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How to Light Your Space with 90 of our Favorite Floor Lamps


When it comes to lighting in your home the options are endless, and there is nothing worse than picking out the wrong piece that ultimately doesn’t do the right job and bums you out every time you turn it on. There is a reason ABC spends a small fortune lighting those perfect vignettes that we watch all those bachelorettes give their confessionals in – good lighting makes you and the room look good. Lighting can drastically change the way a room feels which is why today we are bringing light to the issue (see what I did there) and pulling together some of our favorite types of floor lamps at all different price points.

Emily Henderson_Floor Lamps_Roundups_Example Photos_8

Just because your room doesn’t have natural light or great overhead lighting doesn’t mean that it can’t be a beautifully lit room. Floor lamps, sconces, and table lamps can all do the trick and help to bring in that additional light some rooms desperately need, so today we are tackling floor lamps. But, before we dive into it, let’s break down the different types of lighting and when they works best:

Ambient Lighting – this is the main category that light falls under. Basically any type of lighting that generally lights a space in a diffused way. Ambient lighting is your friend when it comes to soft natural feeling light in a room. Lamps with fabric shades on them, glass opaque domes, or basically anything that is diffusing the light coming from the bulb fall into this category. You will want at least a few of these types of lights in each room if you don’t have overhead lighting as they help to light the room in an even diffused way creating a warm and soft glow.


Overhead Lighting – this is what most peoples homes will come with. Either a canlight or some sort of incandescent lightbox (remember when every house in America thought it was a good idea to install those?).

Task (or Directional) Lighting – this type of lighting while still generally lighting the room like the ambient lighting category does, it serves a more specific purpose. Think a task lamp above a reading chair, or a metal shaded arc lamp above a dining table. They help you with a specified task which requires more directional light. These are great to sprinkle around the room when you need them but if they are your only source of light you will find that you have spots of light throughout your room rather than an even glow like you would with ambient diffused lighting.

Emily Henderson_Floor Lamps_Roundups_Example Photos_2

Accent Lighting – the smallest of the categories, these lights typically do not bring a lot of general diffused light to a room but more serve as an accent piece or have exposed bulbs which can often be harsh to look into. There are a few of these that we included below. They are sculptural, pretty, and still provide light but should be used sparingly and as an addition to the other two categories rather than the main source.

Keep in mind as you shop through some of our favorites below that each room should be lit from at least two sources of light, one of which should always be ambient lighting. Now that we have our basics in place let’s get into some of our favorites at every price point for your browsing pleasure.

Emily Henderson_Roundup_Floor Lamps_Under 100_2

1. Crosby Schoolhouse Floor Lamp | 2. Dawson Antique High Pharmacy Floor Lamp | 3. Franklin Floor Lamp | 4. Menlo Collection Floor Lamp | 5. Hektar Floor Lamp | 6. Modern Globe Floor Lamp | 7. Cantilever Floor Lamp | 8. Ranarp Floor Lamp | 9. Orbit Trio Floor Lamp | 10. Arched Floor Lamp | 11. Bleeker Adjustable Floor | 12. Puppis Task Floor Lamp | 13. Nixon Floor Lamp | 14. Solleftea Floor Lamp | 15. Pendant Floor Lamp | 16. Exposed Bulb Multi Head Floor Lamp | 17. Barometer Floor Lamp | 18. Oak Wood Tripod Floor Lamp | 19. Arc Floor Lamp | 20. Copper Arched Floor Lamp | 21. Brass Tripod Floor Lamp

Under $100 for a floor lamp is a pretty good price and we tried to pull together some great options. We love #7 as a task lamp for the price and style and have used it in a few makeovers. #9 and #21 are great options to put next to a sofa in a living room to create that natural light we talked about earlier in the post, and if you are looking for a great lamp to add to your cozy reading nook then #1 comes in a few different colors to suit your style.

Moving on up into the $100 – $250 range opens the options and styles up a little more.

