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New (Old) “Trend” Alert – “The Eccentric English Grandma” and How I’m Going To Use It in Our Home


design by katharine howard | via living etc

It was 7:30 am on a Sunday morning. I waited to make the announcement until Brian was fully pacified by a cup of coffee, had two news articles under his belt, and the kids properly fed and watching cartoons. I started out with, “Brian, I need to tell you something”.

Brian: “Uh-huh?”

Me: “I think we need a floral sofa.” (pause) “A floral sofa would solve all my problems.”

Brian: “Uh…HUH…”

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Vintage Frames 3
design by g.p. schafer architect and rita konig | via coco kelly

I’m not going to bore you with our relationship history because it’s fraught and tedious, but we have been fighting since day one stylistically and I’ve never walked in and said: “Hell, yes.” Just to be clear, I’m talking about the relationship between me and my living room (not Brian). I previously thought that I went too traditional in this 100-year-old house, and have been trying to pull myself back ever since. Now realize that I didn’t go far enough. If I really want to channel my inner “Eccentric English Grandma” (and I do) then I need to get far more eclectic and odd. This is not the Grandmillenial trend that has been popping up – although I will always regret that I didn’t come up with that term myself. It’s cooler than that, weirder, and yet more modern (no offense to all you millennial grandmas (??)).

So what is “Eccentric English Grandma?” Well, it’s super eclectic, very collected, full of stories – some safe, some inappropriate. There is an “I don’t care because I’m on my way out” vibe about it, which you could also interpret as brave, risky, and full of confidence. It does not look “designed,” only lived in and loved. I picture her just a touch senile, with a dirty martini in her hand, perhaps some sort of old Hollywood headpiece, and head to toe in patterned clothes. She freely tells us about her affair with Wes Anderson (a younger man! Grandma!) and maybe she has tons of cash hidden around the house. But she’s a little old world too – she loves a floral print, she’s always ready to put the kettle on and share some well earned life experience, and her shelves are stuffed with souvenirs from decades of travel. My friends love her, and my kids can’t wait to visit her because surely she will tell them something they are far too young to hear.

She’s cool.

So how do you define such uniqueness? I am going to try. Let’s break down the elements of what I’m calling a new/old trend – “Eccentric English Grandma”.

Mixing Multiple Patterned Furniture Pieces

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Pattern On Pattern 12
design by soane britainduro olowu | photo by alexander james | via t magazine

You walk into her home and you are excited because the lady is either colorblind or BRAVE. She mixes so many patterns and has zero rules. But despite it seeming like she is patterning with reckless abandon, she does have some tricks up her sleeves. Let’s dive into what they are.

Delicate Prints

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Pattern On Pattern 6
design by nicola harding | photo by paul massey | via architectural digest

While she isn’t opposed to bolder graphic patterns, she is pretty into the smaller, more delicate patterns and prints. Small prints are back and it’s been a while. Since the ’80s I’d say (perhaps since her heyday).

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Pattern On Pattern 11
design by nick olsen | photo by thomas loof | via house beautiful

Just because they are delicate doesn’t mean she uses them delicately. She repeats the SAME pattern while mixing in others. If you like something, why not love it even more?

So Many Florals

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Pattern On Pattern 10
design by heidi caillier design | photo by haris kenjar photography

While delicate prints and patterns are king, florals are the crowned jewels. And it feels about time (if you ask grandma and me). Finally, florals are having a modern moment in furniture, and I want more, and more, and more. Who would have guessed this would be THE trend of 2020? Granda could have.

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Pattern On Pattern 8
design by g.p. schafer architect and rita konig | via coco kelly

Here the designers played with mixing floral scales in the same color palette. It keeps your eye happy and interested. EEG (Eccentric English Grandma) APPROVED.

Reath Design, Westwood Residence. Photographed By Laure Joliet 2019
design by reath design | photo by laure joliet

This is true modern floral perfection. So now what we have our prints locked down, let’s move on. Grab your martini.

Decorative Lampshades

Whether pleated, fabric, patterned or tapered, she uses lampshades as an opportunity to add some serious texture, dimension, color, and pattern. She always says, “lampshades are like the rug of the face”. Oh, Grandma. That is utter nonsense. Let’s see if we can decode what she’s talking about, yes?

Pleated Shades

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Lampshades 5
design by beata heuman

I’m ordering one of these right now. Pleated shades had a breakout moment last year, but now they are a 2020 staple. Bu-bye drum and hello seemingly unnecessary, decorative shade. Remember when minimalism was so big like two years ago? HA.

