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How To Style Out Your Outdoor Space So You’ll Actually Use It (No Matter How Big Or Small It Is)


There’s no doubt about it, this spring and summer are going to be a little different. But listen, mother earth is calling (we hear you now!) and now that the weather all over the country is starting to tip into sunny and warm, maybe getting outside will help us all shift our perspectives a bit. Even if that just means hanging out in our yards more than ever before. The outdoor living room is about the get its moment.

Here’s the deal, we shot this whole beautiful Target patio story months ago at Velinda’s. We loved how all the spaces turned out and were super excited to share it with all of you, but up until last week we were thinking we’d have to skip sharing this story completely. It’s really hard to write about anything during a situation like this and we’ve really shifted our content because of it. But as we were all looking at our own outdoor spaces to spruce up while inside (I’ve never finished the outside up here at the mountain house), we realized that we are sitting on this really pretty story, full of tips and ideas for those of you who do need help with styling your outdoor spaces. Those outdoor rooms still deserve some love, and in fact we might all be getting more time in them than usual this spring. So if you are looking to spend more time outside and want some ideas – we got you.


Let’s start small – not everyone has a full yard. Even if all you’ve got is a small patio, you can still brighten up your space and turn it into a miniature oasis.


I love color, but it can overwhelm a small space easily (go for it if you want, by the way). So here’s what we did: We styled it with neutrals, like natural tones from wicker, white textiles, and simple black and white patterns (for a little graphic interest). But then brought in one good color pop with this striped pouf. The pouf is definitely loud in both color and pattern, but the fact that it’s the only loud piece in this vignette let it stand out, rather than get lost in a sea of eye numbing color.


Small spaces mean less furniture, so you’ll want to make sure that the few pieces you do pick are going to pull double duty whenever they can. I absolutely love a simple, but timeless stump side table. Not only can it easily transition into so many different styles, but it can also serve as a quick stool whenever needed (so can the pouf!).


Blankets and pillows will make any night out in your small space cozy. But if you can safely have one, a chiminea is going to be the ultimate cozy addition to your space (like this modern one I love). Let’s call it the space saving cousin of the fire pit – it’s vertical, slim, but still brings that warmth you want on a chilly spring night.

1. Outdoor Pouf | 2. Decorative Marble Tray | 3. Iron Planter With Brass Stand | 4. Cateye Metal Sunglasses | 5. Outdoor Tasseled Throw Pillow | 6. Llama Planter | 7. Faux Wood Accent Table | 8. Globe String Lights | 9. Mulberry Chat Set | 10. Outdoor Metal Chimnea | 11. Small Metal Outdoor Lantern | 12. Lumbar Duo Stripe Outdoor Pillow | 13. Goldpan Tuft Printed Pillow | 14. 16-oz. Glass Cup | 15. Glass Stackable Short Tumbler | 16. Hexagon Stoneware Planter | 17. Women’s Kerrigan Slide


We were all pretty obsessed with this room when we styled it, tbh. It’s happy and bright and extremely cozy – which is exactly what I’m personally wanting right now. So for those of you with more space, hopefully this gives you some “outdoor living room” inspiration. Also known as “the perfect place to drink a Thursday evening margarita while the sun sets because I made it through another day and really, that’s enough to celebrate.” At least that’s what we’re calling it.


You don’t NEED four walls to make a space feel like a “room.” This rule gets even more lax when you’re in the great outdoors (your backyard). All you really want to do is make a space feel a little more enclosed and intimate. We accomplished that by bringing in that patio umbrella with the sweet tassel fringe as our “ceiling,” a bunch of potted plants and lanterns around the perimeter as our “walls,” and laying down that big area rug to ground us and be our “floor.”

We also strung up those awesome outdoor lights, which look cute during the day, and help the area transition into a warm glowing space at night.


Just like in a living room, you want to have a mix of different seating options. Both to give yourself options (in case you’re feeling lounge-y one day, but want a chair with a back for reading the next), and to add visual variety. For this space, we brought in a few different options.

