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New Kitchen Tour: How One Mom Designed and Organized Her Brand New Kitchen (and How It’s Holding Up)

Every once in a while we get an email about a potential house feature that immediately makes our heart rate go through the roof. We then frantically email back asking how fast we can get that puppy on the blog to let you all experience the same endorphin spike. Jamie Gernert’s new kitchen easily fell in this category. So while it’s hard not to get swept away by the beauty and wonderful little details of her kitchen (I see you island keyhole), Jamie is the mother of 2 young boys, making the organization essential. Naturally, we wanted to know how she planned out her kitchen to accommodate her family in the reno stage as well as her product hacks. She delivered, so please enjoy. So now Jamie, take it away…

When it was time to move into our new home, it was important for me to get the kitchen right and organized the minute we moved in. We closed on our home in January right after the holidays and with two young boys, it was critical to get the most used space in our house, the kitchen, in working order. A lot of our routines are based around meals (let me remind you I live with three boys) and in a brand new environment need to set the stage for our new habits. So when it comes to kitchen functionality and usage, I realize now more than ever that organization is so important. And it starts at the beginning. 

When doing your cabinet layouts, already think about where things might go and tools/items that you might need in advance to round it all out. We worked with the folks at The Neat Method, like Emily did in her mountain house, and they were a massive help not only in the unpacking process but also gauging what products we should invest in to keep it all organized once it’s unpacked!

But prior to unpacking and installing, we did a walk of the kitchen and made notes as to where we think things might go, how my husband, kids and I will use the space and made note of items we use the most. Hello, our toaster is always out. We ended up putting together a list of items from The Container Store and ordered Exact Mats cabinet liners so everything would be here in time for move-in day (more on those below)

Before anything was put away, all of our kitchen products, pantry items, and glassware were spread across all the counters. Then we organized them by what was most important and then the Neat Method went to work. They were done in less than a day. What made this project so successful in hindsight was the necessary prep and materials readily available in advance. I highly recommend laying out all of your kitchen items even if you haven’t recently moved. It makes life so much easier to prioritize what you actually need/use all the time (and what you will want to buy to stay organized).

With some good hindsight, if I could offer any advice and organizing tips, it would have to be these 5 things:

Make the Cabinets and Drawers Work For You

If you’re designing a brand new kitchen – research the cabinet line’s capabilities. I truly appreciated Emily’s post about her Mountain House cabinet functionality. Maybe they offer really cool systems for spices, baking sheets, peg systems etc. that will come custom to your cabinets and really lend optimum storage capacity? These elements can go a long way.

Don’t Do It Alone (If You Don’t Have To)

We worked with The Neat Method on our kitchen and pantry and it’s an amazing service. For a lot of us juggling work/home/kids/school and a million other things in a day these folks will lessen the load and do it efficiently so it won’t impact your daily life. I can’t recommend them enough if it’s a possibility for you.  

Magic Cabinet Liners 

Note from Emily: I would (and might even) add these to my kitchen. They look great and are SO practical. Thanks for the rec Jamie🙂

We partnered with Exact Mats and it was an amazing experience. Our friends at Neat Method, truly championed their products so we went with it and we’re SO glad we did. They are custom fit to your cabinets (so no rolling out and cutting pieces yourself) and are well worth the price. They 1) protect your cabinets/drawers 2) prevent items from slipping or moving around when you open them up 3) don’t leave any residue and are super easy to clean. GUYS, the product is genius and super versatile.

Make Proper Kid Zones

It was important to give the boys access to their own items like plates, cups and bowls (which are in the bottom drawers of the kitchen island). Hudson, 5, is super independent and we want him, like all parents, to help teach the younger ones. In addition to their drawers, they have their own snack pull out drawers in the pantry, on the lower levels, to make it easier for them to access. We also have a refrigerator drawer that’s dedicated to cold kid snacks and drinks so they don’t need to open our heavy main refrigerator doors and rummage through old leftovers. Easier for them, easier for us. WIN!