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Lampshades Side By Side 2
left: design by brandon schubert | photo by paul massey | via house & garden | right: design by hay

They evoke feelings of yesterday and yet are so stunningly fresh and modern. Ok, next up…

Patterned Fabric Shades

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Lampshades 7
design by g.p. schafer architect and rita konig | via cafe design 

It takes bravery to go so old world with a patterned fabric shade. But there is something so warm, inviting, eclectic and just weird about it.

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Lampshades 4
design by ash nyc, nathalie jordi, & studiowta | photo by alex yeske

I want to be in that room so badly. I feel happier just looking at it. Gingham on gingham, guys. Gingham. On. Gingham.

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Lampshades 10
design by ellen niven | photo by simon watson | via house beautiful

While I’m not yet into monogramming pillows, I sure do like the Wes Anderson vibe of the headboard/wall/lampshade fabric. Grandma would be very into this as it is a true design rule breaker. And she loves a hit of animal print. That’s probably where we divide.

Pleated and Patterned Fabric Shades

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Lampshades Side By Side
left: design & photo by harding & read | right: design by heidi caillier design | photo by haris kenjar photography

Why not take both of these awesome looks and put them together. As grandma says, “more is more is best.” Grandma, how many martinis have you had and can I have one?


Emily Henderson Granny Chic Ruffles 4
design by beata heuman

Nobody here is shocked that I love a ruffled bed skirt (or a good couch skirt). Sure, the mountain house screamed simplicity with the architecture and neutral decor, but as a style polygamist this granny was screaming, “why so boring???” (FYI, I don’t think it’s boring, just a different vibe for the function of that house which is calm and relaxation. Shut it, grandma).

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Ruffles 7
design by suzanne demisch | photo by stephen kent johnson | via surface

A bed or couch skirt is innately whimsical and I am highly considering one for the house. Can you guess which room??

Color: Via Painted Walls Or In The Furniture

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Walls 7
design by g.p. schafer architect and rita konig | via coco kelly

The all-white wall movement still works in the right space, but in an old house (specifically in a grayer climate like England, or say Portland) you want and need cozy and moody colors. The stimulation and mood-enhancing properties of said colors will change your day to day attitude. Plus, bold colors are so fun.

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Green Walls Side By Side
left: image source | right: image source

Take these two rooms for example. They still would have been pretty if the cabinetry and walls were white but with the green they are serious showstoppers.

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Walls 11
design by pappas miron | photo by david land | via architectural digest

Now, it’s no secret that I love red, and it’s not going away. It’s my full-time job right now to try to find the right room to paint red in my house. Perhaps the kid’s room door and trim? Half wall? It’s an absolute burst of energy and bravery… right, grandma?

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Walls 12
design by robert kime | photo by simon upton | via house & garden

Colorful walls, check. Now it’s time to top off those drinks and get into my last EEG topic…

Antique Frames For Art

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Vintage Frames 1
design by heidi caillier design | photo by haris kenjar photography

While I love the simple grid of art and all matching frames, for the right place, the antique frames and seemingly randomness of the art certainly makes it feel forever lived in. Also, please note the plaid sofa with a ruffle skirt. Also please note the white walls with the gray trim just like Sara did and wrote about this week. Ok, let’s look at more awesome vintage frames.

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Vintage Frames 6
design & photo by anna haines

You can go for the same colored vintage frame like those gold-gilded guys in the photos above. OR you can mix and match frame materials, frame widths and obviously sizes. Also, always be sure to mix up the types of art. Use photos, drawings, paintings, etc. Grandma would NOT approve of the “one medium” look.

Emily Henderson Granny Chic Frames Side By Side
left: design by g.p. schafer architect and rita konig | via coco kelly | right: design by heidi caillier design | photo by haris kenjar photography

Now that you have all the info of where I am headed (design-wise) I have a fun fact about me that I haven’t told you (I don’t think). My great Aunt Flossy moved in with us when I was 8, she was 88 years old. My parents barely knew her but we were the only relatives she had. She lived through the great depression, served in World War 1 and 2 as a nurse, went to college and taught elementary school for decades, never having kids herself. By the time she came to us, she had Alzheimer’s, a lot of facial hair, and spit on the floor all day. At the time I was a child, then a teenager, so my understanding of her life was immature at best. She lived with us until she was 101 YEARS OLD. I had already left for college. She wasn’t the eccentric grandma that I’m writing about today, but she had stories. She didn’t care what other people thought. She lived far more, worked far harder, and endured far more than my muse today. I would have liked to know her before she had Alzheimer’s. And while I don’t think she cared about decor (she was more into hoarding away every penny in case of emergency), this is for her. I see you now, Aunt Flossy and I’ve started telling my kids the story of your life. I’m grateful for your strange but now positive impact on my life.

