite things on your blog that my real-life peers think are uncool: scallops! Pleated lampshades! Pattern on pattern! Antiques!

    Please keep it up. I know your “new” style is eliciting some strong reactions but it’s so fun to open your blog and see something interesting. I’m so on board!

  21. I vote a non-cloud scallop in the current grey with white above. Maybe at a height right above the headboards. That would give you whimsy but not be too bold for the patterns you want to bring in. Also, check out Anthro for tons of scalloped accents, from lighting to ceramic stools to bedding.

  22. What a wonderful idea! Personal fave would be the undulating whimsy for a child’s room. I just now pulled out a scalloped canvas valance that was sewn together for a few vintage flea markets that I staged for a friend. Definitely going to ‘upcycle’ it for a bed skirt–just haven’t been able to get out and hunt for fabric due to the quarantine. THANK YOU!

  23. PHEW! I’m glad you’re re-thinking the black/white stripes + red/white check + green/white canopy fringe thing + red/busy rug. It was WAY too much for my eyeballs

    Also, could you think twice about using the word “crazy” so much? It is a complicated word, but using “crazy” can help marginalize the great deal of us with mental illness. Try to find different descriptive adjectives — it can be a fun intellectual challenge! 🙂

    1. “Friction” refers to the juxtiposition of styles. Always makes it interesting & gives everything interest instead of blending all together & disappearing.

  24. I vote for the cloud-like scallops in blue, and scalloping the bottom of the chaise lounge instead of fringe! Fringe doesn’t feel right for your house but the scallop definitely does!!

  25. I vote: no on scallops on couch, yes on paint – the irregular ones have a younger vibe and I’d leave the gray above. I like your valance but don’t like the woven headboards with it.

  26. I would do the repetitive scallop pattern like Bre Bertolini’s if anything. The randomly sized ones would probably look too hectic in that space. Looking forward to seeing it all come together!

  27. I don’t mind the red in the kids’ room, and I like the canopy. The elements I think are not working are the paint color and the headboards. The colorblocked scallop options will be a lot with the canopy and the patterned rugs. You could invest in a great scalloped quilt or bedspread (although who does bedspreads on their kid’s bed, really?), but I think having a scalloped headboard that’s the right scale for the canopy would be better. Dropping a ton of cash on another custom piece though….

    That sofa does not need to be scalloped!

  28. Even scallops! It’s also playing to the your headboards since that looks like a twin scallop! (sorry if everyone already mentioned that…).
    Colour wise what about that kind of pailer green in the canopy so the dresser will be a darker green and work nicely together.
    I am pro getting rid of the redish rug, and your quilt story makes me so mad at the store, so out with it! I mean… donate it, or use it as a picnic blanket.. etc. I do really love that mirror.. though.
    I think scallop of the sofa is a bit too risky… and not sure about the chaise, I kinda like the long fringe idea in another colour with the beautiful fabric you got 🙂

  29. I love scallops! I love the inspiration chaise with scallops, but I think with the larger floral on your chaise, the scallops wouldn’t work as well, or they’d need to be larger. Don’t put scallops on the modern sofa. You’ve waited to long to get it, and you will tire of scallops on the main piece in your living room.

    Scallops in the kids room sounds perfect. I like both the irregular and regular scallops, but the think the regular scallops will have more staying power. Keep the grey on the top, and go with a blue that works well with it. I wouldn’t want green to compete with that bookcase. And finally, keep the red mirror, and find other ways to bring red (I love the quilt and rug, too, but I’m more willing for you to part with them). I love blue, green, and red together. And of course, you may change your mind when you see it all in person. Regardless, it’s super fun to be part of the process.

  30. I am so here for this slightly kooky EEG look. You are pushing our boundaries and I’m slightly uncomfortable and unsure, but I love it. Thank you for continuing to inspire!

