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The Link Up: All the Things We Couldn’t Stop Talking About This Week

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This was our first official full week in the office since before Christmas (last week was a half week, plus we were up at the mountain house on a team retreat) and half the team was in and out sick with something. Starting the year strong here…

But, we’re back in the swing of things and so excited to announce a BRAND NEW series on the blog. Every week, on Sunday, we’ll be publishing a quick and simple list of all the things we buzzed about during the 5 days prior: things we read, things we Pinned, things we bought and truly, truly loved…basically, things we couldn’t help but share with each other (and now all of you). It’s what we’d tell our friends, cocktail chatter, but online on Sundays.

I know we kind of started this in the summer, where we had that Sunday newsletter of all the things I loved at any given time, but this one will be a team effort. Sometimes, you might hear just from me, but mostly, it’ll be a marriage of what has Team EHD excited.

Alright, let’s kick things off…

I’m anxiously awaiting the RSVP to Cup of Jo’s Soup Group. #JanStewary is a revolution people…it’s spreading faster than spilled bone broth on a sloped countertop.

I’ve lived in this insanely comfortable T-shirt basically for three months straight, and it’s more than half off right now.

Love this girl’s blog and appreciate her honesty, especially regarding spirituality. That *ish is hard to put out there.

At least four of us, me included, are super pumped about Leanne Ford’s new lighting collection for Target that’s launching February 10 (pictured above). This one will absolutely sell out (probably at the hand of my team alone), so set your alarms. 

The end of a design-blogging era

Everyone was convinced that this ceramic bowl was some crazy expensive (or vintage) find, but really, it was from Target (who’s killing it in the ceramics game right now).

The “holy grail” foundation that Arlyn can’t stop blabbing about to literally anyone who will listen (she wears Natural Beige).

This article about millennials being the “burnout generation”, of which Arlyn, Sara and Ryann read every word, every pull quote and discussed at length while obviously avoiding doing “work” for a solid 10 minutes. From Arlyn: “It’s the millennial mike drop.” 

Sara hasn’t stopped undoing all the benefits of souping for Team EHD since she cracked open the spine of the Food52 Genius Desserts cookbook and spoils us with sweet treats basically every day. Thanks for nothing, Sara. (If you’ve sworn off sugar and other evil things this new year, she says their other cookbook, Genius Recipes, teaches you how to conquer cooking basics in a “foolproof yet elegant way.”)

Grace really loved this article from Refinery29 about finding a healthy, physical activity that actually makes you happy (dancing, walking the dog, volleyball!). You don’t have to make it a whole thing, just start.

These are Sara’s absolute favorite pans, and the only two that she’s been using for EVERYTHING lately—soup, pasta, veggies, meat. “I’ve actually gotten rid of most of my other pans.”

Our resident outdoor enthusiast Julie saw this heart-pumping movie by National Geographic filmmaker Jimmy Chin of Alex Honold climbing one of the largest rock faces in Yosemite National Park without any ropes…this is watch-through-fingers stressful yet exhilarating.

If you’re as obsessed with Myers-Briggs as we are (and notorious for not sticking to your New Years resolutions), read this.

Alright, come back next Sunday for more of our weekly musings (and of course tomorrow, Monday, for regularly programmed design content!). OH, and please do share some of your favorite things from the week in the comments below. Xx

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5 years ago

I love Vintage Revivals, esp. when she talks about a process, what went wrong etc. So honest! Check out the makeover of The Nugget!

5 years ago

The link is bad to the “end of a design blog era” . I’m curious to find out what ended.

5 years ago
Reply to  Jared

Design Sponge is shuttering this year.

5 years ago

My morning eyes read “These are sara’s Favorite PANTS…” instead of pans. I figured they had to be elastic waisted if they were good for soup, veggies, pastas and meat. Ha!

5 years ago

What design blog ended? The link is broken.

5 years ago
Reply to  Brianne
5 years ago

Thank you for adding a Sunday post. It’s the one morning I like to lounge a bit before I get going. Having an EHD post to enjoy makes it that much more special!

5 years ago

I love link round-up posts and I like to read blogs on Sunday with my coffee, so I’m excited for this new feature. Thanks!

5 years ago
Reply to  Amanda


5 years ago

Myers Briggs measures aren’t validated, i.e. they are not predictive of anything. The types are too broad too. They have great marketing though. Fun game too play, but no other utility. I’m certified in personality assessments with a formal degree 🙂

5 years ago

This was great! Excited for the weekend posts.

5 years ago

Love these posts!

5 years ago
Reply to  Shannon

Great blog – loved all the links, especially the Genius Recipes cookbook and the article on millennials. Keep ’em coming!

5 years ago

Loving the variety and pace of your 2019 content calendar so far!

5 years ago
Reply to  Allison


5 years ago

This is great! I’d love it if you try to include where you’re finding inspiration! I need new people to follow on instagram, Pinterest, places to shop, etc. for both home and fashion! Thanks!

Julie S
5 years ago

Wow some really good (and LONG…ha) reading food for thought today.

5 years ago

Loved this post! It was so fun to read and I bookmarked several of y’all’s recommendations! Looking forward to more Sunday posts!

5 years ago

Love this new thing you’re doing ! Thanks ❤️❤️❤️

5 years ago

I really love that you are doing this as I look forward to Cup of Jo’s Friday posts like this, and your two blogs are the only ones I check daily. Emily and team on a Sunday talking about random things– yay!!!!

Susie Q.
5 years ago

Good lord, I read that whole millennial article and felt thoroughly burned out by the time I got to the end…and I’m not even technically a millennial. But yeah, that article is a must-read and excellent food for thought.

5 years ago

Week two of soup for me here! So perfect for winter and feeling better about all the holiday eating that happened.

Also, horray for your shout-out to volleyball! I played in high school many many moons ago, but started playing again once a week about 3-4 years ago. It wasn’t my favorite sport back then, and and I wasn’t very good. But I love it now and (I think) I am much better even though I’m twice as old. When I also do other workouts and exercises during the week, it definitely helps in my game play. My husband has held down the fort every week with the kids bedtimes when I go play, starting from when the 2nd was only 7 weeks old. So great for my physical and mental health as a stay at home mom.

5 years ago

I did that too and it wasn’t even the morning. HA.

5 years ago

oooh LOVE this! I was waiting for someone to talk about target’s ceramics!

Jessica H
5 years ago

I love the Roundup with links. The BuzzFeed article really made me think and was one of the best articles I’ve read about this generation. Thanks for sharing!

5 years ago

I love all of you but you gotta keep the punctuation inside the quotes or you’ll lose me forever.

5 years ago

I’m a young Gen X’er and a lot of the burnout generation article resonated with me too. How depressing…makes me wonder what the cure is.

I like this roundup idea, feel like you should have given Cup of Jo credit for the idea though.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sariah

The roundups will be fun!

As for it being someone’s idea, I’ve seen roundups for quite some time on other sites. Making It Lovely’s Honor Roll comes to mind, but I’ve seen it on others, as well.

5 years ago

i love this series idea!

5 years ago

Love this new series!! Great to hear from everyone would also LOVE a post letting us readers know what everyone’s MBTI is (I’m guessing Emily is an ENFJ but I’m no expert)!

Your team might also be interested in the strengths finder 2.0 🙂

5 years ago

I love the idea but hate not having photos to what you are linking to! I almost never click through…

5 years ago

That millenial article has some merit, but maybe read this one. It isnt a mic drop, it is real life.