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Fig House – The Bridal Suite Design

Just when you guys thought we were done documenting The Fig House, I sneak away to shoot the bridal suite and shock you with a super insane/weird makeover. This room is where the bride (or anyone really) gets ready and stages all their stuff. We wanted it to be pretty and pulled together and of course, this was our opportunity to do something really feminine and girly. By the time we got to this room we were on a pretty tight budget as the priority was the actual event space. Often these kinds of projects run in phases – phase one was to be the main space, and then this building was more of a phase 2. But we ended up pulling it together in phase one because we realized how much time was going to be spent in this building – a lot.

Click through to see the whole makeover and ‘get the look’:

bridal suite before

I’m still shocked out how fun and stylish it turned out – for such a small budget. It’s not for those of you who are into, ahem, ‘masculine’ or ‘minimal’ – it’s definitely on the girly side … you’ll see.

When we started this part of the project, this building was basically a Chinese restaurant, and when I say basically I mean it was literally a Chinese restaurant. Like with shrimp chow mein and peking duck. It actually looked like this:

Roomforty 05

Roomforty 07

The owners of the restaurant had run it for decades and they were ready to retire, so they put the building up for sale. When we came in to design it, we had to really reimagine it. The shell of the building remained but otherwise it was completely demo’d on the inside. This building was turned into the RoomForty and Fig House headquarters on the same property as the event space. For those of you just joining the party, The Fig House is an event space that you can rent out for any event – wedding, party, bar mitzvah, corporate event, book signing, etc and RoomForty is the catering company that is attached to it – owned by the same guy.


Back to the ‘chinese restaurant turned bridal suite’ issue. I did most of the demolition myself. In heels. While pregnant.

Actually the construction was done by KD Construction, headed by the wonderful General Contractor, Ken Hale. The whole project took a year (including the event space), but taking that shot of me ‘pretend-demo’ing’ took a cool 5 minutes.

Ready to see how it looks now?


Woah. What I love about it is how understated and masculine it is. I really used the power of ‘pulling it back’ on this one. So let’s get into it.

You may have noticed that the two rooms (the before and after) don’t look anything alike. That’s because the architecture was totally changed and the windows were taken out. If you are ever on the fence about taking out a window (a source of natural light), don’t. We did because the owner really wanted a sense of privacy for the brides and the street that is on the other side of the wall is kinda busy and not very private. And from the outside he wanted an architecturally really simple facade, without windows. One of the reasons that we put off shooting this for so long is because it is extremely hard to shoot anything without natural light – at least not in a way that is my style (you can use flashes, etc, but it’s not very ‘editorial’). It has two small skylights that bring in natural light (that was our compromise) but in the photos those just shine down like spotlights on the sofa (you can see the light reflection on the wall and the shadows it created with the lamp).

It makes for a super private and cozy room with enough natural light from the ceiling, just one that is really hard to shoot. And since I get most of my satisfaction in life by shooting and then staring at photos of my work, this one has always been tricky for me. But Jessica did a great job.


As you might remember most of the Fig House space is deco inspired with big pops of color. There is no shortage of velvet or tufting over here. This furniture in here is basically the leftover furniture from the main space. Not that we didn’t like it, AT ALL, but as we were styling out The Fig House we realized that the pink was working better in smaller doses in there. We didn’t have a clear cut plan as far as what furniture is going where (except for that green sectional and the pink corner sectional) so we played and played and the leftovers were relocated to other spaces – including the bridal suite. Of course these actually work really well in here, and originally I wasn’t like – ONLY PINK FURNITURE. It just happened that way.

I hesitate to show you what comes next but it’s pretty darn juicy/disgusting stuff to blog about so here goes. There are thrift stores in LA that have auctions in the morning before the store opens. These auctions are mainly full of disgusting things that the thrift store deems not really sellable. They are often wrong. Of course these things aren’t livable as is, but often their bones are good, their finishes are not. So one morning we went to one of these auctions and bought a bunch of furniture for like $5, $10, $20.