  31. So I just did the scallop wall thing in my youngest daughter’s room and it is so stinkin’ cute…she squealed when she saw it for the first time and declared that we’re never moving again, ha! I did a medium muted rose on bottom with a soft white on top and larger, uniform scallops (about 8 inches…wish I could attach pictures). I then hung teal velvet curtains with bright yellow fringe (from Target actually, so you may know the ones I’m talking about) and it’s just such a fun, quirky, vibrant room that totally matches her personality.
    For your kid’s room, I would suggest painting a light to medium green on the bottom to tie in the canopy (I don’t know why there’s so much hate going on about the canopy…I can see what you’re going for once those pictures frames are added above the wicker headboards and it’ll be cool!). I wouldn’t do blue since the largest rug is already blue, and I’d paint the top half white instead of gray…honestly, it’s the gray walls and red quilt that throw me the most.
    Can’t wait to see what you’re eventually able to do with it! I can personally attest though that kids love scallops!

    1. Your daughter’s room sounds amazing! I’m going to check out those a Target curtains.

  32. I love whoever said, it’s only paint! I agree. Also, a bit off topic, that sink+backsplash, I want it NOW. I’m renovating a 1929 house’s bathrooms and will definitely use that as inspiration (the house is filthy with arches!). As always, I love your content.

  33. I don’t know what all the haters are on about with the kids’ room (it’s not finished yet! and so fun!) but I would swing HARD to leave the walls and ceilings all one color. It’s so soft and lovely! I really love the scallop, and I’m all bout the crazy, but if you bring it into the walls, at least paint the detail well down from the line where the ceiling and wall meet, so it looks like a tent canopy and not like an odd molding detail. Miles Redd has done some AMAZEBALLS tented room details lately…

  34. I love that this post is a glimps into your process. Thank you for always being honest about that. Design is such a process and we almost always just see the end result. I agree that keeping your new sofa clean and simple is the way to go. Having those really special simple moments is so powerful in a room. Using the scallops on the chaise seems like it could work. Maybe a bit bigger scale than the example? It is just paint, so why not just try them on the kid’s wall? Honestly sorry you are loosing the red in there. I think the color combo would have worked with some tweaking. All that to say, thank you again for bring us into all of this. It is why yours is the only blog I read regularly.

  35. I love that you are trying new things; you will eventually hit upon many winning combinations and we will all recognize you for the genius that you are! I like the inspiration pics. I think they both have something very right. The pinkish-beige room looks like a cupcake box! The room is very sweet, yet minimal and still has a grown-up sensibility to it. The blue room is more maximalist but very sophisticated while still indulging fantasy and play. Both are great- to me it comes down to how much stuff you want in the space. I like both styles of scallop, but given that everything you already have there and plan to keep is pretty regular, I think the uniform scallops might be better? But I think for boys the un-uniform scallops are more appealing to them? (Although- my husband hates anything not strictly symmetrical.) The un-uniform scallops suggest the ocean and adventure. Adventurous granny? Hmm. I think sweet granny. Not sure. (It makes me want to read the book Eight Cousins again, for some reason- similar tensions.) I also think that print you picked for your chaise might not work well with scallops because the scale of the pattern is too big? But I like the idea of scallops over the fringe that drags on the floor- maybe in a solid dark color. And my vote is no scallops on that amazing sofa!

  36. As soon as I saw the scalloped base on the sofa pic, I immediately thought of your old chaise. Yesss! Do scallops on the bottom!! And I suggest, NOT to the floor. Leave a smidge of space underneath.

    Yessss to the uneven, playful scallop like bubbling ocean on the wall of the kids’ room. In green. A green to bring the desk and bookshelf nook into the rest of the room. Green and green is great.

    Pleeeease leave the red mirror in the kids’ bedroom. It’s so quirky and playful!!

    Nooooo, don’t mess with adding scallops to your new sofa. Step back!

    So fun overall. Nice to see you opening up to some playfulness. xx

  37. Love the scallop! I especially love seeing how Tamsin Johnson incorporates them into her designs…modern scallop headboards! Jean royere style kitchen stools!