Storage Can Be Cute

You don’t need to spend an arm and leg on organizational and storage items. A lot of companies right now are offering amazing home storage deals that can make any organizational project attainable. Most of what I used is from The Container Store (who is having a kitchen/pantry sale) but you can find some awesome stuff online at Target, Amazon, Etsy and even office-related stores. 

It has been an interesting couple months since we moved in though. Shortly after, we’ve been quarantined and spending the majority of our time at home. I still really love my husband, who does most of the cooking and the kids, well they are a ton of work, but they love having access to their things in the kitchen.

For the most part we’ve moved a few things around based on how we’re actively living and using our kitchen but that’s okay. Specifically in a time like this, we’re all adapting and getting creative with a new routine. I think it’s an important time for people to truly enjoy where they live and to make their space as comfortable, inviting and functional as possible. It’s also a good time to jump-start some spring cleaning and to organize a few areas that maybe you’ve been neglecting. No time like the present!

My favorite storage pieces that we used throughout our kitchen and pantry:

1. White metal baskets – are super cute but also extremely versatile. We use them for fruit/veggies, a mail bin and for under the sink storage. 

2. Clear pantry containers & 3. Pantry labels – what I got giddy about the most! There is something so gratifying seeing where everything goes and knowing they have a spot. The Home Edit line at The Container Store is super cute. 

4. Click Clack Pantry Series – are amazing for the larger pantry items that you need to keep fresh, but still have a long shelf life like sugar, flour, oats and nuts. We actually use a large one for dog food, too! 

5. Expandable bamboo stencil trays – they custom fit to whatever drawer you put them in. We have one for all cooking utensils and one for all silverware.

6. Glass canisters with wooden lids – also very cute, but also versatile. We use them mostly for different flavor teas, but you can do popcorn, coffee beans, sugar packets, and other pantry items.

These are just a few things I found to be super helpful in creating and organizing the kitchen I designed and thought about for 2 whole years. The kitchen is everyone’s favorite spot and there is a good reason. Gotta run, taco night!

Kitchen Sources:

Island custom base / The grey counters are Caesarstone Pietra Cordosa
Backsplash and perimeter countertops are Caesarstone Calacatta Nuevo Honed
Stools, Open shelving and Brass Cabinet Hardware by Rejuvenation 
Island Hardware by Top Knobs 
Lacanche Range by Lacanche
Runner by Loloi Rugs
Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore

Thank you so much to Jamie for sharing your beautiful kitchen and tips!


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68 thoughts on “New Kitchen Tour: How One Mom Designed and Organized Her Brand New Kitchen (and How It’s Holding Up)

  1. This is fantastic post, I think it would be amazing if you did a follow-up outlining options / resources for DIY kitchen organizing, could include best way to line drawers and cabinets on your own including product recs, best in cabinet organization items you can install yourself. This company looks AMAZING so not taking anything away from them or you all for highlighting their work, just also looking for DIY recs especially during this tough time. Thanks!

      1. Caitlin – The photos in that post aren’t loading for some reason, but I remember it being full of great tips!

  2. Gorgeous kitchen! The organization stuff is never gonna happen in my house ? but I love seeing the pics of this beautiful space.

  3. Gorgeous kitchen and love the organization! Do you mind sharing what stone you used on your countertops?

  4. The whole space is beautiful!! I love your integrated appliances — such a clean, classy look.

  5. I love that it looks really calm and organized, yet at the same time, it has some character and soul. Nice vibe.

    Oh, and no annoying video got in my way today. ?

  6. I think this kitchen is incredibly, amazingly beautiful, but something about the post felt luxe luxe luxe in a way that was less helpful than most of the awesome info you guys share. Her organizing labor and material costs were literally thousands of dollars it looks like, and her ideas had similar price tags. I don’t mean to be critical, the pictures are beautiful and the organization looks really really well thought out, but for me, the only real tip that did not involve spending ridiculous money was to lay out all of your kitchen stuff and think about it before putting it away – which is an awesome tip, and I will totally do!

