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by Emily Henderson
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Miniature Design by Mandi Johnson

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you’ve had a great weekend and are getting in that last bit of R&R before we all kick off another week…the LAST week of January. I just realized that as I was typing…Can we call someone to sloooow this time thing down? Is there an app for that I can download? Until that’s figured out, we should all squeeze our loved ones tight and snuggle up to enjoy these chillier winter days. Now, just sit back and enjoy all of our week’s exciting discoveries.

Over Thanksgiving, I was RIVETED and couldn’t put this article down about why people aren’t having as much sex (or kids). I kept the magazine it was in like a hoarder but I’ve already referenced it a few times since.

Then, in the same issue was an article about why exorcisms are up??!!!! People are getting or reporting being possessed more than they have in decades…SO INTERESTING. 

The ENTIRE teams loves this candle (Voluspa French Cade Lavender). But Arlyn revealed a super secret that if you burn that candle and this candle (Capri Blue’s Volcano) in the same room (in different areas), your space will smell like an Anthropologie…so basically heaven.

It feels like all anyone could talk about in the zeitgeist was this documentary (Netflix’s take on the Fyre Festival clusterbuck)…well both competing documentaries on Netflix and Hulu. Arlyn was ENTHRALLED (voting the Netflix one as the better doc) and said it’s the kind of thing that it’s impossible to take your eyes off and you watch with your jaw on the floor the entire time in disbelief.

Jess and Julie are truly obsessed with this Instagram account by the insanely creative Mandi Johnson. It’s miniatures on a whole other level (which you know I love…future collaboration in the works?!?).

In an effort to reduce waste at home, Sara bought these baskets (one black and one white) to store and separate her clean and dirty rags. They are cute and easy to clean. This system helps her stay organized and away from paper towels:)

Joy’s layout of her new house is SO SO FUN. I love being a bystander and watching a friend build a house. If you haven’t seen it yet, GO NOW.

Grace saw this article last Sunday and it caught her eye because she and one of her friends were just discussing this topic a few days prior. It talks dining out with parents and how sometimes it’s really not worth the effort spending hours looking for restaurants, looking at the menu, scoping photos online because they only like what they already like and anything new is not welcomed. Is this just our parents??

From Julie: “I tested these wool dryer balls I just ordered and it took half the time to dry a load of towels with them. I’m shocked and amazed.”

I can’t wait to put this jumpsuit I ordered recently on all of my body parts (I like that it’s slimming so it MIGHT actually be flattering). I’ll let you know.

Arlyn has another amazing house tour recommendation. It’s the type of place you stare at in disbelief that someone could actually have a home like that, wondering if you’d ever actually want to live in a space like it, but dream of what it would be like if you did.

I started watching ‘YOU‘ on Netflix and it’s creepy but so far pretty great (a few other EHDers also give it the “so good, so creepy” seal of approval). 

This lotion (Paula’s Choice: CALM Redness Relief 1% BHA Lotion Exfoliant) has been Ryann’s favorite recent beauty purchase. She says that because her cheeks and forehead have a natural redness and her skin is dry, she hasn’t found a foundation that lasts the day. This lotion is really great for helping to combat that issue. It’s lightweight but soothing and reduces redness.

Jess almost impulse bought this BEAUTIFUL dinnerware set (the Kaloh Dinnerware Set) from West Elm this past week. It’s the perfect blend of modern and rustic all the while being dishwasher friendly. It’s honestly so pretty in person.

What has you excited this week? What are you reading, watching, buying (and then forcing on all your friends)? Talk tomorrow. Xx

  1. “Be careful little eyes what you see.”

    I found the The Atlantic article on sex really interesting, too.

    Porn: Just because unhealthy content is available – readily available – does not mean it’s ok. I personally make a decision *not to gratify* every little desire – because I want what’s BEST for me.

    Porn seems normal in our culture. I’m not a researcher, but I believe it causes bad, unhealthy results (what I’ve observed – my little world of people I know). My opinion is entirely rooted in my belief that humans were specifically designed by a creator. I may likely feel differently if I thought humans were collections of cells being molded by the waves of time.

    I just can’t jump on the bandwagon that porn is this accepted, ok thing. The article did point out some groups that seemed to think that way, but otherwise seemed to classify engaging in porn as a very normal, accepted behavior.

  2. Woohoo! Thanks for listening and choosing to explosively what you’re linking to!! I know it’s more work but your non -US readers appreciate it so much!!