SO. Like I said this is the direction we are going and I want your thoughts.

Are you into this wacky, eccentric English grandma (Aunt Flossy?)… I’m headed fast and hard into this for our 100-year-old English Tudor. It feels so good to be SO excited again about this living room, and honesty the whole house. Expect an English accent in my insta stories soon…

Fin Mark


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I’m excited for your enthusiasm! However I’m terrified of Eccentric English Grandma! Eeeeeeeeee!!! Such a push-pull reaction. Though if anyone can pull it off and make it stylish and interesting it’s you! Bring it!


I appreciate the energy of this comment—upbeat terror is pretty funny! ?
(I am super excited about this English Eccentric Grandma situation.)

Oh yes. “Upbeat Terror’ could be the next trend. Its funny, yesterday I spent ALL DAY picking out fabrics for our sconce shades and some of them were totally nuts, and would be so awesome in a photo of that vignette, but I am going to pull it back. I did choose a floral for that old antique chaise lounge that I bought and I feel REALLY GOOD about it. its just the right about of “nuts”.


Oh, that kinda makes me sad. The issue with bold patterns is to balance it with other bold touches. Rooms with just a smidge of boldness look wishy-washy to me.

Katherine Love

Upbeat Terror describes life as a photographer in a nutshell.


Oh Emily, My English Grammy Eliza Doyle lived on the third floor of my girlhood home and was flashy yet mumsy. Every time I bring home a piece of floral majolica from the flea I wink up at her.


I’m so excited! This is definitely what that room needs. And it will be done in your own unique way.


Hell, yes!


Such a fun post to read! From an English reader, I’m very interested to see where you take our grandma1 : )

I might need your help. We had some british friends over on sunday and I spoke to them about it and they were scared because their english grandma had very uncomfortable furniture that they weren’t allowed to sit on. I think everyone is generally scared in a fun way. Or like @molly and @erika said, above, its ‘Upbeat Terror”


YES! I am definitely in the Eccentric English Grandma mode. What a fun post.

Also, that paragraph on “So what is ‘Eccentric English Grandma?'” is really funny. Great writing!

thank you 🙂 Don’t you kinda want to hang out with her? I’ve been needing a muse, that inspiration a ‘jumping off point’ for a LONG TIME for this house, and finding it does make designing and styling so much easier.


Finally! This is totally my style- but it’s definitely difficult to execute! You can’t really find a lot of things new – And piecing together the right vintages takes time. I have been hoarding some floral patterned chairs, an ottoman, lampshades and fabric scraps for pillows (yet to made) in my basement for months!

It’s like, traditional, modern, layered, but I also feel like you HAVE to do it with high quality materials, or else it just looks like you took a bunch of hand me downs…

Excited to see where your living room goes! I live in a 20’s Sear’s kit Tudor!

Jessica L

I am VERY into this ?


I have followed along with your design adventures for SO LONG and am coming out of the woodwork now to say how excited I am for Eccentric English Grandma. My style is EEG by default – our house was built in 1810 and thanks to a combination of luck (good family heirlooms) and financial realities (everything else we have that wasn’t handed down was cast off by friends, thrifted, or bought cheaply), it is just really…eclectic. Some days it feels genteel bordering on Grey Gardens, and sometimes it feels squalid. So I’m so glad to see you and other designers I love (Rita!) celebrating and promoting this aesthetic. It definitely makes me love my space a bit more.

I’ve referenced Grey Gardens a lot the last couple months – which excites me. The ONLY thing i’m fearful of is it looking like an actual thrift store – which i’ve done before. The “designer” in me is having problems letting go of curated color palette, but I think thats the best way to keep it lean in without it going complete ‘thrift’.


Same same! Our home is an Italianate Victorian from 1880 and every room is covered in a different, crazy loud Bradbury & Bradbury wallpaper. Original light fixtures, etc. It’s rare to get decor inspiration from most content out there, so I am so excited to see the grandma-chic look embraced!


Your last sentence? Is me!


I totally agree. I have loved the house Rita Konig designed in Mill Valley. It sort of feels like the Cotswolds are in California. I tend to gravitate to this style too. I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

Anna Durante

I LOVE this trend… I am SO tired of seeing gray walls and white barn doors. This is classic, timeless, and carries so much personality! The combos are endless!

