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Gift Guide: Contemporary & Minimalist



Welcome to round 3 of our Gift Guides inspired by STYLED, a home interior design book you may or may not have heard of. Today we bring you a mash up of the Contemporary and Minimal design worlds. Don’t worry — while it may seem ironic that we’ve combined the two most stripped-down, clutter-free categories to make one (kind of) giant gift guide, you should also know that Contemporary Minimalists happen to love irony, so it’s ok.


[photo from Murray Mitchell]

Clean lines, minimal clutter, and streamlined pieces have become synonymous with living in the here and now, which is what our Contemporary Minimalists are all about. Froufrou flourishes and fluffy fabrics of the past are few and far between in the contemporary/minimal home. Rather than hoarding kind-of-cool stuff, these highly sophisticated folks tend to collect just the attractive versions of what they need, and display them in a simple, organized way. White surfaces and limited neutral color palettes take simplicity and organization to the next level.

Contemporary_Minimalist_Style Guide_Gift Roundup_Modern_Sleek_Black_White_Contemporary


[Masculine Clean Modern from 1 Bed 4 Ways]

While sometimes stark and a little on the cold side, contemporary/minimal homes can also be extremely peaceful. Our brains like things to be organized, so with few distractions and everything in it’s right place, these spaces are like a vacation for the brain. There’s something to be said for restraint and discipline, so kudos to those of you achieving a true contemporary/minimal lifestyle. Here are some gift ideas for our favorite pared down pals…

Contemporary_Minimalist_Style Guide_Gift Roundup_Modern_Sleek_Black_White_Chrome

1. Gesturing Man Print | 2. B&W Spirograph Print | 3. Ben Medansky Ceramic Mug | 4. B&W Speckled Tray | 5. Black Ceramic Mini Bowl | 6. Marble and Silver Candle Holders | 7. Stainless Steel S’well Thermos | 8. Modern Wall Shelf | 9. Specs Chair | 10. Black Table Lamp | 11. Silver Nesting Tables | 12. Geometric Throw | 13.  Brush Striped Pillow | 14. Metallic Lumbar Pillow | 15. Tom Dixon Royalty Candle | 16. Charcoal Hand Soap | 17. White Spa Towels | 18. Top Shop Slim Fit Coat | 19. Marble iPhone Case | 20. Oversized Tote Bag | 21. Mizutori Sandal | 22. White Geo Vessel | 23. Dash Vase

If you missed our last two roundups, we’ve covered Seventies and Rustic so far. Contemporary and Minimal were in high demand last time, so let us know what you want to see next! Is it Scandinavian, Zen, Industrial, Mid-Century Modern, Bohemian, Modern Glam, Traditional, or Totally Eighties?

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy of the book, and are craving some more interior and style inspiration you can pick up your copy here, and while you’re impatiently waiting for that postman to arrive you can check out some behind the scenes, and a few more peeks inside the pages of the book here: Book Title And Cover Options | The Real Book Cover | Behind The Book – Styling The Perfect Shot | Styled On Shelves Now

*written by Jessica Isaac for EHD

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Can contemporary / minimal design also include color? I feel like I could really get into this clean look if it weren’t so monochromatic.


I love your blog! I read it religiously and enjoy the content. But this comment is geared towards you (kinda) because I’m so impressed that, even after birth, you’ve not missed a beat with regular posts. I know you have a team and all but, damn, this is still work. So, good for you and for us, the readers, who check in daily, eagerly looking for the next installment. Enjoy the tree-less Christmas and keep writing!


She really is amazing.


Do you know the source for the black chair in the first photo (or at least the source for the photo)? Love!


Her book


Mid-century modern Bohemian (one or the other or both please!)


Yes please!


Would love to see the Scandanavian gift guide!


Scandinavian please!




Another vote for Scandi, please!


Yes! Scandi!!!!

I love that chair and those pillows!


Emily K

Boho. Or traditional would be great too. Traditional and Christmas just plays so nice together!

Megan C.

I always say that my style is “Transitional Eclectic”*. I know that isn’t in the book but I would love to see a gift guide for it!

*Basically a mix of styles with interesting one-of-a-kind pieces thrown in. (Often dictated by what I can afford).


Please oh please post Zen next! I did your Styled quiz and was surprised with the results – I thought I’d be more in the industrial/mid-century/boho range. Anxious to learn more!

Kate Lim

Thank you!

Kate Lim

They don’t ship international, unfortunately.

Helen Whaley

I’d like to vote for Modern Glam next please. According to your book, that’s my style so I’d love to know what to put on my wishlist. (Or hint list !).


I would love to see traditional or modern glam….

I like these examples of contemporary minimalist style even though personally I prefer quite the opposite style – the Art Deco:


Scandinavian and mid-century modern are my picks!


Traditional. If you’re up for the challenge.

Ha, ditto this comment!

Kate Lim

Awwwwwww, Emily chose my style!! THANK YOU EMILY, you have just listed like everything I love…love the color palette!! 😀

Btw, I’m minimalist, my husband is contemporary. I can’t stand clutter and thinks storage is overrated. Sorry guys…

Kate Lim

BTW, the black lamp goes to an invalid link “page not found”. Can I have the correct link to it?

I love your book, Emily!

Thank you for your introduction.

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