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Ginny’s Christmas Bedroom + Get The Look

Happy Holidays (again) from Casa Ginny. This time I’m sharing a little bedroom holiday decor. In typical fashion the bedroom has gotten the least love of all the rooms in the house. So in order to not feel so sad going to bed anymore, I spent a bit of time trying to pull it together. But, let’s take a look at what it looked like before.


We bought the iron bed when we moved in which I love. I think iron beds are like Vegas, you either love it or hate it. I had one in my London bedroom that I loved so I wanted to try and stick with that vibe. The dark matching dresser and nightstands were “vintage” West Elm and belonged to Patrick. Not a bad choice for his single guy days but sadly they had to go – too dark for my tastes.

I bought the tallboy dresser not long after we moved in and I love it. It’s vintage but in such good condition and bloody heavy. That thing does not get moved around often. You might recognise it from the 1 dresser 4 ways – we had it delivered to the studio so we could shoot it before it came to my house.

The main and biggest issue with this room is the carpet. To be fair though, it’s super soft on your feet and neutral in colour, but I’d much prefer to have wood floors and do a cool rug instead. I’ve thought about overlaying a rug and have tried a few (including that teeny rug…not sure what I was thinking there). Flat-woven just overlaid on carpet, it wrinkles in weird places and doesn’t lie flat. I’ve thought about a thicker plushy wool rug but haven’t quite found one that I love for this room.


Typically I would never have stockings hanging from the end of the bed, or gold sprayed eucalyptus, but since it’s holiday I wanted to make it feel a bit more festive. The eucalyptus is fake which is amazing since it’s right next to our bedding and despite the fact it has the gold on it, it does look pretty real in person. These are the cutest stockings from Paper Sugar for Target, they have the wool colourful pom poms that coordinate with the striped lining, and you all know how I love a good stripe. The grey bedding is from Parachute Home, and apart from the fact that it’s super cotton soft it has the stripes that give it a more relaxed vibe and also doesn’t mean you have to spend ages ironing your bedding (yes I am that person).


The cool thing about the iron bed is that you can add and hang things to it like the gold cage fairy lights which just adds another little festive touch. I also brought in some red berries, or coffee beans as they’re called, and they really smell like coffee in kind of a weird way, not sure I love it to be honest but they look pretty. There’s that good old Target bell on the bottom shelf there. Again much like holiday living room I didn’t want to go overboard with the holiday decs so just sprinkled a few bits here and there.


This is my side of the bed. You can probably tell by the large glass of rose on the nightstand (Don’t worry I don’t really drink in bed). The lamps are vintage from a few years back. I really want to replace the base with a the same shape but in wood, just haven’t got round to doing it yet.


This is Patrick’s side – I’m actually the one that sleeps with the eye mask which is one of my new favourite sleepy time necessities. These branches are also fake (I think I’m obsessed with faux foliage) and felt a little bit more masculine than the berries for his nightstand. I always like to keep an extra blanket around so this copper basket is perfect for storing them in a cute way.


You can see more of the nightstand detail here. These are the 3rd nightstands we’ve had in this room because I’d replaced the dark ones with a light oak from Ikea. I really liked how light they felt but they were ultimately too big and didn’t really work with the tallboy dresser. These ones I feel work really well and with the top being marble it still keeps them feeling light even though the base is wood. The clock is a Nate Berkus special.


I layered lots of textures to give a cosy vibe by using different types of Faux Fur, cottons, linen and a metallic fabric seen in the dotty pillow. A bed setting isn’t complete without a tray and a cup of tea.


This dresser is one of my new favourite pieces for the room. I got it from Scout Design Studio. They are an amazing company that buys and restores vintage pieces and not crazy expensive. I really didn’t know what I wanted for this dresser in the bedroom because I needed it to work with my other one and I still hadn’t found the right nightstands. I went back and forth between getting them refinished to be their natural wood tone or having it lacquered white. Ultimately I decided on the white lacquer. The room is pretty small and having 3 areas of dark wood just sounded heavy to me. Not only that but the bed is white so it helped pull from that and I do love a campaign style dresser in white. They polished up all the brass hardware so that they are shiny but still have that worn antique look. There’s also waaaay more storage in this than the old dresser which is never a bad thing.


You can see more of the detailing here, the handles are so pretty!! I made that wreath. I was up until 1am the night before making said wreath. Never again. I’m buying a fake one next year 🙂




With the dresser being white it gave me the opportunity to bring in some wood for the lamps on top. These are a classic mid-century shape but made by Rejuvenation.


Kept it pretty simple over here with a vase and more of the burgundy eucalyptus, a stack of books with those houses that are just the sweetest and a festive gold deer. The art is by Jane Denton and can be bought on the flea. The colours worked particularly well in here. You might have noticed some of the other art around the room. I have growing collection of vintage painted seascapes, landscapes and paint by numbers. I’ve kinda run out of space to put them but will probably do a gallery wall out of them someday. I also added my fave metallic painted wood garland from Target on the curtain rod.


There you have it, my holiday bedroom. Also starring Mr Theo in his little blue sweatshirt!

Happy Holidays! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and best wishes for the new year! In the meantime, here is a get the look of the entire bedroom.