    1. Exactly my feelings. All I read was $$$ I had to stop reading. Never happened before.

      1. Same. There was something about the tone that I couldn’t take. Had to stop reading as well for the first time ever.

    2. We know that this type of kitchen isn’t for everyone’s budget but we try really hard to provide a wide range of content so that there is something for everyone:) Obviously more affordable options have been our focus recently ( but Jamie obviously worked very hard to design a kitchen that is very personal to her and we thought that was worth celebrating since we are all design lovers! We just wanted to provide some tips in addition instead of it purely being a post about a beautiful kitchen.

    3. Hi Jessica,

      I can see how that could come across for sure. When it comes to the actual storage products we used, those are pretty affordable and can be found online. The exact mats are a bit more than normal cabinet liners for sure, but with cabinets being such a large home expense it’s worth it to keep them protected and easy to care for. A few other tips like folding things a certain way or creating “kid zones” are easy to implement anywhere and obviously don’t cost a thing. Plus utilizing cabinet manufacturers capabilities always help.

  7. Hey Ladies,
    Thanks so much for keeping up with all of the regular posts. I look forward to them each and every day. I just wanted to let you know that I refreshed this page on my laptop a few times – Windows operating system using chrome and explorer – and unfortunately none of the photos are loading. I know others mentioned issues with not being able to see all of the content earlier this week, so I wanted to be a good neighbor as well and let you know what was happening. I’ll try back a little later. 🙂

    1. Same. Ads load (but don’t follow around page as they did earlier this week, plus no video! Thank you!!) but photos didn’t. Refreshed a few times and no luck.

    2. Ah thanks! Our image server is down (at the worst possible time) but we’re working on it. Hope to see you back here this afternoon!!!

    1. Our third party image server is down but we’re working on a fix! Stay tuned 🙂

  8. Beautiful kitchen! And I love the Container Store Home Edit line. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Absolutely beautiful. We hope to build in the next couple of years, so I am taking in all of the kitchen organizing tips as possible. Thanks for sharing your space Jamie!

      1. I’ll take you up on that! My kitchen designer and I are ready to order once covid allows. Appliances bought and in storage. Last thing to choose is white paint. Aargh!

        Think I’m pretty well sorted on concept of warm vs cool colors, but it’s deciding on the amount of contrast between my white bisque cupboard color and white wall color I’m just totally unsure about. Do you have a slight color contrast between your cupboards and the wall color? In the photos, they appear to be almost same color.

        Because some of our rooms blend together in open spaces, I need to make this wall color work throughout most of the house. We are blessed with tons of windows, so lighting will be great. Still worried, though, about the darker shade of white that paint color specialist is suggesting.

        We will be choosing Sherwin Williams paint as that is what our contractor prefers to use. Plus, you can order online paint swatches now–up to 10 a day, 3 x’s a day…day after day! 🙂
        Would love to use this downtime to make this decision. Thanks for your thoughts!

        1. Hey Molly,

          Great questions! So our cabinet color and wall color are different. Our cabinets are a stock color through the cabinetry line. Our walls are Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee. They are close but not the same and that’s okay! I think it’s good to have these two stand apart from one another. Swatches are so important here, so if you have a cabinet sample – get as many swatches as you can. You mention a white bisque color – so warmer in tone? I would keep a warmer white then – maybe SW Greek Villa or Simply White? Also, usually painters can match colors you want, so if you fall in love with a Benjamin Moore color, they should be bale to color match for you through Sherwin Williams. 🙂
          One thing – what color are your floors? Sometimes that will reflect color on your walls. Just something to think about. Hope that helps!

  10. I am normally a huge fan of EHD but this post strikes me as very poorly timed. Millions are unemployed due to Covid-19, and our country is in the midst of an economic crisis. Please think hard before featuring a kitchen where the stove alone costs around $10,000. I am sure the intention is sound but it just seems tone-deaf. Thanks for reading.