The process is a bit hairy, certainly, but we are scrappers and we were also over budget so 5 pieces of furniture for $75 was a very good thing. I know what you are thinking – That’s disgusting. I can’t believe you show your client this,  immediately followed by, “How did you possibly make sure that it’s clean enough? and then the inevitable ‘WHERE ARE THESE AUCTIONS AND CAN ANYONE GO??? I don’t think I actually ever showed the client these photos, but it has been 2 years now and well, I want a good blog post so you are getting the dirty stuff (but not the location/store, sorry!!!).

Here’s the deal with disgusting furniture – your upholsterer should always remove all fabric and foam from a piece. YES, you need to specify this because even our dude, who is awesome, often used to just secretly leave it and hope we didn’t notice. We did notice and he had to redo them. So make sure to specifically say, ‘All new foam and filling’. I’ve never had any problems with anything that has had new foam and filling. In fact the one time some furniture did have bugs was in a brand new wood dining chair set from a really large reputable furniture store that will remain nameless because they apologized, refunded and stopped carrying that manufacturers pieces immediately. Point is – if you get rid of everything except the frame, you should be fine. I’ve probably recovered 200 vintage pieces now in the last 6 years and not one problem.

Those chairs above were probably around $300 to recover and the fabric was $30 a yard (I think, possibly more), The fabric is from Pindler and Pindler which is a wholesale company that has more commercial grade fabrics and it ain’t cheap. We needed 5 yards for that piece. So all in, we are at about $500 for that little love seat. Had it been for a residential client we probably would have purchased cheaper fabric, but we wanted the good stuff for longevity.

But, that’s not the only piece that we recovered for this room:


I purchased that chaise on Craigslist for $75. I love that little piece so much – the scale is just perfect and it doesn’t have too many crazy lines or tufts. Have you ever actually laid in a chaise? It’s a total wonder to me why we all don’t have them in our houses. They are like personal, individual, human-sized sofas and are incredibly cozy and comfortable. Your back is well supported, your legs are stretched out and relaxed – it just doesn’t make sense to me why we aren’t putting more of these in our bedrooms, at least. Perk up, large furniture retailers, start making a modern chaise because why buy a chair and ottoman when you can just have one pretty piece of furniture?

That piece was probably around $300 to recover as well. We had our dude clean up the wood, too. I don’t think he refinished it, just gave it a sanding and a coat of oil to get rid of the years of dust.


Now this bench (above) was from the flea market and we left on the original fabric – because it is beautiful. We had it cleaned but otherwise left as is. I love those little brass legs. Underneath that deco mirror, it’s the perfect little place to get your makeup done. We bought the mirror at an antique store (I believe it was $400).


All the art, mirrors, side tables, etc were basically thrifted or from vintage stores. At the beginning of the project we started collecting vintage mirrors (we found many at thrift stores for $15 – $30) and throughout the project they found homes. Especially in a room without a lot of windows to break up the wall space, the mirrors were crucial. Not only did they reflect light but they act as windows and make the space feel bigger.

The portrait is obviously controversial. I’m pretty sure Steve, the owner of the space, would love to see it accidentally doused with lighter fluid and burned while he accidentally chanted ‘BURN BURN BURN’. It’s ‘crazy lady’, for sure, but it’s also really exciting and fun. I think it was crazy cheap, too, for how big it is (I think it was $75 and it’s huge – like 3′ x 4′). The standing vintage brass dress rack is actually not vintage I found out. I bought it at the flea market from Big Daddy’s (a vendor that manufactures new things and sells vintage pieces as well). I thought it was vintage until I saw it the following week at the flea market and was like ….hey….wait a minute. I HATE getting fooled by new things at flea markets.

