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Flushmount (and Semi-flushmount) Roundup


Despite how provocative/exciting/gross the name is, flushmounts can be rather boring to buy. But, in a room that isn’t tall enough for, or doesn’t need a chandelier, they are necessary (unless you have can or recessed lighting). They are often one of those items that doesn’t get a huge allotment of the budget, either. We’ve all lived in those rentals that have the $19 one from the hardware store and it’s terribly depressing and ruins anything pretty thing that it’s shining its stupid light on. You get what you pay for.

So to help with all your flushmounts (or semi-flushmounts which can sound even WORSE), we rounded up our favorites. As we were shopping there were a lot that we loved that were splurges so instead of this being a budget roundup, this is for all price points with some cheaper options as well as some splurges.

Flushmounts under $250 Roundup Emily Henderson Design

1.  Voyage Light Fixture in Brass and Black | 2.  Antique Gold Broche Flush Mount | 3.  Fabric Shade Flush Mount in White Linen | 4.  Classic Cubic Flushmount in Antique Brass | 5.  Newbury Classic Fixture in Natural Brass | 6.  Moravian Star Ceiling Light in Nickel | 7.  Modern Brass Butter Sconce | 8.  Wide Barn Semi Flush Light | 9.  Odyssey 2 Surface Mount in Natural Brass | 10.  Vintage Brass Zelda Semi-Flush with Linen Shade | 11.  Wide Chrome Ceiling Light | 12.  3-Light Beaded Semi Flush Mount | 13.  Capiz Flower Flushmount | 14.  8 Semi-Flush in Oil Rubbed Bronze | 15.  Rialto Brass 2-Light Flush Mount | 16.  Solid Brass Dallas with Metal Dome Shade | 17.  Cerro Sputnik in Modern Brass | 18.  Langston Small Flush Mount in Nickel | 19.  Tolson Semi-Flush Mount in Polished Nickel | 20.  Clear Glass Prism Pentagon Light | 21.  Bell White Flush Mount Lamp | 22.  Heritage Brass Mercer Sconce | 23.  Vega Brushed Brass Flush Mount Lamp | 24.  Industrial Mini Edison Ceiling Light | 25.  Black and Brass Flare Light | 26.  Hayden Flushmount in Polished Nickel | 27.  Wyatt Porcelain Surface Light | 28.  Mobile Flushmount in Antique Brass | 29.  Wide Galvanized Outdoor Ceiling Light | 30.  White Smoke Modern Semi-Flush Light | 31.  Eastham Outdoor 1-Light Flushmount in Gray | 32.  Lucia Ceiling Light | 33.  Golden Petals Basket Ceiling Light | 34.  6 Semi-Flush in Brushed Satin | 35.  Marina Faceted Shell Flush Mount | 36.  Schoolhouse 1-Light Chrome Flush Mount | 37.  Thurman Old Brass Classic Flush Ceiling Fixture | 38.  Spectra Ceiling Light in White and Brass | 39.  Collier Flush Mount Ceiling Light in Heritage Brass | 40.  Freemont 1-Light Semi Flush in White | 41.  Brushed Nickel Octagon Flushmount | 42.  Factory Flat Shade Ceiling Light in White and Brass

We didn’t have any flushmounts in our house until we redid the guest suite downstairs. Now I probably should have put in can lights but I chose flushmounts instead (I have liked can lighting before, and it’s certainly functional but there is something about it that I don’t feel works in a lot of older homes). For that room I chose #3 and love them. Remember that a diffused light (with a shade or glass on the bottom) is more flattering and easy on the eye, but there are so many that are good that have bare bulbs that I like as well (9, 32, 38, 16, 25, etc). I realized that there were none from Ikea so I triple checked and I like this one.

For those of you willing to go a little more high-end here is our $250 – $500 roundup:
Flushmounts Under $500 Roundup Emily Henderson Design