  3. While Grace and I read the same article, I came away with a totally different take on it. Instead of putting the experience in a negative light ( our parents are just not that hip and like the same old food) I took away that our parents are eating out with us to be with US, not the food. So stop stressing over where to go to impress them and save it for your friends. What a lovely thought❤️

  4. I love the Mandi Johnson miniatures account! If you love miniatures, I’m obsessed with @tinynewworld on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/tinynewworld/). Her houses are incredible!

    1. oh my gosh stop it. I love this SO much!! The English (or maybe it’s French??) row houses? So posh!!

  5. So fun! I love these subday posts! I’m going to check I
    Out the jumpsuit!

    I got my urban outfitter “Mormen” dress. Girl, you have a rocking body….it looks so cute on you. I however looked like your blimp art!

    Please keep me coming. I love your recommendations!

  6. I love this post/concept giving us your and your staffs choices of proven products and interesting articles, that’s very helpful and gives a new topic of discussion among family/friends.

    I can vouch for the dryer balls, have been using them for a year now and just love them.
    Also, I use Paula’s Choice: CALM Redness Relief 1% BHA Lotion Exfoliant too. I have had other products
    from Paula’s Choice that weren’t agreeing with my sensitive skin, but the CALM Redness Relief does
    the trick and I have been using it for 6 months now.

    As for the article on sex – well, I am European, so I have always found that Americans are a bit more prudent than us, so I won’t elaborate. I also don’t need religion – I have a conscience!

    1. Out of sincere curiosity – Where does a conscience come from? Does every human have one (and is it the same)?

      I am truly interested in these types of topics and wonder people’s views!

      1. Liz, it definitely is taught by either parents or the ones responsible for raising a child.
        It’s especially important to teach children to acquire a social conscience early on. It starts with
        giving up toys for less fortunate children and I preferred to having a real experience vs. just
        donating toys. My kid went to an orphanage in Mexico to donate her toys, clothes etc.
        That’s the materialistic aspect of it (one of it) and emotionally children should learn what’s right
        and what’s wrong, the feeling of remorse comes in and the consequences thereof. It is a huge
        undertaking to raise a well rounded person with a conscience and being a mother is probably the
        hardest job we ever have. Yet it has nothing to do with religion (in my book).

        1. Thank you, Betty!

  7. Love these roundups so much! And I already miss your “what Emily wore this week!!” Please tell me you’re not taking this away!!

    1. I’m sure Emily will chime in, but no no, the intention is to continue to do it. This week just didn’t lend itself to it really. More outfits to come, we promise.

      1. Good! That’s my favorite too

  8. You will be riveted by this long-form article about the Thai Soccer Team cave rescue. Most people generally know the story and outcome but I’m telling you – BREATHTAKING inside account. Must read! https://www.macleans.ca/thai-cave-rescue-heroes/

    1. That was a great read, thank you for suggesting it!

      1. Ooh i’m going to read it. I was RIVETED at the time, but now with more insight? YES.

  9. Watching on ‘Flix: The Apartment!
    Wanna-be designers vie to win a fully furnished ( GORGEOUS place BTW) in Thailand. Hope there’s another season b/c I have binged all the episodes already.

    Another Netflix recommendation: “Small Spaces, Big Dreams” Monty Don, the English gardener, for the win! We do our own gardening and landscaping so this show is a hit with us.

    Instant Hotel ( Aussies and their versions of air BnB places) is a riot. My late hubby was an Aussie so just hearing the accents makes me happy, but seeing some of those homes is great as well.

    Now off to make soup for lunch for next week 🙂

    1. Ohh I’ll add these to my watch list!

    2. Also a fan of Small Space, Big Dreams. A very genuine, real approach to a variety of different places.

      Instant hotel felt kind of silly at first but then I got hooked too! Fun to see all the spaces.

    3. Totally love Big Dreams, Small Spaces, so glad they brought in more episodes. I love to see him walk through the design process with people.

  10. What about what you wore this week?

    1. “What I Wore” will be back this weekend! We promise.

  11. Miniatures are awesome!
    Recently I went to Art Institute of Chicago. They have on the LL level Thorne Miniature Rooms. I honestly lost sense of time how small and so detailed each room is done. From Chinese Interior to Franch salon Louis xvi period. I would spend a week there if I could. The good thing is you can download thir app that allows you to view and hear all about those rooms. Give it a try. I’m all the way in Florida so I revisit the museum time to time on my app. Love the miniatures!!!