The amount of times I’ve bought ‘vintage mid-century pottery’ for ‘a steal’ at $5 then later realized it’s 2-year-old Z Gallerie or West Elm is hilarious. DUPED!!!! In fact this one flea market dealer is dead to me now, DEAD, because she sold me this “vintage” “one-of-a-kind” pinup poster for $200 (it was life-sized and already framed) and the following month, I saw from afar another one in her booth, identical to mine. As I got closer, she saw me and freaked out and proceeded to try and hide it. That was the worst part. She could have said ‘Oh, it’s a limited edition, from the 60’s, I happen to have 3, blah, blah’ but instead she scrambled to deceive me. Every month she tries to win back my sales by kissing my ass about something as I walk briskly past her booth, but she is dead to me. Dead.

Anyway, the protocol is that yea, you can sell that stuff, fine, just don’t actually lie and say ‘it’s vintage/one of a kind, etc’.


The rug was around $350 from an antique store. The standing lamp was around $300 from a vintage store (I love that lamp and we needed something modern in there) and the hanging guy was cheap but I forget from where or how much. And in case you are wondering if these are the prices that I charged my client the answer is yes. For this particular project I worked off a fee instead of hourly or commission (not smart) so I passed on the prices that I received in order to stretch the budget as far as possible (this is what happens when you are personally and emotionally invested in a project – the idea of ‘profiting’ takes a backseat to being proud of the project). Now we sell our vintage pieces for market price. I know I keep hinting at this, but the online vintage store is getting close to ready!!!


I love that rug. I get asked constantly where I get vintage rugs and my answer is ‘everywhere and nowhere’. Most clients don’t want something so worn or antique, but I do. I find the best rugs under tables at flea markets or displayed in vintage stores on the ground as their rug. Rug dealers are expensive and shady, but we do buy from them often for clients. But all my favorite vintage or antique rugs were random finds. I personally don’t bother cleaning them for myself unless they are actually dirty. I shake the hell out of them to get all the dust out, but cleaning them is rarely less than $200 so it kinda defeats the purpose of finding cheap rugs. You can use a carpet cleaning service that comes to your house and does each rug for less than $75 a rug (you have to have a minimum of a certain amount of carpet/rugs to do), which is what I’ve done for my own. I have no idea how much it actually cleans them but I mentally feel better. Pre-Charlie I didn’t really care, but now I do because I don’t want that little baby rubbing his cheeks on Bette Midler’s 1980’s drug and orgy matter. The rugs for The Fig House (those three that I bought from Bette Midlers estate – they were from the 20’s but she bought them in the 80’s, of course) were $250 each to clean professionally because we really wanted those colors to feel fresh and to pop.

Man. This post is really going on and on. I’m back to my ‘wake-up-at-5am-drink-coffee-and-write’ schedule and I can’t tell if this is too much blabbing or if it’s valuable. You tell me.


The wallpaper. So that wallpaper is from Farrow and Ball and it’s a light mossy-green and metallic. In retrospect I wish that we had only done this on the top half of the room and added a chair rail on the bottom half. What is so great about metallic wallpaper is how it reflects the light around and since we didn’t have a lot of natural light in here, we needed some action on the walls to help everything from feeling flat and dead. It’s a subtle pattern that makes is really soothing. In a room with a lot of natural light it really really shines, in a good way.


So there you go. All you brides have a pretty adorable/insane place to get ready with furniture that make for the perfect photo backdrop.

Naturally we pulled together a ‘get the look’ for those of you who wanted to recreate this almost 100% vintage look could.


get the look_bridal suite_fig house_roundup_pink tufted couch_art deco

1. Venetian Mirror | 2. Gold Chandelier  | 3. Wallpaper | 4. Pink Tufted Settee | 5. Green Vase | 6. Floor Lamp | 7. Gold Side Table | 8. Pink Area Rug | 9. Woman Painting | 10. Green Tufted Bench | 11. Morrocan Tea Glasses

Well, folks. Are you shocked? Surprised? In love? Scared? Every time I walk into the room I get so happy and I just want to throw on one of my vintage muu muus, drink a pimm’s cup and rouge my cheeks.