1. Utopia Fractured Glass Gold Flush Mount | 2.  Globe Wall/Ceiling Lamp in Brass | 3.  Matte White Flush Mount | 4.  Siena Flush Mount in Polished Nickel | 5.  3-Arm Matte Black Ceiling Light | 6.  Geneva Aged Brass Flush Mount | 7.  Black and White Axis Ceiling Light | 8.  Acrylic Square Flush Mount | 9.  Skye Small Flush Mount | 10.  Crystal Flower Flush Mount | 11.  Stepped Deco Flush Mount in Bronze | 12.  Wide Brass Square Ceiling Light | 13.  Plaster White Bamboo Flush Mount | 14.  Thurston Flush Mount in Aged Brass | 15.  Trillium Light Fixture in Brass | 16.  Harbour Point Semi-Flush Mount in Liberty Gold | 17.  Taren Beaded Flush Mount | 18.  Twilight Flush Mount in Soft Gold | 19.  Sophia Small Flush Mount in Polished Nickel | 20.  Aurora Surface Light in Brass | 21.  Antique Brass Circular Flushmount | 22.  Brass Cyan Flush Mount | 23.  Callia Crystal Flush Mount | 24.  Savona Flush Mount in Polished Nickel | 25.  Eastmoreland Polished Nickel Flush Mount | 26.  Rose Smoked Glass Globe Light | 27.  Tiered Daisy Ceiling Light in Gold | 28.  Natalie Crystal Ceiling Fixture | 29. Holstebro Semi Flush Mount in Black | 30.  Fairmont Aged Brass Flush Mount

I’ve used #29 and #25 and loved them.

And for all you splurgers out there, here are some beautiful options out there for you that can really make a room special:

Flushmounts Over $500 Roundup Emily Henderson Design

1. Alderly Flush Mount in Antique Burnished Brass | 2.  Hanley Flush Mount in Brass | 3.  Niles Flush Mount in Polished Nickel | 4.  Jacqueline Beaded Flush Mount in Brass/White Acrylic | 5.  Precision Square Flush Mount in Antique Burnished Brass | 6.  Constellation Flush Mount in Antique Brass | 7.  Square Flush Mount in Polished Nickel | 8.  Taylor Flush Mount in Ivory | 9.  Sunburst Light Gold Fixture | 10.  Vintage Stejnar Chandelier | 11.  Melange Flush Mount in Antique Burnished Brass and Alabaster | 12.  Brass Meurice Flush Mount | 13.  Gaines Flush Mount in Aged Old Bronze | 14.  Winston Flush Mount in Antique Brass | 15.  Bianca Flared Semi-Flush Mount in Gilded Iron/Crystal | 16.  Zanadoo Antique Brass Ceiling Mount | 17.  Glass Norton Pendant Light | 18.  Parker Square Flush Mount in Nickel | 19.  Decostar Flush Mount in Brushed Brass | 20.  Topo Flushmount Ceiling Light in Walnut | 21.  Vintage Crystal Globe Ceiling Light | 22.  Amelie Beaded Flushmount | 23.  8 Light Cluster Flush Mount in Modern Brass | 24.  Tole Tent Flush Mount in Peacock | 25.  Chandler Flush Mount in Bronze and White | 26.  Welsh Flush Mount | 27.  Strada Flush Mount in Aged Iron | 28.  Venice Flush Mount in Antique Brass and Antique Mercury | 29.  Soleil Flush Mount in Antique Brass | 30.  Odette Flush Mount in Polished Nickel

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to use any of that last round in a project. Are we missing any?

P.S. we are adding to our roundup wishlist everyday, so request away in the comments.

Fin Mark


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You guys seriously read my mind with these things!
Another request though- swivel chairs for the living room. We have an awkward layout, and I want a nice looking chair to be able to look out the window, at the fireplace, at the seating area, or the kitchen- but nice looking ones are hard to find! I would love to see what you guys pick out!

Thanks again!


Yes. I need this too. That’s not low (beggars need to stop being choosers!)


Nice round-up! Just a suggestion–you might want to address size/scale. These all look similar in size, but I’m sure they’re not. And I feel like often a flushmount will be used because it’s “pretty” but not necessarily the right scale for the room. Do you have a rule of thumb, or just eyeball it? Thanks!


Agreed! I would love a post that discusses how to choose the scale of a light as it relates to ceiling height, and also if there are any rule of thumbs (other than ‘don’t let anyone whack their head’ I suppose)


I third this.


We’re currently shopping ceiling fixtures for our “dream” home library and a guide to scale would be so helpful!


I fourth this!

We actually have a big lighting post in the works that talks about the do’s and dont’s of overhead lighting and how and where to hang certain pieces. So be sure to come back soon for that.


Thanks for the great lighting ideas! I am struggling with lighting over a kitchen island. Could you please do a pendant/kitchen island lighting round up? Thanks!


Yes! This. I’m also looking for some pendant lights, to go over a large kitchen island. Its hard to find ones that don’t look completely generic, yet are still budget friendly!!


We have this one from West Elm in our living room, and I love it!

It’s categorized as a chandelier, but it looks great as a semi-flushmount.


Roundup of chic shower curtains please!!!

I have two of the flushmounts from your roundup! I’m cool!