Emily Henderson_Roundup_Floor Lamps_Under 250_2

1. Trio Floor Lamp | 2. Adesso Director Floor Lamp | 3. Marble Floor Lamp | 4. Solid Spotlight Floor Lamp | 5. Crane Floor Lamp | 6. Silver Hemisphere Floor Lamp | 7. Dormont Floor Lamp | 8. Louise Tripod Floor Lamp | 9. Sphera Floor Lamp | 10. Cosmos Floor Lamp | 11. Brogan Task Floor Lamp | 12. John Metallic Bronze Floor Lamp | 13. Joakim Floor Lamp | 14. Cylinder Task Floor Lamp | 15. 3 Head Globe with Marble Base Floor Lamp | 16. Mast Floor Lamp | 17. Wilmington Metal Floor Lamp | 18. Stilt Floor Lamp | 19. Stacked Ball Floor Lamp | 20. Theo Blue Floor Lamp | 21. Shellany Floor Lamp

I love and have used #15 in my own living room, #12 is a simple modern option for diffused lighting and if you are ready to bring some copper into your life then try out #14 which is a classic and will never go out of style.

Emily Henderson_Roundup_Floor Lamps_Under 500_2

1. The Grasshopper Task Floor Lamp | 2. Stand Floor Lamp | 3. Curvilinear Mid Century Floor Lamp | 4. Rico Espinet Buster Floor Lamp | 5. Avenue Brass Floor Lamp | 6. Studio Floor Lamp | 7. Knox Bronze Brass Task Floor Lamp | 8. Stem Floor Lamp | 9. Albany Tree Floor Lamp | 10. Sphere Stem Floor Lamp | 11. Cylinder Floor Lamp | 12. Kenneth Floor Lamp | 13. Surveyor Floor Lamp | 14. Clint Floor Lamp | 15. Hackney Floor Lamp | 16. Raku Arched Floor Lamp | 17. Split Deco Floor Lamp | 18. Brooklyn Tripod Floor Lamp | 19. Stirrup Antique Bronze Floor Lamp | 20. Odum Tripod Floor Lamp | 21. Catalina Adjustable Task Floor Lamp

If your apartment or home lacks any overhead lighting then #16 which comes in white or black is a great option to bring in some diffused light throughout the space without taking up too much space. Brady used #6 in his space in white as a task lamp next to his sofa, and Ginny has #2 in her living room which also comes in a more narrow version. I also love #19 for a more traditional style, or #10 if your style leans a bit more modern glam.

Over $500 for a lamp might seem crazy for some, but all of these below are high quality, great in style and are sure to add a beautiful light in your room while still being functional.

Emily Henderson_Roundup_Floor Lamps_Over 500_1

1. Owen Matte Brass Table Lamp | 2. Sommerard Floor Lamp | 3. IC Task Floor Lamp | 4. Preston Floor Lamp | 5. Mid Century Overarching Floor Lamp | 6. Laiton Floor Lamp | 7. Cypress 3 Arm Floor Lamp | 8. Triad Hand Fordged Floor Lamp | 9. Rayne Floor Lamp | 10. Moresby Floor Lamp | 11. Crane Floor Lamps | 12. Brass & Black Iron Floor Lamp | 13. Mid Century Wooden Floor  Lamp | 14. Grasshopper Blue Gray Floor Lamp | 15. Brompton Swing Arm Floor Lamp | 16. Rome Floor Lamp | 17. Martel Floor Lamp | 18. Tree Floor Lamp | 19. Cleo Floor Lamp | 20. Alderwood Tree Floor Lamp | 21. Anchorage Floor Lamp | 22. Varnado Arched Floor Lamp | 23. Miles Floor Lamp | 24. Sommerard Triple Arm Floor Lamp | 25. Mulberry Tripod Floor Lamp | 26. Garner Floor Lamp | 27. Carson Floor Lamp

#5 is a great cantilevered option for those of you without overhead lighting and a slightly larger budget than the other one we highlighted above. #4 has a fun modern shape in a classic style which would be so fun in a little girl’s room, or a living room reading nook. If budget is not a restriction then #19 is very tempting, and if you are looking for something simple that will work in almost any style, #2, #6, #12, and #17 are your friends.

So, are there any sources that we have left off that are great places to source lighting, or have any of you tried any of these options above? If so let us know below and also let us know what you would like us to roundup next.

If you are looking for some more of our lighting roundups be sure to check out: flush mount roundup, brass sconces, favorite lighting sources, swing arm sconces. The lamp in the featured photo from Cup of Jo’s Living Room is no longer available but here is a similar version online.