    1. I respectfully have to disagree here. EHD’s given us 5 straight weeks of affordable ideas, twice a day. I can’t afford a 10k range either, but it’s a post about kitchen organization and the products that they shared are all under 30 bucks. I agree, it’d be tone-deaf to run a post about a high-end remodel, but that’s not what this is about. Sometimes it’s nice to just look at a picture of a beautiful, aspirational kitchen to escape my tiny galley nightmare. Keep it up EHD!

      1. Yes, some of the products she shared are $30 and under.
        But 4 of the 5 tips require a substantial budget — custom systems for your newly-designed kitchen, hiring professional organizers, made-to-measure mats, bespoke cabinetry, and the type of refrigerator that has a built-in drawer for kids’ snacks. That’s in addition to a brand-new house in January and the French stove. Affordable ideas or even just middle-class home tours twice a day are appropriate for a time when millions of people are unemployed.

        1. The 4 of 5 tips that are expensive can be used as a starting point for your own lifestyle. Custom systems- A great tip to remember when you are in the position to remodel. Even a budget remodel could benefit from thinking about how to store cutting boards, etc…
          Made to measure mats- even just someone mentioning mats has made me consider that I don’t have anything! I may not get made to order ones but maybe I’ll put *something* down now, ha. We’re supposed to be protecting our cabinets?? I didn’t know….
          Bespoke cabinetry- I mean, Ikea uses a lot of these cabinet styles and no one would be up in arms about an Ikea remodel.
          Kids’ snacks- the idea is to have something they can reach. You could make a cabinet theirs and ya know, someone may just have a new model refrigerator with a drawer and not use it this way yet.
          A person can move into a house in January, what in the heck does that have to do with the pandemic. And I’m sorry but lol at just saying “the French stove”. As if she’s Marie Antoinette for having a nice stove that most people would aspire to own (and then maybe one day be fortunate enough to own.)

          It’s a beautiful kitchen. And though the countertops are not concrete, they look like they are and dang if that isn’t a look for less. So durable too!

          1. Pretty sure she had that stove flown in from another country. So I’m not sure where the need to lol comes in. People don’t need Over the top luxury rubbed in their faces right now. Sorry. Actually not sorry.

          2. How about, “wow. That’s amazing you had the opportunity to buy that stove! It’s beautiful. I love looking at beautiful things. It gives me ideas. What a treat that you were able to work so hard to earn the money to put your stove that you love on a plane and fly it over. Was that a life long dream? I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOUR JOY. And when this is all over it gives me more resolve to work harder and save my money so I can spend it on what is meaningful to me! Thank you for sharing your beautiful kitchen and amazing ideas”

            Don’t begrudge someone their delights.

          3. Em, I’m genuinely curious. What WOULD be a good post for you, right now? I said this earlier but this convo isn’t making sense to me. We’ve gotten 6 weeks of affordable and budget content — at 2 posts per day, that’s like 90 posts. This is one post, about optimizing kitchen storage, with beautiful inspo shots.

            Would it have been better to write the post with less beautiful inspo? Is there just not room in the world to look at high-end content? Like, should Domino or Architectural Digest only post regular people’s homes right now?

            The fact is that this lady’s made a beautiful kitchen. Sure, it’s expensive and kinda unattainable, but like…that’s what I, personally, am looking for on a design blog. I don’t feel like I’m being told that *I* need to purchase these things. Is that why it’s bothering you? Maybe I’m interpreting the post differently.

            I’m just really interested in this conversation. This blog has never been Apartment Therapy, and that’s why I like it. I like to see the variety in styles. I get that millions are unemployed (and obviously, that’s very serious) but I personally think it’s kinda nice to be able to escape into a world where I can dream about having a nice kitchen. I don’t think that anything’s being rubbed into my face — I’m looking for design, on a design blog. Hope this doesn’t seem aggressive, just trying to understand your perspective better!