Wendy Munsell

Hurray for daring to color outside the design lines again! I’m excited to see what unfettered you comes up with moving forward!


I like where this is going


I love it. My own house is a very traditional Cape in New England and this fits my house and my style a lot better than the white walls everywhere with neutral furniture that’s been so popular for years.


I’ve always loved mid century design and my mum, who was born in the late 1940s lived through it as a child/teenager and always hated it. I think that’s how I feel about this – it reminds me of the worst rooms I grew up in, in the 80s. But maybe Emily, you an make it work. Good luck!


This. Though, if anyone can pull it off, it’s Emily.

Guys, I appreciate your support but i’m scared, too. Yesterday I played with so much vintage plaid and i can’t tell if its 80’s or RAD. I accidentally made Charlie’s room too 80’s when I first designed it in this house so I’m scared. But I appreciate your belief in me… xx


If you like it and it’s your “hell yes” great. It’s not mine, not a fan. Does Brian love it ??

ha,. i’m not TOTALLY sure. I think he’s scared, but its not like i’m replacing all our furniture – just leaning in. I think he likes weird stuff as long as its comfortable and functional.

Sandra Guilbault

I need to see YOUR spin before I can decide. About half of these look 100% feminine (is our Grandma a widow at this point?) And my favorite thing about your designs is the masculine balance you bring to everything.

I’m skeptical, but I trust you! Cautiously optimistic!


Haha “is grandma a widow at this point?” made me laugh out loud! Also I teared up about Aunt Flossy. I know I know. My old aunts and uncles are all gone now and how I wish I could tell them how much I appreciate their impact on my childhood.


Very into this look. We are buying a house in old town Alexandria and I’ve been pinning a lot of stuff like this. It’s comfortable and colorful and lived in which is exactly what we want to feel in our home!!


Yassssss!!! This is what you have been wanting for this house—-and now you (consciously) KNOW it in your KNOWER!!! Keep in mind that part of this is about FREEDOM for you. Don’t worry or overthink. Just PLAY and your heart will show up in this design. So HAPPY for you!!! So much love??


YES!!! This is what I’ve been wanting for that home all along! Can’t wait to see what you come up with… a spot for tea, with a lil bit of whiskey!


I freaking LOVE it. I can’t tell you how many Bloomsbury inspired images I’ve ripped out of magazines and pinned throughout my years. Our home is pretty mid century so it doesn’t seem entirely right here, but you can bet my Bloomsbury home and garden will be our next one!

OOh i don’t even know what Bloomsbury is but Imma google right now …


Ooooo girl, do it! I think there was an article in Domino magazine circa 2007 about bloomsbury-inspired interiors (using the Bloomsbury group’s Charleston farmouse.) Very english painter/garden.


Bloomsbury – yes, yes, absolutely yes.


Yes! Fourth-ing. Bloomsbury is exactly it.


I am into this!!! I just pinned a blue leopard fabric pleated shade and thought “No one will get why I like this…” As a designer, I’ll be watching this closely since EEG is one of those styles that seems hard to pull together quickly without looking contrived. True EEG’s curate over decades… Can’t wait to see it unfold! I suspect the key is to use black…

I know. This truly is the challenge and i’m not replacing a lot of major pieces, just adding a decorative layer (and maybe switching out the chairs). Those photos are my inspiration but agreed that it can look contrived. I will say that I have SO much vintage art, antique accessories and vintage fabrics to play with….


Thank goodness! Can’t wait for you to return to color and a little bit of fun—which you have always done so awesomely. 🙂 (Not that you aren’t also talented with your current style!)

Ah thanks. Yah Its crazy how much I love the mountain house despite its lack of color. I suppose that is its purpose. But here i’m missing it really bad and finally feel inspired (I also think its because my kids are 4 and 6 and life has all of a sudden gotten easier so I have more space in my head (and physical space) to care about my home again. I wanted less chaotic for a few years and now i’m like ‘i think we can handle it’.


You are living the dream by having two homes with two totally different styles! I love airy, neutral, California casual AND bold, colorful, maximalist English gentry styles, but I don’t want my house to look like it has multiple personalities.


Weeeeeellllllllllllllllllll, I trust your instincts. So I will very quietly say “No thank you”



hahaha. I totally get it. We”ll see …. meanwhile … #upbeatterror 🙂




Love EEG and Aunt Flossy! I want to be THAT grandma! Can’t wait to see what you do!!!! Cheers!


