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by Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson Link Up Jan 20 Header
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Welcome back, everyone. Today marks the second installment of The Link Up (aka our favorite things from the past week). This is quickly turning into one of my favorite series because it requires mandatory office chatter involving swapping new product finds and stories we are REALLY into. But it’s the weekend and you are busy, so let’s just jump and get to the good stuff. Happy Sunday.

First and foremost….ORLANDO is coming back to your TV with HIS OWN SHOW. Words cannot describe my joy and excitement. He has worked so hard and beyond deserves this opportunity. Should I convince him to let me be a guest star on an episode??

I forgot this classic PR spin trick and was reminded of it in this parenting article. PR = Parents Rules now.

The home tour that stopped Arlyn in her tracks.

Target’s Project62 is coming out with some GOOD ceramics and this vase and this tray are some of my favorites.

Jess loved this article and its take on the type of happiness we value. Is one type of happiness superior to the other? Do we really change even if we can’t change our life? It’s some very serious good food for thought.

Evidently, these are the best, softest sheets ever according to Arlyn. The woman has tried no less than 10 different brands and has STRONG opinions about her bedding, so needless to say, we are listening to her.

Ryann couldn’t put this book down and finished it in ONE DAY. EHD book club, anyone?

Want to cook more but need the easiest way possible? Well, we’re buzzing about this one and done cookbook.

Speaking of cooking, this is the one spice Grace is putting on everything right now. EVERYTHING.

Michael could not believe no one else had seen this show and ordered us all to do so immediately.

This dress I wore this week seriously channeled my Mormon roots.

SPEAKING OF FASHION, here’s what I put on my body this week:

Emily Henderson Link Up Fashion Jan 20

Every week, we’re going to try to share these on Instagram stories, but also here in the Sunday roundup with all the links to anything available (or at the very least, some similar items) in the fashion section of the SHOP page.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and share some of your current favorites in the comments below. Xx


  1. I love this series but as a reader outside the US a lot of the links direct me to a main international page of the retailer and therefore I can never tell what the product is. For example, Michael loves THIS SHOW, I click, I get a message that amazon tv (or whatever) doesn’t exist in my region and… now i’ll never know what the show is. Same for any target product. I know it ruins the surprise/ maybe cuts down on clicks but this international reader would love it if you said Michael can’t stop watching [name of show] with a link or we are loving this [opalhouse tufted ceramic bowl] from target.

    1. Amen, from a Canadian.

    2. Ditto!! I live in Canada, but have easy access to Target down in the states. Would love to know “which tray” and “which vase” you’re talking about!!

      1. Another Canuck upvote…what is the show?!?

    3. Agree, can’t even work out which spice is so useful…..

    4. Yeeeeees! No link luck in Canada. I’m dying to know what the show is

    5. Dito from Germany! :*(

      1. OK international friends! Minnesotan here hoping to avoid some work this Monday morning:
        1) the show is ‘Homecoming’ – Amazon Prime show starring Julia Roberts
        2) the spice is Trader Joe’s Mushroom & Company Multipurpose UMAMI Seasoning Blend NET WT. (2 Packs) 2.1 OZ
        3) The Target vases are 9″ x 7.2″ Decorative Earthenware Vase Cream – Project 62 and 13.7″ x 1.5″ Earthenware Tray With Handles – Project 62

        I’ll be here all day ladies.

        1. Melanie, you are a pure delight.

        2. Thank you Melanie from Minnesota!!

        3. Thanks Melanie! <3

  2. I can’t even finish reading this post without stopping to comment, “ORLANDO!!!!!!” I am so happy for him and can’t wait to watch his show!

  3. So happy for Orlando, thanks for sharing the news.

  4. Could you please share where you black and white sweater from the green kitchen reveal is from? I love it. 😀

  5. Ahh, what a treat to find a weekend post and jam packed with goodness!
    Most excited about “what I wore”!

    Please, may I know which color chubby stick lipsticks you wear, Emily?

  6. Your hair is looking SO GOOD! Please update us on what is happening up there — are those more permanent extensions? Or just different clip-ins?

  7. The lace up booties with the black toes-Where to find them & what are they as I need them in my life.

    1. It’s in the shopping section. Warning: they’re pricey.

  8. Anything about ORLANDO is instant click bait for me!! Love these posts, I’ve already sent an article from last week out to a few friends!

  9. That Trader Joe’s Umami powder is EVERYTHING.

    1. I have seen it, but what do you use it in/on?!

      1. Chicken, turkey, fish. Anything really!

        I’ve also combined it with coconut aminos to use as a marinade for chicken. 🙂

      2. I’m eating a ton of veggies right now and it makes broccoli (even just microwaved plain) and cauliflower rice taste amazing. I also like to sprinkle it o baked chicken. It makes everything taste savory and delicious. Its basically a mushroom powder so if you like mushrooms – its for you.

  10. Ahhhh the brain-shortcutting “AND” not but! I forgot about this too from my office days, and am totally bringing it into the toolbox with my 5 and 2 year old.

    PS is that bathroom planning post coming soon??? Pretty please! Have just begun to remove the country blue wallpaper from our small but hardworking 2nd full bath.

  11. Thanks for sharing your favorite things. I was curious, entertained, and now I’m excited for the new sheets I’ve ordered from brooklinen to arrive.

    1. Need hygienic washroom equipment

  12. It would be so helpful to have each new “thought” or “idea” in a bullet. Thanks. It’s hard to read and follow.

  13. Does anyone have ANY idea where that white with iron feet – amazing sectional is from?

    1. It’s by BDDW – pricey, but amazing.

  14. Oh wow that urban outfitters dress that brought back your Mormon roots….so unflattering to mere mortals, l guess that’s the point! But somehow you look cute in it with the jacket at least.

    1. I know! I would have NEVER considered that dress based on the website, yet, because of Emily, I just order it!

  15. Maybe include a why? Like, why is the tv show recommended? Why is that home tour amazing to Arlyn? What was great about the book? I followed the links but then was puzzled as to why this particular stuff was selected by these particular people. Also seconding the international audience’s recommendation to say what is being linked to.

  16. The yellow font disappears. Would it be possible to put the links and all the information that is currently in yellow in another color? The yellow is very difficult to read.

  17. Tell Arlyn she MUST try the Cariloha sheets. They are so freaking amazing!!

    1. Ohhhh, now I have to go look them up. What do you like about them specifically? I’d love to hear more!

  18. That Architectural Digest home tour is AMAZING. The opening shot of the peacock green bookcase holding the Ai Wei Wei ceramics!!?!!

    1. RIGHT?? And the iridescent chandelier that I wouldn’t normally be drawn to but it just brings the space to life. The whole home is a little more glam that I’d like for myself, but it was just pure eye candy.

  19. I love that jean jacket but I don’t think it’s the Madewell in the shop link. Do you have the original credit that was in stories? Thanks!

  20. PS Or could you put this week’s expired story in the clothing highlight section? Fingers crossed.

  21. PS or could you please put this week’s expired clothing story in the highlight section? 🙂

  22. Yowza! That bookshelf wall in the Notting Hill townhouse! I can afford just about nothing in that house but that bookshelf wall and vintage pillows … that I can manage. Pinned it!

    And the TJ’s umami seasoning …

  23. love the what i put on my body feature. your real clothes for real people style really inspires! your aesthetic speaks to me so please keep these coming!

  24. Speaking of books – have you read Educated by Tara Westover? Now THAT is a book I couldn’t put down. SO SHOCKING!

  25. Hey, saw Armie Hammer reading that book – what an endorsement! 😉

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