***Photography by Ryan LiebeTessa Neustadt, Bjorn Wallander, and Zeke Ruelas and a big thanks to one of our market researchers Jeran from Oleander and Palm who helped us roundup some of these great floor lamps. 

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For the first time ever I actually own something featured in one of your posts. I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am about that. I used the brass tripod floor lamp in the second picture in my son’s nursery. It’s a great lamp and the price can’t be beat for the quality. I’ve had my eye on the three light brass fixture from Target for a while now but haven’t pulled the trigger.

I love that white ceiling fixture in the pic with the white fireplace. Where is that from? And while we are on the subject of lighting, any plans for a post on stylish yet functional fixtures for overhead general purpose lighting (particularly for living rooms with low ceilings)?


Hi Tasha! I own one of the Target lamps above too and I was super excited about that! I believe Emily and team have already done a post on overhead lighting for low ceilings.


Yes I too would like a ceiling fan round up. In Phoenix with vaulted ceilings, we have no choice but to have ceiling fans no matter how ugly some of them are.

It’s like you just read my mind! I was just thinking yesterday that I need a good floor lamp! We just got rid of our amazing MCM credenza in the entryway (which is really part of our living room), and it used to have a cool lamp on it. Now we’re putting a bench there, with no table for the lamp, so that area of our living room is super dark now. This is perfect!


Great post – I would love to see something similar for table lamps. I have been looking for ideas and they are strangely absent from design blogs, Instagram, etc. Are we all supposed to have rooms filled with natural light? Does no one read after dark?


I don’t see a source for the twig lamp in the very first picture at the top. Can you share that?




I have #15 in Under $100 (the Target lamp) and while the design was perfect for our space, the enclosed shade is a TOTAL bug trap. If you don’t live in a buggy part of the world, it might not be an issue, but it never gets cold here so we are always dealing with insects.


would love the next round-up to be leather arm-chairs! i feel like i’ve researched enough to know what’s out there in my price point, but it would still be nice to see what you find/like!


I remember when you first posted Joanna’s living room and I saw that tree floor lamp, I thought it was the greatest! I looked everywhere for it and then I realized it might be a coat rack that you just added a plug in light to….and a lamp shade. Is that true? If so, you’re a genius!


Is there such a thing as a decent “up-light”?

We don’t have a lot of options for where to place lamps in our living room, and have no overhead lighting, so are trying to maximize the light we get from our one floor lamp. Right now it is an ugly up-light (up-lamp?). The light it produces is great because it is a bright halogen bulb, is on a dimmer, and diffuses nicely from the ceiling. But, I wish there were a prettier option to achieve the same result. Any chances that exists?


Same question!!! We have one too and it is the only piece in our apartment left over from my partner’s college days. Would love to replace it, but hesitant to try something more diffused because we need the light!


That style is called a torchiere. I can’t say I’ve ever seen one I really liked, but knowing the name should make it easier for you to search. I’d suggest looking for something really simple in brass with a frosted glass shade. And if that doesn’t exist, there’s always spray paint or rub n’ buff. Good luck!

Caroline Simpson

I’m new to this blog – and from the UK, so can’t shop many of these links without huge shipping / customs charges! – but we have this ikea floor light and think it is AWESOME for the price


My bedroom is a dark cave with a teeny North window and no overhead light. How can I use floor lamps to bring some of that ambient lighting to it?


I know this is a functional, and much less glamorous question, but could you give some info on the light bulbs you use? I’m so confused by all the choices and have tried several that either seem too yellow or starkly blue. And now that everyone has all white walls the bulb choice seems to stand out even more. Is there a go-to you guys always choose? Please help me! Thank you!


I’d also like to know this! Nothing confuses me more than standing in the light bulb aisle.


I always go for “warm” or “soft light” LEDs. The “daylight” or “clean” ones always look too green/stark. I’m a fan of yellow light, i.e., akin to the bulbs we grew up with.


I like soft light or warm as well. Daylight is nice and crisp if you need more light during a day, but not good in the evening for ensuring you get a good night sleep.
I’m also used to yellow light in interiors. As nice as daylight can be, daylight bulbs in the evening do not substitute of sunlight.
On the other hand if you like painting or craft projects, task lamps might be better with cooler bulbs. Bathrooms and Kitchens can have a slightly cooler light if you prefer.