*All photos by the lovely Jessica Isaac.

For more of The Fig House Reveals: The Stained Glass Design | The VIP Man Cave | The Lounge | The House Tour | The Oh Joy Party

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9 years ago

Super funky and perfect for that eccentric bride. I love all the punches of color. Some may think it’s too much but there are going to be some really bad ass pictures taken in this space! I really love the Fig House series and I am glad you still have some rooms backlogged for future posts. It’s a really magnificent house and the transformation process is really awesome to see!

-Liz for blog posts about my artist life in and out of the studio, I promise, it’s can be for anyone (^.^)

9 years ago

I just love it! Can you come take care of my house???

9 years ago

Never mind bridal suite, I’d love that as my dressing room everyday! It’s fabulous. And that “crazy lady” artwork is fantastic! Crazy in love with this room.

9 years ago

I actually love that painting most of all!

9 years ago

I love this post. I love how honest you are in it. All the little stories were just perfect. Please keep up your great work!! It is truly appreciated.

9 years ago

Love love love this. So bright and fun! And that painting, it’s a total keeper. I’m also obsessed with the hot pink furniture. Can I have one for my house please?

9 years ago

This room is so cozy and fun…and yes, girly. The more rooms I see of yours I realize just how difficult they are to pull off…and I’m amazed at how well you do it. And any dealer that is Dead to you, is Dead to me too!!

9 years ago

What a beautiful space to get ready and be with your best friends & family before whatever the big day is.
For someone who doesn’t have space outside their home to keep a used piece before it goes to an upholsterer but is freaked out about bringing in critters is there any reason you couldn’t rip off/out the material and foam and just take the frame in or does the upholsterer need to see the piece more intact?

9 years ago
Reply to  Victoria

I think so. I think stripping it is actually pretty easy. Just make sure to take a picture of what the piece looked like because it will help your upholsterer know how to recover it (tufting, no tufting, piping, no piping, etc). Make sense?

9 years ago

The chaise is everything! You are a master of upholstery; I’d love to see a roundup of all the things you have reupholstered and some tips for picking fabrics, what to expect, expenses, etc! I’ve passed on beautiful pieces before because I assumed upholstery was out of my reach, price and commitment wise, but you seem to favor it. Love to know more about your process!

9 years ago
Reply to  emily jane

Ha. Thanks Emily. I should do an updated one, though. That one is so old and i’m sure one million photos/links are broken. Stay tuned 🙂

emily jane
9 years ago
Reply to  Emily

I love that post! Although I will say it made me feel soooo empowered that I chose every piece of furniture in my house for shape and scale (and charm!) but each and every one still needs to be reupholstered : ). At least I know all about how to choose my fabric and research an upholsterer (though I’m in Portland, Oregon and fantasize that when I am ready to pull the trigger -on 1 mid-century chair, 2 swivel (1 of which is mid-century), a settee, and an 8ft long tufted couch- I would ask for your hometown recommendation/s)… Thanks Emily -for all your educational, beautiful & inspiring posts before & since!
most sincerely, emily jane
PS. the post is in pretty good shape but an updated one would be appreciated by all I’m sure : )

9 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Ooh, yes, please let us know when you do an updated version of the reupholstering article. That is so valuable; I have it bookmarked for reference.

Speaking of valuable, your ‘babble’ is very helpful detail that would be missed!

9 years ago

I don’t the the portrait is “crazy lady” at all!!! The colors are beautiful. If anyone is going to burn it, I’ll take it. The whole space is amazing. I always love how you combine colors. Just lovely.

9 years ago

What a great transformation! Love the hot pink chaise.

Elyse W
9 years ago

“Man. This post is really going on and on. I’m back to my ‘wake-up-at-5am-drink-coffee-and-write’ schedule and I can’t tell if this is too much blabbing or if its valuable. You tell me.”