First, we brought in a larger piece to help anchor the space (and is big enough to accommodate some snuggling). Then added a simple loveseat that is super easy to mix with other pieces. It’s especially easy to combine with more sculptural pieces since the arms are so simple and square. Lastly is our low lounging chair and foot rest/side table combo. This is where you’re gonna wanna be for a weekend book reading marathon (or 1 minute of “counting” during hide and seek with your kids, during which you actually try and take a 1-minute power nap).

One last note – we kept all our seating options feeling cohesive by making sure all the cushions were the same color, even though they all varied largely in style.


Because this is a bigger space, it can handle some color and pattern. We brought in a huge pinch of personality with that striped outdoor rug (I love that it’s this woven faded black, not a stark black and white), and happy pops of color with bright yellow textiles (rare for me and I LOVE IT). Small unexpected details, like the little hits of brass on the inside of the string lights and the tassels on the umbrella, make this space feel ultra inviting. Trust us, we tested it out by drinking that whole pitcher of margaritas in the space at the end of the shoot. It was awesome.

1. Large Metal Outdoor Lantern | 2. Small Metal Outdoor Lantern | 3. Kaufmann Wood Patio Loveseat | 4. Fringed Patio Umbrella | 5. Oversized Lumbar With Tassels | 6. Yellow Chenille Throw Blanket | 7. Outdoor Tasseled Throw | 8. Lumbar Duo Stripe Outdoor Pillow | 9. Glass Stackable Short Tumbler | 10. Hand Women Raffia Bowl | 11. Marble Hexagon Coasters | 12. Wexler Patio Table | 13. Libbey Glass Pitcher | 14. Porcelain Square Rim Bowl | 15. Southport Patio Egg Chair | 16. Woven Serving Tray | 17. Oversize Stripe Outdoor Pouf |18. Papasan Chair & Ottoman Set |19. Large Ceramic Planter With Stand | 20. Small Ceramic Planter With Stand | 21. Iron Planter With Brass Stand | 22. Cateye Sunglasses | 23. Women’s Floppy Hat | 24. Woven Tasseled Outdoor Throw Pillow | 25. Oversized Hand Woven Pillow | 26. Women’s Vail Woven Slide Sandals | 27. Hooded Outdoor String Lights | 28. Stripe Outdoor Lumbar | 29. Outdoor Rug


Outdoor dining is my favorite part of warmer weather. I don’t know why, but eating al fresco makes every meal taste way better and our table gets hours and hours of use each day.


Comfort, guys. A bench looks cool, but chairs with actual backs and cushions give you hours of comfort. If you truly want to use and enjoy your space (and almost treat a dining table like a living room) opt for comfort – especially these days.


This is the other option for a bigger space. While we went bold with the color and pattern in the “outdoor living room,” for our “outdoor dining room” we went quieter, picking a pink theme and sprinkling it around the table in varying tones and shades. The embroidered throw we used as a table linen is the centerpiece, but we brought in other pink pops through pillows, pillow tassels, and flowers.

We also brought in a few pops of red, the darkest form of pink, to shake up the space without moving out of our color palette. Always feel free to dress according to the color palette of your space. You know, just in case a photographer happens to be hiding on the upper-level patio and decides to start shooting candid photos of you styling a pillow.


We’ve waxed poetically about choosing the right rug size forever, and an outdoor space is no different. You want to make sure the rug you pick is big enough to ground the space and allow for the table and chairs to sit comfortably on the majority of the rug. If it’s too small it will catch on the feet every time you try to move the chairs in and out. A good general rug is to keep the 2 feet wider and longer than the dining table.

We went with this gray, textured rug, which is neutral and doesn’t draw attention away from the table, but still gives us a sense of space. Otherwise our table and chairs would have just felt like they were floating on all that terracotta tile.