I’ve decided that my dream house is an English cottage. Bring on English design!


Glad you are shifting back! I was really drawn to your first “traditional” living room. And it’s not that I don’t like it now, but the first styling had warmth, personality and a cozy feel to it that felt in sync with the style and age of the house, but still eclectic. Maybe it was just too different for you from what you had before, but it definitely helped me make some decisions about my own LR, so thank you. My LR works hard – not only does it need to look good but has to function well with a TV, a baby grand and for a family member who uses a cane…..extra challenges. The LR is such an important space and so satisfying when it feels “right.”

I think i was too hard on it. I wish I had kept that rug, but I now realize that it was the rug and sofa combo that was too heavy. If I could go back in time I would keep the rug and do a different colored sofa. I think the tones of the red and blue were the same weight and that somehow looked well bad. I would LOVe to get a vintage persian again but a 10×14 is either SO expensive or very hard to find and B. the one that we have is insanely comfortable. it’s like sitting on a piece of furniture so it will be hard to go back … not sure why i’m blabbing, but THANK YOU and I agree with you about my first iteration – it did have more soul and felt more right with the house. so i’m trying to head back but better (and weirder).


I think you have a better idea of what works now for you . You really have great style and the room has such good bones….I have a feeling that you are going to make some changes this time and will love it. I bet that’s part of the dilemma – that such a nice room shouldn’t be so hard! A good sofa is hard to change. I wonder if you’ve ever considered two slightly smaller, light-colored sofas across from each other with a nice sturdy coffee table between them (that the kids can use) and a couple of chairs that turn toward fireplace? It would balance the weight and not be heavy. I have a feeling it would function well and look really good…

Mary Rachel

LOVE THIS. I now know for certain what I could never articulate before: I want to live my life in Eccentric English Grandma meets Old Man Library!!!


Same, same! 🙂


Yes, yes, YES.

Kathy Templeton

It’s a look that I certainly owned and did once upon a time. Still love it. In my 45 years of design it was the Charles Faudree era! You will do it well and with excitement!


YES! This is so fun and gets my whole-hearted approval! Soooo excited to see what you do with this style.


YASSSS! I am so here for this! I understand that this look can be a lot, but I know you will do it in a fresh way (can’t wait to see that) AND you have the super clean lines of the mountain home as a nice foil from time to time.

we’ll see! I showed Brian the accent fabric for the kids canopy yesterday and he was like ‘yellow?’ and Julie and I quickly said, uh no its mustard and he was and still is scared (I might change it to green). I currently have 8 different fabrics on the sconce shades in the living room trying to figure out what might work …


I love yellow and mustard! I’d love to see it in any room, and imagine it looking great in the kids’ room. But I have some version of yellow in almost every room in my house.


you have my complete attention – I’m all in!


I don’t “decorate”, in terms of having a color scheme or specific style of furniture. My stuff has personal meaning and evolved from travels, family heirlooms and lucky finds. My place has a bit of boho/granny vibe and it is eclectic and well loved. Good luck on this new venture!


Yes!!!! LOVE Eccentric English Grandma & that you are exploring a more quirky style once again. Can’t wait to see it in action.


Yes! Love it! We live in a 200 year old Victorian and that is exactly what we need!!

Susan Kirtz

Ooo girl, I dunno… But I suppose if anyone can pull it off, it’s you!


This post makes me miss my adopted Grandmother, Grace. When she died at 102, she was still living in the house she decorated in 1957 with nothing (truly) changed since then, down to the kid art framed on the wall (her kids were in their 70’s at the time : ). Every room had different wall paper with drapes, pleated lampshades, and furniture that matched or at least complimented the wallpaper. It was the coziest house ever all done in dark, rich colors. She died a few years ago, but it’s on the gray, gloomy days when my heart aches to pop over for a chat with her in that cozy house.


Any concerns about ‘clutter-body’ with the extra patterns and layering?


Yes yes yes yes!!! Yes and yes!!! This post is my absolute favorite…..maybe ever….and I’m a daily reader!! Rita Konig (particularly her interior design work on the CA property you’ve shown above as inspo) and Heidi Caillier are two of my absolute favorite designers. I literally stare at the two properties they’ve designed every single day. They have been a major inspiration to the interior design of my own home that we recently bought. Needless to say, I am totally down with you channeling your inner “eccentric English grandma” look. I cannot wait to see you implement the above ideas into your gorgeous home. BRING IT, Emily!!


Ugh… ruffle skirts? Is Brian saying hell no?! I will try to keep an open mind ?