  38. I love the red ish pink ish scalloped wall! If you do something like that with a similar color then you get to bring your red back in like you wanted! But maybe its a more muted red so its not overwhelming but more of serves like an accent to the bed and canopy! And i like the grey wall! Better then white in my opinion!

  39. not to sound insane but i think “lean in and pull it back” is maybe going to be my new mantra to get through this effing pandemic. like some things need way wayyyy more focus/time/intention/attention (my kid, some sort of self care, some sort of goal for the day) and other things need a big pull back (feelings of obligation/guilt, stress around performing seamlessy at work). ps love the scallops

    1. 3 cheers to this, Julie. working (teaching) from home is taking me far more hours than I ever spent in my real classroom; and my other life stuff (eating real meals, spending time with my family, leaving my computer…) is falling into a rubbish pile at me feet (I say as I just finished up a student meeting in my WFH bedroom desk, with a giant pile of dirty laundry literally at my feet.) Thanks for the perspective.

  40. I vote for the regular spaced/shaped scallops in the kids room too (love the wallpaper idea!) but I also sorta love your idea of scalloping the chair in the living room – go for it! While I think the fringe would be a bit more timeless, the scallops would be so fun! And I bet there is a way they could upholster the chair so that if you were sick of scallops in 5 years, you could swap out for fringe.

  41. Fun 🙂 I vote scallops on the bedroom wall, in a regular pattern – I think this version has the right touch of ‘twee’ that works better for the feel of the room. For the chaise I think a long fringe would lean better into the drama of the dark floral (love House of Hackney) than a scallop. And glad that you settled on that sofa! I’d keep it clean/art deco and skip the scallop there, personally. Hmm, and I agree about removing the red rug/quilt in the bedroom, but hope you keep the red mirror, I think it really fits.

  42. Love scallops. I’m in Ireland and I’ve been seeing them so so much for quite a while now following people like Beata Heuman and Matilda Goad on Instagram. Another IG account in the style that you’re describing is Laura Jackson, not strictly interiors but her own house is fantastic and same for Pandora Sykes. On your own scallops, I think you’re right to be wary of them on your own chaise. You need something stronger for that wider, less dainty shape and also your dramatic fabric. I still think you could do a shaped border below instead of fringe if you’re dead-set but something a little more historical-seeming, less childish. Try Nicky Haslam or Veere Grenney for this take on a more grown up theatrical style. And House and Garden UK showcases this whole look a lot actually. Another low commitment way to introduce a scallop could be a picture frame, like the one in the Goodnight Moon bedroom. Yet Another way that is Beata Heuman-esque is to incorporate a scalloped apron on a table – a console or a radiator cover perhaps. See Soane UK for more inspiration in this vein. There’s also a fantastic scalloped border rug all over my IG feed from Jennifer Manners. It’s quite graphic but so fun. I think the scallop wall paint effect is not English at all when it comes to going for this look. But then neither is the graphic broken stripe fabric or the shape of the headboards etc. I can’t picture the final result yet but I know it will be beyond what I could have imagined and fantastic as always. Best of luck getting there!

  43. Scallops painted on the wall — great. Not on the sofa.

    Consider redoing the valance on the fabric headboard — do a more colorful fabric in front, do scallops, and use red piping on the edge. Then keep the red mirror, but put the quilt elsewhere. Don’t know if the red rug will work or not, but you would then need a touch of red somewhere else in the room, perhaps a stuffed toy on the bed?

  44. Personally, I’d definitely keep some of the red in the room —probably the mirror and rug and lose the quilt. I like the scallop on the wall idea (maybe removable wallpaper?), by am concerned about some major pattern clashing with the balance/canopy thing, that already seems a bit out of place. Now a scalloped valance in a different fabric—I could totally get on board with that!

  45. I like the blue scalloping for the kids room, fun and playful. I do not think you should scallop your beautiful, modern sofa…it would take away from its sleek beauty!