          4. A lot of people are unemployed through no fault of their own. So J (Jamie’s?) comment about “working harder” when this is “all over” just speaks to privilege. The Small Business Administration has run out of money. Some people have the money/privilege to insulate themselves and pretend this isn’t happening. Personally, I’d love to see more content about what people with a lot of money and/or social-media influence are doing to help in this crisis, in even the small ways. Buying restaurant gift certificates or donating to charity. Cheering or otherwise supportimg those who are putting their health/lives on the line now. Sending a donation/offering a future makeover to a food bank or shelter for those experiencing homelessness. Maybe influencers will get it when they lose all their brand endorsements. I know you didn’t ask me, but I have been seeing these sorts of out-of-touch posts from influencers and celebrities for weeks.

          5. I just typed out and deleted a whole thing where I went all Suzanne Sugarbaker and explained all the reasons why I am not dripping with privilege, what I meant above when I said “work harder when this is over,” and that I’m 100% not oblivious to the current crisis. (It was actually pretty good. It involved dead drug addicted fathers, a single-parent household, a one-income household with two parents, living below poverty level, “day old” bread, hand-me-downs, thrift stores before they were cool, rusted out cars, the 80s…) I very much understand the predicament we are currently in, and I’m still ok with the timing of this post and reading about french stoves today. We’re going to have to agree to disagree. I don’t have the energy to continue engaging.

            But I did want to post again to clear up the speculation from a comment above. Yes, I’m J. No I’m not Jamie.

            Best wishes everyone, truly. <3

          6. @erin – you are my favorite. I’m going to stop there but lemme tell you, I’ve got a whole lotta thoughts about the “it’s not fair” comments I read today. Geeze Louise. Thanks for speaking up, now I can just upvote your comment.

          7. It’s not about fairness; it’s about timing. If you don’t see why now seems like a bad time to feature luxury kitchens, read the news and check your privilege. We are in a recession. Unemployment — 22 million claims — is on track to be higher than at any point since the Great Depression.

          8. @Anne – thanks for explaining to me. I think that’s where my disconnect is – I see this site just as a regular design resource, like Domino or AD, and not as an “influencer’s site.” I have been spending SO MUCH TIME reading the news that I’m kind of glad to have this be a place where I can get away from 24/7 corona – I’m also feeling the stresses so I just wanna forget for 4 minutes. Haha.

            But that said too (and hopefully the team reads this), I feel like EHD has done a pretty good job in calling out a lot of small businesses in specialty posts over the past month. They were the first site I follow to recommend gift card purchasing. Or at least the first one I listened to? Haha. 🙂

            I think I’m just looking at it differently as a super avid daily reader but less of like, an “influencer destination.” I don’t think it’s out of touch when a design blog posts nice design, but I can see how it would be frustrating if you’re looking at it through your lens. Even if this post didn’t hit for you, I hope it hits for the staff’s sake, because I love to read this blog and I’d hate for them to lose any endorsements or business – I’ve grown to love the staff and I’d like for all of them to keep working and bringing me free content for as long as possible 🙂

  11. love the kitchen and love the org ideas, i might have to try those mats, they look brilliant! I love seeing a mix of budget and high end content on your site.

    I hesitated before adding this, but i have to say, the comment “I live with 3 boys, so our lives revolve around the kitchen” sits so wrongly with me! I have 2 young girls, who also like to eat a lot, and our lives revolve around the kitchen too! I’m struggling to understand why hunger would be specific to boys…even more troubling is that one can draw a line from making ‘liking to eat’ a boy-specific trait to making it unfeminine for girls to like to eat.

    anyways. I think it’s easy to fall into gendered labeling of personality traits, in many cases we’ve been innundated our whole lives with such lines of thinking, but sometimes you have to give those assumptions some thought.