  12. I was in the Exumas last spring and find it shocking that they even considered holding the Fyre Festival on Norman’s Cay (the first location…Pablo Excobar’s island). We anchored there. It is tiny, with little to no access and no infrastructure at all. No store, no public services, just a tiny resort (maybe 4 casitas and a restaurant.) It seems to me they never had an intention of actually following through with this thing and just wanted to party with the super models in paradise and make a really cool video. It’s baffling that it got as far as it did! It is also a EYE OPENER into the world of influencers. A little orange square …….

    1. Honestly, it’s so, so baffling, and yes, the fact that they sold out this fantasy festival all based on some popular “beautiful” people posting an orange square, I think, well, so many things about that that make me feel icky in my insides. I really had to sit and contemplate whether I would have been as easily influenced if it was something I was remotely interested in (the idea of going to a private island with a bunch of people I don’t know is not my idea of a dream vacation…). Like, would I have bought into something without having seen ANY photos of what the accomodations were? Would I have wondered…hmm…WHY haven’t I gotten any of my flight information yet….so many questions. I’d like to think I would have never fallen for something like that, but honestly, it’s hard to tell.

  13. That article on the sex recession was FASCINATING. I’m 37, born in the last months of Generation X (or the first of the Millennial generation, depending on how you look at it), and the accounts of dating in the era of online dating and app dating made me feel so sad and fearful for my Millennial friends. 🙁 If I’m ever in the dating scene again, will I survive?!

    Also, y’all looooove the word “zeitgeist.” 🙂 Does your team use it in the office a lot or something? It’s a word I rarely hear (like maybe once a year) except for this site.

    1. that’s so funny (re zeitgeist). I’m endlessly fascinated by zeitgeist theory. Its kinda the collective unconscious of trends and culture. And now with digital media speeding all day long … its faster than ever.

      And I want to reread and reread that article. I literally couldn’t put it down and kept it and screenshotted some pages just incase I wanted to read it if stuck in line somewhere without wifi.

  14. The article on sex was really depressing. Uggg. I’m sooooo thankful to have dated and found my person all that in a time before smartphones, before dating sites (well, I think Match had come out by that time, but at the time that I was in dating mode, people that met via Match were lying about the way they met because they thought it was embarrassing to have met that way – though now apparently it’s the norm?), before all of the strangeness and awkwardness of meeting people in real life (which i find weird that it’s weird). It made me think of a blog post that I recently read called, Why I Loved Being a Teen in the 90s, on the blog herviewfromthetop. I am so happy to have been a teen back then!

    1. Right? I’m about the same timeframe as you and I’ve suspected from little clues of daily life that media/smartphones/porn normalization are messing with peoples’ ability and desire to connect humanly with each other… hoping the world finds a healthier balance in the next 20 years before my little girls grow up and look for partners! I make a point to not look at my phone when I have short waits, and just BE, notice, smile and observe what’s around me. But then again I’ve been on my laptop a ton this week at home (madly researching for a bathroom renovation lol) and definitely not connecting with my family/husband very much at all.

      1. Absolutely! One of my new year’s resolutions is to not be on my phone in front of the kids unless i’m talking on it, or messaging someone about something absolutely necessary. I remember reading how kids feel less important when you’re focusing on your phone and it really made me re-evaluate myself. I already was trying, but now it’s a for-real goal. I am trying to raise my kids like it’s the 90s! My son seriously uses a tape player and thinks it’s the best thing ever. And a CD player if he’s being really high tech! Ha!

  15. Emily will look fabulous in the jumpsuit. I am glad she will wear it, because I could not. Please post a picture somewhere once it is on her body.

    1. Ha no kidding. I have to live vicariously through what she puts on her body because it would never work for me!

  16. thank you for the links! i love this new feature…Joy the Baker and Cup of Jo both do this so well that I look forward to it every week!

    1. we’ll keep them coming as long as you guys keep wanting it! it’s fun for us, too.

  17. I have found over the years, when I use wool balls in the dryer, and I have tried a few different types, that I end up with random oil stains on my clothes. I am interested to hear if this has happened to anyone else, or how these balls do. Please report back! Now I don’t use anything (except if I am drying something with down), and my clothes are just fine.

    1. Oh man, yes if anyone has any experiences like this, too, let me know. I get random oil-like stains on my clothes after washing them without the dryer balls (my guess it’s my detergent somehow) and it drives me nuts!

  18. i love the Kahlo set. I’ve been debating getting it for a while now. sooo pretty.

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