Yes please! Light bulbs are so confusing these days – so many options and most of the ones I try so I can save money, look terrible.


Design question: I have a corner of my living room that is visually empty and I’m resisting the urge to fill it with weighty furniture (the room isn’t very big), so I’m thinking a good, non stick straight floor lamp may be the answer. Also, my husband hates lights right next to his head, so we have no lamp on the end table and an extra lamp in the corner would be good to have, but I digress… A friend suggested a tripod stand type light, but I find them a bit modern fort the aesthetic of that room. So, to actually get to the REAL point of this question; Is it a faux pas or weird thing to put a hinged or over hung light in an area where it doesn’t actually hang over anything (except, maybe a potted plant)? Or will it look like we are lighting an area for a friendly ghost to take up some reading? Specifically, I’m referring to a design somewhat like #15 (or even #1) on the Under $100 list? HELP.


Maybe this is lame or too basic but I would love to see a light switch cover round up.


Yes!! I am swooning over the Adorne Legrand collection at Lowe’s, specifically the mirror version that has a metallic rim around the edges BUT you also have to replace the interior switch or outlet part because the cutouts are square, not rectangular, so that works out to about $30 per switch / outlet from a reputable vendor (I’m scared to buy them from eBay or one of those final stop discount warehouses) and husband says NO to the total cost.

Ashley R

Ottomans. Is that weird? I’m looking for a large round or square ottoman to go in our living/family/tv room. We have little kids, so I don’t really want a coffee table. I’ve found some good ones, but I’d love to see what you could find.


Hi Ashley! I believe they’ve already done an ottoman coffee table round up 🙂


Half of the Instagram photos at the bottom of today’s and yesterday’s posts are not loading, just getting a gray box. If I click on it, only the text loads. I’m on a Kindle and this is a new problem. Up til yesterday everything worked fine.


I want to like that Ikea #5 in the 100s or less group…But I swear it’s identical to the “task lamp” in my GYNs office. EVERY. TIME. I’m at IKEA it catches my eye and EVERY. TIME. I realize what it reminds me of and run the other direction.


That is too funny. Now I wll never be able to “unsee” that. Here is a link to the type of exam lamp you are probably talking about:


Why is there Trump adds on this blog? This is the one place I go to get away from his face.


The adds aren’t planned by EHD. They’ve got some other company (could be Google, I don’t know) that does the ads and that company “targets” you based on the other websites you visit.


The autocorrect of “ads” is annoying!

Shower/bathtub plumbing fixtures roundup (faucet/showerhead) (and maybe a second post with explanation of all the behind-the-wall stuff you need to figure out at the same time (drains, etc – I think Ginny referenced this once). Also, bathroom faucets (you’ve done brass before, but some good affordable options in other metals), kitchen faucets (a few were included in a budget kitchen post once), and how about some affordable classic but interesting bathroom tile options. You’ve done vinyl and cement tiles, but I’d love a roundup of some basic or not-so-basic subways, squares, hexes, etc plus input on how to give them a more modern/updated look.


Yes!! We replaced an 80s calcified showerhead with no problem and have loved the new one but went back to replace the also 80s chrome handles and salesman said we had to know what brand and cartridge type they were or we risked having them not work and the handles would not be returnable once the packaging was opened. I’ve looked at the ones at the big box stores since but haven’t seen anything I loved enough to go through the process.

My focus in the first picture was not the lamp, it was the beautifully styled bookshelf with 90% books. Most bookshelves are styled with 30% books which is just not an option for this book lover. I love seeing ways lots of books can be styled and still look nice.

I love Target lamps! My faves are #4 and #6.

That lamp with the branches is definitely my favorite!



Love this post! Okay, I need some advice. Our living room is small, narrow and long (think, shotgun style). I have a couch on one side of the room, and two accent chairs on the opposite side with a side table and lamp in between them. The beautiful lamp from target on the side table is cute, but sits at just the right height that it feels like a wall between the two chairs. You couldn’t look at the person sitting beside you in the chair and talk to them, because you’d be talking to a lamp. How do I fix this? Taller lamp? Floor lamp?


