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Oh Joy party at The Fig House

Well, folks, The Fig House is up and running. They have a ton of weddings, parties, and personal events booked (you can even just book a huge dinner party there) but no one really thinks about it as a day time venue – and its such a beautiful one. No one except my friend Joy and The Land of Nod, that is.

Joy has a line of kids furniture/accessories that just launched at Land of Nod and I’m VERY proud of her. The Land of Nod team, including Crafting Community came in and transformed the space although I have to say that it’s almost as if The Fig House was made for that party. Color-wise it was just perfect.

Oh Joy Land of Nod_01

Oh Joy Land of Nod_04

Oh Joy Land of Nod_03

They even brought in the Oh Joy tour bus that sat in the exterior:

LON-launch-party_156 copy

Oh Joy Land of Nod_Ice Cream_Final

Oh Joy Land of Nod_07

Oh Joy Land of Nod_02

Oh Joy Land of Nod_08

Room Forty catered the party and they made these delicious sliders, macaroni and cheese (except they don’t do anything simply so this macaroni and cheese tasted like 100 angels crying on your tongue), and corn dog lollipops – all a play on kids snacks, but delicious enough for us grown ups.

Oh Joy Land of Nod_Food_Final

It was incredibly fun and satisfying to be there and see the space in action. It turns out that The Fig House really works for events. Thank god.

Oh Joy Land of Nod_05

Besides me wearing a really unflattering shirt, I’d say that the day was a total success. So yes, this is my post to promote my friends adorable project,  Oh Joy for Land of Nod, but also to remind y’all that this space isn’t just for night-time events and certainly not just for weddings. Book your photo shoots, film shoots, or bring in a food truck and book a day drinking birthday party here. The exterior is one step away from being finished and then I’ll show you photos (it’s basically done now, we just don’t have any photos yet).

This post was brought to you by Oh Joy for Emily Henderson. Kidding. No sponsors on this one, just proud of my friend and love promoting The Fig House. 

Want more info on The Fig House? Check out the construction of the Fig House Here: Fig House Inspiration, Fig House Opening, Fig House Opening Party And email for bookings or inquiries.


Photographer: Casey Brodley for Oh Joy

For more of The Fig House Reveals: The Bridal SuiteThe Stained Glass Design | The VIP Man Cave | The Lounge | The House Tour

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