Ginny xXx


Vase with Leather Sleeve | BedGrey Eye Mask | Gold Reindeer | Striped Sham & Striped BlanketNavy Linen Euro Sham | Stocking | Gold Candle Nightstand | Fur Pillow | Sheet SetDuvet Cover | Lit Copper Star | Gold Bell | Grey Sheepskin Rug | White Dresser | Round Mirror | Wood Table Lamp

***Photography by Zeke Ruelas

For more of Ginny’s Makeover Takeover: Christmas Home Tour | Dining Room | Living Room

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7 years ago

Yay, I’m one of the first people to comment (love that feeling)!

Just wanted to say I love your bedside lamps as-is! And this post. Perfection.

7 years ago
Reply to  jessvii

Me too! The blues look so good with the seascape above the bed.

7 years ago

Mr. Theo and his color coordinated sweater are so dang cute!

7 years ago

Ginny, your wreath looks great!! Please consider sticking with real foliage. Fake plastic foliage/plants may be easier but as a society we really need to cut back on plastic. It’s hard to do, but sticking with real foliage is an easy step, especially in SoCal! Watch this:

7 years ago
Reply to  Dana

But conversely have you ever looked into how bad commercially available greenery is too?

7 years ago
Reply to  DK

Yes. What you buy and where you buy it from makes a big difference. We in SoCal have access to locally sourced eucalyptus. Heck, I can get it from my kind neighbors tree. I rent and have a small yard, but most of what goes in my vases are clippings from just outside my door. Cheap, local, no pesticides.

Pauline Mac
7 years ago

That dresser is fabulous, looks so good along that wall. The whole bedroom looks great

7 years ago

Ginny, Are your side tables vintage? Thanks!

Christina C
7 years ago
Reply to  Molly

I had the same question 🙂 Those nightstands are fab! I actually have the West Elm nightstands suggested at the end of the post, and I love those too.

I love this whole post!

7 years ago

i think i enjoy the ginny posts best…your style resonates most with me. i had an iron bed for a while. i was OBSESSED. but then i moved onto a tufted bed. :\ anyways, i love scout design! i follow them on instagram.

lovely bedroom! (i know you’re kidding about loving faux plants….right? right!!?)

7 years ago
Reply to  miranda

Yes, me too — really love your posts, Ginny! Your style is lovely.

7 years ago
Reply to  miranda

Yes, I love everything Ginny does

7 years ago

So, I am deeply invested in finding out what you decide rug-wise. I’m in the same situation with my bedroom and I’m completely at a loss, its an unoffensive oatmeal, low pile, but I want something….just what exactly?

7 years ago

Looks great! Curious about a source for the art over the bed?? Vintage?

7 years ago

I adore your style, Ginny. Always enjoy reading your posts!

7 years ago

Where is the painting above the bed from. Its exactly what I have been looking for. Please tell me I can buy a copy somewhere.

7 years ago

Love it, Ginny! I kinda want to copy it all in my own room!!

7 years ago

Gorgeous bedroom – clean and cozy all at once. Those blue lamp bases are To Die For. I would keep those babies for ever!

7 years ago

Love, love, love!

7 years ago

So beautiful!! I’d love to know where the seascape painting above the bed came from?

Sarah S
7 years ago

I also love this room, and absolutely love the seascape painting above the bed as well. I know it’s probably original, but if you could provide the title and artist that would be so appreciated 🙂

7 years ago

Ginny, where do you get fake eucalyptus garland?

Commenters, where do you get your real eucalyptus?

It looks so lovely. I want to get some.

Christina C
7 years ago
Reply to  Idril

I recently saw bundles of eucalyptus sprigs for sale at my local garden center (Mahoney’s, in the Boston Area). They were indoors with all the pots/vases and holiday decorations 🙂

7 years ago

Lovely bedroom! The dog is very cute!

7 years ago

Ohhh what a beautiful job you’ve done of this room! There are so many features I like, and I’ll be here all day trying to tell you, I expect! So, just a few! 😉 I love, love, LOVE that iron bed – I had one as a child and I’d love to sleep in one as an adult! They feel very ‘British’ for some reason, and seeing as I live in England I feel like I’d be doing my bedroom a disservice by not sleeping in one! 😉

I also chuckled at the comment you made about the wine beside your bed – but I say why the hell not?! haha! So long as we don’t drink too much, I imagine bed is a glorious place to enjoy a glass of rose!

And last but not least, I love that dresser and the beautiful mirror and greenery above it. I paused for a long while before scrolling on there – so very gorgeous!

Merry Christmas to you & your family!


7 years ago

If you ever want to sell those aqua lamps, please let me know. I adore them!

Beautiful job on the room! It looks so welcoming. Gave a very happy holiday!

7 years ago

I love the lamps, I love the seascapes!

7 years ago

Love the seascape painting and the eucalyptus wreath but Mr Theo was the best decoration!

7 years ago

Nice design

7 years ago

Wow, such an incredible transformation! I love the splashes of green with the plant-life spread about the room. Holiday theme aside, my daughter’s bedroom in my new home is actually very similarly designed, so I’m glad to see all of my design blog research is finally paying off! I actually used a furnishing service to help out, the one I used is called Furnishr; they’ve got some cool designs at if anyone’s curious

7 years ago

Thanks for sharing,The whole bedroom looks great.awesome

7 years ago

I love your bedroom. There’s so much to take away, for someone looking to redecorate their bedroom. Truly inspiring!