(But I also have, like, 1000 boob lights that still need to be replaced because the previous owners of my house were either misanthropes or perverts.)


I’d love to see a budget ceiling fan roundup (without lights preferably) ! Our second floor bedroom needs a fan but I can’t pull the trigger on your typical big box store fans. They are so tragic looking.


i second ceiling fans!!!


I third, the ceiling fan request!

Anna Cole

Me, too! It’s just too hot in Texas to live without them, but it would sure be nice to see some pretty ones.


Me too! Help! I have to have the dang ceiling fan or we’ll all die!!! I hate them, is there hope?


Yes, a ceiling fan roundup would be great! Also, a guide to the max. size a chandelier should be for a given room size would be great (say, a tiny master bedroom). Also, having a few more non-brass options would be good too. My house has nothing but satin nickel, and there’s no way I’m replacing all of it, so I’m just going to keep going with that. I think white or wood or even silver could work with that, but there’s no way that brass is ever going to work with my whole house scheme.

Agreed. While i would love to replace our ceiling fans with lighting fixtures, it’s just not realistic with our humid summers. Would love to see a roundup with some stylish ceiling fan options!

Emily K

I love brainstorming how I can DIY some of the higher end fixtures.

My request is for bath vanities to be added to the roundup wishlist. The big box stores around me have terrible contemporary espresso finish ones. And online searches often come up with hacked dressers and the like which I’m not sure is the route I want to go in my home.


Really nice options for an alternative to the “boob” light. I picked these Lynch lights by Bromi Design for my spare bedroom and office to go with my midcentury furniture. A few people have asked if it was a vintage Lightolier light so that makes me pretty happy 🙂 I liked the white with black interior but there’s also an option for orange or red interiors.

Currently drooling over #13 in the first section and #4 in the last!


Yes, yes, YES! Thank you for these. Living in a small rental apartment with standard height ceilings means not wanting to overwhelm the space with a large chandelier but still wanting attractive lighting.

Check this one out as well. The drop can be customized.

Also, didn’t Orlando add several gorgeous custom flush mounts from Park Studio throughout OrCondo?

Cris S.

I second the request for a ceiling fan roundup. I hate them, but sometimes they are a necessity.

And also, you’ve done a budget sofa and sleeper sofa roundup. I’d love something more on the investment sofa side – I’m looking for an english style sofa that will last and last and would cost $3-4000. But that may be too specific a request!!!


I would love to see a DIY tutorial for how to make number 17 (under $500) or 22 (over $500) because I’ve been eyeballing both of them but they are just not in the budget and I’m sure they could be made more cheaply if I could just figure out how. Please please please help!!!

Also, I have #35 (under $250) so thanks for making me feel cool. And believe it or not I got this little beauty from Home Depot and it’s perfect in my master bedroom in my old house. Can’t say enough good things about it.


I have that same one from Home Depot in our bedroom! On a dimmer, it’s really nice in person!


Great post! Request for great Wall to wall carpeting suitable for stairs, kids and dogs.


SUCH a good round up! I’ve also had my eye on this guy for a while…but. I’m stalled on actually selecting something because I’m such a terrible judge of scale!!


Pedestal sink roundup please! Dining room rugs–bad idea with kids? Roundup! Outdoor lighting (front door) and house number roundup!


I second the front door lighting and house number suggestions!


#18 in the first group looks too similar to the dreaded boob light for me, otherwise really great options. I would love to find a small affordable glider…I’m a new grandma who doesn’t want her walls hit with a rocking chair.


YES!! Thank you.

Please do another round with flush/semi-flush mount ceiling fans with lights. The absolute most depressing thing to shop for. Makes me want to cry just thinking about it.


Thank you team EHD! Just bought our first house and can’t wait to finally be able to buy some “big girl” stuff, lights being #1. These rounds ups – and your blog in general – are so approachable, helpful, and stylish. You guys rock!


I would love to see a post with how to coordinate lighting in an open floor plan (island pendants, table chandelier, foyer light, etc)…. Also would love to see best paint colors for an open floor plan! Thanks!


I love this idea too! Some ideas of the way you would coordinate lights without choosing everything from the same line/store?


I’d love a post about this too! In my open floor plan apartment it’s foyer light, kitchen light, island pendants, living room light.


YES to this! From our couch in the living room, you can see 7 different light fixtures, 3 of which I would say anchor a separate “space” (kitchen, dining area, living room). How do I get all of those to coordinate, not compete, and not look matchy matchy like the builder’s grade ones that were there when we moved in? Argh.


