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The Link Up: CBD, Our Favorite Shoes and a Good Happy Cry


Palisociety West Hollywood Longe

Hi everyone. Let’s have a check-in. How’s it going? How do you feel January went? What are the new February goals? What’s the hot gossip? Tell me everything. We have a BIG February ahead and are pretty excited to jump in. Hope you’re ready. 🙂 Did you guys see the great return of the Craigslist posts on Friday? You are asking and we are delivering (well trying to, at least). Right now, I am at the mountain house with my LA best friends and frankly, I might never come back. Kidding, I guess I have to for now with all the projects we have in the works, but in the summer, all bets are off. Hope you all got a little self-care in this weekend even if it was only a few minutes worth. Now let’s get into some very exciting things my team and I found or were talking about this past week.

The Mountain House construction is DONE. Time to start hiking! These Timberland Jayne Convenience Hiking Boots are very cute and PRACTICAL. That’s really all I want in every department of my life.

Last week, I decided to tend to myself and invested some time into self-care with a massage. But it wasn’t just any massage folks…it was a massage that included The NOW’s Peppermint CBD Balm. WHAT?! They promise a “deep and effective physical relief” with benefits of reduced inflammation, the easing of stress and anxiety…Plus increased sensory stimulation. I can tell you that promise was delivered on. I felt SO good after…loose. If you can go to The NOW in Los Angeles, do yourself a favor and #treatyoself. 

Need a new Instagram decor account to drool over?? Arlyn loves @palisociety. It’s a boutique hotel group that is serving up some GOOD color and pattern inspiration.

Speaking of needing something, you NEED to watch Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. It’s been around for a while but in my team’s opinion has not gotten the praise it deserves in the US (it’s a Canadian show). Give it an episode or two because after that you fall in love Hard.

I just bought these boyfriend overalls from Free People and have no desire to take them off because of how flattering yet comfortable they are.

Jess was incredibly moved after reading this essay written by 29-year-old chef, Fatima Ali, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Not only because of her unshakable strength but by her overall message that ‘it’s harder being miserable than it is to be happy.’ When a young dying person says something like that the rest of us need to listen. Life is simply too short to not choose happiness, even when it feels nearly impossible. 

Velinda and her family found this website to bring an endless amount of “laugh out loud” fun. If you’re looking to kind of waste some time, check it out. 

In Arlyn’s effort to become better and more conscious, she is transitioning all of her beauty and skincare products to be cruelty-free. This website has been an invaluable resource to make that process much easier. 

Skincare was a big topic this week (Sara even brought a bunch of products for us to try from her stash). So in case you were wondering, yes, she is the best. But Michael chimed in with his favorite facial moisturizer, Jack Black Face Moisturizer with SPF.  He’s used it Every. Single. Day. for 15 years. In his words ‘Gotta take care of that skin!’ And he has great skin.

Julie quit coffee and has switched to the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixir Mix. Its purpose is to help with focus and energy which she has confirmed it actually does. She recommends a lemon wedge for taste. In her words, it tastes most similar to English Breakfast tea but with some added “earthiness.”

So you’ve heard me talk about one of my favorite shoe companies, Nisolo, A LOT. My team is also 100% in love and took advantage of their last sale hard. Grace bought the Ama mule, Arlyn got the Chelsea Boot and Jess got the Mariella Mule. Our recommendation is to size up a half size. Good news for you all is that they are having another sale! It’s a Valentine’s Day BOGO (buy one get one) sale, which offers 30% off of your second purchase from their Valentine’s Day collection. Basically just buy a pair for yourself and your partner. 🙂

Now before we get into what I wore this week, I wanted to leave this here. This beautiful video is the perfect pick me up…but you have been warned that you should grab a tissue box before you hit play.

Okay, here is what I put on my body this week:

Emily Henderson Link Up Fashion Feb 3

Head to the Fashion section of the SHOP page to get the links to everything that’s available online or very similar. 🙂

Okay, that’s it for me until tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


In case you missed any of our January Link Up posts for more invigorated reading and superb product recommendations, here ya go:

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So fun!
Emily, may I please know what color chubby stick lip colors you use?
Thank you.


I think I remember awhile back her saying that it was the chunky cherry one, I have and love that one as well!


Thank you

Ellie B

Reading your awesome post was my “self-care moment” today — thank you so much, Emily and team, for all the great work that you do! Plus, I love that the fashion posts are back. Even though I have to dress a bit more formally in my line of work, I love Emily’s style and always enjoy seeing her outfits. I always come away with fresh inspiration, even if just for weekend wear or accessories.


Love reading these Sunday morning! Also! If Velinda has not yet listened to the This American Life with the InspiroBot guys, it’s a good one 🙂


Yes x 100 to Schitt’s Creek! I tell everyone I know to watch that show. Funny, sweet, original. Other TV recommendation: I’m Sorry.


Yup, Schitt’s Creek is so good. I can’t decide which character is my favorite — I hardly ever re-watch a show, but am loving re-watching this series! (I’ve heard some people say to give the series a few episodes before you dismiss it. There might be truth there, but I just can’t remember not loving it for myself)


So good!!!! I love this show, but could be biased as I’m Canadian!!!


any idea on where the clock is from in the top picture or where I could get a similar one with the chunky hands & numbers? Love it! Thx

hmmm, no. That room is from the Palihouse in West Hollywood, so maybe it’s worth calling to see if they happen to know? It’s probably a really important designer I should definitely know as a design editor, so whoops!


Ok. Thanks anyways!


Thank you for highlighting that article on the inspiring young chef. It was very moving and a sobering and humbling reminder about how short life is.



Paula Carr

Love both those dresses! Similar to ones I’ve had (and loved to death) in the past.

I’ve cried several times this week reading and watching videos about/with Fatima Ali. Such a loss!

Unfortunately, even going up half a size didn’t work for me and Nisolo, because I have a wide foot. If you regularly wear a wide width, you’ll likely not be able to fit into their shoes. I told Nisolo if they started making shoes in wide widths, I’d buy a pair (or two) in a heartbeat! It killed me to have the return the shoes I ordered.

My uncle is a shoe designer, and has always reminded me of the magic of a good shoe cobbler. I have very wide calves and have always struggled with tall boots, but he said as long as a shoe is made of leather, they likely to stretch it a bit for you. This may or may not be a solution for you, but something I always try to remember when I love the look of a shoe but it’s not quite right for my wide-ish foot.


Well, you did warn me about that video but I freaking bawled my eyes out!!!


Gap has similar overalls that look amazing for half the price (after using their 40% cupon)

As for the shoes and clothes at the shop – all look great, but unfortunately not all of us can afford 200$ for a pair of shoes, or 450$ for a pair of pants. Most of the items there are so expensive (and the ones that are not, are from Target).

Susie Q.

…and Free People never has my size. But that maxi dress is gorgeous. :'(


I’m loving these “Link Up” posts including your outfits! Love your style 🙂


Seriously? Jack Black Face😱😱😱😱? Have you guys been reading/watching/listening to the news? There is enough angst in this world without giving press to beauty/health products with offensive names, even if unconsciously so. The company should change it. When we know better we gotta do better!

Susie Q.

Yeah, but his last name is black… In my brain, I connected Jack+Black, not Black+Face. I’m sure there was no intention to offend…there are a lot of people whose last name is Black….

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