1. Oversized Lumbar Pillow With Poms | 2. Landscape Lumbar Throw Pillow | 3. Chunky Knit Throw Blanket | 4. Tasseled Lumbar Pillow | 5. Stagger Stripe Pillow | 6. Hearth & Hand Throw Blanket | 7. Stoneware Salad Plate | 8. Libbey Glass Pitcher | 9. 16-oz Glass Cup | 10. Glass Stackable Short Tumbler | 11. Multi-Tassel Outdoor Throw | 12. Stripe Napkin Set | 13. Citronella Tea Lights | 14. Recycled Tapered Planter | 15. Wheat Straw Boater Hat | 16. Acacia Serving Tray | 17. Porcelain Ramekin | 18. Ceramic Tea Light Lantern | 19. Metal Perforated Outdoor Lantern | 20. DuraSeason Seat Cushion | 21. Mid-Century Patio Stack Chair | 22. Diamond Global Coast Outdoor Rug | 23. Small Ceramic Planter With Stand | 24. Large Ceramic Planter With Stand


Maybe all you’ve got room for is one chair, and a foot rest. Really, that’s all you need. If all you can fit on your small corner of outdoor space is a chair and footrest (like that cute ottoman), then you’re all set for a spring outside.

1. Hanging Egg Chair | 2. Gray Lumbar Pillow | 3. Woven Throw Pillow | 4. Large Ceramic Planter With Stand | 5. Small Ceramic Planter With Stand | 6. Oversize Stripe Outdoor Pouf | 7. White Chenille Throw

There you go. We hope that if you have an outdoor space (big or small) you have more time to enjoy them this spring and summer. So how about it, are any of your spending more time in your outdoor spaces? Any outdoor improvement projects in the works? Let us know in the comments. xx

Fin Mark


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Good morning, Emily! That red dress looks great on you!

I’ve been trying to hunt down an affordable chiminea that can be shipped for the last few weeks. When I saw that black one featured I thought, “this is it!”. Sold out, it seems.

Same! so bummed to see it sold out. i’m hoping that they restock 🙁 it looks so good!


Beautiful spaces! Any chance you can tell us the name of the succulents in the white planters? They look low maintenance! Thank you!!!


Looks like 2 different types of Agaves. I love those planters and have been searching for something modern, so those fit the bill!


Yep, they are agaves

LOVE this post. it’s totally inspiring me. THIS IS GOING TO BE THE YEAR!

Absolutely love all of it! Such a cozy little backyard!


Dear Emily + team, I was wondering if sometimes when the blog does Target posts – if you could mix and match Target stuff with other pieces (vintage, high end, west elm style etc.). For me, I usually skip the target posts as I find when it’s all Target….it looks like Target.

I love Target! I own Target furniture! But when it’s all together it looks like it’s trying too hard (for me!) I love to see how Emily uses Target pieces in her own home for example. I’m aware that maybe your Target deal doesn’t allow this (and I know EHD needs to make money to keep going) but maybe something for another post? Have I said Target enough times now?


Thank you for the post! Can you tell me where the dining table in your photos is from?


My patio is fully uncovered and I find my textiles get filthy with pollen and mold. Do you bring in all your pillows and cushions when not in use?


I was wondering the exact same thing with weather and rain. I get that these pictures are “styled” but it would be good to know what elements have to be brought in at the end of the day. The cushions? You would think the blankets. But what about the wicker?


Where I live, pretty much all of it would need to be brought in because of wind + rain which we have basically year-round.

These shoots are styled to look nice, but none of the advice here is really functional for people who have actual weather unless your outdoor space is covered and screened off from the outside.

I’d love to see guides for outdoor furniture that I can actually use though!


I was thinking this too. How do you keep things clean and from getting that gross “I’ve been wet” smell if there is occasional summer rain?

Also if anyone in the comments lives somewhere where it snows in winter what do you do with pot plants and furniture when it snows? What happens to your garden under the snow? (I live in Australia so have no clue and am very curious!)


I live in Minnesota so we have snow for many months of the year. We cover our big long table and put chairs, pots, everything in the garage for the winter. Our gardens all get cleaned out and everything sleeps under the snow while we snuggle under blankets inside!It makes spring incredibly exciting to see things all come back to life!