I love #5 from the first round up, and I’ve had my eye on it for my son’s room. Just a note though, that its actually significantly more expensive (like $250+) because the price listed on this round up doesn’t include the shade.


This is GREAT! I think one of the further challenges in finding a decent looking/affordable flushmount is that those of us with the dreaded rental apartment boob-light are also accustomed to the light of two bulbs. I find that a MAJORITY of affordable (and attractive) options accommodate only one bulb, and my small living room already has a large floor lamp and three table lamps, so I can’t make-up for that lost bulb with yet another damned lamp!

oooohhh….i can get down with some of those. how very useful. thanks, emily!


I have so many boob lights in my house it’s ridiculous. Pinning this for when I get a chance to switch those bad boys out. My Round-up wishlist:
1. Affordable and stylish ceiling fans
2. Affordable, stylish and durable bed frames

Please and thank you! Love your picks!


Thank you for this!!! It’s so hard to find budget but stylish flush mounts! I’ve been obsessing about this for weeks, and tomorrow morning I’m driving to the biggest city nearby to do some shopping. Your timing is PERFECT. Thank you!!!!


This is great! Although, it’s hard for me to imagine spending 300+ on a flush mount.

Purchases I am currently debating are: kitchen island stools ( counter height) and rug for Master Bath. Would love a round up of good budget options that have some design oomph. Also – I’m seeing all these magazine worthy pictures of fancy rugs in bathrooms and I’m wondering how you feel about that trend?

So many great choices!

Chaya jain

Great post …. Thanks for bringing it up…


Love this! Perfect timing for me. Also, PLEASE do a round-up for wall-to-wall carpeting! If anyone can find good options for that, it’s you guys!

Here’s a strange request: Fireplace accessories. Screens, tools/holders, firewood holders, etc. Everything I’ve seen out there sort of looks the same–and screens for a wider firebox (42″) are hard to find. These roundups are fantastic. Thank you for doing these!


Thank you for this! I would love to have a round up on sconces. We are currently trying to finish out a downstairs basement and stairs that go into said basement. There are 3 bare bulb situations going on there, and I feel SO OVERWHELMED!!! You are my Bible when it comes to design. I’d love to see your picks!


Love this! Have you done it for the useful, but decoratively-dreaded, ceiling fan?

I would LOVE a roundup of KITCHEN LIGHTS. I have a rather small, cavernous kitchen that needs something that provides lots of light that doesn’t involve florescent tubes!


I’ve been lusting after #11 in the spendy list for my low ceiling foyer. But I need two. And the price! Anyway love this roundup – super helpful.

What’s your take on waiting/saving up for the right piece vs just getting something that’s good enough right away?


How about a roundup for exterior pendant lights? I need to replace our front porch entry way pendant light, but I can never find exterior pendant lights I like. Anything I find is either ugly or extremely expensive.

FWIW, I installed #20 (Flushmounts under $250) in my kitchen last year and it was a huuuge pain in the arse. Still pretty though. 🙂

You can see it on my blog here:

and here:

I hadn’t seen this kind of information from other web sites …


Thanks for this — we have an ugly ’80s fixture in our hallway that needs to go ASAP! I love #3 and #20 in the first round-up and was surprised at how low the prices were!

Although this isn’t a round-up suggestion, I would love tips on choosing bedroom furniture that goes together but is not a matching set.


Bathroom lights! I have some bathrooms where we have to go with the standard fixture above the mirror, rather than sconces, and I have yet to find any good options.
I’d love to see what you guys can come up with!



It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information.

Good post !! I really loved reading your blog. It was very well authored and easy to understand.

Your work is really appreciable and i pleased to read your blogs…


I would love a post that is a round up of interior doors. I would love an explanation of what to look for, etc…my house came with flat panel hollow core doors. They must go because not only are they plain, they are not functional. I need something with more sound proofing and more pizazz. I have a 1958 track home that I would classify as “coastal modern.” That style lets me get away with a lot. Thanks!


Thank you SO MUCH for creating and sharing this awesome roundup!

Fantastic post share!! With us and say many thanks for share that kind informative post.


I just found this article via Pinterest, a couple of weeks after it was posted, so you probably won’t see this comment. THANK YOU!!! As a humble home owner, I will always have to have either pot lights or flushmounts. This is a great help ?


Hey thanks! Ripping out the ceiling mounts in the bedrooms of the old victorian farmhouse we just bought was Number 2 on my must-do-before-I-scream-list. (I believe someone called them “boob lights”!) Maybe I will rethink based on how cute some of these are…

Glad to visit your blog, I look forward to more good articles and I think we all like to thank so many good articles, blog to share with us.

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