  46. I agree that a handpainted blue scallop in the kids’ room would be great. Add a scallop to that toy chest/bench in a fun pattern…maybe in a red to satisfy taking away some of the other red? What about a scallop on the chaise that’s edged in a binding of a crazy pop of color. It would give you more of the the English eccentric touch with that traditional fabric…maybe a hot pink or green from the flowers? I’m not a long fringe fan, so that would be my suggestion. I do love a crazy scallop and I like to think of it as more eccentric than granny! I don’t think it’s necessarily old-fashioned–it can look like a modern interpretation of old if you do it like some of those examples, right?

  47. Love seeing your design thought process! Agree with ditching the red. Please no scallops on your sofa. And a huge YES to scallops on the wall. I like the playfulness of the uneven scallops, but prefer them to be more opaque (less painterly). Good luck and have fun!

  48. I like red in the room! I hope you decide to keep it. I think the only thing really not working is the amount of the red quilt. looks like it’s about the same scale as the canopy stripe. Maybe folded more so there is less? That way it’s not so busy? I love seeing the progression and that you as a professional are brave enough to show the imperfect process. I hope any negative feedback you got doesn’t make you stop showing that crazy process.

  49. Fringe or nothing on chair. No scallops on sofa.
    Kids room – I like the idea of small equal scallops of the wall, but I’d do a darker version of the gray. I don’t like the idea of blue – too ocean wave-ish. I still like the red mirror. But the bed could use a little more of the green. I wish the photos better represented the valance having an olive color, it looks light green.

  50. No to scallops on the chaise or sofa, although I could definitely see a Matilda Goad lampshade somewhere in your new EEG-style living room.

    I love the red in the kids’ room and don’t see any reason you can’t keep it colourful AND playful. Could you even do the scallop in a gloss, with the same colour in matt above, or is that too out there?

  51. I actually think the red is awesome and not really seen nowadays in any homes apart from like one accessory. But I think Elliot needs more presence in this room. It looks so much like a cute little boy’s room. But I’m not getting that a cute little girl who loves unicorns and drawing and Frozen lives here.

  52. Can’t wait for the full photoshopped post! Currently my vote is for the left, more hand painted look. It seems like more fun.

  53. Paint the scallops on the wall!!! I would also reconsider the green polka dot fabric hue with the blue tassels. Somehow it doesn’t meld well enough with the rest of the room. The idea is great, just the hues to me seem off.

  54. Yes to scallops on both the couch and the kids wall—you love and will be able to make it work/tone it down with other accents. For the kids walls… I’d go with the all-the-same-scallop pattern for a kids room.

  55. Hmm, scallop is too sweet and uniform next to the graphic, “abstract” stripe print of the canopy. Would have been precious in Elliot’s old room. In part of your mountain house play space? A larger closet?

  56. Yes to removing the red rug and quilt. Maybe the mirror could stay.
    No to scallop on the couch, which is beautiful as is.
    Yes to fringe on the chaise. LOVE the fabric you chose!
    Yes to wall scallops, but in blue or maybe a darker gray? Definitely prefer the irregular, hand painted vibe.
    100% yes to color OR crazy in the kids room. Since I’m guessing the canopy is staying (which I’m not in love with, but it is fun!), crazy it is 🙂

  57. I have very English traditional taste and love mixing rich colors and patterns. I’m very excited for your attempt at Eccentric English Grandma. Here’s my 2 cents on all the questions in your post.

    Don’t add scallops to the sofa or the chaise. Neither is the right shape for it and you risk the living room looking like a circus tent.

    Paint the lower half of the kids’ room a slate blue, like the tassels on the canopy or maybe slightly darker. It should go with the already existing gray blue wall color so you don’t have to change it. I’m leaning toward the regular, even scallops, but photoshop would help with that decision!

    The only thing really not working in the kids’ room is that quilt. The pattern doesn’t look good with the broken stripe canopy fabric and the shade of red clashes with the oriental rug. Also, the quilt seems like casual cottage style, while the canopy and oriental rug want to be more elevated.