This! Living in Miami Beach is fab, but there is a significant rainy season and the humidity is omnipresent. I’ve put out wicker furniture and it cannot withstand the onslaught. Also the outdoor rugs are never really outdoor rugs for sub-tropical life (mold, bugs, etc.) Sigh. The only outdoor rugs I’ve ever been able to successfully use are fully plastic. I love all these looks, but nice dry California weather I have not, and also don’t have the space to be bringing everything in from the outside. ANY suggestions for extremely weather resistant, stylish, and comfortable furniture, and “textiles” would be greatly appreciated. #moldyinmiami


I’m in the same moldy boat! In the tropics none of this would work for more than a day. You’d have to bring in every single piece of furniture to protect it from the humidity. I’ve learned unless it’s aluminum, it’s going to rust. Imagine decorating a sauna. But these ideas are awesome for California!

Stephanie Wu

+1 to this. Would love to see some tips for those of us who live in areas with different weather. I’m mostly concerned about rain.


Midwesterner here. We sold our cushioned patio furniture a few years ago and have never looked back. 1. I hated bringing in cushions so I didn’t (didn’t have a spot for them anyway) 2. I hated scrubbing the mold/mildew/algae off the cushions at the end of the season, so I didn’t (marital strife ensued) 3. We have constant pop-up showers in the summer, so it could be a sunny 80 one minute and pouring for 15 minutes the next. My cusions never dried so I couldn’t sit on them anyway! We opted to go with very simple $18 sling chairs from Target ( because they dry so fast after those pop-up showers. And we have a metal/glass coffee table, a couple of bright metal plant stands, and one offset patio umbrella. All of the rest of our color comes from plants and the pots they grow in. We plant gobs and gobs of annuals in flower pots every May. Miracle grow soil, pretty pots, annuals from your local garden center. If I ever want a pillow or blanket, I carry it outside with me. Our patio is really pretty and cozy and we use it so much more than we… Read more »

Rachel S

I live in a city that has crazy spring pollen (I forgive you beautiful oak trees) and super humid summers. I started storing my outdoor pillows and cushions in a closet inside or in an outdoor storage area. I bought a “cushion storage bag” which is basically a giant duffel bag that corrals everything. When we want to sit outside, we just bring the bag out to unpack and repack when we’re over the heat. Unfortunately, nothing else I’ve found works besides this tactic — slightly annoying but way less annoying than gross cushions!


Chiming in to say I, too, would love some advice on what kind of patio furniture makes sense in a climate that gets snow and rain for much of the year.

After moving to the burbs from Brooklyn, this is our first year with outdoor space, yay! A lot of this furniture is amazing, although what about rain with cushions and poufs and rugs?? Do I need to schedule my todo list around the weather and always keep the cushions packed up?


In DC we get a fair amount of rain, and last year we finally did our first outdoor space. We do have a shed outside where all the rattan latterns, candle holders etc went in the winter. But using water proof chair covers we didn’t have an issue with cushions getting ruined/moldy/wet. We skipped the rug unless u have one totally plastic. Poufs and blankets get brought inside. I tucked the throw pillows under the chair covers.


The Southport Egg Chair is the best thing ever!!! I chased this down last year–all sold out for a while–and finally got it. It is like having a little resort on the back patio. We have an outdoor poof to go with it as a foot rest, but you can sit sideways, snuggle with another adult, read with a kid, fill with pillows and blankets, cover with a beautiful piece of fabric for shade. Do buy a cover if you are in a place that gets rain regularly (I used one intended for a small round dining table (from Amazon). Seriously worth it.

That is such a smart idea to buy that type of cover for the chair, thanks for sharing!

Taco Mom

Love that black rug in the first vignette! Is that a Target find or no?


My question, too. Thanks for the link, Caitlin!