    1. I thought I was being overly critical when that comment rubbed me wrong. Or this idea that having two boys is a specifically difficult task. Many of us have at least two kids. Why are two boys more of a challenge than a boy and a girl? Yup. This whole post rubbed me wrong. If “influencers” don’t become more down to earth they’re not going to make livid after this pandemic. We’re not interested in seeing luxury right now.

      1. Well, I’ve had a boy and a girl and I can tell you that my experience was that the boy was a lot more than the girl at the younger ages. The way he played was much more energetic, he got up a lot earlier than she did, he needed much more of my focused attention than she did, he had a harder time entertaining himself, his play much just much messier and all over the place, I could go on… I didn’t direct him towards cars or weapon toys or whatever, in fact I bought him dolls and play cooking toys, etc but he still made homemade weapons out of other things and wanted to play fight all.the.time. Does that mean every boy is that way and every girl is not? Nope! But it’s also not sexist to speak to your own experience. We’re all just doing our best, especially right now. I really feel for anyone stuck at home for weeks on end with small kids right now, but especially for anyone with small boys. sorry not sorry.

  12. Hi! Love this kitchen and all the ideas! My favorite pic was the towel drawer – I want to copy this! Any sources for those cutie towels – I loved how it looked and want to copy you! 🙂

    1. Hi Kelly – it’s such an easy way to see all your napkins, placemats and hand towels! Most of them are from Homegoods, others from Target (Hearth and Hand) and a couple favorites are from Heath Ceramics in SF. Share on IG and give me a tag – would love to see!

  13. This kitchen is gorgeous! I reorganized mine recently to tweak my zones system and it has helped so much – all my baking ingredients together, finally, with no more cat treats and snacks mixed in. I’m also a big fan of those clear bins she used in her pullout pantry, I have done both in my kitchen cabinets and in my freezer (if you freeze leftovers/soups in flat zip bags you can “file” them in the clear bins, and then they thaw quickly and I can wash and reuse the bag – works really well for those of us with small vertical freezers).

    I have splurged and ordered a bunch of container styles over the years (I take advantage of sales always) but I’m not averse to reusing jars from pasta sauces. The Classico Riserva brand even has ounce markings on the side, which has come in handy for my new sourdough starters. The labels and goo can be soaked off in a big bowl of warm soapy water.

    As an aside, while I empathize with the concerns brought up by people in regards to finances, for some of us seeing beautiful inspirational homes/kitchens is our escape from COVID news. I’d hate to see this content go away just because it doesn’t appeal to everyone – lots of the Internet is filled with “how to deal with your family during stay at home” content that isn’t relevant to my life, so I skip reading it and move on. EVERYONE is struggling in sine way right now; for me, as a single person in my mid-thirties who now can’t date (and who is quickly realizing that 2 years of stay at home means I’m likely to not meet nor marry someone and thus likely never have kids), it’s painful to see people whining about their kids and spouses. But, I am an adult and realize they’re free to use the Internet to cope with their struggles and it isn’t their responsibility to control how I react; that’s on me.

    Also, thank you for coming back to share the product/paint colors, that’s really helpful to those asking.

    1. You added some amazing tips – thank you for your comment, your time and your insight. We all have a common interest in design, resources and yes, pretty pictures. Wishing you th best!

  14. I’m going to have to agree with some other comments here.. I live in a 1.6 million dollar house and even I can’t afford to have specialists come in to organize my kitchen. You have to have an absurd amount of money to be able afford this kind of luxury. The kitchen is gorgeous but who can relate to it? If you are so wealthy that this content is for you you likely have someone designing your kitchen anyway. I agree with others that the timing isn’t right on this one. This should have been a- look at the pretty pictures! Post and that’s it.

    1. I think that’s a matter of priorities. My house is worth much less than yours but I would happily consider that service based on the value I think it would add to my busy life

  15. This needed a closer look… according to the blog an architect designed this home. And the owner admits she doesn’t know how to cook on Instagram. You’re going to get a sports car but you don’t have a driver’s license? C’mon.