    You don’t need to get rid of all the red in the room. Try leaving the red mirror and bringing in smaller doses of red elsewhere, such as floral shams or red trim on the lamp shades.

  58. I have a patio umbrella with scallops and also some going on skewers with shrimp for dinner. I believe that the wall is your best bet.

  59. Yay the scallops are fun! Especially because they work with the headboards But you cannot do pink or anything else but blue if you keep the green fabric on the canopy. That said- PLEASE get rid of the green fabric on the canopy. Please? The prints do not go well together. This thick bold stripe with light green and tiny dots. It doesn’t work. I promise. Possibly we all promise. At least half of us. I love pink and blue- pretty sure you do too. So pink scalloped wall with blue striped canopy and white fabric on top with navy trim? Keep the tassels. Some floral quilts on end of twin beds?

  60. Oh man, that red couch at the top is like a wacky item of clothing that you only get up the courage to wear once you turn 40 and I am HERE FOR IT. And agree on the scallops on the bottom of that Lawson Fenning couch (which makes me gasp every time I see it – it is so freakin cool) – too decorative and kitchy.

  61. Scallops are my thing. Always have been, always will. Furnishings, decor, clothes; blouse collars, skirt hems, pant hems. Love anything rounded, and when there are lots of rounded edges, more to love!

  62. I vote for irregular scallops on the wall! It looks WAY more interesting than uniform ones.

  63. Very happy the red is being toned down, that was my biggest negative reaction among a sea of positive ones. I like the idea of regular scallops, but subtle, like a gray and white combo? Something that’s only a few shades off from each other.

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet, but possible to scallop the fringe on the chaise? I love the fabric, but feel the pattern is too complicated to carry into the scallop. A scallop fringe might give you both? Otherwise I think a scallop in a solid color, or small pattern fabirc could work, with a rope detail between?

  64. My votes: No scallops on the sofa. That thing is gorge!
    Regular scallops on kid wall and maybe in the green to tie in the green on the canopy at top? Could that work with the grey that is existing? Maybe?

    Love hearing how you work through it all in your creative head!! Keep it coming!

  65. I can’t to see the finished rooms! I keep thinking there are too many modern elements (sofa, broken stripe fabric, etc.) for the English granny to reach her full potential but I hope I am wrong. Maybe the beauty will be in the tension. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Keep trying weird things and going for it!

  66. Em, I have followed you, loved, emulated and embraced your design style since I first watched you win Design Star. I will continue to follow your lead forever. Having said that, I cannot get on the scallop bus with you. I’ll be waiting at the station.

  67. I vote for no scallops on the sofa or chaise, but regular shaped scallops (maybe slightly larger than the insp pic) and in a lighter shade of green than the bookcase, keeping the grey above.

  68. I like the idea of a scalloped wall in kids room, in a sage green that ties in with fabric on the canopy. I love that red mirror, and would just get rid of the red rug on the ground

  69. I like the regularly shaped scallops, you do already have a lot going on in that room and they’ll still be super cute.

    I agree with removing the red (and maybe doing pink or blush or something instead) but I’m sad about getting rid of the vintage rug – something about the pattern on an oriental rug – it seems almost required for this room to make sense… Maybe it keeps it feeling like a room and not like a carnival?

    I don’t think scallops will work with your new sofa, because that whitespace underneath is a big part of the look, plus it would be a shame to hide those legs!

    The fringe on the chaise is super cute, but maybe a scallop would work if it followed the shape of the arms? Or you could get a scalloped vintage bedspread as a throw?

    <3 thanks again for all the great content!! I'm looking forward to seeing more progress on the kids' room

  70. I have fallen for very English traditional taste and love mixing rich colors and patterns. I’m excited for your attempt at Eccentric English Grandma. Here’s my 2 cents on all the questions in your post.

    Don’t add scallops to the sofa or the chaise. Neither is the right shape for it. That long fringe on the chaise is such a special moment and should be kept.