I love this post! Definitely spending more time in my yard given all this time at home. I’d love to see a post that talks about how to style different zones in a yard. My yard isn’t a huge open space, but I have a few different areas and I’m not sure what to do with each one. I have a small patio, with stairs that go down into an 11×11 area, which then has a couple steps that go down into another 11×11 area. So I’d love to see a post talk about zones, much like how you talk about establishing zones in an open layout house. Thanks!


I just read The Less is More Garden and it was fantastic about this kind of stuff, definitely check out the kindle sample on Amazon.

The big takeaways that you might find relevant are “begin with a lifestyle-based approach” and use the three Ws:
– what will you be doing in the garden? (eating? lounging?)
– when will you be outside? (in the evening? get lights. in the late afternoon? get shade)
– who will be with you? (entertaining lots of people? little kids?)

Also, “it makes sense to allocate the highest percentage of your budget to the elements that will play a central role in how the garden is enjoyed” and “focus on creating space for activities instead of objects”

(I took a ton of notes, if you can’t tell)

Yes! That is the best place to start, asking questions of how a space will actually be used helps to determine the pieces you will need instead of just what is ‘pretty’. So helpful!

Sonia Quinones

I’m in love with all these options! But what I really want to know is where can I buy the rug in the first set of pictures, the one that has the geographic pattern?


Fun! It’s KILLING me that I have to wait another month or so before I move to our new place with outdoor space. I swear, thinking about how I’m going to set it up has become my #1 quarantine hobby.

I bet folks would love advice on setting up outdoor spaces, something along the same lines as the “help me arrange my room” posts!

Love that idea Jessica! If you have photos send them over to [email protected] 🙂


Love the ideas! Where did you get that red dress from though?


Yes, please tell us. Love the dress!


Oh, I LOVE this. We were total copycats of the EHD-styled shoots and got ourselves an “outdoor living room” as an anniversary present. The pieces arrived yesterday, and they are great for the price. No more rusted through chairs and grimy glass table. It’s like we have a whole new room to use!

Annie K

Do you think there’s any chance Velinda would share update photos? I love the styling, and also it would be helpful to see a “day in the life series of how she and her wife have things and don’t have things out, when there’s not a big shoot, what’s worked for them in real life.

I love that kilim-style pillow and found an etsy vendor with lots of amazing one-of-a-kind pillow covers
made of actual kilim for the same price (plus it feels good to support an artisan using repurposed goods):


Thank you for sharing this! I love the “normal” of it, and yes, as the weather has really turned spring this last week, I’ve wanted to spend more time outside. I love the wicker Mulberry Chat Set, which I think will work in my upper balcony (I need to measure), as well as many of the accessories featured. I’ve been slowly adding to my yard and porches over the years, and having beautiful outdoor spaces is like having a personal oasis.


Ok, my neighborhood seems to have been built on an ant hill. I’m interested in an outdoor rug (specifically the one in the first picture) but I’m worried about ants taking over. Suggestions???


For a short term solution, I’d use citrus essential oil or vinegar spray all around your rug and do it daily at the beginning. Also, plant fragrant plants like mint, garlic, lavender. It keeps them away.

Sarah A

I love the idea of styling my deck to be able to use it more with all the stay-home restrictions- but doubtful all the wicker and rugs/cushions will work for Seattle weather. Could you do some climate-specific posts? or include tips on how to properly take care of your outdoor living room if you get periodic rain? (especially a rug- I really want one to make things cozier but can’t imagine rolling it up and taking it inside before every wet day)


I had a house in Seattle with a wonderful backyard patio for 32 years. We had powder coated aluminum table and chairs. The first set of patio chair cushions lasted about nine to ten years before I recovered them with outdoor fabric (fabric store) and they lasted another five years. Eventually I replaced them every couple years with end of the summer clearance pads from Home Depot or Lowes. Same with our loungers. We never needed an outdoor rug. Other pillows and décor we’d haul out for dinner parties as needed.

Now we’re in our downsized condo and out balcony is about 4 X 10 ft and overlooking a busy street on the bus route. I sat out there for 1/2 hr total in the full 3 1/2 years we’ve lived here. Fortunately there’s a wonderful terrace on the other side of the building to enjoy on sunny days. I do really enjoy our planters and baskets that hang on our railings.