Do you have a floor lamp that you could try out in the spot? Maybe borrow one? It sounds like a floor lamp could be the solution.


Bludot has a few nice options, too


I had tried to track down the tree lamp in the first picture and was told it was no longer available. I got super excited when I saw the first image. But it was not in the round up 🙁


Love these roundup posts, but they would be so much easier to read and interact with if the links were embedded so you could just click on the picture rather than having to scroll back and forth repeatedly to get to the link for a particular item. I know I’ve seen this done on other sites, but I don’t know if it’s something easy for y’all to implement. If it is, I wish you would seriously consider making that change on future posts!! 🙂

i really love your ideas for decoration, Emily. i have implemented some of them for my house and they are very lovely. thanks

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I love my Meurice floor table lamp from Jonathan Adler. I grabbed a floor sample during the lighting sale (barely pushing it out of the the “over $500” category) when they still sold it with the black shade/brass base. It casts a ton of light, but since the shade is black, you’re not staring at something super bright. It’s also very sturdy. I believe they still sell it in that color combo without the glass table attachment.

On the less expensive end, Land of Nod has been killing it lately, beyond their geometric table lamp.

As for a future roundup, it would be great to see… beautiful file cabinets. Particularly under $400 🙂

I am enjoying the trend that reimagines desk lamps. I often move my furniture around and it’s nice to be able to adjust it for ambiance versus task lighting.


I was wondering if you have any tips on minimizing cords if you want to put a lamp by a couch that’s floating in the middle of the room.


It is funny–all my favorites are in the cheapest range. I like the lamps less (from an aesthetic point of view) as they go up in price. Usually it is the opposite.

Wow! Very nice. I would like to buy these beautiful lamps. Nice article thanks for posting………


Could you do a plug in sconce round up? I feel like those are so hard to find and I’m a renter so I certainly can’t be adding lights through the actual wall 🙂


Also plug in hanging lights, for maybe hanging over a table? Basically just plug in lights that are not floor or table. Please!!!!

I am freaking out over that ‘cosmos’ floor lamp by land of nod!

Emily thanks for again a Nice post . i like you lamp designs. i have 22 and 26 in my house

Just saw Pitch Perfect 3 trailer. Looks like its going to be another year of fun ride. Incredibly excited to see the Bella ladies returning on screen. Wish there was something going on between Beca and Chloe in this one. Give something for use queer ladies too, will you Trish 😉
To know about Pitch Perfect 3 First Look just take a look and you get all the information you need


I have been coveting #13 in the over $500 category for a while, but I just can’t bring myself to pull the trigger. It’s just too much for me. I’ve also wanted an arc amp, but I’m not sure how to work one into my current living room layout. I need a new floor lamp for some ambient lighting, but I seem to always fixate on lamps that work better for task lighting.


THANK YOU! This – as most all round-ups – is helpful to me.

I love that white ceiling fixture in the pic with the white fireplace. Where is that from? And while we are on the subject of lighting, any plans for a post on stylish yet functional fixtures for overhead general purpose lighting (particularly for living rooms with low ceilings.

It’s been barely a few months since the release of Fifa 17 game, and work has already started for the release of the next version of the FIFA series, the Fifa 18. It will obviously have some more added features and a few updates as well. You can check out the rumors about the new specs from my site here if you want.


Hi! Can anyone share where the globe print/map in the second photo comes from? It’s the second time I’ve come across the image and the second time I’ve saved it to my dream list of prints. Is it vintage? I’m obsessed!


I love your posts with detailed descriptions and practical advice — they are so useful and informative. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Emily!

I have two questions and a request:

Question 1: would you say, as a generalization, that the floor lamps with metal shades are more task lighting (since there’s less diffusion of lights), and fabric shaded floor lamps are more ambiance lighting?

Question 2: what do you think about floor lamps with the light source pointing upwards? Are they ambiance lighting?

Request: can you do a post about choosing the right light bulbs? I find such a variety in lights (regular as well as LED) that range from bluish cool white to so-warm-almost-yellow. What is a good colour to choose (a balance between bright (white) and cozy (yellow)). Should all the lamps in a room use the same colour to achieve a cohesive look?

Much appreciated!

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