Definitely valuable. Beautiful room 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  Elyse W

Thank you 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Agree! Totally valuable! Thank you 🙂

9 years ago

Emily, HONESTY is your brand. Go with it! You are so good at it and I would guess that even hourly wages get all your bills paid, plus some, with this kind of taste!

9 years ago
Reply to  kelly jo

Thank you. Its good to hear (about the honesty, thing). xx

9 years ago

I love this space, I would be thrilled to be a bride getting ready here. You are so dang good at mixing patterns and colors! I know you have posted on this before but I still can’t figure out how all this works together so well.

9 years ago

I actually don’t think it’s possible for you to write a post that’s too long. ☺ Especially if it’s full of juicy details that leave me feeling inspired and thinking “Hey! Maybe I could do that!.” Now if only there wasn’t a significant body of salt water between me and the nearest upholsterer…

9 years ago
Reply to  Charly

Why? Where do you live? Very curious. …. Thank you 🙂

9 years ago

Killing it. This is one of my favorite spaces you have pulled together. Thanks for sharing the “grittier” side of designing 🙂

9 years ago

Your work makes me so happy. Eclectic and happy. Work it!

9 years ago


9 years ago

Absolutely love this space! And the portrait. And using metallic wallpaper is genius! I think this place is exactly what I would want to get ready in if I were getting married at a place like the fig house. It’s bold and exciting, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from a place that has bright velvet furniture scattered all about.

As for the ‘blabbing’, I think getting some insight into the inner workings of design is a fabulous resource and exactly why I read your blog instead of just looking at pictures. If someone just wants visual inspiration they’d just skim through the pictures or go on pinterest. As the young people say, you do you.

9 years ago

I am so happy today! I bought the rug for my wife’s office a few months ago – I feel so proud of myself that the great Emily Henderson put her stamp! And, loving your blog and style is no coincidence. THANK YOU!

Research Warrior
9 years ago

Amazing. I’m not an eccentric, hot pink, over-the-top fan whatsoever and I love this space, even the painting. (And Bette Midler’s vintage rugs, what?!) I think what makes your style so special is your ability to create welcoming, interesting rooms that invite relaxation and conversation. Beautiful.

Also, what is that hairpin-leg masterpiece you can see through the dressing room doorway? A Midcentury bar?

9 years ago

I loved all this info! Every word is valuable. Thank you!
I also love the lady painting, maybe most of all!

Lastly, I can barely believe it’s the same space!

9 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

Oh, actually, my real last thought is that I can’t wait for you to sell sine treasures. I happily bought something from your cherish sale, but I much prefer to buy direct.

9 years ago

Please continue to wake up at 5am and write gems like this. If you “blab” even more than this one, know that you’ll still have at least one devoted reader. The longer your posts, the better! If it’s too long, I’ll just get a second cup of coffee 😉

9 years ago

Think pink!!! 🙂

9 years ago

such a great post Emily, love everything about the space and your writing brings everything to life…….amazing as always!

Xo love from Canada

Melissa B
9 years ago

Ahh the FIG House has so many lovely tufted and vintage pieces I just want to lounge around there! I need to find a good upholsterer in Portland! Know any?

9 years ago

This room does not follow your rug rules outlined earlier.

When do you break that rule and when do you follow it?

9 years ago

For the record, not blabbing on AT ALL! And that painting is fabulous…such beautiful colors!

I LOVE this space. Any lady would be lucky to prep for her wedding day in this room! And in my opinion…that painting is not “crazy lady” its totally great, that wallpaper is beautiful (I see what you mean about doing a chair rail instead, though, but I still love it as-is) and I’d like to spend the rest of my life on that hot pink chaise. It would match nothing in my home, but I just don’t care.

9 years ago

This is the kind of post I wait for! I love all the behind the scene details, it is inspiring and at the same time gives me perspective about how much time, energy, and money goes into something like those chairs/love seat which are really unique and gorgeous

9 years ago

Sassy! I love it, and I can totally empathize with the lack of windows. It’s such a bummer having to mimic natural light (not to mention impossible), but this room still looks bright and happy. I’m sure the brides will appreciate the privacy, too.