Why is there no disclosure that this is a sponsored post?


Sorry, off-topic but it’s driving me crazy. One design struggle I have is my home gym! I don’t have a gym nearby and our winters are cold, so it’s nice to have a designated space or corner for my workout. I’m thinking our second bedroom could be either a combined office/home gym or guest bedroom/home gym. I don’t want my exercise equipment to ruin everything, so any design ideas/suggestions would be so helpful. Is it weird to make a guest bedroom your gym when it’s not in use? Or is a gym and home office combination the way to go. I just don’t know how to make it stylish.


What sort of equipment are you looking to use? I live in an apartment and I exercise in my living room. I think a combo guest room/gym is a great idea, especially if it has a closet – your guests don’t need a ton of closet space so you could stash equipment in there. My typical workouts and stretching routine includes a yoga mat, yoga pillows, foam roller, dumbbells, and a yoga wheel. I don’t do high impact workouts because there are people living on floors below me. For me the key is getting stuff that looks nice enough to be left out or compact enough to be stashed away. My yoga pillows are from Brentwood Home and are a nice grey with a stitched pattern – when I’m not using them I put the bolster on the couch and I typically have the meditation pillow next to my coffee table because I like to sit on the floor. My yoga mat, foam roller, dumbbells and yoga wheel are all black with no visible branding. They get stashed in or under a little storage cabinet when I’m done using them. I have my workspace in the same room and I… Read more »


Hey, thanks for the recommendations! I use most of the same equipment, but am also buying an exercise bike soon. I currently live in a very small 1 bedroom apartment, but just purchased a 2 bedroom apartment, so we’re looking for a more permanent workout space. I do think the guest bedroom combo is great since it won’t be used much for now. The bike won’t fit in the closet, but maybe I could make the closet longer and stick on sliding doors to hide the bike along with the other equipment. I’m not sure, but we’re definitely open to doing a small renovation like that since our workout space is a must. It’s been tricky (at least for me) to find inspiration for design-friendly workout spaces that aren’t just taking up an entire room. 🙂


HELP. I’m here to beg for a post about how to cool down our interior. My living room gets so much sun (thanks socal!). I don’t want to put up blackout curtains and live in a cave all year. Is there anything I can put outside? my patio also gets too much sun. please help! baking like a fish out of water over here in this heat wave


I live in Phoenix where it’s basically always sunny (and hot) and I have some East facing windows. It can get pretty brutal in the summer. I put in blackout cellular pull-down shades from Select Blinds. You can get them motorized as well. They block a ton of heat. I keep them down while the sun is the most intense and then put them all the way up the rest of the time. They are inside-mounted and have a very minimal profile. They’re pretty affordable, although adding motorization costs almost as much as the shade itself. I think they have non-blackout versions but not sure how well those block the heat. I bought the specific model that Wirecutter recommends so if you’re looking for it maybe head there for reference.


We planted big evergreen trees across our western side (southern hemisphere so it’s the side that gets the sun down here) and it’s made a massive difference. Lovely view and lovely shade!

This is a great idea! I’m currently rockin an 85 degree living room and would happily test solutions, hah 🙂 I’ll bring it up in our next meeting!


thank you!!!


LOVE all of these beautiful patios. But, as others have expressed, these are very California outdoor spaces, or someone who really dedicates a lot of effort bringing things in and out. Rochester, New Yorker here. AKA one of the snowiest cities in the US. We get WEATHER. and then our backyard turns into a mud pit with 2 Great Pyrenees doggos. Nothing nice ever survives. 🙁 Thanks for the beautiful eye candy though. 🙂


So, what if your backyard is a hill? I have a feeling you’re going to say “good luck with that”.


I have friends with a steeply sloped yard and they built a little “trail” that winds up to the top with various small seating areas coming off the trail, including an area for a swing. Obviously it involved some cut and fill but only in specific areas. It looks great and for the part they left untouched they just did tons of planting.