Love your excitement and typically your style, but this is a hard no for me. But I truly believe everyone should do whatever works for them in their own house so go for it!! I don’t believe this will be a thing. People (millennials) included what to simplify their lives and have less. while a couple of heirlooms and or amazing antique finds are fabulous in the right place…. a large amount of them…. everything in one room including the walls and lamp shades is just too much for me. To each their own though!
Good luck!


Yes, yes, yes! Go for it. I’m all in on everything but the pleated lamp shades (despise them). That house from Coco Kelly is perfection. Looking forward to a less restrained Emily. Lol


Several of these were in my house growing up, but I think my mom had more of a modern country/farmhouse vibe than English Grandma. We had the ruffled bed skirts, patterned sofa (plaid) against printed wallpaper, vintage frames, plaid lampshades, ruffled lampshades, and even ruffles on the window blinds! Your inspiration photos made me nostalgic as they remind me of homes of friends and family when I was growing up. I’m excited to see how you use these things in your home!

Heidi Stapp

Vintage Laura Ashley prints from the 70’s and 80’s. Beautiful English fabrics!!!


Yes! I have a Laura Ashley decorating book from the 80s that I loved, and I’ve kept just for nostalgia. This post is making me want to pull it out.


As a young girl I was obsessed with Laura Ashley! When I became a teenager, I asked for my room to be re-done in all Laura Ashley periwinkle and white, with a cowslip and periwinkle border at the ceiling, and I even learned to sew, making my own round pillow with full ruffles in Home Ec class out of Laura Ashley material. I still love the English Country look, but nowadays I am all about paring down, having less stuff, and showcasing some family heirlooms amidst cleaner lined furniture ( more like Target Emily :)) I will enjoy peeking in on this design journey for sure!


Emily, you need to check out the English magazine House & Garden if you haven’t already. It’s the home of this style.
From an English reader ?


Yay! EEG is the exact feel that your Tudor house has been calling for all along! I can’t wait to see what comes next, but I am so hoping that it involves the curvy floral sofa (the “wedding dress you can’t afford so why try it on…”) that you had shown in your sofa dilemma post a few months ago. It would be the perfect anchor for your living room.
And even though I love the clean lines and peaceful feel of the Mountain House, I couldn’t be more excited about a Wes Anderson inspiration. My favorite designer X my favorite director = stylistic bliss!


From someone with two English grandmas (“nans”), and an English mum who is now a grandma (“nanny”), I am here for this. However, English grandmas usually don’t get this right in a fashion-forward, stylishly eclectic sort of way. It’s usually just an explosion of floral patterns and colors with no real direction. So I’m excited to see you take it on! I do love it when it is done right….


I love you and everything you do, buuuuut… I think I spend too much time with actual English Grandmas to be anything other than terrified. One day I’ll send you pictures of my in laws house, and they will Curl. Your. Hair.


You’re describing my style! Paisleys, prints, rich color, layered pattern, comfy chairs, picture frames with character. That chaise will finally be perfect in your living room. Can’t wait to see what you do with that gorgeous space.


Love it! It makes me think of Ben Pentreath – l’ve been a huge fan of his for a while now.


And his crazy yellow kitchen! Love that so much.


Using “senile” in the headline is really insensitive, y’all. Dementia and other mental health issues of old age aren’t funny–I can tell from the way you loving describe your Aunt Flossy that you know that–but language does matter.


Yes. Emily, I realize you changed the headline, but it’s still there in the post. Like, come on. You do social media for a living. You have to know that describing a style as “senile grandma” is super tone-deaf (as it the white lady pearl-clutching from Insta over the superbowl and the implication that women cannot be both sexy and smart)


I knew there would be one (or two). Outrage Police 24/7. Why not just give it a rest!!!!! The world would be a much better place.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with joking about a “senile grandma.” Just as there is absolutely nothing wrong with being tired of the NFL’s decision to only feature scantily clad women, whether they are cheerleaders or singers. The day the NFL features Bruce Springsteen in a leotard climbing up a stripper pole is the day I’ll actually see progress.


YES!!!! Love it!!!!!! Can’t wait to see what you do!


I LOVE this direction! I’m excited.


I am here for this! I am excited to see how you will put your spin on it. Will you still add some modern pieces in as part of keeping it eclectic?

Karie Hampton

YES! THIS is the vibe I’m going for. I’ve been describing it in my head as old English/Southern farmhouse that somebody’s really cool grandparents just passed down to us. I could pin all these photos. Love!

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