    1. Hey Anne – I work for a custom home builder so I’m in the new construction business. All new homes start with plans by an architect, but I did design our home based off those plans. I cook, I’m just not great, but my husband loves to cook and we eat most of our meals at home.

  16. Each day you post content and some days I’m less interested and some days more interested. Kind of like everything in life.

    The constant each day is that I’m grateful that you keep showing up and putting content out here for us to enjoy.

    Thank you for all that you do

    1. Hiya! If you’re getting that, it’s definitely a bug and not a choice haha — but next time you do (and this goes for anyone out there!!!), it’d be infinitely helpful if you wouldn’t mind emailing me a screenshot to! That way I can show our ad provider which ad is bugging and removing the close button (because you definitely SHOULD be able to close!!). THANKS 🙂

  17. Lovely kitchen! Thank you so much for sharing in such a lovely, warm way. Really enjoyed reading and rereading it. Have even bookmarked for more visits.

    To the posters not happy she can afford the nicer things in life: is it written somewhere on this blog this is a clubhouse with rules on price limits of materials? Cuz, I seriously missed that. Would actually enjoy more high end design ideas once in awhile–understanding, of course, paid design projects are out of the question right now.

    As far as slapping her for her comments on her boys…come on, ladies, let’s play nice–especially a guest who has put herself out to the public. To keep me from reading all the bad news of the day, I’m dipping daily into “feel good” sites like this because they are filled with positive thoughts, positive people and great design. As far as “tone deaf”, obviously, this project had to have been started months–even a year or two ago. Different context, people. Let’s be happy for her.

    As soon as the world rights itself, am about to have a really nice, large kitchen in a really nice, large house I’ve worked hard for many years to afford. Not the expensive appliances like hers, but other nice materials done in a tasteful way I hope conveys a quiet elegance.

    We can come from all walks of life and still enjoy great design, alongside money-saving tips, is my way of thinking. Also, just to clarify, I see there is another “Molly” who has posted here long before I have. Just so no confusion, I’m adding first letter of my last name moving forward. Sorry if there has been a confusion.

    Again, Jamie, thanks! Lovely kitchen! You seem like a lovely person and you certainly have great taste!

    1. I wouldn’t be able to take part in this because I can’t get rid of the annoying video that is blocking most of this post. First it’s ads then it’s Emily. Really? Sorry but this makes your site unusable .

  18. I love the drawer filled with the folded towels. Sadly, I couldn’t really look at the rest of the content, because I just wanted to know where those were from. I would love a source if you have one.

    1. Same! That picture caught my eye and I’m hoping for a source, too – love the towels!

    2. Hi Grace,

      Most of them were from Homegoods, others Target (Hearth & Hand) and some favorites are from Heath Ceramics out of SF. Hope that helps!

  19. I am so thankful for a post with a more modern take on Maple Champagne cabinetry. Hearing regrets from many others who went with white cabinets with little ones in the house had me wondering how to keep our kitchen bright and light… but less dated.
    My hand-me-down kitchen from my husband’s childhood home was well thought out, but needs some color tweaks at some point… being able to visualize those cabinets without mauve countertops and green walls was HUGE for me. Thank you!

      1. Hi Tamara – the cabinets are an off white, which was what I wanted. A magic eraser does wonders! Also the flooring is from Naturally Aged – Booneville white oak floors. Appreciate your kind comment!

  20. Ha… this is me right now, minus the super stunning kitchen. Just closed on our house a month ago, three weeks after our second kiddo was born and right before everything went into lockdown (laugh and/or cry with me). Then we staged/listed/and sold (hooray!) our house the following week… well, we officially close tomorrow. LOLOLOLOLOL… so yes, kitchen organization has been key but also a work in progress (especially since every meal and snack is cooked at home, oiy). Totally going to look into those mats!

    1. Congrats, Caitlin! That’s huge being able to sell so quick in this market. Best of luck on your organization projects.

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