9 years ago

So pretty! Lengthy post, but fun to learn about the space! Especially love the rug! Thanks for sharing details about re-upholstering furniture too, helpful!

9 years ago

I’m getting married at The Fig House in October and I cannot wait! Thank you for making this room [as well as the others] so freakin beautiful! You’re amazing!

9 years ago

Oh man this is gorgeous! I want more of this style in my life. That big mirror and bench, the wallpaper, the painting, all the colors, so great! And I really want that robe collection. Lucky, lucky brides.

Nina Bond
9 years ago

I like you design exposè talk. Once in Bolivia I bought a really old camera for a lot of money and then later a fríend saw a “Made in China” tag on it and we realized it was a toy camera. I purchased it thinking it was a real vintage camera. When I went back to the Antique store, it had closed down.I felt like such an idiot

9 years ago

Loved every word. Babble away!

9 years ago

LOVE the room! Gorgeous And love your blabbing. You’re your best when you blab.

Speaking of which, please enter this:

9 years ago

never too much detail for me. i LOVE this femme tutti frutti look, thank you.

9 years ago

Emily – I have to thank you, this room, and the Fig House in general, really hits home with me. It’s like you went into my head and created a space filled with everything I want – and some things I actually have – in my home. I think I’ve said this in a comment before, but in redesigning my living room I was already on the path to a mini Fig House, and now you give me a link to the perfect rug to finish it off. Thanks for being mine, and many others, personal designers from afar. My home is more beautiful because of it.

9 years ago

This room is crazy and funny and fun and I love it and I hate it but I want to lounge in it but then go sit in a beige room but then come back. Like going from the sauna to snow. Anyway. Your writing is killing me. You are equal parts brilliant/inspired stylist and brilliant/inspired writer. I loves it.

9 years ago

I love long babbley posts!! They are the best!
And I love that you showed the thrift store auction — soo cool. I already love thrift stores with a passion but had no idea about them auctioning some times. I’m in IL, I’ll have to see if any do that around here.

Jenny M
9 years ago

How can you tell if an upholsterer does not use new filling, etc? I really enjoy your site and read it just about everyday.

9 years ago
Reply to  Jenny M

Ooooh, this is a really good question! I have my dad’s old wingback chair that needs recovering and I’d love to know this! Um, and at the risk of being the broken record here, I’d also love to know good upholsterers in Portland…or how do you know what makes an upholsterer good?

9 years ago

Don’t ever think you’re babbling, Emily! Your funny babbles are what make you such an interesting writer.

9 years ago

Emily your posts are fantastic. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into your content!

9 years ago

Loved this post. They can never be too long for me! Your writing is so funny and personal while providing great information.

I also love the room – as usual. I keep trying to think of ways to incorporate hot pink into my home, and not scare off men. One question: in one of those photos do I see an amazing floor lamp that later disappears?

I have gone to auctions regularly for years, but this is the first time I have seen you mention one. They’re so much fun and entertaining even when I don’t buy anything. The auction I frequent most has recently been selling a lot of Danish Modern and Italian Mid-Century Design. Have you ever considered writing a post about auctions?

9 years ago

you’re talented, you’re funny and you’re a damn good writer. It always feels like I’m having a cup of coffee with one of my funnier, chatty girlfriends. Can’t wait for the online vintage shop : )

9 years ago

Actually, I love your long posts and hearing all of your ‘unfiltered’ thoughts. It’s refreshing and fun and I pick up little helpful details that way.

9 years ago

Totally gorgeous. That’s all.

9 years ago

Great post! So informative. Love this room! Emily, I’ve heard the critters can live in the wood. Have you heard about this?

9 years ago

Ugh. This is too beautiful. It makes me want to get married across the continent (and in a different country) just so I can have this as my bridal suite. Dang you, Emily Henderson. Dang you.