    Paint the lower half of the kids’ room a slate blue, like the tassels on the canopy (and maybe people will complain less that the canopy is disconnected from the rest of the room). It should go with the already existing gray blue wall color so you don’t have to change it. I’m leaning toward the even scallops, but photoshop would help with that decision!

    You don’t need to get rid of all the red in the room. The only thing really not working in the kids’ room is that quilt. The quilt seems like a casual cottage style, while the canopy and oriental rug want to be more elevated. The quilt pattern doesn’t look good with the broken stripe canopy fabric and the quilt color clashes with the sort of peachy oriental rug.

    You don’t need to get rid of all the red. Try leaving the red mirror and bringing in smaller doses of red elsewhere, such as floral shams or red trim on the lamp shades. I particularly love having multicolored accessories like art, a pillow, throw, lamp, or rug, that incorporates all of the room’s colors in one item. This can really be a great way to unify a color scheme that feels a little “crazy.” (Though I completely disagree that your mood board from the other post had a crazy color scheme.)

    If you want some awesome “eccentric” English inspiration, check out Ben Pentreath’s book English Houses. It’s very fun.

    1. “(and maybe people will complain less that the canopy is disconnected from the rest of the room)” —no need to make decisions to quiet these complainers! Just let em complain! Haha

  71. Why not keep the blue/gray on the bottom and just paint the scallops over top in white? Like doing negative-space with the white to create the scallops … does that even make sense? Anyway it would mean less painting for you I think 🙂

    I agree about getting rid of the quilt and rug, but I think the pop of red in the mirror is fun.

  72. So excited to see the finished kids’ room! Whimsical old world is so stinking cool. I just love how it corresponds with the old house. Didn’t realize that it was so controversial till you mentioned it on this post. Makes sense though because it does not look like every single boring kids room on Pinterest or instagram. What you are doing takes serious guts and style! All those nay sayers do not have the vision that you have but I can see it! You go girl! I’m loving watching this process!! Scallops Painted regular and small in the kids room is my vote. If it’s within your muted color scheme it could get lost but that’s cool if that’s what you want. It can just be a whisper of whimsy.

  73. Hmm, I’ve tried to post a couple times but it never shows up. Trying again… I vote for fringe on the chaise and painting even scallops on the kids’ wall in a slate blue to match the color of the new canopy fringe. Ditch the PB quilt because the pattern doesn’t go with the broken stripe canopy fabric and the color clashes with the oriental rug. You either need to get a new room size rug or just get more smaller orientals to scatter around. The blue rug does not work with the canopy. Keep the red mirror. Bring in some art that incorporates all the room colors together (blue, red, green, white, etc.).

    Also, check out Ben Pentreath’s book English Houses for some real eccentric English design!

  74. No to scallops on the couch! Love the “grandma” fringe on the chaise! Love the scallops in the kids room, most likely uniform to balance with the headboards. When the woven shades are up all the haters might calm down about them. But the room needs more green to balance out the strong presence of the valance. (The stripes are Dark Blue not Black, correct?) Maybe green paint on top w/ blue, white, or gray on the bottom. The green bookcase would still stand out. The red quilt isn’t working for me but I think it’s maybe too much with the rug & the mirror. Try playing the game of take one away & then try another one until you know which one can stay or go. Loving this idea so keep at it!

  75. Left, left, left! Whimsical scallops are the way to go! Can’t wait to see it all come together!

  76. You didn’t mention yellow, but it looks like the canopy above the beds is a golden yellow color. What if you did the uniform scallop, but put a calm/gold yellow above the scallops and onto the ceiling. Is that a terrible idea? I have 4 kids, and all of them have painted ceilings. Not only is it an easy and cheap change, but it gives them something to wonder with when they are laying down.

    The yellow would also add back in a warm hue once you remove the red.

  77. Love the scallop too! Not for the sofa, but yes to the chaise and do love the idea of the scallop on the valance, even though it was likely something that took a while in the making. Cant wait to see what you do!

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