Another Midwesterner here, I live on the top level of an apartment building and my furniture is open to the elements on my balcony. (The apartments below at least have the cover of the balcony above)I have had a set get ruined by the elements so here’s what I do now. I use a spray from scotch-guard I think to treat my cushions and furniture. I take the rug and the cushions in during fall and winter and I bought outdoor covers for my entire set( 2 chairs, table and floor pouf) from Amazon. It sounds like a lot but it doesn’t take much. I store the cushions and rug in my storage unit down the hall and since I use them only for the warm season it’s not taxing. Style/design is a hobby that makes me feel good so I make it work.

Leslie C Smith

This didn’t come a day too soon! We’re focusing on our deck/outdoor space and it feels so good to shower a little love on this area… it feels like we’re planning & dreaming of future good times with friends. Yes- a bummer that a lot of this stuff is sold out… I suppose that’s the EH touch, though – such a trendsetter!

Kathryn Hautanen


I love your backyard design, but I live the Northeast where it rains regulary. Can you create a concept o design that doesn’t have to keep getting dismantled?


GUYS. I haven’t even read the story yet but I just have to tell you THANK YOU! You read my mind! I literally went to bed last night thinking I’d send you an email to ask for a story about patios. We live in the city and so our deck is our backyard and I started sprucing it up yesterday. I know it’s going to need to be a workhorse this summer so looking to make it as comfy as possible.

You’re the best!

Julie S

I live in San Diego County so indoor/outdoor living is wonderful for good chunks of the year. However I have a big gripe – keeping stuff clean and therefore appealing!! I love these sort of spaces you picture for fantasy photos, but I have found that I really prefer the bare minimum of simple furniture- stuff I can quickly hose off when it gets dusty or has leaf litter, won’t rot in the sun after two or three years, doesn’t need me to bring it in when it rains or worry about. There are comfortable, cushion-free seats out there and it’s easy to toss an easy care tablecloth over the dining surface to make an al fresco dinner special!

Hi! Oregonian in the house! Love, love this beautiful set up, but would love to see some more weather-friendly ideas. There has GOT to be a chic solution to outdoor, rain-friendly furniture. Maybe a hybrid between leaving some things out and dismantling others?


A big obstacle for using our outdoor space is that it’s always dusty/dirty. I feel like I’m constantly wiping it down. Any suggestions?


Love the site, and all the posts; follow and read regularly!

I’m chiming in as ANOTHER northeasterner who needs weather resistant solutions for gardens….

Any tips on glorious metal / mesh furniture that might work in a Brooklyn climate?

Pam Tewes

I love all these ideas! What if my deck isnt covered, though.
Do you have any ideas on how to provide some sort of coverage from the rain?


Emily- I love this post (well actually all of them –every single one:)). I check your blog every day to see if you’ve written about how to design a 3 season room/sunporch. I love the look here with the wood and wicker and cream and all the plants! I am racking my brain trying to figure out a look that is not ALL outdoor but not totally indoor either. Does that make sense to anyone but me? It is basically our living room without a tv so I am trying to find a furniture combo that makes sense and that is wicked comfortable too.

Roberta Davis

Fun! Hate that I’ve been put in spenders’ prison because I bought 2 of those eyeglass holders you showed a few weeks ago (working from home post).

Elizabeth Hills

Love this post! Any chance you know what stain color the wood is in the “Outdoor Living Room”? Thank you!


Beautiful. I definitely needed this, my outdoor needs a refresh! And I feel very grateful to have a sunny corner of garden to enjoy during these days at home.


Thank you to everyone who is spending time in their own homes and yards – it makes social distancing less stressful for those of us who have no outdoor space whatsoever but still need to walk our dogs! I’m hoping people will continue to stick to their own spaces even as the weather warms up.

Teri Offield

Great post! Thanks

Have you had experience using the Target Project 62 stackable outdoor dining chairs? They have one review online saying that water collects in them during rain and then leaks. Any insight? I want them but definitely don’t want water pooling or deck stains!

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